God’s Hand on me Brought Wealth

By Rasa Von Werder, January 17th, 2021


Dreams Explain why Lover will be Desperate & how He’ll Come to Me – How

People Cursed Me but God Blessed Me & Gave me Wealth


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1-17-21- Dreams – Strange Couple – Lover-Drug Man


Yesterday did not have time to write down, my ex-best friend the lawyer, seems to have turned into a drug dealer. He was making lots of money, writing it down on a list, I saw deals for $350 & over $100 on a large parchment which he was noting, a list of the deals of the day. After a bit he covered it with a grey sort of cloth with a straight ‘fringe,’ – the cloth like soft burlap.

He was still working, but this was the weekend so he did this – I sensed he might do some dealing in the evenings also. I thought that if this is what he’s up to, it’ll have a bad end, as sooner or later they all get caught & go to jail. Then he’ll be flat broke because if in jail he won’t go to his job & could get fired. He was also being warm & friendly to me……………..1-16-21

*(DRUG MAN: This sounds like your ex-lover Joe & if it is him, the future is bleak & the conclusions are as you said. This might be how he gets impoverished & desperate & comes to you.)*

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KAHELL………….I see Kahell, an evil ex, former drug dealer who spends half his life in jail – walking down the street with me hand in hand, he wearing beige & very handsome. The feeling is he doesn’t mind being seen with me in public, isn’t being secretive like he used to. I recall like a week earlier walking this exact same way with a boyfriend who is also very handsome but white. The street is quiet & calm, see no people or cars

*(Kahell: This is lover at his worst. It seems like a continuation of the dream yesterday, where he starts raking in money from drugs.

You ‘walk down the street’ with him twice. This would be a PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP or KNOWN relationship – something IN THE STREET is public, like they say, “Don’t put your business in the street” or “What does the street say?”

You now walk with him, in the dream he has dark black skin. You recall walking with him earlier where his skin was white. This explains something, how you’ll come to be with him again – it answers a puzzle. First, he was of good repute, accepted by society.

But now, you walk with him – it’s the same man, both handsome, both are your boyfriend. This time he has become DISREPUTABLE or a ‘BLACK SHEEP.’
It could be your conclusion – He sells drugs, gets arrested – does jail time. Even though among his peers this is not seen as a big deal – to some people it still is.

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Secondly, through this experience he COMES TO YOU, & that is the second reason he would ‘lose face’ or be thought of as Mr. Wrong. He would leave his common-law wifey & child for you – & that would not sit well with his peers. The peers are mostly a bunch of lowlifes, hoods, addicts, losers & such – many are dealers, most users. And so, part one of his being a dealer & doing time would not upset them but part two, where he basically turns his back on the ‘hood’ & homies’ to be with you – that would condemn him.)*


Now this couple is in my house, don’t know who.  His girlfriend seems like a nice person.

They seem to be doing some kind of business. After a while, I go to my room – they had been using another room not far, but this time they are in my bed asleep, she far to his right, not close, on her right side, the sheets are the ones on my bed this day, with dark ornate patterns in burgundy, beige, black & pink.

*(STRANGE COUPLE: This seemed like my ex Lover Joe & wife Mandy, but at close inspection I see it is MY FLESH & MY LOVER. The hint is first, it’s MY BED & second, they are not PHYSICALLY CLOSE – which we are not. And yet, this says WE ARE TOGETHER which means we are joined, united, we are One. {Where two are joined together, let no man put asunder is Holy Wedlock.})*

I was planning to go to sleep but now I can’t, unless I go back to the guest room where they were & change the sheets. Now they both wake up & are going out to do some of the things they were talking about on my bed – looking to buy a house.

*(THEY WERE ASLEEP THEY BOTH WAKE UP & ARE MAKING PLANS: Asleep means ‘unaware’ – awake is to become aware. Joe & I become aware we’re to be together & we’re eager for happiness.)*h

There’s a feeling at some point they went to my room & it was situated in the exact space where my room was on Van Buren St. – when I was 8 years old, overlooking the library in Newark, New Jersey. I never dream about this so it’s unusual.

