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Success 4 Book & Marriage

ME 19 (2)

New Book will Please Women Greatly But Not Men as it’s Female Power


I take notice when Dad appears as that is always re MARRIAGE. In my vocabulary, he’s the one that will give me away to the bridegroom, so when he’s in the dream, it’s about that.

There is some to-do about a mysterious institutional building, like a huge museum, somewhat scary & elegant, something special but I can’t explain it.

*(LARGE INSTITUTIONAL BUILDING: Might be referring to the ‘INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE’ & could be LIKE A MUSEUM as marriage, as we know it, is ancient, old fashioned, mostly belongs in a museum – few women are given genuine marriages or real relationships.)*

I was around looking at this building & entered it. I thought it was completely empty, but later, after I somehow get an apt here, I discover other women – not many – just a few – entering or leaving their apt’s, but the rest of this huge building is empty. I would say it has 100 rooms.

*(A FEW WOMEN GOT APT’S BUT MOST OF THE 100 ROOMS ARE EMPTY: Very few ladies have genuine relationships as I am given {spiritual marriages, where you become one.}

I also at some point went to an old residence of mine, completely walled in, yard & dwelling, opened the door & saw the beautiful grey Persian cat with her thick, fluffy tail. I was frightened that I had left her there by mistake, & did she have food & water? Apparently yes, because I see her slinking about a little, & there is green all around as this is a yard, but it’s all enclosd where you can’t get out, or in unless you have the key. But she’s safe.

*(ENCLOSED, CAN’T GET OUT, I LEFT HER THERE, BUT SHE HAD NOURISHMENT & IS SAFE: Sense image material is this beautiful cat who’s not been here a while, she visits for food, this is saying her owners have not let her out – but the real symbol is my sexuality or vagina has been alone, ‘ENCLOSED’ is a spiritual term of being ‘walled in’ or voluntarily living in total seclusion.
My God Self or Higher Self who has caused this, but my lower self has been nourished & safe. I portray my flesh as ‘beautiful’ – haha.)*

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Then I’m inside some sort of dwelling similar to my house. I find plastic see-through square bowls, they were underneath some wooden thing, the porch there built last year – I take out several & tell someone these will be great to put planters into {they hold water.}

*(TALKING TO SOMEONE ABOUT PLANTS, MAKING PLANS FOR PLANTS & SEE-THROUGH HOLDERS: The person I’m talking to is Dad, identified below, & he’s standing on the side of this hill there as described. PLANTS are PLANS or PROJECTS, things we PLANT we hope WILL GROW. I must be talking about the PREPARING FOR PHYSICAL MARRIAGE.)*

My Dad is wearing glasses & light blue clothes, seems to be higher up on the left, standing, at the side of the hill. I say to him maybe we could go out, I would love to eat something COLD {like ice cream.} For some reason he doesn’t seem to want to go out. Oh yes, I forgot, I told him I wanted him to see my new apt & meet my new boyfriend, then we’d go out to eat – maybe. Maybe they’d sit together at the table with me, & yet, I somehow think that might be awkward. This new bf reminds me of David C, an actor I used to be friends with, he’s wearing light blue also & has a mustache. I picture him at the door of my new place, facing outward. Is he waiting for me or greeting me?

*(BOTH DAD & NEW BF WEAR LIGHT BLUE: This might be A BIT OF SADNESS re the DELAY in the physical marriage of Lover Bob & myself.
Why is Dad on the hill, {embankment} like higher up? Could mean suffering, as hills are usually Golgotha to me. He wishes this marriage would come about sooner.
And BOB is shown STANDING AT THE DOOR as if WAITING FOR ME, which means he hopes & expects, still, for ME TO COME TO HIM.
His PERSONA as David C, the actor, mustache & all, is he has made himself a new image on social media, where he has a mustache. This says he’s ACTING, FRONTING or PRETENDING to be alright, going on about his business, not making any revealing posts, but in spite of all that, he’s WAITING FOR ME.)*

I go to the building to the apt. I have a key & put it into the lock. The place has red oriental rugs, it’s beautiful & comfortable. It’s extremely unusual to be granted such a place, but I am given it, not sure why, but it’s a special privilege.

