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The New Religion for women only





     Woman, Thou Art God 



Rasa Von Werder





          We all complain, me included, why this life has so much suffering, is dreary much of the time, & we aren’t happy.


          We aren’t happy because we’re living IN DUALITY, when we rise up out of it & into NONDUALITY we are happy ALL THE TIME NO MATTER WHAT OCCURS.






Will be featuring this chapter, one of the most beautiful women who ever was, from her first years up to adult hood – Brigitte Bardot.  She began her career as a ballerina & fashion model.



          Ramana Maharshi lived in happiness, Heaven on earth, his whole life from age sixteen, because he entered the state of nonduality. Could he function in that state? Not at first – years passed before he could, but eventually he appeared to be normal except he was always in a state of bliss, abstracted, distant but able to do regular things. He talked with people but not excessively – he told them who gathered ‘round him (there was an extended ashram in his later years, many longed to have what he had) ‘I teach through my silence. Pick up what I’m giving you through osmosis.’ When someone begged him for one word, he said, in English,


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          “ATTENTION,” meaning to the inner self, not the outer world.


          There are hundreds of pictures of him on the internet – he looks blissful in all of them. He never looks worried or agitated, has no wrinkles even in the last year of his life, he looks like one in a better world. There is a Heaven on earth.


          This is the world I’m trying to get you to reach, as I’m moving to it myself, reviewing how I did it before – the formula, the steps, what were they? It comes back to me in pieces each day. The days I’m distracted, derailed, dragged down into ‘duality’ & misery, I ask,


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“Was it worth it?”


I got in contact with old friends, with them trailed hundreds of bad memories, more misery.


          Recently a friend from many years ago got in touch & here came the memories. You want to FORGET, not remember the pains of life – in the state of nonduality your long-ago traumas, betrayals, insults, rejections, cruelties – everything fades away like it ‘happened to someone else.’ But when someone unexpected returns– with no intention of hurting you, even bringing good – you’re knocked down off your cloud. They bring earthly good, it has some value, but they robbed you of the ‘pearl of great price’, your bliss.


brigitte-bardot-1952-photo-georges-dambier--e1320327653956 bettina-and-brigitte-bardot-photo-by-georges-dambier-publicitc3a9-1954


          Sometimes they appear & derail you for a reason: they need your charity; this happened only days ago–she interrupted my joy, but she needed prayer (she did not know why she contacted me but during our convos it came out she had gotten cancer) & it was given. God made her write to me for that reason, God uses Her healing power through me.) Indeed, leaving our cloud can do good at times – I assure you, look at Jesus. He could have stayed in Heaven, He could have run from the Cross, but He didn’t. Why was He here?–to help others.


          Just today I asked Mother God, the things I am teaching in this new religion have already been taught by many greater than myself. The Nonduality saints said it all. I speak of Ramana Maharshi – they can go to him, they don’t need me. Then I said,




          “Why God do you want me to stay on earth when I’m miserable? Why not take me off the planet in some quick way, let me die & be with you. It’s easier to die fast & go to Heaven than linger here & suffer. They have Jesus, Buddha, many saints – what am I? They can go to the Great Ones & the many saints directly.”


          God answered me in my head as soon as I started the question. She said,


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          “What if Jesus said that? What if He said, Father God, why do I have to minister? They can go to Buddha.”


          But I sent Jesus to his people – the Israelites, & all those who would believe in him later on.


          People are sent to reach new people with the same message a million times. Many of the people you reach would not have been saved or helped had you not been here. I then ask,


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          “What people am I reaching that need me?”


          God said: “It’s your show biz connection, the adult trade, the woman issue. Being a woman is important. You’d be surprised how many people will listen to you because of who you are because they IDENTITY WITH YOU. Many of those men & women who are ostracized or marginalized by this society will see you’re one of them—they will then wonder how you found God when the Patriarchal religions are so cruel, judgmental & condemnatory. And because they get curious, they’ll read your message, watch your videos, future movies of your life, & you will bring them to God.

