By Rasa Von Werder, January 20th, 2021


Saint Padre Pio had the Visible Wounds for 50 years


Purgatory Ascensions – 5-6 Women Ascend – 1-20-21



Saint Gertrude the Great had the Interior Divine Stigmata & was the ‘Herald of Divine Love’


Can’t recall where I was but somehow women began to emerge – Women I’d been hobnobbing with. The first wore the most beautiful thick light beige fur coat, full, beautiful. I kept touching it, admiring it, asking her if it was ‘real’ hoping it wasn’t because it felt somewhat like seal. {We don’t want baby seals clubbed on the head, we don’t want minks, ferrets & muskrats being skinned alive}. Eventually I decided it was not a real seal, so it was good.

Then another woman emerges with another fur coat & it’s the exact same color but different texture, & others emerge as well, all in those thick beautiful fur coats. I think is there some kind of fad going on, one gets a coat like that & the others imitate?

*(MEANING: This sounds like Souls in Purgatory getting their ASCENSION ROBES or MANTLES MADE OF LIGHT. The thick fur is equivalent to FEATHERS {fur & feathers are made of the same material, like nails & hoofs} – And the color beige is a sort of LIGHT GOLD which means LOVE.

CLOTHING is often a symbol of the LIGHT that emerges from Souls that they ASCEND WITH.


Jesus’ BODY & BLOOD gets souls out of Purgatory – Offer up or say the Holy Mass

For a while I quit saying Holy Masses as I wasn’t getting any dreams about Souls – I felt discouraged. But then the last two days I had dreams about them being impoverished, needy, asking for help. One Soul came to my door, I tried to CLOSE IT but he pushed & I realized I knew him – let him in. Then looking at my front yard I saw HE HAD BROUGHT ABOUT 20 PEOPLE all sitting in a circle – all impoverished, hungry, needing my help! These were SOULS. Somehow one enterprising person got into my mind & showed me others, that I must help!

In the dream of yesterday I saw about a dozen people on a high tower, like 12 floors in the air – there was SMOKE, they screamed & screamed for someone below to save them, apparently the stairs or elevator were not accessible. Then somehow a FIRE ESCAPE appeared & I saw them climbing down.

These were Souls in the fires of Purgatory – fires represent great pain. Someone creating a FIRE ESCAPE was me saying the Holy Mass, & it alleviated their pain or got them out of dire straits.

st-helen st-rita-of-cascia temptationenh temptation-of-jesus3 tempted-by-the-devil The-Communion-of-Saints

This of course reassures me how important that little 5 minute Holy Mass is – & I also say like 10 minutes of comprehensive prayers that include Souls. The important thing is that my mind is concentrating on them & I have Love in my heart when I do these things.)*


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John Alexander Dowie was a Protestant, But He Believed in Purgatory.  One day he TOOK ME THERE.

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