By Rasa Von Werder, April 24th, 2020

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Dream interpreted for a far-off friend

Time for the real wife to step up

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          My lover is here in my apt in the city & he has asked me for $15 which I gladly gave him. He’s been nice to me, our relationship is loving, he’s come to stay with me in the apt – he left his other woman – we’re getting along lovingly. He was suddenly at the head of the stairs, the door halfway covered him – I was upset he might be leaving & quickly went to check, but he was only standing at there waiting.


          The next day or time he needs $20 & again I don’t mind. Both times he stood at the door, waiting for someone to come up & give him something {I know its drugs but I don’t get upset because he’s sick, he can’t get by without them. I will tolerate this for the time being.}


          *(BEING WITH LOVER, SUPPORTING HIM, TOLERATING HIS HABITS: This shows how it would be if he belonged to you. But there are limits. It shows that if he GOES TOO FAR or begins to use you – there would be a problem. That is the symbol of


          LOSING YOUR PURSE: This would mean that someone has ROBBED YOU – he has – & this is not allowed. Using someone is robbing them.)*

thelovers-sm theladyinr_qv2sf2dx TheHighPriestess-DeviantMoon 

          But this time I’m a little upset because I can’t find my purse. A lady friend is here with me plus the lover, they find a square soft plastic beige purse against the wall on a table – it’s squeezed next to a counter to its right–they say there it is, but it isn’t. Inside are necklaces of pearls.


          I open this purse, my lover looks with me, one of the strands is glowing with light.


          He also looked with me at my ‘treasure’ in another purse – diamonds, earrings, bracelets & the like. He felt they were impressive.


          *(JEWELS, DIAMONDS, PEARLS: These are your spiritual treasures, the gifts God has given you. You will never lose these gifts as God never repents a gift, but you can lose ACCESS to gifts by great stress – as you did during much of the time you were dating lover – he stressed you so badly you lost the God consciousness.

 tenor (2) tenor (1) Teniers_Werkstatt_Hl_Magdalena_Alte_Galerie_Schloss_Eggenberg_Universalmuseum_Joanneum temp-4952


Diamonds represent Infinite Love—God’s True Love, while pearls represent God’s Wisdom.


          This must not happen again, he CANNOT PULL YOU DOWN as will be demonstrated in the part of the dream where his MOB APPEARS & he cannot have it both ways—he has to forfeit them for you—falsity for Truth.)*


So for a while I am concerned with finding my purse. I tell the friends about my keys, credit cards & money would all be missing.


*(KEYS, CREDIT CARDS, CASH: These represent the ability to access your Gifts or the value thereof. This is when lover gives you so much stress you lose your peace of mind, serenity & therefore contact with God. This is saying then, ‘as long as he behaves, you can support him, but if he goes off with the wicked, you cannot.’ That is what stressed you so badly before that you became ill.)*


          Now on the third time a man appears at the top of the stairs by our door, facing outward. He’s wearing a black shiny jacket.

Sea_Maidens1 SE-18_Wings_Of_Angels_Spray_by_Mockingibird_Floirst_in_Dallasxg ScratchyAfraidDuckbillcat-small scapini-2 Saint-Seraphim-de-Sarov-560 s144633813898934538_p191_i1_w720 s137854472627442013_p32_i1_w300

          To my dismay my lover goes past this man & down the stairs as if the two of them will go off together—I do not see him in the dream after this. At first I don’t let on, but I walk toward the man & when right in front of him I aggressively grab him by the front of his jacket & into his face I exclaim,


          “Where do you think you’re going with my man? Are you fucking him?”


          His eyes look at the lover with alarm & fear of me – I sense his answer is ‘no’ – my accusation was extreme.


          *(MAN IN SHINY BLACK: This man symbolizes all the evil he is connected to-the whole genre I have described elsewhere. Lover sees this man / mentality as being able to fulfill his dreams – however far fetched – of fame & fortune as some kind of star. It’s an impossible dream, like Satan saying to someone ‘I will give you all the kingdoms of the world & their glory if you will bow down & worship me.’ {I might add the world, the flesh & the devil promise these things to people, but he & they are liars—even if such things are fulfilled, in the end it will be ‘dust in your mouth.’}


          This is why his coat is


SHINY: but black. It is ‘all that glitters is not gold.’ It is a FALSE PROMISE that he believes in – they all do, they reinforce his fantasy that with this man, doing the things they do (show business stuff) will eventually lead to that promised ‘glory’ – but it won’t – it is black & nonexistent.

source source (2) source (1) s-l300 serafimsarovsky Selene-Goddess-

This is why I forcibly ask this man if he’s FUCKING my lover – which means DECEIVING him. The man this represents doesn’t know a clue to what he’s doing, he’s possessed himself & deceived by the devil – he’s lost in darkness.


