The New Religion <>Eighteen<>XVIII

By Rasa Von Werder, October 6th, 2019


The New Religion <> Eighteen <>



Policies re Men & Their Religions 

Channeling Mother God



Me:  Do you want women to continue infiltrating the male-domination churches – those that permit women priests & ministers?

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She:  If it makes them happy.

Me:  Which religions are the right ones for women to practice?  Some of them like their religions, even Muslims.

She:  Tell them to remove all they don’t like & practice it in the clean form they do.

Me:  Should women continue trying to change male domination religions such as the Catholic Church?


She:  Let them suit themselves if it makes them happy.  But what is it they NEED & WANT from the Catholic Church?  Remove what they don’t agree with & let them join Woman Thou Art God & practice, as Priestesses here, what they approve of.  What do they need the male domination church for?–a salary?  That won’t do – don’t sell your soul to them for a salary.


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By continuing to harass them for rights we give them IMPORTANCE to what they have made.  By LEAVING & joining Woman Thou Art God we give importance to the WOMEN’S AGENDA.

Women are the biggest supporters—attendees & therefore donors of the Catholic Church—bring this to our own purposes.



The women’s agenda is:  our autonomy, cosmology, moral compass, opinions, everything OUR OWN – not theirs, disregarding their interference, judgments—they have NOTHING to say about what we do, think, feel or how we behave.

Me:  If a woman is a Muslim & she takes out all the bad from it, what’s left for her to practice?


She:  Praying five times a day, fasting, keeping certain holidays– worship of God called Allah.  Those who study it would know what is of God, what is of evil men.  They can leave their own church, join ours, practice what they believe in & call Allah “Mother God Allah.”

Me:  I know about Catholicism & I’ve said elsewhere, I do practice it partly without going to the Church.  I say Mass at home, to Jesus & Mary, I still study the saints.  



Having entered ‘Nonduality’ in the Yoga tradition I no longer pray to anyone outside, (I used to do the rosary, litanies, many prayers but rarely now, not because I have lost my passion for God, but because my religion has changed)–I pray verbally when I feel like it, my mind is always on God except when distracted by the world.  My religion is what I’m writing, God & I are One, She is Me, I am She. 



I am a Yogi & big on what they call ‘meditation’ (which includes thinking) & ‘contemplation’ (which is suspension of thought, waiting on God) & I do constant channeling of Mother God, like here. 

I am not against the Sacraments—Communion, Confession are great things.  Being married in the Church–Sacraments are good things.  But I recognize the Sacraments of other religions as well, including Wicca.



What I’m against is the hypocrisy of a male homosexual priesthood where men join to be with other men & at the same time, condemn homosexuality from the pulpit, & of course, the sins of the men against children.



I am not against the old-time tradition we had in the Lithuanian Church where men ‘married’ women, against their vows – it’s the rule against marriage that is wrong.  So it’s a transgression of vows, but here I feel God forgives, understands, as men without a female are lost; they become sick mentally, emotionally & physically without a woman.  The old priests called their wife the ‘housekeeper’ & the children they begot were called ‘adopted from a cousin.’


I don’t recall our old priests ranting & raving about these subjects—it is the ranting & raving that offends me when men are doing the things they are ranting about.

(In Woman Thou Art God we do not consider homosexuality or heterosexual activity a sin – we do not condemn sex outside of marriage, masturbation or even sex with someone other than your spouse.  The latter would be judged by God case by case, as all individual sins are anyway – only God & we actually know what is a sin – some things we do are considered sins in the eyes of people but God doesn’t judge them that way. )


{Our purpose in WTAG is not about controlling women, condemning them – as it is in Patriarchy & its churches….This is why they are obsessed with sex behavior, even homosexuality, because they want to restrain women from any lifestyle except breeding, they want men to refrain men from a lifestyle that excludes breeding women & fettering them with children.



Understand the rules against birth control are twofold:  One, to keep women barefoot & pregnant, two, to propagate as many children as possible for the Patriarchal Church.  Anti-birth control & anti-abortion is slavery of women.



Our main purpose is to free women from male-domination, from slavery to men, & from male-domination religions, families & world.}







It was my work & prayers that caused what they call the ‘crisis’ in the Catholic Church – to be explained elsewhere in detail.  But the short explanation is I preached on the street with a megaphone for 2.5 months in winter in my city—when I couldn’t take it any more I switched for one month to one hour a day of prayer, in a loud voice, against the criminals & predators of all types against people.  (If you think an hour a day of this type prayer is not significant, try it, especially in a loud voice.  I had to go where no people heard me as they would have called the police, lol.  I prayed in my house, in the wilderness, even from my car when I was driving in the country, shouting supplications to God.)



