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I STRIP FOR GOD Part 3 Chapter 2



Chapter 2   I STRIP FOR GOD Part 3





All characters described are fictional.  Any resemblance to persons

living or

dead is coincidental.

bad-seed badseed1 bookclub_narcissistcover-master180

{Mempho for short} She was Monster Mom’s best friend. If Mom was president, she was vice-president, & when Mom died, she filled her office. I shall begin shortening ‘Monster Mom’ to MM.

Mephistopheles came into our life when I was a child – she older, wiser & a bully. One of my first memories of her was I was 7 – she a teen. It was Christmas, we had, as usual, several Lithuanian visitors. This wonderful lady, blonde, lovely, young, was visiting us with her little son, he being about 5, the spitting image of Jon Provost of Lassie, as cute, innocent & sweet as he.


Myself, siblings & this boy were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying pastries, while his Mom & mine were in the living room sharing the local news of the day.

The little boy loved the white crème-filled puff pastries. Mempho asked,
“You like these?”
He said yes. She said,
“Then have another one.”
The boy was full but since it was asked, he did eat another. Then Mempho said,
“Eat another.”
He said,
“I’m full. No thanks.”
She said,
“You said you like them, eat another.”
He refused, but she insisted, she forced him to eat about SIX PASTRIES until he threw up.

Flash forward about three years. A 3 year old girl, whom I adored, my siblings & I are at the kitchen table, with Mempho there again. The baby loves the buckwheat pancakes we made. Mempho asks her,
“You like the buckwheat pancakes?”
She says yes. Mempho says,
“Then eat some more.”
“No, I’m full,”
“You said you like them, eat some more.”
She insists, again & again, & forces the child to eat. I am cringing. Finally the baby throws up.

We’ll begin the channeling with this. I say,

ME: Mempho, why did you force those children to eat so much they threw up? What sort of a reward or pleasure did this give you?

MEMPHO: It made me feel strong. They were small & weak, I felt big. I made them do something they did not want to do, I used force, they tried to resist, it made them unhappy but they did it – I prevailed.

ME: Are you a bully?

MEMPHO: Bully is my middle name.

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ME: Why did you obey my Mom when she turned against Dad & told everyone in our group to hate him – why did you do as she said & turn away from him?

MEMPHO: Why not? He wasn’t living with us any more, he meant nothing to me. I knew which side my bread was buttered on, loving him in the face of the Monster would have been a challenge. I didn’t care if I hurt him, I was indifferent.

ME: OK, now for the hard questions. Why do you pretend you don’t remember the past – when we were kids – & you go crazy if I ever bring it up & command all those under your influence to never discuss the past with me. In fact, you have prevented some family members from speaking to me for many years.

MEMPHO: To discuss the past opens a can of worms. We all know what went on – we abused you. I am in denial of that, I don’t want anyone to know, I will deny each & every incident that ever happened. I deny what I do today against you, I pretend to love you, & I deny the past & the present wrong doings – {like making sure you were not invited to the most recent family wedding. It’s obvious I cared not for your feelings.}

ME: You get hysterical when I even broach the past, without accusing you of anything, just saying ‘I had a dream about Jimmy {my brother}’ & you began to scream to your spouse that I was attacking you. Why the hysteria?

MEMPHO: Because I am hysterical about exposing the past, I cannot, will not, discuss it, as I cannot explain it away. And so I pretend I remember nothing – I wasn’t there – I was away at school or working – & every claim you make, I say, is a lie.

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ME: OK, now we get to the nitty gritty. Why do you want to hide what happened? You know how forgiving I am – Mother tortured me & I forgave her, prayed for her every day before her death, for six months. All you have to do is admit how you guys treated me, say you’re sorry, ask for forgiveness & it’s yours. But you refuse. Why not come clean?

MEMPHO: It isn’t you forgiving me that I care about – it’s the public. Even if you forgive me, if the public knew I was part of the mistreatment of you, they would think less of me, I’d be the villain. That is what I’m trying to prevent. I want to be respected, admired & loved {things we did not give you!}. I don’t want to be seen as a cruel, uncaring, nasty person. Look up to me, don’t look down on me, is what I want.

ME: On the scale of cruelty, who was worse, Brother Dearest or you?

MEMPHO: I was, because I was a leader, he was a follower. He was a pathetic clown, I was more intelligent than he, I did not have to be as mean as I was.

ME: OK. I was the youngest until one more was born. You guys, family & associates, began to abuse me concertedly {by a pact I shall describe later} at my age of 10. My brother, yourself & other members of the group were all older, I was an easy target. This went on the entire time I was home & reached beyond when I left. Now what did you guys think would result from your treatment of me? Conversely, what hopes did you have for yourself, for Brother Dearest? What did you imagine for each of our futures?

MEMPHO: I can tell you what I saw for myself. I imagined, & still do, that I am superior to most people, & for no real reason, just pride. I saw myself becoming very rich, whatever way it took. I partially succeeded in that effort as I put all my heart & mind onto it, I’m not dumb & some of it came to pass.

I always felt like a great woman, as no one ever put me down, I was empowered, praised, treated fairly, supported & encouraged at home. With each accomplishment I praised myself & felt greater things would come. As most young people I had fantasies – ‘Great Expectations’ – most of them did not come true. I told you I would write a book about myself & it would be a best seller, but I never did. I felt my life was special, but compared to some others, my life was not. I met a couple famous people, had affairs, but they weren’t super famous, like a President or Arnold or Sylvester Stallone, no one you could write a book about. They were little stars & small affairs & nothing unusual happened. I told you no one would want to read or see your life because that’s what I was hoping, & that is my greatest fear – that people would listen to you & believe you.

upset-woman-on-sofa-e1461091379327 VFsnJSdI whatever-happened-268x300 wife-abuse-002-512

About your brother. I knew he had faults but I only magnified his good points – I felt that if MM {your Monster Mom} & I propped him up, he could become a success. But this never happened. His Mom did all for him she could have done. We kept thinking,

“Any day now, he will succeed.”

But his success was limited to what others did for him or gave him, he did not initiate anything great or big. He got by on the efforts of others. In other words, he was a loser, a passive player on the plateaus of life. Of course, I never say this, I always praise how great he was – that is the family policy.

On you, haha. In my mind, when we were young & we made fun of you, spat on you mentally & emotionally, you were the scapegoat – we ran you off the cliff. We did all that could be done to demoralize you, which means destroy you. Did we expect you to land on your feet at the bottom of the cliff, pick up, walk away, & start a new life?

As for my imagining what you would become, I figured you would probably lead an ordinary life, get by with an average husband, work an average job & get nowhere. I did not see you rich, or famous, I couldn’t see how – as you seemed not to care about wealth or status. I just saw you being ordinary & myself becoming great. I did not anticipate what your life became in my wildest drams – never dawned on me you could be anything.

ME: Mempho, today, I have got a lot of accomplishments done. How do you wrap your head around these & come to the conclusion that I am not great, not worthy of admiration, not worthy of status? Because I know that’s how you feel, so explain how you do it.

MEMPHO: I have mixed feelings about your work & ‘accomplishments.’ To the degree that society approves of you, I approve. But where you are considered notorious, an adult trade worker, I want no kindship with you – that is why I’ve never invited you to my house, as you know, I fear someone in my circle or worse yet, my job, would see you & know we are close. That would bring discredit upon myself & could even compromise my job. Probably no harm would come out of it, but I am paranoid.

top-female-movie-villains-cover two-people-facing-away-in-chairs-300x191 unnamed (1) unnamed

I have mental gymnastics to perform. Every time you do something ‘great,’ let’s say, write & publish another book – in my mind I must demean it, think why it’s unimportant, irrelevant or even scandalous. First, I think, well no great publisher accepted it, you did it yourself, which anyone can do. I don’t see your ability to write, or create, as meaningful, because I don’t want to. I don’t see most of your subjects as important or meaningful because you are not accredited as an academic or expert in any field, & so, society does not recognize you as having done anything great, & so I also agree, you have done nothing great. Each book, in my mind, gets dismissed.

You ask why is it important that I dismiss your accomplishments? Because, & this is CRUCIAL, so listen, to give you CREDIBILITY, ADMIRATION, APPLAUSE OR HONOR denounces what we did to you – that we convicted an innocent child, who grew up to be this. The more esteemed you are, the more villainous we seem, the more disdain you get, the less guilt we suffer.

But on the other hand, you were also a strip teaser, & a ‘pornographer’ {although you did no sex in your videos, society thinks you did} & that makes you a Pariah in the eyes of many – & this JUSTIFIES our treatment of you. Because if you have any moral taint or sin inside, it must have been so in the first place, when you were young, & so beating you up wasn’t so serious.

Now if you had gone into the academic world & become a professor & did books, & were good in the eyes of society, we would have little defense for abusing you. But you getting into the adult trade more or less takes us off the hook, you understand? Because then you’re the bad guy & every sin is projected onto you, so what was done to you {as a child} might have been deserved. In other words, the seeds of evil might have been there, a criminal in the making.

ME: Yes, I do understand Mempho. OK what did you really think of my Mom, & why did you obey her in evil? How bad were you inside?

MEMPHO: No, I was not as evil as your Mom. I just went the easy route, the path of least resistance, whatever rewarded me the most & challenged me the least. Had I stuck up for you the way you used to stick up for us, she would have let me have it, too, so I did the ‘beggar they neighbor’ routine.

What did I think of your Mom? She was in power, she put me ‘next in charge,’ I obeyed for the benefits. Did I admire her or agree with her? For a while I let her brainwash me, by the time I became an adult & got educated, say, 25 years of age, I knew she was full of rubbish & I changed my ways. I also wasn’t that dependent on her. Of course, I stayed loyal to her & still am, I carry her spirit, I do her will.

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ME: That spirit thing really bothers me. I thought the persecution would stop when she died in 1979 but it never did. Because of her influence, spirit & will, she influenced many in the family / friend network to ostracize me. So she lived on in you people, although she is now in Heaven, the evil against me, that she left on earth, lives on, does it not?

MEMPHO: It lives on. One by one they died but there’s always someone left with that evil spirit, & that spirit is against you, what she was but no longer is. We carry that negative inside us, no cleansing or closure is made, & that’s how it’ll be until we die.

ME: One last question – your good deeds. Why did you do so many good deeds to me? I can’t list them for obvious reasons.

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MEMPHO: I’m not all bad.

ME: I get the feeling, however, that you know I’m on to you & have figured you out. Do you sense this?

MEMPHO: Yes, I was mortified by your latest presentations & know ‘the gig is up.’ I’m shaking with the thought ‘what’s next?’

from Rasa Von Werder 1-15-21

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Mom Describes Herself ‘A Monster’




Mom: Describe yourself  – “I was a Monster”  I Begin Writing “I Strip for God

3″ Today


In the many years I have channeled hundreds of people, living & dead, I have never sought to channel my Mother. Was it because I thought of her as she was, abusing me, lying, & did not expect any type of truth or logic from her? Finally, not far back, I decided to give it a try, & the results started, amazed me. {I then channeled my entire family & also got amazing answers, gave them theatrical names!}…..What was astounding is that for the first time since I had known her, she revealed the truth, & in a way that was unusual, when I asked her to describe herself as she was to me, she said,


Good start. I shall now ask her questions & they will go like this ME & MOM. {& make sure this is the earthly Mom, you understand, not MomGod, not the GodSelf inside me, the monster earthly Mom. Here we go,

ME: Mom, why did you hate me so much?

170px-Antonio_del_Pollaiolo_-_Ercole_e_l'Idra_e_Ercole_e_Anteo_-_Google_Art_Project 413P+-mLrZL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_ 512vMw4wNvL

MOM: It all stemmed from your disobedience to me re your Dad, I hated him, you refused to hate him – the other kids obeyed – & so I let you have it.

ME: How deep was this hate? What were your intentions?

MOM: I wanted to kill you, which I did in the psychological realm. I destroyed your self-esteem, natural pride {not sinful pride} or confidence in yourself. I wanted you to believe you were UNWORTHY OF LOVE & that no one on earth would love you, male or female. I disturbed your faith in people respecting or loving you & this curse of mine clung to you all your life – at the time I congratulated myself.

ME: And today, I assume you have to speak the truth as you are in Heaven? I somehow thught you would keep denying what you did, but here you are, being honest.

MOM: Those in Heaven, even in the lowest place, cannot lie, they cannot deceive – it’s impossible. Anything you ask me, I must furnish a straight answer, I am under the compulsion & command of the Almighty, whom I cannot disobey.

ME: Why did you have so many abortions? Why didn’t you use condoms or some other form of birth control?

1200-593950-top-ten-evil-women-in-history Erin Pizzey with small girl in mask, hiding her identity to avoid location of mother and child by father, 1978 artworks-000357699309-kn476w-t500x500

MOM: Because I was in denial. It might have started in Lithuania, where condoms were not as easily available as they are here. But I never used them even in America, at any time of my life. When I had sex most of the time I was not prepared, it was spur of the moment – the sex I had with men other than your Dad. So of course, they took no precautions, they didn’t care.

ME: You say you were in denial – of what?

MOM: That I was having sex or preparing to have it, I pretended I was an innocent virgin or pure housewife. My whole life was a lie, one of hypocrisy, hate, selfishness & destruction toward others.

ME: Who did you destroy besides me?

MOM: The children I aborted, your Dad, anyone I hated who crossed me. Remember the cops I burned after thy helped me get off the animal cruelty charge?

ME: Yes, we’ll get to that later. I see your point. Anyone who crossed you got your revenge. Why did you marshal my brother & another female in our family, to help you abuse me? Could you not succeed all by yourself, given your immense malice? Isn’t it overkill to get them involved?

sleeping-with-the-devil-a-shocking-true-crime-story-of-the-most-evil-woman-in-britain thumbnail_Capture women-who-kill-true-crime-stories-of-killer-women-serial-killers-and-psychopathic-women-who-kill-for-pleasure you-cant-resist-looking-at-these-body-modification-world-records-2

MOM: Overkill is a good word for me. I wanted to make sure you were ‘good & dead’ & if others helped me do away with you, some of the guilt left my shoulders, & it made it easier for me to do you in.

ME: There will be so many questions. Why you hated Dad so much, why you had so many abortions, why you were so revengeful, why you sought me out to hurt me after I left home, etc. I was haunted by these questions most of my life & it’s strange that now in my old age I know the answers, especially after questioning you & others – it seems God put this weight on my back for a reason.

