Rev Bitch Admits Truth

By Rasa Von Werder, January 20th, 2021



Continuation of Chapter 4


Rev Judy was in the choir for Kathryn Kuhlman. Her talent as a girl was voice, she demonstrated it a couple times, she still had some ability but never ‘made it.’ Your guess is as good as mine why, all I know she was offered a job on Roosevelt’s Presidential Yacht & her family nixed it, then she lived with movie star Barbara Nichols, who Judy said ‘was a prostitute.’ she hated Babs because when she was washing her underwear in the kitchen sink, Babs told her to take it to the bathroom.

Now she told me that SHE WAS THE REAL HEALER in the Kuhlman Crusade – that KK took the healing power from her, Judy, & used it, but Judy was the unsung hero. This I was puzzled about, it was the beginning of our friendship when I strongly believed in her & did not take her words with a block of salt.

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But here’s where I really knew she was off the wall. She said that Jesus DID NOT LIVE LONG ENOUGH, He died young when He was not ‘fully developed spiritually’, & she, Judy, was older than Jesus & MORE EVOLVED. She put herself greater than Jesus, this spiritual failure who couldn’t even begin to build a church with help – what a preposterous woman!
She didn’t LISTEN to Jesus although she HEARD HIM. She told me Jesus said to her,
“Why are you so HATEFUL to Kellie? She’s going to BE A SAINT.”
And her answer was,
“If I don’t do as I do to her now, she won’t be a saint.”
So she defied Jesus instead of humbling herself.


One thing she had in common with the Putz, she used false flattery. When it was time to give me a touch, she wanted a trip to Vegas or whatever, she told me I was the ‘Princess of God.” When the told me about the land I should keep paying for -{it was West}, she told me
“Think of all the handsome cowboys who’ll want you.”
But when she wasn’t trying to get money out of me, she called me, ‘just a farmer’ & ‘you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.’

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She would constantly praise other people – dancers, my contemporaries, but not praise me. It was a lot of indirect put downs, the way con artists do to have control. ‘You’re no good, you’re inferior, so you need me.’

In that regard, probably the WORST THING she did to me was SILENCE MY VOICE. I told you I had broken through to the still, small Voice within me, my God Self, which I consulted every day. She wanted no competition, so she said again & again,

“It’s better you listen to me than your Voice, because you are not as evolved,” {neither was Our Lord according to her} etc.

She browbeat me into believing it. Was it her, or my Voice? Finally I humbled myself & decided to listen to her {bad choice, never give up your inner voice, it will protect you, whereas with Judy & any other person, they’re looking FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS}……..I then heard a Creaking Iron Door closing – an ominous sign – & my Inner Voice said,
“I have to go if you listen to her.”

And no matter how hard I tried to get that Voice, so clear like a bell, to speak to me again like that, it never happened, not my entire life.

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I said she was OBNOXIOUS. One of the most annoying traits of any human is the ‘know it all.’ I was then a fruitarian & also not officially, but celibate because my mind was only on God & development, not guys. She put great effort into changing me.

First the diet. ‘You must be normal, eat normal’ she said a thousand times. The diet is extremely hard to keep – any dissention toward it puts one in danger of quitting, & after a few months of bullying me she won.

Second, the celibacy. she tried to fix me up with guys she knew. They were revolting. Never try to fix people up because with dates & clothes, people have personal tastes you cannot figure. Just leave them alone. She wangled this way & that for me to meet young men – all ugly or revolting or no sex appeal by my standards, so at least she failed in that regard.

This is how wrong she was. When a person seeks God, they are young, one of the biggest obstacles – to both male & female – is their interest in sex & intimacy with another person. Your pursuit is intimacy with God & ‘God is a jealous God,’ ‘Thou shalt put no strange Gods before you,’ & ‘Put first the Kingdom of God.’

It isn’t only men, we understand their primitive drive overwhelms them, but women, although they are not just sex-centered, they are boy or man centered, & that does take away the focus from God. And so, instead of congratulating me that my mind was on God, that I disciplined myself in diet, that my sex / intimacy drive was on hold, she tried to push me into ‘normalcy.’ Normal people don’t find God, they do not become saints, they are on the ‘Broad Highway to Hell’ & that’s where she pushed me – the same road she was on. OK, she wasn’t bent for Hell, but Purgatory yes, & I will explain that later.

MITZI GAYNOR’S TEACHER: Now at that time I took dancing lessons, private coaching, from an old ballerina named Kathryn Etienne, who had been Mitzi Gaynor’s teacher. She gave me lessons & choreography, she figured the steps for Manuel DeFalla’s, ‘Ritual Fire Dance,’ which I performed to the end of my career. If I think about it I could recall the steps.

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Now Judy walks in one day at the start of my lesson & BEGINS TO TELL THE TEACHER HOW TO TEACH ME. Ms. Etienne looks at her, & neither one of us had to say a word – the vibes she got took the wind out of her sails & she left with her tail between her legs.

She bossed me around mercilessly. She knew I was vulnerable, she knew I was virtuous. Her phrase for that was ‘Kellie, YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CHIN OUT.” 

