Woman Thou Art God-Part Two–A New Religion For Women Only

By Rasa Von Werder, September 3rd, 2019


8-13-19-WOMAN THOU ART GOD – A New Religion -  Installment Two   

Woman, Thou Art God! Do not sell your soul to the devil for THINGS, for SECURITY, a LOVELY DWELLING, PROGENY or PLACE IN SOCIETY, for “What profit a woman if she gains the whole world but loses her own soul, for what will She exchange for her soul?”


Matriarchy - Female Empowerment

Chalice: Symbol of the Feminine Divine, Matriarchy



What is it that Mother God gives you that is worth more than ALL THE WORLD? It is HERSELF. It is Her Spirit, Her Identity, Her dwelling inside you, becoming ONE WITH YOU. You cannot do this while your soul is in the hands of the devil, when you have compromised your IDENTITY FOR THINGS, for people. Consider this: There is NO HAPPINESS without the INDWELLING OF GOD, which Our Mother. To lose this indwelling is to lose True Love, Consolation, Intimacy, Communication, & the feeling / sensation of Her Presence within you. When people ask you to compromise your soul by filling THEIR AGENDA you are selling your soul to the devil. You are giving these people – be they men or women – a part of yourself you should not give – if they demand that “POUND OF FLESH” – that is, limiting your freedom to PRIVACY, to PRAY ALONE to BE ALONE, to study the WORDS of MOTHER GOD, to visit the Temples or Shrines of Mother God, to attend the GATHERINGS of SISTERS of MOTHER GOD – to curb, limit, fetter or prevent in any way your fulfillment of the Love of Mother God, they are COMPROMISING, DEGENERATING, POLLUTING & DESTROYING your soul. These people are the devil to your life.




Being alone with Mother God within you is more important than being busy in this shallow world.


Our society – Patriarchy – is doing THIS VERY THING TO WOMEN. It is taking their lives, using them up for an agenda not our own, & ‘spitting us out’ when we grow old, having used us up for sex, breeding, creature comforts for them, housework & even employment for which they benefit, & some sort of status be it modest or considerable. (Again, we speak in general terms, there are all kinds of situations good as well as bad.) Now think & do so with deep meditation & wisdom. What is it that you want, which all of us do? It is happiness. But I tell you on the value of my soul, you cannot find happiness without God, & that God is within you, & a relationship with that God comes at a price, substantial effort, time & sometimes (often) sacrifice of the THINGS OF THE WORLD. “Put first the Kingdom (Queen’s Realm) of Mother God, & all things shall be added unto you.” “God is a jealous God” (which means nothing can stand before God if you want to have Her fully & live in Spiritual Perfection.”)





What do you really NEED of the world? Do you really NEED a husband & children, if it DRAINS your interior life – your spirituality?–for husbands demand lots, & so do children. You have to take care of them, it takes time, energy, concentration, planning & sacrifice. Now here is the caveat: If – & this is a big if – you want a family & it does not interfere with your spiritual life, it would be well & good. But this is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE because in Patriarchy you are the servant, even slave of men, you are their Prisoner of War, the things expected of a woman with a family take up 99% of all you have, the punishments or persecutions of a woman ‘stepping out of line’ are serious: She can lose her status in a civilized society, in a fanatical Theocracy she can lose her life. It’s like signing up for the military – almost – not quite – you give up most of your PERSONAL RIGHTS when you agree to be a wife with family – you belong to them, they are FIRST, you are LAST. If you try to assert your own private, personal agenda you are considered SELFISH, a bad wife & mother. What am I saying, then? That it’s either you or them.

If you want to retain your autonomy, spiritual self-respect, relationship with Mother God as FIRST, then the project of a family life will be an IMPEDIMENT. THIS IS IMPORTANT It would NOT be an impediment IN A MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY because all the women there would do these things: Help with the children. ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’



It is weird that we live in a world that worships insane, psychopathic male rulers. It would make a lot more sense for the people to worship caring and nurturing female rulers instead. The only reason why people would worship insane dictators like Hitler and Stalin, is because they have been brainwashed into believing that violent, brutal men are wonderful.

It is weird that we live in a world that

worships insane, psychopathic male rulers.

