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MY DAD Chapter 5








CHANNELING: Btw people might ask what is channeling? Does the other person actually speak to you? Channeling is MIND READING. The person you channel can be living or dead, on earth, in Heaven or Hell. They in most cases won’t be aware you’re ‘talking’ to them but you’re accessing their mind or field of energy, like plugging into a computer.

At this point I want to channel my God Self {God is within all of us all the time, but people aren’t always aware of God or close to her.} I will ask God:

ME: Almighty God, tell me what did I learn from the abuse of my mother, how did it help me? I know I gained good from it, because you are a good God, & you would not permit evil to beat me up & let me stay on the ground. You will use every seemingly ‘bad’ thing for my benefit, the way you sometimes allow people to get cancer to bring them closer to you. They pray & cannot get rid of the cancer because you allowed it for their good – that is why healing cannot always work. If a disease is your will, healing will not happen, it would move them away from you again. I am saying that everything that happens to us, you use it for our greater benefit, & so I know the abuse benefitted me, but how?



GS {my God Self)}: You were chosen from before you were born to serve me – the Almighty, in a special way, & so you had to be strengthened & prepared. Look at the Marines, the military. Look how the sergeants treat the men, they take ‘soft’ boys & make soldiers out of them – they toughen them up. They drill them, make them exercise, work hard, make their own beds, I recall this movie where a Sergeant said to this guy,

“If you think I’m your Mamma you’ll wish you were dead.”

Imagine if the military was nice to the guys, haha. Imagine how they’d run amuck, do whatever they please, lollygag around the base, laugh & sing, neglect exercise & work, talk back to the officers, give their uneducated opinions. {Now imagine these clowns then getting geared up & gunned up & FACING BATTLE – Facing the enemy who wants to kill them, & they must be strong, tough, brave & SKILLFUL in their actions.} They are made to TOW THE LINE.

You were in a sense, made to tow the line, & you did it WILLINGLY. There are three people here who were especially cruel / exploitative to you – your Mom, the Putz & Rev. Judy. You were respectful & obedient to all three of them, & you learned & gained something from each.

Your Mom tried to break you down, demoralize you, with the help of family, so you had to STAND AGAINST DEMORALIZATION. You had to think as to why your life was valuable, why you deserved love even though they tried to make you feel low. Family can really hurt because they are the closest, whoever can access you the more easily can hurt you the most. Strangers are far away, they can’t get to you that much.

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Here is where your Catholic church & Catechism came in, the Holy Nuns who influenced you so much. You knew from the teachings that what is my purpose? ‘To know, love & serve God & be happy with her here & in eternity.’

You knew you are a creation of God, & that God loves you. You saw the example of Jesus Christ, how He was persecuted, for no reason but to save sinners. He did not deserve to die on the Cross or the Passion. It was all for a reason. And so, you knew you were being hurt, persecuted. You knew it wasn’t fair, but you clung to Jesus, & Mary & all the saints, you followed their example.

If they suffered, why should you not suffer?

It is suffering, adversity that makes us strong, not being given all that we need. When we fight for our lives, that tests our metal like steel tested in the fire.

Your family prepared you for what was to come. they were cruel, unfair, they used you, they beat you down – you did not fight back against your Mom. Your Dad did not save you or help you, he was far away, he abandoned you even though he loved you, but not enough. You were alone, just you & your Faith in God, in her goodness, in her saving you.

You had to go into the world in the adult trade, one of the most hated professions. You had to show your body & be treated like a ‘slut & a whore’ Your Aunt Ara told you,

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‘How dare you pray – God will not hear you BECAUSE YOU SELL YOUR BODY!”

You had to stand up against people who looked down on you through prejudice, projection & hate. They assumed you a sinner, the projected their own sins on you, they judged & condemned you. That is not a pleasant way to be treated – but you’d already been through that so you were prepared.

What’s more, you didn’t just dance & model, you also fought for women’s rights in the adult trade, including prostitutes / therapists. You also struggled for the right of women to lift weights, body build, become muscular, for the sake of strength & health, & to be respected & get prize money & recognition just as the men did. That took guts, there was a lot of opposition, plenty of criticism, insults & put downs. You explained it in your book ‘the Origin & Decline of Female Body Building.”

But mind you, the abuse prepared you for these activities, had you been soft, you could not have done it – why was no other woman the main one promoting it? Why did they jump on the band wagon only after you got it started? Because they were not chosen & they were not chosen because they weren’t ready for battle………….{this paragraph continues below the Gideon treatise} {Call in the war horses! Gideon did not want 32K men, he wanted only 300 that could fight.}

How God chose Gideon’s soldiers for battle:

“We might say that God eliminated the fearful and those who thought first only of convenience, the easy way. “The thought is disturbing, but it may well be true, that the composition of God’s army to fight Satan’s hosts in any day is really little different. How many Christians are so fearful of the enemy that they are of no real use in this warfare, and how many of the remainder are so self-centered, rather than God centered, that they find little place for effective ministry.”
In other words, God does not want deadbeats, weaklings, cowards, the fearful, the unprepared, for her work – YOU MUST BE READY. Training for battle is HARD – mentally, emotionally & physically. Most people cannot fight God’s battles – they can’t – look around you. How many resemble Saint Martin Luther King Jr? How many followed in his footsteps? When he was gone, NO ONE TOOK HIS PLACE. Some tried for GLORY but they didn’t make it as they had no ANOINTING.

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…………………….Not soft in body, with drugs they got as good as the men, but soft in their hearts, letting you take the blows, then jumping on the bandwagon for fame & fortune & repudiating you. THAT you were ready for also – ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ – How many times your Mom took her fists & beat on you when you tried to do good {baked a pie while she was asleep}, or asked a question? How many times did she slap you for little things? That prepared you. You were not a soft, spoiled brat. You did not expect to be pampered, complimented, rewarded or praised. You expected to be beaten, slapped, punched & kicked as you worked for Female Empowerment.

Look what they did to Saint Martin Luther King Jr. How much love & recognition did he get in his lifetime from most people & the authorities? The FBI was watching him & invading his privacy, laughing at him & calling him an enemy & finally, like Jesus & many saints, he suffered martyrdom. No, saints & do gooders come up against the world of Satan & his henchmen, they are not welcomed with love – so you also were not.

Your challenge was to take the punishment, not rebel but learn, do the work, no revenge or hate, then finally, when it was time & you had enough, God let you leave & follow your destiny.

ME: The thing is, when we are abused, we don’t take it that way. All we think for a long time is ‘Why, why why? Why did they do that to me?’ I remember seeing this poor girl on TV, someone left her as a baby on the doorstep of a minister’s family & they abused & exploited her horribly.

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The Dad molested her, they all used her as a slave. She did all the house work. When she was a baby in a high chair the Mom knocked her & the chair down a flight of stairs, later, they burned her hands in the fireplace. There were pictures to prove it. She tried to commit suicide & was sent away to relatives where she explained her case. The relatives took it to the police, the parents were convicted & got long sentences. I recall how they looked – both the parents & their kids, were all fat & walked like zombies. The slave girl was thin. One day after a family feast she was doing dishes until 2AM. Why didn’t the rest of them do any work?

Now this poor girl did not talk about the big picture or Jesus’ sufferings – she just kept asking why did they do it, why?

But that is not the question, is it dear God. The question is how does God use torture to make us holy. Torture, persecution, disrespect, calumny, chisels us, it takes away our ego, arrogance, faults & sins. Of course, if we go the other way, take revenge, we can become criminals & demons.

I have kept in mind that even though my parents let me down at one point, they were also responsible for my place in Christianity. They took us to Church every Sunday, & Catechism, we learned, we received the Sacraments. This was a good beginning for me.

I have another question, dear God. In reviewing Gideon’s choice of men, & keeping in mind David & Goliath, when push comes to shove, it is not training or physical might, but it is the ANOINTING that wins the battle. I don’t know about Gideon, but David & Saint Martin Luther King Jr were ANOINTED. How then do you compare my training / preparation to my being ANOINTED?

GS {God Self}: That’s easy. Mind you that David killed a lion & a bear before Samuel anointed him. They don’t mention wolves but he probably stopped them as well. He had proven himself WORTHY. {Being a shepherd has great symbolism. The people are the sheep, the shepherd protects them, guards them against the enemies – for herds of sheep, the predators are wolves, lions & bears – for humans the enemies are Satan & his demons, & so, the shepherd protects people from these. Remember when Jesus questioned Peter, about ‘Do you love me? Then FEED MY SHEEP.’}

Before David could get that Anointing, he had to prove he was prepared. God does not give Anointings to people who don’t deserve them or can’t use them. An Anointing is a huge Gift & a responsibility, it’s God’s Power.

That is why you received Rev. Judy’s Anointing, you could ‘carry’ it – None of her other disciples distinguished themselves. It would have been gone with her, but when she passed it on to you, the Anointing lived on, like an inheritance.

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He was a professor & the founder of the first State Teacher’s College in Lithuania.

I will channel him.

ME: Dad, when I was 10 years old I began writing you & asking you to take me live with you. They abused me so badly I said I wanted to kill myself. But you refused, & all you kept saying to me, in each letter, ‘You must study’ like that was the cure for all one’s ills. Explain, why you did not take me.

DAD: I did not take you for several reasons. One, I feared the responsibility, I had never taken care of a child by myself, I wasn’t sure I could do it correctly. Second, I was protective of myself. I didn’t want my life messed up or interfered with, I feared the consequences of raising a daughter. I was selfish to put it all in one word. Had I been self-less or compassionate, had my love been strong enough, I would have worked my way around the fears, the obstacles. I would have thought about you instead of me – how you felt, you were abused & wanted to kill yourself, that’s serious. I should have put all else aside & fought to take you.

Sadly, your love for me was much greater than mine for you. I thought of myself more than I thought of you, how my life might change for the worse if I took you in.

ME: Give me some examples what you feared. Did you fear you would have trouble getting dates? Were you looking for a woman to take Mom’s place? I know you still wanted her & she had rejected you for good. Didn’t you know how poor we were? Didn’t you know Mom had to sometimes borrow money to feed us? You had money, you didn’t send enough.

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You also used me as a spy. that was so wrong, it made her hate me more, you knew it was wrong. You told me to go to her room in the evening & sleep in the small bed, & when she asked why, tell her you wanted to watch out for the baby. Of course that intimidated her, because she might have Marius there. You had me sleep there to see if Marius went there or to prevent it. Besides being wrong, it was also stupid, as if you could prevent or deter her from having sex with Marius.

DAD: Of course I was wrong in all that you say. I wasn’t exactly looking for another women, not aggressively, although I wished for one, if it happened it happened & eventually it did. meanwhile, I told you, I went to prostitutes.

As far as money, I was wrong again. Since she was with a man I put it on his back equally like he could fill the gaps. I should have sent more money, it was selfish. Only one of the children was his – & that was in dispute, but of course, it was his. You struggled. I wasn’t there, so ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ I did not witness your sufferings.

Again, about taking you with me, I should have investigated the claim of abuse – not one single person ever questioned you or interviewed you about what was being done, you had no one to turn to, not even me. I knew she treated you with hate, with cruelty, but I could not imagine the type or degree of it, I should have found out. I never asked you anything. I guess I feared if I knew the extent I would be beholden to take you – rejecting you under those conditions would have made me more guilty. We all sinned against you.

Using you as a spy was a bad decision. You obeyed. She should have just told you she was there for the baby, she didn’t need you, go to your own room, but she didn’t, which was dumb of her too.

I was just being an idiot with cuckold horns & yes, I made her hate you more, which was wrong. I could not prevent her having sex with Marius or anyone else. She lied to me, of course, & said they never had sex – haha. What a joke. Here she had a child with this man & was now living with him & tells me they never had sex. Why didn’t I just let it go?

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ME: Sorry to ask this but I want to. How much money did you spend on prostitutes? Was it enough so that it prevented you from helping us properly, or was it just a pittance?

DAD: Not too much, not too little. I went to the cheapest ones I could find which then might be $20 – $65 in 2021 money, & this was once in a while.

ME: Why did you tolerate Mom’s affairs with other men & of course, you had to assist her when she got abortions. Why didn’t she use condoms? Why did she not give birth to the children? How did you feel about the four abortions you helped her get? Didn’t it bother you?

DAD: She had control over me. She was much younger & dominating, a bully – psychopath. I did as I was told when it came to emotions, I couldn’t control her. I feared losing her, I feared the scandal of divorce. I feared not getting another wife. And final reason, not sure if you could call it True Love, but I was attached to her.

I told you that one of the aborted children was mine. That one we should have kept. Why no condoms? No one used them in my day. How did I feel about the abortions? It was a necessary evil.

ME: Did you have any idea that I suffered from PTSD from what you did to me – abandoning me – & it affected all my relationships with men – for the worse? Each time I’d fall in love I had such anxiety that I chased the man mercilessly, which drove them away, & so, all the relationships that might have been good, like the one with James Brown, who I loved so much & he liked me – turned sour. Did you know your actions ruined my love life?

DAD: No, I had no idea. I didn’t know much about psychology. At the time you pleaded for me to take you I was so absorbed in my own pain, of having been cuckolded & finally rejected, I felt so sorry for myself that I had no emotion left for you. Sorry about that.

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ME: When you visited at the farm you were doing a lot of work, agricultural & such, like taking the lingonberry bushes, separating them, replanting them so more would grow. You did lots of work, you talked about starting a Lithuanian Boy Scout camp there. How long did you entertain the thought of moving in with us, when did the dreams shatter, why did you never move in, what happened?

DAD: She lied to me for about two years, that I should arrive there until she finally told me the truth, that she didn’t want me around any more. It really hurt. She lied for money, she feared I would give less if she said we were through, & she was right. She paid for her sins. She suffered, she worked hard, & in her frustration & pain, she let it all out on you. Now that I see it from your mind, it was like all the forces of Hell were unleashed on you. She’d not rest until every person under her influence hated & disrespected you – you did not deserve this. The hate lives on in other members of the family. It’s ugly.

ME: Shall I recall your mind to when I visited you in Purgatory, & it was bilocation, an experience that I never had before or after. I was the only one that visited you. Instead of telling me how sorry you were for abandoning me – which was what I hoped to hear, after I asked you if anyone else visited you, you said,

“Who needs them?”

Then I said, were you sorry for anything in your life, you said yes, that you should have received The Blessed Sacrament more often. Indeed, I don’t think you went to Church any more after you split with Mom & we left the Annunciation Church, etc. There was a Church right by where you lived in B’klyn also I think called Annunciation, a Lithuanian Church – you could have found fellowship. I used to go there every day. Why did you not go?

And second, I didn’t mean much to you, did I? That in my visit to Purgatory, you said nothing about me or us.

DAD: I was a fool. Going to Church was as much a social event as anything – I was not devoted. So don’t feel bad about my not loving you enough – I didn’t love God enough, so how could I love you? You loved God & me much more than I did you & God. I was a little soul, not a Great Soul. You saw me in Heaven & smiled. You had to bend down to greet me, I was like 3′ tall, you were 6′ like Joan of Arc. Haha. But I was not evil like your Mother, I cannot explain my lack of greatness as a Saint, I just didn’t have it.

