The New Religion<>XVII<>Seventeen

By Rasa Von Werder, September 29th, 2019




The New Religion-XVII-Seventeen-Woman Thou

Art God




Woman, Thou Art God, which means thou must knoweth many things. As I said, if you’re decision is to be with a man or men, & if you have one (it’s likely) that needs help – maybe lots of it – you’ll have to be an expert in many fields. One of your hats will be exorcist. Beyond that, there’s also spiritual awakening & development – you’ll have to be a Guru or spiritual guide.


Then there’s the healing of wounds of trauma, wounds inflicted even before birth, if the parents were planning to abort the fetus—the child knows it on the unconscious level, you’ll have to be a psychologist / therapist. There could be wounds (molestation, being demoralized—belittled–humiliated, being beaten, neglected, abandoned) by either one or both parents. That could be healed in many ways –you have to learn the ways.


Other traumas, not abuse but being involved in front lines of war, seeing violence or the recipient of violence later on, terrible injuries or death, father battering Mom, parents being ill or dying, accidents. You have to be so many things to heal a man. For one thing you cannot be sick yourself, on the mental/emotional level. You should be relatively healthy & quite strong. Then you have to have KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING & WISDOM, such as I’m describing here.


The first thing I addressed is the removal of the demonic. There’s an important thing I did not bring up: When you suspect someone of having demons, being possessed or a serious ‘demonic,’ how do you know when to try to heal, when to try to get away? (I do understand that many women in these Patriarchal cultures CANNOT get away – How can a Muslim woman, without rights, leave her husband & walk away because he’s demonic? How can a woman who has no money leave a man who’s supporting her – when the home she left is abusive? Where does she go? When I write ‘do this-do that’ ‘stay away from men, marriage, having kids if you can, I mean just that—IF YOU CAN. As I explained, you will be OSTRACIZED in a Patriarchal society for being single, you might live in POVERTY compared to a wealthier lifestyle – weigh the pros & cons.



I have lived most of my life ALONE & OSTRACIZED even though I was married twice. My first husband lived only three years after we met before dying. My second husband never lived with me – for sixteen years he spent about thirty days a year with me & when he was about to retire & we would have been together, he died. I never had a cozy home life past childhood – after leaving home age sixteen, I returned to live with Dad age twenty six – he moved to Spain a couple years later to retire. For political reasons, (Mom’s brainwashing) most of my relatives hardly spoke to me. There were sporadic visits, like once every few years, & only one relative speaks to me regularly.



I chose not to acquire a close group of friends because I could not find ‘birds of a feather,’ – it worked both ways, since I was single & have lived in the country for thirty years – most people here are married, the college students adore me, but we have nothing in common for being ‘chillin’’ friends (I’m fifty years older than they) – some married people welcomed me until the man heard me talking about women’s rights & superiority, then I was banned. (The ‘unwritten law’ is that no woman must ever empower another – if she’s married, the husband forbids it—men are really scared of women’s freedom.)


Due to all these circumstances & others I have spent most of my time alone. By ‘others’ my job was, most of my life, a dancer. I got on & off the stage, went from one town to another (in California) for nine years, then was ‘on the road’ from state to state, especially in the later years, Canada. The dancing gigs spanned about twenty one years. In a job like that you meet a lot of people but you come & go – there’s camaraderie a short time, then good bye forever. You don’t get friendly with people in the audience even when they buy you a drink – that’s temporary & shallow. You don’t get close to owners, I didn’t get friendly with radio or talk show hosts or magazine, newspaper writers; it just isn’t done. They do an interview, once in a while a man asks you to have sex, you say no & the end of that. Ditto club owners, when you’re a star, it’s rare they hit on you, they prey on the ‘house girls.’ A star is too valuable to ruffle her feathers, you might lose money.


That being said I also must affirm that being alone a lot IS MY CHOICE. If I was LIKE OTHER PEOPLE I would pursue them more, but I’m not. Most of the folks I chat with are employees, they work, we talk, they get paid, & that’s it. My life is singular since I am a WOMAN OF GOD & therefore, I must spend much of my time alone. I am also a WRITER & a RESEARCHER, writers are notorious introverts (I am both ways, interior or exterior when needs be) & researchers do their research usually alone. This life suits me fine. I need to get away—people in general are not teaching me anything, nor does their energy lift me up, they are a diversion from my own mental universe, something I don’t want invaded too much.