And also, don’t forget what I told you before, that women have been demoralized & need a person to give them confidence.”


BRIGITTE BARDOT BRIGITTE BARDOT tumblr_o3satsdBVr1qc77b7o4_400 18-year-old-brigitte bardot-7




          Now seeing God face to face is not for everyone – even Moses couldn’t do it, or maybe he did later on but no one reported it.


          However, before you can see God face to face you must be free of all sin, & after that attachment & ego – which means all the things of ‘duality’ that keep your mind here on earth.


tumblr_o3satsdBVr1qc77b7o2_400 ab513edd46b8bc3fd6949b8299f911e0 289993_1_m BRIGITTE BARDOT SUR LE TOURNAGE DU FILM "LA FEMME ET LE PANTIN" A SEVILLE


          What I DID NOT DO (for about a year)


          ***   I did not go out to any events, theaters, bars, public places of any type for any reason. I stayed away from people except for basic necessities.


          ***   I did not watch TV or even listen to any type music, not even my favorite—classical.


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          ***   I kept my SILENCE as much as I could. Only spoke when I had to.


          ***   I did not call anyone & asked my friends & relatives not to call me. Also did not write any letters or answer any.


ed-van-der-elsken-paris,-studios-wacker,-clichy,-brigitte-bardot-as-a-ballet-student,-1951 Ed-van-der-Elsken-Brigitte-Bardot-ballet-1951-480x492


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***   I did not take any rides with men, including the ones I knew, as I walked in the city (NYC) to my destinations. I did not chat with them who stopped me. I might say ‘hi & good bye.’ I dressed in the plainest concealing clothes, no makeup, to discourage men from talking to me.


          ***   I did not read any type of secular books or materials.


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          ***   I did not dwell or think about anyone or anything except the things of God. This was easy for me as I am deeply in love with God all my life – but I am not always in the closest Intimacy with Her, sometimes as I have explained, I get derailed. But here I did not allow myself to be derailed.




          ***   Went to Mass every morning & received Holy Communion.


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          ***   Went shopping for food when I needed it.


          ***   Went to the bank when I had to get money for food, bought food when needed. Spoke only what I had to say with the shop keepers.


          ***   Went to the Post Office to pick up my mail & pay the bills.


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          *** Read religious literature about three hours a day.


          *** Spent much of the day praying. Litanies, devotions, 1 to 3 rosaries day, informal prayers, like talking with God. I had a full-time ministry to Purgatory during this time & not only prayed for them but wrote down the dreams & visions when they appeared to me.


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          ***   Fasted every Sunday – no food for 24 hours. Sometimes no water (bad idea, don’t do that.)


          ***   Exercised daily as usual, about an hour a day


          ***   Removed the beds from my apt & slept on the floor (on a rug & a blanket, no big deal)


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          During this routine, I was never lonely or bored. The world faded away, people were a nuisance I didn’t have to deal with. It was a RELIEF not to have to go out to work & see & speak with people. I lived modestly, didn’t want or need anything else.


          God was as close as my hand to my face. In those days I had not yet heard of ‘nonduality.’ The PRESENCE OF GOD was so blissful I wanted nothing else – there is nothing on earth that can take Her place. No human can give you this sort of happiness. Satan could appear to you & say


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  “I will give you all the Kingdoms of the world & their glory if you will bow down & worship me”


          & you would laugh, & say the same thing Jesus said to him. The whole world in the palm of your hand, all its fame & fortune & adulation mean nothing compared to the Bliss of God.


          Christians call this ‘the interior life.’ Some call this lifestyle the ‘state of perfection.’


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(In the famous account of Mary Magdalene & her sister Martha – Martha is busy during Jesus’ visit, doing things to get a meal ready for him & his disciples. But Magdalene is calmly sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His holy words. Martha, highly annoyed, yells to Jesus to tell Mary to help her, & Jesus says, in so many words,


          “Martha, Martha, you are busy about so many things, but MARY HAS THE BETTER PART & it shall not be taken away from her.”


