By Rasa Von Werder, March 25th, 2020








          Two STRONG/CLEAR dreams. Amazing that I can dream this well when after I do all my work, I watch TV now for hours & it no longer CLUTTERS my mind.


Dream: the DOCTOR:


          It was the middle of the night, in my upper back yard, more toward the back road,—feeling a type of whimsical bliss, so happy being alone—seem to be looking up I see an airplane in the sky getting ready to land in my yard. I suddenly remember, it’s the DOCTOR I called I wanted to see! But now I have changed my mind – don’t want to see him or anyone.


          *(DOCTOR: Is ‘Doctor Feelgood,’ the lover Laren. I know this from studying the entire dream, not at first.


MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT: Breaking through a darkness of understand, getting a revelation.)*


          And so I wave him off like,

          “Changed my mind – please go away.”


          *(UPSETS HIM, WANTS TO SEE ME: Notice how happy I am alone, but he isn’t. He wants to see me & is upset I don’t want to see him. ‘Doctor, I reached out to you before, but now I don’t need you’ – but he needs me.)*


          This upsets him greatly & he wants to land & see me. My hand waving has the power to move his plane, accidentally I wave him over to my broken-down shed by the creek, the side of the shed next to the path to the house – the shed is about 40’ from the house on the lower yard, & his plane crashes there & a bit of an explosion – fire – & the shed catches on fire!


          *(SHED: Shed is broken down, contains junk & clutter. No longer has anything I need. This sounds like OUR RELATIONSHIP AS IT WAS –ghastly. He related to me only to HURT ME. He would ‘make love’ to me when he felt like it, refuse to give me his phone, would never call me, just tap on my shoulder when he saw me. Would praise his new live-in on social media {not sincerely, he uses her also} & never told me he loved me any more. It became more painful than joyful over the years. I knew I was breaking my own rule ‘No sex until the relationship’ & he knew I was TOO WEAK TO RESIST, LOVED HIM TOO MUCH IN THE FLESH. But I got closer to my MomGod within & that freed me, so now Dr. Feelgood needs me more than I need him.)*


          Nothing happens to the doc, he is fine, he got out & I join him in the shed. The fire is burning slowly on the edge of the shed, he stoops down to go through my things, to sort them out & remove them before they burn up.

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          I go to him & as I enter I call,


          in case there are any cats hiding in the shed – but I know there aren’t—it was a precaution.


          *(PRECAUTION CALLING KITTIES: These are inner senses, as most animals have some superior senses to us. I am asking the inner self if there is any danger here of something meaningful being destroyed – there isn’t.

          In other words, I have stopped doing sex with Laren because he’s not given me a relationship – he’s been ghastly. No relationship–no sex was my rule. When I broke it he got sex & I got hurt.


          So now I am saying is there anything I need to receive or get out of having sex with him again? Should I have sex with him again even though there’s no relationship? The answer is NO.)*


          As he goes through the stuff here I tell the doc,


          “Don’t worry, I have removed all the things that were needed from this shed – the rest of this can perish.”


*(WHAT WAS NEEDED REMOVED: There is nothing in the sex-only relationship that is needed. All that was good in this liaison has been removed, nothing left to hold onto. Let it burn up, be destroyed.)*


          But my male friend in a few moments find some things that have not burned up or will not as they are on the edges or margins of this shed somewhere – ancient rug runners, ordinary things. He’s helping & he’ll take this stuff to a bonfire & destroy it – we’re making a clean sweep!

Thomas-Hart-Benton-Discussion Thomas-Hart-Benton-Flood Thomas-Hart-Benton-Negro-Soldier Thomas-Hart-Benton-Poker-Night-from-A-Streetcar-Named-Desire-1948 Thomas-Hart-Benton-Rice-Threshing thomas-hart-benton-shipping-out-282468 Kentuckian 

*(MALE HELPER: Could be a guardian angel—I have three. He is helping remove the ‘fringe residual energy’s’ or other clutter, junk, that lingers IN MY MIND OR PSYCHE pertaining to this.)*


          The doc reminds me or makes me think of the dentist, whose appt with me was cancelled due to the ‘pandemic.’ He really wanted to see me, & this doc was extremely upset when I wanted to wave him off.


   *(DOC UPSET: This again confirms Laren is upset for not seeing me, perhaps because neither of us can go downtown & hook up, possibly he’s suffering from the ‘pandemic’ rules. But it does not bother me, I am free, he is not.

I’ve been told for years by my inner voice & channelers, ‘He will come to you when he hits rock bottom.’ Apparently my absence, plus the rules of the pandemic, plus going bankrupt have brought him to his knees.)*





          I am with this man I later realize is old. We are by a small lake on a pleasure trip and cross to the other side, in a raft I see later.


          *(OLD MAN: Once again, the same lover, Laren. {Husband, Wife are ‘old man, old lady’} In my dreams often I have ‘parallel dreams’ which tell the story I want to know from more than one perspective.


