By Rasa Von Werder, April 12th, 2020
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For a friend


          I’m driving my white Corvette from long ago. The parking lot, in fact two or three of them in a row, is on top of my high lawn, but this is twice as high, twice as big as my real lawn. Let’s say my real lawn from where my house sits would be up two stories, this goes up four stories & has a lot of bare hard dirt like a driveway. There are two rows of parking spots here, somehow just like an asphalt parking lot with white stripes showing the spots & writing where it’s for disabled—although there’s no asphalt, just bare driveway-style dirt & patches of low grass here & there.


          *(WHITE CORVETTE: a sign of my wanting to be married to Steven ‘from long ago’ because this wish started years ago–the car only seats two & it’s WHITE. So I’m wishing to be with Steven, be close to him.


          DOWNTOWN: ‘Downtown’ meant mostly to see Steven, although I did not always see him. Here being on the

          HIGH HILL: is that familiar symbol, ‘on the Cross’ where Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.’ So in a minor sense, I, my hopes are ‘crucified’ or ‘crossed out’ – I cannot go downtown because all bars are closed & there’s a curfew—that cancels out seeing Steve because I either see him there or not at all—{why not at all is too complicated to explain here.}

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          NEXT TO HANDICAPPED: Is where I park, at first I was the row further away but I move closer here. The clue is ‘handicapped’—am I almost, not quite handicapped? That is to say, am I stymied, prevented from doing what I want to do, disabled? This dream is saying ‘partially’ but not really—close to it, but not there.


          GRAVEL or BARE DIRT of parking area: This is some sort of HARDSHIP, a driveway-type gravel is hard like rock, there are only patches of grass, this is saying it’s been hard for me to see Steven, I feel deprived.)*

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          I’m looking for a good place to park while I go what seems like downtown but this is right by my house {dreams are not always logical}. But since I have a slight problem walking due to pain, I don’t want to park too far. I pulled into the farther lot at first, now moved to the closer one, I won’t have to walk as far.


          There are only 2-3 cars here & there, I pull into one spot to the left of ‘handicapped’—a good spot.


          *(PAIN: I’m in a slight emotional pain for not being able to go dt & see Steven.)*


          But after I pull in & fix the gear for ‘park’ it doesn’t seem to work, like the gear is broken. I don’t want to take a chance the car rolling downhill, so I drive downhill to the right to check it out. I get out of the car & a strange thing happens: The car turns into a vanilla pretty plastic basket similar to the pink plastic basket in my fancy bathroom {it’s softly ribbed with a design edging on top it goes from a bit smaller on bottom to a bit larger on top, it’s graceful} & the basket has a string on it. And so, amazingly, I hold my entire Corvette in my left hand, its light as can be, in my right hand I carry a bag, & am delighted to be able to do this. Is it some kind of miracle that I can carry my Corvette in one hand?

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          *(CORVETTE BECOMES LIGHT ENOUGH TO CARRY IN MY LEFT HAND, looks like my fancy basket in the rr only bigger, easy to carry: This is ‘my burden is light, my yoke is sweet,’ will explain why not going dt is no longer a burden or hardship. My mind is ‘at rest’ {rest room} on the issue. The corvette is hope of marriage, the basket being vanilla is the same thing. I’m holding is by a string is ‘strings attached,’ which is like a ring, a harness, the two of us being ‘hitched’ {hitched is another way of saying ‘yoked’ where two oxen or horses are ‘evenly hitched’—another symbol of marriage.}


          The basket/Corvette or concept of marriage being fluted, ribbed, pretty & GRACEFUL {there is the KEY!} is that the GRACE OF GOD is ON MY SIDE! God has spoken to me in hundreds of dreams explaining it is her will & our destiny to be hitched. I am reminded of this & comforted once again although there is no immediate physical manifestation.)*


          I gingerly walk through the lower part of my ‘higher’ yard {the lower yard is like one & a half stories down, say 20’} toward the house.

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          Then I get a crazy feeling. I turn around to the end of the yard where there is in the dream, a tall privacy fence, & this young man who’s always here – he’s part of my family, house, a fixture – is working in a corner of the fence—carpentry work, maybe nailing something. Here I was hoping to go ‘downtown’ as I was lonely, & yet, this guy is always here & I didn’t pay attention to him.


          *(GUY ALWAYS HERE: This is Steven. You are reminded so many times & this dream says you are together now & always. He is by the


          PRIVACY FENCE nailing something in a corner: This says it will be privacy or the two of you will be just you – alone as a couple, no one else, no interference, walled off from others. He is


          WORKING ON THIS, NAILING IT: means he’s preparing, nailing it, ‘fixing it,’ ‘getting it,’ ‘hitting the nail on the head,’ ‘making it secure.’ He has some things to do to make this happen.