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ME: I worshiped you as if you were a saint & the greatest love of my life, & you broke my heart. I cannot describe the anguish I felt at the age of 10. My life was over. I even temporarily lost my faith in God, I told my friends, ‘I’m not sure any more if there is a God.’ Of course, my faith returned. But I vowed I would never draw again, & over the years I lost the skill {not the talent – the talent went in other directions, like dancing & photography.}

ME: Now that you’re in Heaven, you must be so much wiser. What do you think on how my life turned out in spite of all the obstacles?

DAD: Brilliantly. I had a great daughter & I was loving & helpful to you until age 10, {later in life I did help also, when you were 16 for a year, & when you were 27 & moved back in with me.} I was responsible for much good that came to your life. I gave you my brains, a good constitution, good religious training, a good example & I told you to study. You were obedient, you studied constantly & it bore much fruit. I’m sorry for the abuse you took, the hate, the evil, the lack of love & recognition. But some day soon, even before you die, mighty things will happen, good things that will recompense you for some of the bad. And after you die, there is great Bliss awaiting you & you will do great good. People will believe in you & pray to you & answers will be given, miracles will happen. You have a great reward.

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ME: Thanks for those kind words Dad, they are appreciated. One last thing. Mom is there in a little house in Heaven, with Jimmy at her side. What is her Heavenly status compared to yours? You are 3′ tall, a little saint. What is she? And also, what is your status as far as Comprehension of God, how much Joy do you have? Also, what would have happened to Mom had I not offered to pay for her sins?

DAD: Her status compared to mine is very small. You cannot call her a saint, but she is a resident of Heaven & Jimmy is the same, just residents, they have no status – although as you know, everyone in Heaven is happy & they are, but compared to the Light you are in, as you once saw, they are in a dim light.

How much Joy do I have? Great joy, & I will greet you when you arrive & give you the Love I should have on earth.

What would have happened to Mom had you not intervened? I’m afraid she would have been lost, so thank God she made it & we both rejoice over that.

ME: Thanks Dad, & thank you for all the good you did me on earth, I am grateful for it. I love you. Amen.

end Chapter 5
………………………………………………………………………. 1-22-21


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When I think back to Rev. Judy & my time with her it seems so funny – some parts of Monster Mom seem funny too. But at the time, it wasn’t. I was struggling for survival, on all levels. I think we humans look for an ANCHOR & lighthouse, something stable & secure – whatever, whoever it is. For a while Putz & his ways gave me a spot – a remarkable diet, the self mastery he preached – things I strived for.

Now I had something better – a woman of God, albeit flawed, I wanted to be like her but without the flaws. I asked her how long it would take to learn ‘all she knew’ {the spiritual issues} & she said six years. I did not plan it that way, but it so happened I ‘stayed’ with her six years {not physically, I never spent more than a few days with her between jobs, except for that few weeks in the beginning.


I shall channel & ask her, Judy, why did you not want me to stay & help you build the Church, why did you prefer my being away & used me just for money – supposedly for the Church but you wasn’t – Wasn’t the Church more important than money?…..

REV. JUDY: My mind was on money. I felt, somehow, the Church would build itself. I wasn’t intelligent enough to figure it out, that it would not build itself, that brick & mortar had to be put into place piece by piece, job by job. You had the right idea with the newspaper, it would have been a base. See, you eventually did build a Church, on the internet, & your Mission was built, piece by piece, action by action, project by project, book by book. I was your beginning, I was important, you did things for me, but they turned out for yourself. Like you preached about me on the stage, which turned into Stripping for God. By doing things for me, you were rewarded, by doing things for God, like the sacrifice of celibacy, you were rewarded. I could not figure these things out for myself, but you did. Had you stayed with me after the six years, had I treated you with respect & also had I lived, you would have built a Church for me, but you built it anyway. Instead of ‘One World Light’ it became ‘Woman, Thou Art God.’ {end of channeling}

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As I said, she wanted me to work instead of staying with her for the Church. I was paranoid about getting jobs in the LA area because Putz might find me. I didn’t even want to use my name. So I found an agent who would get me work in God-knows-where, under a different name – where I wasn’t even the star – slim pickins.

He got me a gig in OXNARD, up north from LA, like two hours. I went through it, stopped somewhere to eat – it was CREEPY, weird people stared at me like I was an alien – although I did love being by the ocean. The little town, where I was, seemed industrial & filthy, like old ugly fishing boats.

This place was a slut-hole. I didn’t know it at first, but I found out. It was affiliated with the motel the club was in, run by a British man & his obese daughter who was the motel maid. I was given a room & $200 a week – rock bottom pay for a dancer, most women who took jobs for this amount turned tricks on the side. The money I had been making when they advertised me as a dancer {it was go go dancing, not stripping yet} paid me between $300 to $400 a week plus tips – that’s when they used my title of ‘Ms. Nude Universe from Playboy’ – which brought in clients. When I gave up my name & title I was just a ‘nobody’ – it doesn’t matter how good I looked – it’s the name that brings in the people. As I said, ‘house girls’ make little money but some of them turn tricks. Stardom is an important quality to have.

I lasted only one week in this dump – I got fired for not being a slut. Being a ‘whore’ means you hang with the men between shows, play pool with them, they buy you drinks – some of them know you’ll let them come to your room at night – it makes you valuable.

But I stayed in the dressing room between shows, absolutely refused to hang with the guys {I was always like that, I’m not a party girl – I’m a performer, I like being on stage, look at me & leave me alone. One of the regular stars in NYC, I recall her saying to a boss ‘Kellie is a THEATER ACT’. She was right the ballyhoo in clubs didn’t appeal to me.}

I was beautiful, my outfits were classy, I danced well. But at the end of the week the owner rudely told me to ‘get out & hurry up because my daughter has to clean your room’ – no reason was given. But of course I put 2 & 2 together – a female who hung with guys between shows & in her room at night {I saw it through my window} got my spot. So some of these places want whores, not beautiful women, not class, whoring has value.


I do not look down on ‘whores’ & use the word not as an insult but an accurate description. Everyone knows what the term means – acting a certain way to keep men around you, get money out of them. Whores are entertainers & therapists – they don’t get enough respect or recognition. I fought for prostitutes on national radio shows & TV – ‘Prostitutes are people’ I said & prostitution must be decriminalized. I did this without recompense, to empower women, & of course, got beat up for it. {This came out of a group of adult trade workers & others who were concerned about the rights of women. There was a judge in it, so was Kate Millet. But when it came time to REPRESENT, go on out there & take the blows before the media – no one but I would do it.}

Now at some point I recall Rev. Judy & I going to an agent to get me different jobs – again – without using my name, anonymous, so it means rock-bottom salary. This agent got me a job, with Judy being my ‘manager’ {her term} WORSE than Oxnard! Judy was a bad manager, this job was in Vegas, way off the strip, the cheap part of town, & it also paid $200 but WITH NO ROOM & the motel they recommended cost $50 a week – So I earned only $150 per week. This was poverty & the good Rev. also wanted money out of this!

I HATED this place. We had to pretend we were amateurs. It had a show with an MC. Every night he declared an amateur contest, for women to get up out of the audience to dance & the audience would clap for the winner. That was our job. We wore ordinary street clothes. I never won. One female, that was friends with the owners it seemed, always won. This hurt my ego – I didn’t imagine it was rigged – the owners either having a hidden applause machine or telling everyone that worked there to clap for her – I just thought they liked her the best.

Rev. Judy had come out to visit me & I complained to her I never won. She asked everyone sitting around her to clap for me & they did – I finally made it. But the MC said something strange – he said to the audience,

“Are you sure?”

tumblr_pc4u4lxNdb1rldhmro1_1280 unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

The usual winner got off the stage as if slapped. This is unusual & in retrospect I think it was rigged – why would the MC care who won? Why would she be so shocked when for the first & only time, she didn’t win?

It all sounds so stupid, but when you’re 25 years old & fighting to be ‘somebody’ in your business, it has meaning.

OK I got fired after a week – they did me a favor. I think they turned against me for one remark. The MC was standing near me talking to the owner & said

“You know, women are like CATS.”

I laughed & said

“And men are like DOGS.”

That was a no no, because we are supposed to be compliant, submissive to these hot shots, & so, I was history. Not to mention, this was the main reason I didn’t fit in – most of the ‘amateurs’ turned tricks. So basically, another whore house.

Believe me, it’s not the STARS who suffer the most, it’s the house girls & underlings who have to put out to owners, managers & prostitute to make ends meet. It was time for me to regain my name & claim my fame but I got screwed one more time before I landed on my feet.

The agent got me a job on the ‘Baker-Berger’ circuit, which was like six or so states from mid-America to New York – where it ended at the Roxy Theater on 42nd St. – their flagship so to speak. It was like Judy Garland’s ‘at the Palace.’

Rev. Judy told this agent I’d work for $300. a week, which was wrong. I found out later from a theater owner, who told me the stars {on this circuit} were paid $600 weekly, he was wondering why I didn’t get $1,000 weekly because I had a real title – Ms Nude Universe, & had been in Playboy.


Rev. Judy was responsible for this. She was thinking of the pay from 1945 when she was a ‘star’ & they always gave room & board – except they DIDN’T. I had to scrounge around looking for the cheapest room I could find.
{How well I remember. Strange city somewhere, forgot where. I go to a hotel & ask how much. The man says $50 – he looked disappointed when I thought it too much. I go down the street, find one for $30 a week. And I LOVED the quaint little room. Understand, one reason I had to save money is sending some to Rev. Judy.}

I became best friends with my co-star, a black female – I remember her with great affection. She was being paid only $200 weekly & also had to pay for her room – she sent part of that money religiously to Mom every week – for the care of her daughter. If I had trouble how did she survive? On sardines.

Back to Rev. Judy. This incident was especially humiliating. She & I were at a bus stop way out of town, doing the cheap route to get back to my job. I was wearing shorts & in the desert – I should have known – when evening falls it gets REAL COLD, like drops from 80 to 55, & there I was in shorts & a tank top, shaking. Now she tells me to STAND UP. I did not want to stand up for two reasons, I would be colder when the wind hit me, & people would stare at me, as usual.

She was so mad at me, that she not only stood up, but began jogging down the road. It wasn’t too hard as it was slightly down hill – I shall never forget her with her fringed cowboy dress in blue & green paisley designs, clinging to her, jogging down hill away from me, on her temper tantrum. I knew I’d be punished later.

In a few minutes these guys came by who recognized me & stopped. They asked if I needed a ride, & I said much obliged, got in, & said please stop for this lady down the street, my friend, & take us back to my motel.

Back at the motel was my punishment. How dare I disobey THE QUEEN. She said she KNEW someone would come by & offer us a ride – that’s why she wanted me to stand up. Now for my disobedience I had to kneel in front of her, ask forgiveness & pay a FINE OF $20. Feed her ego & greed.

149655_494218023929682_1530679783_n 151788_4791 198179_513663228651828_3494912_n 295669_556510307700453_2089400629_n 359860 379176_548729198478564_692292478_n


Forgot to tell this anecdote which happened when we stayed in Hollywood. It’s along the same lines – her ego.

She had told me there were two colors of royalty – red & purple. She said the purple was EVEN HIGHER in terms of status than the red.

Some tenants had bought a house in Vegas {we would meet them} & left behind stuff – whatever was left Judy could keep. She told me to go in there & get the bathroom rugs – there were two sets – the kind that fits over the toilet & around it, launder them & set them in our bathrooms. {She had moved to a larger apt since I appeared, it had two baths, she was telling me she made a sacrifice to let me stay there – she could be renting that room for money!} I went in the place, noticed one set was red, the other purple, got’m laundered, & put the purple one in her bath, since it was the higher status, & the red in mine.

She comes into the place & sees the rugs & begins to scream FOR A LONG TIME,

“You have put the higher status – the red – into your bath & the lower status, the purple, into mine! YOU THINK YOU’RE THE QUEEN!”

I protested she’d told me it was the other way around, & changed the rugs.

Now in Vegas she moved into my little room right away, {she slept in the bed, me on the floor} but told me,

“I don’t have to stay with you! I have friends {the folks that were in her building} who got a house here in Vegas & they told me I was welcome there any time! We’ll go pay them a visit, & I’ll stay with them.”

I thought to myself what if they were just saying that & didn’t mean it? You know how when people move they automatically tell you you’re welcome there any time, but it’s just being polite? But what did I know? Maybe they did mean it. So we went to their house.

It was a pretty little house. I bragged to them how I saw a slot machine right at the front of a coffee shop, something told me to put in a buck – I did – & three bucks came out! This event pleased me greatly & I smiled as I told it.

_ARC0454 0zpg-y6DCicJ3k1RRKzIJzMJFfu3XQOx48zINWhuXro 1#1#1#11 1be23f31e8a293763ae65c8f6b81a514 1J4A3604 1X1X1313131ANN SHERIDAN 1x-noble-hierarch-russian-altered_1_fb82d841857e7a8a817b9d0677331b2c

But Judy took issue with it. She declared,

“It was my Light that made that happen, not your good luck!”

The way she said it, it hurt. The couple seemed to notice also.

At the end of the visit, the man of the couple said to Judy,

“I’m sorry Judy, but you can’t stay here, our cousins are coming from out of town tomorrow.”

Just as I thought, they were being polite when they offered. No one wanted her because she was OBNOXIOUS. And she would preach constantly to people who didn’t want to hear it, not about Jesus or theology, but about her, her abilities & ideas for a Church.

Before I left to go on the Circuit, she asked me for my last $20. What did I have left? She was so wrong. You would think she’d give me $20 & say,

“Hey Kellie, this is extra for some emergency, you never know what happens on the road. I will pray for your protection.”

But instead,


It was right after I had found out that all she cared about was her sons – the land I was paying for was for them. I packed up & went to a motel, as explained.

I was walking up the street from Ms Etienne’s ballet class, back to my motel, when a feeling of doom came over me.
Just then a car stopped, & a tiny girl from the dance school – no more than five years old – stopped with her Dad & asked me if I wanted a ride. Since that feeling of doom had just pervaded me, I didn’t know what it was from, if it might be this ride, so I said no. But that ride would have prevented – maybe – what was to come, it was sent by an angel.

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When I was near my hotel there was a pizza place near it. I went in & had a bite. As I was leaving, I climbed to my room on the second floor, & a black young male who had been looking at me at the restaurant was standing there. As I went by he said something to try to pick me up, I ignored him. When I got to my room he opened the door & pushed it & me in, a struggle ensued.

He had some sort of knife. as we fought I grabbed it & bent it, it was a letter opener I realized later – but he could have stabbed me with it. We knocked over some of the furniture in the room until at last people heard the fight & some of them were standing outside the door, which was still open. I was holding the guy, saying,

“Hey, he attacked me, call the police. Not one person moved, nothing, the guy just walked away.”

Had I not been athletic he could have hurt me – even with the paper cutter – he could have raped & even killed me, but God saved me.

That was not the end. I went to the motel owner, told him about it, that I was leaving & wanted a refund for the rest of the week. He refused me the refund but said he’d put me in his other motel, I’d be safe.

I should have swallowed the money & gone elsewhere, but I was poor. I checked into his other motel. The boy, who was stalking me, saw me go there.

He didn’t know my room number, fortunately, but he knew my name – not sure how he found it out – & called me on the phone. He said he was going to rape & kill me & didn’t care in which order. If he had to kill me first, he would still rape me.