And the time we’re sitting in a restaurant & discuss Joan Fontaine & Olivia DeHavilland.  I told her they were sisters, she said no, & she argued until she was blue in the face.


I have now given enough anecdotes for a while so I will CHANNEL Rev. Bitch, see what she has to say. As with all my characters, I have channeled them on & off lately, so I can anticipate some answers, some might be new. So let’s begin with this:

ME: Rev. Judy, why were you so mean to me & only nice when you wanted favors? You were a woman of God, shouldn’t you know better?

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REV. JUDY: Haha, sure, I was a woman of God, but there are women & there are women. I wasn’t St. Gertrude the Great, your idol. I was just a normal, natural woman with foibles, vices & sins, you saw my natural self. Yes, I was Anointed, yes I could do some Faith Healing & Channeling, when I was in that element, that was my most admirable. But the other side of me was no saint, I had a barrel of faults.

ME: So you admit you had sins, faults, & you were hateful to me & hurt me?

REV. JUDY: I admit I targeted you for my petty wants & needs. You were vulnerable, you did not fight back, so I could let it out on you with impunity. Yes, I was wrong, yes, you were a good soul, a good heart, who suffered cruelty.

ME: That is understood. But there was something you did that was so heinous I don’t know how you can excuse it. When I left you the two times you put DEATH CURSES ON ME. How evil is that? First, did you put death curses on me as I suspected?

REV. JUDY: Of course I did, I wanted both times to teach you a lesson. I was enraged that someone who was that devoted, who gave me that much money & respect, could just leave me flat. I wanted to show you my power.

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ME: But what if these men had killed me? What good would that have done you? I could not go back to you & give you money or respect again. Did you deserve respect? I mean, you used your God power for evil.

REV. JUDY: I admit I was wrong – totally wrong. I admit my human nature got the better of me. I paid for my sins on earth & in Purgatory. You didn’t know this, but after you left, after I tried to kill you the second time, my health went downhill & not only that I LOST THE USE OF MY SPIRITUAL POWER.

ME: No, I did not know that. This is the first time I hear it. I guess your heart got worse? And what was the reason you lost the spiritual ability?

REV. JUDY: It was like my life was over when you left. You were my best disciple, most devoted, most generous. I knew it was not likely I would find another like you again, I was discouraged – & I did not deserve you – I treated you badly, so I had no one to blame but myself.

ME: But your Gifts, could you not go on with your Healing Gift, wasn’t that the most important thing?

REV. JUDY: You saw what I was like. Before you came along, I had had disciples but they were either selfish, or at best, lukewarm. I told you about Truth Seeker {a female, a nice girl} – we lived together. At the end of the week, when we would buy the groceries, she made sure that every penny went 50 – 50, she never gave me more than my share. She gave me a little money for lessons, as did everyone else, $10. per lesson. But to get a Church, movement or Mission going, you need a HUGE following or a HUGE devotion from a person – which I had with you. You went way out of your way to promote me against all odds, you got that add in the paper about me, which you paid a lot for, you spoke of me on the stage {which got Stripping for God started} & you spoke of me on TV shows, including the hit how, ‘Real People.’

But because of my treatment of you, including the death curses, you left me, so it was all over. I knew there would never be another like you. Putting death curses on you was like Jesus putting death curses on Peter – then he loses his first Pope – no Pope, no Organization, no nothing.

ME: I never saw it that way before, good thing I asked. So you are saying you no longer had Healing Power or what?

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REV. JUDY: It wasn’t that the Healing Power & Channeling were gone, {as you know God never ‘repents a Gift’ but I lost the will to use them. I was depressed & sick. I knew nothing would happen any more – my chance for the spiritual big time was over. I did not have enough Virtue, Love & Zeal. As you said, I was lazy {compared to you} I had less Love than you, I was not obedient to God – {look how I disobeyed Jesus, who told me to stop being hateful to you.}

ME: Yes, you for a while controlled me with fear, which is sad, which is wrong. I had to go my own way. But then, on your death bed, you came to me. The room filled with Great White Light. I heard a Voice out of the Light saying,

“Promise me you will help humanity”

The voice repeated this several times until I promised. I didn’t know who or what this came from.

Then a few days later I got a letter from Truth Seeker saying you had died & as you were expiring told her to write me immediately, let me know. So that was you.

I surmised you had left me your mantle, the Anointing, is that true? And why did you leave it to me?

REV. JUDY: You were the only one who could carry it. How could the selfish & lukewarm do anything for God? A Mantle goes to the disciple who proves themselves worthy. You were the only one that could do justice to this Anointing. I needed your FIAT or agreement, ‘be it done to me according to thy word,’ in other words,

“Here I am, here is the Power of God I have. Promise me you will use it to help humanity”,
& you promised.

ME: OK thanks lots Rev. Judy, I still have more to say about this relationship, like some of the things I did, the time in Vegas, the two death curses & how they played out, & also your disclosures to me of what happened to Putz after I left him, to be continued.

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