*(SPECIAL PLACE I AM GIVEN: This special place is the SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE & FUTURE PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP with Bob. It says I AM GIVEN by a privilege of God, it’s a GIFT. One more confirmation & prophecy. He’s had affairs & sex with hundreds of females, but I’m the only one GIVEN the True Relationship by God)*

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4-23-21 Dancing – Pleasing women more than men

First, I was taken by a sinister man, Putz Nut On, who represents the devil, to a large extended club, the identity of which I don’t find out right away. I seem to be walking behind him to his right, & he’s made of glass, like transparent, then he disappears.
*(PUTZ NUT ON: Is Satan. Here he’s taking me into a SITUATION with devious, dastardly consequences, where I’m seen as a sex object & men think they can rape me. But God will protect me.
This shows me that those incidents of intended rape were OBVIOUSLY ORCHESTRATED BY SATAN. These situations were like TRAPS, as in them, this says I didn’t know what I was getting into, or the ‘IDENTITY’ of this club – what I was ENTERING, but now it’s OBVIOUS because the devil is TRANSPARENT, MADE OF GLASS {meaning you can see through him or his intentions})*

All through this club there’s dancing, women dancing. At some point I’m in a room where young females take turns performing for this owner of the club who sits in the corner of the room like a Pasha. After a while, I say to him,

“May I dance?”

He says yes, so now I’m standing in front of all the females gathered before me & tell them,
“My left hip is dislocated my right leg hurts a lot, but I’m going to dance anyway. {Meaning, take into account I’m damaged, give me a handicap for that.}

I begin & do the leg in the air curve across, which I feel is good but not good enough. I then try to do a sort of standing in one place somersault but don’t quite make it, a minute later I try again & it works, it’s a spectacular step. I’m surprised I succeeded, then I dance a bit more.

?View of Windermere, with Belle Isle circa 1800 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 d62552beb7d05a568bc6176bcdb41553 da15e8d7fd9fad758774e4007bb8dc6e dadfcf68b3b8110c4e038baad4a27f05 dam-images-books-2015-women-garden-designers-book-women-garden-designers-book-08 Daniel_in_the_Lion's_Den_c1615_Peter_Paul_Rubens daniel-hopfer-i-german-c-1470-1536-saint-george-on-horseback-slaying-EDT967 daniel-in-the-lions-den-leonardo-digenio

*(DANCE STEP AT FIRST DOESN’T WORK, SECOND TIME IT DOES: I sense this is my last book on my life published, I Strip for God Part 2, did not quite make it. But the one I’m finished with now, Part 3, has succeeded, & I’m pleased. It makes the grade, its a spectacular performance.
MY BAD LEGS: I sense that the message here is God permitted, allowed me to have this problem, where I can’t walk much or exercise in the aerobic fashion, in order to make me SIT DOWN & KNOW that when one door closes, another opens. I despair of my old activities, but put all of myself into this new activity of WRITING – I can’t do many things I used to, so I’m not tempted or diverted by them, I enjoy sitting so the pain stops, which is where I have to be right now.)*

The women are in love with me, but I see a small ‘pecking branch’ like where birds roost, to the right, with about 4-5 men sitting, complaining, not liking the dance.

*(MEN NOT LIKING THE DANCE, WOMEN LIKING IT: This book will appeal to the women more than men. I go hard on the men in life who mistreated me. But the women identify with my pains perhaps.)*

But the women adored me, & I then hold my breasts up & bounce them, & each one takes turns drinking from my breasts, left & right. One female is about to, but changes her mind. They’re all young.

*(DRINKING FROM MY BREASTS: Receiving my love, milk is nourishment or love. One woman is cited as rejecting this love when at first she was going to receive it. Could be someone affected by the book.)*

In another scene, not sure how it relates, after performing at the club mentioned, I am standing at the doorway of a bedroom in my B’klyn apt – no door – when men who came from the club have arrived, about 6 of them, all wearing strange clothes, like no long pants, dark tunics, {which remind me of playing cards, with their borders & designs in the middle} one is turned looking to the left window, others are turned this way & that.

They are planning something evil to me & somehow, they think they’re entitled. They will all – every one of them – force sex onto me.

