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What is glucose?

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Glucose comes from the Greek word for “sweet.” It’s a type of sugar you get from foods you eat, and your body uses it for energy. As it travels through your bloodstream to your cells, it’s called blood glucose or blood sugar.

Glucose mainly comes from foods rich in carbohydrates, like bread, potatoes, and fruit. As you eat, food travels down your esophagus into your stomach. There, acids and enzymes break it down into tiny pieces. During that process, glucose is released.

It goes into your intestines where it’s absorbed. From there, it passes into your bloodstream. Once in the blood, insulin helps glucose get to your cells.



  • Below are 10 foods to enjoy without having to worry about exceeding sugar budget.

  • Plain Greek yogurt. …

  • Apple. While fruits contain sugar (called fructose), it is a naturally occurring source of sugar. …

  • Peanut butter. …

  • Tossed salad. …

  • Avocado. …

  • Homemade salad dressing. …

  • Grilled Salmon. …

  • Air-popped popcorn.




  • Avocados.

  • Fish.

  • Garlic.

  • Sour cherries.

  • Vinegar.

  • Vegetables.

  • Chia seeds.

  • Cacao.

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  • Strawberries. Strawberries, like many other berries, are often high in fiber and contain very little sugar. …

  • Peaches. Although they taste sweet, a medium sized peach only contains around 13 g of sugar.

  • Blackberries. …

  • Lemons and limes. …

  • Honeydew melon. …

  • Oranges. …

  • Grapefruit. …


FRIENDS – To get more info on this, look up on the internet ‘foods that do not have glucose.’ Share this information with anyone you know who has cancer or who is taking care of someone with it. If you follow a no sugar—no glucose diet it will starve the cancer quickly. One female here mentioned had incurable cancer of the brain & it was gone in two months.

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Seeking a cure for cancer

Like you, I was completely skeptical. Who wouldn’t be?

After all, how could the most important medical breakthrough in human history have been LOST during the collapse of Hitler’s Third Reich?!

But there it was clear as day in Dr. Warburg’s own documents… his discovery that cancer cells have one very strange “quirk.”

You see, in every cell in your body are structures called “mitochondria.

Mitochondria are like tiny engines in your cells…

…essentially, they turn the oxygen you breathe and the food you eat into the energy that powers your cells.

At least, that’s how a healthy cell works.

But through his experiments, Otto Warburg learned something GROUNDBREAKING

He found out that some mitochondria don’t work the same way

In some of your cells, the mitochondria – the little “energy engines” of your body – start to mess up.

Essentially, they break… they quit working the right way.

And then those “broken mitochondria” do something interesting

They STOP using oxygen as their main “fuel” to create energy.

Nope. Instead they use glucose – a form of sugar – to create energy in a completely different way.

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But that’s a BAD thing.

You see, creating energy from only glucose, nothing else, is NOT how your cells are supposed to work…

And it causes all sorts of problems with the mitochondria in those cells.

The messed-up cells are basically starved for energy and they begin to “malfunction”…

In some cases, they start to divide over and over again… thousands of times… into a huge mass of mutated, broken cells

In other words… they form a TUMOR.

Scientists call this “mitochondrial dysfunction”… and it directly leads to uncontrolled tumor growth

And Dr. Warburg’s experiments showed that’s how cancer… ALL CANCER… starts.

Now, there are many reasons why mitochondrial dysfunction can happen… it could be genetic or it can be caused by secondary sources like smoking or exposure to toxins.

But no matter the reason… once your mitochondria start “burning only sugar” your cells are in clear and present danger of turning into cancerous tumors.

What makes it even worse is this: Normally, your body’s immune system would recognize damaged or broken cells – like cancer cells – and destroy them.

That process is known as apoptosis – or what scientists call “cellular suicide.” In other words…

Your body actually tells “damaged”
cells to self-destruct.

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The problem is, that important process requires your mitochondria – and because of the “mitochondrial dysfunction” I mentioned, it doesn’t happen in cancer cells.

So cancer cells continue to multiply… and tumors grow out of control.

And you know the rest of that story… scorching radiation, devastating chemotherapy, disfiguring surgery…

And far too often… death.

In fact, despite all the “advances” of modern medicine, we’ve made very little progress in improving cancer mortality rates.

The reality is… cancer will likely kill more than 600,000 Americans this year.

How many people do you know who lost their battle with this deadly disease? Far too many… we all do.

And based on current trends, cancer will soon pass heart disease as the leading cause of death in America.

In 22 states, it’s already the number one killer.


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And the truth is, “modern medicine” has NO IDEA how to cure cancer once it starts

They’re completely clueless.

And so cancer patients face a horrible future of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery… before they die.

This doesn’t need to be the only path

Because in Dr. Warburg’s documents is something else. Something of unbelievable value.

A way to actually stop cancer
cells in their tracks.

He found a simple method that cuts off the “fuel supply” to cancer cells… so the malignant cells die… tumors dry up and shrink

But maybe you’re asking… How do I know for sure it REALLY works? That’s a great question

After all, scientific methods in the 1940s were somewhat primitive compared to today’s technologies…

Thankfully, top scientists have recently tested Dr. Warburg’s method. With amazing results

First, the Warburg Method was verified by a brilliant Johns Hopkins researcher named Pete Pedersen…

Pedersen used advanced microscopic imaging – a technology Otto Warburg could only have dreamed of…

…to prove that cancer cells have FAR FEWER properly functioning mitochondria than regular cells.

Modern science now confirms it: Warburg was CORRECT about “mitochondrial errors” being directly linked to cancer.

But there’s more… Another Johns Hopkins scientist actually tested the Warburg Method against cancer…

She gave 19 cancerous rats a special, nontoxic treatment that “shuts off” the sugar supply to cancer cells.

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And wouldn’t you know it…

All of the rats were CURED and went on to have normal lifespans.

That’s an incredible result… complete remission of their cancer.

But maybe you’re thinking… “I’m not a lab rat.” Of course not

So does the Warburg Method work just as well on people too?

Early results in a small number of people are pointing to… YES!

Consider the case of Beverly R. from Toledo, OH.

Sadly, at 65 years old, Beverly was diagnosed with a glioblastoma… an especially deadly type of brain cancer.

In fact, the “standard therapy” of chemo and radiation is almost worthless for this type of aggressive brain tumor.

It’s considered “incurable” and average life expectancy is less than 18 months.

Things looked bleak for Beverly. She did start the standard therapy, but then she did something else as well…

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Beverly used the Warburg Method.

After just 60 days of treatment, Beverly’s doctors did a scan of her brain and found something astonishing

Beverly’s “incurable” brain tumor…

Her aggressive cancer had completely disappeared without a trace.

It was like a miracle.

There’s just no question in my mind… the Warburg Method is the life-saving CANCER TREATMENT you need to know about.

And thanks to your FREE 323-page book The Secrets of Underground Medicine you will now get Dr. Warburg’s EXACT method for shutting off the fuel that cancer cells desperately need

The “Warburg Method” is that powerful…

And, today, this information can be yours. At no cost to you at all. (I’ll explain everything in just a moment.)

Now, it’s important to realize… your doctor DOES NOT KNOW the Warburg Method for beating cancer and shrinking tumors.

I’m afraid you won’t hear about it from him.





  • lean meats, such as sirloin, chicken breast, or pork.

  • fish.

  • eggs

  • leafy green vegetables.

  • cauliflower and broccoli.

  • nuts and seeds, including nut butter.

  • oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and rapeseed oil.

  • some fruit, such as apples, blueberries, and strawberries.


Protein-packed foods to include on your menu are beans, legumes, eggs, seafood, dairy, peas, tofu, and lean meats and poultry.


Best Grains And Starchy Veggies low in glucose


  • Bulgur (cracked wheat)

  • Whole wheat flour.

  • Whole oats/oatmeal.

  • Whole grain corn.

  • Brown rice.

  • Whole rye.

  • Whole grain barley.

  • Whole farro.


Which type of rice has the lowest glycemic index?

Wholegrain Basmati rice has the lowest GI (glycaemic index) of all rice types, which means once digested it releases its energy slowly keeping blood sugar levels more stable, which is a crucial part of diabetes management. (and here I am speaking about starving cancer, glucose feeds cancer.)

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The worst men on top could not rule if the men at bottom refused to obey them. Patriarchy works on a hierarchical system. The ones on the bottom do as the ones on top teach, preach & demonstrate – the whole idea of Patriarchy is to hold women down, disempower them, & ordinary men cooperate in this through their day-by-day treatment of women, be it in the work place, dating or family.


Women will finally wake up & do the fighting for themselves – men will not save them, they will save themselves & the world.


4-13-20-THEATER OF NEGATIVES – 2ND DREAM interpreted for a friend, ‘LOVER FEARS CALLING ME’ 4-14-20


          My lawyer friend Kip drops me off at a small theater – it’s run down, nothing fancy, seats maybe 300 in 3 areas. I find a decent seat away from everyone & see the second half.


          Many people leave as they saw the whole thing, I’m hoping they show it again so I can see the beginning, so I stand up looking around, thinking to stay. I am slightly disappointed that Kip left me here rather than staying with me.


          *(KIP THE LAWYER: This is my Beloved. He is seen in the persona of someone I had a disagreement / misunderstanding with, but realized he was wrong & repented—we made up.


          But there’s a larger symbol / meaning here: It’s the good man ABANDONING the woman to Patriarchy. Beloved leaves / deserts me into a world of Patriarchy displayed on the screen, & the audience is all evil men taking their cues from the ‘Stars of Patriarchy’ demonstrating, teaching the ‘man on the street’ how to treat women, IMPRISON WOMEN, use women up. The elites could not control women if the ordinary ‘man on the street’ did not abuse them – if this regular man treated women with respect & dignity & God’s Love, the Patriarchy could not hold them down. These are the men in the theater around me, that I DON’T WANT TO BE CLOSE TO—I need to see this theater objectively, not be hemmed in by a ‘use-her-up’ man—a man BEHIND ME or pretending to LOVE ME who all the while wants to DISEMPOWER me. {This is played out billions of times by males with women, they latch onto them & then tell them what to do.}

witches-circle whispers_of_healing_sample_1 

          LEAVES ME HERE, I am disappointed: Why is he not watching the movie with me? Perhaps because he is’t aware, that this is what’s going on. We are separated this way mentally, by my having vision while he doesn’t—how many people understand the principles preached by William Bond & myself? We’re struggling with few compatriots to bring out the message.)*


          As I look around on the few-occupied seats, I notice they are all black men – seem to be ruffians. I see no women here at all. The movie was about a family, & the black man ran it & was bad, but I don’t recall how or why or any details.


          I want to get a good perspective on the movie, but the problem is I don’t want to sit next to any of these ruffians. I try this seat, that seat – they are too close.


          Finally I am way in front, perhaps too close to the screen, to the right of it, sit & decide to try this spot. There’s a black man right behind me & after a while, I put my arms back to not sure why – rest my head? The way one puts their arms back with the elbows in the air.


