XXI The New Religion Woman Thou Art God

By Rasa Von Werder, October 10th, 2019


Woman Thou Art God




The New Religion Which Teaches Women to Worship the God Within Themselves

XXI  Installment Twenty One     Why This Religion is Needed Right Now   10-9-19 


Woman thou art God!  But why am I preaching this to you right now, why do you need this religion now?  Don’t you know that you are God?  Aren’t you aware you have supernatural powers, that you are a Divine Being?  Unfortunately, most of you no longer know or remember these things, so I have to remind you!

What happened to make you forget?

Here is the sad truth:   The woman has been so long demoralized, abused, put down, degraded & lied to; intimidated, browbeaten, physically, mentally, emotionally torn down, that she must be reminded of her greatness, her God-hood, her Divine Nature, her Majesty & her Spirit.


I make these statements after having a chat with Mother God within me.  I asked her why do we need this religion.  She said:

“Because women need confidence.  This religion will restore it.  They need to believe in themselves again.”



This was a sort of new point of view for me, I had not seen it in exactly that way.  I had many questions to my Higher Self – (the two of us are often on different levels, you can understand, Mother God is in the Highest Realm while I, a mortal, am faced daily with my earthly existence–same as you & all of us).  Therefore, I must consult with her from time to time, shut down my conscious mind to some degree, open  up the unconscious, the deeper, higher, more intelligent Me & see what ‘we’ have to say.



She tells me that I, the conscious self, have been looking at women in a different way than She has.  So let me just ask, Mother how do you see them?  I see women as simply unaware, diverted, lacking in virtue to some degree, being timid & cowardly, absorbed in material things, mixed up, & distant from their True Nature.  How do you see it?

Mother God says:  “You’re partially right, but also, you are blaming women for what’s been done to them.  Please see them as having been victims for thousands of years.  You’ve been sent to empower them, don’t be so hard on them.


You’ve also been abused by women a lot, & they have hurt you instead of helping you–this brings resentment– & I now need you to show mercy as I explain it in a better way.”


Could it be LaBelle Otero?  She had five kings at her 30th birthday celebration in her apt, where she danced naked on the table – with them all staring up at her – She had a movie done of her life in Spain, she died age 97

Me:  You are saying it’s for me to empower them.  I have suffered, I have endured & at my own risk to safety I have fought for women all my life.  Why is it on me?  It seems I am being asked for a lot, too much maybe.

Mother God:  “You don’t fully understand who you are yourself.  You suspect in part but you don’t know for sure.  Believe me, were it not for the grace of God you could have done nothing.  God prepared you from before you were born to do what you’re doing.  You are an Avatar -  I told you that.  Everything that happened to you was for a reason.  Born on the day you were, to the parents that you had, in the place you were born, schooled as you were – every tiniest detail of your life was planned & anticipated by God to have you serve a Higher Purpose.  Your part in it was to cooperate & obey & that you did.  That is the part you will be crowned in Heaven for.”



Me:  I have so many questions now, obviously I am a dunder-brain about many things.  I think too much about myself, how people have hurt & hindered me & been ungrateful.   I must turn over a new leaf & see how fortunate I am & how God has gotten me out of every jam, pain, failure, danger–everything evil in my life was turned around by God & brought to good.  I must focus on that, not the ‘why me’ stuff.  Let me ask this.  Most of my endeavors have been to empower women, & usually, I had to play the role, do it myself or empower myself.  I keep thinking how hard it was, but I did it.  What is the main reason, you already told me but I ask again, that I am able to help women?




Mother God:  “The main reason you are able to help women is because you reached Enlightenment or Self Realization.  By doing this you ascended past the world & the flesh & the devil – you overcame the earth.  All the misery, the abuse happens on the earth/flesh plane, & so by ascending you went above it, you rose up to God – you saw God face to face.  This gave you enormous confidence, Supernatural confidence, no demon could thereafter fool you, browbeat you, twist your mind or intimidate you.



Unfortunately most women are not there yet, & they are susceptible to the abuse I have mentioned, & most of all they are AFRAID.  You must help them see the truth about men, help them get One with God, & help them not to be afraid.  This is a tall order & you have done well so far – trust in Mother God & all will be accomplished.”



