By Rasa Von Werder, April 6th, 2020

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Interpreted for an out-of-state friend, it’s no one you know.


        I see a lover of mine, Fred, in a mental way ‘standing in front of me’ & he speaks clearly as if he was right here in the room. He says,


        “I am a VICTIM. My father raped me from the time I can remember until I was twelve years old.”


        This is spoken in a matter-of-fact way, delivering a message/statement—information. It seems to be an answer to yesterday’s dream, where I spoke about Fred & Fredonia–they were desperate for money as both are addicts & the dream said he had committed a burglary. He’s explaining why he’s an addict—which I already knew but he confirms it.


        In the next vision I see a cloth bag with two cloth handles{looks like light-colored burlap}, & inside the bag is the head of his wife,  just her head–there is no blood but still, a head without a body is creepy.


        *(JUST HER HEAD: She is a ‘head’ which in slang means ‘addict:’


      Urban slang dictionary:  “Can refer to any sort of user, but was originally most associated with the use of psychotropic substances like mescaline, LSD and DMT. … Stoner”


        HEAD IN BAG: Means this is ‘her bag’ or what she likes, the song ‘Pappa’s Got a Brand New Bag.’)*


        I see her head out of the bag from the back, & embedded in the back of her neck is a round copper-colored metal ‘ring’—solid like the middle of a tire—it looks like that but small, about 3.5” across. It’s puffy in the middle, then an indentation around, then a ridge, & on the outside of the ridge are small holes {only big enough for threads}. Half the ring is inside her neck, half sticking out—not a vision I enjoy seeing.


        COPPER RING EMBEDDED IN NECK: Need help, MomGod.


        She: My best guess is the ring is a PENNY {they are copper} because they HAVE NO MONEY.—It’s


        IN HER NECK: because the lack of money {for her ‘head need’ or drugs} is a huge problem or PAIN IN HER NECK. The tiny holes on the outside edge of this penny are only big enough for a

pulp_baumhofer_meteor_menace pulp_soare_fear_merchants pulp_thirsty ql_c_140515_1479_1024x1024 

        THREAD—this refers to ‘by a thread’ which means ‘in a tentative way’, a way that can ‘break’ or end easily. Their economic situation is they got by ‘on a thread’ or lived week to week, day by day, to supply needs plus substances. But you notice there is NO THREAD in any of the holes, it’s not there, they have nothing, not even the bare survival they did before.)*

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