I called the police & they said they would trace the call, but it would take time. In those days, it was difficult to trace a call, this was late 1971 or early 1972.

So they said when he called again, call them, which he did, I did. They told me each time he calls, keep him on the phone as long as possible. He called, again & again & again. He said he had a partner circling the motel, walking around it, to discover my room. It was a two story deal. I figured he was lying, but when I looked out the bathroom window, there was a black guy walking by. Was it true then? It was uncomfortable, as I could not leave the motel.

This talking to him, him threatening me, went on for hours while the police kept trying to trace. Finally, I was exasperated & remembered the detective who visited me after the first altercation.

I called him & told him what was going on, & asked him to come get me, as a personal favor, & take me to the airport, & I added BRING YOUR GUN.

13087560_1205888869429257_4631960726278041692_n 13092166_10154805385394689_1558257384488481005_n 13100861_625243250965033_5566539974948874581_n 13100925_626693860819972_5975667717301000352_n 13267722_10209638071417659_8636144636505136777_n 13346744_1720166048222712_1400058711610621740_n 13346916_10154068944396210_5664848310654895585_n 13406899_261738890857631_935933244469837366_n

He sure did come & brought his gun, I escaped. But on our way to the airport, he made a stop at his apartment. I planned to wait. But he said I should come in, I refused. He argued a long time, finally took me to the airport. So I escaped Los Angeles forever, & the only time I returned was to do the Tom Snyder Show.

Oh yes. After the first altercation I called Rev to tell her what happened, – I had not spoken with her since leaving like a week before. She didn’t say much, but sounded smug & satisfied. I knew it was her.


I can’t remember why I reconciled with the Rev, but I did, I think I forgave her or thought maybe she didn’t do it, I still need to get more Light from God.

We were talking once a month for that $100 donation, she was still going to my financed trips to Vegas {always on the edge of hitting the jackpot!} when she told me,

“The Light tells me there is going to be some kind of movie ABOUT US coming up.”

But soon after that, I can’t recall why – maybe those trips to Vegas got on my nerves, I quit Rev. Swaggart again. Just told her on the phone I was through, no more money.

Now I had quit dancing in order to work as a Community Organizer for the Italian American civil Rights League, Chapter 23. My salary was paid for by the state, it was enough to survive – was it $16,000. a year? I vaguely recall taking home about $250. a week. I was making $30K a year dancing, so it was a sacrifice, but a friend talked me into it {he was infatuated – he ran the local paper – it was he who made them hire me – they weren’t going to – he told them if they didn’t he would throw their press releases into the garbage can.}

In relation to this job, I helped organize the youth to apply for summer jobs from the state. I did the promotion – they lined up at our office & I got a pizza place to give free snacks. I called the Daily News & they came, showed me standing there with the kids, talked about how they were feted by the pizza shop, & I worked at the Italian American & also my own Church, One World Light.

I thought it was an idea to put my personal phone number in the book under the name ‘One World Light’ in case someone wanted to call the Church, & so, I got a phone call.

It was a guy who said he was a cameraman & worked for local TV, he wanted to do a documentary on the Church work – I immediately thought maybe this was the movie Rev Swaggart predicted, I should give it a shot.

santaduranwindmill3 ShebaBaby_1975 s-l225 (1) s-l225 s-l300 (1) s-l300 s-l400 (1)

He was a 6’3″ black man, about 30, attractive but with shifty eyes. When he came over to make our plans, I always had kids around me, since I worked days & evenings. I had begun to minister two years ago by opening my apt as a Sunday Church. It was a hard thing to do – One day I got so sick I thought I might die, I could hardly walk, & promised God, if She would cure me, I’d open up my place as a Church. I got well the next day. I opened the Church.

A few people came, including teens – & eventually, this Church turned into a center for bible study & prayer, for boys & girls. They were the ‘poorest of the poor’ – most of the area on welfare, it was Williamsburg before it became fashionable, 95% Puerto Rican, all the whites moved out except me.

So there were always kids around when this man, whom I shall call Stevun Evul, visited for discussions. The kids hated him, they ridiculed his pointed shoes.

There was a red flag. One day after one of these chaperoned meetings, he came back & rang the bell incessantly {after that I disengaged the bell} yelling he had forgot his car keys in the apt. He came back because he hoped I was alone {men had done that before} – which I was except for my daughter, then seven. Finally, reluctantly I let him in, not sure if he was telling the truth. He entered, looked around – saw my daughter in the room, pretended to search for keys, & left.

That was a warning from God – we usually get warnings – but I did not heed it & why? The kids sensed he was evil, I sensed he wanted my body – but then all men did – nothing new there.

After several discussions he said I always had people around when we met. If I did not trust him he could not go on with the project. Now in my normal state of mind, I probably would have said sorry, then it’s over, but you see my guard was down & also Swaggart said she saw a movie being done on us, so I was clouded.

 I said, OK, next time you come, it’s just us. We’ll go to the movies, then we come back here & talk. Looking back I believe I was a total IDIOT but that’s the day after the game when we know how it should have been played.

Before I go on I must explain that I had got so exhausted from running my youth center, I searched for a place to play basketball after work. I had ‘volunteer burn out’ & at age 29 looked 50 – someone said, ‘if you don’t stop, you’ll die.’

15380551_798720430274959_7711498602158100994_n 15400405_1311544842231837_7990818764988848118_n 15433792_1345556335496450_5380090150096385196_n 15492386_379558799043893_1917556417109493371_n 15541449_351566471867640_1551846638863936506_n 15578584_10155021225283706_5271925131409302291_n 15589606_1219325374812990_6448657557932484943_n 15589830_389488974734248_3018044209024338251_n

I discovered a place with several basketball courts & there I often went, spent most of the weekend there, from the time I got up to dark. I got to know one male who really liked me. His name was Tad, 28 years old & 6’4″. After our games I treated us to dinners. He visited my prayer meetings.

Now Stevun Evul comes for our first date alone, & we walk to the local theater, movie finished, we walk toward my place. Tad sees us, & he later explained,

“I heard a voice say to me

Now we get to my place & Evul wants to dance. I put on some music & oblige him. Suddenly he picks me up – it took me by surprise – & plops me down on the couch. Stunned I know what’s going to happen next & what do I do? I say what has gotten me out of scrapes before, that I have to go to the bathroom. My bath was right by the door – I plan my escape.

I go there & lock the hook latch – not a big protection, & pretend I’m busy in there. I look at my face & it is white. He was standing in that room, the kitchen, & I am in the bath – I cannot run until he leaves the kitchen. I finally hear him in the living room changing the record.

I DASH to the door, open it, & someone standing there ready to knock – it’s TAD!

Tad comes in & sits down at the kitchen table, & I with him. The would-be rapist comes in, looks at Tad & says,

“Don’t try anything”

18664482_10211472292510182_5512798930612567752_n 18664484_177198222808742_3548426916310560017_n 18664500_10211449319055860_872369526818133980_n 18664551_226743697823356_7701348377970775910_n 18664556_130371937513387_694378772923749190_n 18664559_529790484077506_776787845078309626_n 18664603_1054155444728871_7875406950996722403_n 18664625_273604903049201_3024087781704207799_n 18664652_10211453940451392_7628275747586541141_n 18670754_147303192478322_5827806265771660033_n 18670765_1891936634157186_1546265457866355360_n 18670858_273605113049180_6476310442585199994_n 18670958_131545137412551_5664724966998371506_n

And then he slaps me with all his might across my face & leaves.

That night I had a dream. There were many young people – my prayer group, standing outside the door, in the hall, heads down, weeping. God said to me,

“If that man had succeeded in raping you he would have also killed you… the kids were mourning your death.”

For the second time, God had saved me from the curse of Rev. Swaggart. It is mind boggling that just for ego & money, she wanted to do this to me. I shall channel her again,

ME: Rev. Judy, was my life worth that little to you that you would want me dead, to revenge on me? It seems so extreme. I know I asked you before, but I am still baffled.

REV. JUDY: I’m sorry about it. I was a fool. It was wrong, I paid for my sins & God dis-empowered me afer that. I suffered in Purgatory & all my claims of glory were dashed. I told you I would go straight to Heaven like a blazing Light but you saw me in Purgatory, in a cluttered house of poverty, & I was there for two years, seven months. I am grateful that God saved you from my curses & very sorry I put them. Forgive this fool.

18557512_1986007654966743_2971285732713597797_n 18581466_130371994180048_6277081785929051275_n 18581486_395548527511983_8003947299294058530_n 18581524_1841823066141876_1829356809033947822_n 18581533_191477721375529_3748433574049905813_n 18581567_237692930049071_424896237433200802_n 18581816_10209641270530360_408043613029806328_n 18581865_1049426015201814_3425063576731482336_n

ME: What were you angry about the most, the devotion I stopped or the money?

REV. JUDY: It was everything. How dare you stand up to me? I was the Goddess. You cannot leave me. It was the rejection I felt, first, you worshiped me, gave me more than anyone had ever given me, then you said good bye. I was so blind I didn’t see it was my own behavior that pushed you away. I was a weak person & an ego maniac. Ego maniacs don’t think much of themselves, they need to be puffed up. Your devotion did that, but then I was deflated. I felt so insignificant, the curses on you – if they worked – would prove I was stronger than you.

ME: As a parting shot, share with me what you told me happened to Putz NutOn after my departure.

REV. JUDY: He organized another one of those pin-in-the palm stunts for some group, at the Knickerbocker Hotel. But when he put in the pin, he started bleeding profusely. He screamed, tore off his turban, & jumped out the window. I assume this must have been on the first floor?

ME: Thanks for the laugh & enjoy your Eternity.


I met a female psychic who really liked me. Her name was Angela Astone, just like an angel. I spoke with her about the Rev & she said she would help spiritually, for my protection. She did. I wrote a letter of resignation to Rev & ended it finally, in 1977. She called but when I heard her voice I hung up & that was it. Her curses, if any, no longer worked.

Black_Cat_in_the_Night_588x Black_Cat_with_Green_Eyes_by_Lisa_Parker black-and-white-cat-1317844-scaled blackcat6 black-cat-face-and-eyes-close-up-wallpaper-hd Black-Sunday-1024x603 blue_night_sky_cat_silhouette_acrylic_painting_by_whisperingwillowart_dbuty3x-fullview Bosch-Ship-of-Fools-cat-w Botticelli-pallas-and-the-centaur-cat-sm3

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Rev Bitch Admits Truth



Continuation of Chapter 4


Rev Judy was in the choir for Kathryn Kuhlman. Her talent as a girl was voice, she demonstrated it a couple times, she still had some ability but never ‘made it.’ Your guess is as good as mine why, all I know she was offered a job on Roosevelt’s Presidential Yacht & her family nixed it, then she lived with movie star Barbara Nichols, who Judy said ‘was a prostitute.’ she hated Babs because when she was washing her underwear in the kitchen sink, Babs told her to take it to the bathroom.

Now she told me that SHE WAS THE REAL HEALER in the Kuhlman Crusade – that KK took the healing power from her, Judy, & used it, but Judy was the unsung hero. This I was puzzled about, it was the beginning of our friendship when I strongly believed in her & did not take her words with a block of salt.

child-abuse-001-512 couple-quarrel-family-problem-001-512 Creepiest-Holiday-Traditions-yule-cat-perchta-hero creepy-practices-1 d97ae5565f96503f50cd1d33e3f480c6 daenerys-targaryen-white-fur-coat-game-of-thrones

But here’s where I really knew she was off the wall. She said that Jesus DID NOT LIVE LONG ENOUGH, He died young when He was not ‘fully developed spiritually’, & she, Judy, was older than Jesus & MORE EVOLVED. She put herself greater than Jesus, this spiritual failure who couldn’t even begin to build a church with help – what a preposterous woman!
She didn’t LISTEN to Jesus although she HEARD HIM. She told me Jesus said to her,
“Why are you so HATEFUL to Kellie? She’s going to BE A SAINT.”
And her answer was,
“If I don’t do as I do to her now, she won’t be a saint.”
So she defied Jesus instead of humbling herself.


One thing she had in common with the Putz, she used false flattery. When it was time to give me a touch, she wanted a trip to Vegas or whatever, she told me I was the ‘Princess of God.” When the told me about the land I should keep paying for -{it was West}, she told me
“Think of all the handsome cowboys who’ll want you.”
But when she wasn’t trying to get money out of me, she called me, ‘just a farmer’ & ‘you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.’

Image-Demons Image-Reaper images (1) images (2) images (3) images Image-Weird-Beasts

She would constantly praise other people – dancers, my contemporaries, but not praise me. It was a lot of indirect put downs, the way con artists do to have control. ‘You’re no good, you’re inferior, so you need me.’

In that regard, probably the WORST THING she did to me was SILENCE MY VOICE. I told you I had broken through to the still, small Voice within me, my God Self, which I consulted every day. She wanted no competition, so she said again & again,

“It’s better you listen to me than your Voice, because you are not as evolved,” {neither was Our Lord according to her} etc.

She browbeat me into believing it. Was it her, or my Voice? Finally I humbled myself & decided to listen to her {bad choice, never give up your inner voice, it will protect you, whereas with Judy & any other person, they’re looking FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS}……..I then heard a Creaking Iron Door closing – an ominous sign – & my Inner Voice said,
“I have to go if you listen to her.”

And no matter how hard I tried to get that Voice, so clear like a bell, to speak to me again like that, it never happened, not my entire life.

t-glenn-close-cruella-de-vil-costumes the-fat-man-carl-purcell the-morning-ramble-or-the-milliners-shop thor-ragnarok-s-cate-blanchett-on-the-villainous-hela-collider-collider-com_1200759


I said she was OBNOXIOUS. One of the most annoying traits of any human is the ‘know it all.’ I was then a fruitarian & also not officially, but celibate because my mind was only on God & development, not guys. She put great effort into changing me.

First the diet. ‘You must be normal, eat normal’ she said a thousand times. The diet is extremely hard to keep – any dissention toward it puts one in danger of quitting, & after a few months of bullying me she won.

Second, the celibacy. she tried to fix me up with guys she knew. They were revolting. Never try to fix people up because with dates & clothes, people have personal tastes you cannot figure. Just leave them alone. She wangled this way & that for me to meet young men – all ugly or revolting or no sex appeal by my standards, so at least she failed in that regard.

This is how wrong she was. When a person seeks God, they are young, one of the biggest obstacles – to both male & female – is their interest in sex & intimacy with another person. Your pursuit is intimacy with God & ‘God is a jealous God,’ ‘Thou shalt put no strange Gods before you,’ & ‘Put first the Kingdom of God.’

It isn’t only men, we understand their primitive drive overwhelms them, but women, although they are not just sex-centered, they are boy or man centered, & that does take away the focus from God. And so, instead of congratulating me that my mind was on God, that I disciplined myself in diet, that my sex / intimacy drive was on hold, she tried to push me into ‘normalcy.’ Normal people don’t find God, they do not become saints, they are on the ‘Broad Highway to Hell’ & that’s where she pushed me – the same road she was on. OK, she wasn’t bent for Hell, but Purgatory yes, & I will explain that later.

MITZI GAYNOR’S TEACHER: Now at that time I took dancing lessons, private coaching, from an old ballerina named Kathryn Etienne, who had been Mitzi Gaynor’s teacher. She gave me lessons & choreography, she figured the steps for Manuel DeFalla’s, ‘Ritual Fire Dance,’ which I performed to the end of my career. If I think about it I could recall the steps.

