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What If The Cure For COVID-19 Already Existed For Decades? (Part Deux)

DISCLAIMER:  The following article references third-party sources and is intended for general information only, and is NOT intended to provide medical advice or otherwise diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, including (but not limited to) COVID-19.  Consult a qualified physician before beginning any sort of treatment or prophylactic regimen and/or if you know or suspect that you currently have COVID-19.  Anyone who takes or does anything mentioned (or alluded to) in this or any other TSAP article does so entirely at their own risk and liability.  The TSAP thus makes absolutely no warranties, express or implied, and is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages resulting from any act or omission on the part of the reader(s) or others.  Caveat lector.

This is the updated, refined, and abbreviated Part 2.  For the original Part 1, please see here.

What if the cure for COVID-19 already existed, not just recently, but for decades?  What if the death toll past, present, and future could be or have been reduced to a mere tiny fraction of what it is and is predicted to be without it?  What if it was such a game-changer that it would make vaccines and expensive new drugs obsolete, to say nothing of returning very quickly, seamlessly, and fearlessly to the “old normal” that we all miss so much now (that is, if we would have ever even departed from it at all)?  And what if it consisted entirely of relatively safe and cheap generics and nutritional supplements all along?

Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, apparently it is true after all, despite all the best efforts of hyper-partisan lockdown enthusiasts, Big Pharma, and their government enablers to suppress and sabotage it.  More and more doctors and scientists all over the world are learning about it every day, in fact.

First, let’s define the term “cure” for the purposes of this article.  We do not mean a “silver bullet” type of treatment in the same way that antibiotics single handedly cure bacterial infections, since this type of virus, like the common cold and flu, is really defeated by our bodies’ own immune systems.  Usually that does the job just fine, but clearly not always.  Sometimes it needs a little help from outside.  Thus, we define a “cure” as any treatment protocol that reduces the death rate and/or hospitalization rate dramatically (by at least 50%) compared to no such treatment, and can thus be considered a game-changer.  Anything that can save that many lives and/or free up that many hospital resources would indeed be a game-changer by definition.

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There is in fact already such a certain alternative treatment protocol that has gotten such a bad rap in the mainstream due to grossly improper use (and its infamous guilt by association with certain politicians who promoted it) that some countries and states have even banned it (or at least a key component of it) despite its rather promising effectiveness in saving lives when used early, properly, and under the advice of a qualified physician.  For example, Switzerland briefly banned it and subsequently lifted the ban, effectively creating a natural experiment, and the results speak for themselves in terms of death rates (which rose fourfold during the ban and then dropped back to what they were before the ban when it was lifted).  And the Brazilian state of Para saw death rates plummet after introducing it, while India’s rather low per capita death rate (despite their epidemic being out of control for months) can also perhaps be explained by such treatment.

In fact, it seems to be one of the strongest factors in predicting a country’s (or region’s) per capita death rate, especially after adjusting for the average age of the population.  Meanwhile, the presence or relative stringency of lockdowns generally shows no clear correlation and in fact, within Europe and within the USA, a rather perverse correlation with death rates.

So what is this treatment protocol?  There are several variants, but the one that seems to be the best of all is the one developed and further refined by a group of Swiss doctors, and is as follows in their words:


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Treatment protocol


  1. Zinc (50mg to 100mg per day)

  2. Quercetin (500mg to 1000mg per day)

  3. Bromhexine (25mg to 50mg per day)

  4. Vitamins C (1000mg) and D (2000 u/d)

Early treatment

  1. Zinc (75mg to 150mg per day)

  2. Quercetin (500mg to 1500mg per day)

  3. Bromhexine (50mg to 75mg per day)

  4. Vitamins C (1000mg) and D (4000 u/d)

Ancillary (prescription only)

  1. Hydr*xychlor*qu*ne (400mg per day)

  2. High-dose vitamin D (1x 100,000 IU)

  3. Azithromycin (up to 500mg per day)

  4. Heparin (usual dosage)

Note: Contraindications for HCQ (e.g. favism or heart disease) must be observed. 

Addendum: Other prescription drugs with first reported successes in the early medical treatment of Covid-19 are ivermectin (read more) and favipiravir (read more).

Their original protocol prior to August 5, 2020 did not include Bromhexine, but that was added due to recently mounting evidence that it is at least as much of a game-changer as HCQ if not more so.  While it is typically used as a mucolytic expectorant for coughs and chest congestion, apparently it can also incidentally prevent the virus from getting into our cells in the first place, thus rendering the virus impotent in the face of treatment.  While Bromhexine is available over the counter (OTC) in most countries worldwide including the UK, EU, Australia, Mexico, and much of Asia, it is unfortunately still not available yet in the USA as the FDA has yet to approve it, so Americans would likely have to stick to the original five-component version for the time being unless they are currently abroad.  That is probably why most Americans have probably never even heard of it.

So how does the whole thing work?  This synergistic cocktail does the following, in their own words, with linked citations:


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Mechanisms of action 

Zinc inhibits RNA polymerase activity of coronaviruses and thus blocks virus replication. Hydr*xychl*roqu*ne and quercetin support the cellular absorption of zinc and have additional anti-viral propertiesBromhexine inhibits the expression of the cellular TMPRSS2 protease and thus the entry of the virus into the cell. Azithromycin prevents bacterial superinfections. Heparin prevents infection-related thromboses and embolisms in patients at risk. (See scientific references below). 

See alsoIllustration of the mechanisms of action of HCQ, quercetin and bromhexine

The Swiss doctors do note that early treatment is best, ideally before hospitalization, as is prophylactic use for high-risk and high-exposure persons.  The sooner, the better.  If taken too late, such as when already in critical condition, its usefulness is quite limited.  But even if already hospitalized, better late than never.

So exactly how successful are we talking here?  Again, in their own words: 

Treatment successes


25591703_1397082207085684_7202147588771466683_n 25552394_1397058007088104_7708433232917576017_n 25552014_1397068980420340_2180045875316157724_n 25498327_199903480566962_3994363005999999447_n 25445966_205886079983617_4321731556915255734_n 24862654_137197123656024_4552815878271286957_n 24296366_417446552004016_585629719908169963_n 24058862_1955410068114898_2003580643908548832_n 20031562_1886657304990175_217492058151687079_n 22780706_367520010340408_4281352370639857951_n 19554887_216363055602586_8260177855196170490_n 19554838_216441645594727_8885547079751505382_n 12744481_1572605533062022_2987865472900956223_n

Zinc/HCQ/AZ: US physicians reported an 84% decrease in hospitalization rates, a 50% decrease in mortality rates among already hospitalized patients (if treated early), and an improvement in the condition of patients within 8 to 12 hours. Italian doctors reported a decrease in deaths of 66%.

US physicians also reported a 45% reduction in mortality of hospitalized patients by adding zinc to HCQ/AZ. Another US study reported a rapid resolution of Covid symptoms, such as shortness of breath, based on early outpatient treatment with high-dose zinc.

Bromhexine: Iranian doctors reported in a study with 78 patients a decrease in intensive care treatments of 82%, a decrease in intubations of 89%, and a decrease in deaths of 100%. Chinese doctors reported a 50% reduction in intubations. Bromhexine is a mucolytic cough medication.

Vitamin D: In a Spanish randomized controlled trial (RCT), high-dose vitamine D (100,000 IU) reduced the risk of requiring intensive care by 96%. A large Israeli study found a strong link between vitamin D deficiency and covid-19 severity.

Pretty impressive, right?  Let those numbers sink in for a moment.  Talk about a game-changer!

And if one still needs to be hospitalized, they go on to recommend that ventilators be avoided as much as possible as they tend to be counterproductive, and opt instead for the far less-invasive high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) to deliver live oxygen therapy.


The very most impressive part of all is actually the recently-added Vitamin D component, high bolus doses of which appear to nearly abolish the risk of ICU admission (96% reduction) and death (100% reduction) entirely when given to hospitalized COVID patients.  And lower doses can be also used for prophylaxis and early treatment as well, of course.

(Courtesy of Swiss Policy Research.  Worth reading in full from the original source.)

A word of caution about HCQ:  While it seems to work very well when used early, properly, and under the advice of a qualified physician, that does NOT mean that anyone should just take such heavy artillery willy-nilly.  Ditto for azithromycin or any other antibiotic.  These powerful drugs can have serious side effects when taken improperly, excessively, or when medically contraindicated, which is why they are still prescription-only in most (but not all) countries even after decades of being on the market.  Don’t hoard them either, since plenty of non-COVID patients also depend on these medications as well.  Don’t take (H)CQ with any drug that prolongs the QT interval either. And unless you really, really want to win a Darwin Award, do NOT ingest any fish tank cleaner just because it happens to be related and has a similar name!  When in doubt, stick with Quercetin and zinc, with of course plenty of vitamin C and D as well to further boost the immune system and synergize with the former.

(Quercetin, a naturally occurring plant bioflavonoid found in various foods, is readily available as a nutritional supplement in numerous stores nationwide and worldwide.  The TSAP likes to affectionately call it “Vitamin Q”. And no one would dare to ban that, of course, since doing so would just give the game away at this point.  They’d rather simply ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist.)

And of course, for any critical cases, we know now (through clinical trial and error) that there are always corticosteroids to fall back on as well, particularly dexamethasone, and possibly inhaled ones like budesonide as well.  Their effectiveness in saving lives is apparently good but limited.  Given that they inherently suppress the immune system, they should NOT be given early, only for cases that are bad enough that respiratory support is needed.  That is, steroids are used to quell the dreaded “cytokine storm” of severe inflammation that occurs when the body basically nukes itself in a desperate (and counterproductive) attempt to rid it of the virus.  The fact that it took months to figure that out really speaks volumes.  And it is practically the only thing that both pro-HCQ and anti-HCQ studies seem to agree upon.

(The jury is still out on whether early budesonide use specifically has any additional benefits.)


But wait, there’s more.  As of September 9, 2020, there is a new hypothesis, the bradykinin hypothesis, which posits that the main way that COVID-19 kills is via a bradykinin storm rather than a purely cytokine storm, though the two storms are likely intertwined.  If that’s the case, then there are various additional existing drugs that target the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), and it also further strengthens the case for Vitamin D (which can apparently quell both kinds of storms) as a treatment and prophylaxis, for which evidence continues to mount as we speak.


There is also another treatment and prophylaxis protocol worth considering by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai involving Vitamin A and iodine/iodide as well as Vitamins C and D to build up one’s immune system as well.  And this was deduced way back in March!  Please do be careful with Vitamin A though, since unlike with C and D, it is fairly easy to overdose on.  Ditto for Lugol’s iodine solution as well.


Bill Sardi also has his own take as well, also recommending Vitamin D and zinc.  He also notes that Glycyrrhizin, found naturally in licorice, is very promising as it has been found to have antiviral properties against many viruses, including the original SARS coronavirus whose RNA is 80% similar to SARS-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Also, please note that the TSAP is NOT a Trump-supporting party, in fact we despise him and want him to lose the 2020 election.  But as we know, sometimes a stopped clock can be right twice a day in regards to HCQ, albeit with the truth being a bit more nuanced.  And he could partially and belatedly atone for some of his misdeeds with the simple stroke of his executive pen, namely by passing an emergency use (if not permanent) authorization for the importation, manufacture, and use of Bromhexine.  If countries as strict as the UK and Australia can approve it long ago for OTC use, surely we can do the same over here.  And also, make low-dose HCQ OTC (or at least behind the counter) as well, like several countries already do, perhaps subject to rationing.

(And, of course, Trump can also use the Defense Production Act to force the production and distribution of PPE to hospitals, albeit belatedly, so nurses don’t have to keep reusing PPE.  And then he can go do us all a YUUUGE favor and RESIGN.)


Nutrition in general seems to play a key role in who survives COVID and who doesn’t.  And not just Vitamin C and D–there several other important nutrients worth considering as well.  For example, glutathione, and the supplement N-acetylcysteine (NAC), which is a key precursor to glutathione, also seems to have rather promising effects as well.  NAC is also a good liver detox and hangover cure as well, which is probably what it is most famous for.  Selenium, and also EGCG from green tea, look rather promising as well.  A multivitamin supplement containing both selenium and its synergistic “buddy”,  Vitamin E, would likely be good to take daily.  And, of course, as noted earlier in this article, whatever you do, don’t forget the zinc!

In fact, we will go out on a limb and make the following extremely audacious claim:  Had the United States government (as well as other countries) decided instead to avoid lockdowns and shutdowns entirely, let the virus run its course, and simply made all of the aforementioned drugs in this article readily available for free or cheap from the start to all those who needed them, especially for high-risk and high-exposure groups, while also recommending and providing the general population with vitamins C and D, Quercetin, zinc, et al., we would very likely have saved a LOT more lives at a tiny fraction of the cost.  And of course, no collateral damage either.  But that would have made far too much sense, of course.

Thus, the cure has apparently been right under our noses all along.  It is long past time to stop playing politics and put it to good use, ending this nightmare once and for all.  So what are we waiting for?

Stay healthy everyone,

The True Spirit of America Party


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From  RASA VON WERDER:   Satan said to Jesus, 

“I will give you all the Kingdoms of the world & their glory, if you will bow down & worship me.” 

Jesus told him to begone, that one must worship only Our God & him alone should we serve. 

The men who run this world, all the governments, are controlled by a central Shadow Govt, which is the seat of Satan on earth. 

What does it mean to worship the devil, & thereby forfeit our eternal life?  It means to follow the ways of the PATRIARCHAL world, which are materialistic, following the dog-eat-dog rat race, believing in it, wanting to be an important part of it, getting its fame & fortune, & while doing so, ignoring God, ignoring God’s words, ignoring one’s soul. 

These men who run governments do as they are told, & many of them don’t care about eternal life, they are agents of Satan.  They have no love, no conscience, no mercy, no empathy & no redemption. 

As one part of their nefarious schemes, these men have invented various diseases & have spread them to the earth – one of them is ‘Covid19.’  This virus is only the latest in a string of diseases they have unleashed upon us, some deadly, some not so.  AIDS & Ebola are deadly.  They have patents on what they invent, here’s a list I found: 


AIDS:  US Patent 5676977  (Tetrasil, its cure, also has a patent that I don’t have on hand) 

HINI (I don’t know what this is):  US Patent 8835624

  SWINE FLU:  US Patent CA2741523 AI   

BSE: (I never heard of this)  US Patent 0070031450  AI 

EBOLA:   US Patent 20120251502 

 ZIKA:  ATTC VR-84 (Rockefeller Foundation) 

SARS:  US Patent  7897744 & 8506968 

 This is not a complete list of what they have invented & spread. 

Consider, they are doing warfare on specific countries they want to destroy {often without cause except wanting to exploit them, Africa for instance} but they are also radiating these diseases into THE ENTIRE WORLD (bar a few allies that are feared, like Saudi Arabia):  They are doing warfare against all of humanity, all people, including the people they are sworn to protect, the people they marshal to go out to war & get hurt & killed.  

Do not get vaccines, don’t vaccinate your babies, it causes autism.  Don’t get any flu, or any other kinds of shots to ‘protect’ you.  And most of all, if you value your life, don’t get microchipped if & when they try to force you.  Might as well be dead.

Trust in God alone.  Don’t trust doctors & nurses except the very few  who understand the alternative point of view.  Even good doctors & nurses are brainwashed. Your life is in your own hands & the hands of God, trust in God alone, pray, & do as She says……………………………………….9-23-20
















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!!!!! 111!!!9!!!1!1!1






We are sleeping with the enemy.  It is warfare not against any country any more, it is the people – any people.


The policy in Sweden (which I had generally been rooting for all along) was to NOT do a lockdown at all, keep nearly everything open, and basically let the virus run its course (thus allowing herd immunity to develop) in the general population while also protecting the most vulnerable members of society.  There were some very modest restrictions to “flatten the curve” a bit, such as banning gatherings over 500 people (later cut down to 50), and (belatedly) banning visitors to nursing homes, but everything else was just voluntary recommendations. And not only did they not require masks anywhere, they actually advised against them since they regarded masks as a false sense of security (the latter claim I am not sure if I agree with).  


And while like many countries Sweden did make some regrettable mistakes along the way (particularly with their nursing homes in the earliest-hit areas), which they at least owned up to, their general light-touch policy ultimately paid off in the long run, being virtually virus-free now, with a cumulative per capita death toll still significantly lower than their lockdown counterparts of the UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, or the ten worst states of the USA.  And the Swedish second city of Malmo, who actually did a great job protecting their nursing homes, boasts a lower death rate than even Copenhagen, Denmark.  


We can all learn a lot from Sweden and their moderate mitigation strategy.  