*(THE MEN RAPISTS I WAS SAVED FROM. I mention several men in the book, who the angels saved me from. Some were just perverts trying to force it on me, like Andre DeDienes, others would have actually raped me by force. My uncle planned to abuse me but didn’t, etc. There are quite a few cases mentioned, making men look bad of course- that’s why they’re complaining.
The TUNICS LIKE PLAYING CARDS I sense are ‘Trump cards’ or these men were TRUMPED – dark here is DEPRESSION, or in other words, they are depressed because they were prevented from rape. To trump someone is to defeat, outsmart, surpass them, which explains why the men ‘sitting on the roost’ are not happy with my disclosures, as it makes the women seem superior- the women like to see female strength but the men don’t.)*

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I cry out in a loud voice to God,
“Almighty God – come to my rescue”
several times, & then I call on the Holy Virgin Mary, & then I run down the 6 flights of stairs, faster than the man behind me because somehow I SLIDE, not run down each floor, & I escape. That was a close call.

My faith in God got me out all all these potential rapes – God & her angels & Holy Mary caused my escape. I need to ask Mother God, what is the symbol of SLIDING down the stairs rather than running?
MOTHER GOD: It’s the Supernatural Power given, the intervention of God.)*

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4-3-21 Important multiple dreams


Where do I begin? There’s a quick but striking scene. The far gate from my side door kitchen – about 30′ from me, has suddenly opened & through it a car that looks ancient but brand new, shiny black, square in shape & smaller than your average car, pulls in. It has an amazing ornament right on top, middle of its roof – like the German war helmets, silver. The car seems to be PRESENTING ITSELF LIKE A STAR, announcing, ‘HERE I AM’, & seems RADIANT.

It drives half way & stops, like in between the space from the gate to my kitchen porch, facing me.
The ornament is not spiked, as in the real helmets, it’s oval, engraved with something, & comes to a point but not a spike on top. It STARTLED me in that it was totally unexpected.

*(MEANING: I sense this is about uploading all my chapters for ‘I Strip for God Part 3′ into a manuscript, & started more editing yesterday. Therefore it represents MY BOOK, THE BIOGRAPHY, Part 3 of I Strip for God.

HA5V8065 HA5V8066

The shape & STYLE of the car is similar to the most ancient of cars, the Model T Ford. But it is as if BRAND NEW from the MANUFACTURER, as if made of shiny black ENAMEL, it’s RADIANT & seems JOYFUL in its appearance. I shall ask Mother God why is it a Model T? Why is it black? Why the ornament on top that reminds me of a war helmet?

MOTHER GOD: The Model T is your long ago life, from the earliest times, & the symbols of black & the war helmet decoration are saying ‘This was my BATTLE in life, where I fought unto death. I was KILLED {black is funeral here, psychological death} but I ROSE FROM THE DEAD {eternal ornament on top – the car is not dull or decayed or deteriorated, it is LIKE NEW, like your LIVING LIFE. You are LIKE NEW, a NEW PERSON, RADIANT & JOYFUL.}

You have just given a good account of what you went through & survived, & became a success, a great story.
The dream is telling you your life is WELL DONE & the ACCOUNT OF IT IS ALSO.)*

ME: Why does it suddenly appear from the back gate, not from the street, the rail road track road, but the back gate?

MOTHER GOD: It has something to do with PRIVACY. This is the privacy fence, 8′ tall, & this is the gate at the end of it. You have taken your PRIVATE MEMOIRS & made a book out of it, & it’s good.

The SUDENNESS of it is God was fueling your mind as you wrote the chapters, it was not hard or tedious, it JUST APPEARED in a sense, when something has gone quickly & smoothly.

The ROOF of the car, being like a HELMET with the decoration is saying, ‘I WENT THROUGH A GREAT WAR & I WAS VICTORIOUS.’ Your chapters are the BATTLES – battle with Mom & family, battle with the Putz NutOn, battle with Rev. Swaggart & two death curses, battle with your first husband who strangled you twice, & many anecdotes are the BATTLES.)*

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Another quick scene. A rounded bridge in the middle of the country, {where you have to drive up, soft ascension, plateau on top {but seems round}, then down again the other side.} I see green trees all around, perhaps beyond the bridge golden fields, & on top of it a sign, round, which gives the letters 69 – Which gives the name of the bridge, ‘bridge 69.’

*(BRIDGE 69: A bridge is an OPPORTUNITY or VENUE to get over an impediment – like a chasm, a river, a lake, etc. A bridge makes it easier to get from one place to another, it’s an ENABLER.
69 represents PERFECTION. It’s akin to the triangle or square. Sixty nine in SEX is where ONE SERVICES THE OTHER AT THE SAME TIME, so it is like ‘one hand washes the other’ or one act serves both sides or both purposes.