          *(THE MOVIE: Describes the evil of Patriarchy, with men running the show, the family & the world. But the men aren’t happy either, the one shown here has a

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          SMALL HEAD: Patriarchs are stupid


          NO HAIR ON HEAD: They are insane


          COMPLETELY BLUE, CLOTHES & SKIN, WITH BITS OF GREEN: They are miserable in all ways & play a miserable part, they do it for money, for here & now, time & space, for this world—not about eternal values.


          TRYING TO FIND A SEAT AWAY FROM THEM: Me trying to live in this world, see what they’re doing, gain understanding, without being affected by them & their evil, criminal, low minded behavior. And so I HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO BE FREE.)*


          The man behind me then grabs my arms & tries to hold them there. I struggle to get loose & do so. I know these black guys are watching me & will see my muscles as I struggle – a symbol of strength. They are criminals I sense & wanted to overpower me. I take my over-sweater & exit the theater, forgetting my clipboard with notes on the movie. I guess I was doing research. The clipboard is made of a luminous translucent brown & has several pages of notes. I find it embarrassing that I left these notes behind, as some are personal. They get hold of these notes but I know they can’t make heads or tails of them, so no harm is done. I didn’t lose anything.

 unnamed (6) unnamed (5) unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (2)

          *(ME DOING RESEARCH, NOTES, CLIPBOARD: This is my research & writing explaining how wrong & evil Patriarchy is. No women being here in the audience is women in general aren’t aware of the issues, that it’s a conspiracy of men mostly against women & after that, the rest of the planet—they aren’t here means they aren’t seeing it.


          NO HARM DONE, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND MY NOTES: The men in general, like the women in general, don’t understand what’s going on, they’re simply working by demon-energy-motivation, their lower selves, their ID’s or primitive impulses. According to this, they don’t see the picture objectively as to what they are doing, they see it subjectively by their evil spirits wanting to do evil, they are like soldiers who obey blindly, not getting it that they are risking their lives so elites can make money, they are also hurting the innocent for the elites.


          MAN BEHIND ME GRABS MY ARMS AS I RAISE THEM to rest on them: This one man is a symbol of Patriarchs trying to imprison women, hold back the strength of their love, de-mobilize or disempower them. I break free.

IN PARTICULAR it might also say how my Beloved disempowered me for a while—I was at his mercy–but then I broke free. A lover who does not/cannot love in a way that is positive can do great harm to another, even if they are in love with that person.)*

 unnamed (71) unnamed (15) unnamed (14) unnamed (13) unnamed (12) unnamed (11)

          The theater inside is all black & white, no colors, but the movie was in color. I see this man sitting at a table with family trying to control them, strangely, his whole body is blue, clothes, skin, everything, with some specks of green; he has a small head, no hair. I sense he’s evil & his management of the family is bad, the women are imprisoned by the rule of men.


          *(BLUE EVIL MAN: explained earlier, this is Patriarchy, ‘rule of the father,’ ‘the culture of death.’ He’s sitting at a table of the family, controlling them, the woman is his prisoner, & if the woman is fettered, so are the children. She cannot PROTECT her children from him, from any sort of abuse.


THEATER GRAYSCALE, BLACK & WHITE: NO COLORS: I sense the audience is the population in general, the men – watching what the ‘Big Patriarchs’ are doing on the screen. Black & white means ‘obvious,’ ‘you can see it in black & white’ that these men are merely followers, not leaders. It has always been that way – the bullies, abusers, pick on certain people let’s say the government abuses Jews, then Indians, then Aborigines, then women, then gypsies, then animals, on & on. The general public, called “sheeple”, has no EMOTIONS {emotions would be colorful like coloratura in Opera} but they are SPECTATORS of INDIFFERENCE to evil. They place no opposition to evil – they do nothing or go along with it.


In a speech I heard long ago from Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, he said there were three types of spectators at the Cross: Spectators of Love, spectators of hate, & spectators of INDIFFERENCE. He said it is not hate that is the opposite of love, it is INDIFFERENCE!


This audience here is the spectators of indifference. It for some reason places all the blame on men, possibly because we expect men to FIGHT BACK AGAINST EVIL MEN but they don’t. Women will finally wake up & do the fighting for themselves – men will not save them, they will save themselves & the world. )*

 unnamed (1) two-of-cups-_-the-ghost-tarot-8123273 tumblr_p2tjai3FRZ1vwu0dro1_400 tumblr_oujkr0qz0p1w0lko7o1_400 tumblr_o61x2oOonb1rtu8dco1_500 tumblr_noscbzBHfd1s2hryzo1_500

         I go outside & it’s rough because I can’t recall the road that I was brought here by. Why have they who brought me here, not picked me up to take me back? I need to walk home, but which way? We are in wide open spaces. There’s a highway in front left & right, a road going forward, by the highway left I distantly see a factory of some sort with huge contraptions going upward & horizontally that look like metal ladders, some with criss crosses instead of bars across. Does that mean the town is there beyond that? I must get back to town, civilization.


          *(THE ROAD THAT GOT ME HERE, WHAT IS THE WAY BACK: This is a big question. The road that got me/us here is the road to this disaster called Patriarchy. How did we get here? How do we get back to a civilized, God loving world – a world that makes sense, the Culture of Life? This is a big, hard question for everyone.


          Is it left, right, or forward? Forward I see a shack with women serving family & simple food. It’s staying under the radar, not being noticed by Patriarchs, trying to survive with ‘business as usual.’ They are trying to destroy us with their rules of NO WORK FOR THE POOR, the small business people, those living week to week, day to day, these are the people they are further disempowering, not those in high places, not those who have money. {See the road forward & the shack I pass further down.}


          FACTORY WITH LADDERS UP & ACROSS: To the left I see a factory with ladders going upward & horizontally with metal criss crosses: This might be the stock market & the basic economy. Is this the way back to ‘town-normalcy-civilization-security?” The ladders going up would be stock market going up & down, going across would be a stock market plateau or remaining steady. The criss crosses are the problems or crosses here.)*

tumblr_nl410gyTzq1qe0lp5o1_400 tumblr_n24futv8ZQ1tv8wlmo1_400 tumblr_347f20efa038cf1a7c333c7872e09770_851dbbfc_640 treelabyrinth The-Page-Of-Coins,-From-A-Pack-Of-Tarot-Cards TheMagician-DeviantMoon 

          I decide to try going the road forward. As I do so I pass a sort of shack with a low ceiling. The women there are serving family & whoever might drop by for some food. It’s simple fare, like something fried, on the level of hot dogs & hamburgers. There are rules & laws now for restaurants, no sit downs, but they are breaking this rule because they are so small & obscure they hope no one will notice them. But I’m not interested in stopping here as I don’t know if the food is safe. I continue on the road hoping to find the town.


          *(TOWN, CIVILIZATION: This would be an organized, sane, logical mental state. Where I have been is observing & being a part of the criminal patriarchy. They are in action right now, doing their evil deeds, & we are all affected—trying to survive.)*




tenor Teniers_Werkstatt_Hl_Magdalena_Alte_Galerie_Schloss_Eggenberg_Universalmuseum_Joanneum temp-4952 tarot-fantome-03 SteamHighPriestess100 Spring-Equinox-Goddess-4-230x300 





Interpreted for a friend


          Many dreams this night, forgot them all but this: Was driving around when I see a tiny parking spot to the left of a municipal road & in that space I see a white convertible Astin-Martin car, beautiful & expensive, & sitting inside it a gorgeous young male.


          Usually I don’t bother young males any more, not looking for models or dates, but something makes me immediately go up to this guy & ask him,


          “WHO ARE YOU?”


          He stands out so much I’m compelled to do this & he’ll understand. He has a companion male sitting to the right of him who looks smaller, I only see him in my mind’s eye, is he all dark, black? Perhaps it’s a ‘mystery.’

 Spirit of Spring Special-Moments-4Ft-Tall-100Red-Roses-Arrangement s-l300 serafimsarovsky Sea_Maidens1

          *(ASTIN-MARTIN: The car of James Bond, 1964, license JB007—symbol of what? He was a special agent,  for us is basically a DETECTIVE or person sent out to uncover secrets, mysteries.


          LITTLE BLACK MAN next to him: Again says ‘mystery will be here solved or shown.’ This explains ‘it’s about a mystery you want solved.’)*


          The young male thinks I’m talking about his car & I’m not, but I explain,


          “It’s the combination of you & the car. I know you must be special as you’re so handsome & this car is so expensive. You must be a (star?’) not sure what word I use but he’s unusual.


          He seems shy & slightly reluctant to talk. I ask him for his phone # & he gives it to me on a strange piece of paper the size of a postage stamp, & on top of the stamp it says, ‘This is an Astin-Martin’ & the stamp is blue. The phone is a long number, like an internet address. I wanted to check if it was accurate & working & was going to call on my cell phone, went to get it, but then recalled I left it at home.

s137854472627442013_p32_i1_w300 rising-knightofleo-tumblr-com ravynne-phelan-nine-of-water-bluethumb-63f2 rainha_de_espadas_wicca_tarot Professional-digital-matte-painter-Sarel-Theron-shows-you-how-to-create-an-epic-Hollywood-style-sce-wallpaper-wp60011159 

          *(POSTAGE-STAMP NUMBER, BLUE: He gives me a message saying he is SAD, unhappy about something. The postage stamp says ‘message,’ or ‘communication.’


          Saying ‘This is an Astin-Martin’ is saying ‘this is a mystery I want you to know, that I am blue, unhappy.’


          He’s giving me his DATA or address or WHERE HE IS & he is in a place of misery. This is without a doubt because WE ARE NOT TOGETHER.)*


          I ask him if he wants my phone & for some reason he says no – don’t know why. Like he’s afraid of something.

paradise-landscape-with-the-animals-entering-noahs-ark-jan-brueghel-the-elder oya-by-francisco-santos Our-Lady-of-Guadelupe ostarapray-315x236 ostara 

          *(DOES NOT WANT MY PHONE, afraid of something: This explains or confirms the mystery of what I already know – why he doesn’t call me. It’s for fear.)*


          My business finished I then want to exit this spot, go into the street & onward to other business. I have trouble backing up – can’t see. The female companion to my right has been here all along – I ask her to see if there’s anything behind me.


          *(FEMALE COMPANION: I am always with someone, never alone, it’s the two parts of me, flesh & Mother God, so whoever my companion is is the ‘other one,’ perhaps this is Mother God or my flesh, if MG is the dreamer, then it’s my flesh.)*         


          The street I was pulling into was busy & suddenly all the cars clear, I make a quick exit, onto the street, make a right. And then, instead of going home I pull left into a residential area, I saw something to my friend like we’re going to look around at the houses.


          But then I make another left into a driveway of sorts which has a narrow entrance, exit, when I get in wow, it is surrounded by low brick walls, no exit, I struggle to turn the car around & get out of the original entrance, with inches to spare around the car, don’t want to scrape it – finally get out.


          There seems to be somehow another tight spot somewhere. This is a dream about ‘tight spots’ I guess.