So let’s begin with why did you hate Dad so much? After all, he cooperated with you, when you were unfaithful, & helped you get four abortions during your time together. Didn’t you appreciate that, his forgiveness & assistance?

MOM: Ha ha. When I was on earth I was what psychology calls a psychopath’. We live only for ourselves, we have no love, no empathy, no compassion. We go by the primitive urges & even worse, the demonic. We are worse than animals, animals are kinder than us.

EBMJtbOXYAA4iy- elaine-davidson-006 erin-pizzey-in-front-of-courthouse-speaking-to-police-she-opened-the-worlds-first-safe-house-for-women-and-children-escaping-domestic-violence-in-1970s-WWJ5FR f1f8a6ab6ad773e64621f94e4b394b1ed3-3-Villanelle-and-Eve---Killing-Eve-BBCA.rsquare.w1200

About love – I never loved your Dad, nor anyone in True Love, it was infatuation. The closest I ever came to love was your brother, as you know. You will ask me more about him later, I know. My love with men was of the flesh, infatuation, then the end of infatuation sometimes brought indifference or hate, depending how they were.

About his forgiving me: I considered that he had to. Divorce was uncommon in our culture, it was scandal, also, as he was a prominent person. He could not expose me or divorce me, besides, he was attached to me as a woman, the services I provided, sex, housekeeping, food, etc. I prided myself I was 17 years younger than he – I was therefore superior in sex appeal – as we got older he became Grandpa, but I was still viable, I always felt superior to him. Even if I had been the same age, I would have felt better than he because in my mind I was deluded as superior to everyone – I had contempt for people, I thought the worst of them, I judged & condemned everyone but myself. Only I was justified in all that I did.

ME: You paint an ugly picture, & you paint it yourself under compulsion from God. But I never saw or understood your evil, I only felt my pain. At the time, what did you feel about my lack of rebellion or hate toward you – I still obeyed you in all but sin.

MOM: I did not sit down & analyze your feelings, my mind was only on hurting you as much as possible, & in this experiment, how damaged were you, I kept thinking.

I noticed of course how all men were attracted to you – moreso than they were to myself & the other young female in the house – & this added to my hate of you. That is why I had to make you believe you were ugly, not always in words said, but in actions, you were ugly, unworthy, deserved no respect, no privileges, no empowerment, no freedom or love. You were to work hard, get no appreciation, no thanks, no allowance, no nothing. You were to be punished for small transgressions – things I didn’t like you did, & I punished you, of course, unfairly, with deliberate cruelty.

f2603177621e7d012dbe90d05bdcb6f9 hydra images (1) images

ME: It is EXHAUSTING for me to think of the things you did. This interview will have to be more than one day. Let’s get into the Dad issue. After meditating on what happened after you left Dad with Marius – I recall how broke you were – so broke you had to borrow money for food. I recall Dad visiting & you arguing endlessly. Was Dad guilty, as most men are, of not supporting us enough?

MOM: That was a KEY issue. Yes, I had got pregnant by another man again, that child was allowed to live, yes, I moved with that man to the farm – your Dad got a loan from the Priest to obtain it. We lived a complete, hypocritical charade. That charade said that the other man was only there for our support, I did not have sex with him. I pretended the child was Dad’s {we all knew otherwise} that other man would now live with me & the kids, set up the farm into a homestead where eventually Dad would come live with us, be happy, set up a Boy Scout Camp in the woods, etc. That was the delusion I fed you a couple years until you wised up & fell to pieces.


As far as support indeed he did not send enough. He did not make much money, but he could have sent twice as much as he did. Marius & I tried to build a homestead – it was impossible, we failed, we tried for two years of backbreaking work. But even with him working two jobs, getting hardly any sleep, & me joining Brockway Glass at a minimum wage job, we sometimes did not have enough money for food. And naturally I hated your Dad for that & took it out on you.

medusa-clash-of-the-titans-1980 Medusa-Modern MultiHeadedHydra_1600 Oberheuser_during_sentencing-1 p06l1gr9 Pastrana Perseus_and_Medusa_Cellini-0fe22fdf638f4638aaf35c3a1fb68d71 rentalfix-aug19 ???????? ??????????? ????????? ? ????????-?????

In your interview with Dad he told you as a man he had the usual reasons: Part of it was selfishness, part of it punishment on me, for rejecting him. But these were his children & he punished them, including you. I let you have it all the more.

ME: OK I will quit for now as this is pyschologically testing. To be continued. Oh yes, what would be your Theatrical Name?

MOM: You can call me Medusa or the many-headed HYDRA. The heads of the Hydra representing (1) Liar (2) Cheater (3) Abortionist (4) Thief (5) Killer (6) Traitor

ME: Thanks Mom, will access you later for more good times. Say hello to Brother Dearest sitting next to you in that rather dim place in Heaven…………1-14-21

Grumpy_Cat_(14556024763)_(cropped) grumpy-cat-copywriting-450x450 grumpy-cat-getty ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ht_em_homeless_grumpy_cat_garfield_em_160624_4x5_992 image0 0b0dd3905ac82c0028573ffbbf184d7f 0da76f7a568eb0393e84a6409411bc06 0Wf6G5X 1 1d8b0b6e57768b74-literally-just-24-funny-tumblr-posts-about-owning-a-cat 2bc570a9ba6cdf1c83a75a373b0ab8da

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512P7Kum98L._AC_UL600_SR399,600_ 514px-Félix_Joseph_Barrias_-_The_Temptation_of_Christ_by_the_Devil_-_Google_Art_Project 516CO80jgNL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_

Government was never designed to protect public health. It was formed to protect the rights  of the people and to punish those who do evil. Sadly, for the most part, that is out the window and government has its fingers in every pie it can get them in. With the new push and propaganda to persuade the American people to go along with the CONvid-1984 vaccines, it’s wise to take a stroll down memory lane and understand that government has endangered the public health and doesn’t deserve our trust.

THEY MADE ALCOHOL ILLEGAL, CREATING AN UNDERGROUND INDUSTRY WORSE THAN LEGAL ALCOHOL (Ditto with the drug situation today, making it illegal creates huge industry & a huge prison system for the poor)


That’s right, rather than come to the logical conclusion that people should be allowed to decide what’s best for them, the federal government decided in an ill-fated attempt to enforce compliance of state-mandated moral guidelines to “save people from themselves”, to contaminate millions of barrels of alcohol with poison to dissuade people from drinking it.


51ztX3q6n-L._AC_ 61yay6HISNL 89puArlgaMs84o5973ythCfbedup8HmcMdraNzTyvfU 96d4d79624c8282ea7cf45dfa92d6c54--spanish-inquisition-medieval-art 000111 00121

This seems outlandish but it is indeed a well-documented historical fact that, as pointed out in a previous article from TFTP, has been entirely scrubbed from the history books. The reason for this historical purge is quite clear when one reads into the consequences of this repulsive policy. As it has been estimated that due to this state-sponsored poisoning campaign, over 10,000 Americans lost their lives as a direct result from being murdered by their government for the “crime” of consuming alcohol.

Just this one instance alone, arguably the most repugnant atrocity the United States government has ever perpetuated on its own citizenry, should be enough for people to realize they should never blindly believe that the bureaucracy is a benevolent figure acting on behalf of their well-being. Unfortunately though, as we will see this is only one of several examples of the predator class purposefully endangering the health of the public that they had been trusted to protect.


Our next example is somewhat better known, yet just as egregious. A project known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. The Tuskegee program ran from 1932 to 1972, conducted out of Tuskegee University in Alabama by the United States Public Health Service & the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The aim of the program was to observe the natural progression of syphilis in African American men, and while entirely unethical was also deeply rooted in the racist ideologies of the pre-civil rights era. Specifically targeting poor and disenfranchised black communities of Macon County, Alabama as unknowing & unconsenting test subjects.

Monkey-Island-chimp-caretakers original-e1491668822293 philomena4-2 Pierre_Woeiriot_Phalaris Rack-Horse-Strappado saint-rita-of-cascia Salem Witchcraft simon_dewey_to_be_with_god2_thumb

The individuals were coerced into the program after being told they were being treated for having “bad blood”, and promised free medical care. Over 600 men were involved in the study, more than half of which had syphilis yet remained undiagnosed despite treatments such as penicillin already being readily available at the time. They were instead treated with placebos.

For 40 years the PHS and CDC intentionally withheld medical care during this program and allowed this disease to ravage people and communities with zero regard for public safety or basic moral standards. And as a result, as one study noted, has had a long-standing and negative psychological impact on American black communities.


11111 11211 12121 45874C49-C02D-4630-BA9DC82147811847_source 090923_strappadob22 111222 112114 121213

The Tuskegee Study abused public trust, and left many infected men to die and led to the infection of several others including wives and children who could have been saved from contracting the debilitating disease. All under the observation of supposedly trusted public health authorities.


Dishearteningly, however, this is not an isolated incident. As bad as these repugnant practices from the CDC are, they are not the only agency to engage in them. Since the end of the second world war ushered in the age of the military-industrial-complex, and the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, they too have conducted illegal and unethical experimentations against unconsenting American citizens.

Official documents declassified over the decades exemplify that these projects are innumerable, and a total disregard for public health and safety is government standard practice, despite their cover-up and assertion to the contrary.

A few pertinent examples include —


Operation Sea Spray, a biological warfare experiment carried out by the United States Navy in the San Francisco Bay area in 1950. The Navy released clouds contaminated with the bacteria serratia marcescens & bacillus globigii into a city of 775,000 inhabitants. The aim of the operation was to track the dispersal of biological agents in a major metropolitan area, as initially the Navy believed the bacteria was not harmful to humans. That all changed a week after the initial release however, when residents began flooding hospitals suffering from unknown adverse reactions ranging from the minor to severe. At least one man is officially known to have died. And it has been noted the program likely permanently altered the microbial ecology of the area.


WLA_lacma_Sanford_Robinson_Gifford_October_in_the_Catskills_1880 wonderful-emma-orbach-oxford-graduate-shuns-society-and-enjoys-a-simple-back-to-basics-lifestyle-in-a-self-built-mud-and-straw-house-theflyingtortoise-007 working-elephant-ceylon-animal-farming-land-traditional-wildlife-nature-B7P6Y1 www.RussianPaintings.net_Pervuninskiy_Vladimir_Ball_3_medium_250686 www.RussianPaintings.net_Pervuninskiy_Vladimir_The_Grand_Ball_medium_250696 Richter, Edouard Frederic Wilhelm, 1844-1913; Othello

Operation Large Area Coverage was a mass biological attack simulation carried out by the United States Army Chemical Corps from 1957 to 1958. Throughout the American Midwest from the Gulf of Mexico into Canada, it covered thousands of square miles. The goal of the experiment was to test dispersal patterns of biological agents and involved releasing compounds known to be radioactive and carcinogenic, primarily zinc cadmium sulfide among other harmful bacteria. Tens of thousands of Americans were unknowingly exposed to these compounds. Two cities where these tests were concentrated – St Louis, Missouri and Corpus Christi, Texas – received such heavy plumes of the contaminated aerosols they created an artificial overcast over the cities. To which point military officials deceptively informed the localities that they were merely conducting smokescreen tests. To this day St. Louis residents suffer from adverse health effects allegedly attributed to the experiments they were subjected to, ranging from respiratory illnesses to cancer.

Project MK ULTRA.

This may very well be the most notorious of anything mentioned in this article. Almost anyone may have likely heard of MK Ultra at one point or another. Though it is unlikely that many have done the extensive research necessary to fully grasp the treachery of this infamous operation. Documentation about MK Ultra and its numerous sub-projects is scarce, due to several documents pertaining to it having been ordered destroyed by Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms under the Nixon Administration. However those that do remain still paint quite grim picture. There were various sub-programs associated with the project that spanned the course of nearly two decades. Some the names being MK Naomi, MK Often, MK Search, MK Delta, and Artichoke, just to name a few. The operations had various goals and aims ranging from behavioral modification, to psychological manipulation, to the development of biological and chemical weapons and much much more. Through their duration the CIA relied heavily on both willing and unwilling participants who were subjected to various methodologies including but not limited to; psychological abuse, electroshock, physical torture, and being subjected to mind altering drugs. At least one death can be attributed to the program, Dr. Frank Olson, who committed suicide by jumping through the window of a high-rise building while on a CIA induced overdose of LSD.


All of the known officially released documents pertaining to MK Ultra and it’s sub programs have been obtained and painstakingly catalogued by the hard work of researcher John Greenwald on his website The Black Vault.

philippe-mercier-portrait-of-a-girl-with-a-bottle-and-a-glass-233852 Philippe-Mercier-Young-Woman-with-Goldfinch-Air- pier-leone-ghezzi-jael-and-sisera PL8rdx81X3tdQ29Hx26sOAuzrTOhfTfq_AoCh3sRtYg PlentyWounds-sepia pocahontas-Rebecca-baptism-screen-capture-from-youtube.comJesusExclusiveSavior Polygon pony1stone-off


While one may look to these examples and believe them to be few and far between, in reality that is the farthest thing from the truth. In 1977 an investigation published in the Washington Post confirmed the Military had conducted 239 secret open air germ warfare tests just between 1949 & 1969. These included releasing bacteria in Washington bus terminals and airports, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the New York subway system. This is known to be one of the most egregious among them given the sheer volume of people exposed.


The illegality of these experiments is quite clear, as they completely violate the stipulations of the Nuremberg Code, requiring voluntary informed consent for all research participants.


Some others among these tests worthy of mention are Operation Dew I & Dew II, which were similar to Large Area Coverage in that they released large quantities of zinc cadmium sulfide over several states in the southeastern United States; Operation Big Itch, an entomological warfare experiment utilizing weaponized ticks that is suspected to have contributed to the spread of Lyme disease; Operation May Day, Operation Drop Kick, Operation Big Buzz, & Operation Bellwether, all of which were experiments to determine the potentiality to disseminate biological agents via the release of mosquitoes.

Some Army documents claim the released insects were uninfected. However the Army’s long history of research into yellow fever and dengue fever, as well as the subsequent outbreaks of the viruses in the same public areas used as testing grounds has led some researchers to theorize these programs contributed to the spread of these diseases throughout the United States.