This entire mob represents: False hopes, following the world, the flesh & the devil, being ignorant, unschooled, un-evolved, deceived, confused & zombie-fied.)*


          The stairs beneath us changes into a wide one – where in real life it’s normal width, it becomes like 15-20’ wide & goes straight down, not around like real life.


          *(WIDE STAIRWAY: Stairway to Hell – all the qualities I mentioned is the state of mind these friends are & it leads to Hell or failure.)*


          These stairs fill with a MOB of ‘friends’ of this new man & my lover—these back them up or are on their side rather than mine – but not doing anything aggressive, all just looking up at me & the man.

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          I see FIVE COPS at the bottom of the stairs minding this crowd & if they do anything wrong, they will be stopped by the cops {the cops are watching for this, they intend to check them if they get out of line} – I POINT THIS OUT to them.


          The cops are unusual in that they are all wearing black caps as well as black shirts & pants with badges – the caps are somewhat like ‘motorcycle’ caps.


          I did walk to the bottom of these stairs & it was like I was addressing one or two people but they all heard me, & I emphasized the situation with the lover,




          I repeat this to make sure they get it. They thought he could HANG OUT with them, I suppose, & he could still be supported by me – but that was not going to happen. I am adamant about this; he gets no support if he goes off with these people, hangs with them. And I am prepared not to see him any more if he does this – this is shown by me forcibly.


          *(MOB OF THEIR FRIENDS: The people he hangs with who have a consensus about life – a ghetto low level mentality – they laugh at God, going to Hell, they accept the DRUGGIE LIFESTYLE. Most of them are in conflict with what you stand for—you are pro-God, anti drugs, you love in True Love – they don’t even know what it is.

The-Garden-of-Eden-Jan-Brueghel TheEmperor-DeviantMoon tenor 

HE CANNOT BE WITH THEM & GET ANYTHING OUT OF ME: This dream ends the question of can he be with them & you at the same time? It’s no, because you cannot serve two masters—it is two kingdoms in conflict– you are strictly God & True Love—they are users. It’s like bouncing from Hell to Heaven, back & forth.


THE COPS: Are ANGELS {this is commonly symbolized, cops as angels} They are messengers & enforcers of God, God is obviously ON MY SIDE as shown here– the fact that they are in


BLACK UNIFORMS & CAPS: says ‘the end’ of this crowd – black being ‘funeral.’


Me to MomGod: Why the caps like motorcycle ones?

She: Motorcycles represent ease & speed. It’s like they got here fast, they will take care of business fast—this crowd won’t get away with anything—they will no longer influence him, God’s workers will stop it.)*

witches-circle WHO50_4__12399.1519423704 whispers_of_healing_sample_1 Ballet dancer wearing red dress over grey 

          There’s another strong scene going on at the same time as this. My apt is no longer normal – it has become a HUGE GATHERING PLACE for a hundred or so people who are FANS OF MINE. The apt now has many levels, tables & chairs where people are eating & drinking – the place is beautiful & demonstrates MY WEALTH, that I can afford all this & people can come in to dine – all for free, they are my guests. It’s a beautiful place, with huge picture windows on one wall; almost the entire wall is glass.


*(ENTIRE WALL OF GLASS: This predicts that what you see beyond this glass is a vision from God: foretelling the future, & it’s a direct consequence of the charity you have given in saying the Holy Mass—charity begets VISION or understanding.


MY WEALTH: Spiritual wealth, giving out Grace.)*


          I go back to my place & enjoy the limelight—the lover situation was there but I’m not concentrating on it.


          I will explain the parade momentarily. I’m getting ready to go outside & appear before this parade. It’s the END OF THE DAY & my huge following, half of them leave until tomorrow {it seems we do this daily} – a free-for-all every day compliments of me. As they are gone I see many SILVER METAL CHAIRS empty—on all levels of my huge place.