 001-photo-manipulations-pompafunebris 0c85929398c45fbe5c9658a5af2b89e4 0c9de89d007ae5ee0128e19642635967 0a24c7db5b2b88a5a2e5145180ed3e54 $_3

          *(TIGHT SPOTS: Yes, the dream is assuring me that Lover does not, cannot call me for being in a ‘tight spot.’ I know what it is from long before. He relies on his partner to support him, which frees him to use his own money on substances. He’s addicted to so many things that it takes all the money he has to medicate himself. He cannot, does not help or support anyone, so he is afraid of losing his sponsor.


          He believes I will forbid all use of ‘medications’ or substances, so he’s afraid to leave his Sugar Mama for me, not realizing that he would be way more secure with me than with her & I would not be as strict as he believes. I also need him near me to work on his habits, to free him of them.


          He is ‘imprisoned’ by his own mind, his own beliefs & assumptions, many of which are wrong, & he’s being held captive until he sees the Light. But I can’t explain anything to him because he’s afraid to contact me.)*

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unnamed (61)








For a friend


          I’m driving my white Corvette from long ago. The parking lot, in fact two or three of them in a row, is on top of my high lawn, but this is twice as high, twice as big as my real lawn. Let’s say my real lawn from where my house sits would be up two stories, this goes up four stories & has a lot of bare hard dirt like a driveway. There are two rows of parking spots here, somehow just like an asphalt parking lot with white stripes showing the spots & writing where it’s for disabled—although there’s no asphalt, just bare driveway-style dirt & patches of low grass here & there.


          *(WHITE CORVETTE: a sign of my wanting to be married to Steven ‘from long ago’ because this wish started years ago–the car only seats two & it’s WHITE. So I’m wishing to be with Steven, be close to him.


          DOWNTOWN: ‘Downtown’ meant mostly to see Steven, although I did not always see him. Here being on the

          HIGH HILL: is that familiar symbol, ‘on the Cross’ where Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.’ So in a minor sense, I, my hopes are ‘crucified’ or ‘crossed out’ – I cannot go downtown because all bars are closed & there’s a curfew—that cancels out seeing Steve because I either see him there or not at all—{why not at all is too complicated to explain here.}

24aff75ec4b17a1bc435e94dd45bc87d 31d0a549466559c1a617bc07cec231ab 32e57b6d7ecd015f2df3c8cb1dfc58d8  5e179ffd3ac0c93c4860f392

          NEXT TO HANDICAPPED: Is where I park, at first I was the row further away but I move closer here. The clue is ‘handicapped’—am I almost, not quite handicapped? That is to say, am I stymied, prevented from doing what I want to do, disabled? This dream is saying ‘partially’ but not really—close to it, but not there.


          GRAVEL or BARE DIRT of parking area: This is some sort of HARDSHIP, a driveway-type gravel is hard like rock, there are only patches of grass, this is saying it’s been hard for me to see Steven, I feel deprived.)*

  dragon-mountain-ray-gilronan dress_worn_by_empress_sisi_ DRINKSHOT-CitizenKane-00 dronning-maud-side2-no DRV5uqDU8AUS9Fw

          I’m looking for a good place to park while I go what seems like downtown but this is right by my house {dreams are not always logical}. But since I have a slight problem walking due to pain, I don’t want to park too far. I pulled into the farther lot at first, now moved to the closer one, I won’t have to walk as far.


          There are only 2-3 cars here & there, I pull into one spot to the left of ‘handicapped’—a good spot.


          *(PAIN: I’m in a slight emotional pain for not being able to go dt & see Steven.)*


          But after I pull in & fix the gear for ‘park’ it doesn’t seem to work, like the gear is broken. I don’t want to take a chance the car rolling downhill, so I drive downhill to the right to check it out. I get out of the car & a strange thing happens: The car turns into a vanilla pretty plastic basket similar to the pink plastic basket in my fancy bathroom {it’s softly ribbed with a design edging on top it goes from a bit smaller on bottom to a bit larger on top, it’s graceful} & the basket has a string on it. And so, amazingly, I hold my entire Corvette in my left hand, its light as can be, in my right hand I carry a bag, & am delighted to be able to do this. Is it some kind of miracle that I can carry my Corvette in one hand?

0eedf145f8aef0fa52623a8ed82a4eb1 0f1806f2-5ad4-4f71-8c78-efb8c1fd419d  

          *(CORVETTE BECOMES LIGHT ENOUGH TO CARRY IN MY LEFT HAND, looks like my fancy basket in the rr only bigger, easy to carry: This is ‘my burden is light, my yoke is sweet,’ will explain why not going dt is no longer a burden or hardship. My mind is ‘at rest’ {rest room} on the issue. The corvette is hope of marriage, the basket being vanilla is the same thing. I’m holding is by a string is ‘strings attached,’ which is like a ring, a harness, the two of us being ‘hitched’ {hitched is another way of saying ‘yoked’ where two oxen or horses are ‘evenly hitched’—another symbol of marriage.}


          The basket/Corvette or concept of marriage being fluted, ribbed, pretty & GRACEFUL {there is the KEY!} is that the GRACE OF GOD is ON MY SIDE! God has spoken to me in hundreds of dreams explaining it is her will & our destiny to be hitched. I am reminded of this & comforted once again although there is no immediate physical manifestation.)*


          I gingerly walk through the lower part of my ‘higher’ yard {the lower yard is like one & a half stories down, say 20’} toward the house.

8cc1b5b9264b93c1b2bfe2fe3cb9a31c 8d968777e3602d587eeab1cf05935e96 8e701bb666b7051fa9e17a9a9abdb254 

          Then I get a crazy feeling. I turn around to the end of the yard where there is in the dream, a tall privacy fence, & this young man who’s always here – he’s part of my family, house, a fixture – is working in a corner of the fence—carpentry work, maybe nailing something. Here I was hoping to go ‘downtown’ as I was lonely, & yet, this guy is always here & I didn’t pay attention to him.


          *(GUY ALWAYS HERE: This is Steven. You are reminded so many times & this dream says you are together now & always. He is by the


          PRIVACY FENCE nailing something in a corner: This says it will be privacy or the two of you will be just you – alone as a couple, no one else, no interference, walled off from others. He is


          WORKING ON THIS, NAILING IT: means he’s preparing, nailing it, ‘fixing it,’ ‘getting it,’ ‘hitting the nail on the head,’ ‘making it secure.’ He has some things to do to make this happen.


HE’S ALWAYS HERE: The two of you are always together because your souls are UNITED. When two people are ONE it means they want to be together; their WILLS are the same, their desires, emotions, hearts are the same, they are together in spirit & that is real togetherness. Whereas roommates can be in the same place body wise, but if the two are not one in spirit, there’s no intimacy, no union. In a real relationship, two become one. You have to always pay attention to that-him, this is saying. You lost sight of that fact for a time.)*


          I go to him suddenly, turn him around to me & kiss him lovingly all over his face. He is surprised but he accepts it like its OK. The thing is I neglected him although he’s always here & I have no reason to be lonely.

Hillman-Books-140-1960-The-Devil-Sword hiroshi-sugimoto-california-condor-960x640 hiroshi-sugimoto-dioramas-108 his-majesty-receives-william-holbrook-beard Hoffmann_Lievre_entoure_de_plantes_Rome_Galleria_Nationale_Tribunedelart holy-gaia-cristina-mcallister 

          *(KISS HIM LOVINGLY: A kiss like this transmits energy. You are communicating metaphysically & he feels it.

          Once a female disciple decided to kiss me before going to sleep. I was in bed & saw Marilyn Monroe lying next to me & giving me the sweetest kiss. This is the energy transmitted & received.


          The dream is saying be aware of his presence & don’t be lonely.)*


          But there’s a caution we must take—I point out to him. There’s someone in the house who mustn’t know we’re together. It’s the middle of the night although it’s bright, we can see like daylight–& so I told him at first no one would see us. Everyone in the house should be fast asleep.


          *(MIDDLE OF NIGHT EVERYONE IN HOUSE SHOULD BE FAST ASLEEP: Night here means all the people associated with us,


          IN THE HOUSE: are not aware that you & I are together. For us, it’s

 2c87a7202dd6788160632e7e90d3034a 2d8bee94f7441c9273b5e35516f6b688 2d67dee4f-1 2fcf7379acffc479b28ab2641a246702 3

         DAYLIGHT, we can see although it’s the middle of the night: We are fully aware we love one another but they are not aware – they cannot see, they are asleep.


          SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE should not know we’re together: We don’t want his other woman to know about us to avoid interference or conflicts presumably.)*


          But then I look toward the house & driveway & I see a black woman I know is his relative – she’s dangerous {I don’t know why} & we mustn’t let her see us.


*(DANGEROUS BLACK WOMAN WE MUST NOT BE SEEN BY HER: This must be my lover’s ‘other woman.’ The dream says do not let her know we’re still in love & de facto married.)*

images (14) images (15) images (16) images (17) 

To the left I see a group of attractive plastic urns {I used to have a lot, they’re made of plastic but look like something expensive, the way the design is with ribs, they are about 1.5’ tall, smaller on bottom, increase wider on top, about 12” diameter tops, graceful—I no longer have these, gave them away.} This black woman is his cousin maybe, she’s working on these urns, they’re lying in heaps inside each other–she’s in my driveway. I make my young man lie on the ground with me so she won’t spot us & we’re safe.


          *(LIE ON THE GROUND: Stay under the radar. Don’t alarm her jealousy or emotions, she doesn’t want us to be together.


URNS: These urns I ‘gave away’ hold plants. Plants usually represent PLANS for the future – things you hope will GROW, MATURE or MANIFEST. Because her plans contradict mine—we don’t want conflicts.


This also explains—


I GAVE THEM AWAY: I had physical plans for Steven that I gave up – realizing they weren’t necessary for him or us.

 3270569 3274056 3501032_orig 3536995-ZBEFXBXS-6

She has plans like that. Him falling in love with her, being together permanently, the house with the picket fence & roses, ‘Just Molly & me, & baby makes three, in my Blue Heaven’ – Fats Domino, haha.

These pots I see are EMPTY & bright-shiny new-they are stacked one into the other in a few piles. Being EMPTY predicts these dreams will not come true. In other words, empty pots, empty dreams, no plants nothing will grow, mature or manifest.


Me: MomGod, this conflict between her & me, she will be livid with rage when she loses him to me. She’s supported him for years. She’s young & pretty, I’m old as the hills. Her friends & some of his will say he’s crazy. What do you say as far as God’s will, destiny & righteousness in this situation?

n-1347-00-000011-hd nat-geo-wildlife-tourism NaturalHistoryMuseum_PictureLibrary_003184_Comp nature-illustrations-biodiversity-heritage-library-5 nephtys-cristina-mcallister 

She: Man-made plans vs God’s will, God always wins. God knows all, sees all, the flesh doesn’t. The flesh sees bodies, plastic prettiness, being young—the catch word is ‘appropriate.’

What seems appropriate to man—they do not see what God sees, the whole picture.

God sees inside. God saw both of you in another lifetime. God saw that lifetime end & a relationship unfulfilled.

God put you & him in this time & space knowing you would meet. God knew he would suffer trauma & you could heal him – no one else can.