General_Jackson_Slaying_the_Many_Headed_Monster_crop GettyImages-1136286824 Hanuman hbz-dany-winter-outfit-1-1503327204 honen_matsuri_01 hqdefault https___1428elm.com_files_image-exchange_2016_04_ie_17847-850x560 hydra iconfinder_couple-quarrel-family-problem-005_2191297+(1)

Now Judy walks in one day at the start of my lesson & BEGINS TO TELL THE TEACHER HOW TO TEACH ME. Ms. Etienne looks at her, & neither one of us had to say a word – the vibes she got took the wind out of her sails & she left with her tail between her legs.

She bossed me around mercilessly. She knew I was vulnerable, she knew I was virtuous. Her phrase for that was ‘Kellie, YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CHIN OUT.” 

And the time we’re sitting in a restaurant & discuss Joan Fontaine & Olivia DeHavilland.  I told her they were sisters, she said no, & she argued until she was blue in the face.


I have now given enough anecdotes for a while so I will CHANNEL Rev. Bitch, see what she has to say. As with all my characters, I have channeled them on & off lately, so I can anticipate some answers, some might be new. So let’s begin with this:

ME: Rev. Judy, why were you so mean to me & only nice when you wanted favors? You were a woman of God, shouldn’t you know better?

KRISTIN-BAUER-VICTORIA-SMURFIT-MERRIN-DUNGEY-of-Once-Upon-a-Time-1180w-600h-780x440-1440192679 La Tomatina Lady_Deathstrike_X-Men_Movies Lassie10 main-qimg-091b3d0c76f2fa05a7a81c9adf4e6a92 maxresdefault (1)

REV. JUDY: Haha, sure, I was a woman of God, but there are women & there are women. I wasn’t St. Gertrude the Great, your idol. I was just a normal, natural woman with foibles, vices & sins, you saw my natural self. Yes, I was Anointed, yes I could do some Faith Healing & Channeling, when I was in that element, that was my most admirable. But the other side of me was no saint, I had a barrel of faults.

ME: So you admit you had sins, faults, & you were hateful to me & hurt me?

REV. JUDY: I admit I targeted you for my petty wants & needs. You were vulnerable, you did not fight back, so I could let it out on you with impunity. Yes, I was wrong, yes, you were a good soul, a good heart, who suffered cruelty.

ME: That is understood. But there was something you did that was so heinous I don’t know how you can excuse it. When I left you the two times you put DEATH CURSES ON ME. How evil is that? First, did you put death curses on me as I suspected?

REV. JUDY: Of course I did, I wanted both times to teach you a lesson. I was enraged that someone who was that devoted, who gave me that much money & respect, could just leave me flat. I wanted to show you my power.

s3_V0039000_V0039708ER sapphire_rollingpin scalpdance-640x435 Screen-Shot-2015-01-09-at-14.10.50 selfimpale-640x411

ME: But what if these men had killed me? What good would that have done you? I could not go back to you & give you money or respect again. Did you deserve respect? I mean, you used your God power for evil.

REV. JUDY: I admit I was wrong – totally wrong. I admit my human nature got the better of me. I paid for my sins on earth & in Purgatory. You didn’t know this, but after you left, after I tried to kill you the second time, my health went downhill & not only that I LOST THE USE OF MY SPIRITUAL POWER.

ME: No, I did not know that. This is the first time I hear it. I guess your heart got worse? And what was the reason you lost the spiritual ability?

REV. JUDY: It was like my life was over when you left. You were my best disciple, most devoted, most generous. I knew it was not likely I would find another like you again, I was discouraged – & I did not deserve you – I treated you badly, so I had no one to blame but myself.

ME: But your Gifts, could you not go on with your Healing Gift, wasn’t that the most important thing?

REV. JUDY: You saw what I was like. Before you came along, I had had disciples but they were either selfish, or at best, lukewarm. I told you about Truth Seeker {a female, a nice girl} – we lived together. At the end of the week, when we would buy the groceries, she made sure that every penny went 50 – 50, she never gave me more than my share. She gave me a little money for lessons, as did everyone else, $10. per lesson. But to get a Church, movement or Mission going, you need a HUGE following or a HUGE devotion from a person – which I had with you. You went way out of your way to promote me against all odds, you got that add in the paper about me, which you paid a lot for, you spoke of me on the stage {which got Stripping for God started} & you spoke of me on TV shows, including the hit how, ‘Real People.’

But because of my treatment of you, including the death curses, you left me, so it was all over. I knew there would never be another like you. Putting death curses on you was like Jesus putting death curses on Peter – then he loses his first Pope – no Pope, no Organization, no nothing.

ME: I never saw it that way before, good thing I asked. So you are saying you no longer had Healing Power or what?

ndg-snow-white-pic-2 Nurse-3D-Film Oberheuser_during_sentencing-1 original p06l1gr9 page_1

REV. JUDY: It wasn’t that the Healing Power & Channeling were gone, {as you know God never ‘repents a Gift’ but I lost the will to use them. I was depressed & sick. I knew nothing would happen any more – my chance for the spiritual big time was over. I did not have enough Virtue, Love & Zeal. As you said, I was lazy {compared to you} I had less Love than you, I was not obedient to God – {look how I disobeyed Jesus, who told me to stop being hateful to you.}

ME: Yes, you for a while controlled me with fear, which is sad, which is wrong. I had to go my own way. But then, on your death bed, you came to me. The room filled with Great White Light. I heard a Voice out of the Light saying,

“Promise me you will help humanity”

The voice repeated this several times until I promised. I didn’t know who or what this came from.

Then a few days later I got a letter from Truth Seeker saying you had died & as you were expiring told her to write me immediately, let me know. So that was you.

I surmised you had left me your mantle, the Anointing, is that true? And why did you leave it to me?

REV. JUDY: You were the only one who could carry it. How could the selfish & lukewarm do anything for God? A Mantle goes to the disciple who proves themselves worthy. You were the only one that could do justice to this Anointing. I needed your FIAT or agreement, ‘be it done to me according to thy word,’ in other words,

“Here I am, here is the Power of God I have. Promise me you will use it to help humanity”,
& you promised.

ME: OK thanks lots Rev. Judy, I still have more to say about this relationship, like some of the things I did, the time in Vegas, the two death curses & how they played out, & also your disclosures to me of what happened to Putz after I left him, to be continued.

thanksgiving-puck-magazine-cover-everett The_Wizard_Cat_by_Lisa_Parker The-most-iconic-LOLcat-I-Can-Has-Cheezburger_Q320 The-Reader-GC34425B the-sorrows-of-satan-1926-ricardo-cortez-lya-de-putti-sad-hill-bizarre-los-angeles-archive the-wedding-cats-harry-whittier-frees-war-is-hell-store Three-Eyed-Sphynx-Cat-Forearm-Tattoos thumb_ur-hamster-i-eated-it-evil-cat-22312481 tortoiseshell-cat-1




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Saint Padre Pio had the Visible Wounds for 50 years


Purgatory Ascensions – 5-6 Women Ascend – 1-20-21



Saint Gertrude the Great had the Interior Divine Stigmata & was the ‘Herald of Divine Love’


Can’t recall where I was but somehow women began to emerge – Women I’d been hobnobbing with. The first wore the most beautiful thick light beige fur coat, full, beautiful. I kept touching it, admiring it, asking her if it was ‘real’ hoping it wasn’t because it felt somewhat like seal. {We don’t want baby seals clubbed on the head, we don’t want minks, ferrets & muskrats being skinned alive}. Eventually I decided it was not a real seal, so it was good.

Then another woman emerges with another fur coat & it’s the exact same color but different texture, & others emerge as well, all in those thick beautiful fur coats. I think is there some kind of fad going on, one gets a coat like that & the others imitate?

*(MEANING: This sounds like Souls in Purgatory getting their ASCENSION ROBES or MANTLES MADE OF LIGHT. The thick fur is equivalent to FEATHERS {fur & feathers are made of the same material, like nails & hoofs} – And the color beige is a sort of LIGHT GOLD which means LOVE.

CLOTHING is often a symbol of the LIGHT that emerges from Souls that they ASCEND WITH.


Jesus’ BODY & BLOOD gets souls out of Purgatory – Offer up or say the Holy Mass

For a while I quit saying Holy Masses as I wasn’t getting any dreams about Souls – I felt discouraged. But then the last two days I had dreams about them being impoverished, needy, asking for help. One Soul came to my door, I tried to CLOSE IT but he pushed & I realized I knew him – let him in. Then looking at my front yard I saw HE HAD BROUGHT ABOUT 20 PEOPLE all sitting in a circle – all impoverished, hungry, needing my help! These were SOULS. Somehow one enterprising person got into my mind & showed me others, that I must help!

In the dream of yesterday I saw about a dozen people on a high tower, like 12 floors in the air – there was SMOKE, they screamed & screamed for someone below to save them, apparently the stairs or elevator were not accessible. Then somehow a FIRE ESCAPE appeared & I saw them climbing down.

These were Souls in the fires of Purgatory – fires represent great pain. Someone creating a FIRE ESCAPE was me saying the Holy Mass, & it alleviated their pain or got them out of dire straits.

st-helen st-rita-of-cascia temptationenh temptation-of-jesus3 tempted-by-the-devil The-Communion-of-Saints

This of course reassures me how important that little 5 minute Holy Mass is – & I also say like 10 minutes of comprehensive prayers that include Souls. The important thing is that my mind is concentrating on them & I have Love in my heart when I do these things.)*


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John Alexander Dowie was a Protestant, But He Believed in Purgatory.  One day he TOOK ME THERE.

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Greedier than Greedy Chapter 4


Chapter 4   Rev Judy Swaggart


unnamed (11)

As you can see, or guess, I’ve given my characters theatrical names according to who they were to me. And so, to have a name like this means she was of God but flawed or tainted. Yes, she had a faith healing & ‘channeling’ Power. God gave her it, I wanted these Gifts, so I felt like this,

“OK, she is not without fault. But she has something I want. How do I get it? By being a loyal, devoted disciple, by supporting her, doing what she wants & needs, & then I’ll learn & grow.”

I felt that if I JUDGED her – that is, considered her UNWORTHY in some way, it was my human perception, not that of God, God had OVERLOOKED whatever was wrong & gave her Spiritual Gifts, & I had to do the same – or else I would be saying God was wrong!

Yes, by human standards, not only to me but others, Judy was OBNOXIOUS. Here are some of her faults I had to tolerate:

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PETTY THIEF: {Stole items like tissue holders, silverware, from the diners she worked in. Stole towels from the motel we stayed at together in Vegas – told me ‘they expected people to do this.’ I was outraged as I was paying for that room, they would have blamed me. And later, as usual, she projected onto me her own sin, she made this strange statement,

“I think you have memory lapses. You pick up things like from restaurants & you forget you did it.”

What a bunch of crap! Reminds me when my Mom stole her boyfriend’s charge card & said I did it! {She tried to make me sign it – it was Steinbeck’s in Trenton, New Jersey – but I refused.} I was not with him with his pants down – you were, Mom!

So Judy’s other fault I would call her:

FALSE ACCUSER: Besides the petty thievery, she accused me of making her heart act up, putting some kind of curse on her {what nonsense, her heart was bad, always looking for someone to blame, I did nothing whatsoever to harm her. I never gave her any stress – she gave me stress.}

EGO MANIACAL: When we walked down the street together, she said the men trailing or stalking us by car were LOOKING AT HER because she emanated power, haha. She was a woman about 55, dumpy, five foot nothing. You know what I looked like when I was young, so need I say more?

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Second, an example of her delusional ‘Queenhood’. She said again & again, she was the ‘Queen of Love’ – her heart was the Heart of Hearts, it was pure, golden, great. Now we are at a costume jewelry store & I must get baubles for my dancing act. I get some items that cost a pretty penny – like $100. She is GREEN WITH ENVY. To appease her, I MUST buy her a tiara for $100. because SHE IS THE QUEEN! She accepts this gift, any decent person would have told me to save my limited funds for what was needed.

GREEDIER THAN GREEDY: Woe is me. I let her know I had a PENSION {from the death of my husband, it amounted to about $325 a month} – enough to live on. I would help her build her church by producing a NEWSPAPER – which I would pay for – {called One World Light} & promote HER WORK. This would make me happy. I set to work writing & creating, she just sat around. All she had to do for the apt was collect rent from the tenants - she did nothing else but rarely worked as a waitress for some cash.

Within a short time – after publication of the first paper costing me $200 she decided THIS WAS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO GO. What was the right way? What did God want? She said,

“The way you can best help our Church, is to go on the road & dance & send money to me. Oh & yes, let me keep your pension, let me cash the monthly check. You are young & if I was young, I would go out & dance & raise money for the Church. This is what God wants.”

I was downhearted. I wanted to quit show business to serve God, to get closer to God by a contemplative life. I did NOT enjoy being a sex object – nothing but that. The work on the stage, for a woman like me, was DEMORALIZING. It was another form of ABUSE. You show your body, men sneer at you, they hit on you, when you are alone, your life is in danger – it was many times. It is overall a DEPRESSING LIFE, not fun at all. Being with God, thinking of God, serving God, to me was FUN. For her to SEND ME ON THE ROAD, by myself, no protection, was unconscionable - I protested, she insisted. In the end, I did it with a heavy heart.

179c0ff293c0e75ac7c0fed346ce6db7 220px-Smith_Wigglesworth_praying_for_a_sick_woman 268becabb4d63462c6b9e31efe6d44e9 287bedaeb98c7da44b81f6409324108d 331f0e0491be55efa2e79d938791d7c7 334fb1d71c03144da0dad27673e317ae 396f7a3980594687706b34ef8c4a449a

So Rev Swaggart & I were at cross purposes. My purpose was to serve God by serving her Church, learn & grow spiritually. Her purpose was to deprive me of my pension & get whatever else she could out of me, by sending me on the road. It was a money grab, that was all. She wanted money more than to build the Church – she never used one penny of it for that.

It didn’t end there. I was with her for six years. After two years I refused to fork over my pension. I reclaimed my daughter from her Grandma {husband’s Ma}, she & I moved in with my Dad in New York – I had expenses for daughter & Dad. But she made me pay for many other things, like example, I was permitted to call her long distance once a month. For this a donation of $100 was required for an hour of ‘receiving God’s Light’ from her. {Not a joke, she really did have the Light & did at least once get me off a curse Mr. America, Harold Poole, had put on me.}

Second, I had to pay for all her Vegas trips where she knew she would hit some type of jackpot, twice she channeled what the number would be, but in the end was one digit off. These trips I had to donate a few hundred bucks.

When we were together on one of my visits to L.A. we went to a restaurant {I don’t have to tell you I paid, she never paid one penny for me for anything} & on return to her car, it had a ticket. Who do you think had to pay the $40.? Me of course, it was somehow MY FAULT she got the ticket!

Oh, another to me, strange item. You think she’d share with me her food in the refrigerator? No indeed, I had to buy my own! And she, of course, helped herself to it.