*****hundreds of military personnel and their families had contracted infections from the pathogens intentionally released on US military installations*****

This suspicion can be plausibly corroborated in that same article from The Post, when then Senator and future Secretary of Health and Human Services, Richard Schweiker (R-Pa.), testified at a Senate subcommittee hearing saying — “It is very risky indeed to assume that any living organism, reduced to germ warfare size and released in a populated area, is ever safe.”. That same report also confirmed that hundreds of military personnel and their families had contracted infections from the pathogens intentionally released on US military installations.

s-l300 s-l640 Sleep-292017-large sleeping-boy-in-the-hay-albert-anker Sleeping-Boy-on-the-Stove-Bench-Albert-Anker-Oil-Painting small_their-pride OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Smith_Carlton_Alfred_Playtime_1905_Watercolour_on_Canvas-huge SMkt5msmZJr8dtaTH7rjANAQ

Undoubtedly, the reader may look at these numerous examples and say to oneself “but most of these happened in the 60s and 70s. They certainly couldn’t still be endangering the public on such a scale now”. But this is not the case either. As noted in a previous TFTP article, a recent study from 2018 found that these dismal practices are indeed being allowed to continue. —

“While the idea that the U.S. government would willingly poison its own citizens may seem shocking to some, it is not unprecedented. Earlier this year, a study found that the


Pentagon has contaminated more than 40,000 sites across the United States, exposing hundreds of thousands of Americans to dangerous chemicals.

The investigation, which was conducted by ProPublica and Vox, revealed that by testing and disposing of deadly chemical weapons in the United States, the Pentagon has “poisoned drinking water supplies, rendered millions of acres of land unsafe or unusable, and jeopardized the health of often unwitting Americans.”………………………………………..

portrait-of-m-a-beck-and-her-daughter-m-i-beck.jpg!Large portrait-of-princess-karoline-von-liechtenstein-nee-countess-von-manderscheit-as-iris-elisabeth-vigee-lebrun Poster-production-Uncle-Toms-Cabin-1881 POUSSIN+NICOLAS OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA propertyfile PRZESLANIE_50x60_obraz_olejny_mariusz_lewandowski_online psyche-giving-her-coin-to-charon-attributed-to-henry-tresham pulp1


And in another piece, this time from 2017, we covered the story of a small Oklahoma town outraged that the Department of Homeland Security announced they would be conducting chemical spraying operations over the town. In what a DHS press release stated would be to —
“gather data that enhances our predictive capabilities in the event of a biological agent attack”. All too reminiscent of disastrous programs of decades past.

At the previous mention of US service members & families also succumbing to these poisons, it brings me to my next point of transition. Despite the dire circumstances alluded to already, the American public are not the only ones utilized as unknowing guinea pigs or sacrificial lambs for the governments unethical experimentations & criminal negligence. Often times it is their own soldiers that are the first to suffer the consequences………………………….

Many of the previous programs mentioned above did involve some degree of testing on military personnel but there have been several specifically dedicated to it. The first that comes to mind is Project112/ SHAD (Shipboard Hazzard and Defense). From 1962 to 1973 the SHAD project was conducted on the number of US Naval vessels to determine their ability to detect and respond to acts of biological chemical warfare. So, naturally, the United States military actually carried out an act of biological warfare against its own sailors.

In 2000, the Department of Defense became required to begin declassifying the documents of the project. These “tests” consisted of exposing approximately 6000 of their fighting men to numerous pathogens via released aerosol. Including sarin gas, and VX. Two of the most dangerous neurological agents known today. Despite numerous veterans filing complaints about the negative health effects they have suffered since, including some developing cancer, the Department of Veterans Affairs still asserts “there is no clear evidence of specific, long-term health problems associated with participation in Project SHAD”.

Sadly enough, this seems to be a regular pattern. As almost identical instances have occurred over the years, particularly in Vietnam with the usage of Agent Orange. While the DoD was comfortable committing war crimes in the South Pacific, they were also totally okay with exposing their own to the same deadly agents simultaneously.


unnamed (18) unnamed (19) unnamed (20) unnamed (21) unnamed (22) unnamed (23) unnamed (24) unnamed (25)

Agent Orange was a powerful herbicidal chemical weapon, said to be “one of the deadliest concoctions ever created”, used indiscriminately against combatants and civilians alike in Vietnam. The disastrous effects of this toxin have been suffered by victims and administrators alike, who have not only felt the effects themselves but been witness to entire generations of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren born with the biological effect as well. Birth defects, heart conditions, leukemia, cancer, just to name a few have all plagued those and the descendants of those exposed to this ungodly weapon of mass destruction.


Even more disheartening is the fact that the same scenario is still being played out today in similar fashion. The company contracted to create Agent Orange, Monsanto (arguably one of the most dastardly corporations to ever exist), is still alive and well, still canoodling with government officials to maintain their monopoly, and still poisoning people.


In 2018 TFTP reported the landmark verdict in San Francisco which ruled Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide contained carcinogenic additives. What’s more, internal documents released during the trial proved that Monsanto knew the danger this chemical posed to the public, and covered it up regardless. Furthermore, in the same year the company merged with pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG — which has its own sinister history, including intentionally releasing drugs to the public contaminated with HIV………………………..


Newborn babies were injected with radioactive material, mentally challenged children were fed radioactive oatmeal, both in accordance with an experiment carried out by the




Suffragettes-Votes-For-Women-Cartoons-Punch-Magazine-1884-06-14-279 Suffragettes-Votes-For-Women-Cartoons-Punch-Magazine-1892-05-28-255 Suffragettes-Votes-For-Women-Cartoons-Punch-Magazine-1892-06-11-279 Suffragettes-Votes-For-Women-Cartoons-Punch-Magazine-1910-01-26-61 sunday-best sunshinin Susse_Apfel_-_Sweet_Apple_ba8d9b54-f570-4c4a-8dbc-fe826be58c81 suvafjteel0dzqel87qw sweetheart

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Quaker Oats, and the Atomic Energy Commission. Irradiating the testicles of prisoners causing sterility and cancer; Vanderbilt University and the US Public Health Service dosing pregnant women with radiation without their knowledge; patients given high doses of radiation resulting in violent hemorrhaging, cancer, and premature death conducted by the University of Cincinnati Medical School — are but a few examples of the more than 100 experiments carried out on 9,000 subjects mentioned in this 1995 Los Angeles Times exposé.

Overall a total of 4,000 radiation experiments — conducted on an estimated 20,000 unwitting victims had been carried out during this time period, claims the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

As stomach-churning as these revelations are, one must also keep in mind that those cases are only pertaining to radiation experiments. Those numbers still aren’t counting the various other kinds of tests and or mishaps that have occurred and were subsequently covered up………………………….

Other miscellaneous yet no less relevant instances are equally as abominable. One that comes to mind in particular is the ghastly history of eugenics. In short, Eugenics is a ethnically biased selective breeding pseudoscience that originated in the United Kingdom, and found prominence in the United States in the 20th century.


The American eugenics movement was even referenced during the post World War II Nuremberg trials as having played a role in inspiring practices of the Holocaust. Though it has been largely whitewashed from modern American history books, Eugenics was openly accepted and practiced in America’s medical establishment for over 70 years, starting in 1909.


Thomas-Hart-Benton-Negro-Soldier Thomas-Hart-Benton-Poker-Night-from-A-Streetcar-Named-Desire-1948 Thomas-Hart-Benton-Rice-Threshing thomas-hart-benton-shipping-out-282468 Kentuckian thomas-hart-benton-t-p-and-jake-1938-s205161 Thomas-Hovenden-The-Last-Moments-of-John-Brown-846x1024 thomas-hovenden-the-sailor-s-return-215923

Having not only played a role in the segregationist policies of the Jim Crow era, but also resulting in the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of American citizens, mostly lower class women, who were deemed “unfit for breeding”. This was carried out not by some fringe group, but as signed and approved by government legislature, and supposedly trusted public health authorities as an openly accepted common practice of the American medical establishment for the better part of a century.

This short section alone doesn’t nearly due the justice of fully elaborating the terrible scope of this obscene chapter of American history. I genuinely implore the reader to read the previous three cited sources to gain a better comprehension it this ignored portion of our not-so-distant past.


However even more grotesque is the documented fact that these practices have carried over into the modern day in a limited capacity. For years stories have emerged of unapproved sterilizations still taking place, particularly in California women’s correctional facilities. And just earlier this year, a whistleblower came forward from one of Georgia’s immigrant detention facilities alleging that ICE had carried out hundreds illegal hysterectomies against detainees.

To close out this chronicling I would like to include just one last item. In my article prior to this I covered the story of a lawsuit involving the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer suing a man who had claimed to be injured by one of their products. In it, for context I also included quite a bit of history of a number of those entities involved highlighting their history of blatant wrong doing.

For relevancy I would like to shortly expand upon that here, as the history of those kind of activities is not a newly recent one. But in fact stretches back as far as many of these previously mentioned instances. For example, 1955 saw what was known as The Cutter Incident. When in San Francisco a mishap occurred in a laboratory developing the first polio vaccine. As a result tens of thousands of children received a jab contaminated with the live polio virus. 40,000 ultimately contracted the disease, hundreds were left paralyzed, and 10 died. This was a tragedy specifically attributed to human error, that may have possibly been avoided had lab workers scrutinized their colleagues just a little more heavily.


th30DM00GL thankful-every-day-phil-koch THB-055 The Bison Trail The Cinch Ring The Equatorial Jungle The Oxbow The Print Cellar the_fates-large The_Fountain_of_Vaucluse_by_Thomas_Cole the_storm The-Afterglow---FE-CHURCH---OL1981-48-SCAN

Despite some increases in oversight, this scenario would repeat itself on two more notable occasions. Between 1955 and 1963 once again polio vaccine development saw a horrible mishap occur. Hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine had become contaminated with a virus contracted from research macaques, called Simian Virus 40 (SV40) — known to be a probable carcinogen.


Decontamination procedures were not carried out properly, thusly the shot administered to 98 million Americans still carried the SV40 virus. Despite constant reassurance from the CDC that this was harmless, a 1999 study from the National Institute of Health concluded — “Our analysis indicates increased rates of ependymomas (37%), osteogenic sarcomas (26%), other bone tumors (34%) and mesothelioma (90%) among those in the exposed as compared to the unexposed birth cohort.”


Finally, one must bring attention to the 1976 “fiasco”, as The New York Times puts it. In 1976, the Gerald Ford Administration was led to believe they were on the verge of a swine flu pandemic that would kill millions. However the evidence to substantiate this was scarce to say the least — and ultimately, it never happened. However this didn’t stop Ford and Congress from pushing through a mandate requiring a vaccine be rushed into production. In the end the entire campaign did more harm than good; Economically, with its strain on funds. Civilly, what is blatant disregard for civil liberty. And medically, as hundreds were harmed by the vaccine itself. As Discover magazine explained —

“Due to the urgency of creating new immunizations for a novel virus, the government used an attenuated “live virus” for the vaccine instead of a inactivated or “killed” form, increasing the probability of adverse side effects among susceptible groups of people receiving the vaccination. Furthermore, prominent American scientists and health professionals began questioning the campaign’s large expense and its drain on scarce public health resources.

With President Ford’s reelection campaign looming on the horizon, the campaign increasingly appeared politically motivated. The rationale for mass vaccination seemed to stem from only the barest of biological reasoning — it turned out that the flu wasn’t even related to the virus that caused the grisly 1918 epidemic and, indeed, those who were infected with the flu only suffered from a mild illness while the vaccine, for the reasons stated above, resulted in over four-hundred and fifty people developing the paralyzing Guillain-Barré syndrome.”

Snow TOR89600 Soufriere-Volcano-St-Lucia-RF South_American_Landscape,_by_Frederic_Edwin_Church,_1856,_oil_on_canvas_-_Currier_Museum_of_Art_-_Manchester,_NH_-_DSC07493 south-american-forest-1873-padre-art (1) spiderweb-turquoise-jewelry-navajo-handcrafted-bracelet Stars-9-2014-copy Stars-81 sternes-maria-from-a-sentimental-william-powell-frith This Happened © Nick Paton strip.570fee9619f92e1e58dae624.full

Consequently, the original NY Times article said it best — “The blame for such a result will have to fall on the politicians and bureaucrats who formed policy so hastily early this year, scorning the few voices that expressed skepticism and sought to raise questions about the program.”

As I conclude I wish to state even with as extensive as this article is it should be stressed that these are only a fraction of examples of these programs/ incidents. Admittedly, while writing I had a hard time deciding what to include or exclude due to the sheer volume examples found while researching for this piece.

Doing further in-depth study of these subjects indicate examples of public endangerment and criminal negligence like this number in the thousands and span much of our history. Case and point, even just this May, The Free Thought Project shared an article from The Rutherford Institute that provided examples of several more instances itself — including the military’s race-based testing of mustard gas on troops, & FEMA “inadvertently” exposing 10,000 first responders to the deadly compound ricin.

This report was an exhaustive one. And the track record is a repugnant one, but a clear one. Paired with critical analysis it shows perfectly why one would be very wise to always heavily scrutinize any of these institutions, particularly in times when they are demanding blind faith and unquestioning obedience.

We didn’t find out about the heinous acts committed between the 40s & 60s, until the 70s. And another decade to learn about the atrocities committed then. So on & so forth. And in the present day we are only just now learning about the health hazards subjected to the public in the 2000s. Transparency and accountability are not virtues that we can allow it to fall to the wayside. It begs the question that should be seen as a tale of caution — what are we being exposed to now, that they will neglect to tell us for another 20 years?


A word to the wise my friends, always practice due diligence. Healthy skepticism can be your best friend, and perhaps even save your life.

Amen, and amen! Thanks to Sons of Liberty Media, Tim Brown & his associates



Tim Brown
Tim Brown is an author and Editor at,, and


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1-11-21 Journey 2 Good – Table – Sex & Photography

s-l640 (4) s-l640 (5) s-l640 (6) s-l640 (8) s-l640 (9)

What a journey! It begins on my own property, over a mountain I have traversed hundreds of times in my dreams. It’s a WOODED area with a dirt road through, the walking of which goes about 3 hours.

*(3 HOUR ROAD: This is not a ‘walk in the park,’ I am facing what takes effort, it’s not a ‘quick road’ or solution, it takes considerable time.)*

As I begin the ascent over this tall hill, I see the interlopers have multiplied. I have often seen characters or evidence of them, they have moved onto my property, & often seems they have overstepped their borders & are inhabiting mine. This time they have CHILDREN, mostly boys, these boys are trouble makers, are harassing me a bit, they seem to have some black blood. And the land these people have occupied seems a bit different, like it’s rectangles with black borders, like flat rectangles made of maybe plexi glass all over the place. I just keep moving up the mountain.