God also knew he was a reward, a gift to you & you alone, but you would suffer, & you could endure that kind of suffering & still love him, you would persevere, & in the end, you would win.

What does the flesh know? The flesh is ignorant, blind, no discernment, not seeing within, not feeling the inside. Love is totally different than the physical eyes; it’s energy,  chemistry, it’s a million things  the flesh doesn’t see. And because none of these people understands,  let them think what they want to think & just ride off into the sunset.

 Yana Movchan Young Girl with Lamb Zeng Fanzhi ZENGIA-Restore-Ancient-Cats-Telas-Patchwork-Tissu-Oil-Painting-Cotton-Canvas-Linen-Fabric-For-Diy-Sewing.jpg_640x640 Zorica-Krstic-The-Gaia-Mother-egg-tempera-paste-and-oil-on-canvas50x40cm-1999-800x1015

Don’t worry about them, just be happy, live for each other, leave them, don’t associate with the ones who disapprove, live for yourselves.)*


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Edmund Blair Leighton Historical Genre English 1852-1922 5 stars [] Abelard and his Pupil Heloise






          Interpreted for a friend


          I am some place indoors when I decide to put my foot down & talk to my lover although he’s not reached out to me. I’m tired of waiting – I’m going to discuss his financial situation. I think he’s in the men’s room in this building. I speak to a male friend of mine & ask him to go into the place & if John is there, tell him I wish to speak to him.


          I understand completely & clearly that he’s with his present female because she supports him but this will soon end as she’s flat broke, will get an eviction notice—it’s the ONLY reason he’s stayed with her. I will let him know that he should make the switch from her to me pronto as I am willing & able to take care of him.


          My friend goes in there & pretty soon John comes out looking a bit sheepish—surprised that I reached out to him.


          He’s wearing a ‘pale’ color small-checked shirt. I have a feeling of strength, confidence, & tell him I want to move off to a private area & have a chat. He then annoys me by walking off somewhere. I see him go next to a door to a picture on the wall, which is hanging amidst some clutter on the walls; one of the images near the bird is a black blob. The picture vaguely seems to be of a bird, maybe red, it has a frame & a see-through glass-like covering on the front. I’m no longer annoyed when he returns with the picture to put it up by the spot we are chatting.

Edmund Blair Leighton Historical Genre English 1852-1922 5 stars [] Abelard and his Pupil Heloise 

          *(PALE SHIRT, HE HAS ON WITH SMALL CHECKS: This means he feels fear. We ‘turn pale’ if we ‘see a ghost.’

          CHECKS: are crosses, crosses are problems. He’s scared due to his problems.


HE WALKS OFF TO THIS PICTURE OF A RED BIRD: Bird here means FREE, FREEDOM. His picture, or he, is


IN A FRAME: like being ‘framed’ means deceived & trapped.


WITH GLASS OVER IT: It’s obvious he’s been trapped—you can see his clearly.


IN A CORNER: Cornered, helpless. It was a series of decisions that were bad – mistakes – that got him into a place he had trouble getting out of.

household-needlework-woman-from-the-vogtland-doing-embroidery-after-DB1473 household-washing-laundresses-engraving-18th-century-18th-century-DB14JT household-washing-woman-washing-the-laundry-in-the-tub-wood-engraving-DB14JE hqdefault 

NEXT TO A DOOR: of opportunity. He got in, he can get out.


AMIDST CLUTTER ON THE WALLS: Clutter is too many things confusing the situation. One needs to ‘clear things out’ before they can ‘think straight.’


BIRD IS RED: Not happy, suffering. Second meaning is passion, could be passionate or strongly emotional about getting out of this (sanguine, face getting red is being emotional. Red is also a color for HATE – he hates being here.

 julius-adam-1859231 julius-adam-the-younger-katzenfamilie-(the-cat-family) jungle_sunrise__love_contest_by_wolfhowl10-d6wdj1m katzenmutter Khaleesi-2-Galia-Lahav-The-empress-collection-530x792

BLACK BLOB: Confusing the issue is a child he did not ask for. His roommate allowed her pregnancy on purpose, in hopes of trapping him. When the baby was born it looked like a ‘blob,’ with no features {it greatly improved & is now cute} but my ESP tells me what this stands for. This child confuses the issue of his responsibility, if he’s morally tied down here or not. The roommate’s hopes were that the child would force him to stay with her permanently. The ‘blob’ being black it’s like an unknown, a point of confusion, something dark & depressing, not knowing what to do about it.


HE RETURNS, PUTS THE PICTURE WHERE WE ARE CHATTING: This says he returns to his present address, removes himself, & brings himself to me. He declares his freedom,

“Free as a bird.”

Free to leave the one who trapped him, put him in a cage, he put himself in the cage, now removes himself.)*

krinstinabanera_3 Snyders, Frans, 1579-1657; Dogs Stealing Food from a Basket l2ekdkK L3NPUQ la_belle_dame Lady_Stuart_de_Rothesay_and_her_daughters_by_George_Hayter lady-of-the-lake-shanina-conway la-niña-mira-en-el-guardarropa-132487878 

          My personality here is no-nonsense, pragmatic, practical & matter of fact. He goes along with it. It’s like I understand everything & am going to talk to him straight, no beating around the bush.


          For the personality, check Maggie in “Hobson’s Choice” with Charles Laughton, how Laughton tells her she’s ‘past marrying age’ (30) & she then chooses a young cobbler who works in the cellar – a timid soul – tells everyone they’re going to marry {including him}, commandeers all events, even splitting him off from the fiancé he now has, etc. Perfect assertive woman.


Louis_wain_cats Madonna-Galia-Lahav-The-empress-collection-530x794 main-qimg-4e7e34c6120ec9e0e505bb5fb4db4a93 Making Game of the Hunter marcfishmanlabelledamsansmerci market_w Marmots-plate-from-the-Johnsons-Household-book-of-Nature-Containing-Full-and Mary-Musters-On-a-Grey-Horse-Riding-Sidesaddle-Benjamin-Marshall-Oil-Painting maxresdefault (1)


67d1bdf7cfe200e6034918557e8f828c-700 71apSeT9t-L._AC_SX425_ 88e40bca63355f1c867456c1b1decd38_xl 111-1118065_ykle-red-rose-petals-vector-material-background-watercolor 112 130c8bc34058ecae40de48b44babc773 180fd6ca3e0187bc4fbf49942ed2067c 207-2075008_tumblr-aesthetic-cat-kitty-fluffy-cataesthetic-cat-aesthetic 275e8d1c402e333c2c73ca940ad4468b


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“Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his
many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to
control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control
over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction
that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like
willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of
India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines
(up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame the
Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that
paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian
Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and
his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.

In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the
global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is
coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in
Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’
vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.


In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV
vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote
Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects,
including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian
government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers
committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village
girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and
refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the
country’s Supreme Court.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of a GSK’s experimental
malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious
adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions
to 1,048 of the 5,049 children.

During Gates 2002 MenAfriVac Campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates
operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against
meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African
newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for drug makers”
Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond,
describes Gates’ philanthropic practices as “ruthless” and immoral”.

In 2010, Gates committed $ 10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce
population, in part, through new vaccines. A month later Gates told a
Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”.

tumblr_283540535eea48a18de9c1cac664cd87_ffb0b852_1280 tumblr_mqx0sqrV801rgg81io1_1280 tumblr_mvnhynQaX41qas1mto2_1280 tumblr_n3k8p6InKJ1soh31po1_500

In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of
chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony
“tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found the sterility
formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO
finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for
over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua,
Mexico and the Philippines.

A 2017 study (Morgensen et.Al.2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP is
killing more African than the disease it pretends to prevent.
Vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children.

Gates and the WHO refused to recall the lethal vaccine which WHO
forces upon millions of African children annually. Global public
health advocates around the world accuse Gates of – hijacking WHO’s
agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious
diseases; clean water, hygiene, nutrition and economic development.
They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal fetish
– that good health only comes in a syringe.


In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and
PATH, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture
vaccines, and a massive network of pharmaceutical -industry front
groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, develop fraudulent
studies, conduct surveillance and psychological operations against
vaccine hesitancy and use Gates’ power and money to silence dissent
and coerce compliance.

In this recent nonstop Pharmedia appearances, Gates appears gleeful
that the Covid-19 crisis will give him the opportunity to force his
third-world vaccine programs on American children.”

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          I’m in my apt in B’klyn in my bedroom. There are people in other parts of the place; I seem to be isolated here, in my room.

 3a_028284 3c0d14f3b61ec37619cd434285ab8935 3d1aba68584a1e7662dad756d7b18ad8

          Then two things I become aware of at the same time. One, the fire escape is crowded with people – it extends across the two front windows, real life fire escape is only on one window, but there are two here. All of them are crowded with people trying to get some air, to be outside during this time of isolation, men & women are sitting sunning. I especially see a man in beige trunks, reclining halfway on his back. Everything is friendly, a good feeling of people being together.


          *(ISOLATION, QUARANTINE VS PEOPLE BEING TOGETHER: This is about that dichotomy, being isolated, or being together. It beckons to mind when they say


          “Alone in a crowded room”

  0c7b83e61babe9cddf92320df7ba8f81 0ddcf287256bf207f739a1c975eab7b8--christmas-images-christmas-art 0e139a8a882a73a3558a299c9b633a1c

          If you have nothing in common with people, although there are many around you, you still feel isolated & alone. But if you have something in common or intimacy, you feel CONNECTED & not alone any more.)*


          The second thing I see is on top of the table that holds a water tray is a small screen, like the screens people look at like a computer, but this is small. It’s only about 5” tall & 7” across. I never paid attention to this screen, like it had nothing I wanted on it, but now I see a TV show or movie is just beginning, & it’s well done.


          There’s a man that seems to be an opera star / announcer, speaking in a grand voice in English, clearly, impressive looking & sounding. He’s tall, a feeling of an opera star, wearing a snug brown outfit, he stands with feet apart, arms akimbo delivering his message.

 1905-Schaffner-men-formal-tuxedo-36-262x500 1906-queen-maud-of-norway-2 1958.43.19_crop 1960-party-crashers-1000x842

          *(TALL MAN, LIKE AN OPERA STAR, IMPOSING: I did not see this right away but after getting toward the end of the dream realized it’s the man I love—Bobby– & there’s a weighty message here. At first glance I thought I had summoned a saint but it’s different.


          BROWN OUTFIT, BLACK BOOTS: Brown seems to be a color coming up often these days both on him & myself. All colors mean multiple things, the definition I give to brown in the last two dreams is SERIOUS, a serious message.


         BLACK BOOTS: Like all colors black has many definitions, one of them is MYSTERY—what is black is a mystery to us, it’s the unknown. This dream will reveal a serious mystery about my Beloved.


