They Saved my Life & Limb

By Rasa Von Werder, February 1st, 2021
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Chapter 7 of   “I Strip for God  Part 3″

My Guardian Angels 

They Saved my Life & Limb




It was after the San Fernando Valley earthquake of February, 1971, that I first saw them – but I didn’t know what they were. I thought they were flying saucers.

I had ‘the Putz’ sponging off me at that time & we decided to get into my Corvette & drive away from  Hollywood, way into the desert, in theory to get away from the quake but probably drove right into it. I have no idea where we went, just that I drove about three hours or more.

In the middle of nowhere, a semi-desert, we both got tired, it was dusk, & I spotted an apple orchard. I said let’s go there & sleep. It wasn’t cold – I don’t know why because in CA usually when the sun goes down it gets cool, but I recall it being warm. Maybe it was a hot spell.

So Putz & I lie down on the ground on our backs, he to my right, & try to fall asleep, when I perceive above me, maybe 50 or 100 feet in the air, three white ‘saucers,’ about 30 feet or so in diameter. They aren’t doing anything, just hovering. I say to Putz,

“Do you see what I see?”

He says yes, but neither of us has any idea what they are. He of course wanted me to believe it had something to do with his non existent ‘mystical powers.’

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Many years later, mid seventies. My 17 year old disciple, David Arrowsmith, who’s half Chinese, half Irish, has come to live with me. He’s a ‘sensitive,’ psychic, spiritually evolved person. I’m sleeping in the small bedroom & there’s no door or curtain, you can see into it from the living room, where David is sleeping. David then tells me,

“I see three globes of Light above you, they are hovering – they are your Guardian Angels.”

I asked him what size they were, he said I forgot what, but they weren’t big or small, medium. I didn’t see them, but now, I knew what they were.

I also surmised from that, Angels can take the form of a globe or a star & it seems to me, the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the three Kings from India to Jesus’ birthplace, was an angel. Anne Catherine Emmerich said it was NOT a star in the heavens, it was a globe of Light that was there day & night, but you could see it better at night, when they traveled – as most travel is done, in the desert, at night when it’s cool.

Those are the only visions of my angels that I know of. But theology tells us that every human has a Guardian Angel – at least one, sometimes more. I believe you get them, in various strengths or qualities, according to what protection you need, what your role in life might be.

One of the things that has puzzled me is why infants, toddlers & little children get sexually abused & otherwise abused – & in Patriarchy, this is pandemic – & I asked God why don’t their Guardian Angels protect them?

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The answer I got was that no one prays for their protection. The parents are supposed to protect the children, but if it’s the father who abuses them, or the mother, then what? It seems to me from this answer the Guardian Angels can be activated through prayer. Why they don’t always protect automatically I have no idea. So today, one of my prayers is for the innocent babes not to be abused sexually or any other way, in fact, I take a few minutes each day to pray for children, the friends of God, the Souls in Purgatory, the fallen {into mortal sins}, those who have lost intimacy with God, & each day I do a proxy baptism for whoever needs it – could be someone who will die soon. {Baptism is the same as being born again, without it, your soul is dead & cannot reach Heaven.} This only takes a few short minutes & I believe it can save souls. I’m also doing the Holy Mass, sometimes daily for a while, sometimes sporadically, & there’s nothing more powerful – Souls get released from Purgatory & appear to me from time to time.




The Holy Guardian Angels saved my life many times I know of – probably were instances they did I was not even aware.

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One such event was in CA around 1967. My car was in the shop, I wanted to see my daughter who stayed with a lady in Pacific Palisades, near my house. I was working at the Classic Cat nightclub in Hollywood. There was a dancer there who let me borrow her car – but she warned me the brakes were unreliable. {I learned a hard lesson that day, never drive a car with unreliable brakes! Bad brakes, ten red flags! Why don’t you listen? Lack of experience, you gotta’ be young & dumb before you get old & wise.}

So I go on this visit to my daughter, see her, then stop at a gas station on my way back. I do a stupid thing, I ask a boy at the station to ‘check the brakes’ – see if they are OK. Why did I think any gas station attendant would know if the brakes were OK? You would have to hoist the car up & look under it, check it thoroughly to get the light on that, what he looked at I can’t even recall – but he gave me the false assurance the brakes were OK. He was an idiot & so was I.

Now I head down this steep road right past the station called ‘Chautauqua Blvd.’. It heads down to two highways, one from the extreme left I can’t recall – is it Wilshire Blvd? But directly underneath this mount is Pacific Coast Highway, & straight across, a wide beach & the big blue ocean. So gingerly, without a care in the world, I head down Chautauqua, with notice that at the bottom, there’s a red light & many cars stopped for it.