Me:  Indeed I have been looking at it in my mind accusing them of pusillanimity, lack of love & zeal for God, lack of caring for their sisters, lack of virtue, lack of commitment to the cause of women & God–I have not felt much mercy for them, although I am working I have given up on trying to get any of them to join or help me.  But I see what you mean.  It isn’t that they don’t want to have courage, they have been so demoralized they can’t stand up in the face of it.  Unless the turn to God – not the way Patriarchs want them to do but the way God wants them to – they cannot find the courage to do what is right, even for themselves………..



But so few women can achieve Enlightenment, Self Realization.  This requires a super-human effort – it means Sainthood.  How many can do it?  Before my Enlightenment indeed I was doing God’s work for women through the body building as well as Stripping for God, not counting the prayers & sacrifices.  Why was I able to do this work before I was raised up?


Mother God:  “You were on your way to being a saint, a fledgling spiritual big shot lol.  Consider the Beloved Saint Padre Pio.  Even as a boy they called him ‘holy’ & there were healings.  As a young man before the Divine Stigmata – the whole area where he resided  venerated him.  When the chief priest was going to take him to another town they rioted en masse – the women marched to his residence & told the messenger they would not permit them to ‘take our saint away.’  Padre Pio had the earmarks of sainthood, he was on his way there from childhood – & so were you……….Of course people misunderstood you because you were in the adult trade, the way you had to do what was against religious convention threw people – but not everyone misunderstood – some accepted it & believed in you.”



Me:  OK, next question.  I should then curtail my anger, resentment at women when they betray the cause, when they betray myself & other sisters?  The way they judge & look down on adult trade workers, the way they shudder & quake when the word ‘witchcraft’ is spoken – as if what the priests are saying is true, like this is still the Inquisition.  They judge, condemn other women when they should be supporting them………..



Mother God:  “They are afraid.  This entire work toward Matriarchy must be done slowly, laboriously, one step at a time, on the political front, religious, secular, education, government, the arts – everything.  Women must get active in all areas of life, they must do what they can…..Not everyone is a Pankhurst or a Cady Stanton or a Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem or whatever.  They just can’t do it, they have not the Anointing.  They are waiting for someone to ‘kill Goliath.’  Little David came along with his sling.  He had killed a lion & a bear with it – he proved himself, he was Anointed.  His brothers were bigger, stronger, & they were noodles.  David had come to bring them food to the battlefield.  He asked them who was going to take Goliath.  They told him to be quiet & go home.  But he volunteered, he struck Goliath & he fell – then David cut his head off.




Everyone waits for the strong ones to come forward.  They ask you what you’re doing, but thy don’t even help you.  You know they’re waiting for you to succeed, then when you do, they’ll say they helped you – when all they did was annoy & insult you – tell you what to do, their advise ridiculous.” 



Me:  I’m beginning to understand.  Explain to me exactly what are they so afraid of, that they have been abused, demoralized, beat down – the are like whipped dogs.  What do they fear the most?

Mother God:  “What they fear the most is their survival, just having a roof over their heads, food on the table.  Unfortunately too many of them get pregnant with unplanned babies – they don’t have the guts to make men  use condoms……..



Second, they fear failure & poverty – being looked down on, having to work menial jobs, trading their bodies for money in some way or other, they fear being nobodies, where people will not respect them or admire them, they will be unpopular.  They all want to be loved, respected, admired – all the flim flam of this world & people – the fools gold.  But Jesus told us that you cannot be his disciple if you’re not willing to leave your family for him.  Family means caring about people – you can’t even care about family more than God – God being Truth…………………………



But they are forfeiting God-Truth for the things of this world when they are afraid to fight for women’s rights & Matriarchy.”

Me:  What is the worst thing the Patriarchs have done to them to tear them down?




Mother God:  “What the men have done is they have stripped women of belief in themselves, their own IDENTITY, their Godliness, their Divine Nature.  They have led women to believe they were created for men, for men’s pleasure, men’s convenience.  They have destroyed women’s morale by every kind of abuse.”



Me:  Alright Mother God I heard you, & women you heard her.  You must believe in yourselves, your Divine Nature, your Supernatural Life which is your True Identity.  You were not created for the convenience or pleasure of men, but for God.  Take another good long look at yourself in the mirror of God & make a new commitment to follow HER – which is following YOURSELF.






to be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-10-19


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