*(INTERLOPERS, BOYS, HARASSING: These are ‘on this road’ or struggle, immature, misguided people who interfere with my goal. They are I will figure later, the associates of Lover Bob.

PLEXI GLASS RECTAGLES WITH BLACK BORDERS: These are PLOTS of what I might see as greenhouse-type gizmos over ground, to get plants to germinate & grow, but the black borders say that THIS WILL NOT BE.

s-l640 (10) s-l640 (11) s-l640 (12) s-l640 (14) s-l640 (15) s-l640 (16) s-l640 (17)
It will portend the HOPES & DREAMS, PLANS of Bob & his associates for success, good jobs, money, fame in the rap world, or any other plans. Given their ignorance, lack of abilities & delusional minds, plus add to it the present recession/depression situation, all their plans will go to naught. I have seen this in numerous dreams & have known it for his associates ever since we started. They are ‘ghetto’ people {uneducated, slum dwellers or hillbillies}, but not just that, they are lowlifes, criminals, drug addicts, misguided, not virtuous, honest or righteous – 99% of them, & so, they will fail. And in this dream it shows THEY WERE AGAINST ME but their hostility has come to naught. I will fulfill my goal as the dream will portray.)*

After a while I realize I’m in a vehicle & my friend Rudy is driving. We are in a large woods, above the trees somehow, & you see the trees like big balls of leaves, beautiful, but you can’t see the road. Most are light green, there are some Autumnal colors. I look at Rudy – he doesn’t even have his hands on the wheel, I scream & I take over the wheel. He’s sitting, I’m standing, maybe in the back seat.

*(RUDY HIS HANDS NOT EVEN ON THE WHEEL: Rudy probably represents my Lover Bob. {He’s an old disabled man who loves me.} This shows that Bob is incapable, disabled or crippled, in his pursuit of our relationship. But he is here nonetheless, we are together. It’s just that I HAVE TO TAKE OVER THE WHEEL which means I have to be the DOMINANT PERSON & control the situation, which means I have to GET US TO MATRIMONY – he can’t. {Matrimony or union in a real relationship is the goal / struggle here – When we related all he did was want sex & portrayed another woman on social media as his wife.})*

s-l640 (18) s-l640 (19) s-l640 (20) s-l640 (21) s-l640 (23) s-l640 (24) s-l640 (25) s-l640 (26)

While I have taken over, I still don’t see the road. Where are we? It’s scary because if you can’t see the road, how can we traverse this mountain?

*(MOUNTAIN: Represents a PROBLEM, DILEMMA or HARDSHIP toward one’s good. Elvis had a song, “Lord, This Time You Gave Me a Mountain.”
In dreams I have crossed THIS MOUNTAIN hundreds of times means I have had this same problem or something similar many times.
Not seeing the ROAD is not seeing how to get there.)*

Finally, somehow, we get back on the road like it just appears by itself, with us on it. It seems the road appears & disappears at will, without our consent.

*(ROAD APPEARS, DISAPPEARS, NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL: Fate or destiny does not reveal itself all the time, sometimes it does.)*

But now, at the end of the journey, I recall one dangerous spot – which, when there’s a lot of rain, it floods & is impassible, because there’s the cliff to the right of it, a huge lake of water to the left, the narrow road being flooded is impassible. Will we have to turn back, the long journey a waste of time?

Marlene-Blonde_Venus-1_1932-Photofest MarleneDietrich Marlene-Dietrich2 marlene-dietrich-1939-posed-candid_1_64e4c0f475f4b3db98cc70474b0cd6cf marlene-dietrich-as-catherine-the-great-of-russia-in-the-scarlet-empress-1934-director-josef-von-sternberg-paramount-pictures-TT5CYN marlene-dietrich-as-catherine-the-great-of-russia-in-the-scarlet-empress-1934-director-josef-von-sternberg-paramount-pictures-TT59XM marlene-dietrich-as-catherine-the-great-of-russia-in-the-scarlet-empress-1934-director-josef-von-sternberg-paramount-pictures-TT592D

*(TURN BACK: Will we have to abort having a relationship, it’s impossible to achieve?
This spot represents the small, narrow gate that one must traverse for happiness or the Kingdom of heaven – whereas the wide, easy road is the one most people take, the Broad Highway to Hell. Indeed, his earthly wife & most of his associates & relatives have taken this broad road with drugs, criminal activities, the easy way out & they are headed for failure / Hell.)*

We get to the spot, & it’s not flooded, but it’s muddy – there had been rain. We can’t go over this mud, as it might sink our car badly. I see to the right of the narrow road is the cliff & it’s dry. I tell Rudy to HOLD ON TO ME TIGHT. At first I do not feel him holding on – later I will feel him strongly. There’s no longer a car, it’s just me travelling.

*(THE CAR, NO LONGER A CAR, JUST ME, HOLD ON TIGHT: The car, our vehicle, could be the circumstances under which we saw one another, which is no more. I no longer go to the places we used to meet or the place we spent night together.

“Just me” now travelling & he MUST HOLD ON is my God Self. We have come to the most DIFFICULT PART OF THE JOURNEY TOWARD MATRIMONY. With the physical meetings GONE there is naught left but GOD & FAITH IN GOD – THE GOD WITHIN ME IN PARTICULAR. This says that at first I did not feel him holding on to God / me but now I do. In the dream he’s simply riding me like a papoose on his Mom’s back but without the papoose, his arms circled ’round me.)*

As I go on the ciff there are footholds – not many – but you see footholds that bears or goats climb onto extremely steep areas, if you don’t look down, just keep going, you’ll make it, so I keep moving. It gets completely perpendicular but I keep going.

MV5BMTk3NjQ0NzEwN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwOTM1NjU2._V1_ MV5BMTMwODc5ODE4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTY1NjU2._V1_ MV5BNDEzYWUzM2YtYzBkZS00YjcwLTllODMtZmJhNTNmYmY3ZjI2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMDI3OTIzOA@@._V1_ MV5BODgwMDQ5MzMyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjQxMjQ5MDI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1384,1000_AL_ mw241816 OKB8C1OPGV-naTKqMgz92l4Kra4

*(IF YOU DON’T LOOK DOWN: Keep your mind on the SPIRITUAL, not the earthly thoughts or emotions, & you can manage this journey toward good. It’s a journey of FAITH!)*

Then it gets EVEN WORSE. Rudy says it seems like the journey is going on way longer than usual – it’s true, I have never seen it drag out so long.

*(RUDY SAYS: What Rudy ‘says’ is what Bob is thinking – this separation is taking forever. It’s trying his faith, but the dreams says he’s holding onto it.)*

Now the cliff to our right not only is perpendicular but it becomes CONCAVE, indented & now what, & it is also PAINTED BLUE – all the cliffs hereafter painted blue. I say to Rudy,

“Did you know I can fly?”

I had not even thought of it before, but I recall now I have this power, there’s nothing to hold onto, I must either fly or return back, so I fly. But as I do so, from time to time, to stabilize myself, I touch the cliff, just touch it lightly, keep going.

*(DID YOU KNOW I CAN FLY? Flying is spiritual or mystical travel, it is Power. ANGELS FLY, celestial beings fly, it means traversing or migrating between dimensions, the spiritual & physical. Dead people cannot fly means those dead to the spirit cannot – that’s why they can’t go to Heaven, you have to have Spiritual Content, Spiritual Life, to fly. And so those who have no Spiritual end up in Hell, the place of limitation, torture & separation from God.)*

Josephine_Baker josephine-baker-en-spectacle Photo of Josephine Baker k0impCJ katharine-hepburn-pants-hollywood kelliebw2 (1) kelliebw3 (1)

Finally we get to some kind of STATION which is like two floors or more above the lake, embedded in the cliff, like a Ranger station or something. My immediate thought is the two men I see sitting behind a counter in front will be shocked to see someone coming from this side, as there is no access except by air. Those who come there arrive by boat, how they get up to the station, I have no idea, maybe a ladder? The Rangers don’t see many people, it would be occasional.

*(RANGER STATION: A place of respite, rest, a break in the struggle, created by God – a refuge God has made which few can reach, but we have. There will be REVELATION here, & God gives revelations to bring Peace to the soul.)*

The two Rangers, one on the right facing me is Caucasian, the one to my left is cocoa colored. The white one has round eyes he’s sort of rolling or looking back at the other guy. I show them by turning that on my back holding on strongly is Rudy, they see his round face. I might add that when I flew in the air, I did not feel his weight at all.

*(THE TWO RANGERS, ONE COCOA, ONE RETARDED, ROUND EYES: These have to be celestial beings, one could be a saint on earth, the round eyed one an angel or saint who is amazed that I made it here with Bob. That is part of the revelation – that we are here, Bob is with me still, I have not lost the relationship over all this time & hardship.

STATION IN THE CLIFF: For sure this is a place of God, as in the Song of Songs they speak of the cleft in the rock where a dove rests, & the great CLIFF is without a doubt, the Kingdom of God, while the lake to the left is the world, but it has grace, but is also DANGEROUS as sin can lose our soul.

This STATION cannot be reached from the side I came except by air – which means by mystical travel, & so the Angel is amazed {round eyed} that I succeeded. The fact that Bob is indeed holding onto me shows he has faith in me – he could not have made this on his own, by himself, only faith in me. His round face is a parallel to the round eyes of the angel – which is evidence that that is what the angel is amazed by.)*

Now I look downward, like the 2 flights down, to the right, & I see a man. He’s working on something at the base of the cliff facing it, he’s standing on what? A platform above the water, the water of course behind him. He’s far away but I can see he’s really handsome & I want to meet him. His profile, which I am looking at, looks like Bob, my Spiritual Husband, but in the dream I don’t know this man. And I’m thinking how do I get to meet him?

*(HANDSOME MAN BELOW I WANT TO MEET: This shows the man having arrived here BY BOAT, which is the other way, not the flying or mystical travel, but the human, perhaps logical, way of having arrived at the STATION OF GOD, the base of the cliff of God, the water being the earth, but with grace.
The fact that he’s here working is part of the revelation which brings Peace: You have not lost Bob. He is here in two ways, the way of faith, & the way of human endeavor, somehow working toward being with you. He’s at the foot of the cliff or the feet of God, doing whatever he can do to hold on, mostly HUMBLING himself. You want to meet him in the flesh, & you don’t recognize him as you’ve never seen Bob HUMBLE. He’s always been proud, haughty & selfish in the past. This is a person you don’t know.)*

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I am at a table for dinner or something, a special fete. A woman is standing at the OTHER END OF THE TABLE facing me – have no idea who she is, seemed like my earthly Mother but that doesn’t seem likely – I have NEVER dreamed of my earthly Mother except in the context of Purgatory & long ago nightmares of her torturing / killing me.

*(FEMALE ACROSS TABLE: Since it seems like my earthly mother, me trying to impress her – I was always trying to win the love of my Mom who betrayed me again & again each time, destroyed me, killed me. This then might be an ENEMY & my guess would be Ruthie, the live-in common law wife of Bob.

‘Ruthie’ lured Bob away from me with drugs – that & other worldly factors won his attention – he’s been with her for years. And so, she stood in the way of my happiness & success just as my Mom did.

The table with the white tablecloth is her temporary ‘banquet’ or ‘feast’ which means enjoyment in ‘matrimony.’ But it has a black band around the rim of the entire tablecloth, which is like 4″ wide – which means ending or funeral, this marriage WILL END, her ‘enjoyments’ over.)*

As I sit there is a column, like the decorative ‘columns’ I had built on certain corners in my house – it’s white. This table has a BLACK BAND around it on the bottom of the white tablecloth.

The column is notable in that it seems to emerge out of the corner of this table to my left & is only a foot away from where I sit – rather close. It is just like the columns in my house.

9953946a08e6b091732fcf6f9e293c6a 10613039_1505666819713545_521818787513088598_n 17204552c56bf748ec17cbc48f7db464 17381767_1

I tell this lady about a SAUCE that I got from GORDON RAMSAY. It is so great I put it on everything – I saw him create it on one of his shows, & it is similar but different from Caesar Salad dressing, which I call Cleopatra. I brag abut Gordon saying he might be the greatest chef in the world. The lady across from me is listening, I seem to be talking to her, to impress her.

*(BRAGGING ABOUT A SAUCE FROM GORDON RAMSAY: This stumped me until I thought of SPERM. If I am speaking to Ruthie then I’m bragging to her about this man who might be the best chef in the world – it has to be Bob & I’m bragging about his sperm, that I’m using it in many recipes, putting it on everything.
This would be some sort of comprehensive use of Bob’s sperm, or saying he’s given me something I use on everything, or saying, he’s given me HIMSELF in a comprehensive, across-the-board way, body & soul, all phases & factors, he’s mine all mine.

SAUCE is an ELIXIR like ‘the Elixir of Youth,’ something that VIVIFIES, like a magical / wonderful thing that makes LIFE TASTE GOOD, makes everything pleasant, happy, positive.  It’s like the blood of life, the water of grace.  This is not a lowminded analysis of sperm, it’s meaningful & high-minded.

& your relationship has a BLACK BAND OF DEATH around it, but OUT OF IT is THIS COLUMN OF WHITE THAT IS MINE, my permanent relationship with Bob will emerge ‘out of’ or ‘following’ the end of yours with him.
Ruthie STANDING, me SITTING with my column close to me: Sitting shows relaxation, ‘sitting pretty’ or in a good place. Standing facing me is more like ‘at attention’ so Ruthie is not in the best place but paying attention to my words.
The COLUMN CLOSE is my time with Bob is COMING CLOSE as soon as her fiasco ends.
All three of these dreams today evoke the same message: Ruthie & Bob will end, Bob is clinging to me, hoping for us to be together, we are at the end of this long, impossible struggle which only God could facilitate, we’ll be together soon, maybe starting in the Spring. My refusing to have sex with him worked.)*

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I am a model posing with this man, which every time you take pictures of him he comes out great. When you see him in person he is not that impressive, I guess he’s photogenic. We’re at my house here. This model is sort of a ‘low minded’ person. He asked me to have sex but I declined.

*(THE MODEL, NOT MUCH IN PERSON BUT PHOTOGENIC, ALL IMAGES OF HIM ARE GOOD: This is Bob in the past, he was low minded, just wanted sex, you could not tell how handsome he was until images proved it – the images I took.)*

The photographer is busy & at the end of the day I asked him how many pictures we had. He said it in two increments, like 100 & then 90. He thought it was a lot – I didn’t. I wanted to take a lot more.