 NWO50_1 nikas-games-obr1 new-image1-e1442121138107 nemesis-hourglass natures-whispers-oracle-you-are-worth-it

          *(HUGE GATHERING, MY COMPLIMENTS, FREE, PEOPLE COME HERE DAILY: At first I thought this was my work on the internet, but now I know that the most vital part of this is that I’ve been saying THE HOLY MASS DAILY again.


          And so, Souls in Purgatory are with me enjoying the Body & Blood of Jesus & Mary – all those great Graces. Then way second after that are my daily prayers accompanying this as well as my work on the internet – I post articles with images every day which they enjoy for free. These are the MANY LEVELS–it says I’m serving a large number of people, possibly a hundred, each day. These levels are on earth {on earth people receive my work on their own level of ability} & in the next life {ditto on what level of Purgatory they are in}.


          SILVER METAL CHAIRS vacated temporarily until the next day: The chairs are still there is an interesting & mysterious sign. I think it means the prayer I say each day, for God to multiply the prayers/graces infinitely, & the angels to repeat the prayers UNTIL THE END OF TIME. Now that means that those who receive grace now—when they leave & ascend into Heaven—the place or position where others will occupy is ready – then new Souls will receive these benefits. This is a tremendous symbol for me to encourage continuation of these prayers! I wasn’t sure if God would honor them – this says She will! What joy!)*


          There was a female sitting at a table that had their backs to the glass wall – this female interested me & I wanted something from her. As they got up to leave I followed them but didn’t want them to know I wanted something. I ask her friend,


          “She has seeds. Can I have some packets?”


          The friend points to the packets of seeds, mentally, at a store – but I don’t want to PAY for seeds, I want some of hers for free.

 mystical-wisdom40 MW46_deck_16_1 mp,504x498,matte,f8f8f8,t-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.u7 maxresdefault maxfiel_parrish_1916_ad_for_djer-kiss_perfume_600x mars-and-venus-surprised-by-vulcan-alexandre-charles-guillemot

          The lady in question brings me a beautiful pie – it’s sliced open & it’s luminous. I don’t know what it is, but something like golden rhubarb, sweet I imagine–a pie twice as thick as normal – she offers me this – I don’t know what I do.


          *(LADY I WANT PACKETS OF SEEDS FROM, SHE GIVES ME A LUMINOUS PIE: Seeds are a beginning, like eggs, a fetus, a brilliant idea that can come to life, a conception.


          THE GREAT LADY I WANT SOMETHING FROM is Holy Mary, as when I say the Mass I invoke her Body & Blood as well as that of Jesus. I have her statue in front of me during the Mass. She is the one I believe, who therefore, grants me the vision of what is about to come—she sits with her back to the wall of glass—the glass representing what I will see behind it.


          I ask for these Graces for free – a lady friend suggests I pay for them, but I want them as gifts. Then the lady gives me this thick pie with a golden luminous rhubarb-like filling. What is this Mother God?


          She: Instead of seeds, a beginning, She gives you even more – a fulfillment. Wow. All ready, prepared, the Grace you can consume! You are about to receive it in the next scenes of the jealous women & their ‘last supper.’ This revelation will give you great happiness!)*


          I see something unusual outside the glass wall – the wide street is there & a female has been organizing a HUGE PARADE. There are BEIGE BANNERS trimmed with red flowers like carnations hanging over the street – many people are getting ready to parade, & I decide to show my appearance.


          I do not walk on the ground, I float in the air above the parade. The lady who organized it looks at me & feels jealous & threatened – apparently I am beautiful – she thinks so.

mario-wibisono-julia-the-rose-fairy-basic-web-preview main-image magical-snake-goddess-drawing_csp16861245 madre-tierra love-fire 



This I am guessing heralds the reopening of the restaurant ‘Marie Antoinette’ works at. They are friends – Marie probably told this female owner you’re the ‘bad guy’ interloping on her righteous matrimony. This woman feels the same way Marie does – that you’re bad, you’re a threat. What are they celebrating?