Interestingly, Belarus also had an even laxer policy overall than Sweden, and one of the mildest outbreaks in the world in terms of death rates.     End from Ajax the Great




10003025_602718303151035_1316880650_n - Copy

They keep us under control by paying salaries to people – they get the salaries from our taxes – These are the people like military, police, bureaucrats, doctors, teachers, researchers, elected officials, etc.  These are then told what to do to us, what to think, how to act, how to make us do things.  


Do you wonder WHY Sweden had a policy different from any other country? Does it make you take note that they are NEUTRAL when it comes to WAR? They are outside the WAR ZONE & war machinery of the way the rest of the world is under the power of the WAR MONGERS?


          And so, not being under the due influence of the war machinery this says they are able to act outside this system, they are not under its intimidation, they make righteous, pro-human decisions, policies. But what of the rest of the world?


         The rest of the world is being ruled by the SHADOW GOVT, sometimes called ‘Illuminati,’ but they are much worse than the people imagine –more deadly, demonic & more ill-intentioned than any human can imagine.


          This is the throne of Satan – “Satan is the Prince of this World” Jesus said – so it was thousands of years ago, so it is today. My watchword is “Satan rules the world, & he works through men,”—this is Patriarchy, why we work for Matriarchy.


          This system, well, let’s say Satan, what Satan & his co-workers want for the human race: He wants UTTER DESTRUCTION. He has NO REDEEMING QUALITY. He is PURE EVIL & what he wants is to control humans, bring them into sin, have them lose their souls & enter Hell for all eternity.


          This is what Patriarchy does: removes the LOVE out of life, albeit slowly, sneakily, covertly, but that is his intention. It’s done by taking away human rights, undoing all the good that has been done – like undermining the Constitution & all just laws, replacing all that is good with subhuman, cruel laws & policies, stripping people away from all their dignity, self worth, self determination—removing from us all that is righteous, filled with love, kindness, forgiveness, & replacing it with all that is demonic – SLOWLY BUT SURELY YOU SEE THEM ATTEMPTING TO TAKE AWAY ALL HUMAN RIGHTS, ALL JUST LAWS & ALL LOVE FROM OUR WORLD.


          This Shadow Govt creates all the wars, the terrorism & all the new-fangled diseases on the planet. It’s not any longer Illuminati against Communists, Asians or Muslims, it is Illuminati, as it has always been, AGAINST ALL PEOPLE, AS SATAN IS, SO GOES ILLUMINATI.

12463732_987554944635462_1832694540_n - Copy

The patriarchs / demonics bit by bit remove the love out of everything in our world, thereby removing the ‘salt from the earth’ & making it unpalatable

          You wonder how this group of ‘persons’ infused by this spirit of the dark world can operate – by paying people off. By simply giving salaries to ignorant, benighted soldiers, sailors, police, govt officials, doctors & lawyers – researchers, any number of people in charge of others – simply PAYING THEM SALARIES, then IMPOSING THEIR POLICIES ON THEM, MAKING THEM OBEY FOR LARGE OR SMALL SUMS OF MONEY, & thereby they hold the rest of humanity IN THRALLDOM. Yes, this is how we are ENSLAVED BY SATAN, like poor factory farm animals, we are kenneled, controlled, bullied, intimidated & forced to do things we don’t want to do – top of which is PAY OBSCENE SUMS OF MONEY TO TAXES. 

 These  diseases are manufactured & spread by them – it is biowarfare against the people.  They created aids, ebola, sars & this – all the new esoteric diseases.  They  created & spread them, they have patents on them, they have the remedies patented & they do all this to create mayhem, destabilization, fear & insecurity to the people.  I met doctors who are paid to research how the diseases are doing – they do it all with our tax money, destroy us with our tax money.

          By Guru Rasa Von Werder     8-7-20 


We have a right to be mad 





   from AJAX THE GREAT again

Thank you very much, Rasa.  Very well-said overall.  You make a great point about how neutral countries like Sweden are not prone to the same tendencies as the war-mongers, hence their logically different approach to COVID-19 as well.  Iceland too. Though that other famously neutral European country that starts with “S”, Switzerland, did do a lockdown at first, they reopened quicker than most other countries and ahead of their own schedule too.  Speaking of which, I found a great site related to the latter country:


Indeed, these COVID lockdowns and related machinations in most countries and subnational entities (including the USA) do have all the fingerprints of the demonic patriarchy (and shadow government) all over them.  And that is certainly no coincidence! 




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Femdom Christianity Chaps 5-6-7-8-9

FEMDOM CHRISTIANITY  by William Bond  Chapters 5-6-7-8-9

Femdom Christianity: Chapter Five


The Feminine One

If there was an ancient religion of the Great Mother what would would be its teachings? It would be the teachings that God loves us all. Unfortunately, only a loving father god was acceptable to the ruling elite of the time. So anything about the Goddess Sophia was cut out of the gospels which means Jesus couldn’t promote the Goddess of Love.

Yet in-spite of this the ancient teachings of the Great Mother did survive and we find its teachings in Mysticism, which claims that God is the One, one mind, one spirit. The problem with this is that the One cannot be masculine as it is all about individuality, separation and conflict. Whereas the feminine is about love and harmony so the One has to be feminine in nature.

There used to be idea of Oneness in Feminism when they put forward the slogan, “the sisterhood is powerful”. But this was rejected after awhile as a powerful sisterhood goes against the Feminist ideal of equality with men.

The bonobo ape is able to make the whole idea of a powerful sisterhood work and it allows bonobo females dominate the larger bonobo males. Unlike their close cousin the chimpanzees where the female didn’t create a powerful sisterhood and so every individual female chimp is at the mercy of the larger males.

So we all come from the One and the One is female. We were all one mind, one spirit and lived in perfect love and harmony. Unfortunately that total perfection created stagnation. In a total harmonious world there was no reason or motivation to change anything. So there came a desire from the One to experience life outside of itself, to experience individually and relationships.

To do this, She created a material universe and within it created bodies, so parts of the One could inhabit these bodies and experience the illusion of being separate from the One. This gave the One, a taste of what it is like to be separate but then it went further and created beings that had no memory of being part of the One.

Because of this, these beings began to experience loneliness, fear and suffering in this world of separation. For this reason they quickly had a powerful desire to return to the One. So there first exploration in the world of separation was brief.

Yet, the One wanted to learn more about the world of separation and created a being that revelled in a separate world and that was how the masculine was created.

The masculine was able to live outside of the One because it was created to enjoyed competition. Someone who enjoys competing, fighting and conflict is a person that thinks it doesn’t need the One. But this competitive instinct also led to hatred, violence and suffering, so that even very macho men seek relief from this, by searching for the One within women.

This wasn’t a too much a problem in animals but became a real problem in an intelligent creature like a human being. As men found that could make weapons like spears and clubs in which to attack each other, leading to murder, wars and genocide.

For this reason the One created men to want to worship and obey women. This gave women power over men so they could restrain their violent instincts. This is because women have a stronger connection the all-powerful One and could easy call on her power and wisdom when it was needed.

Unfortunately, the human male is an intelligent creature and because of his competitive instincts began to plot and scheme for ways of competing against women for power. So some men would be attempting to undermine women’s confidence or try to manipulate and deceive women.

These efforts never worked while women remained in contact with the limitless wisdom and power of the Feminine One, but then some men found a way to break this connection.

Ancient Priestess

 At the time, people worshipped the Great Mother who gave birth to the world. So men suggested to women that it was unfair that people only worshipped a Female deity and they should worship a male deity as well. Some women did think this was fair and reasonable and went along with it.

So in their religion the Great Mother had a son, (similar to the images of the Virgin Mary and Jesus or Isis and Horus). Then later people began to worship female and male deities as brother and sister or male and female lovers.

At first this didn’t seem to be a problem, but the worship of a male god caused problems for women trying to connect to the Feminine One. The feminine is complete Oneness, love and harmony. The masculine is separation, loneliness, conflict, fear and hatred. So the vibrations are totally different, making it more difficult to connect to the Feminine One, when praying to male deity alongside a female deity.

So over time in this new religion women found it harder to connect to the Feminine One and they slowly lost their power. Because of this men no longer worshipped them as goddesses and they become equal in status to men.

The competitive instincts in some men drove them to wanting more power so the male deities became more important than the female deities. This then made contact with the Feminine One even more difficult for women and they found themselves at the mercy of male aggression and violence and the patriarchal age was born.

Finally, the new patriarchal rulers decided that there was only one god and he was male. Women then lost all their connection to the Feminine One and became the slaves of men.

This is a disaster for both sexes because although women have suffered under patriarchal rule, so has men. Because without women’s control and guidance man is in danger of destroying himself and the world he lives in.

As the male is separated from the One, he can explore what it is like to be individual and separate. But when he breaks away from the control of the female he then goes into a spiral of loneliness, fear, conflict, hatred, violence, war, chaos and destruction. Unfortunately this is exactly what has happened over the last 5,000 years.

This then is the dance of the female and male. The female is forever taking us back to the One to experience total love and harmony. The male is attempting to take us further away from the One into conflict and chaos. In this dance men learn from women about love, compassion and harmony while women learn from men aggression, competitiveness and hatred.

A world totally dominated by men will quickly destroy itself, as men will continually fight each other. While a world dominated by women will return us back to the One of total love and harmony. So can we find a way to return to the One through a matriarchal religion?

Religion is about our connection to God as well as teachings to make our lives better for us all. But unfortunately, patriarchal religions fail to do this. Most people who pray to God fail to find any connection to the One, while the teachings don’t seem to make life better for us.

The problem is that we worship male gods and this is the main reason why religions fail to deliver on what they promise. Male gods are masculine and the masculine is all about aggression and competition. So for this reason it’s not surprising to find male dominated religions and religious sect fighting each other.

Male gods are not only aggressive but intolerant as well, as people are threatened with, ‘hellfire and damnation’, when they die if they fail to follow the teachings of the male priesthood. So it is no wonder people find it hard to connect to a judgmental and punitive god like this.

Gods like this give religion a bad name and for this reason some religions have attempted to show god in a better light. We find this in the Christian teachings of Jesus in the New Testament where he promoted the idea of loving Father God. This has been only partly successful as many Christians still prefer the judgmental God of the Old Testament.

Buddhism has also attempted to give more compassionate teachings and Buddhists are encouraged to connect to Nirvana through meditation. Unfortunately only a minority of people are willing to spend years of meditation to do this.

So what would it be like to worship God as a female and have an exclusive female priesthood? It would be a religion based on the feminine rather than masculine principles. So what difference would this make?

The fact is that the One can only be feminine as She is total love and harmony. For this reason the One can never be masculine as he is all about individualism, competition, aggression and conflict.

We can see how this plays out in the animal world. Male animals like stags, bulls, rams and lions fight each other for dominance and access to females. Then when the strongest male animal has impregnated the females, the females give birth and devoted their time caring for their young.

So males have competitive and aggressive instincts while females have maternal and nurturing instincts. These is why men like watching and playing sports and compete with each other in business and politics and why male dominated countries and religions fight wars.

Most women on the other hand have desires to give birth to children and devote their lives to caring for them. Women not only want to care for their own children but will care for other people’s children as well as the sick, the elderly, animals and even men.

So if we were to worship God as a Woman we would expect her to be nurturing and love us all unconditionally. So this would be a deity we would find easy to connect to as we know she wouldn’t judge, condemn or punish us. The teachings of a maternal Mother God would also be about love which would encourage us to love each other and make our world a better place.

We can only return to the love and harmony of the One when women reconnect to Her and become, once again, one with Her unlimited power and wisdom. This will allow men to once again to serve and worship women as goddesses.


Femdom Christianity: Chapter Six

Venus of Willendorf

The Ancient Great Mother

So what do these teachings mean in our present day society of the 21th century? We live in a world that has been dominated by the men for the last 5,000 years. The result has been a world of conflict, oppression, war, genocide and chaos. We are now in danger of destroying ourselves with destructive weapons like nuclear bombs as well as widespread pollution.

The situation is now becoming so dangerous that the One is encouraging women to regain power so we can return to the protection of the One. Unfortunately, too many women are learning how to gain power by learning from men. But men can only teach women how to be more aggressive and competitive. Teachings like this only take us all further away from the One.

An example of this would be politics where women politicians are taught by men to be as deceptive, corrupt and competitive as male politicians. The result has been that when female politicians act and behave like men, they can only mimic what men do and are not leading us back to the One.

Although as more women that come into positions of power the more confident women will eventually become in being themselves and no longer have to pretend to be men. When they finally do this they can start to lead humanity back to the One.

About 5,000 years ago men took control of our world and they were able to do this when women listened to deceitful men who encouraged women to break their connection to the One.

So there was a time in the past when women ruled the world and patriarchy has since tried to destroy all knowledge and evidence of this. So how could women rule the world when men are physically bigger and stronger as well as being more competitive and aggressive than women?

When women ruled the world there was a religion where people worshipped the Great Mother who gave birth to our world. The Great Mother is of course the One. She is all-that-there-is. It was through this religion that women connected to the One as the Great Mother.

Women then were representatives of the Great Mother in this world and so all women were worshipped by men as goddesses. So men have a natural desire to worship women and this desire becomes far stronger when women find ways to connect to the One. This means, the more women are able to once again connect themselves to the One the more men will want to worship and obey them.

So how did women lose the connection to the Great Mother? Although the One had unlimited wisdom and intelligence it didn’t know or understand the world of separation. It was only men who knew and understood this world. The One couldn’t comprehend the world of lies, deception and trickery created by men. So didn’t know what to do when these things were used against women.

Also the One gives us all unconditional love and this includes love for the worse type of man you can possibly imagine. For this reason the One never took sides when ambitious men set out to destroy the power of women. When ambitious men told women that it was unfair that people only worshipped a female deity and they should be allowed to worship a male god as well.

Women allowed this to happen, and so men were allowed to form their own priesthood and worship male gods. In the spirit of fairness women began to worship these male gods as well and in the process lost their power. This was because these male gods represent separation and conflict and took women away from the Oneness of the Great Mother.

So the male priests began to teach and practice masculine teachings which were about aggression, competitiveness and hatred. They also taught women about sacrificial love which is close to women’s maternal love for their children. So the priests taught women that maternal love and sacrificial love where the same thing.

This seems to be true because a mother will sacrifice herself for her child. but for a mother to be able to care for her child she has to ensure she is strong enough to do this. So the sacrificial aspect of this is limited because if a mother sacrifices herself completely, she can become so mentally or physically weak, she cannot properly care for or protect her child.

The women who listened to the priests began to feel guilty about putting any of her own needs before the child and the priests sensing a weakness, encouraged this feelings of guilt even more. So in the end women began to feel guilty about loving herself in any situation and as the result she began to lose her connection to the One and was no longer in tune with her Goddess power.

The One has never demanded sacrificial love, the One is an all encompassing love for everything and that includes our love for ourselves. The male priests in the spirit of separation encouraged the split between our love for ourselves and others. They were encouraged to do this when they saw it broke women’s connection to the One.

The priests also encouraged men to be selfish when dealing with women but unselfish when supporting the power of the new patriarchal rulers.

Through this, these men were able to break away from the control of the women. They quickly created a world of chaos and conflict and when they were challenged about this they defended their power through deception and violence.

So the holy women of the Great Mother religion then found themselves in conflict with male dominated religions. The women who returned to the original teaching of the Great Mother saved themselves but the women who tried to compete with men lost out.

Some women went as far as becoming Amazons and fighting men on the battle-field. But men have all the physical advantages in warfare and women lost when attempting this. This means that when women try to act and behave like men, they find they are at a big disadvantage.

Another problem for women is that men have what Sigmund Freud called the Madonna–whore complex. The famous psychologist points out that men either worship women as Goddesses, or treat them as abused slaves.

Men are like this is other ways when they say, “you’re either for us or against us.” It is there competitive instincts that make it hard for them the take the moderate line in anything. As they divide the world up into winners and losers. So men have a similar attitude about women.

It seems men had not problems in worshipping women as Goddesses but when patriarchy undermined this, men went to the opposite extreme and treated women as abused slaves.

People can only tune into the power of the One through love because unconditional love and Oneness are the same thing. Once women start to compete against men then they lose that sense of Oneness. The One possess all the wisdom, intelligence and power of the whole universe, so women become all-powerful when they make that connection.

Masculine power on the other hand is the power of conflict. Men can become extremely powerful when they are totally ruthless, brutal and deceitful but this power if unchecked can only destroy itself.

Patriarchal rulers have gained power and kept it by knowing how to gain power over other men. The patriarchal age hasn’t benefited most men as it paradoxically turned the majority into slaves, serfs and peasants. The ruling elite of the patriarchal world found that all men are very obedient to anyone who presents themselves as figures of authority and exploited this to the full.

So instead of worshipping women as Goddesses, men found themselves worshipping the male ruling elite who treated them like slaves. In the past male rulers set themselves up as gods and expected the people to worship them as such.