*(THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Must be a symbol as there’s never been a photographer besides me of Bob. This expresses my desire to have more pictures of him, in particular with him. It might just say ‘I want to be with Bob in the flesh.)*

I ask him to see the pictures, & he has left them apparently in the woods – which I felt was a bad idea, all his equipment was there. He takes a run down my hill from the upper yard to lower, a beeline, over Autumn leaves, & I run after him. He has some female with him. They pick up his equipment & pics & come back.

While we are apart – the photographer & I – I face him with a question, which I’m shy about asking. Just wanted to know, I say to him,
“No more sex?”

s-l1600 (21) s-l1600 (22) s-l1600 (23) s-l1600 (24) s-l1600 (25) s-l1600 (26) s-l1600 (27) s-l1600 (28)
I have to ask him three times as he doesn’t respond. I tell him the other guy asked me for sex but I declined. After I ask, he’s no longer a man. I see this silver slot, like a slot for mail, & out of it comes SPRIGS OF SPRING VEGETATION, small & new. But he isn’t there, I get no answer.

*(HE BECOMES A MAIL SLOT AFTER I ASK THE QUESTION, SPRING GROWTH COMES OUT OF THE SLOT: There is indeed an answer, this dream is a parallel to the long one re the journey. This dream asks WHEN will I have sex with Bob again, or WHEN will our permanent relationship, in the physical, begin? The answer is
SILVER: permanence, it comes out of the mail slot or a MESSAGE. The
SPRING GROWTH could mean one of two things or both: It will resume in the Spring, or it will resume eventually, as Spring is new beginnings. The
OTHER GUY ASKED ME FOR SEX BUT I DECLINED is when Bob was a lowlife he wanted to keep having sex, but I refused. But my refusal has led to what I wanted, what had to be, the permanent real relationship symbolized by the thick metal mail slot. I rejected his lowlife desires to find something high minded or meaningful.)*

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51b5WqKkAJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ 51c3Kbsw5iL 51cLaQxgJYL 61VCgaCs6rL

The degree to which prayer is answered varies greatly. That is to say, the average person has not a snowball’s chance in Hell to change the world with prayer. Why? Because they are like a wilted blade of grass in the desert, they have no spiritual power or ability. And why not? Because they live in their ego, flesh, the world. They are not even ALIVE in terms of ‘born again,’ the SPIRIT OF GOD DOES NOT EVEN LIVE WITHIN THEM.

You must look at the PROPHETS OF OLD & the Anointing they had. Look at David – who was anointed to kill Goliath. NO ONE ELSE COULD DO IT.

Look at JESUS CHRIST. No one else could do the HEALINGS & EXORCISMS He did. Why? They were not ANOINTED.

Look at all the FAITH HEALERS in the United States, from John Dowie {Scottish} to Maria Woodworth Etter {American} to Smith Wigglesworth {UK}, to A.A. Allen & Kathryn Kuhlman {Americans}. They are called ‘God’s Generals’ by minister Roberts Liardon.

Then there were those who caused incredible REVIVALS as well as HEALINGS {sometimes the two are interchangeable, it is the WORKING of the HOLY SPIRIT – It revives, It heals, It causes Miracles.} There was:

_wsb_300x351_JohnAlexanderDowie28129_2.29974610_std 0d8077703aac9e640c55632c24b6e780 01_morons

John G Lake {1908-13}, Jack Coe {1950′s}, Oral Roberts {1950′s}, T.L. Osborn, Billy Graham {recent}, R.W. Shambach {60′s} – {Many of these I record from MEMORY, I could be off on dates.} There are HUNDREDS MORE RENOWNED ONES who changed the world in history through healings & revivals, through teaching & preaching.

I am reminded of a relative of mine, who every time someone in the family gets sick – she calls on me to pray. Twice, I refused, because the people she asked me to pray for had abused & or ignored me much of my life – one of them has not spoken to me for 41 years – I told her I COULD NOT PRAY for them as my prayers would not reach them, they had BLOCKED MY LOVE. This lady was INDIGNANT & said she had asked everyone else to pray, they were praying so the need was fulfilled. I laughed to myself, knowing the results.

Most people’s prayers are MERE WORDS. God does not respond to empty words. She responds to ENERGY – FEELINGS – WILL POWER – LOVE. I know what kind of Power my prayers have, & I could not send this Power to those who refused me as a human being & therefore as an Agent of God – Jesus said,

‘If you do not receive me on Earth, I will not receive you in Heaven.’

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So I will simply add this: If a person is IN A STATE OF GRACE they will be heard, but if they are NOT ANOINTED for special manifestations such as HEALINGS & MIRACLES, these things WILL NOT HAPPEN. And so, those who pray to change the world, it is unlikely miracles will happen unless they are ANOINTED.

When I prayed the MESSAGE OF FATIMA in front of the WHITE HOUSE a miracle occurred: The Cold War ended, Communism ended, WWIII was prevented.

When I preached on the street 2.5 months (in winter, 2-3 hours a day), then prayed in a loud voice every day for a month, one hour a day for the VICTIMS OF ABUSE & AGAINST PREDATORS {I did not name specifics} a MIRACLE OCCURED: The pedophilia shakeup in the Catholic Church.

Other great things also happened because I AM ANOINTED. They will be listed elsewhere.

9781610361088 AAallen aimee_older Aimee-Semple-McPherson1-featured Aimee Semple McPherson, 1933 Azuza-Street-Revival-William-Seymour-Quote b569340db5da799ff658d5c8ec6d85d2--interesting-history-historie c1aaf75f4f75f9ec92a3990657850521 coejuanita_all-1_1024x1024 dfe3e5247f478b991ae3017c73fee0e0 download (1)

And so when one person says ‘pray’ they mean someone mouthing words, like all are equal in the saying of them, but when I am asked to pray, I am being called upon to MANIFEST MY GOD POWER & remember, JESUS DID NOT MANIFEST HIS GOD POWER & HEAL EVERYONE, only those He was called to do. For example, did Jesus PRAY for King Herod, for the High Priest Ciaphas, & the Pharisees? Indeed not. Such people had already from the start, BLOCKED JESUS, BLOCKED GOD, BLOCKED THE LOVE OF THE ALMIGHTY & so it would have been a MOOT POINT to pray for them – they were all destined for Hell. {Not saying all whom I refuse to pray for are destined for Hell, just those individuals stated.}

Enough said, Guru Rasa Von Werder 1-9-21

quote-never-dig-up-in-unbelief-what-you-have-sown-in-faith-james-gordon-lindsay-52-27-00 quote-there-are-many-christians-who-are-christians-in-theory-only-and-they-are-worldlings-john-alexander-dowie-79-47-93 quote-what-is-my-task-first-of-all-my-task-is-to-be-pleasing-to-christ-to-be-empty-of-self-aimee-semple-mcpherson-86-36-71 quote-you-don-t-have-any-problems-all-you-need-is-faith-in-god-r-w-schambach-81-95-64 R-11806665-1522698159-1684.jpeg R-13148229-1548893118-1818.jpeg r-w-schambach-you-dont-have-any-problems-all-you-quote-on-storemypic-e3031 Smith-Wigglesworth unnamed wpid-quote-the-anointing-of-the-holy-spirit-is-given-to-illuminate-his-word-to-open-the-scriptures-charles-fox-parham-52-26-96




Now I know that with my Spiritual Husband Bob I am picking up his MOODS, up & down, pro & against me, not his absolute Heart Decision, which perhaps stays STEADFAST & all that God PREDICTED is NOT nullified. {He is unsteady as a youth, not sure on his feet, changes from day to day, time to time. He’s felt all the stages of grief at losing me; denial, anger, resignation, depression, & they come & go. Yesterday it was ANGER / REJECTION OF ME & GOD, today it’s longing / yearning, a resurgence of FAITH {in us}.}

My first scenes in this dream were so crude / repulsive that I semi woke up fearing for my spirituality, & began to pray Contrition. But then it changed. First it was an UGLY guy, showing me his hard penis, he was fat, he was disgusting. I push him away from me.

57e75304e9ebf__betty-grable 65bfa636c079f6f53d6dae2b504d71ed 70c7877ce96b8b20065b6f55b60b45ba 71pqTKkKQIL._AC_SX522_

Then I see myself with a book in hand, & there’s a man to my left, kneeling, staring at a book. I show him my NEW BOOK which he might peruse, but he won’t even look at it, he is so INTENT on staring at that other book.

I look at what is he looking at, & it’s a woman like a picture of me, sitting, looking beautiful, & next to me is a ten foot tall female with a small head, a totally silver pleated dress falling from her neck to the floor, it’s not loose or tight, just directly over the body & I say to him,

“I gave you that picture already, in your book.”

Something about two books & pictures that we share, it’s murky.

I get a feeling from him on his knees there, & it was only after seeing him thus I realized it was Bob, not some fat ugly guy invading my mind. It was Bob wishing for sex again, the main way or only way he knows how to express love.

He was desperate to BRING BACK THE PAST & there was a book – it could be a book of MEMORIES or it could be a real, physical book he got his hands on – which shows images I took of him, that remind him of our past, when we showed our love to each other, when he knew I loved him. He’s so intent on thinking about this, he can’t move ahead to the now – the book of today.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) wed super weegee WOWZA xl-portraitquote-iconiclooks-marlene

*(MEANING: Yesterday he was angry, today he wants to believe again, hanging on to memories when he knew I loved him madly.

There are two images, one, me as a woman, & two, the ten foot tall maybe angel dressed in a silver pleated gown. The SILVER is PERMANENCE, a permanent relationship that he WISHES FOR, yearns for, but is too cowardly, I presume, to do anything about, as he has my phones but isn’t calling. And so, he will suffer until he gathers the courage.

What is his problem? I can only guess. He told my girl friend who said he should call me,
“No, I can’t……She contacts my mother.”

147261750 8076881295_92d911300c_o-761342650-1559310143604 8414021183_b695b38f27_b 25399016021_9bb6f24b35_b 26194767671_4009035890_b 180305085852-07-history-body-image-1980s-restricted-super-169 -1528307465035912758 -5229456531257044575 a8d78cd1773b332c1dbfd93d63c6cff9 a7656e2e288d8fe72ac89f1009e24902

In this statement he features me as a fanatic when we were together – I did write a note to his Mom on social media, but only to discuss with her how to help him get off drugs……..That was long ago, before I knew his Mom & Dad are both crack addicts. {She never answered me.} So he was saying that to call me, to let me know he loved me by this action, would endanger bringing back my obsessive behavior. OK, cowboy, stay safe. I am not bothering you. Let’s see how long before you crack.)*

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After the storming of the capitol on Wednesday, mainstream media and establishment voices began throwing around a term that should make us all pay attention — “domestic terrorism.” As the group of MAGA rioters stormed the capitol to take selfies with cops, steal podiums, and hang from banisters, president-elect Joe Biden quickly took to his platform to characterize them as domestic terrorists.

“Don’t dare call them protesters,” Biden said in remarks from Wilmington, Delaware. “They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that basic. It’s that simple.”

Unfortunately, during the turmoil, a police officer was killed and a protester shot to death, as well as three other individuals, who were apparently part of the MAGA protest and died from “medical emergencies.” While it was certainly terrible, this riot does not come close to the description Biden gave it, calling it “one of the darkest days in the history of our nation.”

Was this really one of the darkest days in the history of our nation? Was it darker than thousands of people dying on 9/11? Was it darker than sending thousands of troops to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason? Was it darker than when Stephen Paddock murdered 60 people in Las Vegas and wounded hundreds of others or when Nicholas Cruz murdered all those children? Was it darker than the day on May 13, 1985, when the Philadelphia Police Department bombed the homes of a black liberation group called MOVE, killing 11 people, five of whom were children?

Was it darker than that fateful day on June 1, 1921, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when police helped terrorists murder 300 of the most successful black people in America? Was it darker than when a blood-thirsty army of U.S. Calvary members slaughtered over 500 peaceful Native Americans living in a village at Sand Creek?

10-valentine-cameron-prinsep-motionage-designs 13fb00ab22cdec91c16c9619ab51ac39 13-young-josiah-henson-2-wr 16_20140502004653_5512799_large 16da64178ca5cf2fd2d5c9f2729d0c7a 18-15-5-19-10-56-9m 19e44e21d4f296cf7e413807b67a441f

Was it darker than the time at least 150 African Americans were murdered in Colfax, Louisiana after multiple white supremacist groups created a militia and attacked the Courthouse building? Was it darker than when 300 Native Americans were shot and killed in late 1890—the majority of whom were women and children—after the United States Military’s 7th Calvary Regiment surrounded a camp of the Lakota tribe along South Dakota’s Wounded Knee Creek?

Or, was it darker than the thousand lives taken by cops every year in this country? No Joe, no it was not.

But Biden likely knows that it wasn’t that dark of a day. Biden likely knows that had police responded like they do to police brutality protests, no MAGA folks would have ever made it inside the capitol that day. Biden also likely knows that it wasn’t really a coup as unarmed people carrying blue lives matter and Trump 2020 flags does not a coup make. Biden most likely knows that this was just a group of devoted fans of an arrogant demagogue making poor decisions after getting duped by their leader into thinking they had a chance to overturn the results of the election.

However, in order for the government to capitalize on the capitol incident, Biden needs to keep the narrative going that these weren’t simply angry soccer moms, business owners, and veterans, with a few extremists mingled in who were willing to get violent — they were all evil domestic terrorists who represent 80,000,000 other Americans. Because that’s how you get to pass new and draconian legislation and usurp more freedoms — you stoke irrational fear.

And this is exactly what president-elect Biden is doing.

Just like Trump used the police brutality riots to justify signing an executive order authorizing up to 10 years in prison for “injury of federal property” — that will now be used against his supporters as he makes off with the millions they donated to him — Biden is using the assault on the capitol to expand the police state.

Biden came out the day after the breach of the capitol to explicitly state he has made it a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism, and he has been urged to create a White House post overseeing the fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them, according to the Wall Street Journal.
This new war on terror — just like the old war on terror — will have bipartisan support and will likely fly through the House and Senate, quickly becoming law.

