The New Religion <>XX<>Woman Thou Art God

By Rasa Von Werder, October 7th, 2019
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    The New Religion  XX  Woman Thou Art God                                                                                                                                           






    I have spoken in detail on Embodiment of God–how the Goddess Durga appeared to eliminate Patriarchy.  The three male Gods TRIED but could do nothing with Maharashtri – a violent monster – symbol of males dominating the world.



    This story is a MYTH & therefore the male Gods are a symbol, so is Durga & her persona as Kali.

    It came to me days ago that those three male Gods could very well be JESUS, BUDDHA & maybe KRISHNA – Krishna symbolizing love to Hindus (although he was also a warrior & taught Arjuna to KILL even his own relatives, the Pandavis!) The number three could also be arbitrary – it could be one, two or three male Gods, the message being ‘no male Gods can do it.’



    Please understand Jesus’ message as an ‘extension’ of Buddhism.  He was a reincarnated Yoga-Buddhist Guru—one so great that the ‘Three Kings’ from the East (India, Tibet) came to honor his birth (guided by a magical star) & bring Princely gifts.  

    When Jesus was twelve, they came for him to be educated, took him to Tibet, returned him to Israel age twenty nine or thirty.



    Jesus did not die on the Cross – he passed out.  Taken to the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, he & Nicodemus later brought huge bags of herbs (including aloe, a healing herb) to revive him—He was taken away the third day to a secret place where He recovered.  When He appeared to the disciples He was a real man, not a ghost.

    After spending some time with the disciples & his loved ones, Jesus departed, to live out the rest of his life, to age eighty one, in Kashmir, a part of Tibet, where He is buried under a Muslim saint.  This is all explained in a BBC documentary, ‘Jesus in Kashmir’ on You Tube.


    Jesus’ life was amazing.  He reached untold millions to teach & save their souls (including mine) – to many of us He’s the greatest thing that ever happened.  But Patriarchy is still here.  He did not save us from it.  It’s gotten worse.

    But Jesus gave a prediction.  They asked him when He was coming back.  He said,




    “When you don’t know the summers from the winters.”

    Global warming!  It’s upon us.  We hear of the arctic ice melting, the glaciers disappearing – the summers are getting cooler, the winters milder, soon it will be as He said.


    But what does it mean ‘He’ returns?  It is his message.  What message?–The message of Love.  Jesus was a Matriarch – not a Patriarch.  He professed & lived True Love, (the opposite of what the Pharisees were doing)—the same religion as Buddhism—Buddha preached against animal sacrifice, violence & the caste system which created ‘untouchables.’ 


    These two streams of thought – Buddhism & Christianity influenced the entire world but could not stop Patriarchy.  Now this philosophy / thought / culture of life is coming back IN A NEW FORM & that form is MATRIARCHY – the society where women rule the family & the world – the society of the gender which nurtures & loves, the religion of Mother God.  This is THE RETURN OF JESUS.

    Now the myth of Durga/Kali comes to fruition.  But there is one important element I’ve not yet broached:  male extinction.


    The myth gives Mother God the onus to remove males off the planet – & it is notable that this be God in the form of the female as it is the male who dies, the female lives on & will procreate a female-only world.

    And so, male can never save the planet, no male ‘God’ like Jesus can remove him, the female God presides because FEMALE POWER MUST RETURN & in order for it to do so the MALES MUST BE REMOVED – they have gone TOO FAR TO BE CHANGED.


    Durga is Mother Nature – biology if you will – & Kali is extinction of males.  Durga slew him but his blood fell on the ground & each drop became a new demon.  That is the proliferation of males – as long as males live, the demon of Patriarchy continues – all men must die.  And so Kali, symbolically with the foot-long tongue, laps up every drop of the demon blood – it is the only way to stop this.  The Y chromosome is crumbling; it cannot repair itself, in 100,000 years or so, male extinction. (Give or take 25,000 Dr. Sykes says)

    The world’s leading geneticist, Dr. Bryan Sykes said that human males are a genetic modification experiment that DID NOT WORK & as a result, nature is removing them.


    There we have it – Woman Thou Art God.  We need a new religion to go with the extinction of males – lol.  This is it, for whatever it’s worth – I’m writing it.  Why the humor?  This is serious?  Not to me.  Let’s have a party.  The end of Patriarchy is a celebration.  It’s not yet here, but it’s coming.  Pass the champagne & slurp the caviar – what we used to do every New Year’s Eve.  A New Age is coming:  Matriarchy.  Mother God has figured it out.


    I used to think WHERE IS GOD?  How could God allow all these wars, genocides & atrocities?  Why doesn’t God stop it, why doesn’t She help us?   Well She is, all along, we didn’t know it.  At some point She touched their Y chromosome to kill them off & this is our salvation.  Glory glory hallelujah!  There IS A GOD!


