By Rasa Von Werder, April 14th, 2020
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The worst men on top could not rule if the men at bottom refused to obey them. Patriarchy works on a hierarchical system. The ones on the bottom do as the ones on top teach, preach & demonstrate – the whole idea of Patriarchy is to hold women down, disempower them, & ordinary men cooperate in this through their day-by-day treatment of women, be it in the work place, dating or family.


Women will finally wake up & do the fighting for themselves – men will not save them, they will save themselves & the world.


4-13-20-THEATER OF NEGATIVES – 2ND DREAM interpreted for a friend, ‘LOVER FEARS CALLING ME’ 4-14-20


          My lawyer friend Kip drops me off at a small theater – it’s run down, nothing fancy, seats maybe 300 in 3 areas. I find a decent seat away from everyone & see the second half.


          Many people leave as they saw the whole thing, I’m hoping they show it again so I can see the beginning, so I stand up looking around, thinking to stay. I am slightly disappointed that Kip left me here rather than staying with me.


          *(KIP THE LAWYER: This is my Beloved. He is seen in the persona of someone I had a disagreement / misunderstanding with, but realized he was wrong & repented—we made up.


          But there’s a larger symbol / meaning here: It’s the good man ABANDONING the woman to Patriarchy. Beloved leaves / deserts me into a world of Patriarchy displayed on the screen, & the audience is all evil men taking their cues from the ‘Stars of Patriarchy’ demonstrating, teaching the ‘man on the street’ how to treat women, IMPRISON WOMEN, use women up. The elites could not control women if the ordinary ‘man on the street’ did not abuse them – if this regular man treated women with respect & dignity & God’s Love, the Patriarchy could not hold them down. These are the men in the theater around me, that I DON’T WANT TO BE CLOSE TO—I need to see this theater objectively, not be hemmed in by a ‘use-her-up’ man—a man BEHIND ME or pretending to LOVE ME who all the while wants to DISEMPOWER me. {This is played out billions of times by males with women, they latch onto them & then tell them what to do.}

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          LEAVES ME HERE, I am disappointed: Why is he not watching the movie with me? Perhaps because he is’t aware, that this is what’s going on. We are separated this way mentally, by my having vision while he doesn’t—how many people understand the principles preached by William Bond & myself? We’re struggling with few compatriots to bring out the message.)*


          As I look around on the few-occupied seats, I notice they are all black men – seem to be ruffians. I see no women here at all. The movie was about a family, & the black man ran it & was bad, but I don’t recall how or why or any details.


          I want to get a good perspective on the movie, but the problem is I don’t want to sit next to any of these ruffians. I try this seat, that seat – they are too close.


          Finally I am way in front, perhaps too close to the screen, to the right of it, sit & decide to try this spot. There’s a black man right behind me & after a while, I put my arms back to not sure why – rest my head? The way one puts their arms back with the elbows in the air.


          *(THE MOVIE: Describes the evil of Patriarchy, with men running the show, the family & the world. But the men aren’t happy either, the one shown here has a

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          SMALL HEAD: Patriarchs are stupid


          NO HAIR ON HEAD: They are insane


          COMPLETELY BLUE, CLOTHES & SKIN, WITH BITS OF GREEN: They are miserable in all ways & play a miserable part, they do it for money, for here & now, time & space, for this world—not about eternal values.


          TRYING TO FIND A SEAT AWAY FROM THEM: Me trying to live in this world, see what they’re doing, gain understanding, without being affected by them & their evil, criminal, low minded behavior. And so I HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO BE FREE.)*


          The man behind me then grabs my arms & tries to hold them there. I struggle to get loose & do so. I know these black guys are watching me & will see my muscles as I struggle – a symbol of strength. They are criminals I sense & wanted to overpower me. I take my over-sweater & exit the theater, forgetting my clipboard with notes on the movie. I guess I was doing research. The clipboard is made of a luminous translucent brown & has several pages of notes. I find it embarrassing that I left these notes behind, as some are personal. They get hold of these notes but I know they can’t make heads or tails of them, so no harm is done. I didn’t lose anything.

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          *(ME DOING RESEARCH, NOTES, CLIPBOARD: This is my research & writing explaining how wrong & evil Patriarchy is. No women being here in the audience is women in general aren’t aware of the issues, that it’s a conspiracy of men mostly against women & after that, the rest of the planet—they aren’t here means they aren’t seeing it.