I find my own company to be happy & comfortable. I talk with God through the still, small voice within. I channel other beings if need be, even animals—they being living or dead. I look up things, I compose work such as writing this religion – I could not be absorbed by the world & accomplish what I do.



There are some men you can help – some you can’t or shouldn’t. The one you should help is: One meant to be with you. There’s a reason, in God’s eyes if no one else’s, you should be with him, & he is REDEEMABLE. The one you should NOT bother with is he is NOT MEANT TO BE WITH YOU (you find out through your contact with God—there’s no other way. DON’T LISTEN TO PEOPLE – usually they know nothing but they think they do. They judge by the outside & as soon as they see a flaw, their advise is ‘move on.’ You must have a walk with God to hear God, to have a walk means regular prayer, being intimate with God, understanding what God is saying.) This man might be redeemable, but his path is ELSEWHERE. Second, he must be REDEEMABLE. He cannot be given over to Satan, lock, stock & barrel. He must have some shred of decency within – a heart that can come to life, be capable of Love.


This begs the question, who is unredeemable & how can we know? Not everyone who ‘acts insane’ is insane; they might just be temporarily crazy, waiting to be healed. But some WILL NEVER CHANGE & being with them is dangerous, trying to help is a WASTE OF TIME. First, if any man has tried to kill you or your children don’t even try helping him – he’s too dangerous, you must escape. He might be helped by someone else some day, but don’t take the chance. If a man has killed anyone else, ditto, you must escape—in the time you are helping him he might kill you or someone you love. The same goes for a man who threatens you or your children with violence, or beats you or them savagely, you must escape, it’s not for you to even try to help. Not saying he is unredeemable, but it has to come elsewhere.


The man you could help is not dangerous to you or your children. He might lack responsibility, he may be a substance abuser, he may lie & cheat on you, but make sure HE IS NOT VIOLENT. This man could be greatly wounded, but deep inside, he has a good heart, & you can detect/sense this part of the time. A man who is not redeemable could be shown to you by God.


I had a friend who is a successful businessman, the richest & handsomest man in town. I recall standing in my beaver pond one day, enjoying nature & I thought to myself, “I like John, but he doesn’t know God. I’m willing to suffer for him to help him spiritually.” But God intervened, She protected me. She forced John to reveal himself to me. He spoke:

“Rasa, do not suffer for me. I don’t want to be saved. I live only for this world & the flesh. I don’t care about eternal life, I am only into the things of this world. Your suffering would be wasted on me.”


This meant, of course, that John was destined for Hell. You’d never know it on face value. He was congenial, charming, sometimes helpful. If you studied his behavior, though, you could see he had no love. Since he was rich & handsome, all the females in town would give in to him. He used them but gave them little financially, no gifts, no security. He led them on until they’d give up trying to have a marriage – then he’d move to the next female & use her. I stopped being friends with him based on his being bent for Hell.


I had a revelation like that about a girl friend. We hung out together for years & I knew she was troubled, but I never assume someone is hopeless. I really liked her. Then one day I had a vision. She was holding on to a strong steel cable & I was holding it also so she would not be pulled down. Then some sort of sticky black tar (symbol of Hell) was slathered onto the cable, I could hold it no longer, she slid down the cable. I was unable to help. I asked God, is that Jane going to Hell? Surely she can be helped? And God said, “She will not change.” I argued can’t anything be done? And again, the words, “She will not change.” Now I know my time is better spent elsewhere, to help someone else. Of course, seeing someone lost is always sad. But it’s their decision.


I have done many ‘proxy’ baptisms on people. A baptism works even for those who have already been baptized – it gives them another spurt of spiritual life, so there’s no harm in being baptized more than once. I usually chose three people at one time–got my material ready (plain water, chose a Saint God-Mother & God-Father, chose them a Saint’s name for their baptism, wrote it all down.) Then I pronounced the ritual. (For instructions see my site Woman Thou Art God, How to Build a Church.) That night I would find out who received the grace, who rejected it. I would have a dream like so: Let’s say the three of them are in a building. Two of them go out the door to the outside – they are saved, they received the grace. But one of them heads for the door to the cellar—bad sign. He’s rejected the grace, he’s going downward, a sign of Hell.


