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interpreted for an out-of-state friend, it’s no one you know


        This is short but carries a heavy warning. A lover has done a burglary.

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        I’m in the apt in B’klyn when on the left I see standing there Harry, who’s been in jail for years on multiple burglaries. He did them with his girl friend, Hannah. I say to him,


        “Are you still with Hannah?”


        He says yes so I know he did this under her influence—with her/for her, still doing burglaries.

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        I express disgust & say,


        “And you have a JOB!”




        *(HARRY: The real Harry is still in jail but Harry represents the lover Fred & this warns he has burglarized a place.

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        This would be a result of the Pandemic – the roommate lost her job & they both do substances. This would be his, their, solution to the problem, but if it continues it’s guaranteed, at some point he’ll get caught, then jail—no drugs, no job in jail. {If this really happened, unless he made a huge haul he’d have to steal again & again & ‘crime doesn’t pay.’ Stealing would be a temporary solution to poverty; as soon as the money’s gone he/they would steal again—the terrible fate of addicts.


       Jail might be for the best as if they hold him there a while he’ll go through withdrawal. {That could be dangerous, though, as when addicts get out of jail they take a dose of drugs *like Heroin* that is far too strong, the amount they were used to prior to withdrawal, & they die of it. {I no longer know what substances Fred & Fredonia are on—he lies about it. But I do know their relationship is based on getting/sharing drugs….the Harry I know in jail, admitted it was to get more drugs.}

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        But then again, God told me lover Fred had to hit ‘rock bottom’ before he’d come to me. If he loses his job by being in jail, that would be about as poor as he/they could get. They would both be unemployed. Right now he works but refuses to pay the bills dreams tell me because he needs the bread for substances……… What would he do then? That might be the catalyst God told me would happen some day:


        “He will have nowhere to go, he will come to you.”


        Me: Well MomGod, would I want him in that condition? Would he be dangerous to me as far as stealing?

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        She: Not if you support him, haha. If you don’t help him then he might, but you will help him & the prayers, rituals, healings you do on him will eventually free him of drugs. You’ve partway healed him already but he has to come to you for the rest. This is his destiny—don’t be afraid.


As far as his behavior – he knows where his bread is buttered – he stuck with this girl for years for the money. Yes, he was unfaithful but he presented her on social media with the respect a wife gets.


He’ll stick with you like glue & walk the line because if he leaves he’ll be flat broke, no roof, no food, no substances {or else return to Mom & Pop like a baby—he’s a grown man, that would be embarrassing & traumatic–& they would provide only ‘bed & breakfast’.} And he’s always been in love with you but he stayed with the other lady for the drug money/survival—he did not have the courage to ask you.)*

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        Me: MomGod, about money. A lot of my money is in stocks which are now rock bottom. You told me years ago that putting it in blue chip stocks would result in a payoff like the lotto. When will the market go up & will the stocks be valuable?


        She: When this ‘Pandemic’ blows over the stocks will shoot up & in about eight years your money will be huge. You will never have any worries financially, be at peace.


        Me: MomGod, another issue. People have been criticizing me about this person all the while because of my age. Of course they will say I’m just an old lady & he’s with me for money. How do I deal with that?

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        She: No matter who you are, where you go, what you do, there will always be people to judge & criticize. Disregard them, ‘God is no respecter of persons,’ so if God doesn’t care about their opinion, why should you? —they are uneducated, ignorant, some of them twisted & damaged, just say ‘Mother, forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

Or else, tell them off, which you’re good at. They deserve it. In other words, if they say something bad on social media, answer them in kind, then forget it—water off a duck’s back. They wish they were in your shoes, just say, ‘Oh, he’s with me for money? Then I’m glad I have it.’)*

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