As Glenn Greenwald writes, “Liberals who are behind the Biden/Harris plan to initiate this new War on Terror, this time with a primary domestic focus, won’t need to study what neocons did with the first War on Terror to learn those old tactics against critics. Neocons are their full allies in all of this.”

tumblr_lbye5tH7Xc1qbh91vo2_400 tumblr_m8e5ebshuq1rbub5do1_500 (1) tumblr_mzbfza8aGL1sghwhso1_500 tumblr_n5ad67iMe21r18mzfo1_1280 tumblr_n8psvv4A6p1rcce6wo1_400 tumblr_nntszs8gze1s4j3zgo1_400 tumblr_nsvc1augOa1rpgpe2o2_r2_500 tumblr_o2s0o9sFed1r4w8k5o1_400

Greenwald points out a threatening similarity with the first war on terror and that is anyone who questioned the state’s tactics — even though they were unjust, murderous, and criminal — was still lumped in with the enemy and considered a terrorist sympathizer.

“I spent the first decade of my journalism career devoted to exposing and denouncing the excesses of the first War on Terror, and I see exactly the same tactics forming: If you question or are concerned about these new powers, you’ll be branded as sympathetic to the terrorists,” writes Greenwald.

The fact is that this has been in the works for years and the oligarchs were simply waiting for an event to trigger it. The MAGA folks played right into their hands and Wednesday will serve as a catalyst for deploying these tactics.
As we reported in 2019, the FBI classified those who share conspiracy theories online as a domestic terror threat. But it goes even further.

In fact, in spite of having no real reason to go after ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘patriot groups’, the government has a long history of infiltrating groups and labeling those who question the status quo as a threat. It even has a name: PATCON, short for “Patriot Conspiracy.”

Indeed, much of the police state which has risen up around the country is in response to the essentially non-existent threat from those who want to expose the crimes of the state who are labeled as extremist groups. YouTube and Google have even gotten in on the action and have moved to censor evidence of US war crimes and historical footage of war.

A police sergeant in Morgan County, Indiana admitted in May of 2014 that his department had obtained an armored vehicle in part because of returning military veterans were deemed domestic terror threats by Homeland Security in 2009.

In August of 2013, Concord, New Hampshire Police Chief John Duval secretly contacted Homeland Security and demanded an armored vehicle due to the alleged “threat” posed by peaceful libertarians.

wahatalihatematikawilbur wald-der-traume-2-569676913944a wallpaper-2680004 walt_curlee walt_curlee-2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA when-blackfeet-meet-sioux-charles-m-russell

The MIAC Report, a federal training document famously presented to Missouri police in 2009, went as far as falsely tying supporters of former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and the Constitution to “extremist groups” as well.

In 2014, a sheriff’s deputy admitted on video that these weapons of war were needed to fend off “constitutionalists” with firearms.

It is important to point out that there are indeed extreme factions within the Trump base and other extremist groups who are white supremacists and who might carry out acts of terror. However, they are not representative of the entire pro-freedom base. Rest assured that this does not matter and anyone who questions the establishment from this point forward will be branded as an extremist, potential domestic terrorist.

While QAnon and other groups have certainly put out ridiculous claims, this push for a domestic war on terror subsequently ensnares millions of innocent people for doing nothing other than questioning their government. As stated above, there is no doubt that crazy people — who believe in conspiracy theories — carry out crazy acts. It is highly likely, in fact, that most domestic terrorists have acted based on some irrational conspiracy that they believed was real. But tens of millions of other people don’t act, and asking questions is the only way to figure out real conspiracies. This should never be considered “domestic terrorism.”

This push to criminalize questioning the almighty federal government will also be coupled with a level of censorship like we have never seen. The NY Times and other mainstream media outlets and tech giants have already begun to roll out their plans for it.

When the state ramps up this campaign of censorship, regardless of its intentions of ‘preventing threats,’ it will be used to silence everyone who the establishment disagrees with — history proves this to be the case, every single time.

As German journalist and poet, Christian Johann Heinrich Heine, famously said:

Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.
Because a few easily swayed individuals take tidbits of information and make brash decisions does not mean that this information should be stopped.

If we look back over the past decades, we’ve witnessed the establishment media be the culprits of the most dangerous and deadly conspiracy theories of all time. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the war on drugs are just a few of the conspiracy theories spread by the establishment media that have led to the death and suffering of millions.

This move will solidify the future of the technocracy as all it does is further attack those who want peace and freedom and it does so by blurring the lines between real extremists and freedom loving activists. After all, if tyrants can associate hate and extremism with the ideas of peace and liberty—the herd will be far easier to keep under control and will have no problem voting away their rights to fight this non-existent threat.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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Once again, Bill Gates and his devilish ideas are being exposed for the havoc he has brought about in Africa. The latest is a study that discovers his DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself! Yet, he wants to vaccinate you? You gotta be a special kind of stupid to take any vaccine, but especially one that has Bill Gates tied to it.

According to a peer reviewed study published in a respected journal by the world’s most authoritative vaccine scientists, Bill Gates DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself. The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems. Although, such study was never performed before 2017, Bill Gates and the Vaccine Alliance GAVI and WHO pushed the vaccines on unsuspecting African babies.

The study (read below) titled, The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment was commissioned by the Danish government and Novo Nordisk Foundation and was conducted by a team of the world’s leading experts on African vaccination led by two most prominent names, Drs. Søren Wengel Mogensen and Peter Aaby.

The DTP vaccine is a class of combination vaccines against three infectious diseases in humans: diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus.

The DTP vaccine was discontinued in the United States and other western nations in the 1990s following thousands of reports of death and brain damage. Despite widespread vaccination, the United States and other countries are still experiencing large pertussis outbreaks.

original (5) original original-1200220-1 orpheas-kai-eyridiki orphee-orfeo-dossier-classiquenews-monteverdi-rossi-orphee-a-l-opera-dossier-classiquenews orpheus-and-eurydice-emil-neide paintedhills-engagement-01 Paiute+woman+grinding+seeds+in+doorway+of+thatched+hut,+small+boy+in+foreground+1870s_NARA Park-Row,-Leeds Pastoral_Landscape-1861-Asher_Brown_Durand

Until the study was published in 2017, the WHO (World Health Organisation) never conducted the kind of vaccinated/unvaccinated (or placebo) study necessary to ascertain if the DTP vaccine actually yields beneficial health outcomes.

Yet, Bill Gates and his Vaccine Alliance GAVI and WHO pushed the untested vaccines on African babies.

The scientists conducting the study were shocked when they found that 50% of children in the African nation of Guinea Bissau die before the age of five.

In that west African nation, half the children were vaccinated with the DTP vaccine at three months and the other half at six months. Dr. Mogenson and his team found that girls vaccinated with the DTP vaccine died at 10 times the rate of unvaccinated kids.

While the vaccinated children were protected from Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, they were far more susceptible to other deadly diseases than unvaccinated peers. The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems.

DTP was associated with 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. No prospective study has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP. Unfortunately, DTP is the most widely used vaccine, and the proportion who receives DTP3 is used globally as an indicator of the performance of national vaccination programs.

It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on allcause mortality was not tested in randomized trials. All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections.

Bill Gates funded and British led GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) has created a system called “Performance based funding” whereby they financially punish nations based on their compliance or non-compliance to vaccination programs.

On the other hand we learned last year based on an intercepted human intelligence report that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus to the Nigerian House of Representatives.

Indians should beware that the British led GAVI has managed to infiltrate India’s healthcare policy-making thereby gaining a strategic position to dictate India’s response to coronavirus.

While the UK is GAVI’s largest funder, its implementation follows what is known as the” Gates approach”. Known as the Vaccine Cartel or Pharma Cartel by critics, its vaccines have been accused of causing atleast 38 million premature deaths worldwide.

Even the so called “Swadeshi” Indian COVID-19 vaccine COVAXIN maker Bharat Biotech was backed since its inception by Bill Gates and the international pharma lobby.

Bill Gates agenda in India and his “obsession with vaccines” was exposed last year in a lengthy piece by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former American President John F. Kennedy.

Bill Gates DTP Vaccine Killed 10 Times More African Girls Than the Disease Itself by Tim Brown on Scribd

“Safe and effective,” eh? Not on your life, literally! Independent journalist Alex Berenson has taken to Twitter to report on his findings in the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) reporting system and lo and behold, he’s discovered that the adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine are nearly 50 times higher than that of the flu shot.

With reports this morning of another otherwise-healthy patient dying suddenly after receiving her first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, many skeptics in both Europe and the US still have serious reservations about the jabs, even as big pharma and their allies in the US and British governments insist that they are 100% safe. Everyone claiming otherwise is not only wrongheaded, but acting in a deliberately malicious manner.

This is why commentary like a video posted by DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Gundlach where he questions the sky-high efficacy numbers published after the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech trials has elicited such vehement repudiation.

However, as new questions about efficacy and timing arise, independent journalist Alex Berenson, one of the most prominent skeptics of lockdowns and masks in the US, noted in a twitter thread earlier on Tuesday that the percentage of patients experiencing severe or potentially life-threatening reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines could be much higher than the data collected by the CDC are letting on.

The CDC’s VAERS reporting system was set up to track vaccine-related injury, Most patients can expect to experience some kind of adverse reaction, but for the vast majority of patients, symptoms will be relatively mild and clear up within a couple of days. But amid a rush of reports about patient deaths, Berenson points out that the number of patients seeing serious complications per the number of doses distributed is roughly 50x higher than the rate of ‘adverse’ reactions caused by the flu vaccine.

CAN PRAYER SAVE THE WORLD?  by Guru Rasa Von Werder


THANKS DEAR FRIEND…….I DO HAVE TO ADMIT THE FOLLOWING RE PRAYER: No prayer goes without answer from God – God hears everything.

However, the degree to which prayer is answered varies greatly. That is to say, the average person has not a snowball’s chance in Hell to change the world with prayer. Why? Because they are like a wilted blade of grass in the desert, they have no spiritual power or ability. And why not? Because they live in their ego, flesh, the world. They are not even ALIVE in terms of ‘born again,’ the SPIRIT OF GOD DOES NOT EVEN LIVE WITHIN THEM.

You must look at the PROPHETS OF OLD & the Anointing they had. Look at David – who was anointed to kill Goliath. NO ONE ELSE COULD DO IT.

Look at JESUS CHRIST. No one else could do the HEALINGS & EXORCISMS He did. Why? They were not ANOINTED.

Look at all the FAITH HEALERS in the United States, from John Dowie {Scottish} to Maria Woodworth Etter {American} to Smith Wigglesworth {UK}, to A.A. Allen & Kathryn Kuhlman {Americans}. They are called ‘God’s Generals’ by minister Roberts Liardon.

Then there were those who caused incredible REVIVALS as well as HEALINGS {sometimes the two are interchangeable, it is the WORKING of the HOLY SPIRIT – It revives, It heals, It causes Miracles. There was:

John G Lake {1908-13}, Jack Coe {1950′s}, Oral Roberts {1950′s}, T.L. Osborn, Billy Graham {recent}, R.W. Shambach {60′s} – {Many of these I record from MEMORY, I could be off on dates. There are HUNDREDS MORE who changed the world in history through healings & revivals, through teaching & preaching.

I am reminded of a relative of mine, who every time someone in the family gets sick – she calls on me to pray. Twice, I refused, because the people she asked me to pray for had abused & or ignored me much of my life – one of them has not spoken to me for 41 years – I told her I COULD NOT PRAY for them as my prayers would not reach them, they had BLOCKED MY LOVE. This lady was INDIGNANT & said she had asked everyone else to pray, they were praying so the need was fulfilled. I laughed to myself, knowing the results.

st-helen st-rita-of-cascia temptationenh temptation-of-jesus3 tempted-by-the-devil The-Communion-of-Saints the-executioner-of-stuttgart-shows-the-mother-of-kepler-the-instruments-G16F2P The-High-Middle-Ages_Medieval-Inquisition-Trials-Torture-and-Sermons_QBS_Featured

Most people’s prayers are MERE WORDS. God does not respond to empty words. She responds to ENERGY – FEELINGS – WILL POWER – LOVE. I know what kind of Power my prayers have, & I could not send this Power to those who refused me as a human being & therefore as an Agent of God – Jesus said,

‘If you do not receive me on Earth, I will not receive you in Heaven.’

So I will simply add this: If a person is IN A STATE OF GRACE they will be heard, but if they are NOT ANOINTED for special manifestations such as HEALINGS & MIRACLES, these things WILL NOT HAPPEN. And so, those who pray to change the world, it is unlikely miracles will happen unless they are ANOINTED.

When I prayed the MESSAGE OF FATIMA in front of the WHITE HOUSE a miracle occurred: The Cold War ended, Communism ended, WWIII was prevented.

When I preached on the street 2.5 months (in winter, 2-3 hours a day), then prayed in a loud voice every day for a month, one hour a day for the VICTIMS OF ABUSE & AGAINST PREDATORS {I did not name specifics} a MIRACLE OCCURED: The pedophilia shakeup in the Catholic Church.

Other great things also happened because I AM ANOINTED. They will be listed elsewhere.

And so when one person says ‘pray’ they mean someone mouthing words, like all are equal in the saying of them, but when I am asked to pray, I am being called upon to MANIFEST MY GOD POWER & remember, JESUS DID NOT MANIFEST HIS GOD POWER & HEAL EVERYONE, only those he was called to do. For example, did Jesus PRAY for King Herod, the High Priest, & the Pharisees? Indeed not. Such people had already from the start, BLOCKED JESUS, BLOCKED GOD, BLOCKED THE LOVE OF THE ALMIGHTY & so it would have been a MOOT POINT to pray for them – they were all destined for Hell.

Enough said, Guru Rasa Von Werder 1-9-21

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 William Bond says: RASA ANSWERS

unnamed (61) unnamed (62) unnamed (63) unnamed unnamed unusual-forest-home-1-554x368-300x250 Frith, William Powell, 1819-1909; Monsieur Jourdain's Dancing Lesson

The whole idea of the oligarchs or elites overplaying their hand is nothing new. If the elites could get away with reducing the common people to slavery, they would. History has proven this, time and time again. The only reason why we are not all slaves is because there are brave people who are willing to fight back, but this is a ever present threat. The point is always is how bad does it have to be before the people rise up and challenge the power of the elites? And even if they do, will it change things for the better?

This will always happen under patriarchal rule but even when the people fight back the new rulers are not always better than the last ones. We can see this in Britain in the 17th century when Charles 1 tried to undermine parliament and started a civil war. The end result was that Charles 1 was beheaded but then Britain was then ruled by the dictator Oliver Cromwell who was worse than Charles 1. The same thing happened in the French revolution when again a King was executed but then France ended up ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte who again was worse than the King he replaced.