On the way down I hit the brakes, as the steepness is formidable – no brakes. I try going into a driveway to my right – uphill – but somehow miss it.

Now at times like these, when it seems that all is lost, there is no answer or solution to the problem, I have never panicked. There is a tranquility that comes over me & I know it’s supernatural, that God has granted me a grace.

To make a long story short, I cannot recall each detail, but just as I come flying down, the light changes, all the cars move, I miss them, & there are two chain link fences on Pacific Coast Highway on either side of it for not sure how long, but I knock both these chain link fences down as I veer left, going over them, I pull into a liquor store parking lot against the cement wall – bang – small impact – I’m not hurt. Not sure what happened to the car but there may have been some damage, but it was almost like there was NO ACCIDENT.

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People come running from all over the place to see if I’m OK, they saw the barreling down, fear the worst. I tell them I’m fine, they are amazed. Then a cop comes & – nice guy – arrests me as there’s a warrant out for me for JAYWALKING I didn’t pay!

That’s the end of that, the Guardian Angels saved me, made every car move out of my way – made me go over those chain link fences to cushion the ride – made me stop at a safe place, not hitting any other car nor the glass-walled liquor store – there were no other cars in the parking lot, etc.

There’s been many times when I was in danger of being raped, beaten or killed that the Guardian Angels saved me from, I know. One time I was dancing in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As usual you get all kinds of horny guys after you, & sometimes they’re dangerous. One young man said to me,

“I want you & I always get what I want, whatever it takes.”

To me, that’s a threat – it means if you don’t give in, I will take it by violence. That night, I am in the apt. given me by the club – it’s the same apt they give all the dancers {the stars who come in from out of town} which has several roofs extending here & there. And I see a guy, I think it’s the one who threatened me, climbing on the roof. I quickly hide but see him looking in this or that window – thank God I had the windows closed, he would have climbed in. And I think he wasn’t sure which window had the dancer’s apt. So saved again by the angels.

Another time a young man climbed six flights up the fire escape to my place in B’klyn, knocked on the window. He belonged to my youth prayer group, but I was scared of him – figured if he was desperate enough to climb that fire escape, he was not to be trusted, & although I knew him, I didn’t let him in. Good move.

But it got worse than that. This time I know I was in great danger & God was there.

I’m in a mining town in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada, it’s 27 men to one woman. I’m the star dancer & they house me in the hotel the club is in, mind you, NO DEAD BOLT, NO CHAIN, 27 men to one woman, you’re a dancer shaking your naked body downstairs, then you go to your room, are you safe? {Safety was one of the top factors these facilities ignored. They’re all men, if you’re safe or not MEANS NOTHING TO THEM, they just assume it rarely happens, take a chance, your life is not their life, it’s not crucial. If you get raped, they don’t see it as injury, they see rape as a form of sex, which means having fun, they don’t see it as dangerous violence.}

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It’s after work, really late, 3 to 4AM. But I say THE HOLY ROSARY every night. My room is pitch dark. I’m sitting in the bed, to the left is the hallway leading to the door. As I pray I see a light, from the hallway, slowly appearing, someone is opening the door sneakily. I get out of bed, run straight to the door & kick it forcefully – I hear a man barreling down the stairs.

I call the downstairs office, telling the concierge what happened. He tells me to come down, I tell him to come up, I’m afraid to go out the door right now.

This young guy, like 25, comes up. He says the key was in the door. I ask him how did someone get the key? He says he left the desk a short time, all the keys are behind him in plain view, someone must have just gone over there & got my key. Either they put the dancer in the same room every time or a guy saw me enter my room. The boy seems baffled – Son, why baffled? You {the hotel} set me up to get raped, or hurt or killed. No security lock, no nothing. Again, the Holy Virgin Rosary & Guardian Angels protected me.

Another, more recent time {32 years ago, haha} I have bought my house – the first & only young person in my family to have bought their own house, with their own money! Others have bought condos, but never a house with 50 acres no less. {My brother had a house, but it was bought for him by Mom – who got a loan from a lady in her employ at the Reader’s Digest – took advantage as the lady they say she was infatuated with him – I find that hard to believe – got 10K out of her for the down payment, did not pay her back because that’s my Mom – but my Aunt, the executor of her estate, when she died, paid the lady back, thank God. The lady could have invested that money & got interest or stock value – my evil Mom robbed her.}

OK, I am at my new house, ready to spend my first night here. My fiancé, Richard Von Werder, is in the spare room sleeping already, it’s dusk, & it’s Christmas Eve. On this night we put food out for animals, we share our Xmas joy with them. So I get a plate & fill it with food & ready to take it to put under a far apple tree close to the defunct railroad track. But I hear a voice,

“Don’t tease the animals.”