          RAFT: Something that enables you to get somewhere, a vehicle, a ‘life raft’ that keeps you AFLOAT. Being ‘afloat’ sometimes refers to finances, ‘this extra job kept us afloat.’)*


          There I find a tree with many trunks. I climb it, making sure I get off this one trunk that is unstable. I actually pull it away from the tree & let it fall – it’s rubbery, kind of big, you would not expect it to be unstable. Had I hung onto it I would have fallen with it. I’m on a good branch now, way up, maybe 20’.


          *(UP A TREE: This is about some hard times, being ‘up’ including up a tree is usually hardship or suffering. This might refer to MY FINANCES because one way or one branch {path, action} WAS LIKE RUBBER – rubber means ‘bounced check’—I avoided some financial shrinking, kept half my money out of the stock market & kept it safe—So I am good during this drop.)*


          I look down at my friend who is lying on his back on our raft which is right at the edge of the water. He’s fallen asleep with his mouth open. The raft has food here & there. The animals, seeing him not conscious, have taken advantage & are all over the raft – raccoons & other medium, not dangerous, but all hungry animals all over the raft rummaging the food.


          *(ON HIS BACK, ASLEEP: Helpless, unaware. {on your back means submissive or helpless} This refers to financial as I see where this dream is going.


          MOUTH OPEN: This is needing to be fed (like the baby bird), nourished or sustained.


          WATER COMES UP, FILLING HIS MOUTH: Instead of sustenance he’s getting ruin. Water means many things, in this scene it is ruin & might destroy him. When water causes FLOOD or DROWNING it’s not the grace of the Holy Spirit, its disaster, often associated with loss of resources. Floods destroy crops, property & lives. Drowning takes away your life.  ‘Drowning in debt.’

haynes-king-mothers-pet hb_43.159.1 hd henry-john-boddington-4537903 henry-john-boddington-a-game-by-the-river henry-john-boddington-dipping-the-sheep henry-john-boddington-sheep-being-ferried-across-a-river horn-of-plenty-cornucopia-autumn-thanksgiving-harvest-landscape-oil-painting-food-abundance-walt-curlee Cobbett, Edward John, 1815-1899; Child with Kitten i Seth Eastman (American artist, 1808-1875) Medicine Dance of the Dakota or Sioux Indians m 

Water is like AIR. Air can be beautiful, but it can be a hurricane or tornado & destroy. Sun can be a delight, but it can burn up vegetation or give cancer.


ANIMALS RUMMAGING FOOD WHILE HE SLEEPS: MomGod, I am stumped. Animals mean inner senses usually. How is his ‘food’ or resources being rummaged while he is asleep or unaware?


          She: He is not aware of what’s going on in the world regarding the govt use of the Pandemic to send people into poverty. Most people see society in a subjective, myopic way, their own limited human experience. But knowledge is power, so if you understand what is being done you aren’t confused.)*


          Then I see the water has risen, & as small waves appear, it goes into his mouth. At this rate, if he doesn’t wake up he’ll drown. I quickly get down from the tree, rush over to him, sit him up & as he sits up he vomits again & again, at least three times, & the quantity is huge – like 3 big meals.


         *(WATER RISES: Danger to resources, water causes floods, damage to property & life.


          SMALL WAVES: Small problems or events that are negative, ‘don’t make waves,’ here even small things can drown him—like minor bills when he has no money.


          IF HE DOESN’T WAKE UP: If he doesn’t become aware he will perish.


          WATER GOES INTO HIS MOUTH: He is in danger of financial breakdown or bankruptcy.

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          SIT HIM UP {AWAKEN HIM ALSO} & HE VOMITS: Vomiting is getting rid of something or having a revulsion to something that makes you vomit—a horrible taste, smell, reality or sight can make you upchuck. What I show him – the truth– is repulsive to him but saves him.


          Me: MomGod, what saves him if I tell him the truth about the govt doing this on purpose?


          She: He might give up waiting on those around him for help & come to you. He knows scant few people who even if they could, would truly help him. His friends are mostly in the same boat. When half the world is perishing you cannot expect the non-perishing half to save them. They will help a few. But even in families, now that people are losing their jobs they go to relatives for help & the relatives say ‘I have my own problems.’ These are the situations he’s surrounded by. Many of his friends have no jobs, or else low paying ones. Many have lost their jobs due to so many venues being closed—hair salons, gyms, nail places, theaters, bars, restaurants, churches, yoga centers, etc. This is a recipe for the poor to get poorer while the rich gain control. He has to see the big picture, it isn’t going to go away fast.)*


         The first two vomits are like mashed potatoes, a huge amount, the third vomit is like chop suey, a whole plate full. When did he eat all this? He must have been starving.


          *(FIRST TWO VOMITS LIKE MASHED POTATOES: Stumped again MomGod. Any ideas?


          She: This happens in three increments. Think that way. First vomit is the big amount of something like mashed potatoes. This is bad stuff happening financially. It could be the spouse he is with—the place where she worked is shut down.