Another item was the land. She bought some land in a desert area {it had a well she said} where we were some day to BUILD OUR CHURCH. So who had to pay the monthly payments for the land? Me of course. It was $160. a month. And who got the land when she died? Her sons naturally. {Understand that during the time of my service to her money was worth a lot more than it is today – in 1971, when we got started, by 2021 multiply 6.43 for each item & you know in today’s value .}

I also had to pay for her birthday bash. I ordered the cakes, the food, for fifteen of her friends & relatives & disciples. Not one of those friends or relatives contributed a dime. No one even offered.

Untitled-Catalog202047 Untitled-Catalog201971 Untitled-Catalog201948 unnamed unnamed unnamed (14) unnamed (13) unnamed (12)

That night proved a turning point for me to exit the next day. During a channeling session she was in a trance, & while there, she said her main goal in life was to secure her sons – Tommy & Timmy – all she cared about was them, the land she had purchased was for them. {One time I had just given her a donation, Tommy walked by, she said to him did he need any money?} No mention of the Church, just the sons, which reminded me of Monster Mom doing everything for my brother – all money for him, all privileges for him, I was just a slave.

A tidbit about her sons. Timmy was sweet & loved her, but Tommy resented her. When she preached to him he told her to ‘shut up.’ Why did he hate her? When he was a kid, she robbed him. He’d saved up all his nickels & dimes for a long time. And one day she needed some bread & took it. And because he hated her she was always trying to please him. – but it was too late.

The next day I packed up & called a cab. Rev. Judy tried to physically stop me from leaving by standing in my way. She had put on her silver body suit – which she used to try to sweat off fat – she looked ridiculous. She had a disciple sitting on her couch, was posturing in front of her, telling her she had to protect herself from my ‘bad vibes’ with her suit. That was ridiculous, I just left & checked into a motel.

That was the first time she put a DEATH CURSE on me. Why? Not because she loved me, because she wanted my money. A 19 year old black male stalked me, was planning to rape & kill me, but God foiled it. I knew Swaggart had done it when I called her after the fact, the sound of triumph was in her voice. I shall explain this incident later.

SHE WAS LAZY: OK, her heart was not good, she had had an attack. So she could not work as hard as before the attack – but she did nothing but watch TV, lying on the couch. I have had more than one heart attack, my heart is damaged, yet I do what I can – like yesterday I worked seven hours writing a long article, today I am doing this. I do lots of other work, whatever I can manage – she didn’t even try. All she did was lie there moaning & talking about her bad luck & all kinds negative shit. Yes, it wasn’t all bad, sometimes she channeled, – I awaited that eagerly.

tumblr_n9qjy4jhTQ1tbcxe8o1_1280 tumblr_oynu17uqTd1qh66wqo1_500 u493pil3dgl21 unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

SHE WAS A LIAR & DECEIVER: I suggested one time she might apply for welfare, the blew her stack. How dare I suggest a great woman like her would apply for welfare?

Another time I was at the airport & saw a beautiful necklace with a heart. It cost about $20 which would be $60 in today’s terms. I gave her the necklace.

Now I’m at her place – she’s lying on the couch watching TV as usual, & she sent me on an errand to her spare room. There I was to get an item out of a drawer.

I went to that drawer & found two things of interest that proved what a punk she was. One, there was a welfare application for which she was denied, & two, she had taken my heart necklace to a jeweler to have it appraised. It saddened me that they appraised it for less than I paid – you know how thy rip you off at airports. I did not say a word.

photo-1570018142671-407bd1950dfe_69f58c65-1e0c-43b4-871d-6fe308a8511c pngtree-satanic-cat-head-vector-illustration-png-image_5162700 poster,504x498,f8f8f8-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.u3 pp,504x498-pad,600x600,f8f8f8 pqrbkc74vm641 Profile_-_Lucifer

SHE LACKED DISCIPLINE: I exercised every day for 45 minutes, had weights. She got a machine. That fucking machine for the first time gave me cellulite. You remember those stupid jobs in the 70′s where you put your ass in a sling, & it vibrates? You had to rent them, that’s how she wasted money. She thought it would get some of her fat off. So for about a week I tried this & it did nothing for me but break up flesh to make cellulite. {I stopped & it eventually went away.}

The other thing she liked to do was eat. She could not control her appetite. When I bought her birthday cake she went to the fridge & tasted it before the party. When we were in Vegas she found a cheap buffet, ‘all you can eat,’ you know the rest. At five foot tall she weighed about 180. At 5’7″ I weighed 127. This came at a price, I was a fruitarian until Rev. Bitch talked me out of it.

I can’t think about her any more, must get my mind on something else. To be continued………………………….1-19-21

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Saint Martin Luther King Jr

Saint Martin Luther King, Jr



from Rasa Von Werder: Saint MLK is one of my constant companions, who blesses me, guides me, protects me every day for the last 10 years. I pray to him in times of need, such as losing things – he always answers – the thing I lost is at my fingertips. He once REPAIRED MY CAR – no joke – there was a dent. I laughingly asked him to fix it, the next morning, dent gone. So my advice, love him, promote his Holy Work & PRAY TO HIM. He will answer!

His stature in Heaven is great, he was a martyr. He knew he would probably be assassinated but did what he had to do, just like Our Lord. His Soul is Great, radiating tremendous Light. I feel his Holy Presence………………………………………………………………………………….

from Wikipedia:

Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King Jr.; January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the Civil Rights Movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968. King is best known for advancing civil rights through nonviolence and civil disobedience, inspired by his Christian beliefs and the nonviolent activism of Mahatma Gandhi. He was the son of early civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Sr..

King participated in and led marches for blacks’ right to vote, desegregation, labor rights, and other basic civil rights.[1] King led the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott and later became the first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). As president of the SCLC, he led the unsuccessful Albany Movement in Albany, Georgia, and helped organize some of the nonviolent 1963 protests in Birmingham, Alabama. King helped organize the 1963 March on Washington, where he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The SCLC put into practice the tactics of nonviolent protest with some success by strategically choosing the methods and places in which protests were carried out. There were several dramatic stand-offs with segregationist authorities, who sometimes turned violent.[2] FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover considered King a radical and made him an object of the FBI’s COINTELPRO from 1963, forward. FBI agents investigated him for possible communist ties, recorded his extramarital liaisons and reported on them to government officials, and, in 1964, mailed King a threatening anonymous letter, which he interpreted as an attempt to make him commit suicide.[3]

On October 14, 1964, King won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance. In 1965, he helped organize two of the three Selma to Montgomery marches. In his final years, he expanded his focus to include opposition towards poverty, capitalism, and the Vietnam War.

In 1968, King was planning a national occupation of Washington, D.C., to be called the Poor People’s Campaign, when he was assassinated on April 4 in Memphis, Tennessee. His death was followed by riots in many U.S. cities. Allegations that James Earl Ray, the man convicted of killing King, had been framed or acted in concert with government agents persisted for decades after the shooting. King was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established as a holiday in cities and states throughout the United States beginning in 1971; the holiday was enacted at the federal level by legislation signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Hundreds of streets in the U.S. have been renamed in his honor, and the most populous county in Washington State was rededicated for him. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., was dedicated in 2011.

6de6147d9ede2224316e3a6fc1570aa1 7b8c35e887de486372f31e1488557c5e--ancient-egyptian-art-egyptian-mythology 7be9ee1c4910aa901e5a76af901350ae 7c62bb16a4dfe54baa68b22cab7b099f 7ca2b5b8226cc5a1682ff083fe23ca0f 7d2e43cfe1dadadbb104d4f9236df7f0 7f9cb302ed9edefdebce373edb60621a 8a851c1bf1e0fdc5b4a8a477b07f4188 9a6b79682815a1fa08196dd243f72eb8 9bff8cda98f502431acb6ff01a413a26 9cc55b0108d9dd78c1f6680472da184b

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The Utmost Putz {Charlatans}


Continue Chapter 3 – Section 2 From Charlatan to Charlatan

the Utmost Putz




The thing about Putz NutOn – I’m not sure if I explained properly why he might have seemed ‘weird’ or bizarre. I also want you to know that while I was with him, until the end, I was always cordial, affectionate {I had sex with him on demand–I stalled him for months but finally had to break down & give in. My big excuse was I saw him as a revered mentor rather than lover, haha – translation: You revolt me as a man} & was even defensive of him. I did not see him as I do now, for the time being, I felt I needed him {will explain the good he did me}on some level, in some way {to be explained later.}

dsp_halloween_witch_cat_adams_ebay e84c9fed264bdeff17109dde217e5b65 ec9145ff5c6bdeda0b5d91709fb16cf9

Today, I see the characters of my life 100% apart from how I felt when with them. As I outline their mistreatment of me, you might feel ‘fukk, if someone treated me that way I’d hate them’ – she must have felt & now feels hate. Not at all, & this is important. Had I felt pure hate I would have acted completely different than what I did.

For example: My Monster Mom, at bottom I always had respect for her & was trying to show her I WAS WORTHY OF LOVE, WHY PERSECUTE ME? It never worked, the more I tried, the more I fell into her snares & she betrayed me until I ran to the other end of America. When the docs said she had 6 months to live, I went to Church daily {I was in Providence RI at the time}, received Communion for her & prayed one hour after that. I also promised God ‘Don’t let her go to Hell, I WILL PAY FOR HER SINS.} Does that sound like hate? I forgave her & everyone who ever hurt me & still do. There were two things holding up my thoughts, one, as my Mother, it was impossible to hate her as that would be MORTAL SIN, & second, I held the erroneous thought that somehow, some way, it was MY FAULT she hated me, if only I could do better, I might win her over. This stayed in my mind as I did not, could not, understand her disposition toward me.

Today, I see Mom & all others with a SENSE OF HUMOR because it doesn’t HURT any more. As long as it hurts, you can’t tell it properly, all you can do is cry. But when the pain stops, it’s like looking AT SOMEONE ELSE – not me, & this is how it was. I see the humor, even the fun of it, what a story, what a gas. {I might have to add here that this attitude became imbedded at the time I entered Yogic ‘nonduality’ in 2007. I told my Guru ‘Swami G’ ‘I can’t get what my family did to me out of my mind, the pain haunts me’, she said,


“When you enter Nonduality the pain fades away – it’ll feel like it happened to someone else.”

And so when I describe Putz you probably think I had utter contempt for him & treated him like trash. No indeed, I was totally respectful, acted like he was my Dad {except for sex} & I had to look up at & obey him {he was only about 10 years older, I was 24-25, he never told me his age but kept saying he was older than he looked – trying to give himself authority} and the entire first year I treated him like I was ‘in love’ {I wasn’t}, showed signs of jealousy, looked to him for answers, followed the practices he recommended, etc. My attitude today is I know he was insane, whacked & weird, so I describe him as I do.

The second year – things changed. He stayed away more, came home later, sometimes out all night. On his side he knew he had control over me & now it was on to other pastures, play the games with new victims.

On my side, his absence gave me the time to practice the ‘mind over matter’ stuff he taught – I perfected. I spent hours a day in self hypnosis, to master myself, stay on the fruitarian diet {all raw, fruits, seeds, no leaves, all raw} which was the hardest thing I ever did. I lifted the weights {as usual} every day, & I kept myself at one point up all night sewing pretty dresses {he did not allow me pants!}, sleeping a minimum – lost gobs of weight, looked incredible, & most astounding of all, I reached the still, small Voice inside me – which became, of course, my NEW MASTER instead of him – I HAD REACHED GOD! This was 1971, I remember it as the greatest day in my life up until then.

Now what made him bizarre? His ideas, most notable, he knew HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. He repeated this many times to myself & others & I recall only vaguely, way down the road he gave some cockamamie answer, so stupid I can’t recall what it was. But the fact that he DWELLED on this subject showed he was having delusions of ultimate power.

The other things he spoke about nonstop, to everyone was DIET. He insisted we were originally apes {true} & that apes ate nothing but fruits {not true, both chimpanzees & bonobos eat meat; Bonobos more so. Although they’re peaceful at home, they especially like to munch other monkeys}- & so the diet of all diets is fruitarian, & if we practice it we can CURE ANY DISEASE & remain healthy always & live a long life. People would listen to him go on & on, but no one he brainwashed ever did it, that I know of, EXCEPT ME.

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{I followed this diet for over one year, segueing into it bit by it. I never ate meat after meeting Putz, long after him, but when I left him Rev. Judy Swaggart talked me out of it. How I wish I had stayed on it longer & could keep it today. It really is the fountain of youth. I saw a lady on You tube who’s practiced it most of her life – at 70 she looked 20. Myself, I was the thinnest I’d ever been; my beauty contest weight was 136-37, on this diet I was 127 & looked terrific. Starving naturally but looking good.}

OK back to the Putz. I said he was bizarre for what he believed & talked – most of it talking, not walking. But he did succeed in many ways on many levels, that I shall now explain, so he wasn’t STUPID & he had SKILL – the method to his madness.

He always managed to get either FREE living space {being an apt manager} or office space – an office he could use for monkey business & sleep in at night when he wanted to {often before I came along.}

When I met him he had an extended office at the Sunset-Vine Tower in Hollywood, owned by a bank. This was a beautiful place & he had three rooms, one of which he later had me use. How did he get this with NO MONEY?

He met the young vice-president of the bank – a blonde guy, I met him once. This male was related to the President of the bank, I think it was his Dad. When Putz met him & started his gab, some sort of problem was on boy’s mind, & Putz persuaded him he could cure it. He used hypnosis. I don’t recall the details or even if he told me them – but he had this boy hooked for life, & got these offices for FREE. I know he slept there at night as he used to call me at 12 am – {the phones were free also} – deluding himself the cleaning lady was after him & kept coming closer & closer to clean {again, free services went with the office!). He was constantly complaining how they turned off the air conditioning at night – there was no air {windows did not open} & I had an air-conditioning unit that you filled with water – did not have to be in a window – I gave him, which helped somewhat.

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One tiny thing comes to mind which I laugh at, it’s insignificant but funny. He got a POTATOE for a small desk there, which grew the most beautiful VINES – no expensive plant, just a potato, & it was LOVELY.

So when I met him he had this extended office, which later the Vice-President demoted to a two room space, lower down, not the 6th but the 3rd floor {apparently the higher you are the more prestigious} & there he set me up, in the back room with the windows covering the whole wall – his front room had no windows but I think he felt good that I was behind him & he had me ‘cornered’ where I could not go in or out without passing him.

It comes to mind how he begged out of me the use of my white Corvette {no I did not buy it myself, it was my late husband’s, 1958 manual steering which I loved} & lo & behold, what did he need it for? To whore around of course. I was sitting at my desk right there by the window when I saw my corvette stopped in the driveway behind the bank. There he sat with the hippie girl that had visited our office several times. He was regaling her with this or that – they sat there like 20 minutes. It upset me that he would use my car that way! She was an airhead, wore hippie style clothes & beads, & pranced near me saying we should start a harem for the Putz, we belonged to him. I shuddered. What could he be talking to her about? The fruitarian diet?

Later on, of course, he WRECKED the car {I had never had an accident with it}. He comes in ranting & raving how some guy side-swiped him – all his fault. {It didn’t occur to me at the time to even see if he had a driver’s license, he probably didn’t!} but he managed to find another guy to fill the fiberglass up for $75. I didn’t loan him the car after that.