What? I think, am I hearing things? Many times I hear the still, small voice but not sure if I heard right, & sometimes, when I ignore it, the command or warming is repeated once or twice more until I heed. So I think, why on earth would my inner voice tell me not to put out food for the animals? Crazy, must be hearing wrong.

OK, so I go to that tree & put the food down, pleased with myself. Suddenly I hear men on the track – like talking, laughing, & then, BULLETS WHIZ BY ME, whistling as they fly.

Some guys are illegally on the track, it’s too late to be shooting, & probably drunk, laughing, & shooting off their guns. This doesn’t stop, there are many shots, but I’m too proud to fall to the ground & crawl back home on hands & knees – it’s at least 200 feet. I say {foolishly} I keep my dignity & walk back, which I do, no bullets strike me.

When I call the local cop to complain, he asks me how the bullets sounded, & I tell him they were whistling – he apparently believed me – I guess they whistle. Not many people would hear bullets around them. But God protected me, even though I did not heed her warning, thanks be to God & Guardian Angels.

I told you the stories of the two death curses Rev. Swaggart put on me & how God saved me each time, & also the Putz was going to do me harm the last night we were together, but God surrounded him by a white Light & confounded him.

And I also told you about my evil brother tried to impale me on his home-whittled spear, but instead of impaling me through the vagina, the spear went into my leg. Had it not been a flesh wound, had it penetrated my intestines, I could have died easily of PERITONITIS – blood poisoning – a psychic years later told me that. God directed that spear – meaning, many times when we enter harm’s way, God changes it to give us a lesser outcome, mitigates the danger.

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Here’s another curse I didn’t deserve. This is especially heinous, again, because I was in the process of doing good, helping someone, when the curse was put on me FOR THAT REASON.

There was a minister in CA while I was here in upstate NY, at my new house, who I was studying. A lifetime of reading had turned me half blind – I was so nearsighted I could not read any more, but I did not stop studying, I bought audio & video tapes. This minister had plenty of video tapes on the lives of God’s Greats, I bought a carload of them.

As usual, I wanted to talk to those I admired & since he’s a Protestant, he has certain beliefs contrary to my own. For instance, Purgatory – he doesn’t believe in, & homosexuality they think is a serious sin, but thirdly, the thing I wanted to discuss with him urgently was the doctrine of THE GOOD OF SUFFERING, as taught & demonstrated by Our Lord. He did not believe in suffering but only Prosperity, which I felt to be a GROSS MISTAKE, & I wanted to prove my case.

As I said, I was half blind, so I sent him audio tape letters. I know he listened to them, because I had dreams. In one of those dreams he said to me {this will be apropos later}

“I know what suffering is. It’s when I look at a man’s ass & am attracted to it.”

I thought to myself,

“The devil must be tormenting him”

I did not for one split second guess he might be gay or bisexual, & it was a natural desire, I just couldn’t picture it.

Our_Lady_of_the_Angels_2048x raphael-archangel-jose-de-alcibar saint_raphael saint-michael-the-archangel-claudio-coello saint-michael-the-archangel-juan-de-valdes-leal saint-michael-the-warrior-archangel-svitozar-nenyuk

He never responded to my audios, but only in dreams. Then some strange things happened – two in fact. It was things that never happened before, I knew they were induced by outside power.

One, I stopped in a parking lot & a lady pulled out of her spot to my right, & backed into my passenger door. She stopped short of any real damage – you could hardly see anything, it was so slight. But it was unusual as I had never had an accident.

Then a short time later, I was at my riverfront going back & forth to my island. I had done this a hundred times before. I can’t swim but about 10 feet, & that, learned only recently. In the past I had a rope put from my riverfront bank to island, tied to trees, & I also used an inner tube around me. I used to take a lot of stuff to the island & back that way, holding it in large plastic bins.

The water, in certain spots in July & especially August, was so shallow, I could walk across without going above my chest, so it was what you might call fairly safe. And this day I had gone to the island easily, with no protection, with my 3 dogs, & now, on my way back, holding plastic shoes in one hand, I hit a spot that was over my head. I swam a few feet, dropped the shoes, couldn’t swim any more – went under. I recall going under the second time & seeing my beige pit ball, Amy, swimming by, & thinking she has no idea I’m drowning, & I have one more dunk to go, so they say, & then I’m a goner, & I knew my neighbor in the cottage by my land was there – I called HELP but he did not come – & at this point I called out to JESUS!