Later when people saw through this deception the rulers then claimed they had the, “divine right of kings,” and that it was ‘God’s will’ that they are rulers. Yet, even today when people are aware that their rulers are not gods or divine-rulers, common people will still worship those who have political and financial power.

Because of this the vast gap between rich and poor is as bad as it ever has been, because most men will meekly obey anyone in position of authority.

Men obedience to authority is clearly shown in war. We tend to think solders as tough macho men but the best soldiers are so passive they will obey the most insane orders without question. An example of this is World War One when soldiers of all countries would come out of the trenches to be mowed down by machine gun fire because they were ordered to do this. The military will spin this as iron discipline, but it is also extreme submission to authority.

The Japanese in World War Two went a step further and used Kamikaze suicide pilots to deliberately crash their aircraft into enemy shipping because they were also obeying orders. They weren’t volunteers, they were simply ordered to do this and none refused to obey.

So it means that women do not have to compete with men for power, all they have to do is present themselves as Goddesses and men will obey them. Perhaps we can learn something about this from the Femdom scene.

Femdom Christianity: Chapter Seven

Goddess Pandora

The Yin and Yang

So how do women connect to the One? The most obvious way is to stop worshipping male gods and then to worship a female deity as the creator of our world.

There are many women who are atheists and point out that scientists believe that the universe was created in a ‘big-bang’. This is still only a theory and you still have the problem of what happened before the ‘big-bang’ or how can a universe explode out of nothing? Not all scientists agree with the big-bang theory anyway. But even if it is true this may be the way the Great Mother gave birth to the physical universe.

Though it is interesting that when science began to make its mark in the 17th century and some people stopped worshipping male gods. Society since then has changed for the better and has become more equal allowing women to become more empowered. This suggests that not worshipping any male god is better for us all. Though worshipping a female deity will be even better.

When a woman worships a female deity she is worshipping herself. So the practice of doing this will of course give her far more confidence and self-esteem. But a female deity has a big advantage over any male deity because we know that She will gives us all, her children, unconditional love.

Jesus in the New Testament attempted to promote the idea of a loving Father God but somehow it never really caught on. Many Christians still prefer the judgmental and punitive god of the Old Testament.

In Pre-Christian times we use to have Goddesses of love like Aphrodite and Venus and this makes sense because women are naturally loving and nurturing people. In much the same way it is natural to have a male god of war.


 The psychological difference in this is immense. It is terrible when people believe they were created by a judgemental and punitive male god. It is no-wonder Christians once called themselves, “god-fearing people”. Because they were taught that when they die they would suffer, hell-fire and damnation for an eternity if they weren’t ‘good’. Negative beliefs like this were a great benefit for the priests, as they could frighten the people into submission, but dreadful for anyone who believed them.

So clearly it must have been a big relief to many people when they were told by scientists there is no god. But it would be even better to know that our creator is female and loves us all unconditionally. The problem with this, is as atheist we tell us, if we were created by a loving deity then why are we living in a world of suffering? This is why they claim that we weren’t created by a god.

So if we follow this logic through, we either didn’t have a creator and so we all were created by accident. Or we were created by a very imperfect god who doesn’t really care about us because he has made no attempt to solve the problem of suffering.

Yet the argument whether there is a god or no-god doesn’t solve the problem for why there is suffering in the world in the first place. Even if we accept that life and the universe was created by chance. It doesn’t answer the problem; why do people have to suffer? If we live in a meaningless and pointless world, as claimed by atheists, why should anything we do matter? Why should we care if we live or die? If our lives are the only life we have, then what makes us want to continue to live in a world of suffering?

So if there is no supreme creator and that the only intelligent life in the universe is human beings, what is the point of it all? It would make some sense if we all were living happy and fulfilled lives. Yet it seems most of us claim that we don’t live happy lives. So if the gift of life only makes us miserable then where does that leave us? Logically, if we don’t live happy lives then the best thing we can all do is to commit suicide. Because what is the point of living a life if you are not happy?

Other people ask the question if there is a loving God why doesn’t he take out all the bad guys and leave the rest of us in peace. So why doesn’t God put the world to right and create a perfect world? The problem with this is that a perfect world might be boring.

A lot of us would deny this, but we give ourselves away by what we think is ‘entertainment’ in books or films. If an author wrote a story about intelligent and sensible people who lived lives of love and harmony, very few people will want to read it. On the other hand write a story about a sadistic serial killer and it can become a best-seller.

As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances.”

The world is nothing more than a drama factory. We come to this planet to experience the drama of life. Unfortunately, we can get so caught up in it, that we can be locked into a life of fear and suffering.

The masculine does give us all the drama we want, as it creates conflict and violence. But left unchecked it also gives us war, genocide and grinding poverty. Also, with modern technology men are in danger of destroying our world.

This is why we need the feminine to dominate and control the masculine. Yes we want to experience the drama of life and yes even experience suffering but not unrelenting misery and suffering. The more men dominate our world the worse it is going to get. We need the contrast of love and harmony with the drama of masculine conflict.

Men like to play sports like boxing, rugby, ice-hockey and gridiron where they can badly injure each other. But when the match is finished, the players shake hands and go on to live normal lives. So they experienced real pain and suffering while the match is being played, but it doesn’t last very long.

This is what we want, to control the dramas we created so it doesn’t get so bad we become depressed and want to commit suicide. Women are the ones who can do this, providing they are the dominant sex. Women of course have different drama as we see in romantic fiction and the drama of giving birth and bring up children.

I believe many people over the ages have asked these same questions and perhaps from these questions, religions were created. Within all religions there is a mystic tradition so what does mysticism say about the problem of suffering? Unlike the religions these mystic traditions seem to agree on one thing: All is One.

If all is One, then we can see a big problem with this: Because somehow this is not what we experience in real life. We all live in different bodies and are somehow dissimilar from each other physically, mentally and emotionally. It is these differences that seem to cause great conflict. The mystics answer this by saying that our separation from each other is an illusion. We only think we are separate but in reality we are all one. They go even further than this; and say that we are God. We are not separate from God as the whole of life and the universe is one mind, one spirit.

This creates another problem: How are we able to be separate and yet be at One at the same time? If we are all one; then why do we have an illusion that we are separate? This is where mysticism becomes very difficult for many people.

If all of life and the universe is One then how does the One know itself? To put it another way: If you were the only creature living on a desert island; what would you do with yourself? Even if you had a well made home and found food easy to find, most people would find life difficult without a companion of some kind. In modern prisons one of the hardest punishments they can give prisoner is to send them into solitary confinement.

This is true of human beings but is this true for the One? The answer is that this must be true because why have we come to this world to live in a world of separation? What we can be sure of is that a person living on their own, without any interaction with others, will stagnate. The same may be true of the One. Because even with our limited understanding it becomes obvious to us that if we had perfection, like in the Buddhist concept of Nirvana, we would also stagnation. Because once there is perfection there is no movement because, how can you go beyond perfection?

So we have here a paradox: We once lived in a state of oneness and perfection. Yet we deliberately divided ourselves up to live in a world of separation, and from this separation has come suffering. If this is true then we have a stark choice. We can live in oneness and perfection but we also will live in a world where nothing much is happening. Or we can live in a world of separation and relationships but from this comes suffering.

Yet if God is the sum total of all intelligent life in the universe then perhaps there is a way around this. This is for us to be One but live in the illusion of separation. But then we need a way to live together as individuals without conflict and suffering. This is probably why we have two sexes, the female sex retains its contact with the One and the male sex goes off to explore the world of separation. Unfortunately, this only works while the female is the dominant sex and so can restrain and control the male.

So to ensure that women are the dominant sex, men were created with a desire to worship and obey women. So why is that not happening? The answer is that men were also given a brain and some smart men found ways to exploit men’s instinct for obedience, as well as women’s complacency, for their own ends.

When women in the past had men totally under their control but they became careless. Men would always obey them and so they assumed that men would always do that. This complacency was then utilized by ambitious men to gain power for themselves.

It was easy for these men to talk to women about fairness and telling women they should have equal rights and so they should worship both male and female deities. Women went along with this because they didn’t see any danger in doing this.

Ancient history showed that the Great Mother then had a son whom the people worshipped. Then the son later became the brother or lover of the Great Mother. Then later on they got married and male god took over the supreme position and then finally female deities were suppressed completely and we now only worship male gods.

The same thing happened with the priesthood. At first there were only holy women who promoted the worship of the Great Mother. Then there came priests and priestesses who worshipped both gods and goddesses. It seems the early priests dressed up as women and even castrated themselves to be like women. Then the priests began to take over the dominant role until finally all priestesses were banned.

The clever thing these early priests did is that by dressing up women they were able to make men obey them. Then they exploited this obedience to indoctrinate men into obeying them and denigrated women so men lost respect for them.

Once men were convinced by the male priests to no longer respect or obey women then women lost their power and the priests took control. This didn’t happen overnight as women did fight back and tried to return things to what they once were but the priests encouraged men to use violence on women, who had no answer to this.

What is very clear from all this, is that when we worship the feminine and allow women to rule our world we return to love, harmony, joy but stagnation. When we worship the masculine and allow men to rule our world we then experience conflict, suffering and chaos but it gives us relationships and movement.

So how can the masculine and feminine work together for the good of us all? It can only work with women in charge but also allowing men to be men and not try to turn them into women.

It is like playing a sporting game. If the idea of the game is to put a ball into a goal each side of the pitch. But if there were no rules or referee, the game would just become a brawl and men would injure and even kill each other. So we had to make rules and have a referee to enforce the rules then a game can be played without the opposing teams badly injuring each other.

This has been the problem with the whole patriarchal age. Men have ruled our world without a referee or set of rules and the result has been a shambles where millions of people have been killed or injured and we have widespread poverty and suffering. Also, with modern technology we are in danger of destroying ourselves.

The obvious solution is for women to rule the world. Women are far less likely to want to want to star wars, commit genocide or create poverty. Providing that these women act and behave like caring women and do not learn from men, to be selfish rulers.

Femdom Christianity: Chapter Eight

The Feminine One

In our patriarchal world we are told, love in a weakness. But love is the strongest force in the universe because it is the power of the One. But the love of the One is total unconditional l love, She loves everyone and everything. Likewise for us to tune this omnipresent love we will have the same love for ourselves, as our love for everyone else. As Jesus said in the Bible.

“You shall love your neighbour as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31.

Jesus also said, “God is One and there is no other but Him.” Mark 12:32.

But a male God cannot be the One, the One is feminine by nature and this was the problem Jesus had in preaching in a patriarchal society where a female god would be unacceptable.

So how do we access this power? We do it through the power of our desires and total faith in the power of the feminine One.

Because the One is feminine She loves us all and wants to give us everything we desire. So when we desire anything She will grant it to us. But if that is correct why aren’t we then getting everything we want?

We can only access the power of the One by not interfering with what She is attempting to give us. She has given us all the power of freewill and she will never interfere with our freewill when we use it but we use it all the time by every thought we think.

So it means that once we have a desire for anything we have to allow the One to grant it to us, without interference. Unfortunately, this is what we do all the time, because we do not know about power of the Great Mother.

Let us say we cannot pay our rent, so we have a powerful desire to have the money to do this. The One will then use Her limitless power give this to us. But with that desire comes all our thoughts about how we can obtain this money. So we might think about getting another job or winning the lottery or we might give up in despair and prepare ourselves to be homeless. All these thoughts block off the power of the One because She cannot override our freewill which is expressed through every though all our thoughts.

So for us to use the power of the One, we have to use ONLY Her power and not interfere with it.

So if we have any desire then we have to acknowledge we have it but only focus on that desire and nothing else. Once we start to look for ways to achieve our desires in the material world, then we assert our freewill and take control. Then the One backs off because She will never interfere, once we do this.

So the power of the One is totally feminine She will never aggressively assert Herself and override our freewill. But because She is the One, Her power is unlimited, omnipresent and omnipotent, and so She has the power of miracles. This means we have to allow Her to use her unlimited power and not interfere with our puny limited power.

Now this is spoken about in many patriarchal religions but they call it the power of faith. So they claim that if you have faith and believe it enough, God will grant it to you. Unfortunately, this is a bit difficult if you believe God is a judgmental and punitive male.

If you believe God will judge and punish you for your ‘sins’ and then told that we are all sinners, then it is tough to try and imagine he will grant you whatever you want. This is why worshipping male gods make in hard to believe in god’s love or even that he is on your side.

Whereas we see god as the feminine One who loves us all unconditionally then there is no problem with this. This is why when people worshipped the Great Mother then it was easy from them to access the feminine One and have whatever they wanted.

A big problem for most people is that masculine power and feminine power are totally different. This is the problem the femdom people have, they yearn for women to rule our world but they only know about masculine power. So they assume that women have to be like men and use aggression, violence, intimidation and deception to gain power.

Feminists also make the same mistake and again believe that women have to use masculine methods in which to empower themselves. Not realizing that feminine power is totally different to masculine power. Basically feminine power is spiritual power and can only be accessed through love and harmony which will tune women to the all-powerful One.

Another way patriarchal religions attempt to access the One is through meditation and this does work because it turns off our everyday thinking. But meditation can be made far more powerful when we think about the universal love and harmony of the feminine One.

Even if you are not into faith, mediation or prayer to any deity, we can get what we want, by only focusing on our desires and nothing else. Trying to think of ways to get something we want, that we think is impossible, is a sure way to get us into a negative frame of mind. So in theory just focusing on what we want, only, will make it more likely we can manifest it. But this would be a lot easer if we had faith that a loving deity will give it to us.

This is why women are far more powerful than men, if they tune into the power of the One as love and Oneness are the same thing. Men find it harder to access the One as the masculine is rooted in the material world of separation and conflict.

Femdom Christianity: Chapter Nine


The teachings of Jesus created one of the largest religions in the world but he is totally different to most normal men. Some Christians find him an embarrassment because he was so, “meek and mild” with paradoxical teachings like, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”.

The problem about Jesus is that although he founded a patriarchal religion his teachings were mostly feminine. This is in total contrast of the macho teachings of the Old Testament.

One of the unique features of Jesus is his healing, which you don’t get in any other religion that has survived to the present day. Many people assumed that he was able to heal because he was, ‘the son of God’ but he made no such claims.

When he healed people he said to them, “your faith has healed you”. So he gave the credit to the person he healed and not himself. So why was this? This is because the feminine One has given us all the gift of freewill. So Jesus could never heal a person against their freewill.

Now, this might seem a paradox because surely all ill people want to be healed and this is true. But you need faith to be ill in the same way you need faith to be healed. Any person who is ill and has a strong belief they can never be cured and will stay ill because of that belief. So a healer like Jesus has to undermine this belief in illness, before the ill person can be healed.

Modern doctors know about this because modern scientific medicine has a real problem with what they call, “the placebo effect.” It is known that dummy pills with no medicine in them can heal people. Sometimes in scientific trials placebo pills do a better job in healing people than real medicine. So dummy pills can heal because they can give a person hope they can be healed and sometimes this is enough to start the healing process.

This then demonstrates the power of the power of the Feminine One. She is always there to give us healing but we can block Her off through our freewill which we express through our beliefs. But something like a placebo pill can undermine our belief in our illness and allow the Feminine One to give us what we want.

Beliefs are no more than a thought we kept on thinking. So our habitual thoughts will always override any thoughts we think for a short time. This is why in many positive thinking books they recommend affirmations. As repeating the same thought over and over again can create a new habitual thought that can turn into a belief.

But Jesus taught more than just faith and belief, he also taught love, compassion and forgiveness. It was through this he was able to tune into the Feminine One. The more we can bring love and harmony to our thoughts the easier it is to do this.

So we can see that his teachings are the exact opposite to the patriarchal world he lived in. Yet it was through his ability have unconditional love for everyone and everything, he was able to perform miracles.

As we all know, Jesus died on the cross and in this he followed a tradition of sacrificial/saviour gods like Osiris, Orpheus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithras, Odin, Bader and Loki. All of them were either killed or sacrificed themselves, to save mankind.

Bacchus and Ariadne (oil painting by Titian)

Now this could makes sense, because the human race would be far better off if men sacrificed themselves to women and allowed them to rule the world. But the Christian Church had another interpretation that that was Jesus sacrificed himself to appease an angry Father God. This is in spite of Jesus teaching that the Father God was a god of love.

A male god may demand sacrifice but the loving feminine deity would never demand this. So it is of interest that in some of the Gnostic Bibles Jesus talks about Sophia, the ancient Jewish Goddess of wisdom whom he calls in the Gnotic Bible “Sophia of Jesus Christ”, the Mother of the Universe.

So what is the sacrifice of the saviour gods, including Jesus, all about? It is about the salvation of men. The masculine can only survive if it surrenders to the feminine.