HE IS IMPRESSIVE: This is a large part of the mystery. This is my LOVER’S GOD SELF, HIS SOUL that has migrated from a previous lifetime to the one here & now. He is TALL because the God Self is IMPORTANT, God is important, it’s the part of us that is Immaculate—without sin—it is priceless & perfect. It is the lower self, not the actual God-Self/Soul that houses sins, {which must be clarified in Purgatory before we can see God face to face.}

There’s then the ‘lower soul’ which would be our unconscious, our lower spiritual energy-entity, while the God-Self Soul is the Highest Level. That is the one that migrates from body to body in various lifetimes.)*

718c378851a31f9508ed92b17e6cb25b731bf2edc191b938213b073e719a7940 (1)762ea2ae20e3599126b76f6708a1298e--wiccan-quotes-gothic-fantasy-art

          I look at this & think I’ll stay & pay attention – it might be interesting.


          Then it all changes. Now I’m in this movie, it’s come to life. The man is standing there in a theater or club with the stage behind him. He’s called a party – he’s special – hundreds of people came, I see them piling in, many so close to each other they seem to be on top of one another, in colorful party clothes, females & males.


          *(PARTY EVERYONE WANTS TO COME: This is Bobby in this lifetime – attractive, popular, wants to have fun & everyone wants to be with him—male & female. He is a star.


          COLORFUL CLOTHES: Lots of emotions, especially the women, they are infatuated or fascinated with him.)*        


          The man I now see more clearly is dressed in a ‘cavalier’ fashion in all brown, snug fitting with plain/elegant black boots up to his knees. He is at least a foot taller than anyone there – the visitors are average between 5 to 6’ tall, he’s 7’ tall.


          *(HE’S A FOOT TALLER THAN ANYONE HERE: This height is his God-Self. It is this that makes him a star. In another lifetime/s, he achieved great spiritual stature. The people around him, his family & friends, have not. They are attracted to his Spiritual Charisma – which is the Presence of the Holy Spirit.)*


          He stands there like ‘The Jolly Green Giant’; he always has his legs apart — imposing. Everyone wanted to come to his party & I’m here also.


          *(HIS PARTY, I’M HERE ALSO: I’m a part of his life & I think a lot of him.)*

giandomenico-tiepolo-minuet-in-villa_u-l-ppbagc0 girl girl-in-plaid Girl-with-Kitten-and-Puppy-mile-Munier-Oil-Painting girl-with-oranges_emile-munier__85979__10000.1556797497 giuseppe-de-gobbis-interior-of-a-barn-with-peasants-and-animals 

          Now the giant man walks around his guests like in a hallway adjoining the room (with his attendants) & for some reason he just faintly puts his index finger on me – my shoulder I guess – to say he’s seen me.


*(FAINTLY PUTS HIS FINGER ON ME LIKE TO SAY HE SEES ME: This must be when he first singled me out—I was so impressed, & took me to make love. But I did not see him again for three years—didn’t know where to find him.)*


This made me feel special, because he’s the star, we’re like a bunch of ‘nobodies’ & for him to single me out is unusual.


*(HOW HE MADE ME FEEL: indeed this accurately says how he made me feel when we met. I saw him as a great star & was lucky to be chosen – I said so to him. I even asked him if he was real or was I hallucinating or imagining him? He seemed ‘too good to be true.’ He didn’t see himself as special—his family & friends had not lifted him up.)*


          Shortly after that he does more than just faintly touch me with the tip of his finger, this time he puts his hand on me definitely to let me know he’s chosen me.

 mort-3 Mort-Künstler-artwork-2 Mort-Künstler-artwork-7 mort-künstler-six-men-and-women-buried-alive-for-four-years,-stag-magazine-interior-illustration

          *(PUTS HIS HAND ON ME STRONGLY: This is when we started going steady three years later. He told me he wanted to marry me.)*


          I now see myself, what I’m wearing. Wow, am I covered! And as I walked through the premises I took one sweater off, & was planning to take more & more off as I got more ‘confident’ so people could see how I looked.


          First, my head. I have on a thick ribbed grey knitted cap which fits tightly over the head down my forehead. Underneath I have beautiful thick, curly blonde hair but I’m not showing it at all.


          On my body I have several layers of light grey & black, mostly loose. One of the light grey things is like an ‘athlete’ shirt which has medium-thin straps that show all the shoulders & arms, except there’s the black under that. I’m so covered no one could see any hint of how I am underneath, so he isn’t choosing me for that.


          *(MY LAYERS OF CLOTHES, BLACK & GREY, EVERYTHING COVERED & CONCEALED: This is a spiritual concealment, not physical. When we dated my body was obviously revealed; it was my SPIRIT that was hidden.

9072ac14-9dff-49bb-a82d-49790bace92b_570 9466e0443069589fa99cc62c076648cb 9712c5e790f2cf3450e10378f36cc06d 9767cd68ad1fc6406676f0aa911c73de 9866cd79f28f7e48be9ea51f812d52d6



          Because I’m saying, I was concealed, no one could see my body – my body is the Real Me, True Self, God Self, but this explains he saw or felt this Real Me.


          BLACK & GREY LAYERS CONCEALING ALL: This is me being a mystery – people don’t know who I am like the general population did not know who Jesus was until it was revealed. The Three Kings knew who He was, his Holy Mother & foster Father knew who He was, Holy Anna & St. Simon knew who He was, the Shepherds discovered he was Holy when the angels told them. His identity was revealed to the privileged but hidden to normal folks—Herod feared him not because he was a Spiritual Giant but he was predicted to be a King, & Herod thought he would be an earthly King—but of course Jesus said to Pilate in answer to the question if he was a King,

          “My Kingdom is not of this world.”


          Even his close friends & Apostles were not certain who He was when he asked who do people say I am? They said things like ‘Prophet’ but then Peter blurted out,

          “You are the Messiah!”

 6033528103_d25731f55f_b 6281898021_a3256f8c7b_b 8454841466_568c5d2ae5_b 8575704403_2d5db510fd_b 9312220023_78a9871704_b 14229442915_32d5431b4c_b

          And so, even though Jesus did many miracles & healings, his True Identity was still hidden, unrevealed, not obvious. It took the Holy Spirit to show Peter who Jesus was—Jesus said so.


          In this dream, it says I saw the identity of my Beloved Bobby – I saw his God Self from the start. And he also saw that I was his Anointed mate, & in the end of this dream it’s revealed we were mates in a previous lifetime


          THICK GREY RIBBED CAP ON MY HEAD COVERING HAIR, EVERYTHING, DOWN MY FOREHEAD: This is how thoroughly my God-Self was hidden to the public, yet my Soul Mate instinctively felt it. Covering the head would be covering the mind & thoughts, ‘Where my head is.”)*

huysum015 il_570xN.1144017096_n309 il_570xN.1460475332_orpp Illustration_facing_page_8_of_The_Perverse_Widow_and_The_Widow,_1909 illustration-depicting-a-widow-with-her-children-illustrated-by-mary-ellen-edwards-1838-1934-an-english-artist-and-prolific-illustrator-of-childrens-books-dated-19th-century-MR6KMK 

          OK, then I get close to the man, & as I do so, amazingly, he is shorter than me. I have my left hand over his shoulder, gently rubbing it like to show him I like him. He’s wearing a blue or green spandex type top, soft, it’s pleasant to have my hand on it as I caress him.


          *(AMAZINGLY HE IS SHORTER THAN ME: This is spiritual stature. All is relative as far as this; he’s a foot higher than most people spiritually, but not as tall as I am. It means I evolved closer to God in previous lifetimes than he had, but still, we are both Great Souls.

          MY HAND ON HIM, CARESSING: This could be saying first he put his hand on me to choose me, now I put my hand on him to accept.


          GREEN/BLUE SOFT SPANDEX OUTFIT: This is here on earth, blue like the sky, green like the earth. We meet on the earth, he singles me out, I accept him. We desire each other. Hand on


SHOULDER: is comforting—as shoulders are what we carry the cross on.)*

images (4) images (5) images (6) images (7) images (8) images (9) images (10) 

          To my surprise he starts speaking to me in RUSSIAN! He doesn’t know English at all! I try to explain to him, that my Grandma was Russian. We’re looking for something in common – he asked me like who I was or what I was about or something. I say to his attendants – how do you say Grandma in Russia? I say her name, her first name was Luba & her last married name I will not say, & it was Lithuanian anyway so it would be irrelevant. He has two female attendants who apparently know both languages; they’re dressed in red & are his height.


          *(HE SPEAKS RUSSIAN, DOESN’T KNOW ENGLISH: This is the key to the dream, this scene/symbol opens up the entire meaning. I then bring up my Grandma {while trying to find some common ground},


          RUSSIAN GRANDMA: Here I go back a couple generations to show WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON. This tells me that the reason this man singled me out is that we were in relationship some generations ago – in a different land, culture & language.

          He did not single me out merely for physical, in this lifetime, looks or anything. He saw through my COVERING or physical cover, the underlying IDENTITY or person he knew long ago – when we were together IN ANOTHER LIFETIME.

May I Have One Too -may-i-have-this-dance-motionage-designs med-4fd95be7528c6 melchior-de-hondecoeter-utrecht-1636-amsterdam-1695--landscape-with-poultry-and-birds-of-prey-melchior-d-hondecoeter-c-1636-1695 mode1910-5 Mort-Künstler-artwork-2 

          This explains why he’s CHOSEN ME. It’s like the Three Kings who sought out Jesus because he was their Guru in a previous lifetime. He was continuing his life in another body, but he was that SAME SOUL.


          This dream explains that it is the GOD SELF that is reborn again & again in other bodies, that is the identity that continues. The body dies, the outward form, connection with the physical is all gone, & there’s a new body, nationality, culture & language. But the SOUL / GOD SELF has not CHANGED, it’s deep inside.


          When people are drawn to each other in a mysterious/compulsive way, as if they knew each other before, it could what’s called TWIN FLAMES. Twin flames loved each other in a previous lifetime & have business to finish. Just as the Three Kings honored Jesus as their reincarnated Guru & gave him precious gifts, twin flames feel something that is underneath the physical, culture, language, cover & they feel a pull, a pull that will make them go through anything to be together.


          This is why this Great man puts his finger on me – first lightly, then strongly, to say,



 gkz79fxyvqa31 Golden_Tail_and_Azure_Crown_Hummingbird_by_Elizabeth_and_Mary_Kirby Gorosh green-pastures-a-family-group-detail_u-l-f9330a0 grenade grenadiervictoria guadalupe-visits-diego-rivera-james-roderick

          Out of all the people on earth, the twin flames recognize each other as being ONE, they cannot be happy with anyone else.)*


          Then it seems it’s just him & me talking, a bit off to the side, & I try to reach him in ‘sign language.’


          I want to tell him he’s a great man, & I make gestures to that effect of ‘something great.’ He isn’t aware I’m describing him & he asks who that is.


          I point to him & say,

          “It’s you.”