          NO HARM DONE, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND MY NOTES: The men in general, like the women in general, don’t understand what’s going on, they’re simply working by demon-energy-motivation, their lower selves, their ID’s or primitive impulses. According to this, they don’t see the picture objectively as to what they are doing, they see it subjectively by their evil spirits wanting to do evil, they are like soldiers who obey blindly, not getting it that they are risking their lives so elites can make money, they are also hurting the innocent for the elites.


          MAN BEHIND ME GRABS MY ARMS AS I RAISE THEM to rest on them: This one man is a symbol of Patriarchs trying to imprison women, hold back the strength of their love, de-mobilize or disempower them. I break free.

IN PARTICULAR it might also say how my Beloved disempowered me for a while—I was at his mercy–but then I broke free. A lover who does not/cannot love in a way that is positive can do great harm to another, even if they are in love with that person.)*

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          The theater inside is all black & white, no colors, but the movie was in color. I see this man sitting at a table with family trying to control them, strangely, his whole body is blue, clothes, skin, everything, with some specks of green; he has a small head, no hair. I sense he’s evil & his management of the family is bad, the women are imprisoned by the rule of men.


          *(BLUE EVIL MAN: explained earlier, this is Patriarchy, ‘rule of the father,’ ‘the culture of death.’ He’s sitting at a table of the family, controlling them, the woman is his prisoner, & if the woman is fettered, so are the children. She cannot PROTECT her children from him, from any sort of abuse.


THEATER GRAYSCALE, BLACK & WHITE: NO COLORS: I sense the audience is the population in general, the men – watching what the ‘Big Patriarchs’ are doing on the screen. Black & white means ‘obvious,’ ‘you can see it in black & white’ that these men are merely followers, not leaders. It has always been that way – the bullies, abusers, pick on certain people let’s say the government abuses Jews, then Indians, then Aborigines, then women, then gypsies, then animals, on & on. The general public, called “sheeple”, has no EMOTIONS {emotions would be colorful like coloratura in Opera} but they are SPECTATORS of INDIFFERENCE to evil. They place no opposition to evil – they do nothing or go along with it.


In a speech I heard long ago from Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, he said there were three types of spectators at the Cross: Spectators of Love, spectators of hate, & spectators of INDIFFERENCE. He said it is not hate that is the opposite of love, it is INDIFFERENCE!


This audience here is the spectators of indifference. It for some reason places all the blame on men, possibly because we expect men to FIGHT BACK AGAINST EVIL MEN but they don’t. Women will finally wake up & do the fighting for themselves – men will not save them, they will save themselves & the world. )*

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         I go outside & it’s rough because I can’t recall the road that I was brought here by. Why have they who brought me here, not picked me up to take me back? I need to walk home, but which way? We are in wide open spaces. There’s a highway in front left & right, a road going forward, by the highway left I distantly see a factory of some sort with huge contraptions going upward & horizontally that look like metal ladders, some with criss crosses instead of bars across. Does that mean the town is there beyond that? I must get back to town, civilization.


          *(THE ROAD THAT GOT ME HERE, WHAT IS THE WAY BACK: This is a big question. The road that got me/us here is the road to this disaster called Patriarchy. How did we get here? How do we get back to a civilized, God loving world – a world that makes sense, the Culture of Life? This is a big, hard question for everyone.


          Is it left, right, or forward? Forward I see a shack with women serving family & simple food. It’s staying under the radar, not being noticed by Patriarchs, trying to survive with ‘business as usual.’ They are trying to destroy us with their rules of NO WORK FOR THE POOR, the small business people, those living week to week, day to day, these are the people they are further disempowering, not those in high places, not those who have money. {See the road forward & the shack I pass further down.}


          FACTORY WITH LADDERS UP & ACROSS: To the left I see a factory with ladders going upward & horizontally with metal criss crosses: This might be the stock market & the basic economy. Is this the way back to ‘town-normalcy-civilization-security?” The ladders going up would be stock market going up & down, going across would be a stock market plateau or remaining steady. The criss crosses are the problems or crosses here.)*

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          I decide to try going the road forward. As I do so I pass a sort of shack with a low ceiling. The women there are serving family & whoever might drop by for some food. It’s simple fare, like something fried, on the level of hot dogs & hamburgers. There are rules & laws now for restaurants, no sit downs, but they are breaking this rule because they are so small & obscure they hope no one will notice them. But I’m not interested in stopping here as I don’t know if the food is safe. I continue on the road hoping to find the town.


