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        Most people think that prayer is effortless, that it doesn’t take time & energy, it isn’t work.  What they do – moving rocks on a chain gang or sitting endlessly at a computer formatting jargon is real work – prayer is just an afterthought, a mosquito in the air – a pathetic whimper or irritating drone when one is suffering.


    They think that way because that’s how they pray & that’s why their prayers aren’t answered – these prayers have no POWER.



“The fervent prayer of a righteous woman availeth much.”


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    When they say to someone ‘I’ll pray’ – the person is dying of cancer – they mean they will do some lip service, speak a few words to the Almighty as if they were the right hand of God, & God doesn’t even hear them because they aren’t CONNECTED.  God does not respond to EMPTY WORDS but the HEART, ENERGY, VIRTUE & PASSION of the pray-er.  The effort & time they put into it also counts.



    (This changes when a Soul becomes Holy or enters ‘nonduality’.  Then everything is different.  To be explained elsewhere.)

    But these people say ‘I don’t have TIME to pray.’



    While they walk to work they could be praying (rosaries, mantras, Our Mother who art in Heaven, supplications, anything).  They stand in line at the DMV, the Post Office, the bank, the airport, busy stores—time for prayer.  They could be holding a small book in their hands waiting for the order in the restaurant or under the dryer at the hair dresser.  (Right now I’m reading for the fourth time, ‘Imitation of Christ’ by Thomas A Kempis.)




They could be praying (not when driving) in the car or reading while waiting for kids to come out of school, choir or sports.  They could pray when the phone puts them on hold for minutes at a time – they could pray when there’s a storm, lights go out, no phone, no TV, no internet – time for prayer.




  They could pray during insomnia, instead of counting sheep, say ‘I’m not attached to anyone or anything’ hundreds of times – IT WORKS.




Prayer trains, directs the mind to where you want it to go.  Without it your mind wanders from thing to thing, person to person – it can be Hell.  Don’t allow people & things to grab hold of your mind & take it into shallow places, meaningless roads, dungeons, cellars, monstrosities of worry.  Knock all the negatives out of your mind with positive prayers & mantras, control your mind.




Instead, what do people do at the places they linger?

These days, anyone that has an ‘I-phone’ stares at it endlessly.  I don’t know what they’re looking at, as I don’t have one, I don’t want one, I have enough of the computer at home.  I suspect they’re looking at social media – that can be addictive.  (Been there, done that, addicted to face book hours a day.  Collecting pictures mostly!–which I’m using now effectively for my website!)


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Other than that they (including me in my bad times) look at the signs & pics on the walls & the people around thinking dumb or meaningless things or shit like:



    I wish I was home watching TV or movies – I’m bored – This situation is wasting my time. (Then don’t waste it, use it for prayer.)




People are bored when they have no interior life – no intellectual life – their brains are dead from lack of use.  How can you be bored when God inside you is INFINITE & you have access to Infinity if you try?




You’re bored because you’re like an insect – flitting from blossom to blossom collecting nectar or stimulation from outside things.

    Your life is filled with BAD HABITS of focusing outside instead of inside on people, things & events, & gossip thereof, instead of looking inside through prayer & meditation – that being done, the inner senses & unconscious mind will reveal to you the workings of your soul – it’s progress, how you’re growing, the scorecard of your salvation—your EVOLUTION.



    Prayer is WORK, prayer is discipline – prayer is galvanizing ENERGY. (But the results are worth way more than you put in it, every time!)




  When you pray constantly it prevents evil & ‘bad luck’ – it brings blessings & good fortune.  (Truly when you pray for protection it prevents accidents, injuries & illness for you & loved ones.)  Miracles of success happen with prayer warriors.  Prayer is WORK, but not awful work, Jesus said something like ‘My yoke is sweet, my burden light.’  Don’t be afraid of it.





    Smith Wigglesworth of England brought twenty four people back from the dead!



 He would go to a dying person’s house & after dismissing the tear-jerking family (Oral Roberts also did that – tears don’t help, they hinder—faith & confidence do the job) – he knelt & prayed all night – fervently.  If they died he picked them up & threw them against the wall shouting,

        “LIVE! – LIVE!”

    And they returned.