Another time it was 5PM, my witching hour when I had to leave the office for him. Just as I opened the door – he was settled in the back – in walks my BEST FRIEND, Yolanda Tugues, a raving Puerto Rican beauty with hair below her waist {we danced in the same private club in Santa Monica, my first gig, ‘The Ball’ & other places} I was stunned that I couldn’t even ask her what her business with him was. Later I did ask, & she said he was offering her A FREE APARTMENT.

Where the fukk could he get a free apt? I thought about it & recalled the black lady lawyer he introduced me to. This lady had bought a huge, cavernous apt building of sorts – it was like nothing I’d ever seen. I walked in with Putz, there were dozens of people here & there, sitting about, lounging, there seemed to be no doors on any place, no privacy, & the building looked more like a cave with rounded arches than a normal house. All these people were complaining but I could not figure out why, they seemed to be begging for something – what? since Putz never explained things to me straight, I figured it out later.

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The lady friend had bought this place for a good price because it was filled with SQUATTERS she could not get rent from – & she was baffled how to be rid of them. She met Putz who told her he would help. He then went to the building & ingratiated himself with the residents, mostly young people- so he worked it both ways.

It was here that Putz would give a FREE APT to Yolanda, why? No reason except to get into her pants. I hope he didn’t, I feel her Guardian Angels protected her.

Now other things he got free or conned. During the year he was working on me full time I ate more FREE FOOD in restaurants & went to more dinners at friend’s houses than I had ever done in my life before or after.

First, there was this sweet Armenian little old man & his restaurant – that was my favorite, I loved the food, the pita bread & all. He said he was eating there one day when the old man doubled over with his bad back so bad, he screamed. Putz went over to him, straightened him out & cured him. He got free meals after that. so Putz took me there countless times, the old guy always greeted him like a celebrity.

Then there was the ‘Café of Opera,’ where singers & fans ate lovely dinners -there was a piano – the singers, all men – would get up & loose their lungs on the audience from time to time. I loved it because I love opera, the meals were great – all FREE. I don’t recall how he got into the owner’s graces, except that he was a FAILED opera singer & Putz – he was great at building up people – convinced him he’d soon be tweeting at the Met.

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There is an odd anecdote. I had been seeing Rev. Swaggart at the time – she was giving me lessons in spirituality& faith healing {she hated hypnosis, felt it was wrong, only her ways were right}. The owner of the Café had a PROBLEM. His wife refused to have sex with him any more! This was, of course, I guessed it, because he was having affairs with the waitresses, one in particular. She knew it, but he told us he only did it after she refused him sex – he lied.

And so, since Putz & I were both hypnotists, he asked if he could help her get over her frigidity. Putz couldn’t hypnotize her – he was not trusted by all – so I got the assignment.

OK, I recall hypnotizing her, don’t recall what I did to get her right, just that I did. And soon after that, days, she said she felt completely different & was able to have sex with hubby.

Now Rev. Judy said I pulled a spiritual light OUT OF HER, millions of years old {one of her famous sayings, of course, all Lights are millions of years old, energy is infinite} & I BLEW THE LIGHT -whatever the fukk that means. This was one of her issues – she imagined she was the center of the spiritual Universe, whatever I did that was good spiritually came from her, I had nothing, only she had ‘the Light’ – I took Light from her & gave it to other people – naughty me, I should stop that.

There would be many changes when I moved in with her, good & bad, we shall broach later.

Now other things con man did. He had a string of friends & we did not visit at odd times, it was always dinner times. I remember this sweet & wonderful middle aged woman & her husband – how often they fed us. She always had home made bread. She would read my newspaper {a free paper I called Enlightenment, that’s what I did in the office}, which I asked her to critique, but sadly, I was too proud to accept her corrections. She said I was wrong in the use of the world ‘palacious,’ that it was ‘palatial’ & I denied I was wrong, just my hurt ego.

We also visited a beautiful fancy beach hotel. They had a FREE BUFFET. I’d pay for two drinks, & for a couple hours of pleasant sitting & entertainment {a band} we feasted on free salad-style food. All I remember is Garbanzo beans & delightful rolls.

Then there was this oh-so wonderful motel right on the beach in Malibu – no con games there, I paid. {I had a pension, not much, I shall discuss later.}

It had a PORCH off the room, facing the beach & water. Naturally Putz got the bright idea of pulling out the mattress – Queen sized – through the sliding glass door to fukk me there. But the owner must have seen this before, he approached us & said no mattresses on the porch – they would soak up the humidity & be damaged. Putz tried to resist but had to give in. He was nasty when someone opposed him. I was embarrassed.

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Speaking of building people up – Putz knew a guy who ran for Mayor. I got to know him, went to his house, he visited the office many times & when I went with Rev. Judy he visited us there several times as well. Putz & Judy had once been friends.

This guy built himself up as a big businessman, haha. He lived off his Mother – they had a mansion, but it was hers. He also sang – terribly. Putz told him he would be the next Mayor as well as a future Caruso – I heard him repeat these lies a gazillion times in variations, so Mr. Unaware loved seeing him.

Finally when the election came, future Mayor got 200 votes. Rev. Swaggart – who I promoted for a minor office, got 16,000. {She had me carry a poster on her, give out flyers, on the street.} She had a religious ‘Dr.’ degree, so putting that with her name on the ballot I think rocked it.

The second year Putz & I were together, as I said, he was losing control. Once the Voice appeared, he got shook up, & his personality changed. He came more & more of a ‘spoiled brat.’ For instance, before he went out, he made me change my outfit again, & again & again, about 7 times. I was exhausted, but my personality is that if it isn’t a sin, & you’re my mentor, I do as they ask. I’m not a marshmallow, I have my own gifts & ways, & one of mine is obey until you get what you want & need out of this, then leave. I left my abusive family as soon as I had the path, I left Putz when I could, ditto Rev. Swaggart. All three were peeved at my departure – will explain later.

He pulled his bitch routine at a coffee shop. We get our food, he finds fault with it, in fact, he sends it back three times, each time scowling & ranting what’s wrong with it. Finally the cook comes out, a big guy carrying his BUTCHER KNIFE & asks what the problem is. No more problem, no more talk.

To show his versatility, again, & chutzpah, he put on his hypnosis show at the Knickerbocker Hotel. I did the promotion, as usual, several times for these shows he had me hand out flyers on the street – to the chagrin of a movie manager when I gave out hundreds to the line outside – he came out to grabbed them out of my hand. Rev. Judy came along & said it was a ‘good show’ – the Putz came by, saw the movie man grab my flyers, me acting sheepish, & grabbed & twisted his wrist. the boy cowered, his anger at me? I figured after they went in the theater, they dropped all those flyers to the floor & he had to clean them up.

@nick_pay_ton @nick_pay_ton @nick_pay_ton JoeBlackFox-sepia Johann+Moritz+Rugendas-Jungle johann-georg-meyer-von-bremen-a-young-girl-reading-at-a-table johann-georg-meyer-von-bremen-with-the-grandmother John Bauer 5 John_Bauer_1915 John_Collier_-_Hetty_Sorrel

Anyway, for this show, I did some fancy footwork. I called up all the dance studios in the area & managed to get two Chinse people to do a FREE SHOW. One was a beautiful lady who did a swan dance. The other was a male who did an act as a female in beautiful robes – he was good too, & I awarded them trophies, which I had engraved with something like ‘best talent’. I danced also, in a white feather bikini while Putz played Boogie Woogie on the piano -the audience cheered & insisted I get the last trophy, there were three & no one else to get one, so. And where had the audience come from? They had not come to see our show, it was a huge birthday party there from friends of Putz, an extended family of about 50 – so that was our first audience.

Later he did other shows where he would put that pin through his hand & make an instant repair – I never watched, but he had done this act for men’s clubs several times, like Shriners or Fire men or something. He had newspaper articles on it.

There was another show for which I have an anecdote. I had been working at The Classic Cat, which was once the Jerry Lewis Club, which was the biggest nightclub in Hollywood, on Sunset Blvd.

Don’t recall how I got the idea to put on a beauty contest, myself doing all the work completely for free. The name of the contest, “Miss Queen of Starlets,” appropriate for Hollywood.

I did EVERYTHING. Putz was supposed to be involved, he went down to where the U.S. Navy was anchored to get the men to fill the place up {a stupid scheme, the place needed no extra audience, there were always lots of people, but I think he was scheming to get an ADMISSION FEE which he would keep.} Can’t think of any other reason he’d want to do it.

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I got the CONTESTANTS by calling several model agencies in the area. Got about 8 females from that. Then the ones who worked at the club – about 5 of them – also entered. I got the FLOWERS, in fact, got two florists to donate completely free, beautiful roses. Sadly, the second one with the roses I had to pick them up but had no time or transportation – lost that chance {Why didn’t I ask them to deliver? Was afraid they’d be mad I guess}. But one black lady owning a floristry came herself, built an arbor to present the queen, lined it with flowers & also had a huge bouquet of red roses. That was a WOW.

The trophies – I bought them, {the club paid me nothing, I asked for no reimbursement} had them engraved with one Queen & six Princesses.

Then the Press. I tried hard on that, one man from ‘Rogers & Cowan,’ an advertising agency, came, & offered me a free room in his firm to do whatever I wanted – he said my work was amazing. I never took him up on the offer.

I don’t even know who got the Queen a spot on a TV show, but they did. Now the MC- he ghosted me. So I was the temporary MC & I told some jokes. Finally Putz arrived, & one of his lady friends, a great person, was a professional speaker, she got up & ran the show. It was beautiful, I was so proud of it all. One girl who was a perennial beauty contest candidate, only got Princess. She was so mad she refused her trophy – she had won 98 contests before – so she said.

I discovered truth I should have anticipated – control your contest – tally the votes yourself – keep the info on the contestants under wraps. The girl they picked worked at the club, totally average, flat chest, not as good as the others – I had no idea how that happened. And second, John Lamb, who had produced a movie on me, ‘She Did It His Way’ & his buddies, stole the list of the candidates names & phone numbers.

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Now the anecdote that stands out. Finally I discuss the events of the day with Putz. What took him so long to arrive? Why no bevy of sailors?

He described his sojourn to the docks. He got to meet a Commander & he gave him the lengthy spiel. The Commander was to marshal these boys into our club, bottom line, they would have a good time.

The Commander listened patiently & these were his words,

“I am responsible for the lives of 25,000 men, & YOU ARE JUST A PIMP.”

As Putz explained this his face looked perplexed & he knew that he had been corrected, his tail between his legs. I was proud of the Commander but said not a word. This incident knocked Putz down a peg in my eyes – he was a failure, he was delusional. (By the way, I knew Putz had been in the military I guess in the U.S. but he said so little about it, it must have been dismal. I can imagine him without his turban & hair buzz cut. No speeches allowed, no conning anybody out of anything, just carry your bundle, do pushups & obey. Maybe he got a dishonorable, who knows. It had to be Army as he’d never enlist.}


When I got back with Rev. Judy she told me this tale. She was driving down the Highway when some force kept pushing her to the left, toward the cement barrier, again & again. She called out to God to save her & saw an image of Putz meditating, trying to make her have an accident. He was no Boy Scout. This is pure evil, because all she did to him was influence me, not worth her life. On the other hand, I will tell you about the Rev that will make you wonder – when we get to her part. Twice she tried to kill me when I left her, I was saved by God. She was no Girl Scout either. That’s why I call this chapter ‘From Charlatan to Charlatan.’ She was of God, but so was Jimmy Swaggart.


When I met Putz I was just ‘winding down’ an affair with Mickey Hargitay. He had proposed marriage but I said no. I felt it was not in my destiny. Yes, I liked him a lot, but when you get married, the whole course of your life is changed. I always sensed, at every turn & opportunity, some paths I would have to take, even though they were ‘bad’ in the human sense, some roads I would have to turn down although they seemed perfect. Such was the road with Mickey – everything about him seemed good, everything about Putz seemed weird, but ‘stumbling blocks lead to stepping stones.’

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As I thought about Mickey over the years, many things would NOT have happened that should have. For instance, my most important quest, over all, was my relationship with God. With Mickey that would have been curtailed. I would have been fairly happy in the HUMAN sense, but would I have endured the Gurus who would CHISEL ME DOWN TO SIZE, make me the statue in God’s image & likeness?

All of life is a Guru, the people we meet are gurus, certain ones are KEYS in our experience, they open up avenues within us that to us, are ‘the way, the truth & the life.’ They introduce us to our inner selves.

What would have been my life with Mickey? He was wealthy, he was of show business, me as his wife would have been an immediate connect in people’s minds to Jane Mansfield. I would have got jobs, maybe in movies, TV, I could have been a star as she was. But would I have found God, seen her FACE TO FACE? Probably not. Would I have been the Stripper for God? The only one in history? Not on your life. I might have listed weights continuously, but would I have been the Progenitor? Probably not, because I would not have started entering contests in 1972, I would have had bigger fish to fry in Hollywood.

Mickey had taken me to the Pink Palace. I was driving down Sunset right in front of it, when I looked up & saw a shooting star. Make a wish. Do you want to marry Mickey? No! I exclaimed.

26166326_10215450416831577_7465211870295423396_n 26166376_440700946346581_7437139459809696866_n 26167060_566900806982233_3426106855643990853_n 26167419_567001766972137_6623403142815003057_n 26167567_140693353295629_366677723277374702_n 26167729_140693329962298_5812322797888289693_n 26168176_781498202035955_542780286082096670_n

But I must add this. If he was a man, not a mouse, he would have tried harder t keep me. all Putz did was discourage me from calling him – I used to call him regularly. Finally, he called, feeling insecure. He asked strange questions. Like was I in this porn movie? I should be ashamed of myself. I said no, I had never done a porn movie. Bad excuse for calling me.

Then he said people told him ‘I went out with black guys’ – that was to embarrass & shame me. Indeed, I had been dating James Brown, but that punked out. So I denied it.

Had he been more manly he would have insisted on seeing me & talked me into marrying him. But I guess he was too timid, shame on him. So Putz won out, he several weeks later went to Vegas & married a girl named Ellen, who he told me was ‘just a baby sitter.’ so his love for me wasn’t strong enough. I shall do more on him later, channel him.

Again to reiterate, why do we associate with ‘bad’ people or those who are mean, or those who abuse or exploit?

With Monster Mom I had no choice until a time I shall explain later. With Putz there were certain things I wanted to learn that he intimated he knew – things concerning mind over matter, the mystical realm & I knew he knew hypnosis.

He was a bad egg, but the Sergeant in the army also is, he kicks the beans out of us to make us grow. Putz forced me to do things I would never have done had I not met him.

Had it not been for Putz, I would not have met & studied with Rev. Judy. my spiritual evolvement would have been curtailed. And so, in life, we often have to taste the bitter chalice, not the sweet one, the nasty, evil person/Guru, who teaches us humility, poverty, breaks us down where we have to reach out to God.

With Mickey Hargitay I suspect I would have been ‘just a star’, like Jayne, not who I became. I would have been devoted to God mostly in privacy, & so, how unusual would my life have been as an ideal, icon or subject? I would be remembered for looks alone – I would not have ministered or ‘saved souls’. Like for instance, I preached in front of the White House on Our Lady of Fatima, this ended the Cold War, the threat of nuclear annihilation – Communism fell. This would not have happened had I been another Jayne. You see I had to meet my destiny? Fatima was designated for me to preach – not someone else, since my childhood – to be explained later.