As mentioned before left to its own devices the masculine will end up destroying itself so it can only save itself by returning to the feminine One and surrendering to Her. Many men instinctively realise this and try to do this, but this is difficult for men living in a patriarchal society.

We see this in the femdom scene where men surrender to women only as a symbolic surrender in fantasy play. So he will worship a dominatrix and pay her to whip him but still retain control of what is happening by ‘topping from the bottom’.

So it is obvious these men are only ‘dipping their toes in the water’ and are afraid to surrender to women completely and perhaps for a very good reason. Any man of reasonable intelligence knows that men have been extremely cruel to women for thousands of years and still treat them badly. So men knowing this would fear women’s vengeance.

There are a lot of women who are very angry with men and will be cruel to any man who surrenders to her. So this becomes a barrier for many men unless they are extremely masochistic.

This was probably even worse in the time of Jesus where women suffering under extreme patriarchal societies and so would be very angry with men. This was seen nearly two thousand years later when the British invaded Afghanistan in the 19th century, as mentioned in a poem by Rudyard Kipling called “The Young British Soldier”.

When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,

And the women come out to cut up what remains,

Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains

An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.

It seems that Afghanistan women then would torture to death any wounded British soldier they found. This is the exact opposite to normal female behaviour who would normally want to care for anyone they found wounded. This shows how much these women had learnt to hated men and so had their vengeance on any helpless men they found.

More than this, any man who attempted to surrender to women would be mocked and condemned by other men. Even in recent times a men who worship women are ridiculed for being a wimps and are told they are not ‘real man’. In the Islamic world it is even worse because if a woman disobeys a man he is then ‘dishonoured’ and has to beat her up or even murder her to regain his ‘honour’. So a man dare not worship any women for this reason. (Though there is Femdom in Islamic countries but obviously it is kept secret).

So for men to surrender to women has been a big deal throughout the patriarchal age. So the whole drama of Jesus being betrayed, condemned, ridiculed, tortured, whipped and finally crucified would be the fate of any man who attempted to surrender to women in a strict patriarchal society.

Yet in spite of all these barriers, many men have over the centuries, surrendered to women, showing how powerful is men’s desires to do this. This has resulted in patriarchy being slowly undermined throughout the Western world in the last few centuries.

The first book published on Femdom was called,”Venus In Furs” by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch in the 19th century. He could get away with writing about this subject, at that time because he was a wealthy nobleman. This allowed other people to write on the same subject in the 20th century.

It is of interest that this has happened mostly in Christian countries so perhaps the teachings of Jesus and the drama of his sacrifice of has had an effect on men.

Learning sacrificial love is beneficial to men because it is similar to maternal love that women express when they have children. For this reason women don’t have to learn about sacrificial love but need to learn more about how to love themselves.

Sacrificial love seems to demand that we love others by neglecting or even hating ourselves. So in its extreme form it becomes masochistic love when a person feels they have to put the needs of others before themselves. So it may seem they hate themselves.

Unfortunately many people learn to love themselves by hating others. But if some people love others must they neglect or even hate yourself? Is it possible to love ourselves and everyone else at the same time?

Patriarchal religions have encouraged women to be sacrificial and women have gone along with this because it is similar to maternal love. As the result many women have felt guilty about demanding anything for themselves.

Yet a mother that is too sacrificial cannot care for her children properly. This is because by becoming too sacrificial and putting the needs of others before herself a woman can become powerless. This then means a powerless woman cannot protect her children.

So the best way a mother can protect her children is to love herself and have a man she can control and dominate. More than that, women as a whole are better able to protect their children if the country they live in is ruled by women. As a matriarchal government will put the needs of children before anything else.

So it mean it is possible for us to live in a loving and caring world if we allow women to take control of our governments and religions.

Femdom Christianity: Summing up and References

Goddess Lilith 

 Summing Up
Jesus is seen as ‘meek and mild’ and taught to, “turn the other cheek”. For this reason, if every man followed the teachings of Jesus it would be a world without conflict, fear and hatred.
Patriarchy teaches men to, “stand up for themselves,” and be aggressive, competitive and even violent. This is why we live in a world of endless conflict, war and hatred.

Femdom men are stigmatized for being meek for allowing women to dominate them. Yet, if all men were like this, we would live in a far more caring and loving world.
Both Femdom men and women are scorned for being masochistic. Yet surely masochism is just another name for unconditional love?

Soldiers are considered to be extremely macho men. Yet soldiers are so obedient they will obey orders, that will result in their deaths. This suggests these macho soldiers are extremely passive and even masochistic, when obeying these orders.

The power of patriarchy comes from the fact that men will blindly obey anyone in authority over them. This is why it is possible for a small wealthy 1% to be extremely rich and powerful, while the vast majority of men are poor and powerless.

The feminine can unite through unconditional love. The masculine is not loving and can only unite under the rule of a forceful leader. So patriarchy happens when men rule other men, while matriarchy happens when women rule men.

Patriarchy rule through force, control, intimidation, violence, deception and indoctrination. Matriarchy will rule through love, compassion and nurturing.

The sacrifice of, Jesus on the cross, is a popular drama because men see themselves in his very passive behaviour. While women see a man whom they would love to live with.

Femininity is all about maternal and nurturing love, so a world rule by women will be a loving and caring world.
Masculinity is all about aggression, competition, conflict, violence and war. This is why a world ruled by men is in constant discord and chaos.

Mystics tell us that God is One mind, One spirit. Oneness comes from unconditional love which is what mothers give to their children. For this reason, God is Female.

God is One mind, One spirit and so can never be male because masculinity is all about competition, aggression, conflict, violence and chaos. So Oneness can never be achieved by a male god.

Patriarchy tells us that loving people like women are weak. Yet love is the strongest power in the universe because unconditioned love creates Oneness and the One is all powerful, omnipresent and omnipotent.

The Sisterhood is powerful, but the Sisterhood can only be powerful when women love each other in the same way they love children, animals and men.

The feminine takes us towards love, harmony and Oneness. The masculine takes us towards, individuality, separation, loneliness, fear, conflict, hatred, violence, suffering, chaos and destruction.

The human race lost its contact with the Infinite One, when it worshipped male gods because the masculine can never be One mind, One spirit. So we can regain our contact with the Infinite One when we once again worship loving female gods who are the embodiment of Oneness.

When a man worships a loving woman, he is worshipping the Infinite One as loving women are the embodiment of One in this world.

When a woman allows herself to communicate with the Feminine One through prayer or meditation. She becomes in-tune with the most powerful force in the Universe.

The Feminine One loves us all unconditionally, without exception. As Jesus said, “for (S)he maketh the sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth the rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matthew 5:45.

The masculine is not completely useless, because it brings about change, contrast, evolution and drama to our world. But a world ruled by masculine men will eventually destroy itself. This is why the masculine has to be controlled and ruled by the feminine, to prevent this happening.

The feminine likes loving sex because it takes the couple back into Oneness. The masculine likes mechanical sex based of force, intimation, bribery, humiliation, dominance and submission to try and prevent the feelings of Oneness.

The masculine wants and needs love, but only love it can control. But love is uncontrollable and takes us back to the Feminine One. 


Hindu Goddess Kali

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          The following article is written by an anonymous man.



Quiet Hospitals I encourage you to view some of the following links, where you will witness quiet hospitals, parked ambulances, empty corona virus tents and empty car parks – situations completely unrepresentative of a pandemic, despite all media reports to the contrary. For more, search #filmyourhospital on youtube.


Many of these are recorded on camera phones by regular people. Reports from Switzerland and Germany both show “less activity than normal times”, that staff “are still waiting for patients,” and have had “no increase in patient numbers.” Health Consequences OK, so it’s a planned event, everyone’s in on it, deaths are largely misrepresented, lockdown measures are useless, testing is unreliable, reports are false, and there is no dramatic emergency situation, but at least we’re not putting anyone at risk, right? Wrong.


While hospitals are preparing for large numbers of Covid-19 cases, other services are cut back – such as operations. In Romania a Hospital has closed and medical staff placed into quarantine, thus depriving critically ill people of the care they need. The number of heart attack and stroke patients who receive emergency medical care worldwide is declining, for fear of leaving the house or nursing home due to Covid-19 threat. “The number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits shot to a record high of more than 6 million last week as more jurisdictions enforced stay-at-home measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic.”


One in five households in the US have had someone laid off, while those earning less than $50,000 had one in four. There is a large body of literature establishing a link between unemployment and suicide rates. More than 10,000 suicides were tied to the financial crisis of 2008, a dramatic increase on years prior. Researchers at University of Otago found unemployment was 14 associated with a two to threefold increased risk of suicide. A study from Taiwan found, “Unstable employment had a significant impact on suicide among people aged 25–34,” and, “Economic factors, especially decrease in GDP per capita, also turned out to be a good predictor of increased suicide rates.”


         Another found suicide rates decreased during economic boom, and increased in the elderly during a recession. A study from the US has found, “the quality and quantity of individuals’ social relationships has been linked not only to mental health but also to both morbidity and mortality.” “Indiana’s 211 hotline went from receiving roughly 1,000 calls a day regarding mental health – including suicidal ideation – to 25,000 calls a day. Calls to Indiana’s addiction hotlines went from an average of 20 a week to 20 a day.”


         Nursing homes have been particularly affected. In some instances nursing staff are no longer able to visit. In Italy, some nurses have left the country in a hurry due to fearmongering, curfews and border closures, leaving the elderly, disabled, and those in need of care, helpless. Elderly have been found dead from abandonment in Spain. “In a German retirement and nursing home for people with advanced dementia, 15 test-positive people have died, without showing symptoms of corona.


A German medical specialist informs us, “From my medical point of view, there is some evidence that some of these people may have died as a result of the measures taken. People with dementia get into high stress when major changes are made to their everyday lives: isolation, no physical contact, possibly hooded staff.“ Nevertheless, they are counted as “corona deaths“ in German and international statistics. We are told the elderly are most at risk from Covid-19. Perhaps now we know why. The very measures designed to keep them safe may in fact only make things worse.


         Conclusion It is clear an awful lot of misrepresentation is occurring in both reporting and governance of the situation, which needs to be condemned and acted against in the swiftest manner. If this paper has resonated with you, please give it the opportunity to resonate with others. Lest the whole world be locked inside indefinitely, our families existing but on a screen, lifestyles reduced to the home, and business in tatters, now is not the time for quiet. You can’t solve a problem until you know it exists, and the greater society currently has no idea. The first step of action is to spread the truth. That is action, and this is a great opportunity. Do not miss it. Do not be deterred. Freedom is a fundamental human right. Let’s help each other get it back. Like the greatest contagion, sharing this paper with your contacts will spread it faster than any virus. You may link to this address, or download the PDF and distribute freely.


For those with social media, use the following hashtags: #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Inittogether #Plandemic #Lockdown #Socialdistancing #Publichealth #Mentalhealth #Filmyourhospital

 source (1)

         It’s probable you will be shot down in the comments by people trying to prevent the truth getting out, or those unable to see past the television reports. Ignore them. Their voice may be louder, but our numbers are greater, and if we speak up, it is our choir that will sing loudest. Miles: good data analysis there, proving this coronahoax is manufactured from the ground up. What I would like to see next from a guest writer is an analysis of the 15 financial side of this, looking closely at the Gates Foundation, Blackrock, the fake stimulus package, and huge loans being forced on all of us right now, via the Fed raising the debt ceiling by an awesome amount.


I think this is the biggest treasury theft in the history of the world, though that side of it is getting little attention. They are sending you a check for $1200 while picking your pocket for 50 times that. Or is it a hundred? Or is it five hundred? Only time will tell. About every ten years now they come back with an even more colossal scam. It started with 911, the greatest theft and scam of all time up to that point. Then we had the bailouts, which were an even bigger theft from the treasury. Since the American people did absolutely nothing about either theft, the thieves returned for a third time this year, and they will keep coming back until they are stopped. I guarantee you the next theft will be even larger. This is how it works. They will keep robbing you until there is literally nothing left to take. You won’t be left alone until you are living in a cave sucking on cold potatoes.


tmg-article_tall tristan-and-isolde-cross-stitch-pattern-pdf-450x450 Tired-fluffy-kitten. tiny-black-kitten-with-small-ginger-patch-of-fur-and-blue-eyes the-musicians-henriette-ronner-knip tenor tenor tenor (1)


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Countries that have not enforced any lockdown: 4 Countries that have employed the strictest lockdown measures: Country Population (millions) Covid-19 Deaths % Deaths per Population Covid-19 Cases % Cases per Population % Deaths per Cases Japan 126.47 143 0.00011% 7645 0.00604% 1.9% South Korea 51.27 222 0.00043% 10564 0.02060% 2.1% Taiwan 23.82 6 0.00003% 393 0.00165% 1.5% Cambodia 16.72 0 0.00000% 122 0.00073% 0.0% Sweden 10.1 1033 0.01023% 11445 0.11332% 9.0% Belarus 9.45 33 0.00035% 3281 0.03472% 1.0% Hungary 9.66 122 0.00126% 1512 0.01565% 8.1% Mexico 128.93 332 0.00026% 5014 0.00389% 6.6% Jamaica 2.96 4 0.00014% 73 0.00247% 5.5% Uruguay 3.47 8 0.00023% 483 0.01392% 1.7% Cameroon 26.55 14 0.00005% 848 0.00319% 1.7% Somalia 15.89 2 0.00001% 60 0.00038% 3.3% Chad 16.43 0 0.00000% 23 0.00014% 0.0% Madagascar 27.69 0 0.00000% 108 0.00039% 0.0% Mozambique 31.26 0 0.00000% 21 0.00007% 0.0% AVERAGE 33.378 128 0.00087% 2773 0.01448% 2.8% 5 Country Population (millions) Covid-19 Deaths % Deaths per Population Covid-19 Cases % Cases per Population % Deaths per Cases Malaysia 32.37 82 0.00025% 4987 0.01541% 1.6% India 1380 358 0.00003% 10541 0.00076% 3.4% Iran 83.99 4683 0.00558% 74877 0.08915% 6.3% Pakistan 220.89 96 0.00004% 5837 0.00264% 1.6% New Zealand 4.82 9 0.00019% 1366 0.02834% 0.7% Bangladesh 164.69 46 0.00003% 1012 0.00061% 4.5% France 65.27 14967 0.02293% 136779 0.20956% 10.9% Germany 83.78 3215 0.00384% 130383 0.15563% 2.5% UK 66.65 11329 0.01700% 88621 0.13296% 12.8% Italy 60.36 20465 0.03390% 159516 0.26427% 12.8% Spain 46.94 18056 0.03847% 172541 0.36758% 10.5% Belgium 11.46 4157 0.03627% 31119 0.27154% 13.4% Austria 9.01 384 0.00426% 14159 0.15715% 2.7% Romania 19.24 346 0.00180% 6879 0.03575% 5.0% Greece 10.42 99 0.00095% 2145 0.02059% 4.6% Netherlands 17.28 2945 0.01704% 27419 0.15867% 10.7% Czech Republic 10.71 147 0.00137% 6059 0.05657% 2.4% Portugal 10.2 567 0.00556% 17448 0.17106% 3.2% Poland 37.85 251 0.00066% 7049 0.01862% 3.6% Ecuador 17.64 355 0.00201% 7529 0.04268% 4.7% Argentina 45.2 101 0.00022% 2277 0.00504% 4.4% Peru 32.97 216 0.00066% 9784 0.02968% 2.2% Colombia 50.88 112 0.00022% 2852 0.00561% 3.9% Honduras 9.9 26 0.00026% 407 0.00411% 6.4% Bolivia 11.67 28 0.00024% 354 0.00303% 7.9% Venezuela 28.44 9 0.00003% 189 0.00066% 4.8% Haiti 11.4 3 0.00003% 40 0.00035% 7.5% South Africa 59.31 27 0.00005% 2415 0.00407% 1.1% Rwanda 12.95 0 0.00000% 127 0.00098% 0.0% Angola 32.87 2 0.00001% 19 0.00006% 10.5% AVERAGE 88.30533333 2769 0.00646% 30824 0.07510% 5.6%


6 Countries that don’t appear either had too small a population, employed restrictions that were neither most strict nor most lax, or were missing from the dataset/s (eg. Israel, Turkey, Nepal, etc..). As the lockdown countries have a population more than double the non-lockdown, when comparing averages we can disregard totals, and focus instead on the percentages. Firstly, the highest number of cases per population of any country is just 0.37% (Spain). An absolutely minuscule number that does not signify pandemic.