          *(SIGN LANGUAGE-GREAT MAN IS YOU: I am the only one he knows who recognizes his God-Self & that it is highly evolved. The people around him do not see this at all. Some have demoralized him, others diminish him, he has never had anyone ‘restore’ him or confirm his great God Identity. The reason we want to be together is called Divine Relationship—our God-Selves recognize each other.)*

300px-Herd_of_Cats11 302a633d10c7246d84a5ecbf3038e65f 322cdec44077cc684086b8fa52e3151b 492a6ad01b2256ef3e9d427da9102534 504E8B1A00000578-6177071-image-a-62_1537206379191 630d29b6f2c5cdfe82a47517ba4cdcf0 713a26qAAyL._AC_SL1500_ 865e01962a092ce8424e64ccbb5149e8 963a9b0c70db337a3a9bac6915ff6ef1 1233c55316676a0b3b7067211d263d6b


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jayne-mansfield-and-mickey-hargitay-at-michael-ochs-archives J-C-Leyendecker-American-illustrator-poster-art-book-covers (4)





Reviewed & analyzed for someone else

Jaynemansfield4 jayne-mansfield-1933-1967-american-film-actress-with-second-husband-miklos-hargitay-about-1962-MANJ78 jayne-mansfield-1933-1967-american-film-actress-with-second-husband-miklos-hargitay-about-1962-with-son-zoltan-at-left-MANJ74 

          Great prayers beget great dreams. I know this to be a result of my desperate prayers. I prayed to Mother God to assist me personally, I brought myself closer to her saying in every way how my happiness, my Heaven, can only happen when She is ONE with me. The problem is I criticize & judge myself too much, I cannot find peace of mind & happiness as I’m always finding fault with myself. My schedule, lifestyle, activities are not perfect by my standards, so I am always looking down at myself—I know this is wrong; it’s due to being abused, despised, criticized by my Mom & others.

This abuse lives in my head, in a sense, like Mom & Co are still there, their programs keep playing out. I realize this but am having trouble stopping, so I prayed strongly until I fell asleep.…………………….


          FRANK SINATRA appears. Frank was a great guy, I helped him out of Purgatory, & so when he appears in this dream I don’t know if it’s really Sinatra or my lover/husband Peter.

Johnson's_household_book_of_nature_(Plate_XII)_(7268635822) Johnson's_household_book_of_nature_(Plate_XXIX)_(7268657942) Johnson's_household_book_of_nature_(Plate_XXVIII)_(7268656580) ju_paleoart_p001_1705301541_id_1128568-749x1024 

          Frank is sitting against a wall & I come close to him. He wants to tell me something & it’s very loving & intimate.


          *(FRANK SINATRA: Is my lover/husband Peter. Why does he appear as Frank? Could it be because he wants to be a vocalist/rapper? Or an actor?


PURGATORY, I HELPED HIM OUT OF IT: This could apply to my lover as I helped him out of the earthly Purgatorial state he was in, doing multiple exorcisms, Masses & prayers for years, getting rid of many demons, freeing him up for God & peace of mind.)*


          He says to me in a way that penetrates my heart – it’s like we melt into each other, he says,

 Isaac_van_Ostade_Interior_with_children isaac-van-ostade-interieur-met-boerengezelschap---scène-dauberge IsaacVanOstade-TheInteriorofaBarnwithTwoPeasants JA15_Page_096_0003 Jan VAN HUYSUM Still Life with Flowers and Fruit 1715

          “Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will always take you with me.”


          I see over his heart three stripes, the rest of him is a sepia color, monochromatic, but the stripes remind me of the Lithuanian flag, yellow, green & red.


          So he’s saying he’ll always carry me in his heart. It’s hard to explain the feeling that goes with this, it’s deep.


          *(MY FLAG STRIPES OVER HIS HEART, HE’LL ALWAYS TAKE ME WHEREVER HE GOES: This is saying I will always be in his heart, a part of him, united, that he will always love me.)*

 Khaleesi-2-Galia-Lahav-The-empress-collection-530x792 kids-woodland-wall-mural-451x451 King-George-V Kitchen_Scene_With_A_Cook_And_Kitchen_Maid_by_Joachim_Beuckelaer_G11 Kitchen-Scene-Jose-Bermudo-Mateos-Oil-Painting kitchen-still-life-with-a-maid-and-young-boy-frans-snyders

          AFTER THAT starts another dream.

          I walk into a large room. To the right is a Great Lady, hovering over a man sitting at a ‘cafeteria style’ table. She seems to be comforting him, sort of consoling & flirting, he seems to be wearing an ‘army olive’ color top. But when I walk in she immediately stands up – in fact – in these dreams whenever I enter a room, she stands up to greet me—I’m impressed because this shows so much respect.


          *(GREAT LADY: My Mother God within me, the Presence of God, the Real Me, who I really am, “I am a Soul, I have a body, my purpose is Love.”


This God-Self RESPECTS MY LOWER SELF GREATLY, She stands up whenever I enter a room. This is the respect ‘God the Father’ would give his own Son, Jesus Christ, because it is in the body that God implemented our salvation. It is in the body God suffered, not in Heaven, not in the God Self, but in the lower self, & so, great respect is given to ‘God the Son’.


In the same way, God my Mother is giving the respect to my lower self or body – She did her work through God her Daughter.)*

Joachim_Bueckelaer_-_Kitchen_Piece,_with_Jesus_in_the_House_of_Martha_and_Mary_in_the_background Joachim-Beuckelaer-A-Maid-in-a-Kitchen-and-Christ-with-Martha-and-Mary-in-the-Background John_Frederick_Herring_HEJ009 John-Chaz-Rex-Dog-Fights-Turkey-Vulture...- john-frederick-herring-jr-cf9c9dce-ffbd-4e11-8dba-fa2af69943c-resize-750 john-frederick-herring-the-elder-cattle-and-chickens-in-a-barn 

          She also is saying to me, by her action, that yes, she was giving attention to this guy at the table, but I’m more important than him.


          *(MAN AT TABLE SHE IS CONSOLING: This is the lover/husband. Yes, She loves him, but gives more honor/respect to me.)*


          As she stands up I see how tall she is – about six feet – her arms & legs are long, she has long brown hair to the middle of her back & wearing a clinging red mini dress. She puts her arms around me & holds me a while.


          *(SIX FEET TALL LADY: This is my spiritual height, I was shown/told – the same as Joan of Arc in Heaven. By contrast, my dear Dad is a dwarf. I saw him in Heaven, I bent down to him to say hello, it was whimsical, because I always looked up to him & in his obituary the author said he looked at him as a saint. He’s a small saint.

Jeremy-hush-Drawings_momentomori Jeremy-Hush-In-the-Teeth-of-a-Crashing-Gale JGLLOM5CXQRPKJDPE43RFC5E7A jnk6-121 jnk7-112 

By contrast, my wicked Mom & brother are lower– I did not see them standing but sitting in a dim light in the balcony of Heaven–& in another vision Mom was in a small house—the size of an apt, like one-bedroom, plain, with a picture of my brother on the table waiting for him to join her {he’d not yet died}. There was a sign that she ‘just made it’ into Heaven – the sign was that outside I saw a stovepipe, smoke was coming out, & it had tar on it—tar means Hell.


In comparison I might add that the beautiful actor Errol Flynn inhabits an entire tropical island suspended in Heaven! Yes he had a long Purgatory, but he had underneath it all, a good heart, he gave a lot to those he loved & he did suffer—people don’t realize how much he suffered—read his book, ‘My Wicked, Wicked Ways.’)*


          She’s some kind of an executive, an important Lady in show business production.


          Then I hear an inner voice & I repeat it to her:

jnk8-322 jnk9-321 jnk10-362 jnk34-131 jnk36-171 

          “Make a video/movie {I hear a description or word that denotes like ‘behind the scenes production’ but can’t recall that word} of Frank & myself.”


          Frank is a vocalist. I’m thinking about that. Does he still have a voice? It’s odd that I would tell this great lady to do this movie–that she would listen & obey. Who am I to tell her what to do? But she respects me that much. I see her sitting at a desk to my left front, with her assistants around her, she has a staff. She has a thoughtful face, she’s also beautiful.


         I see us being busy making this movie but can’t recall details.


          *(THE MOVIE I SAY TO MOTHER GOD SHE SHOULD MAKE ABOUT US: I am stumped Mother God. I already tried to help him years ago & it backfired on me. Now what? Is this literally true or what is it a symbol of?


          She: This I believe refers to ‘Reality TV.’ You, the flesh, under inspiration, is saying to create a Reality Show about you & him, with him as a performer.

 ko-tub-and-ko-poda-island-xlarge krabi-thailand-phra-nang-longtail1 krinstinabanera_3 Snyders, Frans, 1579-1657; Dogs Stealing Food from a Basket l2ekdkK L3NPUQ

          Me: But would it work?

          She: Yes.

          Me: I can see it now. He & I have an emotional reunion. He confesses to his mistakes, he professes his love, I interrogate him & he repents it all.


          We have a spiritual wedding with all the trimmings.


          Then, I rent a place to preach, with a pulpit. I give a rousing sermon.  Sermon over, I take off my robe & under it a scanty outfit. I dance–splits, kicks, the whole megilla. He pops out & raps & dances. His beauty will be recognized as well as his talent. We could even do a Jayne Mansfield, Micky Hargitay routine; she called ‘adagio,’ where she climbed on him for poses. The fact that its an old lady with ‘America’s Most Beautiful Man’ will get views.


Mother God: You have the wherewithal to do this, do it & it will create a sensation. Send it to all the TV media & they will take you on, haha.)*

 71vLlxXkY5L._AC_SX425_ 76a7aaf7707261e12d0ad07f430a2d46 76e77075-1d85-4f82-b225-2ca6a899f5fa 77ab6eeaa20168956127c8687440d9a5 77anlsgP_011118012424lola

          Last thing I do recall is I am in an apt, mine & lovers, & someone has stolen & removed our bed—the apt is Hollywood long ago. We were both sleeping on the floor on a light blue rug—it was comfortable, lots of covers, warm. My side has more of the nice blue rug, his side has a bit of a black one, like the rubber mats I have, not as comfortable.


          *(HIS SIDE, BLACK RUBBER MAT, NOT AS COMFORTABLE: He’s more miserable without you than you are without him.


THE APT IN HOLLYWOOD: You shared with a demonic con artist. This is saying Satan broke you & Peter up – took away your bed or intimacy.)*


          When we wake up I look at our situation & talk about the bed, & basically say it’s not a terrible thing, we just have to buy another bed, maybe a Queen sized one.

lf (1) lf (2) lf (3) lf lfCA83FXWW 

          *(BUY ANOTHER BED, QUEEN SIZED: The past doesn’t matter, we can improve our relationship.)*


          I recall a scene where I was getting ready to ‘go out’ with Frank. I had on the most ordinary thick-material black dress, loose. Then I say,


          “This is Frank Sinatra – he deserves me being dressed up nicely. I then remove a form-fitting black leather jacket (nice one) off myself with maybe black leather gloves, & place it on a table near the door. He’s watching.


          I go to get clothes & find a medium light brown wool tight skirt with a flare (it’s gathered in the back under the hips, with a cloth band across it maybe, so much like the type of skirts I used to love as a kid) & put it on, in front of a mirror – it might be the kind of wool that has colorful flecks in it – I used to wear those as a teen. Frank is behind me. Can’t recall what else I put on or where we go.