It would make a lot more sense for the

people to worship caring and nurturing

female rulers instead. The only reason why

people would worship insane dictators like

Hitler and Stalin, is because they have been

brainwashed into believing that violent,

brutal men are wonderful.

Women struggling ALONE to raise children is an EXTREME DISADVANTAGE. (The isolation of the wife/mother is a TRAP of the Patriarchy to put the woman & kids in a place of DISEMPOWERMENT where the bigger/stronger male can take advantage of them & the LAW IS ON HIS SIDE (politicized judicial system in favor of Patriarchs.) Second, most women in a Matriarchal society would be in agreement as to what a woman wants & needs; her agenda, as we are sisters under the skin with the same instincts & more or less similar goals. Most such women would understand & welcome your devotion to a Mother God, the time you need spent alone, the time for prayer & meditation; reflection–& of course, events within Temples & sisterhood gatherings (men excluded.)



When you worship a God as a Mother you worship WHAT IS WITHIN YOURSELF, you enhance your entire life, body & soul, you respect your life, it is EMPOWERED. Precisely said, other women will not use you up & spit you out, throw you out to pasture after ‘prime time’ claiming you’re worthless. They would treat you as they treat themselves, with respect, not as things, sex objects & breeding slaves. Women are part of the ‘Culture of Life’ & they know what Love is more than do men, so do not expect them to be cruel users as are men. I suggest you think about this: What do you want a husband for, what do most women want a man for? Love of course, if it happens, you will be ONE OF THE FEW as they in general have no love, don’t know how to love, they are made for other things & teaching a man to love is like teaching a rock to sing Hallelujah. It happens, but not often. (I have heard a rock sing, Jesus said they would if the people didn’t praise him, the rocks would cry out.) In general, most women want a man, husband, for added financial security.


Living in poverty is better than living with a man who steals your soul


This is the slippery slope that CAN (but not always) leads to Hell – this is where the devil begins, the acquisition of financial security, the giving up of one’s life. (Again, this happens within our Patriarchal society, where men demand our souls for money, not in a Matriarchy.) Would it be too awful to live in semi-poverty, as long as you have a roof over your head & food on the table, clothes to wear? Would it be disastrous having no luxuries, but to live with whatever God gives you even if it’s not much? Can you cut down your desires to a minimum so a walk in the park or the woods would be as good as a fancy vacation? There will be no children but so what? Is there not OVERPOPULATION ?






Overpopulation is a serious matter – but we are brainwashed that it’s the natural, normal thing to do & that women in general should have lots of children. The legendary geneticist Dr. Bryan Sykes explains, & I agree, that women back in the day had a child every five or six years, but what men have forced women to do is have SERIAL PREGNANCIES. This makes unhappy children—they get early weaning & attachment disorder (see Dr. James Prescott, Origins of Peace & Violence website)—this burdens the earth with pollution as well as destruction of other animal’s habitats Do these men & children actually make us HAPPY? We are TOLD they do. But look within your heart. Only God can make you ultimately happy.



Not her God

She suddenly realizes she’s been worshiping a false God – HIS God, not HERS

Having family does not guarantee this & most of the time from seeing the world – the world of Patriarchy – it causes more trouble than happiness. Of course, people won’t admit they’re miserable with their families, that’s part of the delusion, the front, they have to present, but deep inside they know, God knows, they have lost their peace of mind & being able to see, feel, hear, smell, touch & taste God. They have lost intimacy with God because PATRIARCHY DOES NOT PERMIT A WOMAN TO HAVE HERSELF & A FAMILY AS WELL, she has to forfeit her soul for this, & those women who follow a Patriarchal religion are duped into believing they have salvation, life & love, but they don’t. They have HIS RELIGION, NOT HERS. They worship HIS GOD, NOT HERS. They have given themselves to A FALSE GOD.


Find yourself, find God

She cannot find Self Realization by worship of HIS God. Enlightenment is HERS when She finds Herself.

We will speak about how the Woman-God adjusts within this Patriarchy & still follows her True Deity. How the Woman-God deals with her husband or lover, how She explains herself. How the Woman-God teaches, preaches to her children, males & females. How She conducts her life……8-13-19



this is RASA VON WERDER, aka

KELLIE EVERTS – Her sacred

vocation is to do the Will of

Mother God

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