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*(ROOM ON VAN BUREN: When you dream about a location you have to know what that location signified. What happened there? In this spot was when Marius Bernotas, my Mom’s new lover, moved in with us for room & board – a child was born. After this place in the city, there was a great move, that signaled the end of my Dad, the end of their marriage, the beginning of a completely new life. Therefore, I conclude this could herald the breakup of Joe & Mandy & a new life beginning for Joe & me.)*

They had been sitting there talking animatedly about business, making money, & purchase of a house. They were planning to be happy {they had experienced money troubles & these seemed to be over, where they could be happy for the first time}. It seems money was coming their way & my vague thought is it drugs? It seems like a windfall.

*(WINDFALL MONEY-NEW HOUSE & HAPPINESS: This sounds like Joe & I planning happiness – A new residence for him, in a house {mine}- I am wealthy so if I support him, he would be as well. He doesn’t have to work or worry, this is a WINDFALL or SUDDEN WEALTH.)*

Then somehow, they get me involved, it’s hard to understand. They – she mostly – are inviting men for is it sex? But it’s ‘no touch’ sex. This man comes in to just look at me. I’m lying on my back, he in front, the lady friend supervises this, & just by looking at me he gets off – not masturbating – just looking. Then he puts some papers back into his briefcase in his lap & the session is over – she doesn’t know it but I know it, as he’s done this exact same thing a dozen times before. So I don’t have to do anything, & somehow, she or they make some money.

*(STRANGE BUSINESS, I GET INVOLVED: The reason I get involved in this ‘strange business’ of ‘making money’ & a man ‘invited in for no touch sex’ explains how I got wealthy. The ‘I’ here is the spiritual me – I was celibate for God, God gave me good luck, chose this excellent man for me who was willing to be companions, no sex, & he treated me with utmost respect & left me secure.)*

At one point there’s a beautiful, plain but classy silver {antique looking like 50′s} purse sitting on my bed. Was it mine or hers? I look inside & there’s a bunch of stuff, cluttered, & on top, a fairly large cross {about 4″ tall}, silver, with large rhinestones across it both ways. I then realize it’s hers, I compliment her saying she has good taste. The purse looks like a light grey-shiny snakeskin & has a gold clasp on top.

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*(SNAKESKIN, CLASSY ANTIQUE PURSE: This purse explains your FINANCIAL FORTUNE. The purse is filled with CLUTTER but on top of it is that SILVER/DIAMOND CROSS. The clutter is your BAD LUCK or CURSES people put upon you – Your Mom disinherited you, so did your first husband. No one helped you financially, no man or woman, people like Rev. Judy Swaggart & others used you for money. But ON TOP OF ALL THIS there’s that beautiful Cross, which says,

“People cursed you, but in the end {silver & gold is permanent} I blessed you mightily. The evil they gave you was nullified by my Grace.”


The GOLD CLASP of the purse is like God putting a HINGE, CLASP, SEAL on your fortune, where no one can take it from you – no bad luck or reverse ’till the end of your life, you have GOOD FORTUNE.

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I might add that there are two other windfalls before I die. One is the gas & oil under my property, & two, the movie or TV series they will make of my life. This also is from the GRACE OF GOD.)*

One other scene. The man who was just looking at me again & again, I find out he’s important – some sort of a King from another country, maybe a King of finance. His skin is pure white & he’s completely bald. He is sitting now near me, & I feel a slight warmth about him that I did not before – because I now see his importance, & I brush my face against the side of his head to show affection.

*(KING MAN WHO GETS OFF JUST BY SEEING ME: This is my late husband, Richard Von Werder. We were companions, we never had any kid of sex interaction whatsoever, & he told me all he wanted / needed from me was my COMPANIONSHIP. Because of this sixteen years of companionship he SECURED ME FINANCIALLY – I am reminded of his importance here.
The papers going into his briefcase could be his will & what he left me in it.)*


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