          *(REMOVE LOOSE BLACK DRESS, REMOVE BLACK LEATHER JACKET, LOOK FOR NICE CLOTHES AS FRANK IS SPECIAL: End of our separation, which was like an ending or funeral, time to be together again. I feel like my old self, when I was young.

vestido-novia-manga-corta vicarticle_sidesaddleImage2_w250h400 victorian-christmas-card-robert-dudley victorian-engraving-of-a-little-girl-rescuing-a-cat-from-two-dogs-D19P4X victorian-engraving-of-a-young-girl-with-her-pet-cat-and-dog-1897-D17WRN 

          SKIRT LIKE BACK IN THE DAY: The wool is sheep or submit {sheep are submissive} again to have sex with him – the hint is this is a skirt which covers the lower part of the body—It’s light brown with flecks, which might denote ‘serious color’ rather than depressing black, & the flecks & flare might say ‘a fun skirt—have fun, enjoy life again.’)*


          One strange little scene. Frank is once again sitting against a wall on the floor. The Great Lady is nearby & she says,

          “He’s part black” or maybe she said “he’s black.”


          I look at his face. It’s a child’s face, like compressed so it’s too wide, {but his body is that of an adult}, with medium light brown skin & both his cheeks are as puffy as baseballs, with those stripes like he had on his heart on both his cheeks {my native country flag stripes}. I carefully bend over to him & kiss his little cheek lightly, just as you would that of a child, a sweet little peck.


          *(CHILD’S FACE MY FLAG STRIPES ON HIS CHEEKS, HIS CHEEKS LIKE BASEBALLS, COMPRESSED HEAD, BROWN SKIN: This is the child within, who was damaged. The compressed head could be injury, mental compression. Consider when a person is strangled, their neck is compressed until they can’t breathe. This squeezing down on the head could be mental trauma affecting one’s brain or mind, he can’t think straight.


          SITTING AGAINST A WALL: In a desperate place, nowhere to go, like being cornered.

tumblr_pnnbdtaWCS1qc77b7o1_250 Two-young-Cats-playing-with-a-Basket-of-Crawfish-Julius-Adam-II-private-collection U1252797INP UndergroundAngels2A_l 

          CHEEKS LIKE BASEBALLS—these are called ‘chipmunk cheeks’ because chipmunks fill themselves up with food & store it in their burrows. When people store a great deal, they are preparing against future need or ‘famine,’ – people who have fear of war or poverty hoard many necessities, including food. {In these ‘Pandemic’ times people are doing it—the media is encouraging hysteria. The revoking of civil rights is far worse than the virus.}


I saw a man who had lived through WWII in Germany, now living in America–his cellar was stocked with canned goods & grains like it was a bunker.


These fat cheeks represent INSECURITY, fear of being without, & both cheeks have your flags. This means the child within him needs you – a symbol of SECURITY & all that it represents—someone to love him like a Mother, take care of him, not reject or abandon him.


It means he’s FIXATED on the trauma of what was done to him. He was HURT, REJECTED, ABUSED & EMOTIONALLY ABANDONED BY BOTH PARENTS.        He needs you to give him safe space, harbor, a place of trust, where he WON’T BE AFRAID.

tumblr_ons6pbNUYv1s3se81o1_640 tumblr_oo09xoX5vm1w49lylo5_1280 tumblr_oqyzk0CHeT1s7e5k5o1_1280 tumblr_ot4oy41Xnp1tu88j9o1_400 tumblr_otpe7cbat21ru2l6mo1_1280 tumblr_owxtspo24o1qmr4eao1_1280 

HE’S BLACK: The black people have been severely abused in America & elsewhere, first as slaves with no human rights, second as ‘economic slaves’ with limited opportunities, sharecropping, menial & unskilled labor, lowest wages, prejudice & hate. The Great Lady/Mother God is telling you this has been his fate – he’s been treated this way, all here described—as a child.


THE SWEET PECK ON HIS CHEEK: You are treating him like a child, with the tenderness/gentleness a child needs—you’ve been careful to recognize the damage here & just because he has a man’s body, you have not assumed he has ‘grown up,’ – matured fully. You have known all along he was BADLY hurt & his behavior reflects that.      You forgave all his hurtful actions toward you on that basis.)*


          The feeling overall is that Frank is a great star, he loves me & wants to be with me & he makes me happy.


         *(FRANK IS A STAR: You see him & treat Peter like a star, to you he is.)*


Helst-Family-Portrait-cat-sm henriette-ronner-geb-knip-6148221 henriette-ronner-knip-hide-and-seek henriette-ronner-knip-kittens-and-mother-cat Herding-Cats-1024x768 Horatio_Henry_Couldery_-_The_Unexpected_Guest il_fullxfull.701461789_eisj


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Interpreted for a friend.


          I’m in my house upstairs, standing in one of the halls. To the right is the bath, to the left a large closet with no door, across the door is open to the guest room.


          My good husband Richard did not sleep all night (I slept) but he still went out to work & he’s just returned. I see he has bought MY WEDDING DRESS & semi-secretly, he is putting it into the closet—I see half of it before he pushes it back to maybe hide it. I don’t think he sees me looking, he doesn’t look at me.


          *(RICHARD MY GOOD HUSBAND: This is Hal, the man I love who loves me. When his disposition toward me is great he appears as Richard, because Richard was the best man I ever had.


          SLEEP-DID NOT SLEEP ALL NIGHT: This indicates concern, worry; sleeplessness is when one’s MIND is not at rest. Notice I DID sleep – because I am not worried about Hal & myself, I know we’ll be together.

 570bced4cfe43e8bef25160dd8fd844a 640px-Macaca_fuscata_grooming_Iwatayama_20090201 663bcd9f35d228706f5aecf3573ee8e1 718c378851a31f9508ed92b17e6cb25b 731bf2edc191b938213b073e719a7940 (1)

          WEDDING DRESS, HE BOUGHT MY WD: This says he’s planning to be with me as man & wife. He’s thinking & doesn’t know I can read his mind so he doesn’t see me – but I see him.


          CLOSET, THIS CLOSET: This particular closet has meaning. Look to details of each symbol. I asked myself ‘How is this closet different from the other ones?’ This is where I housed the clothing for my male models in preparation to photograph them. So this closet means PREPARATION, BEING READY TO FULFILL A ROLE, AN IMAGE. Into this closet Hal, now being the good husband, prepares to treat me like the wife that I am, to even present me to the world that way.)*


          I am highly surprised at his buying my wedding dress. I see white net, with a row of beautiful artificial flowers embedded on it, the flowers like a big ‘corsage’ from the waist type deal down the skirt, some are bigger, then they get smaller in a row, all are white large petals completely open with stamens inside. I didn’t want to let him know that I saw the dress in case he wanted to keep it secret.

IMG_3920 img2124 IMG-9715 img-walton-ford121958303029 Impossible+Bouquet+4 (1) In Catland with Louis Wain published by Raphael Tuck & Sons 2 Inbal-Dror-collezione-2016-abiti-sposa11-700x1050 indonesia_160204 

*(HOW THE DRESS LOOKS: White net is see-through, apparent or obvious—I have picked up his plans easily, he might be showing his intentions to others—in other words, his thoughts & plans ARE SHOWING. The


          WHITE BLOSSOMS, FULLY OPEN, LIKE A CORSAGE: Are love, fully OPEN blossoms, petals, means his heart is open to this marriage.)*


          I also felt sorry for him because he must be so tired, but he’s hanging in there, & I see him standing to the rest room door to the right, he seems shorter this moment as in real life he’s tall–& he has a small pot belly & a spare tire on his middle, he’s naked & there is a kind of soft light around him, soft yellow like sunshine.

649495abc6b398ea71e9a20bf653cf60 865884 1937729 2343589 Walton Ford Pancha Tantra 3501032_orig 4424003 

         *(SHORTER THAN IN REAL LIFE: He’s humbled himself.


          POT BELLY & SPARE TIRE: Could be he’s being nourished by God/grace as I see


          LIGHT AROUND HIM: For sure the Grace of God, he’s SEEING THE LIGHT, I see his spiritual awakening.)*

          Oh yes, at one point I went to sneak-peak at the dress & it was not the same dress. It was a party dress, sort of Latin, in many bright colors, hugging the body, then flaring out with a grey ribbon across the flare. I hated the sleeves, like they buttoned midway between the wrist & elbow – for me that is tight & uncomfortable. I thought to myself



          “This is not the dress I want. I don’t think I’ll wear it, it probably won’t fit me anyway.”

          Did he buy this dress? I also thought it looked ordinary, even cheap; I’m surprised he would buy such a garment for me.

d7odc44-00d43ee4-e848-49b0-bef7-23d6ccf8344b d8f6c45f887ba29ad81934141ad92d0d d25ed6806f12fa4af4abd842fca8ce9b--fairytale-art-king-arthur d71e7c8e119033cbb625fb484c38d5f2 

          *(THE PARTY DRESS I DID NOT LIKE, WON’T WEAR: This is the relationship as it was before I stopped. All we did was sex. For him it was ‘releasing his love’ & getting mine & for a while, I felt it was the only thing I could do, but then I knew I could never be happy this way. This you could call ‘cheap’ in that the lover does nothing with effort or respect, does not present me to his people, presents a different woman on social media, while I’m the secret ‘play toy.’ No, I will not wear this dress means I will not PLAY THIS ROLE.


          On the other hand, the white dress he put into the closet represents the purity of True Love, & being transparent (the net) to the public about it—


NET is also a symbol of ‘catching someone’ like a fish in a net—people are proud of ‘catching’ someone they love & showing them off.)*

guadalupe-visits-diego-rivera-james-roderick gypsy-camp-holland_bonington-richard--19cty__16382__49563.1565904812 H0027-L03114810 H0027-L03265780 H0062-L05856439 

          Then in the room across, standing with his back to the front window, his front to the bed & me, is a person I scarcely recognize from long ago, who was my best friend for years. He misjudged me on something, accused me & broke up. He’s here now but hard to recognize, I keep saying,


          “Joe, is it you? Joe, is it you?”


          He doesn’t look like himself. His hair is like a sort of woman’s wig, very thick in front sticking out, thick in back, sticking out also, very grey, strange. And on the back of the hair is a pair of light blue cotton women’s panties, just sitting there hugging the hair like some sort of cap.


          *(WHO IS JOE? Joe is the same man in the form of Rich, the good husband—I have never seen both of them in the same dream – Joe is another persona or aspect of Hal.

abc1b1f5a416c4850215e42251f7be12 abcfd487ee192a91394c49094d6f7b3d acfdb05ad70abeece9e262f4d881f1f4 ADAM-JULIUS-1852-Munich-1913-Two-cats-playing.-Oil-on-panel.-Signed-upper-right-Jul.-Adam.-15-x-20-cm-private-collection a-delft-bowl-with-fruit-jan-van-huysum ae394bfa38b8318d108f30eed124933f a-family-of-rabbits-alfred-richardson-barber

          Joe represents here Hal knows he was MISTAKEN in breaking up with me—I did not do what he accused me of. This says he’s SORRY & WORRIED SICK over us being apart. The clues are:


                   Means worry, lots of it.  Sticking out the front & the back is both sides of the brain, the primitive back brain & the temporal lobes in front, which is spiritual & intellectual & checks impulses or lower self.  This is really worried, haha.