Interesting story about him –  I LOVE it.

    When he went to his faith-healing crusades there would be a conference room where the elders of the church & ministers would gather before service.




   It so happened that none of these men – none – could bear the HOLY ENERGY emanating from him & they would all leave the room until he was alone.

    He was coming to this one church – his reputation preceded him – a proud, cocky minister said,

    “I will NOT walk out of that room!”




  Time came – he kept his promise.  Everyone walked out of that room but him.  He did not.  He fell to his knees & CRAWLED out! 

            YOU & THE WORLD



    I want to explain two things about prayer – One – what prayers do to you and two, what prayers do to the world.

    For you, prayers & all that is connected to it – changes you from living in the temporal time zone, here & now mentality – all that is temporary – into the eternal, above the world above strife & worry, above people/ things consciousness.

    When you pray enough you’re lifted into another zone where you can see the picture objectively, a reality that is TRUE. 




When you do not pray, do not meditate – your mind remains in the ‘shallows & wastes of human sense,’ (my words after the Divine Stigmata experience) – where you’re ‘in your skin’ seeing only through subjective experience, you cannot see ‘the forest for the trees.’


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In this state, you’re more or less helpless – You can’t see from that darkness of limited thoughts & feelings, you’re encased in a cocoon of ego, (sense of time, space), the larvae who cannot fly.

    The larvae sheds its cocoon, its outer casing, then the wings are released – it flies – & also it’s beautiful.




If you do not ascend through habitual prayer you’ll never leave the cocoon & you’ll forever live within LIMITATION.

    What prayer does FOR THE WORLD is magical.  Those who pray can change the world sitting right there in their room – prayer is energy, it is POWER, it changes things!  Prayer warriors are warriors, they are not NOODLES, they change the world, they are the SALT OF THE EARTH.



  Activists are wonderful, those who do nothing but pray hard are just as wonderful, it all depends how much they pray, how fervently.  They can be even greater than those who fight battles in the world.

  Example – saints like Padre Pio – he did almost nothing but pray, he will NEVER be forgotten, he wrought miracles right there from his little town in Italy, San Giovanni Rotundo.  It’s not a little town any more, long after his death, it’s a mecca of healing, health & Holiness.




    I know some of you will be bored & irritated as I preach this message for many reasons.  One, religion has never helped women in a wholesale way (how could it when it’s all Patriarchal?)



    Religion, for many women is a thorn in their side, including Christianity, especially this religion that caused their holocaust.  Patriarchy abuses women through religion; they’ve given it a bad name.



    But we’re not preaching Patriarchal religion – Jesus didn’t do it – don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  (Jesus was on our side, he was a revolutionary when he walked with women—which was not allowed in Orthodox Judaism—he walked in public with his Holy Mother, Mary Magdalene & JoAnna Chusa.  He dined with ‘sinners’ (those the hypocrites looked at as sinners.) He was a Matriarch preaching it’s principles of love, kindness & gentleness.  He described himself as a Mother Hen who wanted to keep her chicks under her wings.  He was totally pro-women, loved everyone & of course, was tortured & crucified by Patriarchs.  How could we be against him?)




As I said elsewhere – remove the Patriarchal agenda from the religion you’re in & keep practicing if you wish.  Remove the:

•    Hate of women

•    Violence, murder, holy wars, terrorism, suicide bombings

•    Hate & discrimination against homosexuals



•    Illogical repression of women’s sexuality & making sex between consenting adults a sin.  (In women’s religion sex is sacred, the womb is Holy, sex is a way of Love & worship of God & veneration of women & even men.  The yoni (vagina) & lingam (penis) are both sacred.)

•    Denigration of nature & animals, abusing them, disregarding their Sacred nature.  (In women’s religions animals & nature are reverenced.  All of God’s Creation is revered, respected & venerated.)




Take all the evil out of it & you have a template for good – Prayer, fasting positive rituals, spells, Sacraments, meditation, holidays honoring nature & saints, etc.



Questions to be answered:

•    Why do we need prayer to make this religion successful?

•    Why do we need prayer to save ourselves, other souls & the planet?

•    Why do we need prayer to save us from men & their Patriarchy?


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  To be continued  Rasa Von Werder  10-12-19


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