    It was about 2005 I heard the news re Dr. Bryan Sykes book – ‘Adam’s Curse – A Future without Men’ – published the previous year.  I jumped for joy, I felt peace, closure.  This would stop.  The demon Maharashtri will be no more.  Can’t describe my relief.



    Why did Jesus great religion not work?  And why will we not permit one single man to make one peep in our religion?


    Because as wonderful as Jesus life & words were, it was men who took it over.  It was not Mary Magdalene, as He wished, who became the leader 

    (see the Magdalene gospel) – Peter & the guys ousted her.  {We understand poor Mary, although she was the highest contemplative of the group, could not function in a repressive Patriarchy—No woman can.  The time has to be receptive to a female leader – those days were not.}


    Alright then, again I say, why did Jesus Love religion not save the world from the hate religion of Patriarchy?  Because it was TAKEN OVER BY MEN, PROMULGATED BY MEN – everything run by men sooner or later – no matter how innocent it starts – personifies THEIR AGENDA which is HATRED OF WOMEN, VIOLENCE & EXPLOITATION, & that is what they did with the religion of Poor Jesus.


    The evil within the Catholic Church, for instance, has not yet ALL been revealed – We know about the murderous Crusades & the Holocaust of Women—the Inquisition—millions of casualties. We are only beginning to hear about not only their RAMPANT PEDOPHILIA but now the systematic exploitation & torture of young nuns is coming out –


    The Magdalene Laundries is just the tip of the iceberg – in the years to come it will be revealed how ‘Mother Superiors’ have given over young, innocent nuns to priests for rape—right from the day of their consecration (saying the priest was Jesus, they would now be married to him!), made them STRIP DOWN NAKED in a row for the priests to look over, choose which one he would rape that night, forced to give their CONFESSIONS to the priests weekly, who demanded BLOW JOBS as their ‘penance,’ etc.


    Those nuns who refused to comply were starved, tortured in ways similar to prisoners of war, being in contemplative – enclosed cloisters, separated from parents & family – having signed away all their properties & future inheritance, taken to convents in foreign countries where if they escaped they didn’t know the language—locked into their cells each night—even if they escaped the high rock walls & front gate was locked & chained – some nuns kept in dungeons where they were further starved, deprived of all human decency , driven to a point of insanity until they died.


    What we see & hear of the Catholic Church IS A FRONT.  Jesus has turned in his grave, over there in Kashmir, a million times over.


    It’s important now, to end our allegiance to all Patriarchal Churches, stop funding them, stop volunteering, stop working for them (if we can.)


    We must galvanize our energies & resources for Matriarchy & Woman Thou Art God.  They cannot make it without us – let us make it hard for them by leaving.  Obviously, not every woman will hear this message or if she does, obey it.  But those who can, leave their premises, their lies & their service.


    These men – no matter what we do for them, do not value us.  A case in point, right here in my town.


    There’s a Methodist Church in my town who recently obtained the services of a female Pastor.  I knew one of the elders, & he said this to me,

    “We have to pay her over forty thousand a year & we are not getting our money’s worth, as with a male minister.”


    “Why not?”

    I asked.  He said,

    “When we hire a male minister, we also get the services of his wife for free.  But the female, we only get her.”


    Oh, I thought, women’s services are free.  Women have no value; they have to give for nothing.  But men have to be paid.

    Woman, do not allow them to take you for granted.  We must fight back.  And fighting is easier than we think.  Just withdraw.  They can do nothing without us. 


    But in order to do that, it’s expedient to have our own ‘female clubs,’ ‘female recreation,’ ‘female hotels,’ female everything where females can meet on many levels for camaraderie.  Because they will ostracize us – a woman alone is not welcome in Patriarchy – where every woman has to be OWNED by a man – even in America!


    They make us think & believe that past the age of thirty we must be married – or else there is something wrong with us.  They intimidate & browbeat us into this concept.


    When we go out just to socialize it’s a MEAT MARKET.  Go to bars, usually more men are there than women, on the prowl & looking at us based on face value.  They are dunder-brains & they want us to be so, but available for sex.  If they want us for sex they talk to us, if they don’t, they look the other way.


    We are hard pressed to find places to go for female-based conversations, intelligent ones, not the kind Ladies Home Journal of contented housewives’ wants, but convos about the meaning of life & how we want to change it – How we’re going to overthrow Patriarchy – that’s what I want to hear.


    The last word here is Woman, Thou Art God.  

    You contain all you need, within you for happiness, contentment, a full, meaningful life – You contain GOD.




    Believe in this God, access this God, listen to Her, share  Her with the right people.  Don’t waste Her or your flesh, don’t throw yourself away on Patriarchy or Patriarchs.  Save yourself from them – then you will save others.



    To be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-6-19


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