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          And so here Our Lord forever sanctioned the interior life – sitting at His feet, leaving behind the cares of the world – the world of contemplation is SUPERIOR TO THE LIFE OF OUTSIDE ACTIVITY.)


          I knew that God was within me only vaguely, I did not see myself as God, although She kept trying to tell me I was (Christians don’t comprehend the idea, we are taught not to lift our heads like that, be humble, be nothing, but they don’t explain it right – it simply isn’t understood), I didn’t get it. I did not learn about ‘nonduality’ until around 2005-6. I reached it again at the end of 2007 & remained in it for about a year. Then God sent me ‘kicking & screaming’ back into the world.


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          I was in this state 1981-82 over a year, saw God face to face, then prayed for the Divine Stigmata. The Divine Stigmata is martyrdom, it is so traumatic that when I began the book on it a couple years later, my hands shook at the memory.


          After the main Stigmata Trauma, with an eight month recover– I was still shaky. God told me, & I knew that I had to go back to work dancing. I felt like crying. I did not want to leave my nest with God even though I was suffering. Divine Stigmata was the greatest poverty (loss, emptiness) I had ever known – but right now I don’t want to go into it, I’m only explaining nonduality. There won’t be but one person in a million who might get this grace, & indeed, when I entered the world again & tried to explain it, not one person understood, not even priests. I think some priests thought I was mental.


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Many priests are ordinary men, not saints, who went to school & learned to do what they do out of books. They have no deep devotion to God, no special understanding, it’s a job, & most of them don’t understand ‘mystical theology,’ the theology of those who have visions & intimate experiences of God.


                                            WHY I PREACH THIS SPECIAL STATE


          The reason you want to reach this state is because


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          ***   It will lift you above the earth in vision & understanding, you will comprehend things about life you never could before—your own & that of others.


          *** You will be in a place of bliss because you are above the ‘storm clouds,’ the hurricanes, tornadoes, downpours of life. You are above this life. It is not an escape unless you call it a ‘Holy Escape,’ it’s not a coward’s or drug addict’s escape. All the saints of all religions lived here at least part of the time – It is this consciousness which gave them rest from the toils of saving souls. One cannot save others if one does not have some place to rest – & rest is not only for the body, but the mind & heart – & this is that place of rest.


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          *** This consciousness will prevent you from many great evils. It will keep away depression, anxiety, confusion, frustration & nervous breakdowns.


Ramana Maharshi had some bad things happen in his ashram, they suffered a big robbery. But in his nonduality he stayed serene. The Christian saints act the same way under adversities. Their mind set is in ‘uniformity to God’s will,’ (Saint Alphonse Ligouri is the expert on this) which means whatever happens that we can’t control, we accept it as God’s will, we don’t anguish over it, we receive it as if from the hand of God, even if we don’t understand why God allowed it. (Why the accident? Illness? Premature death? Why, why, why? Sometimes we will only understand on the other side.)


af922e458200369ca3002da2cbe41975 brigitte-bardot-photos-uncovered-in-france-telegraph-1392486806_org images (3) e44d223a211b69244b19f424b6bf652c tumblr_pkpr92sMFP1ueapts_640


I will speak on this subject much in the future.


brigitte-bardot-1950s brigitte-bardot-1950s-15 MV5BZWM4ZjdhMWMtZGM3ZC00YjY5LWI3OTMtYzdjYjQxZTBlZjhjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMDI2NDg0NQ@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,653,1000_AL_ escote_bardot_vuelta_brigitte_bardot_1z-z Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s (13)


          Meanwhile, remember, that God is inside you & you can access this God – begin working on it today.

          Woman, thou art God!


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                                      To be continued       Rasa Von Werder       11-23-19







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