Now unfortunately, if you are not intimate with God, if you have no psychic ability, you could not discern such things, & therefore, it would be hard for you to decide who to help, who to keep or who to run away from. But I have faith that if you pray sincerely & persistently, God will reveal to you what you have to know.


There are two other things I must address. One, what is a demon? And two, what is a demonic person? There are a few definitions of what a demon is. The Catholic Church insists that they are fallen angels, those who God created, who turned away from God, followed Satan into the Hell created for them.


I have heard other religions speak of demons but don’t know if any of them explains where they came from. Most ancient religions recognized the existence of the demonic, it’s evil, & people can be possessed by them.


Psychologists say demons are figments of our minds, which we created, which haunt us, more or less. They don’t believe these are separate entities, created by God, which fell from grace.


My best guess is that demons are created by people, mostly men. The myth of Lucifer becoming Satan & beguiling a third of the angels to follow him, is to me the explanation of men turning against Mother God & women, & creating Patriarchy. It says they ‘come to steal, kill & destroy’ & this is Patriarchs. It is said that Lucifer was so beautiful that he admired himself, looked at God, wanted Her prerogatives & said, “I WILL NOT SERVE.”


Lucifer ENVIED GOD the way men envied women, all their privileges – females ran the family & the world – males were second class, they were supposed to serve & obey women & worship God as Mother, but along the way, they began to attack & murder women, eventually enslave them with unjust laws, & changed the image of Mother God to Father, usurped Her religion & made it male dominant.


It is said that demons want to destroy humans, they envy God’s love for them, they want to bring them all into Hell. These is precisely what Patriarchs try to do to us, & were it not for the grace of God, they would consume us, degrade us so badly we would fall into despair & lose our souls. Fortunately, Satan cannot realize all of his agenda even though he did take over the world – as Jesus said, “Satan is the prince of this world.”


This plan of Satan/Patriarchy is coming to a close, the Power of Mother God is coming back & She will be realized again as our God universally & women will rule the world. We are on the cusp or edge of that.


Now to address, what is a demonic? That would be a person who is so taken over, possessed by a demon or demons, that he is no longer viably ‘human’ – there’s nothing ‘human’ left in him except a front. I take some hints from Amy Allen, the great medium from ‘The Dead Files,’ who explains demonic souls & demons, & what they do to people. Some of these entities, be they demonics or demons, possess the living – some of these people they possess are perfectly innocent children. But once possessed, unless the human is separated from them, they can eventually become just like them.


There was a case of a serial killer possessing a child. Left unchecked, this child would become like the serial killer–eventually! They would lose their identity, & become someone else!


Here is an example of how a person becomes demonic. This is an analogy of how it happens. In the tropics there are some giant trees, about a hundred feet tall, stretching all the way to the canopy. But along comes ‘the strangler fig,’ a tree that meanders its way up the giant, & has not only one trunk, but many & winds round & round for years. It is so invasive that eventually it winds completely around the big tree, while itself going to the very top & producing thousands of fruits. After a time, there is no giant tree, the inside of it rots & collapses, & then there’s a hollow inside, only the strangler fig lives.


This can happen to a person. If one is possessed by demons, they must be removed. If they remain & the person keeps living & acting, & doing what the demons say, they get more & more polluted by sin, their souls darkens, they fall farther & farther from God, goodness & grace. As the person gives in again & again to sin & vice, the bad road, they are destroying themselves. The demons are like the strangler fig. There are more & more of them as the situation progresses. After a while, the human does not even remember who they are or were, the demons have taken over their mind & heart, the inside ‘rots out’ or becomes ‘hollow’ – the original human isn’t even there, all their identity is missing. It is at this point the human can no longer be helped– they are ‘gone,’ & choosing to help such a person, living with them, loving them, would be a waste of time & dangerous, their entire energy would be spent (not always overtly) to try to destroy you – to take you into Hell with them.


But woman, thou art God. You can handle this. The Power of God is in you, trust in Her, believe in Her, that She is You, She can do all things through you. Know that She is with you when you become involved with someone, She will guide you if you ask, She will help you deal with it or get away, TRUST MOTHER GOD IN YOU.




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To be continued Rasa Von Werder 9-28-19

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