HE’S ALWAYS HERE: The two of you are always together because your souls are UNITED. When two people are ONE it means they want to be together; their WILLS are the same, their desires, emotions, hearts are the same, they are together in spirit & that is real togetherness. Whereas roommates can be in the same place body wise, but if the two are not one in spirit, there’s no intimacy, no union. In a real relationship, two become one. You have to always pay attention to that-him, this is saying. You lost sight of that fact for a time.)*


          I go to him suddenly, turn him around to me & kiss him lovingly all over his face. He is surprised but he accepts it like its OK. The thing is I neglected him although he’s always here & I have no reason to be lonely.

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          *(KISS HIM LOVINGLY: A kiss like this transmits energy. You are communicating metaphysically & he feels it.

          Once a female disciple decided to kiss me before going to sleep. I was in bed & saw Marilyn Monroe lying next to me & giving me the sweetest kiss. This is the energy transmitted & received.


          The dream is saying be aware of his presence & don’t be lonely.)*


          But there’s a caution we must take—I point out to him. There’s someone in the house who mustn’t know we’re together. It’s the middle of the night although it’s bright, we can see like daylight–& so I told him at first no one would see us. Everyone in the house should be fast asleep.


          *(MIDDLE OF NIGHT EVERYONE IN HOUSE SHOULD BE FAST ASLEEP: Night here means all the people associated with us,


          IN THE HOUSE: are not aware that you & I are together. For us, it’s

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         DAYLIGHT, we can see although it’s the middle of the night: We are fully aware we love one another but they are not aware – they cannot see, they are asleep.


          SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE should not know we’re together: We don’t want his other woman to know about us to avoid interference or conflicts presumably.)*


          But then I look toward the house & driveway & I see a black woman I know is his relative – she’s dangerous {I don’t know why} & we mustn’t let her see us.


*(DANGEROUS BLACK WOMAN WE MUST NOT BE SEEN BY HER: This must be my lover’s ‘other woman.’ The dream says do not let her know we’re still in love & de facto married.)*

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To the left I see a group of attractive plastic urns {I used to have a lot, they’re made of plastic but look like something expensive, the way the design is with ribs, they are about 1.5’ tall, smaller on bottom, increase wider on top, about 12” diameter tops, graceful—I no longer have these, gave them away.} This black woman is his cousin maybe, she’s working on these urns, they’re lying in heaps inside each other–she’s in my driveway. I make my young man lie on the ground with me so she won’t spot us & we’re safe.


          *(LIE ON THE GROUND: Stay under the radar. Don’t alarm her jealousy or emotions, she doesn’t want us to be together.


URNS: These urns I ‘gave away’ hold plants. Plants usually represent PLANS for the future – things you hope will GROW, MATURE or MANIFEST. Because her plans contradict mine—we don’t want conflicts.


This also explains—


I GAVE THEM AWAY: I had physical plans for Steven that I gave up – realizing they weren’t necessary for him or us.

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She has plans like that. Him falling in love with her, being together permanently, the house with the picket fence & roses, ‘Just Molly & me, & baby makes three, in my Blue Heaven’ – Fats Domino, haha.

These pots I see are EMPTY & bright-shiny new-they are stacked one into the other in a few piles. Being EMPTY predicts these dreams will not come true. In other words, empty pots, empty dreams, no plants nothing will grow, mature or manifest.


Me: MomGod, this conflict between her & me, she will be livid with rage when she loses him to me. She’s supported him for years. She’s young & pretty, I’m old as the hills. Her friends & some of his will say he’s crazy. What do you say as far as God’s will, destiny & righteousness in this situation?

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She: Man-made plans vs God’s will, God always wins. God knows all, sees all, the flesh doesn’t. The flesh sees bodies, plastic prettiness, being young—the catch word is ‘appropriate.’

What seems appropriate to man—they do not see what God sees, the whole picture.

God sees inside. God saw both of you in another lifetime. God saw that lifetime end & a relationship unfulfilled.

God put you & him in this time & space knowing you would meet. God knew he would suffer trauma & you could heal him – no one else can.

God also knew he was a reward, a gift to you & you alone, but you would suffer, & you could endure that kind of suffering & still love him, you would persevere, & in the end, you would win.

What does the flesh know? The flesh is ignorant, blind, no discernment, not seeing within, not feeling the inside. Love is totally different than the physical eyes; it’s energy,  chemistry, it’s a million things  the flesh doesn’t see. And because none of these people understands,  let them think what they want to think & just ride off into the sunset.

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Don’t worry about them, just be happy, live for each other, leave them, don’t associate with the ones who disapprove, live for yourselves.)*


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