The PHOTOS of RASA VON WERDER depict men and women as Embodiments of God – an extension of the “University of Mother God Church.” We practice  Advaita/Nonduality; there is no separation between God and Matter – God is All. We also posit Shaktism, where men attain God Realization through the worship of the female body and the Mother God.  Woman also recognize the same. (The beautiful men and women depicted here are mostly professional models. Their presence does not indicate adherence to our religious views. If you look like these models and would like to pose please contact Rasa.)


Kellie Everts - Fatima speech in front of the White House June 16, 1978, ended the Cold War and the threat of WWIII - nuclear annihilation of our planet - See the Kellie Everts biographical site

Kellie Everts – Fatima speech in front of the White House June 16, 1978, ended the Cold War and the threat of WWIII – nuclear annihilation of our planet – See the Kellie Everts biographical site – www.KellieEverts.com

This is an Island of Love

Praying God inside, what is the meaning of this website, I saw an image of my island. It is a place of peace, far from the world. I named it, “The Island of Mirth.””Embodiment of God” is like that; separate from our world, a sanctuary. It defies the present culture.What was Matriarchy like when it flourished? How did women feel about men? They were in charge. They did not seek men for money or power, prestige or identity.Women did not need these things from men because they had them – it was the men who submitted to women and presumably sought them for their place in the sun, their purpose of being. Women gave men their position, good or bad, by anointing them with love or depriving them. Men had to learn to please women. The world is turning 180 degrees back to the way it was. Women will be as they were but augmented with modern trappings…..The inventions of the present era will never alter our basic instincts and genetic makeup. We are the same genetically as when we were hunter-gatherers. To discover what is a woman or a man, one needs only to unmask the fake, the false, the farce that we have been playing for 10,000 years. As I upload the beautiful photos and write the articles, I will work on explaining who we are at base, and in the process I will have fun. And that might be the secret of who we were, what we are going back to. We were happy, we had fun, life was a joy.

And it isn’t just about men and women. The prior world was one where we communed with Nature as one spirit of many parts. Something happened to take this away. We are rejecting that dreary world now and going back to our roots – the Return of Mother God, Matriarchy. What it consists of will manifest here….. this “Cathedral” is under the direction of Guru Rasa Von Werder – founded – 1 29 14.  It is an extension of the University of Mother God Church, clic on the name at the top to get to our original site.  Look for Kellie Everts to see the early years of the “Stripper for God,” her associations, experiences and accomplishments.

Note:  the counter on the bottom of this page reflects the number of visitors daily only on this front page.  The other pages, articles and shrines revert back to the daily count each time there is a change or addition.  The site overall is getting over a thousand daily visits–and this is just the beginning.

Our core tenets
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