          REOPENING OF THIS & OTHER RESTAURANTS, now they can resume their earnings: The beige banners are contemplation – thoughts – how great everything will be.)*


          Going closer to the celebration I see one woman in the middle of a long table – don’t know who she is. She sees me also & feels like the jealous lady. Her looks? She’s like Marie Antoinette with a big piled-up hairdo or blonde wig, bright makeup. She says to me menacingly,


          *(LOOKS LIKE MARIE ANTOINETTE: She had her head chopped off. Revelation her union with John is about to end–just as she celebrates ‘victory.’)*


          “Stay away from Xxxx.”

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          *(MARIE’S ATTITUDE: She is, like the real M.A. was, a prima donna, a queen, where she works. She’s seen as a stellar character – the female owner & some of the staff favor her. They post favorable things on social media about her & the baby every time she posts—she has won their hearts.


          Now about Marie & my Beloved John: She’s been supporting him but this was of course curtailed during the Pandemic. She had to have fallen behind in the bills, he isn’t helping. If this went on forever, she’d lose him as she could not pay the rent, the bills, would have to depend on someone else – he cannot help. She would lose her ‘gigolo.’


          But now, in this prediction, there is a celebration & parade. Her lady friend, the owner, has organized the gala reopening of their venue & all feel a sense of success & victory.


          Marie feels now she is the queen again & she will be able to support my John – He will not leave her, she is safe, I better stay away. She has the CONFIDENCE to bark at me, to order me away.


          But God reveals ‘to the contrary.’


          This ‘Passover celebration’ is the end, it is her ‘last supper,’ – just as she’s thinking she’s safe & all is good, will come the guillotine.

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Me to MomGod: OK MomGod, Holy Mary, you have revealed this to me–further nuance. If the place reopens, she is again employed, she can gain coins, why does the end come suddenly?


She: The things that happened during the Pandemic, the insecurity displayed revealed many things. One of the things was her lack of love for John –he could see it wasn’t true love. Her dark side came out. Remember when you met her & she didn’t like what you said? When he came over she blurted out to him ‘I hate you.’ Her love is conditional & fickle, it turns to hate when things go wrong.


As the reality of the Pandemic played out & he saw what it would be like if she stopped working he knew he has no security with her: Anything happens to her, she can’t work, his survival ends. That’s not something he can hold onto. And why should he remain, then with her, holding onto this straw house, when he has a woman who really loves him in True Love & contains total security?


This situation played out in front of his mind & the reality was etched into his brain – he came to his senses & is ready to make a move.


Me: But why suddenly now, when she celebrates being able to earn money again?


She: The timing of what they just went through. He is also depressed about not seeing you whom he loves. )*


I have no idea who xxx is & can’t even remember it – It’s like LangTon or EnkMan (that’s not it, just something weird) – a name never heard of before. I ask her who is this person?


          Then when meditating on this dream, still in bed, I see a picture to give me a clue about this lady threatening me – I see Jesus at the Last Supper, sitting in the middle—somehow it parallels this.

 3bTE3J4 3abfe4520689e6748ad65ce91beb1f49 3a13c04d1a5f60be3b4dc895100e8d9d 2b19d9ac8738cdf23096589e453f8808 02c9ce2ecc223691ba053eb9a14594ea 02a7864bb0a435c3cee4f9adc0c1eb84 1-nymphs-bathing-jan-brueghel-the-elder 1-hebe-with-jupiter-in-the-guise-of-an-eagle-gustav-adolphe-diez

          *(JESUS AT HIS LAST SUPPER: This heralds death, but for her, the woman at table, not a holy one. It’s the end of her relationship with your lover John—She threatens you to stay away from him by a strange name.


          Me: Mother God, the strange name I can’t even remember, what does it mean?


          She: It means she doesn’t even know his name, she doesn’t know who he is, his value or worth, his real identity. You know him as a creation of God, an Infinite Being who has taken on a finite body. You know him as a Great Soul who you related to in a previous lifetime, now reunited to continue your Divine Relationship.


          She knows him only in the flesh, which means she doesn’t know him at all, she doesn’t know who he really is.


          Me: Why is she jealous of me when she has hogged him for years & deprived me of him? She gets praise on the internet – I get none. She has all the kudos & perks, I get deprivation & disrespect. What is she jealous of?


          Mother God: She senses by ‘women’s intuition’ that he loves you & you him. She knows it’s something she can’t control or understand but it is solid. She fears you – jealousy is fear. You told her years ago their situation is ‘temporary’ & she fears this is true, deep inside, she knows it is.)*

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