Secondly, we clearly see that those non-lockdown countries have just 13% of deaths per population to those in lockdown, 19% of cases per population, and 50% of deaths per cases. This means that by far the safest place to be in the world right now, if you don’t wish to catch Covid-19, is in a country not enforcing lockdown! The worst affected non-lockdown country is Sweden, and its percentages are still better than most of its Western European neighbours. This is the most conclusive data I can offer to prove that lockdowns have not prevented any rise in cases or deaths. There are other things worth noting. There is a huge variety in percentages across both tables. If Covid-19 was equally dangerous to everyone, everywhere, globally, as we have been lead to believe, then you would not expect this – UNLESS some countries took more effective measures to deal with it than others. In which case you would expect countries who took the least measures to be the worst effected – yet we have just proven the opposite is true.


Countries who took the least measures are better off. And why is that? We may assume it is because countries taking the most measures and going in to lockdown are also doing the most overcounting of deaths. Some experts have proposed we should end lockdown and just let everyone catch Covid-19 so as to develop herd immunity, and you may think the findings above support this theory, except that the least affected countries also have the least number of cases per population, meaning herd immunity has not been required to keep the numbers low. We are told the virus affects the elderly in greater numbers than the young, but Japan, one of the least affected countries, has the second highest life expectancy and median age of population in the world. So the data discrepancies cannot be attributed to solely to population age. Nor can it be put down to wealth, at least not in the expected manner. You would think wealthy countries, with increased hygiene and better medical facilities, would be less affected than poor countries, yet another paradox, the opposite proves closer to the truth. I present below two maps, the first from Wikipedia, the second from Bloomberg.


7 Wikipedia’s map shows cases per million inhabitants, maroon being highest and grey being lowest. There is not a perfect correlation between wealth and area affected, yet there is no doubt the most highly affected areas, such as North America and Western Europe, are wealthy areas, while the least affected areas, such as Africa, Southern Asia and Mongolia, are poorer. That is because there are more spooks in first-world countries, faking statistics. Bloomberg’s map simply shows cases confirmed, with maroon being highest and pale yellow lowest. You would expect nations with larger populations to be more significantly represented here, and that plays out with China and Russia being more prominent than Australia and New Zealand compared to Wikipedia’s map, and Brazil being more prominent than Chile.


Southern Asia, particularly India, and parts of Africa, also become more highly represented, yet still mostly remain at the lower end, with Central Africa and Mongolia still lowest. So with many of the worlds least hygienic and most susceptible countries fairing far better through this pandemic than everyone else, how then can you explain the above findings, other than to say some countries simply didn’t agree to go all in on the planned event, while others did? Some have suggested quantity of testing plays a part. Either: a) The faster you find the infected, the faster they can be isolated, thus slowing the spread, or b) Countries that test only the sickest people will find a larger percentage of cases per tests, and/or deaths per cases/tests Worldometer does not provide data for who has only tested the sickest, but it does provide data for total testing, and it seems a safe assumption that countries conducting the least number of tests limit themselves to the most in need – the sickest.

 il_570xN.1411817472_7q1f il_570xN.1894204728_ilq4 il_570xN.1918173457_75hi Il-diavolo-Devil-Ancient-Italian-Tarot-Card

So once again, lets analyse the data. We will look at the same countries we looked at above. I have removed the countries they have no testing data for. Non-lockdown: 8 Country Total Tests % T e s t s p e r population % C a s e s p e r Tests % D e a t h s p e r Tests Japan 89551 0.07% 8.54% 0.16% South Korea 534552 1.04% 1.98% 0.04% Taiwan 49748 0.21% 0.79% 0.01% Cambodia 5768 0.03% 2.12% 0.00% Sweden 54700 0.54% 20.92% 1.89% Belarus 71875 0.76% 4.56% 0.05% Hungary 37326 0.39% 4.05% 0.33% Mexico 40091 0.03% 12.51% 0.83% Jamaica 1290 0.04% 5.66% 0.31% Uruguay 9929 0.29% 4.86% 0.08% AVERAGE 89483 0.34% 6.60% 0.37% Strict lockdown: 9 At a glance it certainly doesn’t appear more testing slows the spread, with nonlockdown countries, who average fewer cases and deaths per population, conducting only half the number of tests (per pop). If testing is supposed to help slow the spread, it appears they didn’t get the memo, and are better off for it.


You will say the only reason they’ve had fewer cases is because they’ve had fewer tests. In other words, Covid-19 isn’t any less prevalent in those places, it just hasn’t been found yet. On the surface that idea is not without merit. There is a correlation (0.7 coefficient [where 0 is no relation and 1 is max], or 50% coefficient squared, meaning 50% of the variable is related) between percentage of tests (per pop) and percentage of cases (per pop), regardless of lockdown measures in place. To some this will prove they need to do 10 Country Total Tests % Tests per population % Cases per Tests % Deaths per tests Malaysia 84791 0.26% 5.88% 0.10% India 244893 0.02% 4.30% 0.15% Iran 299204 0.36% 25.03% 1.57% Pakistan 73439 0.03% 7.95% 0.13% New Zealand 66499 1.38% 2.05% 0.01% Bangladesh 14868 0.01% 6.81% 0.31% France 333807 0.51% 40.98% 4.48% Germany 1317887 1.57% 9.89% 0.24% UK 382650 0.57% 23.16% 2.96% Italy 1073689 1.78% 14.86% 1.91% Spain 600000 1.28% 28.76% 3.01% Belgium 128132 1.12% 24.29% 3.24% Austria 156801 1.74% 9.03% 0.24% Romania 74827 0.39% 9.19% 0.46% Greece 48798 0.47% 4.40% 0.20% Netherlands 134972 0.78% 20.31% 2.18% Czech Republic 137409 1.28% 4.41% 0.11% Portugal 191680 1.88% 9.10% 0.30% Poland 148321 0.39% 4.75% 0.17% Ecuador 25347 0.14% 29.70% 1.40% Argentina 22805 0.05% 9.98% 0.44% Peru 102216 0.31% 9.57% 0.21% Colombia 45423 0.09% 6.28% 0.25% Honduras 1600 0.02% 25.44% 1.63% Bolivia 2185 0.02% 16.20% 1.28% Venezuela 225009 0.79% 0.08% 0.00% Haiti 365 0.00% 10.96% 0.82% South Africa 87022 0.15% 2.78% 0.03% Rwanda 6237 0.05% 2.04% 0.00% AVERAGE 207961.241 4 0.60% 12.70% 0.96% more tests, but if it were so important, why aren’t countries doing the least testing having the most deaths?

tumblr_lsjjjvgtNm1qkq7tbo1_1280 images (17) tumblr_n24futv8ZQ1tv8wlmo1_400 tumblr_nl410gyTzq1qe0lp5o1_400 tumblr_noscbzBHfd1s2hryzo1_500 tumblr_o61x2oOonb1rtu8dco1_500 

Death doesn’t wait for diagnosis, so if a virus was very deadly, you would expect to find people succumbing no matter how many tests were carried out, and that isn’t happening. We have seen in the data above, that even including assumptions and multiple co-morbidities, death percentages are minuscule, and superior in non-lockdown countries. Testing appears to be a marker of statistical prevalence, more than threat. We also find there is no correlation between tests per population and cases per test (0.09 coefficient, 0% coefficient squared), deaths per cases (0.2 coefficient, 0% coefficient squared), or deaths per tests (0.17 coefficient, 0% coefficient squared), meaning more targeted testing cannot predict a change in percentage. This flies in the face of reports suggesting Germany’s far superior death per cases ratio to Italy’s, Spain’s, and the UK’s is due to more testing.


In this case we should ask why there is such a rush to increase testing? Authorities are not just waiting for sick people to walk into a clinic, they have programs and targets for mass testing, and are walking door to door to swab residents in multiple countries. The real pandemic here is not of deaths, but of testing. Unreliable Testing OK, so it’s a planned event, everyone’s in on it, deaths are largely misrepresented and lockdown measures are useless, but there are still some genuine deaths, right? There is still a virus?


Well, that all depends on whether you trust the testing being conducted. Not being scientists or medical experts, most of us do, but the matter is far from settled. The main test being used – selected by WHO – is a PCR (Polymerise Chain Reaction), which detects RNA – genetic information – of the virus. It was invented by Dr Kary Mullis to detect HIV. He subsequently won a Nobel Prize, yet outlined himself its serious limitations: “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV.

 images (15) T_Isis_Tier2_Card T_Nike_Peregrine_Card T_Nike_T2_Card

The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.” In a 34-page document, problems specific to Covid-19 testing have been outlined extensively by researcher David Crowe. I suggest you read it in full to come to your own conclusions about his methods and rationale, but his findings are certainly eyeraising. Here is a short list: 1. Diagnosis for Covid-19 requires NO symptoms, and present symptoms are NOT UNIQUE from other varieties of influenza. This means diagnosis relies solely on the PCR test, which: 2. Cannot isolate specific strain of corona virus. 3. Cannot determine viral load. 4. Returns many false positives. 5. Flip flops between negatives and positives based on arbitrary numbers decided for testing. These arbitrary numbers can be raised or lowered pending whether you want to have more or less people diagnosed. It also shows many real world examples of how the virus is not as transmissible as implied.


11 It is no surprise then that the BMJ (British Medical Journal) reports 78% of new testpositive cases in China show no symptoms, and over 90% of test-positive persons develop at most mild or moderate symptoms. This virus doesn’t sound too threatening. Could they simply be suffering from misdiagnosed cold or flu? An extensive survey in Iceland tells a similar story, where, “about half of those who tested positive are non-symptomatic [..] The other half displays very moderate coldlike symptoms.” As of April 3, UK studies show total number of deaths for the year is down 6% compared to 2018, when there was no pandemic, and the sum of deaths from both Covid-19 and respiratory diseases is also less than the same time in 2018, despite some of the 2020 statistics being double counted.

 634b8309053c40b7dbefd1c0a94a826d 639dcfdef96f0dfb24bd94cbac479984 640px-Batoni_-_Büßende_Magdalena_(Repro) 5f234c699365ccf5a1a724d1e4eeac25--david-bowie-death 5dfbbd6d43a8e.image 6a013485938a51970c017c3189573c970b-800wi

WHO estimates an annual one billion cases of influenza globally. Worldometer states there are currently 2 million global Covid-19 cases. The year is little more than a quarter old. If we divide 1 billion by a quarter we get 250 million. That means Covid19 is not even 1% as prevalent as influenza. So why haven’t we closed the borders for influenza before? You might argue its because Covid-19 is more deadly. Well according to the same sources, there are 290,000 to 650,000 influenza related deaths annually. If we divide that by a quarter we get 72,500 to 162,500 deaths. Compared to 128,041 reported Covid-19 deaths.


That number is near the middle of influenza mortality range, so the question remains. A French study done in March show a mortality rate similar to other corona viruses. “Covid-19′s mortality is not significantly different from ordinary coronaviruses (common cold viruses) tested in a hospital in France.” A German study examining 73 hospitals shows that Covid-19 as a percentage of all respiratory diseases corresponds to the typical prevalence of other coronaviruses, which is between 5 and 15%. In a coronavirus pandemic, you would expect to see those numbers skyrocket, but it is not the case. This graph confirms that in both Germany and Switzerland, test-positive cases have remained in the normal 5-15% range for coronaviruses since March.


12 If the media are reporting a rapid rise in the number of Covid-19 cases, it is only because the number of tests are increasing, not the test-positive ratio. Where else is this occurring? Norway, fluctuating in normal range between 2-10%, and USA, fluctuating between 10-20%. Given all we’ve discovered, it would not be surprising to find it happening the world over. [Miles: the CDC has now admitted that their corona tests were tainted from the beginning with. . . corona virus. Yes, you read that right. You really have to laugh, it is all so comical.

 6b88610bd85981e1c63287b4a1c8881b 4f385850521664f506c2b4cb3ee16f45 4df068cf200dc3306d720e80dab25335 05_03_plutarch 5bf7155c1380d67e8199d2bd8f6908bb

The tests were not only absolutely useless, they were guaranteed to find a positive result, since the corona virus came packaged with the test. The CDC tries to pretend that tainting was accidental, but given what we now know, that wouldn’t be my assumption. My assumption is the tests were tainted with corona virus on purpose. This whole thing has been about promoting and selling vaccines, so of course the people behind this fraud tainted the corona tests on purpose, to guarantee the maximum number of positive tests.]


False Reporting Of course we should now be asking why the mainstream media, who are running worldwide 24/7 coverage on Covid-1, haven’t picked up on any of this, and seem to be propagating falsehoods. The Sun reported people dropping dead on the street in Wuhan, despite that lung collapse caused by Covid-19 allegedly occurs gradually over days. US Television CBS station has admitted to using footage from an Italian hospital in a report on New York. Cases were “confirmed” in Santa ClaraCounty despite having no testing facility. A UK Coroner reported the death of a 21 year old as Covid-19, despite medics not reporting it as a coronavirus incident. In China, the number of cumulative deaths reported has a 99.99% variance by an equation used predict future outcomes. Quoting from the article: 13 “Put in an investing context, that variance, or so-called r-squared value, would mean that an investor could predict tomorrow’s stock price with almost perfect accuracy.


In this case, the high r-squared means there is essentially zero unexpected variability in reported cases day after day.” “Real human data are never perfectly predictive when it comes to something like an epidemic, Goodman says, since there are countless ways that a person could come into contact with the virus. “ “For context, Goodman says a “really good” r-squared, in terms of public health data, would be a 0.7. “Anything like 0.99,” she said, “would make me think that someone is simulating data. It would mean you already know what is going to happen.”

tumblr_oo9f50Qpyf1w6lk4uo1_400 tumblr_o54koaPvNv1qdxn3oo1_400 tumblr_o0umrnNkOJ1usayn7o1_400 tumblr_nw0enwyKZI1rpuw07o1_500 tumblr_nrylywplSV1tgc7zro1_400 tumblr_noimikept21tmz3boo1_400 tumblr_npp4ocU2Qu1tmz3boo1_400 tumblr_nn4kloujdx1tmz3boo1_400 



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  by William Bond


Odin on the tree of Yggdrasil

The Masochistic Man

In the past and even now religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam encouraged men to play the dominant role in their relationships with women.

The problem is for most men that only a handful of men get to play the dominant role. In our hierarchical system only the leaders are in a dominant position and have real power, most men are powerless. So the femdom scene reflects the true situation of the majority of men in any patriarchal society.

T_Nike_T2_Card T_Nike_Peregrine_Card T_Isis_Tier2_Card

It is true that patriarchy does encourage men to be dominant in their relationships with women and are made to feel ashamed if a woman dominates them. In the Western world up until the second half of the 20th century if a man failed to dominate his wife he was considered a wimp and not a ‘real man’.

In Islamic countries it was even worse with the ‘honour’ system. In this culture if a woman didn’t respect or disobeys her husband or male relation he was ‘dis-honoured’. The only way he could then regain his honour was to beat her up or murder her.

This then begs the question; if it is natural for a man to be the dominant sex, why does it need such an extreme violent custom to enforce it? If it was a natural behaviour it wouldn’t need to be enforced by any violent custom. This suggests it is not natural for men to be the dominant sex.

Because of this many men are either forced to play the role of a dominant male even though he doesn’t want to do this. Or the woman’s dominance is kept a secret and she only dominates him behind closed doors. Though it seems that women are not into dominance and submission in the same way men are.

images (16) images (15) images (14) images (13)

Females are different because they also connect sex with love because sex gives them children with whom they have a deep maternal love. This suggests that men and women are different as men connect sex with dominance, submission and violence while women connect sex with love. Though there is a crossover, men can teach women how to connect sex with sadomasochist desires and women can teach men how to connect sex with loving relationships.

The problem is that this can also create a misunderstanding between men and women. This is because many men assume that women who love them deeply must be masochistic and feel they have the right to abuse them. This is because masculine men see love as a weakness. They think, “nice guys come last” and so a loving person must be a loser. As the result, it is assumed by them that cruel and sadistic people are strong, while caring and loving people are weak.

This ignores that fact that loving women have to be very strong to be pregnant, give birth and then devote their lives in caring for helpless children. If women didn’t have the strength to do this, the human race would have become extinct long ago.

The masculine attitude affects the whole of patriarchal life. Male rulers like kings, emperors and presidents are told they have to be cruel and ruthless to be effective rulers. Generals are told they have to ruthlessly and use their troops like pawns on a chessboard and not care about casualties. There are also told to show no mercy to the enemy if they want to win.

Soldiers are also considered to be useless if they cannot ruthlessly kill the enemy. Businessmen are told that they must sack employees when they are no longer needed. As well as screwing down employees wages as much as possible, to maximize profits. While politicians are taught they have to use Machiavellian methods in which to destroy the opposition and deceive the voters.

img_1385 img_0683 IMG_0002 images images (17)

So in this, “dog eat dog” world, love is clearly a weakness. Many politicians will only talk about love and compassion to win votes and forget about it when voted into power. But this is only true while compassionate women are kept out of power and don’t demonstrate that caring and loving leaders are possible. This is probably why patriarchal societies have actively tried to prevented women gaining political, financial and religious power.

