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God “comes to earth” for many things, at many times, for always in all ways. And yet, that is not a correct statement, because God is always here, forever immanent and emanant (inside and outside), present everywhere. But our consciousness or thoughts can cause separation – and this because of indoctrination.


Kellie Everts - Fatima speech in front of the White House June 16, 1978, ended the Cold War and the threat of WWIII - nuclear annihilation of our planet - See the Kellie Everts biographical site
Kellie Everts – Fatima speech in front of the White House June 16, 1978, ended the Cold War and the threat of WWIII – nuclear annihilation of our planet – See the Kellie Everts biographical site – www.KellieEverts.com

Where and when did “God” separate sex and religion, making “God” the enemy of sex, sex a “dirty” and suspicious thing, kept under wraps and brought out only with marriage and procreation?

It was one of the results of “Kali Yuga,” the age of evil, the fall of mankind, when angels became demons, men turned against Mother God and women, spurned love and made war a “necessary evil” (the Culture of Death); at this time, sex became dirty.

The restoration of Sex as Sacred has been long in coming, presented within “Embodiment of God”.

This needs understanding of the Chakras – the energy centers inside us that are invisible but validated in Yoga from the beginning. When we speak of God, it is her form inside the highest chakra, the Sahasrara, while the less-than-Enlightened energies start at the root called Muladhara.

From another perspective, here Shiva (male) and Shakti (female) start their dance of love and life, She represents God as dominant (the opposite of what is portrayed in Kali Yuga/Patriarchy) – he the flesh or man, humanity; gives him “the Spirit” (the Spirit quickens, not the flesh), and life begins. In the classical images of Shakti/Shiva, he is inert, devoid of life, until She stands atop him, transmitting herself, a parallel to the woman, her divine and maternal energy empowering the male, bringing him to erection, pleasure and release.

Religious Sexuality is when God, from the Sahasrara Heaven and the highest instincts, reaches down to the flesh, the earth, and blesses it with life, and this in the form of sex. Here God comes from High Energy to touch the low, change it into GOD ENJOYING SEX. One orgasms with the thought of God; God not only wants us to have pleasure, but gives the pleasure to us! God becomes our sexual object, a thing taught impossible within this Culture of Death, but which existed always in the Culture of Life, Matriarchy.

To say that God is not in sex is a thought present in Kali Yuga, an idea from Satan himself. Now Mother God puts herself back into sex and sex back into religion.

Indeed, this religion is known to have thrived for at least 22,000 years. It is called Shaktiism and Tantra, devised and taught by ancient women, still practiced in esoteric quarters – Add to that Lingam /Yoni worship; again, this is largely unknown to the West.

Here we will continue manifesting the Truth of Mother God in sex through word and image. You will see not only erotic images but soon, motion pictures of sexual worship, and this for the reason that God likes sex and wants to show us how much. Negative concepts of sex are wrong.

We also present lessons on how Mother God should be worshiped through the body of a woman… it brings men to Enlightenment.

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