          *(TOWN, CIVILIZATION: This would be an organized, sane, logical mental state. Where I have been is observing & being a part of the criminal patriarchy. They are in action right now, doing their evil deeds, & we are all affected—trying to survive.)*




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Interpreted for a friend


          Many dreams this night, forgot them all but this: Was driving around when I see a tiny parking spot to the left of a municipal road & in that space I see a white convertible Astin-Martin car, beautiful & expensive, & sitting inside it a gorgeous young male.


          Usually I don’t bother young males any more, not looking for models or dates, but something makes me immediately go up to this guy & ask him,


          “WHO ARE YOU?”


          He stands out so much I’m compelled to do this & he’ll understand. He has a companion male sitting to the right of him who looks smaller, I only see him in my mind’s eye, is he all dark, black? Perhaps it’s a ‘mystery.’

 Spirit of Spring Special-Moments-4Ft-Tall-100Red-Roses-Arrangement s-l300 serafimsarovsky Sea_Maidens1

          *(ASTIN-MARTIN: The car of James Bond, 1964, license JB007—symbol of what? He was a special agent,  for us is basically a DETECTIVE or person sent out to uncover secrets, mysteries.


          LITTLE BLACK MAN next to him: Again says ‘mystery will be here solved or shown.’ This explains ‘it’s about a mystery you want solved.’)*


          The young male thinks I’m talking about his car & I’m not, but I explain,


          “It’s the combination of you & the car. I know you must be special as you’re so handsome & this car is so expensive. You must be a (star?’) not sure what word I use but he’s unusual.


          He seems shy & slightly reluctant to talk. I ask him for his phone # & he gives it to me on a strange piece of paper the size of a postage stamp, & on top of the stamp it says, ‘This is an Astin-Martin’ & the stamp is blue. The phone is a long number, like an internet address. I wanted to check if it was accurate & working & was going to call on my cell phone, went to get it, but then recalled I left it at home.

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          *(POSTAGE-STAMP NUMBER, BLUE: He gives me a message saying he is SAD, unhappy about something. The postage stamp says ‘message,’ or ‘communication.’


          Saying ‘This is an Astin-Martin’ is saying ‘this is a mystery I want you to know, that I am blue, unhappy.’


          He’s giving me his DATA or address or WHERE HE IS & he is in a place of misery. This is without a doubt because WE ARE NOT TOGETHER.)*


          I ask him if he wants my phone & for some reason he says no – don’t know why. Like he’s afraid of something.

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          *(DOES NOT WANT MY PHONE, afraid of something: This explains or confirms the mystery of what I already know – why he doesn’t call me. It’s for fear.)*


          My business finished I then want to exit this spot, go into the street & onward to other business. I have trouble backing up – can’t see. The female companion to my right has been here all along – I ask her to see if there’s anything behind me.


          *(FEMALE COMPANION: I am always with someone, never alone, it’s the two parts of me, flesh & Mother God, so whoever my companion is is the ‘other one,’ perhaps this is Mother God or my flesh, if MG is the dreamer, then it’s my flesh.)*         


          The street I was pulling into was busy & suddenly all the cars clear, I make a quick exit, onto the street, make a right. And then, instead of going home I pull left into a residential area, I saw something to my friend like we’re going to look around at the houses.


          But then I make another left into a driveway of sorts which has a narrow entrance, exit, when I get in wow, it is surrounded by low brick walls, no exit, I struggle to turn the car around & get out of the original entrance, with inches to spare around the car, don’t want to scrape it – finally get out.


          There seems to be somehow another tight spot somewhere. This is a dream about ‘tight spots’ I guess.

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          *(TIGHT SPOTS: Yes, the dream is assuring me that Lover does not, cannot call me for being in a ‘tight spot.’ I know what it is from long before. He relies on his partner to support him, which frees him to use his own money on substances. He’s addicted to so many things that it takes all the money he has to medicate himself. He cannot, does not help or support anyone, so he is afraid of losing his sponsor.


          He believes I will forbid all use of ‘medications’ or substances, so he’s afraid to leave his Sugar Mama for me, not realizing that he would be way more secure with me than with her & I would not be as strict as he believes. I also need him near me to work on his habits, to free him of them.


          He is ‘imprisoned’ by his own mind, his own beliefs & assumptions, many of which are wrong, & he’s being held captive until he sees the Light. But I can’t explain anything to him because he’s afraid to contact me.)*

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