The patriarchal elite have known they cannot stop women from loving so they have encouraged women to love others but never themselves. So women were made to feel guilty about this and encouraged to love brutal men but never themselves or other women.

But unconditional love is a love for yourself as well as everything else, there is no-limits to unconditional love. When a woman learns total unconditional love where she can both love herself and love everyone else, she can be a caring dominant woman.

This is in total contrast to what we are told. So the dominance and submission desires cause men to assume that not only are loving women masochistic. They also assume that if they love women then they themselves must be masochistic and must therefore submit to women.

Many women can love others without the baggage of thinking in terms of dominance and submission but it is harder for men to do this. Unfortunately, the femdom scene was created by men and it has been men who have taught women how to be dominant. So they teach women to dominate like a man and be cruel and violent.

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We see this is they way women are dressed in Femdom scene where women wear black leather which is very masculine dress. They also suppose to dominate through physical punishment which again is a masculine way of doing this.

Yet over the centuries many wives have found it easy to dominate their husbands without having to do anything like this. Women do not have to adopt masculine methods to dominate men. There are many women who find it easy to dominate men and their secret is to simply tell men what to do. Once women realise that men are the submissive sex and will obey orders from those in authority, she finds many men will obey her.

This power can be made more powerful if a woman connects to the belief of a female God and realise she has a stronger connect to it than most men. So by this connection she can feel she is a Goddess. This then gives her a greater authority, which men can tune into and make them want to serve and obey and worship her.

Many wives have dominated their husbands throughout the patriarchal age but don’t go beyond this. This was because in the past women were only allowed to do menial work and kept away from any high paying work and so needed a husband’s wage to care for her children. But today women do not have to be limited by this and can have the same work as men. Though few women haven’t yet used their Goddess power to gain both financial and political power for themselves.

The patriarchy has kept women powerless by getting them to worship male gods and undermining their confidence. It is well known in sports that one way to win is to demoralize your opponent through verbal abuse. This is also used in war, business and politics as well as the sex-war between men and women.

Il-diavolo-Devil-Ancient-Italian-Tarot-Card il_570xN.1918173457_75hi il_570xN.1894204728_ilq4 il_570xN.1411817472_7q1f il_570xN.840341360_sflo

Many women cannot understand why men say horrible and nasty things to them and don’t realise it is part of the power-game men play. Competitive men look for weaknesses in each other and will exploit any they find. So if this type of man finds he can upset his girlfriend by any verbal abuse, he will exploit this to his own advantage. Men also have the power of violence and can use his greater size and strength.

This is because masculine men see relationships as a competitive game of dominance and submission. This then is a big problem for any women who think relationships are all about love.

These dominance and submission desires in men also are reflected in how men organize themselves. For a group of men to do a task together they find it easier to appoint a leader who tells the other men what to do. For this reason all patriarchal societies are organized in a hierarchical structure.

We see this in all patriarchal societies were they are ruled by a small very rich and powerful ruling elite while the majority of people are poor and powerless. What is also surprising is the small ruling elite is worshipped by the people.

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Logically this doesn’t make sense, unless it has to do with men’s masochistic desires to worship winners. The small ruling elite is seen like the dominant stag or bull as winner and is therefore worshipped by the losers who are the poor and powerless.

Not only do men worship the ruling elite they are totally obedient to them. We see this in warfare where soldiers where obey without question orders that will put their lives in extreme danger.

Perhaps it might be that men are the true natural submissive sex because slavery has been commonplace throughout recorded history. Serfs and slaves are totally powerless people, they are actually owned by other people and they have no rights and can be beaten or murdered with impunity. While the fruits of their labour goes to their owner and not to them.

Malcolm X a civil rights movement leader complained that many African American men had a slave mentality. But this might be true for most men as we see that slavery, serfdom and the exploitation of working men has been commonplace throughout history.

1-hera-oksana-zhelisko 1-hebe-with-jupiter-in-the-guise-of-an-eagle-gustav-adolphe-diez 1hcbnsy5zge31 1f7a53314d5a8ecd6d1ced3e85fee6f9 1ec8c3e44d406ddf7f60db2b97839efc

It is true that women have also been slaves but women at least have good reason for this. Women are smaller, weaker and less aggressive than men so it is a lot harder for women to fight back when slavery is imposed on them through violence and intimidation.

If men are the dominant sex, as claimed by patriarchal propaganda, why have we had slavery and serfdom? We have had slavery from the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans up until the 19th century. So men cannot be very domineering, if it is so easy for other men to turn them into slaves and serfs?

We also find the same situation in the military, where soldiers are seen as being tough macho men. Yet soldier will obey without question, the most insane orders which will result in their deaths. The extremes of this are World War One where soldiers climbed out of their trenches to face near certain death by machine gun fire because they were ordered to do so. Or in World War Two where Japanese Kamikaze suicide pilots deliberately crashed their aircraft into enemy shipping because they were also obeying orders. Patriarchy will spin this as iron discipline, but it is also extreme submission to authority.

The surprising thing is that the military can train men to kill themselves when ordered to do so, without any intense brainwashing. All they do is boss them around on a parade ground and they get so used to obeying orders that they will obey the most insane orders on the battle field.

What is striking about all patriarchal societies is that that they are all based on a hierarchical structure, where it seems men cannot work together unless they appoint a leader to tell them what to do. These leaders then get total obedience to the degree it is very easy for all patriarchal leaders to abuse their power.

This is why in all male dominated societies there is a vast gap between rich and poor because the ruling elite find it too easy to exploit the people they rule. This is only possible because men have within them a very strong instinct to obey orders from anyone in a leadership position. We have had in the past kings, emperors and dictators who have been obviously insane and yet still retain power. So strong is men’s instinct to obey a leader.

So this means that if women want to rule men all they have to do is to adopt the leadership position. Patriarchy has stopped women doing this by undermining women’s confidence in themselves. They also have told women that men are the natural dominant sex and women have believed this.

57f655f173be4d5f0fb87ce479a2df8b 56_Pele_Hi_iaka_and_Lohi_au_580x 053f56dc6ab5729ceceb2029ed246cf8 052e60aae8976587f3457b3dcebb5699 51SoNHiLYOL._SY600_ 51bCGwgv6WL

The femdom scene does show us that many men have strong desires to worship and obey women. But unfortunately the men advise women that they must act and behave like a macho males to successful dominate men. Yet most women don’t want to do this and this is why there is a shortage of dominant women in the femdom scene. If men want women to dominate them they need to try and understand what women want in a submissive man and serve her in the way she wants to be served.

Although men play power-games with each other and with women, most men in all these power-games are losers. We see this in how patriarchal societies are designed where a small ruling elite have all the power and wealth while the majority of the people are poor and powerless.

So the average man is far more submissive than he is willing to admit. Women can take over and dominate men once she realized that men are the true submissive sex. So she can rule men by acting like a goddess and men will want to worship her.

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Dionysus on Cross

The Sacrificial/Saviour Gods

If we accept the matriarchal theory, which goes: In the past there was once a peaceful and caring matriarchal age that worshiped the Great Mother. In this age women ruled society and men never questioned this rule. Then women began to allow men more freedom but this went too far and men abused this this and ended up taking over and ruling society through violence.

Clearly if we look at the history of the last four or five thousand years we can see clearly that men have made a terrible job at ruling the world. Men’s answer to all problems has been aggression and violence, which has created a world of wars, genocide, poverty, fear, hatred and suffering. This was clearly seen two to three thousand years ago at the time of the saviour gods when there was still knowledge of the ancient matriarchal past.

1e7e7fa66ed55b6ffc3e1cae626e7400 1b5401840725295d7cf060ec95ef8798 1_w1ZEgD9DM0ilKQjSu2kdzQ 001-photo-manipulations-pompafunebris 0c85929398c45fbe5c9658a5af2b89e4

At that time there must have been a large number of people who wanted the world to return to matriarchy and the worship of the Great Mother. But what was preventing this, was violent and aggressive men.

What is clear is that the ancient religion were totally female dominated religions, but then these women allowed men power and some of these men took advantage and brought into being the patriarchal age.

The sacrificial/saviour god religions where probably an attempt to create female domination religions in ancient times. It is of interest that all these sacrificial/saviour god religions were also called Mystery religions.

Now in all Mystery religions there is an outer and inner mystery, where all knowledge of the inner mysteries is unknown except of an initiated few. In the earlier Mystery plays the saviour god sacrificed themselves to The Great Mother. For instance, in the Nordic mythology, Loki, one of their oldest Gods, was sacrificed to the Goddess Skadi. While even in the Jesus story, his crucifixion is witnessed by the three Marys. Who probably represented in earlier times the Triple Goddesses.

Jesus is also called a king and this may be about a very ancient tradition where the king is sacrifice. It seems in the matriarchal past only queens could rule but she had consort kings. These were mostly young men, and if the queen grew tired of him then he was sacrificed for the fertility of the land. Why this happened might be because a deposed king may be angry at his lost of power and status and stir up trouble for the Queen. Or he might be executed because he began to abuse his power, and tried to undermine or disobey the Queen. So the sacrifice of kings had a long tradition until with the rise of patriarchy and kings became too powerful to allow themselves to be sacrificed.

For this reason, the tradition of the sacrificing the king may have happened as matriarchy was declining. In a true matriarchal society men would not expect to have any power, and so a Queen could have many lovers with no fear that these men will want to take away her powers. As it would have been unthinkable in those days, that a male could, depose a queen and rule in her place. But with the rise of patriarchy, then queens may find themselves with lovers with strong political ambitions. So the only way to deal with them, was to have them executed, or threaten them with execution and claim it was a sacrifice.

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This type of sacrifice probably wasn’t voluntary, but in the savior god tradition it was. It was made very clear in the Bible that Jesus made no attempt to resist himself being crucified. So from this we have to ask the question how can the voluntary sacrifice of the god-man to the Great Mother, save us all?

The problem for people living near any patriarchal society who attempted to set up a matriarchal society of love and harmony, would be quickly conquered by violent men, who were only interested in loot and enslaving the population. So it would be clear that the cause of all the wars, violence, poverty and suffering was these selfish and violent men.

We know from history that the Amazons did for a while attempt to fight fire with fire and fight back. But this clearly wasn’t the answer because by becoming violent yourself you become exactly like the people you are fighting against. In other words the only way Amazons could be free was to become as aggressive, ruthless and violence as the men they fought. The Amazons failed to stop the rising tide of patriarchy, probably because women were unable to become as brutal and ruthless as men.

Now Femdom could be the solution for this problem. In military history there has been many cases where a small army of soldier have defeated far larger armies. The most famous was the Battle of Thermopylae when 300 Spartans stopped a very large Persian army.

It is mostly claim that this can only happen because the small army was better trained, but that is not the only the only reason for this. A group of psychopaths who have no qualms about killing people is going to have a big advantage in a battle again ordinary men who don’t like the thought of killing others.

We know a big problem for any military is forcing troops to kill others and they normally do this by brutalizing them. This is of course going to be a big problem for any loving and caring Matriarchal society because men will not be brutalized enough to want to kill other men in a war and so will be easy defeated in any military conflict.

5cb2fcc100532e3f764311b99bd2ffaf 5bf7155c1380d67e8199d2bd8f6908bb 05_03_plutarch 4f385850521664f506c2b4cb3ee16f45 4df068cf200dc3306d720e80dab25335

The answer to this problem might be Femdom, where men have masochistic desires for sadistic women. Most women don’t like whipping or torturing men but as we see in the Femdom scene there are some women who are happy to do this. So women like this can become officers in any matriarchal army and brutalize their male troops in the way any patriarchal army does. So they will be able fight and kill the men of any patriarchal army trying to invade them.

Unfortunately, as far as we know we didn’t have femdom in ancient times, or if we did no-one thought of using it, to brutalize troops. Instead women decided on a different strategy and attempted to reform these violent men. To do this they gave them a vision of what a caring and loving world would be like and explaining to them this is only possible if men are willing to sacrifice yourself to the Great Mother. So a story was created about a drama of heroic sacrifice, of a God-man sacrificing himself for the good of the world.

To some degree this seems to of been successful because all over Europe and the Middle East there were saviour god religions. So it seems many men were willing to sacrifice themselves to the Goddess in these Mystery religions. Unfortunately, these religions became victims of their own success, because patriarchal leaders who had no interested in sacrificing themselves, saw these religions as a threat to their power and set about either destroying them or taking them over.

It is of interest that early Christianity was very popular among the slaves of the Roman empire. This would make sense as many matriarchal societies where victims of the conquering Romans, so there would be a tradition of the worship of the Mother Goddess among the slaves. For this reason they would be very sympathetic to a saviour god religion like early Christianity.

In the 3th century AD, Rome found itself with three large Saviour God religions. The largest was the Egyptian religion of the Goddess Isis and her saviour god Osiris. Then there were two other the Christians and another based on the saviour God Mithras. 

Isis raising Osiris from the dead

Attempts by the Roman ruling elite to stamp out these saviour god religions, was at first unsuccessful. They were unsuccessful in destroying Christianity, while the Isis religion was popular in the Roman military so this could cause a civil war if they attempted this.

So the ruling elite instead attempted to promote a religion based on another saviour god Mithras, as it was the religion they preferred but this didn’t receive enough support from the people. So in the end they decided that if you can’t beat them join them. They clearly didn’t want a Goddess religion like the the Isis religion and so Christianity became the final choice.

The Roman rulers simply hijacked the Christian religion and changed it to make it acceptable to them. They then set about destroying the religion of Isis were able to convert people in this religion to Christianity because both religions were similar.

But they also destroyed Christian sects like the Egyptian Gnostics that refused follow the type of Christianity put forward by the Roman elite. The actual teachings of Jesus like, “loving your neighbour”, “turning the other cheek” was quickly ignored as the Roman rulers and became more interested in the religion of Judaism and promoted this, rather than what was taught by the early Christian Church.

The promotion of Judaism was the opposite to what many early Gnostic Christians taught, as they referred to the Jewish Jehovah god as the Demiurge and claimed he was a evil god from whom Jesus came to save humankind. The original New Testament was suppose to be an attack on the Old Testament and the patriarchal religion of Judaism, but this was soon changed to endorsing it.

Another big change was that many of the saviour god religions promoted sexual freedom. We can see this is the religions of Dionysus and Bacchus where many of the famous Roman orgies were Bacchus festivals.

61 75c2d715c084a0ba03ba54e2072c60f8 70aa8088d5d505b8e0ab1312b15d4682 77e035e7d9dab4a11406127944f63bab 546de6e00e8e3209a7a5817f1afcbf74 570cb8c76107ce92dec7e500b2aee88616c2ab472433cebfe7045dda7ae64592-rimg-w512-h640-gmir

Sexual freedom at the time benefited wealthy women. This was because if women had a sexual licence to have sex with whoever they liked, then no one could say for sure whom were the fathers of their children and so, rich and powerful men had little idea who were their sons. This meant that inheritance of wealth and power could only come down the female line. Meaning that, a large amount of wealth and power stayed in the hands of women.

It seems that early Christianity was also an orgiastic religion of free love, before it became a state religion. To promote the power of men, Christianity was changed to have strict marriage laws where it became a sin to have sex outside of marriage. (Though this only applied to women and not men). The idea being that rich and powerful men now knew whom their sons were and could pass their wealth and power down the male line, preventing it getting into the hands of women.

Then Christianity as a state religion and later the Moslems set about destroying all knowledge of the ancient religion of the Great Mother. With this knowledge finally forgotten by the common people, they were then able to put forward the idea that Jesus sacrificed himself to an angry god to appease him. Rather then the idea, that all men need to sacrifice themselves to the Great Mother, and to women, before we can have a peaceful matriarchal world once again.

Perhaps the mystery religions of the past were a few thousand years before their time. They were trying to promote a vision of a peaceful and loving world in a very violent age. Today in the 21st century we see in the West at least a different attitude to violent men. It is far less acceptable for Western rulers to go out and conquer other countries, (though it still goes on, as we saw in the recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars). And it is far less acceptable for them to rule through fear and intimation. Western rulers today are forced to listen to the needs and desires of the common people and even respect the views and opinions of minorities.

So perhaps the sacrificial/saviour god image within Christianity acted as a Trojan Horse for the patriarchal age. On the collective unconscious level it created a archetype that has influenced all men in Christian countries for the last two thousand years. So that the idea of voluntary sacrifice has become acceptable to men which is starting to bear fruit in the last hundred years. It is interesting that feminism has progressed in Christian countries where men allow women to demand equal rights. This is in stark contrast in Islam countries where feminist women are beaten up, put into jail, and murdered by being stoned and beheaded.