Dreams in a row often represent the SAME SUBJECT. By that it hints to me this is also ABOUT THE BOOK, that it will be a PERFECT BRIDGE or will SEGUEY INTO SOMETHING I WANT TO GET TO – to wit, the MOVIE OF MY LIFE.

The SIGN giving the number has a GREEN BORDER – green is LIFE, PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE. This ROUND SIGN also looks like the PORCELAIN SIGN outside my front door, which someone had made for me, saying ‘Our Lady’s House.’ It’s also framed with green. So indeed, this is about THE STORY OF MY LIFE.

The GREEN TREES are life, abundance, the ‘Trees of Life’, & the golden fields on the other side of the bridge are the WHEAT which is READY TO BE HARVESTED – in other words, a CROP, REWARD, FRUITFULNESS awaiting me.)*

1947706_1384198355184319_909416260_n b3e98f1fdd189ae35f4bd47d4b30ece0 fmCOLLEGE_GRLS-1 HA5V8060 HA5V8061


There is some sort of gathering with rather distinguished people. We are all in a room. Then someone invites us to dinner & all go in, including me. I am given a sort of omelets, which has greens in it, like fresh chives or pieces of chopped green pepper. It’s OK but not remarkable.

Around the table all the distinguished people are eating. Across from me is an important man, & I see he has a real treat, it’s what is called ‘poor boy’ sandwich but laden with goodies, like I saw on TV yesterday on ‘Diners, Dives & Drive ins.’

On the TV show this sandwich/bun had two meats, one a home-made sausage & two, some kind of beef brisquet, had two kinds of sauces & some kind of vegetable chopped thingy – the host felt it was amazing. So I think the other guests are getting food that is better than mine. I felt I was an inferior guest in the eyes of the world, but at least, I was invited. I was happy for them.

*(IMPORTANT GUESTS, DINNER ETC: This sounds like prayers I made yesterday for Souls in Purgatory – yes, they are important.

The HINT was the POOR BOY SANDWICH – they are called ‘Poor Souls in Purgatory’ & this is saying there was one SPECIAL MALE SOUL that benefitted from my prayer.

I also receive a blessing, not remarkable, but OK, after all, I am not as important {or needy} as the Poor souls – haha. FOOD in dreams is often NOURISHMENT FOR THE SOUL, metaphysical food.)*

IMG_20131129_0187-ZX-FLAT IMG_20131203_0003-Z-FLAT IMG_20131203_0004-Z-FLAT IMG_20131203_0047-ZX-FLAT maxresdefault


I’m in Mario’s room & there’s a man close to me who’s waiting for an important message/call from a lady. I am making the tiny bed against the wall, putting two small blankets on it, one is medium soft fake fur, blue, underneath something neutral.

As I do this from the left corner comes the call he’s been waiting for. It’s on an old-fashioned land line with a spiral cord, neutral beige plastic, I pick it up, it’s the lady, & I hand it over to the guy who is by the exit door. I imagine this pleases him, he was waiting for something, I was glad to help.

*(MARIUS ROOM: ALWAYS means ‘separation.’ It’s a personal vocabulary, the man my Mom left Dad with, broke up our family, I lost my Father whom I loved so much, eventually, Marius also was gone. It’s separation, maybe heartbreak.

There’s a friend of mine waiting here, a man, who WANTS to get a call from a SPECIAL WOMAN. (Sense-image material is yesterday I saw a pic of the Queen of England making her own phone call on a spiral phone, this could be saying this lady is as important to him as a Queen. The Queen is OLD, like me.} And the fact that it’s an OLD FASHIONED LAND LINE FROM ‘LONG AGO’ is a lady who has not contacted him for a long time.

HA5V8067 HA5V8068 HA5V8069 HA5V8070 HA5V8071

I sense this is my ex-lover Robert waiting for me to contact him, hoping for it. My God Self is the dreamer, my flesh is I guess the caller, & somehow she {I} calls him. It could be an article on my site he’s reading or a dream or some sort of psychic call as I’ve done nothing.

The fact that he’s by the EXIT DOOR is he wants to EXIT or END our separation.

Me putting the blue fur blanket on the SINGLE BED is his sorrow about being on a SINGLE BED, not one for TWO – him & me. Somehow I’ve reached him, don’t know how. My God Self helped, could be my God Self contacted him.)*


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