Though I do support the brave people who are trying to fight for the people within the patriarchal system I don’t see this as a long term solution. It think we are more likely to get a solution through a matriarchal religion.

friar-lawrence-at-capulets-tomb-romeo-and-juliet-act-v-scene-3-james-northcote Friedrich_Rehberg_-_Tod_der_Niobiden_-_12452_-_Bavarian_State_Painting_Collections Friedrich_Rehberg_-Kain friedrich-heinrich-füger-orpheus-und-eurydike friedrich-rehberg-andere-römischen-figuren-(figure-prese-dal-vero,-ad-incise-a-acqua-forte,-da-federico-rehberg)-(5 friedrich-rehberg-julius-sabinus-in-der-verbannung friedrich-rehberg-venus-consoling-cupid-stung-by-a-bee from-paris-to-new-york-13-638

In my meditations I become aware of the limitless power of the Great Mother but talking about this to others seem to be a waste of time as I cannot communicate what I experience in my meditations. So the only way forward is to practice what I preach. It is no good telling people of the limitless power of the Great Mother if I cannot manifest it into my real life. So first and foremost I have to work on myself first, it is no good talking about the power of the Great Mother if I cannot demonstrate it to others.

So this is why I’m spending more time in meditation and contemplation because I don’t think I can achieve anything without the help and guidance from the Great  Mother……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



INDEED, IF POWER IS HANDED OVER FROM MAN TO MAN IT WILL BE THE SAME GAME AGAIN & AGAIN. What we are fighting is the NATURE of men, taken over by the DEMONIC, where these men demonstrate & manifest EVERY SIN THERE IS: greed, manipulation, exploitation, unfairness, cruelty, violence of all types, & war.

As long as there are MEN running the family, world, society, there will be GREAT EVIL, vices & sins on a wholesale level. Unfortunately, the question of switching the rulership from men to women is not even on the table, it’s a question never aired, nor discussed in our world.

But as long as this rule of men goes on, there will NEVER be peace, justice or happiness on earth – it is IMPOSSIBLE given the NATURE OF MEN.

Most people cannot see the BIG PICTURE, they see only in part & through their little ego, the world as it affects them personally. They can’t stretch their minds to see what, overall, men are doing, why they are doing it.

The small-minded are waiting for the man on the white horse, the savior, superman, the good guy who rises up against the wicked & brings justice – a good King. But all Kings of this world rise through terror & violence, or selling out to them who use terror & violence – such as the Presidents of our country who are merely puppets of the Demonics ruling the world. And the demonics have no mercy, love, justice, fairness, nothing good, they are pure evil with no redeeming qualities.

The only hope for mankind is women taking over, but this is taking a long time. Male extinction is inevitable, in 100K years. They would be diminishing during these years, but when will they recede to the point they can no longer intimidate & murder women? Who knows. Will it be 1K 10K, 20K, 30K years or more? Will the world have to put up with this Patriarchy 30K more years?

For what we can do – there are many things. But before they can do anything, the mentally paralyzed, herd-running sheeple must be aware of what is being done to them, galvanize their faith in Mother God, get serious & stick together in our quest to Empower Women. But they aren’t doing that. When I speak to people about this subject they look at me like ‘What is she talking about, is she weird?’ And they simply live day to day, hoping they survive, not understanding the forest for the trees – they GET NOTHING, they are ASLEEP, UNAWARE & are not even TRYING to find truth through alternative media.

deer-chipmunk-summer-appalachian-folk-art-rural-country-farm-landscape-americana-walt-curlee default departing-guests-william-arthur derrick-song-street-market-stage4-low desert-stars-long-exposure desi_rodriguez_lone_bear_northern_cheyenne_montana_project_562_matika_wilbur DetNRenXUAA408_ Devils_Tower_historical_drawing_1880

And so, sadly, Mother God’s work, the extinction of men, will do its job. Men are receding, deteriorating, falling back, while bit by bit women are expanding, getting stronger, going forward, but this is SO SLOW that it happens in spurts, then men get extra violent {as they are now with biowarfare} to recapture their points, the women’s movement slows down, plateaus out, we move ahead slowly.

Bottom line is. There is no point of fighting within the system, such as one President against another. Today’s joke re Trump denouncing Biden & causing the insurrection in Washington is neither here nor there. They are both puppets. Now they are going to impeach Trump, his own cabinet, the few days he has left? Waste of time & taxpayer money, let them all go where they want to go, leave the citizens alone.

What they are doing with all these scandals, activities, accusations, threats of impeachment toward Presidents, the Nixon impeachment mess, the Reagan contra bullcrap, the Clinton blow job nonsense, the Trump whatever – is get the people’s minds OFF THE REAL ISSUES, get the media talking EVERY DAY about irrelevant, nonsensical matters, stop them from actually discussing WHAT REALLY MATTERS. And what does?

Our govt as well as most government of the world are cheating, exploiting, injuring & killing the citizens. The citizens need to sit down in counsels, groups, & discuss what can be done.

Why are our children going autistic from mandatory vaccines? Why are these new diseases springing up with deadly consequences? Why are the taxes so unfair & people can no longer survive properly, with rest & recreation, but have to rip their hair out wondering if they’ll make it day to day? Aren’t there enough resources on this planet to feed everyone, give everyone a good home? Of course there are, we are being managed this way to make people miserable, to exploit us, to make us slaves.

The answer to all questions & problems is for women to take over the world – but when you say it people look at you like you’re mad. And so, we throw up our hands. Let the time clock of Mother God run its course, let men deteriorate every generation until most of the violence is knocked out of them, then we can relax & let women begin to be free, unhampered, & take over. 


Some of my good friends believe that when women are elected to office, they will automatically implement Mother-Natured policies, but right now, most of the females in office have to play along with Patriarchy. Some are dedicated ‘dicks in skirts,’ others are powerless to make significant moves that show CARE. When will this change? Only when women constitute the MAJORITY of the government bodies, like 52% of the senate, 52% of Congress, a female President, mostly female cabinet, most high offices held by women, most local seats held by men – & ditto for other governing bodies. Then it still WON’T BE EASY because the men will try oppose them to pass the usual DEMONIC policies, but at least Woman-Nature will have A FIGHTING CHANCE.

I ask men who are political experts like William Bond & Ajax the Great, by current patterns & statistics, when do you think females will hit the 52% quorum? I think it’s moving ahead at a snail’s pace & will take hundreds of years.

We must add into this equation as what happens to the Real Government, the Shadow Govt, the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, the TRILLIONAIRES who are in control of world leaders, world banks, control the world? How do we get around them even when women get 52% offices?

If women succeed into offices the trillionaires will PAY THEM OFF or try to – the way they do the men. Or else, they will THREATEN TO MURDER THEIR CHILDREN & FAMILIES {not joking, they are killers, they killed 77 holistic doctors in the last 2 years to prevent opposition to vaccines} if they don’t do as they are told. Under these two axes, most women would fold over & vote for Patriarchal Policies.

And so, before women can change policies, be actually free to run the world, the TRILLIONAIRES, THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, THE SHADOW GOVT. has to be dismantled / disempowered. And how is that done? Of course it can be done, eventually, as men move toward extinction. But how long will it take?

We must bear in mind these people on top probably member about 20K last I heard. If we galvanize there is a chance of disempowering them, but how? To begin with would be understanding, agreement & prayer.

How many souls praying together can unhinge & dismantle the Shadow Govt.? Not many. My prayers alone, one woman, did the following two things: One, my Love & the Speech in front of the White House, on Our Lady of Fatima, ENDED THE COLD WAR, THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION OF WWIII………………

Second, the phenomenon of the CATHOLIC CHURCH PEDOPHILIA SCANDAL exposed was the result of my prayers for three months, one hour a day. But of course, I have SUPERNATURAL POWER GIVEN ME BY GOD.

How many would it take, exactly like me, through out the world, praying, to make this happen? It would take only TWENTY PEOPLE – this is what God tells me. How do I reach these 20 people & get them to pray? I don’t know how except to pray & ask GOD to reach out to them & facilitate it. That’s all I have to say right now.

Guru Rasa Von Werder 1-8-21

ix001153_600x Jan_Boeckhorst_(circle)_Bacchanal Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå Jean_Raoux_-_Orpheus_and_Eurydice_-_73.PA.153_-_J._Paul_Getty_Museum @nick_pay_ton

1-7-21-Anger & Hate From Lover

The beginning I am in the driveway of my Aunt/Uncle’s house {which means suffering} & am trying to get somewhere through the wilderness. I never enter the house, they are away for a long time, a great wilderness is all around them & I must get somewhere.

Later I see myself holding a pint of cooked rice, so I know this is about MARRIAGE. I’m trying to work out the relationship with my Spiritual Husband Bob.

I go through the wilderness for a long time – there are hills, it’s foggy/dusk, & hard to see. Soon NIGHT will come, it will be impossible to continue, I have no protection, I must find refuge against the cold, rain, & even BEARS.

I wind up back at the driveway of Aunt & hope the garage is not locked. I try it, it’s open. I go in. There’s two vehicles there, a blue sort of sports car, & a square sort of utility vehicle, brown. I hope the sports car is not locked, I can sleep in it, be comfortable & safe. It’s open, I’m planning to rest there.

Before I rest, however, I see through the front window a guy trying to revv up his bicycle, which has some sort of motor, trying hard & having a hard time. He gets it going but ends up stopping again by the side of my garage, I see him through the side window. I take pity on him, although I don’t know him, I’ll take a chance & invite him into the garage where he can find comfort. I call out,


shiloh45 sg120312_azalea SewingLesson_GSmith seaport-by-moonlight-by-claude-joseph-vernet-xzendor7 BAL34355 screen-shot-2017-12-19-at-12-07-13-1513685260 Sarah_Sophia_Child_Villiers,_Countess_of_Jersey_(née_Fane)_(1785-1867),_by_Alfred_Edward_Chalon Sapho_se_précipitant_à_la_mer-Jean-Joseph_Taillasson_mg_8216 (1)


loudly one, two, three times. His head jerks up, finally he sees me & calls my name. He knows me? I guess I help him, save him from the night.

*(GUY I HELP: I am suffering, but I reach out to help someone who needs it. It’s my mate Bob. What was he trying to do? Probably the same thing as I, find a relationship, it could be with me but maybe not. He was having trouble GETTING SOMEWHERE & I am ready, willing & able to give him REFUGE but in the dream, I don’t see it happening. That could mean he does not cooperate – which in true life he did not.

This could be a hint that Bob is not cooperating with God AGAIN. He did it before, it’s his pattern.

When one has multiple dreams they sometimes bear the same theme, this could be the theme of his rejecting his opportunity for love, remaining a lowlife, & losing it all.

You cannot force a person to Love. He doesn’t love anyone, not his physical wife, he has rejected his spiritual wife, he sure doesn’t love the women he fukks – he’s a lowlife.)*


HIS HOUSE: Now I’m at the house of Bob & his live-in, inside with her, talking to her about FOOD. She was having a problem, somehow & called on me to help her. I am not full of hate or jealousy toward her, I was glad to help.

One item I was working on was some sort of pizza portions, made with mozzarella cheeze on top. It seems we must feed a few people, looking for food. Then there was cooked rice with salmon on top, it’s in chunks like hard, dry – although she cooked it, I am serving it to her, don’t know why. We seem to be happy & friendly.

*(FOOD, NUTRITION might not be literal, it could be emotional. There’s an emotional problem in her relationship with Bob, the rice says it’s marriage, it’s hard, not palatable or inviting. That she’s reaching out to me must be spiritual, she could be praying, & I appear. Bob is nasty, he’s using her, there’s no love, she’s enduring it.)*

I ask her if Bob is nice to her or nasty. She’s looking down at the work in her hands & says he’s nasty. But she tolerates it. I ask her is he ever nice, or only when he wants something? She says only when he wants something.

Neue Freunde (New Friends). 1881 NEPE-HI-2808 Nenry_John_Boddington_BOD040 nature-summer-landscape-countryside-view-rustic-gate-england-uk-46698638 native-american-village-granger Native-American-Girl-in-Traditional-Dress-a

*(ONLY WHEN HE WANTS SOMETHING: This proves Bob is using her the way he used me, he doesn’t show true love.)*

I hear someone coming & go to the door. It’s Bob & a male friend. I stand just at the door & happily say to him,

“I’m here at the invitation of Ruthie”.


But he scowls, full of hate, & walks away with the guy, did not want to be there while I was, did not like my being there.

*(HIS HATE, HE WALKS AWAY: Who or what does he hate? He hates God, he hates Love. I am not Rasa the flesh, I am the God Self, answering the prayer of his physical wife, Ruthie, come to help her. He doesn’t care about her, God or Love right, he is in a negative place, could be mortal sin.)*

Where the apt is is a floor up, there is a walkway with metal railing. He was walking on the left of the guy, the rail on his left.

ANOTHER SCENE is I am standing with Bob next to me & the feeling from him is UGLY & he looks ugly. His face is a mass of wrinkles, like he’s 100 years old, but nothing sags, the wrinkles are tight like CORDS, his whole face is riddled with cords, & the cords are all colors. Have you ever seen a RAG RUG? It has cords round & round, made of different color rags. His cords are very TIGHT. The feeling from him is NASTY.

*(FACE ALL WRINKLES, CORDS, ALL COLORS: Cords are like ROPES. Ropes are like chains, threads, they are attachments. This bespeaks right now he is wholly attached to the world – people & the things of the world rather than things of the Spirit or God. He has sunken into the lowest part of himself, & being separated from God, he’s ugly.)*

Some guy comes by, he is handsome. He’s wearing a uniform, it seems like father & son. I smile at him. They are at a window, I’m still standing with Bob next to me, but I ignore him & reach out to the beautiful young man, saying,

“Are you a scout? I love scouts, I used to be one.”

*(HANDSOME SCOUT with his FATHER: Not sure what this means. Could it be I’m reminded to what real beauty is, inside? This young man is with his Father, at a window. His Dad could be the God Self, the way Jesus would refer to his Heavenly Father. And being at a window is a person seeking opportunity, not shutting it out the way Bob has.)*

Ann_Mance_Indian_Camp_ncbf1s anthcvr_465_772_int Anthony-on-a-Swing AnticStore-Large-Ref-71974 Apache_Wickiup,_Edward_Curtis,_1903 Apache-Wickiup-Camp-1882 aphrodite-adonis-01 appalachian-fall-thanksgiving-wheat-field-harvest-farm-landscape-painting-rural-americana-autumn-walt-curlee

Don’t recall what else but there is also another attractive man near us, & I say to Bob, which is meant to hurt him,

“Why don’t you have sex with this guy instead of the one your doing it with now?”