The symbol of ‘like mashed potatoes’ – potatoes are a STAPLE, a basic like ‘meat & potatoes.’ It’s COMFORT FOOD & something one depends on, like the Irish once depended on their potato crop & when the blight made it fail, they experienced ruin. Losing one’s ‘meat & potatoes’ is ruin.


          The second vomit could be them reaching for money elsewhere–some other disappointment, failure or reversal. Could be welfare, unemployment, another job, seeking loans or help from relatives & friends. The third thing,


          CHOP SUEY: Sounds like ‘chopped’ which means eliminated. There’s a TV show called ‘Chopped’ where chefs fail with their dishes & get eliminated. This could mean BEING FIRED or prevented from working. It could be her situation or his or both, you can only guess but it’s a bad omen.)*


          We then return to the other side & the movements of the water have made his vomited food float over here – the animals have followed the food & want to consume it. It isn’t disgusting as it wasn’t even digested, it’s edible to them.

IMG_0684 IMG_2113 IMG_3128-lo-res Indian-Mode-of-Transportation-Seth-Eastman-oil-painting-2 InterWar-Bernard-Partridge-Cartoons-Punch-Magazine-1937-06-30-717 InterWar-Cartoons-Punch-Magazine-Raven-Hill-1929-01-16-71 iphone-case-autmn-wheat-harvest-farm-folk-art-landscape-walt-curlee iphone-case--shucking-corn-til-sunset--folk-art-farm-landscape--americana-walt-curlee ix001153_600x 

          *(FOOD FLOATS HERE, ANIMALS FOLLOW IT: Again the animals are the senses pointing us to something. The food is resources or possibility of gaining money. It COMES BACK TO US; it is still edible or viable.


          THE OTHER SIDE, RETURN TO IT: This refers to him & me. He left me – he went to the other side of the lake, he chose to be with another female. The ‘pandemic’ came about, we both found concern but he faced TOTAL RUIN, BANKRUPTCY.

And so, he returns to WHERE WE STARTED, WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER, in this dream we are on a pleasure trip but then cross the water to the other side – which leads to failure. With me, the resources that were a calamity RETURN TO HIM as I have enough money for everything.)*  


          We then go into the building by the water. It seems we have been at a ‘resort’ or ‘vacation.’ But I did not enter the building until now.


          When I do, it is a neat school room, not huge, average size, rows of small dark desks for about twenty young people {don’t see many kids, 5 or 6 right now}– the walls are painted light blue. A teacher in front speaks to me.


          *(SCHOOL ROOM: Lessons we must learn before we find happiness.


          SMALL DARK DESKS: Dark, depressing or dreary experiences we must have before we learn.


          DESKS NOT ALL OCCUPIED OUT OF 20, 5-6 STUDENTS: Only a fraction of people, one out of four, might learn their lessons which lead to success.)*


          The teacher says to me,


          “This used to be A GREAT MANSION.”

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          *(USED TO BE A GREAT MANSION: I will describe the mansion as bliss. At one time, Laren & I were in bliss. But things went wrong & we lost it.)*


          {Ah, I think, just as I SUSPECTED—this used to be the Victorian mansion of Waccabuc!}


          *(MANSION IN WACCABUC: Forebodes having all a person wants; happiness.)*


          This school room is modest & not big – unlike the premises long ago. It’s like an ‘anteroom/foyer’ to the mansion, a small first floor you go through before you see the beauty above, with the bliss it brings.       


          Then I say to everyone,


          “Oh yes, I thought this was the old mansion in Waccabuc. I used to go there in summers as a child.


          My aunt & uncle were the caretakers of the place – he took care of the grounds, she took care of the house & two boys.


          A & U had the entire THIRD FLOOR to live in. It was furnished with EXQUISITE contemporary furniture of a light beige color, in the best taste. It had a round wall with windows lining it & a balcony.


          The rest of the house was furnished traditional, perhaps Victorian & other elegant old-fashioned furniture. It had EIGHT BEDROOMS & four baths– the hallway walls decorated with wild boars in the woods {which I gazed at a lot}. There was a library with books, a grand piano, & the most INCREDIBLE LAUNDRY. The laundry room, {this was 1952-53-54} had not one washer & dryer, but two washers, two dryers, which in those days were exorbitantly expensive. The room was huge, neat, with a wooden floor – you had plenty of space to hang up delicates.


          They had horses which my uncle tended, even shoed them.”


          I explain all these details to the teacher & class & then tell them I’m going into the house now to look around, to see how it’s changed. I tell them Waccabuc was heaven to me & I feel that heavenly feeling now being here again.


          *(WACCABUC MANSION, THE DESCRIPTION: What I am explaining is the happiness I had in this place, which parallels the bliss I had when I was with Laren.


          All that I describe gives me joy. This means that Laren & I have returned to our original relationship, from long ago, when it was blissful. We entered through the portal of ‘school of hard knocks,’ our lessons bore fruit.


          We are in Waccabuc—joy, bliss, happiness. We are together again. This is a prediction.



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