: What he’s worried about, we’re not together, not intimate, not having sex. And furthermore, he is standing in:

 20180623_133746 20323349_1 20684603 20921793 23003251bba712044959c1ec047d576e 23015920

          THE GUEST ROOM: He is not standing in my bedroom – where he would be INTIMATE with me, he’s in the guest room, which means we are apart. That underscores the WORRY.


          His face is hard to distinguish. It’s angular & vertical in its lines, & sort of ‘bleached out’ or his features all run together. His nose & head are thin, all his features thin & vertical.


          {His face reminds me of this poor man I saw on TV who was wrongly accused of killing his wife & children, an ex-cop. He spent THIRTEEN YEARS in & out of jail, two trials, two appeals before he was exonerated—NOT GUILTY, thirteen years of torture. His uncle fought for him on the outside. The people investigating his case from the get-go botched the whole thing – there was a t shirt of the perpetrator right by the crime – they did not even send out to have his DNA checked on Codis—lied that they had done it with no results. Years went by with new lawyers pushing, it was finally checked, & there was the killer. I was rooting so hard for the poor cop.}

41369073961_67f4017a7e_b 94402297882fd45ca198ca3bd7c45fc0 212356030717612bf28fc8dfc45d80ed--bareback-riding-show-horses 7683901645976757 129266253830114048_009405ce-d5e8-4c9e-9344-d89b5aef1f4d_156839_570 A Chestnut Racehorse George Stubbs 

          His hair is so strange that I say jokingly to a male friend also in the room, standing to my left,


          “Hey, maybe you should get a hairdo like that.”


          *(ANOTHER MALE FRIEND: Whenever there’s a random male friend near him, I assume it to be his Guardian Angel, who I’ve prayed to often for help. I’m joking with the Guardian Angel about how WORRIED Hal is. This pain he’s going through is salutary because pain is the ‘megaphone of God’ – ‘God whispers to us in our pleasures & shouts to us in our pain’ & also the cliché ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ & to top it off, ‘You never miss your water ‘till the well runs dry.’ And might I add ‘Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?’

Frans_Snyders_and_Anthonis_van_Dyck_-_Fish_market_(Tribute_Money_) frans-snyders-umkreis-896216 gallery_hero_6849c162-7515-4037-bc64-27a906243404 George_Stubbs_-_A_Lion_Attacking_A_Horse_c1765_-_(MeisterDrucke-567781) george-hayter-portrait-of-lady-elizabeth-harcourt george-stubbs-bulls-fighting-1 georgia--mfvo99978 

          FACE LIKE THE POOR COP WRONGLY ACCUSED: As I describe here this man suffered greatly a long time & the liberation he dubbed ‘a miracle.’ The face shows depression. Hal feels like that—he’s endured pain about me for a long time & longs to be set free. That’s what he’s experienced– if he felt the pain I have, given me by him, he’d be dead.)*

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Interpreted for an out-of-state friend, it’s no one you know.


        I see a lover of mine, Fred, in a mental way ‘standing in front of me’ & he speaks clearly as if he was right here in the room. He says,


        “I am a VICTIM. My father raped me from the time I can remember until I was twelve years old.”


        This is spoken in a matter-of-fact way, delivering a message/statement—information. It seems to be an answer to yesterday’s dream, where I spoke about Fred & Fredonia–they were desperate for money as both are addicts & the dream said he had committed a burglary. He’s explaining why he’s an addict—which I already knew but he confirms it.


        In the next vision I see a cloth bag with two cloth handles{looks like light-colored burlap}, & inside the bag is the head of his wife,  just her head–there is no blood but still, a head without a body is creepy.


        *(JUST HER HEAD: She is a ‘head’ which in slang means ‘addict:’


      Urban slang dictionary:  “Can refer to any sort of user, but was originally most associated with the use of psychotropic substances like mescaline, LSD and DMT. … Stoner”


        HEAD IN BAG: Means this is ‘her bag’ or what she likes, the song ‘Pappa’s Got a Brand New Bag.’)*


        I see her head out of the bag from the back, & embedded in the back of her neck is a round copper-colored metal ‘ring’—solid like the middle of a tire—it looks like that but small, about 3.5” across. It’s puffy in the middle, then an indentation around, then a ridge, & on the outside of the ridge are small holes {only big enough for threads}. Half the ring is inside her neck, half sticking out—not a vision I enjoy seeing.


        COPPER RING EMBEDDED IN NECK: Need help, MomGod.


        She: My best guess is the ring is a PENNY {they are copper} because they HAVE NO MONEY.—It’s


        IN HER NECK: because the lack of money {for her ‘head need’ or drugs} is a huge problem or PAIN IN HER NECK. The tiny holes on the outside edge of this penny are only big enough for a

pulp_baumhofer_meteor_menace pulp_soare_fear_merchants pulp_thirsty ql_c_140515_1479_1024x1024 

        THREAD—this refers to ‘by a thread’ which means ‘in a tentative way’, a way that can ‘break’ or end easily. Their economic situation is they got by ‘on a thread’ or lived week to week, day by day, to supply needs plus substances. But you notice there is NO THREAD in any of the holes, it’s not there, they have nothing, not even the bare survival they did before.)*

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interpreted for an out-of-state friend, it’s no one you know


        This is short but carries a heavy warning. A lover has done a burglary.

images (2) 

        I’m in the apt in B’klyn when on the left I see standing there Harry, who’s been in jail for years on multiple burglaries. He did them with his girl friend, Hannah. I say to him,


        “Are you still with Hannah?”


        He says yes so I know he did this under her influence—with her/for her, still doing burglaries.

images (2) peonies-and-irises-in-a-ceramic-vase-albert-williams palawan-island-philippines-xlarge Owls original  

        I express disgust & say,


        “And you have a JOB!”




        *(HARRY: The real Harry is still in jail but Harry represents the lover Fred & this warns he has burglarized a place.

eugène-verboeckhoven-untitled-(sheep-and-chickens-in-a-stable) EUR9MTkXYAQuBXj f0e0fa4d3b55999a0705bf49e27264c4--drawing-birds-painted-birds f1afe331cb9c53c7e058699fa475727b f2a45d40bd4cedd88506560045ec91e2_XL f8bef78b56a7186a2c7a9d18f832aa8c

        This would be a result of the Pandemic – the roommate lost her job & they both do substances. This would be his, their, solution to the problem, but if it continues it’s guaranteed, at some point he’ll get caught, then jail—no drugs, no job in jail. {If this really happened, unless he made a huge haul he’d have to steal again & again & ‘crime doesn’t pay.’ Stealing would be a temporary solution to poverty; as soon as the money’s gone he/they would steal again—the terrible fate of addicts.


       Jail might be for the best as if they hold him there a while he’ll go through withdrawal. {That could be dangerous, though, as when addicts get out of jail they take a dose of drugs *like Heroin* that is far too strong, the amount they were used to prior to withdrawal, & they die of it. {I no longer know what substances Fred & Fredonia are on—he lies about it. But I do know their relationship is based on getting/sharing drugs….the Harry I know in jail, admitted it was to get more drugs.}

d4858cc88715868eae492832e62b8b98--old-ladies-old-women d177149f8e9e5219f4e7b03697275ab4 d304486585bcfb0812563d35c90f9d90 85.647 v1 KW Daniel-Beale-at-His-Farm-in-Edmonton-with-His-Favorite-Horse-Jacques-Laurent-Agasse-Oil-Painting 

        But then again, God told me lover Fred had to hit ‘rock bottom’ before he’d come to me. If he loses his job by being in jail, that would be about as poor as he/they could get. They would both be unemployed. Right now he works but refuses to pay the bills dreams tell me because he needs the bread for substances……… What would he do then? That might be the catalyst God told me would happen some day:


        “He will have nowhere to go, he will come to you.”


        Me: Well MomGod, would I want him in that condition? Would he be dangerous to me as far as stealing?

f26ca080bc12f177da381a7aca39e124 f94cf329e84572744bf5206f2cecb560 f179cae808aa0ad42b6546ec2ab98011--victorian-paintings-vintage-paintings f314f275ac485f5b8e751c222f1e0421 f990e987d3dd37290766a6561e3ad6a8 

        She: Not if you support him, haha. If you don’t help him then he might, but you will help him & the prayers, rituals, healings you do on him will eventually free him of drugs. You’ve partway healed him already but he has to come to you for the rest. This is his destiny—don’t be afraid.


As far as his behavior – he knows where his bread is buttered – he stuck with this girl for years for the money. Yes, he was unfaithful but he presented her on social media with the respect a wife gets.


He’ll stick with you like glue & walk the line because if he leaves he’ll be flat broke, no roof, no food, no substances {or else return to Mom & Pop like a baby—he’s a grown man, that would be embarrassing & traumatic–& they would provide only ‘bed & breakfast’.} And he’s always been in love with you but he stayed with the other lady for the drug money/survival—he did not have the courage to ask you.)*

 c841808f27c7654e7491fe81b533f0e1 ca1049161e9bce31170614a6db6b0bc2 cad3a676a6e4c968252ad99c849850e9 CAMILLA-B2 capsized carl-theodor-von-piloty-und-franz-adam-c-1092502 cat_family_k162129 cat-and-pug-s-1 cat-in-the-hat-painting-4 cat-stole-away-rawscan

        Me: MomGod, about money. A lot of my money is in stocks which are now rock bottom. You told me years ago that putting it in blue chip stocks would result in a payoff like the lotto. When will the market go up & will the stocks be valuable?


        She: When this ‘Pandemic’ blows over the stocks will shoot up & in about eight years your money will be huge. You will never have any worries financially, be at peace.


        Me: MomGod, another issue. People have been criticizing me about this person all the while because of my age. Of course they will say I’m just an old lady & he’s with me for money. How do I deal with that?

coverfig crack wanaka NEW ZEALAND creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-6-584aa9c7482cb__700 creepy-victorian-vintage-christmas-cards-22-584ab36de1e39__700 csm_Lempertz-1008-64-Paintings-15th--19th-Century-Julius-Adam-the-Younger-A-CAT-WITH-THREE-KITTENS_ac58cc2b4e Cyra-by-Janie-Olson d8d92369ec39fbd98a2271a1bb5cf1ca

        She: No matter who you are, where you go, what you do, there will always be people to judge & criticize. Disregard them, ‘God is no respecter of persons,’ so if God doesn’t care about their opinion, why should you? —they are uneducated, ignorant, some of them twisted & damaged, just say ‘Mother, forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

Or else, tell them off, which you’re good at. They deserve it. In other words, if they say something bad on social media, answer them in kind, then forget it—water off a duck’s back. They wish they were in your shoes, just say, ‘Oh, he’s with me for money? Then I’m glad I have it.’)*

IMG_1519 Ingres-Napoleon-cat-w j358p-1167 ji1q0x8q kitten-album-covers-8 kitten-gray-grass-flowers-wallpaper Kittens At Play kittens-transparent-tumblr-10 Kocia-wyspa---Aoshima,-Japonia


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