And so, this evil man Putz NutOn was a stumbling block that led to stepping stones, a speed bump on the road of life, a mistake that leads to a benefit – people laughed at him & warned me again Rev. Judy. So many negative people have been in my life I wonder how I survived, but as the poet said, ‘I have promises to keep, & miles to go before I sleep.’ And I have tales to tell & many about Hell.

I plan next time to begin speaking of Rev. Judy Swaggart – this is exhausting, she will be to. I will ask each character, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being a demon, what were you? He says, ‘I was a 9.5.’

I asked Monster Mom, what were you on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being a demon? She said 7, but that 7 was directed strongly to those she hated, Dad, myself, the cops she betrayed, etc.

to be continued………………………………..1-18-21


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God’s Hand on me Brought Wealth


Dreams Explain why Lover will be Desperate & how He’ll Come to Me – How

People Cursed Me but God Blessed Me & Gave me Wealth


unnamed (50)


1-17-21- Dreams – Strange Couple – Lover-Drug Man


Yesterday did not have time to write down, my ex-best friend the lawyer, seems to have turned into a drug dealer. He was making lots of money, writing it down on a list, I saw deals for $350 & over $100 on a large parchment which he was noting, a list of the deals of the day. After a bit he covered it with a grey sort of cloth with a straight ‘fringe,’ – the cloth like soft burlap.

He was still working, but this was the weekend so he did this – I sensed he might do some dealing in the evenings also. I thought that if this is what he’s up to, it’ll have a bad end, as sooner or later they all get caught & go to jail. Then he’ll be flat broke because if in jail he won’t go to his job & could get fired. He was also being warm & friendly to me……………..1-16-21

*(DRUG MAN: This sounds like your ex-lover Joe & if it is him, the future is bleak & the conclusions are as you said. This might be how he gets impoverished & desperate & comes to you.)*

d6udpdg-42602394-7cb4-4da8-9a48-70cc200c6b8e d7pwlll-a844fff7-a7db-4b61-87cc-3b2e5a5815ff d8e89gb-1862efd8-9b20-4a8b-aba5-dbaac7f35a76 d8rsy84-39512f40-eb48-4903-ac6a-cc1ae208cf42

KAHELL………….I see Kahell, an evil ex, former drug dealer who spends half his life in jail – walking down the street with me hand in hand, he wearing beige & very handsome. The feeling is he doesn’t mind being seen with me in public, isn’t being secretive like he used to. I recall like a week earlier walking this exact same way with a boyfriend who is also very handsome but white. The street is quiet & calm, see no people or cars

*(Kahell: This is lover at his worst. It seems like a continuation of the dream yesterday, where he starts raking in money from drugs.

You ‘walk down the street’ with him twice. This would be a PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP or KNOWN relationship – something IN THE STREET is public, like they say, “Don’t put your business in the street” or “What does the street say?”

You now walk with him, in the dream he has dark black skin. You recall walking with him earlier where his skin was white. This explains something, how you’ll come to be with him again – it answers a puzzle. First, he was of good repute, accepted by society.

But now, you walk with him – it’s the same man, both handsome, both are your boyfriend. This time he has become DISREPUTABLE or a ‘BLACK SHEEP.’
It could be your conclusion – He sells drugs, gets arrested – does jail time. Even though among his peers this is not seen as a big deal – to some people it still is.

images (18) images (19) images (20) images (21) images (22) images (23) images (24) images (25) images IMG_0684
Secondly, through this experience he COMES TO YOU, & that is the second reason he would ‘lose face’ or be thought of as Mr. Wrong. He would leave his common-law wifey & child for you – & that would not sit well with his peers. The peers are mostly a bunch of lowlifes, hoods, addicts, losers & such – many are dealers, most users. And so, part one of his being a dealer & doing time would not upset them but part two, where he basically turns his back on the ‘hood’ & homies’ to be with you – that would condemn him.)*


Now this couple is in my house, don’t know who.  His girlfriend seems like a nice person.

They seem to be doing some kind of business. After a while, I go to my room – they had been using another room not far, but this time they are in my bed asleep, she far to his right, not close, on her right side, the sheets are the ones on my bed this day, with dark ornate patterns in burgundy, beige, black & pink.

*(STRANGE COUPLE: This seemed like my ex Lover Joe & wife Mandy, but at close inspection I see it is MY FLESH & MY LOVER. The hint is first, it’s MY BED & second, they are not PHYSICALLY CLOSE – which we are not. And yet, this says WE ARE TOGETHER which means we are joined, united, we are One. {Where two are joined together, let no man put asunder is Holy Wedlock.})*

I was planning to go to sleep but now I can’t, unless I go back to the guest room where they were & change the sheets. Now they both wake up & are going out to do some of the things they were talking about on my bed – looking to buy a house.

*(THEY WERE ASLEEP THEY BOTH WAKE UP & ARE MAKING PLANS: Asleep means ‘unaware’ – awake is to become aware. Joe & I become aware we’re to be together & we’re eager for happiness.)*h

There’s a feeling at some point they went to my room & it was situated in the exact space where my room was on Van Buren St. – when I was 8 years old, overlooking the library in Newark, New Jersey. I never dream about this so it’s unusual.

ef2f8fa5-178b-4e10-a217-cc883639aabe_800_420 ef808bc3d30c040fa3cb8b4083c4a4d6 Ekvall_Knut_The_Reading_Lesson ElizaEngraving ellie-davies-cosmic-forest-stars-9.jpg.650x0_q70_crop-smart encore-azalea-shrubs-80691-64_1000 english_cottage_ e-n-railway-1-2-jpg Entrance_to_the_Port_of_Palermo_by_Moonlight,_1769 EODQEc-WoAAr8RP

*(ROOM ON VAN BUREN: When you dream about a location you have to know what that location signified. What happened there? In this spot was when Marius Bernotas, my Mom’s new lover, moved in with us for room & board – a child was born. After this place in the city, there was a great move, that signaled the end of my Dad, the end of their marriage, the beginning of a completely new life. Therefore, I conclude this could herald the breakup of Joe & Mandy & a new life beginning for Joe & me.)*

They had been sitting there talking animatedly about business, making money, & purchase of a house. They were planning to be happy {they had experienced money troubles & these seemed to be over, where they could be happy for the first time}. It seems money was coming their way & my vague thought is it drugs? It seems like a windfall.

*(WINDFALL MONEY-NEW HOUSE & HAPPINESS: This sounds like Joe & I planning happiness – A new residence for him, in a house {mine}- I am wealthy so if I support him, he would be as well. He doesn’t have to work or worry, this is a WINDFALL or SUDDEN WEALTH.)*

Then somehow, they get me involved, it’s hard to understand. They – she mostly – are inviting men for is it sex? But it’s ‘no touch’ sex. This man comes in to just look at me. I’m lying on my back, he in front, the lady friend supervises this, & just by looking at me he gets off – not masturbating – just looking. Then he puts some papers back into his briefcase in his lap & the session is over – she doesn’t know it but I know it, as he’s done this exact same thing a dozen times before. So I don’t have to do anything, & somehow, she or they make some money.

*(STRANGE BUSINESS, I GET INVOLVED: The reason I get involved in this ‘strange business’ of ‘making money’ & a man ‘invited in for no touch sex’ explains how I got wealthy. The ‘I’ here is the spiritual me – I was celibate for God, God gave me good luck, chose this excellent man for me who was willing to be companions, no sex, & he treated me with utmost respect & left me secure.)*

At one point there’s a beautiful, plain but classy silver {antique looking like 50′s} purse sitting on my bed. Was it mine or hers? I look inside & there’s a bunch of stuff, cluttered, & on top, a fairly large cross {about 4″ tall}, silver, with large rhinestones across it both ways. I then realize it’s hers, I compliment her saying she has good taste. The purse looks like a light grey-shiny snakeskin & has a gold clasp on top.

gRbASPi Guest-Cottage-on-Cape-Cod-This-Old-House-1 h5_11.156 h5_15.30.60 H0027-L00581747 H0046-L00304656 H0046-L03279805 H0046-L03680778 H0267-L09958903

*(SNAKESKIN, CLASSY ANTIQUE PURSE: This purse explains your FINANCIAL FORTUNE. The purse is filled with CLUTTER but on top of it is that SILVER/DIAMOND CROSS. The clutter is your BAD LUCK or CURSES people put upon you – Your Mom disinherited you, so did your first husband. No one helped you financially, no man or woman, people like Rev. Judy Swaggart & others used you for money. But ON TOP OF ALL THIS there’s that beautiful Cross, which says,

“People cursed you, but in the end {silver & gold is permanent} I blessed you mightily. The evil they gave you was nullified by my Grace.”


The GOLD CLASP of the purse is like God putting a HINGE, CLASP, SEAL on your fortune, where no one can take it from you – no bad luck or reverse ’till the end of your life, you have GOOD FORTUNE.

George+Smith-Sleeping+Boots-boy george-morland-happy-cottagers george-morland-the-cottagers_-a-family-outside-a-cottage-in-a-wooded-landscape,-a-village-beyond gettyimages-590130968-1024x1024 gettyimages-590130994-1024x1024 gettyimages-596954858-1024x1024 giandomenico-tiepolo-the-agony-in-the-garden-1772-italian-school-jesus-giandomenico-tiepolo-1727-1804 gioachin-giuseppe-serangeli-orphée-et-eurydice-quittant-les-enfers

I might add that there are two other windfalls before I die. One is the gas & oil under my property, & two, the movie or TV series they will make of my life. This also is from the GRACE OF GOD.)*

One other scene. The man who was just looking at me again & again, I find out he’s important – some sort of a King from another country, maybe a King of finance. His skin is pure white & he’s completely bald. He is sitting now near me, & I feel a slight warmth about him that I did not before – because I now see his importance, & I brush my face against the side of his head to show affection.

*(KING MAN WHO GETS OFF JUST BY SEEING ME: This is my late husband, Richard Von Werder. We were companions, we never had any kid of sex interaction whatsoever, & he told me all he wanted / needed from me was my COMPANIONSHIP. Because of this sixteen years of companionship he SECURED ME FINANCIALLY – I am reminded of his importance here.
The papers going into his briefcase could be his will & what he left me in it.)*


1_s6PM48kFCmmkvltjMAh7lA 1ae7438c99b8dde2dfbbf64824ce1094 1c3356fb3660eec30c53b40e566b3e59 1d46c5f44bc16e5b2dfd4840e36f2a23 1DlxxR9 02d39bbecf1942b81e07eee1f17008e9

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One Charlatan to Another



Chapter 3 I STRIP FOR GOD Part 3


the story of Rev. Judy Swaggart – but before I can get to her I must share ‘The Bogi-Yogi – Putz NutOn” – because the one tale flows into the other.

I met Rev. Swaggart at a vulnerable time. I had just spent like two years with this bogi-yogi who called himself ‘Prince Natta Maharaj’. I will call him ‘Putz NutOn’.



This is how the Putz looked, except he was a man & wore a turban, & always a tuxedo with a bow tie.  

Those days I went from bad to worse, from frying pans to fires. Putz came into my

life to ‘save’ me from a bad love affair – I got ill - he forever bragged to people he got me off my death bed {not true.} And he was eccentric, but intriguing in some ways. He hounded me for months, broke me down & got me to try out his beliefs & teachings. I became his most successful ‘pupil’ – so precocious that it frightened him & he wanted me to stop {will explain this story later on if I dare channel someone in Hell – I believe he’s there as a few years ago I saw him dead & it took six demons to carry him away, & they were sweating. This explains his being so attached to the earth….if you know the precept of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, you are weighed by God on one side of the scale against a feather, if you are heavier, you cannot ascend into Heaven. So this guy could only descend to the other place with the help of his friends.}

As I said, I spent some time with Putz NutOn, when he became so bizarre I felt my life was at stake. I knew Rev. Swaggart from him – we had a rocky relationship as first I was her fan, wrote a story on her in a newspaper I published – but then there was a conflict with Putz, he convinced me she was dangerous & trying to possess me{he was jealous of the influence} & so I repudiated her. But I called her, reconciled, & asked her to help me leave this guy – which she did.

34ef3e587efc1b1b44eec5f798404b38 41sUbY6TsrL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ 42ee1cdb9c643e0cc607c13d9f24ed4f 69e98fd34c0d20e3297596202aa36a34

The day she came for me, in her presence, I packed all the essentials, shaking that he would come back, & tore out of there like a bat out of Hell, went to live with her for rent. She managed an apt in Hollywood, sometimes worked as a waitress. She asked for donations from disciples, but that & a buck could get you a ride on the subway. She would learn to use me like the Mother Lode of suckers, my sincerity /generosity, love of God, desire to learn of God – especially the Faith Healing Power she carried, made me the most loyal/ giving disciple she ever had.

When I spent time with her as was with the Putz, I was just a kid of 22 years old. I knew nothing of the world to speak of. Both these people used that against me, not sure which was worse in exploitation, but both were the same skin even though one was a demon, the other Anointed by God.

Indeed, the demon wanted me for sex, room & board {for all his talents he was indigent. He had no job, a full-time con man. He said he’d managed a building in the past.} What were his con-man hooks? He sang opera – just a tad. He could play one classical piece on the piano – the Song of India & some boogie woogie. He could tap dance & last but not least, was a prolific hypnotist. {Later I saw he used hypnosis to try & control people, but most people didn’t trust him.} He would demonstrate the trick everywhere he went, putting a person between two tables, stiff as a board. {That was one of the things I learned from him & worked professionally at it later, mostly helping those with depression.}

521d093e5bc4b495a66809116c5704e3 761dcbe7-7599-4220-a20d-e770ed5afdd1 5120F-UfNPL 6531f44d3f0075cc71d30497bb158aae56a9af7a

But what he did full time was tell stories – like Sinbad the Sailor type wonders & exploits, {& he had proof for some of it, articles in newspapers where he put a huge pin through his palm & made an ‘instant repair’ – no blood}, his Dad the Maharajah in India. His possession of two Cheetahs as a boy – that he could turn into a Cheetah at times {I shuddered to find footprints on the railing outside my apt, traced it on see-through paper which I showed to Rev. Swaggart, she said he turned into an ‘entity’ & it was so creepy, to throw it away – sorry I did} & also that he had once known how to de-materialize, but had lost the key & was searching for it {& to find it he made me take him to the cheapest, shlocky horror movie theater in Los Angeles, a hundred times, to watch the most boring creepy movies I had ever seen, he on the edge of his seat, waiting for that ‘key’ of de-materialization.}

After practicing all the creature ‘taught,’ I began to get uncomfortable with him. The hypnosis I used on myself for hours a day when something broke through – I didn’t know what it was at the time, but it was the ‘still, small voice of God’ within us all. When I first heard it, 1971, clear as a bell, I said,

“Who are you?”
The voice said,
“I am you.”
“You can’t be me, I’m me.”

