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                        XIX THE NEW RELIGION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                    Woman Thou Art God   10-6-19




Whatever religion you are in, if you care for it, start practicing Woman Thou Art God along with it!

Woman, simply by REMOVING THE PATRIARCHAL AGENDA, you can continue its practice while at the same time being One with Woman, Thou Art God (The Religion).


Definition of AGENDA:  list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon


One:  Hate of women (& discrimination of them) 


Two:  Violence (Crusades, ‘holy wars’, terrorism, suicide bombings)

Three:  Child abuse, pedophilia, child neglect 

Four:  Circumcision of boys & clitoral removal from girls (partial castration, child abuse)


Five:  Animal abuse, species-ism (Inhumane treatment of animals, sacrifice of animals, depriving animals of habitats & food, depriving animals of freedom & happiness)


Six:  Planned poverty (Depriving people of decent wage, ‘untouchable’ caste class, exploitation of the poor, weak & vulnerable)

Seven:  Slavery of people & animals (including wage slaves)





One:  Woman is God, leader of the family & world.  Man is a ‘lesser God’ whom She created as a HELPMATE – He is to work UNDER HER AUTHORITY for whatever She wants or needs – be it to remain single, married, polygamous for her, having children or not.



He works – He tries to please her, keep her happy, whatever She desires.

He can LEAVE but all women in our society demand obedience from the man – The woman DOES NOT OBEY THE MAN.


(There should be a record kept of the relationships, when a man leaves a woman or a woman dismisses a man.  He explains why he left; she explains why she dismissed him.  These records can be accessed by any other woman who is interested.

In this way, males who are unsatisfactory will not get away with what they do – if they are dismissed for transgressions,– they cannot easily bounce around & affect other women.  Women will know ahead of time if there be any risks or detriments.)



The guidelines for men will be written down – counseling can be given through internet, phone, social networks & group classes.  One-on-one sessions of men learning from women will be discouraged for security reasons; we practice SAFE SPACE for women. Usually when men want to be alone it’s to try to get sex, & they can get dangerous.

However women can be alone with a man, of course, if they choose to do so, but no man can demand to be alone with a woman for any purpose.


 Above, the image:  Keep in mind that the women who are accused of abuse it is statutory rape, not sex with babies, infants, toddlers or little pre-puberty children.  They are having sex with sexually mature boys who have penises capable of performance.  But males use their penises to inflict outrage & PAIN on little children including newborn babies.  They insert their penises into the mouths of babies, they rape little children, even murdering them in the process – & they insert their penises into the anus of boys & girl which is dangerous & painful.  These statistics do not include the details.  And in a politically influenced justice system, women are punished much worse than men for breaking the law:  example:  a woman who permitted a 12 year old boy in Las Vegas for touching her breast was given a LIFE SENTENCE by a male judge.  Males who have MURDERED BABIES by raping them are not always executed or given life sentences.

Children:  Males are never to be left alone with a child or children under legal age. Even if they are not abusers, they have not the talent to take care of children; they are not biologically designed for nurturing / compassion / kindness / gentleness.  Nothing wrong with them loving children, let them show affection, recreate with them in public – with matriarchal women present. 


(In the ancient days of Mother God, kids had many mothers.  The grandmas, aunts, single women, all lived in the same premises – this is the proper way to raise children – This made it WAY EASIER for a woman to raise & protect her children.  The nuclear family was created by Patriarchs to give them control over the isolated woman & access to children for sex.)



The mothers & the religion classes will teach children their roles in life:  the female being the leader, the male the obedient one.  Males must help women, they are workers & protectors of women & children, not the abusers too many have become.

Children will be taught THERE IS A GOD & SHE IS OUR MOTHER. 



They will be shown that GOD IS WITHIN US, all of us, but we are not EQUAL in our roles in life.  Men are not EQUAL to women, as they do not have two X chromosomes – they cannot reproduce – & the frontal lobes of their brains are ASLEEP.

Being unequal does not mean we love the less-than- us.  My pets are not equal to me, they were not created as my leaders – I lead them.  But I shelter & feed them & give them love.  I love all animals, although they do not guide & teach me – I am at times their caretaker or benefactor – even so – I never deprive them of life, liberty or the pursuit to happiness (except when I eat meat or fish who I wish were killed in a humane way, but usually they are not, our religion people will work on this.)



Children will be taught all the traditional decent aspects of religion, as taught in the Christian Church & other Churches (they stole these religions from us originally anyway) for example:

***  Who made me?  God made me.

***  Why did God create me?  To know, love & serve Her, & be happy with Her in eternity. 



***  What is the purpose of life?   To live in Love, to Love myself & others & to live in the joy of Love forever in eternity.

***  What is sin?  Sin is the rejection of God, who is Love.  Sin is also offences against God by hurting others or God’s Creation.



 Sin does not look to God as our greatest End, our Goal, our happiness – sinners (those who love sin, not those who commit it & repent) look elsewhere for their satisfaction, & they miss out on that which is the Greatest.

***  Who goes to eternal Heaven, who goes to Hell?  Those who accept God & Her Love go to Heaven; those who reject God & Her Love end up in Hell. 



Hell is of one’s own making, a person implodes upon themselves, where within them, there is nothing to hold onto,  it’s barren, deserted, empty & painful to be without God on earth or in eternity.  When one has a body they might not FEEL HELL because their body camouflages it, but when the body dies, they see where the soul is.  God is our EVERYTHING, all joy, beauty, Truth, serenity, peace, security.  Without all this, we are lost.



This is a small sample of theology children would be taught – the Catechism will be enumerated later on.

Children must be taught about God from an early age – from the time they are born & can understand the simplest things.  They must be taught to meditate, pray, different types of prayer, & they must learn Faith, Hope & Charity, & all the virtues.  They must be encouraged in the virtues daily, bearing their sufferings & frustrations, patience, hope, faith, fortitude, etc.  They must learn to ask God for things & expect results every day – even healing when they or those they love are ill.


They must learn about the ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’, the Gifts of devotion, understanding, Power – How God manifests in us.

They should also be taught to love & venerate NATURE, celebrating the seasons the way the agricultural, ancient religions did – Wicca, Pagans, Druids & such.  All the holidays of the seasons can be brought into our religion.  Our religion is not closed-in or closeted, it is open, free, accepting of all loving doctrines from all religions – whichever you choose to worship, go for it.



The MAIN DIFFERENCE in our religion is it goes back to the days of Mother God – female Priestesses – & females leading the family & the world.  And of course, there is no Patriarchal agenda in it, as in the old days before Patriarchy, we had peace – there was no poverty.  Everyone lived close to equal with resources, the Queens included.



Woman, Thou Art God!  Begin thinking how you will practice & promulgate this New Religion & set it into practice – today!


To be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-6-19

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