570cb8c76107ce92dec7e500b2aee88616c2ab472433cebfe7045dda7ae64592-rimg-w512-h640-gmir 634b8309053c40b7dbefd1c0a94a826d 639dcfdef96f0dfb24bd94cbac479984 640px-Batoni_-_Büßende_Magdalena_(Repro) 5dfbbd6d43a8e.image 5f234c699365ccf5a1a724d1e4eeac25--david-bowie-death 6a013485938a51970c017c3189573c970b-800wi 6ac2a330488e6d3d581fbdf64422e6e3 6b88610bd85981e1c63287b4a1c8881b 4df068cf200dc3306d720e80dab25335 4f385850521664f506c2b4cb3ee16f45

In contrast, we have seen in Christian countries Jesus like men, in Hippies of the 1960s where men have tried to practice peace and love. Or ideas of the “new man” where men stay at home to look after the house and family while his wife goes out to work. In its more extreme form, we have the concept of Femdom where women totally dominate men. So are these men very much in tune with the archetypal sacrificial/saviour god? Clearly if all men are strongly influenced by this powerful archetypal it will save the world from violence, wars and suffering.

Although Christianity has mostly ignored the teachings of Jesus and have concentrated more on the Old Testament god of judgement and fear, the symbols of a sacrificial Jesus are seen in all Churches. Also, the Great Mother is represented in Roman Catholic Churches in the disguise of the Virgin Mary. So even though many Christian priests have only paid lip-service to the teachings of Jesus and the drama of his betrayal and crucifixion, this is still taught. These symbols, dramas and teachings have been unconsciously influencing men in Christian Counties ever since Christianity became a state religion.

So although in the short term the attempt by matriarchal women to create a submissive saviour god in the past seems like a failure. The popularity of the sacrificial drama of Jesus Christ has brought about an archetypal change in men, which will allow men to surrender themselves to women and bring about a new matriarchal age. After all, it is in Christian countries where we see the rise in feminism during the 20th century and more recently the beginnings of Female Domination. The concept of the sacrificial god, does seem to be working on minds of men to allow themselves to tune into this powerful archetype.

Although for us to have peaceful Matriarchal societies we also need an army with female officers using femdom methods to train their troops again any invading patriarchal army.


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Femdom Christianity Chap 2

Femdom Christainity: Chapter Two

by William Bond



                                                                         The Last Judgement

Male Domination Religions.

Three of the most successful religions in recent times, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have male domination aspects to them. It is clear Jesus wasn’t like this but his later followers certainly were, as they insisted on a male priesthood and claimed God is male.

As Paul is suppose to have said, “Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says. And if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to speak in church.” 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. And of course there is similar stuff in the Old Testament when God tells Adam the following.

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise the head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Unto the woman he (God) said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Genesis 3 : 15-16

Interestingly in the Koran, Eve is not blamed for eating the forbidden fruit like in the Hebrew Bible but even so Islam is very extreme male-dom with genital mutilation, women covering their faces and a honour system where a man has a right to kill his wife if she “dishonours him” by disobeying him. We see this from Islamic scriptures.

“Men are superior to women on account of the qualities with which God has gifted the one above the other, and on account of the outlay they make from their substance for them. Virtuous women are obedient, careful, during the husband’s absence, because God has of them been careful. But chide those for whose refractoriness you have cause to fear; remove them into beds apart, and scourge them: but if they are obedient to you, then seek not occasion against them:” Quran verse 4:34.

josephine-wall-tree-of-peace_a-G-2036941-0 josephine-wall-autumn-serenade-1500-teile--puzzle.59351-1.fs jan-brueghel-ii.-und-peter-paul-rubens-werkstatt-5137211 James Browne (9b) Jacques_Louis_Dubois_-_Juno

Even in a more mild religion like Buddhism, women are not allowed any positions of authority or power. Buddhism worship the male Buddha like a God, (even though he claimed he wasn’t a god) while women are only allowed the role of nuns.

So it is of interest that we have male domination religions with male gods but no female dominated religions with female Goddesses. This is of course a refection of the political reality where throughout history we always had male dominated governments. Today things are different where we now have more female leaders of countries than ever before, so in these times perhaps a female dominated religion may be possible.

So what would a female domination religion be like? It would simply be the opposite to a male dominated religion and worship a female deity and have a female priesthood.

Now some feminist will claim it would be better to sexually equality religion and worship both a male and female deity and have both priests and priestesses. This would only be a source of conflict where competitive priest will be competing against the priestesses for power.

We have had this situation in the past where we had pagan religions that worshipped both gods and goddesses and had both priests and priestesses. As we see in the ancient religions of Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Old Norse religion.

Jacques_Louis_Dubois_-_Hebe IMG0540-SprayRedRoses-150812122555 img_9424 img_9137 img_5349

But over time the power of the priestesses was undermined and we end up with only priests who worshipped a male god. We even have this situation today in Hinduism where they still worship gods and goddesses but it is male priests who dominate most Hindu sects.

There are few powerful Goddesses in Hinduism like Kali. She is the Goddess of the Tantra sect where they practice sex with the woman on top. The man is also not allowed to orgasm but women can do this as many times she likes so it is sex about the pleasure of women and not the man. They practice the same form of sex in Taoism. This show the matriarchal roots of both religions.

So history shows us that a sexual equality religion will, in time, only lead to male dominated religion. This is why a female dominant religion can only work if men are kept out of any position of authority. What people do not know today that in the distant past there were matriarchal religions that worshipped only female deities and had a female priesthood.

In Greek Legend there is a story of an ancient Golden Age where people lived in peace and prosperity. To quote: “The first age was an age of innocence and happiness. Truth and right prevailed, though not enforced by law, nor was there any magistrate to threaten or punish. The forest had not yet been robbed of its trees to furnish timbers for vessels, nor had men built fortifications around their towns. There were no such thing as swords, spears, or helmets. The earth brought forth all things necessary for man, without his labour in ploughing or sowing. Perpetual spring reigned, flower sprang up without seed, the rivers flowed with milk and wine, and yellow honey distilled from the oaks.”

After that came the Silver age, where everything wasn’t so good then the Brazen age and finally the Iron age, which is really our present age of warfare and violence. The whole concept of this myth is that everything has become slowly worse and worse for human kind since the Golden Age.

Yet the myth of the Golden age doesn’t only come from Ancient Greece. Probably the most ancient religion that survives today is Taoism in China. Again this religion talks about a Golden age in the past. As explained often in the Tao-Te-Ching written by Lao Tzu.

Eve and Serpent

 The concept of the Golden Age is also in the story of the Garden of Eden which again is a paradise. Then Adam and Eve sinned and they were banished into the waste land and Adam had to work “by the sweat of his brow”. The story of the Garden of Eden comes from a Golden age story from ancient Mesopotamia. Also in the few Aztec and Maya writing that have survived again there is a myth of a very ancient Golden Age ruled by a compassionate Mother Goddess. Which is shown in contrast to the later age of warfare and human sacrifice. In fact most ancient cultures of the world have some myth of a golden age of the ancient past.

One Greek scholar Hesiod told the story of Pandora’s Jar. Zeus gave a jar to Pandora to keep safe but she opened it and out poured sickness, death and evil. This story is an attack on the ancient Goddess Pandora who “the all-endowed” or “all-giving” Goddess. So Hesiod twisted this to blame sickness, death and evil onto her. So like Eve in the Bible story she was blamed for man’s downfall whereas the demise of humans came when men dominated religion and politics.

When patriarchal rulers took control the people found they were worse off and naturally complained about this. The patriarchy of course were not going to blame themselves to made up stories like Eve eating the forbidden fruit or Pandora opening the Jar, to blame it all on women.

Though there is an element of truth in both stories. We did once have a Golden age of peace and harmony when women allowed men their natural desires to serve and worship women. But it all went wrong when some women interfered with this and thought that men and women should be equal.

Surprisingly, even in the Hebrew Bible it is mentioned that people once worshipped Goddess and were better off when they did this. as we can see in the following passage.

aphrodite-goddess-of-love annette-golden-aphrodite-goddess-of-love-bluethumb-f9c5 allegory-of-summer-by-franz-bohumil-doubek-doubekh-doubekhu-ceres-greek-mythology-paintings-art-gallery afaaf2d3ea1bb20ea48fa52d98f7a295 af0f81690a2cc428c96452706f0d8ac6 aef4bfbf3316a03e418ce882980f6f2b ac07e304b49d953a4ef651faaac3aefc ac3bb4ba57ccca75ef114f6824a76b05

“We will certainly do everything we said we would: We will burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and will pour out drink offerings to her just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials did in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm.” Jeremiah 44:17.

Somehow this paragraph escaped the patriarchal censors. The Queen of Heaven was a goddess and scholars tell us that the Jews did once worship Goddesses like Shekinah, Asherah, Anath, Astarte, Ashima, Lilith and Sophia.

We find the same in Islam where their holy book is called the Koran. What they don’t tell you is that this book was named after the Goddess Kore, (not the same as the Greek goddess also called Kore). She was then worshipped by Mohammed’s tribe the Koreshites, (Children of Kore) and her shrine was in Mecca. Mohammed at first preached from the Koran of the Goddess Kore but then completely rewrote it after he was banished from Mecca.

This is why some Mullahs can claim Islam is a religion of peace, because it seems some of the original teachings from the Goddess Kore survive in the present day Koran. It even talks about the Oneness of God.

At one time modern academics have rejected these Golden Age legends as pure myth. Not only do they sound too good to be true. Recorded history seem to show a different story. They claim that the further you go back in history the more brutal and violent men seem to behave. After all we do not have human sacrifice any more. Though it has to be admitted we still have genocide and wars as we have seen with the Nazi and Po-Pot regimes in the last century. In spite of that it has been assumed by archaeologists that people in pre-historic times were even more brutal than people in historic times. But in the last century archaeology discoveries have challenged this assumption.

a53efe6e17613fd5a9ce485c11efc9a7 (1) a56748cafdf5c8e544db3c48877670f6 a8646a8ea2a47490d7092a80ccb46e0c a2610fbcdb158c991e2571d91eb2ff5e A107tv8+veL._SY450_ a53efe6e17613fd5a9ce485c11efc9a7 a8d2a3b13e851f2baf9adefb8c0d8da5 a7a84f25e4e07d4c61461365e802ab95

In the 1960s a archaeologists called Mellaart lead a team to excavate a site in Anatolia in Turkey. This site turn out to be the oldest city ever discovered. Called Catal Huyuk it goes back over 9,000 years. What was discovered goes against all assumptions archaeologist have about people living in Neolithic times. They couldn’t find any fortifications to defend the city or any weapons of war. Neither could they find signs of violence committed on people buried in graves. It was also a city full of feminine imagery to the degree that Mellaart was force to say that the people worshipped the Ancient Great Mother.

So unsettling was these discoveries that the site was closed down for thirty years and the academic world ignored the implications of this find. But there was one archaeologist who was brave enough to challenge the accepted wisdom of the academic world.

The late Marija Gimbutas went digging in other Neolithic sites and found similar findings. She also highlight the Neolithic findings that Soviet scientists had made in Transylvania. As well as Goddess civilizations found in Crete and Malta. All showing peaceful societies that worshipped the Great Mother. Gimbutas became a very controversial figure and her books and work were rejected by the academic world. But other archaeologist were also making similar finds.

The Indus Valley civilization in Pakistan was again an Ancient society that archaeologists could find no signs violence or weapons of war. Even more recently in Caral in Peru the oldest city ever discovered in South America, going back to 5,000 years, the same thing was discovered. Given the violent history of later South American civilizations with mass human sacrifice archaeologists expected to find the same thing. But no matter how hard they looked they couldn’t find any evidence of human sacrifice, warfare or any other indication of violence. And they had to conclude that this civilization existed in peace for thousands of years.

The overwhelming evidence of these finding have made more modern academic wonder if Marija Gimbutas might be right after all. Some are coming out of the woodwork and supporting her like Richard Rudgley in his book “Lost Civilizations Of The Stone Age”.

a3a7d408509f9a5048ff8f4efc133fe4 a2d8b7a4bb48ee30c81576f74b56cdcc 246566321046202 9781781806968-4 9781781806968_3 58205804676db3a8ce85d3f226da3e0e

So what is the implication of these findings?

No longer can it be claimed that we lived in the stone age as savage brutes. As it seems that violence started thousands of years after the first civilizations got started. It also brings into question if men are naturally violent.

After the second world war the American military did a study on how well their troops did in the war. They interviewed a large number of ex-servicemen and found that only a small minority admitted to killing the enemy. Most claimed that they only shot above the heads of the opposing side and didn’t want the deaths of the enemy on their conscience.

In contrast in the same war the Japanese troops had a reputation of brutality and ruthlessness. But the Japanese military training was very harsh. The new recruits were beaten up by older soldiers at the beginning of their training and then after their first year they were encouraged to do the same to the newer recruits. Later on in their training they were taught to kill by killing prisoners of war. So it seems that the Japanese military knew that to turn an ordinary Japanese male into a effective killing machine, they had to completely brutalize him.

The same is true of the German soldiers under the Nazis, where again the ordinary soldier was  brutalized. Yet in spite of this, when the Nazis started their genocide against the Jews they at first just took groups of Jews into the forest and had them shot by ordinary soldiers. But the effect of shooting defenseless civilians had a devastating effect on many of the soldiers ordered to do this and some committed suicide afterwards. This became such a problem for the Nazis that other methods like gas chambers, had to be used to conduct mass murder that didn’t involve using ordinary servicemen.

During the Falklands war 250 British servicemen lost their lives. 20 years after the war 265 men who saw action during the war have since committed suicide. Even worse figure are shown for the American troops that fought in the Vietnam war. Though this is a controversial subject in USA and it is hard to get exact figures.

If the Japanese military had to brutalize their troops to make them kill. While soldiers in Britain and America as so upset by the experience of war that many have since committed suicide. It calls into question whether men are naturally violent. Yet recorded history is a history of war, genocide and cruelty. So if it is not natural for men to be violent, why is it still going on?

25033412395_f9ed6108ce_b 4246178708_1043c3ff3b_z 856313505_1320522 843386625_25210 345007004a67c9e55656f11bbd1d3697 306280497_19c7867c

In all the Golden age legends they do not explain why things started to go wrong. But Gimbutas claims that the downfall of many of the peaceful Goddess civilizations as caused by violent patriarchal tribes invading them from the north. So it suggests that it was the invention of war that ended the last Golden Age. Where the early patriarchal rulers behaved like Mafia bosses in imposing a reign of terror on the people, then started a protection racket that was in effect the first taxation.

So the good news is that a Golden age did exist in the past, and we are not naturally violent. Most men have to be brainwashed into being like this through brutalization. The bad news is that the Pandora’s Box has been opened in that violent men have found they can rule countries and even empires through fear and violence.

But this is not what the majority of us want. Most of us do not want to live in a world of war and violence and it is up to us to not allow a minority of violent men spoilt it for us all. We have to learn how to stop our young people being brutalized by school bullies, street gangs, prisons, poverty, unemployment, violent films and video games, violent parents and the military. Then we can perhaps get back to living once again in a new Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

tumblr_8079747e9fb7f54eebf4869f148e7d74_9d0071ae_500 tumblr_fca9a3131c13037294359e64e18dc2b2_990447c0_400 tumblr_lhzjd25Klj1qzsuffo1_500 tumblr_lpkuh4CjHK1qfu7qio1_500 tumblr_m6snt4gdxu1ruw2u3o1_400 tumblr_mck8j7fmto1ri8rqko1_500 tumblr_mfdjp0z2Oq1qzwhb0o1_1280




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Covid-19–What They Don’t Tell You—Part I


by a man with an internet connection April 17, 2020

5MLeMr 6e478876ffaf9385bc059ec8e47a6d13 6ee54cf3a4a5ac785f3badf6cfe7cced 7cf3e006-ea5f-4b91-a257-b8af91df07c6_570 7f009acb99d75dc99c3bfc78205577b6 

         Is Covid-19 a real pandemic, thrust unexpectedly onto the entire world by a mischievous Chinese bat, somehow far more deadly than the hundreds of other coronaviruses in common existence, from all variety of animals – bats inclusive – or is it in fact a highly coordinated event, planned in advance, and blown out of all proportion by governments, media and corporations? Are the heavy restrictions, that will prevent things like four people walking side-by-side on the sidewalk, but allow them to share a car, consequence of biological disaster, or political?


         Many reading this will have formed their opinions after watching an awful amount of mainstream media, saturated with Covid content. However with the media controlled by governments and corporations with vested interests, there are certain things they won’t tell you. If you want to see the bigger picture, and discover the less reported details, read on. As much as possible, this paper will attempt to avoid speculation, looking instead at observable, published data. It is out there, and I have compiled a great deal. Please do not let this be in vain. I hope it may be shared amongst the community, for all with eyes to read. All sources are linked.