It took me a while to figure it out. This voice – my God Self, guided me, gave me answers to all I sought, including psychic answers for myself & the Putz. The Putz was impressed, asked what was the origin of cancer, I gave him the correct answer which I can corroborate today, it’s your own cells going rogue. But after a while, this Voice, of course, gave me my own Empowerment & it intimidated Putz – I was no longer listening to his voice but my own. H was used to obedience, this shook him up.

main-qimg-091b3d0c76f2fa05a7a81c9adf4e6a92 maxresdefault (2)

I might add one humorous incident. He, from the time I knew him, practiced & preached vegetarianism – the way of many Hindus {by the way, his accent was English, not Hindi, that was never explained.}

One day he begged me to give him $60 {in 1971 that was worth at least twice as much}. I had never given him any money & we argued, he begged, argued & begged, so long, that I finally gave in. He never explained what he needed the money for, only that it would make him feel ‘secure.’

After he took the money& went off I realized what a fool I’d been, & headed out to the Sunset-Vine Tower where our offices were {my apt was a few blocks away}, to get the bread back. On the corner across this building was Denny’s. As I walked by Denny’s there he was, sitting at a table, enjoying the biggest steak in the house. I walked in & asked him what he was doing, he said,

“I’m trying to commit suicide.”

I demanded my money back & he gave me it. Probably because it made him feel like a big shot, handing money to me in front of other people – they thought it was his.

This incident made me realize he was full of shyt. I was faithful to the vegetarianism he taught – in fact, I did one up on it, I became a fruitarian. But what spooked him out finally, besides my new Voice that had all the answers, was that I could manage to go for four days & nights with only 1.5 hours sleep at night & NO FOOD. When I arrived at the office & told him that – not having any symptoms of hunger or tiredness, feeling OK, he got really scared & talked me out of continuing the practice. Yet he had preached a thousand times that a human could live without food or sleep -now having seen me do it, he changed his putrid mind. He said ‘I wasn’t ready’, it could hurt me. Translation,

8969305cf68f1425faa352addd7743c1 10204346-the-mystic-ritual-in-the-dark-temple- 20200904-horror-04 53341181._SY475_

“You have become so advanced, so powerful in mind-over-matter {his main subject}, that I am scared. I can’t control you any more, you are beyond me. You have done all the things I peached & taught to everyone – that I could not do myself – it was just talk. But you actually did it, I am baffled & intimidated.”

The night before my departure a strange & scary thing happened. The creep came home late at night – he liked to use the office to regale people in the PM – I ran the office in the day {wrote & published a give-away newspaper called Enlightenment}- it was 12:00 AM. I was commanded that at 5:00 PM sharp I was to leave & he take over…… He walks in, I don’t greet him. He says,

“Even a dog knows how to greet its Master.”

I don’t answer that because I know how men can be – don’t challenge them, they get violent, & yes, for the first time he had recently pushed me back into the office when I was going to leave without his consent. {It meant he was losing control, feared my independence} That was a red flag.

Abandoned-dolls-in-the-Mexican-water-canals-in-Xochimilco ad_228692757 agoge-640x421 bacf81b9ad57ff431647a9b53453b2f1f305765f_hq

So now I decide to tell him {I should not have–never tell a man to his face you’re going to leave him},

“I’m going to leave you”

I say. He looks bewildered. Never have I stood up to him before.

I am sitting at the desk in the living room. There is my ‘sewing kit’ – {I did a lot of sewing those days, rented a machine & made my own dresses, fancy ones he liked – this carry-box, believe it or not, belonged to Marilyn Monroe – it was her makeup case. I had gotten it from Andre DeDienes, her photographer, the clown who brought me from New York to Los Angeles, photographed me, then dumped me on the street in Venice – why? You guessed it. At 16 I didn’t want to do sex with Grandpa.}

He goes through my sewing kit & takes out the huge silver scissors, which gives me the creeps. But then he puts it back & removes the biggest pin he can find. He says,

“I have taught you everything I know. But I’m not sure you can make it on your own. To prove to me you can, I want you to take this pin, put it through your palm, & make an instant repair.”

I ask him why. He says,

“To make me happy.”

I tell him I will consult with my Voice. I ask my Voice, & it says,

“Why should you make him happy? He isn’t trying to make you happy.”

I see the man look befuddled, & he said,

“I feel confused.”

Later Rev. Swaggart told me the Light of God surrounded him & baffled him, to render him harmless.

It was the next day I called the Rev & went with her………………… be continued

staring-at-food-cat unnamed (1) unnamed WBC_cat-recipes_feature why-cats-eat-bread-explained-5cfa6ce9b5d53__700 why-cats-eat-bread-explained-5cfa6e2be719f__700 why-cats-eat-bread-explained-5cfa6e298f744__700

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I STRIP FOR GOD Part 3 Chapter 2



Chapter 2   I STRIP FOR GOD Part 3





All characters described are fictional.  Any resemblance to persons

living or

dead is coincidental.

bad-seed badseed1 bookclub_narcissistcover-master180

{Mempho for short} She was Monster Mom’s best friend. If Mom was president, she was vice-president, & when Mom died, she filled her office. I shall begin shortening ‘Monster Mom’ to MM.

Mephistopheles came into our life when I was a child – she older, wiser & a bully. One of my first memories of her was I was 7 – she a teen. It was Christmas, we had, as usual, several Lithuanian visitors. This wonderful lady, blonde, lovely, young, was visiting us with her little son, he being about 5, the spitting image of Jon Provost of Lassie, as cute, innocent & sweet as he.


Myself, siblings & this boy were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying pastries, while his Mom & mine were in the living room sharing the local news of the day.

The little boy loved the white crème-filled puff pastries. Mempho asked,
“You like these?”
He said yes. She said,
“Then have another one.”
The boy was full but since it was asked, he did eat another. Then Mempho said,
“Eat another.”
He said,
“I’m full. No thanks.”
She said,
“You said you like them, eat another.”
He refused, but she insisted, she forced him to eat about SIX PASTRIES until he threw up.

Flash forward about three years. A 3 year old girl, whom I adored, my siblings & I are at the kitchen table, with Mempho there again. The baby loves the buckwheat pancakes we made. Mempho asks her,
“You like the buckwheat pancakes?”
She says yes. Mempho says,
“Then eat some more.”
“No, I’m full,”
“You said you like them, eat some more.”
She insists, again & again, & forces the child to eat. I am cringing. Finally the baby throws up.

We’ll begin the channeling with this. I say,

ME: Mempho, why did you force those children to eat so much they threw up? What sort of a reward or pleasure did this give you?

MEMPHO: It made me feel strong. They were small & weak, I felt big. I made them do something they did not want to do, I used force, they tried to resist, it made them unhappy but they did it – I prevailed.

ME: Are you a bully?

MEMPHO: Bully is my middle name.

1f95a303bb64dbaabee3ab37de6c5ccc 2-grimm-hansel-and-gretel-granger-1 3-movies-with-manipulative-and-evil-female-villains (1) 3-movies-with-manipulative-and-evil-female-villains 6b9888079e037af89f2cad4f4c2d3e82 6d86b5286b34d7f00bbbd58e31b44ce3

ME: Why did you obey my Mom when she turned against Dad & told everyone in our group to hate him – why did you do as she said & turn away from him?

MEMPHO: Why not? He wasn’t living with us any more, he meant nothing to me. I knew which side my bread was buttered on, loving him in the face of the Monster would have been a challenge. I didn’t care if I hurt him, I was indifferent.

ME: OK, now for the hard questions. Why do you pretend you don’t remember the past – when we were kids – & you go crazy if I ever bring it up & command all those under your influence to never discuss the past with me. In fact, you have prevented some family members from speaking to me for many years.

MEMPHO: To discuss the past opens a can of worms. We all know what went on – we abused you. I am in denial of that, I don’t want anyone to know, I will deny each & every incident that ever happened. I deny what I do today against you, I pretend to love you, & I deny the past & the present wrong doings – {like making sure you were not invited to the most recent family wedding. It’s obvious I cared not for your feelings.}

ME: You get hysterical when I even broach the past, without accusing you of anything, just saying ‘I had a dream about Jimmy {my brother}’ & you began to scream to your spouse that I was attacking you. Why the hysteria?

MEMPHO: Because I am hysterical about exposing the past, I cannot, will not, discuss it, as I cannot explain it away. And so I pretend I remember nothing – I wasn’t there – I was away at school or working – & every claim you make, I say, is a lie.

7b41eba769804cd91744d601dff2ca61 09fv 9a1a8a16731c6254dae85b1d05938140 10-104649_robbery-icon-hd-png-download 10-Most-Wicked-Female-Movie-Villains 10sorokin-interview1-superJumbo

ME: OK, now we get to the nitty gritty. Why do you want to hide what happened? You know how forgiving I am – Mother tortured me & I forgave her, prayed for her every day before her death, for six months. All you have to do is admit how you guys treated me, say you’re sorry, ask for forgiveness & it’s yours. But you refuse. Why not come clean?

MEMPHO: It isn’t you forgiving me that I care about – it’s the public. Even if you forgive me, if the public knew I was part of the mistreatment of you, they would think less of me, I’d be the villain. That is what I’m trying to prevent. I want to be respected, admired & loved {things we did not give you!}. I don’t want to be seen as a cruel, uncaring, nasty person. Look up to me, don’t look down on me, is what I want.

ME: On the scale of cruelty, who was worse, Brother Dearest or you?

MEMPHO: I was, because I was a leader, he was a follower. He was a pathetic clown, I was more intelligent than he, I did not have to be as mean as I was.

ME: OK. I was the youngest until one more was born. You guys, family & associates, began to abuse me concertedly {by a pact I shall describe later} at my age of 10. My brother, yourself & other members of the group were all older, I was an easy target. This went on the entire time I was home & reached beyond when I left. Now what did you guys think would result from your treatment of me? Conversely, what hopes did you have for yourself, for Brother Dearest? What did you imagine for each of our futures?

MEMPHO: I can tell you what I saw for myself. I imagined, & still do, that I am superior to most people, & for no real reason, just pride. I saw myself becoming very rich, whatever way it took. I partially succeeded in that effort as I put all my heart & mind onto it, I’m not dumb & some of it came to pass.

I always felt like a great woman, as no one ever put me down, I was empowered, praised, treated fairly, supported & encouraged at home. With each accomplishment I praised myself & felt greater things would come. As most young people I had fantasies – ‘Great Expectations’ – most of them did not come true. I told you I would write a book about myself & it would be a best seller, but I never did. I felt my life was special, but compared to some others, my life was not. I met a couple famous people, had affairs, but they weren’t super famous, like a President or Arnold or Sylvester Stallone, no one you could write a book about. They were little stars & small affairs & nothing unusual happened. I told you no one would want to read or see your life because that’s what I was hoping, & that is my greatest fear – that people would listen to you & believe you.

upset-woman-on-sofa-e1461091379327 VFsnJSdI whatever-happened-268x300 wife-abuse-002-512

About your brother. I knew he had faults but I only magnified his good points – I felt that if MM {your Monster Mom} & I propped him up, he could become a success. But this never happened. His Mom did all for him she could have done. We kept thinking,

“Any day now, he will succeed.”

But his success was limited to what others did for him or gave him, he did not initiate anything great or big. He got by on the efforts of others. In other words, he was a loser, a passive player on the plateaus of life. Of course, I never say this, I always praise how great he was – that is the family policy.

On you, haha. In my mind, when we were young & we made fun of you, spat on you mentally & emotionally, you were the scapegoat – we ran you off the cliff. We did all that could be done to demoralize you, which means destroy you. Did we expect you to land on your feet at the bottom of the cliff, pick up, walk away, & start a new life?

As for my imagining what you would become, I figured you would probably lead an ordinary life, get by with an average husband, work an average job & get nowhere. I did not see you rich, or famous, I couldn’t see how – as you seemed not to care about wealth or status. I just saw you being ordinary & myself becoming great. I did not anticipate what your life became in my wildest drams – never dawned on me you could be anything.

ME: Mempho, today, I have got a lot of accomplishments done. How do you wrap your head around these & come to the conclusion that I am not great, not worthy of admiration, not worthy of status? Because I know that’s how you feel, so explain how you do it.

MEMPHO: I have mixed feelings about your work & ‘accomplishments.’ To the degree that society approves of you, I approve. But where you are considered notorious, an adult trade worker, I want no kindship with you – that is why I’ve never invited you to my house, as you know, I fear someone in my circle or worse yet, my job, would see you & know we are close. That would bring discredit upon myself & could even compromise my job. Probably no harm would come out of it, but I am paranoid.

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I have mental gymnastics to perform. Every time you do something ‘great,’ let’s say, write & publish another book – in my mind I must demean it, think why it’s unimportant, irrelevant or even scandalous. First, I think, well no great publisher accepted it, you did it yourself, which anyone can do. I don’t see your ability to write, or create, as meaningful, because I don’t want to. I don’t see most of your subjects as important or meaningful because you are not accredited as an academic or expert in any field, & so, society does not recognize you as having done anything great, & so I also agree, you have done nothing great. Each book, in my mind, gets dismissed.

You ask why is it important that I dismiss your accomplishments? Because, & this is CRUCIAL, so listen, to give you CREDIBILITY, ADMIRATION, APPLAUSE OR HONOR denounces what we did to you – that we convicted an innocent child, who grew up to be this. The more esteemed you are, the more villainous we seem, the more disdain you get, the less guilt we suffer.

But on the other hand, you were also a strip teaser, & a ‘pornographer’ {although you did no sex in your videos, society thinks you did} & that makes you a Pariah in the eyes of many – & this JUSTIFIES our treatment of you. Because if you have any moral taint or sin inside, it must have been so in the first place, when you were young, & so beating you up wasn’t so serious.

Now if you had gone into the academic world & become a professor & did books, & were good in the eyes of society, we would have little defense for abusing you. But you getting into the adult trade more or less takes us off the hook, you understand? Because then you’re the bad guy & every sin is projected onto you, so what was done to you {as a child} might have been deserved. In other words, the seeds of evil might have been there, a criminal in the making.

ME: Yes, I do understand Mempho. OK what did you really think of my Mom, & why did you obey her in evil? How bad were you inside?

MEMPHO: No, I was not as evil as your Mom. I just went the easy route, the path of least resistance, whatever rewarded me the most & challenged me the least. Had I stuck up for you the way you used to stick up for us, she would have let me have it, too, so I did the ‘beggar they neighbor’ routine.

What did I think of your Mom? She was in power, she put me ‘next in charge,’ I obeyed for the benefits. Did I admire her or agree with her? For a while I let her brainwash me, by the time I became an adult & got educated, say, 25 years of age, I knew she was full of rubbish & I changed my ways. I also wasn’t that dependent on her. Of course, I stayed loyal to her & still am, I carry her spirit, I do her will.

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ME: That spirit thing really bothers me. I thought the persecution would stop when she died in 1979 but it never did. Because of her influence, spirit & will, she influenced many in the family / friend network to ostracize me. So she lived on in you people, although she is now in Heaven, the evil against me, that she left on earth, lives on, does it not?

MEMPHO: It lives on. One by one they died but there’s always someone left with that evil spirit, & that spirit is against you, what she was but no longer is. We carry that negative inside us, no cleansing or closure is made, & that’s how it’ll be until we die.

ME: One last question – your good deeds. Why did you do so many good deeds to me? I can’t list them for obvious reasons.

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MEMPHO: I’m not all bad.

ME: I get the feeling, however, that you know I’m on to you & have figured you out. Do you sense this?

MEMPHO: Yes, I was mortified by your latest presentations & know ‘the gig is up.’ I’m shaking with the thought ‘what’s next?’

from Rasa Von Werder 1-15-21

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