He was shocked that I knew he was doing sex with a guy. Then I looked into the distance beyond us in the sky, right, like toward a mountain, & said to him,

“I will not die until I see you suffer as much as you have made me suffer.”

*(WILL SEE HIM SUFFER AS MUCH AS HE MADE ME SUFFER: This seems so final, like all bets are off, like it’s finished between us, all that’s left is the karma of his sins, a curse on him, I will see it, & that will make it right. Yet I have all the predictions of us being together, is this nullified?
If it’s final, then this is saying, that in spite of the Spiritual Marriage, where our souls are joined in Holy Wedlock, he has rejected God & me, he has turned his back on Heaven – like in the dream where I’m visiting his wife, he turns away.
And it predicts that I will see him suffer as he has made me suffer. That will be so bad I don’t know how he’ll endure it, being a coward & a weakling. But it’s all because of his cowardice he will suffer – all he had to do the last year & a half was call me, but he was too proud. Now he has rejected all that is good & is ANGRY at his loss.

How do I feel if it is over? All the promises of God nullified? I trust in God that whatever happens, is the right thing. My faith, hope, love, trust & confidence are in God & if he walks away forever, God will give me the strength to get over it & be happy. God is all. I’m mostly there now already, it took a long time to get over this.)*


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Men Ending Women Beginning 1-7-21


William, you have demonstrated your Mother God Presence & Power in your work all along She’s been active inside you all your life & still is.

The only thing that upsets me a bit is why aren’t you helping promote the New Religion I wrote, with you & Pete participating? Pete has helped, he’s written a review on Lulu that is great. You might do something like that, anything.

It looks like the tempest in Washington is over & Trump caused it. I just looked at the news for 5 minutes – the BBC news as they are more trustworthy than America’s. But Trump is only a PUPPET & so why do the over-seers want this? The Sons of Liberty say it’s a FALSE FLAG from the soundbyte I just received.

My opinion, see what you guys think. WWI {1914-1918}started RIGHT AFTER the FIRST WAVE OF THE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT. We had Susan B Anthony {1820-1906} & Elizabeth Cady Stanton {1815-1902} in America, with Emmeline Pankhurst {1858-1928} in the UK. They were MONUMENTALLY EFFECTIVE – No promotion of women’s rights had ever been this successful in the history of Patriarchy.


But IMMEDIATELY after that, they broke out the War, which SHUT DOWN the women’s movement – it ended it then & went into a SOMNAMBULENT STATE for many years – right up to Betty Friedan with ‘The Feminine Mystique’ in 1963.

This second movement was also MONUMENTALLY SUCCESSFUL. It went on strongly, but was compromised, under the guise of help, by the Rockefeller Foundation, which FUNDED IT. The funding supposedly helped, but the GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENT lost its spark. So it plateaued out for some years. I believe the men thought they had the women’s movement IN THEIR POCKET, under their control, they had paid Gloria Steinem off.

But then a couple people began working strongly for FEMALE EMPOWERMENT – William Bond & Kellie Everts, aka Rasa Von Werder. It was activities, books & articles by both people. For Kellie it was FEMALE BODY BUILDING starting 1972, reaching its zenith with Kim Chizevsky, {her awards from 1989-1999, retired when the men changed the rules & said women ‘had to be more feminine & less muscular’}   & STRIPPING FOR GOD, from 1972 to 1987. 


For William it was EVIDENCE, strongly argued, why WOMEN SHOULD RULE THE WORLD. Rasa followed in William’s footsteps when she got “off the stage” & onto the internet, pushing FEMALE SUPREMACY / SUPERIORITY, the work of Dr. Ashley Montagu & later Dr. Bryan Sykes with his “Adam’s Curse – A World Without Men”.

Their work, although neither is HERALDED by academia or the mainstream world {neither was female body building & the press only used Kellie as a NOTORIOUS FLUKE} was NOTICED & IMITATED. You suddenly had ‘The Redundant Male,’ ‘The End of Men’ in the mainstream – they took the ideas of William & Kellie/Rasa & ran with them all the way to the Newsweek / Time Magazine Covers, there was an UPSURGE of attention to the END OF MEN, the BEGINNING OF FEMALE POWER – it was dizzying to say the least, this had NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

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The men, as usual, what is their answer to FEMALES RISING UP? It was no different than what they did from 7K years ago: Violence & the threat of it. Make people so AFRAID that they will quit all their political, intellectual, spiritual manifestations & concentrate on SURVIVAL. PARALIZE THE PEOPLE where they stand, get the attention away from anything UNUSUAL, DIFFERENT, & put the attention wherever the MEN IN CHARGE WANT IT TO BE – which in cases of WAR its simple, instinctive SURVIVAL.

MEN DO THIS WHENEVER WOMEN PROTEST, on an individual level. When a woman says to a man ‘I’m leaving you’ it’s at the peril of their lives. Violence often ensues, at the least, intimidation. THEY HAVE NO OTHER LEVERAGE. Human males have NO POWER OVER WOMEN BUT VIOLENCE & MURDER. They are INFERIOR to women in all ways. They cannot DISPENSE with women because they CANNOT REPRODUCE. They NEED WOMEN but they want to CONTROL THEM & they cannot dominate women spiritually, mentally, emotionally, nor in any way, except by UNJUST LAWS & VIOLENCE WITH THE THREAT OF MURDER.


If you ignore the thousands of DETAILS that surround our everyday world, we are at that EXACT STATE RIGHT NOW, since they created the ‘Pandemic.’

What the governments have done is in the light of women rising up AS NEVER BEFORE they have pushed up their war agenda so high, that they are literally ATTACKING THE PEOPLE, not with guns outright, or bombs, but with INJECTIONS under all sorts of guises – they call them vaccines – but no one knows what’s INSIDE THOSE VACCINES & what the long-term effects will be – these injections have been proven to cause autism in children {30% more than normal!}, & some have on purposefully been filled with AIDS & other deadly toxins. This is the way the NEW WARS ARE WAGED & they have now waged it strongly, & created all sorts of rules, laws & limitations on the people so THEY CAN’T FIGHT BACK. For example, we can’t GATHER {like the old Communist days,} because in gathering, people talk & make plans how to fight the governments, they find strength.

So where are we now? We are at the place where we are victims of war, UNDER SIEGE. The war against the people has taken up all the headlines – they control the media. They are struggling to maintain control by exaggerating, magnifying this ‘Pandemic’ which they orchestrated & are blowing a million miles out of proportion to stifle us with rules, rules, & more rules, & they are trying to make it worse. You can see, if you are aware, their machinations day by day, how hard they are trying – they are desperate.

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And so, they have taken the wind out of the sails of the Matriarchal, Female Empowerment / Supremacy movement, but it’s not DEAD. All the work done, since the FIRST WAVE, is ALIVE & WELL. The work of William Bond, Kellie Everts / Rasa Von Werder, as well as many others, is ALIVE, the IDEAS are still in the heads of millions of people, they have not shut us down, you might say it’s temporarily somnambulant – as far as the mainstream goes. Hannah Rosen is not appearing on the cover of Newsweek with articles like ‘The End of Men’ right now – but THE END OF MEN is still on the way – {& they know it, therefore the DESPERATION!}

So Matriarchs, hang in there, keep writing & PROMOTING. Not all of you can write, if you can’t, promote the work of Matriarchy, whatever it is, old days, new days, anything, just keep PROMOTING the END OF MEN & WOMEN TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

Rasa Von Werder 1-7-21


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A Decade Ago, The Same Players Of Today Used The Same Tactics & The

Same Script As The CONvid-1984 – But They Failed – Let’s Make Them Fail,

Again! (Video)


From 1841 Exhibition of painting, A Scene of the Inquisition, vi


In a video montage that I managed to acquire, we can go back a decade and see the very same liars and manipulators that were in a position of power back then, including Anthony Fauci, following the exact same script as today and using the exact same tactics. This was in regards to the H1N1 swine flu, but the similarities are identical in how they pushed fear on the public in order to produce a vaccine, making Big Pharma lots of money and steadily ramping up the mind control of the population to embrace vaccines.

No words are needed for this. If you have actually been listening to the narrative, and you’ve been coming here for news and commentary, then you know that’s all they have are words. They have lost the narrative and they are losing the vaccine propaganda war.

RASA SAYS: THE VIDEO EXPLAINS how ten years ago they used the “Swine Flu” to make money, give vaccines to innocent babies, with no knowledge of long-term reactions, tried to spread fear, hysteria among the people, made billions of dollars, but overall THEIR PLANS DID NOT WORK BECAUSE THE FLU DID NOT SPREAD. They FALSIFY accounts of deaths, exaggerate, lie, they are trying to use us to do what they want to do. All we can do is RESIST. Do NOT get any type of vaccines & DO NOT get your children, loved ones, vaccinated for ANYTHING. The vaccines might contain any kind of poison they wish, including their-created AIDS.


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“The Edge” Movie Review


Movie Review of “The Edge” 1-6-21

starring Sir Anthony Hopkins & Alec Baldwin with Elle MacPherson

“Following a plane crash in Alaska’s wilderness, a wealthy intellectual and the fashion

photographer who covets his wife must rely on each other for survival.”

from Rasa Von Werder



One of the most amazing SuperHero movies, the fantasy of a male writer imagining himself as one. In the beginning you have this average looking BILLIONAIRE who has the most beautiful wife on earth – all he wants to do is READ & gather info – he apparently has a photographic memory as he ‘knows everything’. The hotel owner tries to trick him with a question, but he foils him; knows the secret answer. He’s quiet, shy, not imposing, not aggressive, not anything. I was wondering ‘where is this guys claim to fame, he’s the star.’ It is shown to us that naturally EVERYONE WANTS HIM FOR HIS MONEY, including the hotel owner who presents a ‘proposition’ – he doesn’t get mad, just walks away, he’s virtuous. Remember that word, ‘virtuous’ – it will factor in greatly……

Now Alec Baldwin is a photographer featuring his wife – wow is she stunning – who decides they must find this INDIAN CHIEF who is somewhere 80 miles away, they must go get him as the model with the wife. The plot thickens. They (he & a young black guy with dreds) invite Anthony to go with them on this adventure – for some reason, I guess he likes adventure, he accepts. Now in a dramatic scene, the plane crashes & into the water. Alec escapes quickly but Anthony has to cut the black man out of his harness & they both emerge. Then off they go, hoping to find their way home but the two young guys are skittish, negative & confused. Anthony remains POSITIVE, wise & reassuring the entire time. He gives his knife to the dred-man, to make a spear, who quickly gives himself a bad wound on the thigh. Anthony binds him up, then to his alarm, sees his bloody socks hanging on a branch, Anthony screams that he told them to bury these – as the BLOOD could attract a bear – but IT’S TOO LATE. A huge Kodiak comes upon them, after the dred-man, Anthony & Alec try to ward him off with torches, but it’s impossible, you see the bear tearing the poor boy limb to limb, all the others can do is run for their lives……..



Days pass, they try fires, all kinds of adventures, they are starving, cold rain hits, a helicopter comes overhead but misses them……The bear is stalking them & in an improbable situation devised by Anthony they trap him with spears, the bear gets impaled on one, Anthony has the COURAGE OF ST. GEORGE WITH THE DRAGON – now they have food for weeks if needed & fur to wrap themselves in…..By chance they come upon a cabin on stilts, it’s quite wonderful. Inside Alec finds a rifle, lots of bullets. Anthony knows Alec wants to kill him for the wife – he’s been saying it all along. Anthony finds some proof where his wife ordered a watch for Alec engraved with ‘thanks for all the nights.’ OK, Alec makes Anthony go outside, where he’ll shoot him in the back, but instead of turning around, Anthony take some steps toward him. As Alec backs up, he falls into a BEAR HOLE with huge spikes on the bottom – he’s impaled. Now comes the biggest hero part. Anthony turns out to be ANOTHER JESUS CHRIST. Instead of leaving his traitor, would-be assassin in the hole, he FORGIVES HIM, gets in there, gets him off the spike & binds him up, then drags him into the open where a helicopter finally finds them. While Anthony is drawing the attention of the copter, he looks back at Alec, who is dead…..

They get back to the hotel where a hundred people await. The wife is still pretending, Anthony gives her Alec’s watch with the engraving about the ‘nights.’ No recrimination, no revenge, no nothing. This is a superhero of spiritual proportions – saving someone at his own peril, killing a Grizzly bear, forgiving his killer, forgiving his wife, enduring all hardships with aplomb – yes, another Superman for all of us to admire. No man is like that, the one who wrote it imagines himself to be this person, but don’t sweat, you meet a man like this only in your dreams. It’s a good story………………..


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About the Grizzly encounters – I wrote these comments as well as the review on the You tube presentation:

My You tube account is under my show biz name

Kellie Everts 48-28-38 conducts Night Train

I’m on 58:00 & this is well done. The plane crash was dramatic, then the bear. The got away but made a mistake. The three of them, one was hurt & the guys did not listen to Anthony & bury his bloody socks – the smell of blood brought back the huge Kodiak bear. He got the wounded guy – the other guys tried with a fire stick to stop him but could not. So far, well done, not what I expected. Yes Anthony is a good actor……………………..

Kellie Everts 48-28-38 conducts Night Train

OK their battle with the bear is dramatic but truthfully unrealistic. They kill him with spears. They have OUTRUN him several times which is impossible because you cannot outrun a bear, even a black bear can run 40 miles an hour. So to kill a Grizzly, two guys with two sharpened sticks, OK it’s just a movie. The bear with one swipe would have knocked their entire bodies over, spear & all, knocked them unconscious. According to this the spear got lodged between rocks & the bear impaled itself on it. OK, nice fantasy for them, not the poor bear. The bear was ‘stalking’ them this ALMOST NEVER happens in real life. I have seen dozens of documentaries of humans going through the wilderness with the biggest Kodiak bears around, not one was stalked. It happens like once in many years. In Alaska I think 3 humans were killed in the last 100 years by Grizzlies. And it doesn’t make sense that the bear had just killed & presumably eaten the other guy – that would have taken him days to consume the entire body, but here he is after a day stalking them, like he has a grudge. Not realistic but OK, it’s a movie……………………..

download DpbHCaoWwAESyOy E12AjCr e25d68d883c7fa858c4dad21397529eb e14718e182ba05eaf058f72a192af10a ead5ee010fd13f89a4ffde3761f94154 ElderlyHardHoatzin-size_restricted f10c5fcdb94355b83c54eb156f5b4866

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