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Does God like sex?  For those who are Enlightened, in the highest realm of Self Realization, sex is an amazing experience.  It is the God who makes love through their body, the Sahasrara is in charge of all the energy centers, you’re cooking on all burners – that is when sex love is exquisite.  Nothing can equal making love with God, nothing can compare to God’s love or God having sex through our human bodies. However, we become aware of this kind of love in stages of evolution.  It takes time, and one must be rid of guilt, fear and a misguided sense of morality.  This takes work – we will do it.

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    XXXXVI    UNDERGROUND RAILROAD    The New Religion,  for women only Woman Thou Art God     Rasa Von Werder    MALES OPPOSE HUMAN RIGHTS –   THEIR CONTROL OF A […]

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    XXXXV   PSYCHOPATH PATRIARCHAL LEADERS  by William Bond comments Rasa Von Werder & Ajax the Great…..originally aired  4 30 14      Additional comments  11-25-19 If we want to understand why we […]

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    XXXXIV   HEAVEN ON EARTH     The New Religion for women only            Woman, Thou Art God    Rasa Von Werder                 We […]

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    XXXXIII   THE SECRET TO MY HAPPINESS     The New Religion for Women Only – Woman, Thou Art God    Rasa Von Werder              Haven’t we all heard […]

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    XXXXII<> Anti-Rape<> Porn            By Ajax the Great     THIS Is What A Real Anti-Rape Campaign Looks Like                   Comments by Rasa Von Werder   […]

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    XXXXI<>Casualties Gender War

    XXXXI  The Three Biggest Casualties of the Gender War     By Ajax the Great         Comments by Rasa Von Werder   Every war has casualties, and the 7000 year long […]

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    The Sacrifice of Jesus   by William Bond     Comments by Rasa Von Werder     The teachings of Jesus created one of the largest religions in the world but […]

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    XXXIX<>POWER of the ONE

    XXXIX  POWER of the ONE       William Bond     comments Rasa Von Werder     In our patriarchal world we are told, love is a weakness. But […]

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    XXXVIII   THE GOLDEN AGE (of Matriarchy)   by William Bond     Comments by Rasa Von Werder “Ancient myths and beliefs describe the female as the stronger sex, one endowed […]

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    XXXVII   HOW DO WOMEN CONNECT TO THE ‘ONE’   by WILLIAM BOND     Comments from Rasa Von Werder       So how do women connect to the One? […]

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    XXXVI     MEN ARE SUBMISSIVE        THE NEW RELIGION        by William Bond with words from Rasa Von Werder     Thirty years ago I had […]

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    XXXV  THE LAST MATRIARCHAL AGE     by guest author WILLIAM BOND    William Bond has been working on these issues many years, his  book, ‘Gospel of the Godess’ was […]

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