Not long after, the Catholic ‘crisis’ began – & God told me it was due to my preaching & prayers.  I am astounded that such a small thing could have caused such a worldwide shakeup.  Even I had no idea of the amount of pedophilia in the CC—we were all amazed at the degree of it & that it had gone on so long undetected, unchecked.



Me:  Mother God, what about Wicca?  The priests are still acting as if it’s of the devil, they condemn it from the pulpits (I watch on the internet & used to on TV) like everyone agrees they are evil – the word is synonymous with ‘demonic’ since their brainwashing.



She:  They succeed in this sort of rhetoric because no one is opposing them–If there was an organization of ‘Anti-defamation of Wiccans’ this could be opposed.  You don’t hear anyone opposing their slander because most women are afraid to speak up, & there isn’t an organization to help.



Me:  It astounds me that it’s been hundreds of years since the Inquisition & its precepts still stand.  Few people speak of the evils of it—their defamation goes on.  The Catholics are a STRONGHOLD OF SATAN against women, are they not?



She:  There you have it – it’s true.  The demonic is without a doubt part of the Catholic Church, the Muslim & many other male-dominated Churches.




Me:  Mother God, another thing which ever-surprises me is how women betray their own self, our cause & other women.





I had a taste of that yesterday when I was speaking in a tiny restaurant run by a woman, who I considered my friend.

I began talking about activist issues & one of the men in the restaurant jumped in with ‘manspeak,’ more or less to show me how he knew more than me.  Of course he didn’t, he was out of his league, & I, without being mean, put him in his place.  



Then a young male spoke with me about issues, he really was interested –a thirteen-year-old relative of the female owner I spoke of.  I answered his questions; he got more & more curious.




The woman, Clara, then sent him off to the nearby store, where he returned in a few minutes while I spoke with her.

The boy once again plied me with questions, then ‘Aunt Clara’ then sent him off on another errand.


It was then that I realized, although Clara was acting like she agreed with all that I had to say –– she did not want her nephew to be INFLUENCED or TAUGHT by me.



I got wise to this & left, realizing Clara was a friend in name only, when it came time to the WOMEN’S AGENDA or MISSION or the true, emancipated women’s POV, she was NOT ON BOARD.  She feigned agreement, but she would not stick her neck out for it, she would not let me teach her young relative, even though it was Truth.



Why would this be?  She didn’t want to LOSE HER SAFETY.  Safety is when you work with Patriarchy to get the things you want/need out of life:  security, position, finances.  You don’t want to ROCK THE BOAT, you don’t want men to see you agreeing with a woman who is pro Matriarchy – anti male domination, as the men might get mad, refuse to be friends or help with security.  It’s all about SECURITY VS. GOD’S TRUTH – security is first, God’s truth can be risky.  This of course is against the teachings of Our Lord or any Lord of Almighty God.



If she allowed me to continue teaching the boy, also, it might go against FAMILY POLICY.  In a family they don’t want you to be greater, different, or against them, they want you to be JUST LIKE THEM & that means with their limitations, opinions, brainwashing, their views.  Yes, they might want you to be successful in the future so you could help them in time of need, but they want you to conform to them, being different might mean separation. 

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And so, Auntie did not want me to brief the boy – Auntie is a sellout to Patriarchy—her safety net.




People also have FEAR about being EMANCIPATED – when freedom means bucking the system.   Example:



The first attempt on the life of Rev Martin Luther King Jr was done by a black woman, during a book signing she stabbed him through his chest. 

Her explanation: she didn’t want Rev. King to ROCK THE BOAT, it would make it worse for other blacks.



Women are also afraid.  They have their SECURITY as well as STATUS & POPULARITY coming from men.  They fear losing these men, losing money, their place in society, & so, not only do they refuse to fight for their rights, they will betray or turn their back on the woman who does so.



But, Woman Thou Art God.  You fight alone, but not for long.  Sooner or later, other women will be at your side.  Do what you can, fight for your rights, declare your religion, & TRUST IN MOTHER GOD.

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If you trust Mother God She will provide.  She will give you security, consolation, love, all that you need if you work faithful to Her.  Remember, 


“Put first the Kingdom (Queen’s Realm) of Mother God, & all shall be added unto you.”


“Put no strange God’s before you (the world, the men) as God is a JEALOUS GOD.”


“If you cannot leave your family for me – you cannot be my disciple.”

“Go, sell all you have, give to the poor, & follow me.”  (This is too hard for most, few can do it.  St. Francis of Assisi set up his order that way, but the Pope would not allow its full execution.  He said it could not work as an organization.)








To be continued   Rasa Von Werder   10-5-19     


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