Before December The first reported case of Covid-19 was in December 2019, in Wuhan, China. At the time it was supposedly an unknown quantity, yet On October 18, 2019, two months earlier, the JohnsHopkinsCenter for Health Security (who are now providing a huge amount of statistics for this event) along with policymakers, business leaders, and health officials, undertook a carefully designed simulation of a coronavirus epidemic entitled nCoV-2019. (n-CoV-2019 was the initial acronym adopted by WHO (World Health Organisation) before it was changed to Covid-19). How did they know to prepare for the outbreak of a virus that wasn’t known to exist, and simulate its spread and response?


Sponsors of the simulation were the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, and WEF (World Economic Forum). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with WHO, the European Commission, and the UK government, have funded a group named the Pirbight Institute, which owns the patent for coronavirus and following vaccines. The patent was filed June 19, 2015, and approved November 20, 2018 . Lets quickly look at the definition of a patent:


“A patent is an exclusive right granted by a country to an inventor, allowing the inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling his or her invention.” That’s right, major corporations are actually inventing viruses, and selling the resulting vaccines to you for profit, backed by Government. 1 As further proof they saw this coming, the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), another major authority in this event, started hiring for state-wide coordinators of its Quarantine Program back in mid-November. They also own more than 50 patents connected to vaccinations, showing they too have a major financial incentive to promote viruses. In 2017, World Bank launched $500 million in pandemic bonds… 3 years before the coronavirus outbreak, “to cover developing countries against the risk of pandemic outbreaks over the next five years.”

 18th_century_oil_on_canvas_titled_Saint_Michael_the_Archangel_from_Cuzco,_Peru 32e78b311cb6cef5941f4320f101a012 36fdf382b51b698aecbcf03ea8aebbba 41_00099318_johann-heinrich-fuessli_lady-at-the-window-moonlight

Given how rare pandemics are, and how supposedly unpredictable, that’s an awful lot to devote to pandemic outbreaks. Any chance they saw it coming? In January, close to Wuhan, a hospital has reportedly been built in just days, specifically to deal with Corona Virus. While built after the outbreak, we know major facilities like that take months or years of planning and funding, meaning development on the facility started well before December. We might further ask if it was just coincidence that a coronavirus outbreak occurred in the only Chinese city (Wuhan) where a coronavirus study was being conducted? The lab cost $44 million to build, specifically for “studying the pathogen that caused SARS,” which was a type of coronavirus.


Perhaps even more spooky is a novel published in 1981 predicting the outbreak of pneumonia-like illness spreading throughout the globe in 2020, originating from… Wuhan. Deaths Misrepresented OK, so this looks like a planned event, supported by Governments and major health organisations worldwide, but the pandemic is still real, right? Massive numbers of people are still dying? Well, not so fast. According to official CDC data, from February 1 through April 7, within the 50 states, and district of Columbia, there were 2,214 total deaths from Covid-19, and 476,602 deaths from all causes. That’s just 0.5% of deaths from Covid19! Updated data as of April 16 shows 11,356 deaths from Covid-19, and 569,403 total deaths. Just 2% of all deaths. Some pandemic!


The updated data looks pushed, since it is impossible that the percentage jumped from .5 to 2 in one week. For a country in lockdown those numbers are shockingly low, but even more so when you consider this: NVSS (The National Vital Statistics System) is a US Government supported system of sharing data, which coordinates different state health departments and the National Center for Health Statistics, which is a division of the CDC. On March 24 they released a statement announcing a new ICD code for Covid-19 deaths. I quote: “Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test? COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.


Believe it or not, that is their use of bold, not mine. This means no confirmation of Covid-19 is required in order for it to be listed as cause of death. Just 2% of total deaths are listed as Covid-19, and they may be based on nothing more than an 2 assumption! If a patient has five serious illnesses, but blows their nose ten seconds before dying, the doctor may whimsically put it in the Covid-19 column. The waters are muddied in Germany by other means. The Robert Koch Institute, which is the public health institute in Germany, is now advising against autopsies of test-positive deceased persons, because risk of droplet infection by aerosols is allegedly too high. Without autopsies, real cause of death cannot be confirmed. This despite two facts, 1) With necessary precautions, for all manner of conditions, including contagious diseases, autopsies have been carried out safely for eons, and 2) At the end of March, WHO had no evidence for aerosol dispersal of the virus, instead considering it a “possibility” based on rumoured, unpublished studies, and an experimental study which does not reflect normal human conditions.


Are we really to believe THIS is scary enough to abandon proper procedure? If WHO is one of the leading authorities on this matter, and they cannot produce evidence the virus remains airborne under normal human conditions, why do we see no ease in restrictive measures like self isolation and social distancing, which have lead to disastrous social and economic consequences, undertaken for fear of transmitting the virus through air? And are we really to believe Government health institutes can’t afford proper protective equipment for autopsies against this virus, yet will happily advise us to wear simple face masks as protection?


Or is it more likely they are looking for ways to cover up the real cause of death, which was not Covid-19? The answer is given to us by the President of the Robert Koch Institute, who on March 20, confirmed, same as America, that test-positive deceased are counted as “corona deaths” regardless of the real cause of death. English translation: “We consider a corona death to be someone who has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.” Died with Coronavirus, not of or from. Two terms with very different meanings, now being used as the same, thus generating completely unreliable and unethical data. The median age of the deceased is over 80 years, usually with the existence of one or more serious illnesses. German virologist Hendrik Streeck gave the example of a 78- year-old man who died of heart failure, but was included in the statistics of Covid-19 deaths after testing positive.

 St._Francis_Borgia_Exorcism St-Michael st-michael-and-the-dragon-by-unknown-spanish-artist-1405-E747B3 st-michael-defeats-the-devil st-michael-painting-paint-form-church-vinyl-wall-mural-oil-most-famous-paintings-of-michaels-mount-for-sale st-michael-slaying-the-dragon-16th-century-hieronymus

Head of Forensic Medicine in Hamburg, professor Klaus Püschel, is quoted (via translation), “not a single person who was not previously ill died of the virus. All those we have examined so far had cancer, a chronic lung disease, were heavy smokers or severely obese, suffered from diabetes or had a cardiovascular disease.” It is not just America and Germany that treats deaths in this manner, but Italy too. Here is a quote from the Scientific Advisor to Italy’s Minister of health: “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.” Meanwhile, the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), the leading technical-scientific body of the Italian National Health Service, conducted a study, published March 17, showing 99.2% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions.


Hypertension exists in 76.1%, Diabetes in 35.5%, Heart Disease in 33%, Atrial Fibrillation in 24%. 25.6% had two or more pathologies, while 48.5% had three or more. The average age of those who died is 79.5. Nursing home deaths in Italy have been attributed to Covid-19, without any tests even carried out for it. 3 The same is occurring in Austria. Bernhard Benka, member of the Corona Task Force in the Ministry of Health, confirmed that patients dying both with and from coronavirus were counted as a coronavirus death. We have an example in Spain of a 21-year-old male being marked in the Corona column despite suffering from Leukemia. If these five countries are treating deaths in this manner, how many others are? Another way of determining the impact of Covid-19 is to observe statistical data on mortality rates in 24 European Countries, dating back to 2016. In a pandemic we would expect greatly increased numbers, yet at time of writing (April 14) only Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands, and Belgium have peaks marginally higher than those that came before, with trendlines already starting to come back down. That is 5 out of 24 countries listed, or just 21%.


The majority are continuing in line with the average, give or take a little. A report dated March 30 – around or even after the time many countries had decided to take major precautionary measures like lockdowns, closed borders, self isolation and social distancing – presented data from the same site, showing only Italy in a state other than ‘no excess deaths’, meaning 96% of countries listed were at either average or below average death levels. A separate report on mortality rate in Switzerland supports this. Are those the kind of scary numbers that would cause Governments to implement such severe restrictions? You will say the subsequent rise post March 30 in a few countries proves the Government made the correct decision, so lets compare data from countries that are not following lockdown measures to those that are. As reported by the BBC on April 7, just one week ago, I will compare countries who have not put any lockdown measures in place to those who put the strictest lockdown measures in place. So as to reduce research time, I will limit it to countries that have a population greater than 9 million, or one per region.

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The data I have used to fill these tables is sourced from Worldometer, who are counting Coronavirus cases and deaths by Country. As time of writing (April 14/15) is a week later than the BBC article, this will create a discrepancy for any countries that have altered lockdown rules in the meantime, but it was the most extensive, up-to date list I could find, and will be close enough together to show the trends. Countries that have not enforced any lockdown: 4 Countries that have employed the strictest lockdown measures: Country Population (millions) Covid-19 Deaths % Deaths per Population Covid-19



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Female Friendly Femdom


Femdom is a paradox: Because it should be about Women dominating men. Yet the reality is, that many FemDom men, ‘top from the bottom’. Where, they demand and tell Women how act out their sexual fantasies. True Dominant Women do not like this and for this reason reject FemDom completely. This is why there are far more men within Femdom than Women. So I am advocating true FemDom where men do not make any demands on Women and their role is only to serve and do only what the Women want.


INTRODUCTION                     by WILLIAM BOND



We are today are so use to male domination religions that only worship a male god with an exclusive male priesthood, that most of us don’t question this. As the result, many people would be shocked if we had a religion that only worships a female deity with only a female priesthood.


So to balance this up I thought I’ll write about a female dominated religion and explain what it would be like. I have focused on Christianity because much of the teachings of Jesus seem to be very feminine in nature and would make more sense in a Goddess religion.


Anyway I have written a book of Nine chapters about my ideas on this and published it on this blog.

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It starts off with Jesus’s teachings like “turn the other cheek” as well as they way he allowed himself to be betrayed, whipped and crucified. Pointing out the similarity in his teachings and behaviour with Femdom men.


I then go on to write about Gnostic Gospel, “The Sophia of Jesus Christ” and link the Goddess Sophia with the Ancient Great Mother and the Golden Age. I also link this with the work of the archaeologist Mariji Gimbutas.


I also mention the sacrificial/saviour gods before Jesus like Osiris, Orpheus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithras and Odin.


Finally I go into mysticism and the dance between the feminine and masculine. Where the feminine talking us back to a world of Oneness and harmony and the masculine taking us into individuality but also separation, conflict and chaos. Then why it is important for the feminine to dominate and control the masculine to prevent it destroying our world.


Femdom Christainity: Chapter One


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Jesus Meek and Mild


In most ChristianChurches we find main focus is a image of a half naked man called Jesus nailed to a cross. Looking at this objectively without any religious explanations, this is an extremely weird image.


Christians do attempt to explain Jesus’s crucifixion and claimed he died for our sins. Though Christians disagree about what this means. As a child every time I went to church I was told the following.


“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”


Suggesting that it was God’s idea to have Jesus crucified, though why he had to do this to grant people eternal life, is not made clear. Some Christians claim that Jesus was the Passover Lamb. In this Jewish ritual all the sins of the community was put on the lamb and was then sacrificed. While other Christians claim that Jesus was sacrificed to appease an angry God. Which is not the behaviour of a loving, reasonable or even sensible deity.


Human sacrifice to appease an angry male god is nothing new and was commonplace in ancient times. We see this in the Bible in the book of Genesis where Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac, but at the last moment God changed his mind and Isaac was saved. After this there was no more human sacrifice in Judaism. So it wouldn’t make sense for Jesus to be sacrificed if he was Jewish. So there has to be another explanation for this.


To try and make sense of all this, we can get from Christians long convoluted explanations like the following.


When we say “Jesus died for our sins,” we are saying that He died because of our sins. Sin leads to death (Romans 6:23). We were sinners consigned to death, and we had no way to stop sinning. Jesus came into our world and lived a perfect life, so death had no hold on Him. Yet, in His grace, Jesus chose to die on our behalf. He took our punishment for us. As He died “for our sins,” as our substitute, He prayed that we would be forgiven. Since our penalty has already been paid, God will forgive all who put their trust in Jesus.”


The behaviour Jesus doesn’t make sense, as he knowing allowed Judas to betray him, he made no resistance to his arrest, he refused to defend himself against any accusation, and finally allowed himself to be whipped, abused and finally crucified. So if we take away all the religious justifications for his behaviour, we are left with a man with that seems to have extreme masochistic tendencies.


We even find this in his in his teachings. As we can see in the following two examples, taken from the King James version of the Bible.


In Matthew chapter 5 verse 38


Ye have heard that it hath been said. And eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth:

But I say unto you. That ye resist not evil: but whosoever she smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.

And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee and not turn not thou away.

Ye have heard that it hath been said. Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

But I say unto you. Love your enemies, bless them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you:

That ye many be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth the rain on the just and on the unjust.


We can see a similar concept in another Gospel.


Luke chapter 6 verse 27


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But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.

Bless them that curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you.

And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take away thy coat also.

Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again

And as ye would that man should do to you, do also to them likewise

For if ye love them which love you, what thanks have ye for sinners also, love those that love them.

And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? For sinners also do even the same.

And if ye lend to them of whom you hope to receive, what thank ye? For sinners also lend to sinners, to receive much gain.

But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the highest: For he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father is merciful.

Judge not and ye shall not be judged: condemn not and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.


Now for obvious reasons many Christians are embarrassed by such teachings and try to ignore them as it makes Jesus seem like a wimp. This is why many Christians prefer the teachings of the Old Testament with its macho heroes like David, Moses and Samson who stood up for themselves and fought back.


Yet clearly if every man was to follow Jesus’s masochistic teachings we would live in a far more caring, loving and compassionate world.


Jesus also said, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5). The joke that goes with this is, “If that’s alright with everyone else”. Suggesting that aggressive and competitive people will always end up ruling the world.

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So this then seems to be the problem. Yes, if would be great if every man was to act and behave like Jesus as it would end conflict, wars and oppression in our world. But in the end he was totally defenceless and unable to fight back when aggressive and violent people decided to arrest him on trumped up charges, then abuse and crucify him.


The Bible has no-answer to this. But we also know that his teachings were probably censored as many versions of the Bible was destroyed when Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire. In the 20th century some of these lost gospels were re-discovered and called the Gnostic Gospels. One of these is the “Sophia of Jesus Christ”. Sophia was the ancient Jewish Goddess of wisdom before Judaism became a monolithic religion. 


In the “Sophia of Jesus Christ” or “Pistis Sophia” she is called, “the Mother of the Universe”. In ancient times people worshipped the Great Mother who gave birth to the universe, so this is telling us that Sophia is the ancient Great Mother. This then gives us a clue for why Jesus voluntary sacrificed himself.


Scholars, points out that the story of Jesus is not original or unique because many pagan gods like Osiris, Orpheus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithras, Odin, Bader and Loki also had similar histories. The story of a god-man who performed miracles like healing the sick, then was condemned to death and crucified was commonplace in many pre-Christian religions. Most of these gods died on trees or stakes and some like Dionysus and Jesus died on crosses.


Though Osiris was murdered by his brother Set or Seth and cut up into many pieces, before the Goddess Isis found all pieces and magically brought him back to life so she could conceive her son Horus.


These were called sacrificial/saviour gods, the idea being that humankind is saved by the voluntary sacrifice of these gods. So how can this happen? The biggest cause of all the suffering of our world is that it is ruled by men.

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We can see how the masculine operates in the animal world where male animals fight and even kill each other for access to females and dominance.


Now this is not a big problem when animals fight with horns, teeth or claws but a far bigger problem when we have men fighting each other with spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, bomber aircraft, guided missiles and nuclear bombs. For this reason men today have not only become a danger to himself but to the whole planet.


Not only this, masculine aggression, also leads to oppression and exploitation. In all very masculine societies of the past we find slavery, serfdom, and extreme oppression of women.


The feminine is in total contrast to this, as the instincts of the females, in nearly all animals, is to give birth and nurture her young. So the feminine is maternal, nurturing, loving and caring and for this reason it would make far more sense if compassionate women ruled the world instead of men. This then makes logical sense so why aren’t people clamouring for this?

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In our patriarchal world the feminine is seen as a weakness. Loving men are condemned as wimps and told that they are not ‘real men’. This is why so many Christians ignore the teachings of Jesus as they think they are too wimpy.


As we see in many Hollywood films the masculine is glorified. To the degree that even woman are influenced by this and feel if they wants to gain respect she also has to act and behave like a masculine man. So we live in a world where women are encouraged to act like aggressive, cruel and ruthless men but men are not encouraged to be as loving and nurturing as women.


Because men are encouraged to be macho men, our history shows us a world ruled by macho men is a world of conflict, wars, exploitation and chaos. Even men do not like living in a cruel world like this as men are exploited by other men and used as cannon-fodder on the battlefield.


So did Jesus try to create a Goddess religion where men worshipped women? To many people this might seem preposterous but we accept it as normal to have religions where men dominate women so why not have the reverse of this?

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