As soon as I called Our Lord, I hit the ground & walked out, climbed the steep bank & sat solemnly on a great log. My neighbor then came & said he had heard me but didn’t think the water was deep – no friend, only deep enough to drown. He heard me but was in no rush to help. {This proved my life was meaningless to him.}

As I sat there thinking I KNEW this was not normal – the car incident & now this – & I KNEW someone had put a death curse on me, but who? Who would want to kill me? Who had I hurt?

I can’t even explain how I found out, but it was through a series of things I saw on TV, from watching Benny Hinn, & then somehow connecting the minister I was writing to & HIS MOTHER. His Mother was working through the young man, building this huge multi-million ministry, she was also a minister – I had bought one of her tapes – she was awful, a phony, not a hint of Spirit in her.

The mother of the minister took issue of my writing him again & again about suffering. She didn’t want him to believe in or ACCEPT suffering, she wanted him to WANT PROSPERITY & felt I was a GREAT THREAT, bad enough for me to DIE FOR IT. And Rev. Swaggart had told me to BEWARE OF MINISTERS, & how right she was, they have extra powers the average person doesn’t have – they are natural powers if not spiritual, & they can bless you or curse you, so curse me this woman did. Again, like Rev. Swaggart, it baffles my mind how these people can want me dead when what did I do to them?

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No sooner than I IDENTIFIED the origin of this curse, it dissipated. I don’t know why that is – but it is. If you figure out who it came from, you stop it, at least in some cases. Her power over me was broken. Let me channel my God Self, why does it work that way?

MY GOD SELF: This is carried on a demonic wavelength or energy. When you identify them – ‘reveal who you are, what kind you are, when you entered, why you entered, what you have done, what you plan to do, & then be gone’ – part of the traditional exorcism. When REVEALED the demon wilts or dissipates, they like to work IN SECRET………………………

Now years went by, I forgot about this minister. Remembering him a couple years ago, I looked him up on the internet. Something really jumped out at me. He had been in a scandal of homosexuality, having an affair with their ‘youth minister’ & it was so bad, many wanted him to resign. But he didn’t, he kept working, but made a gazillion apologies. I felt so sorry for him, because the brainwashing of the Christian Church against same-sex love, had come to roost at home, he became its victim. I wanted to write him & tell him how sorry I was, that homosexuality was not a sin, he had done nothing wrong, he had no need to apologize or feel guilty, but then, I recalled I had reached out to him long ago & all I got out of it was a death curse, so Rasa, leave it alone.

Another interesting issue we differed on. He spoke of the great minister, faith healer John Dowie, complaining about him that he had beliefs that were TOTALLY WRONG, & how could he be so wrong? He didn’t explain what beliefs, so I kept wondering.

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One night John Dowie appeared to me. And he took me on a long journey, & when we arrived, it was Purgatory! He showed me some souls there we helped. So that was it – John Dowie RIGHTFULLY believed in Purgatory & my CA minister was mad at him for that.

The Protestants are so wrong in some of their beliefs. If you watch Trinity Broadcasting & their push of prosperity, it could turn your stomach. Jesus Christ came to earth to teach us Poverty, he lived & died in Holy Poverty – not being BROKE, but renouncing the things of the world & flesh in order to be closer to God. But this is lost on most ministers of Trinity, because of GREED. Some of the ministers live in huge mansions, complexes, worth like 20-30 million – they even have one or more JET PLANES & all this FOR WHAT? It’s greed, & St. Paul said, ‘The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.’ Then they ask the public to send them money for the missions! Sell your mansions, live in normal dwellings, & send it yourself, sell your jet planes.

Some of the ministers on Trinity really get your spirits rising, they are great. What I believe they are is in the old days, they had travelling salesmen especially down South, they went from town to town hacking wares, giving speeches for snake oil & such {snake oil was nothing but cayenne pepper, which is a good remedy for many ills} – that was the culture they came from, they were good salesmen, they know how to get people riled up, & now they sell ‘Jesus & his prosperity’ – give us money for that.

Prosperity, as taught by Rev. Catherine Ponder, its origin, is not a bad teaching – but they’re taking it too far. Prosperity means good luck or fortune in all things. You have prosperity spiritually, like Jesus did, He was rich in Spirit, healing, exorcism, teaching. He was not like Caesar or King Herod or Caiaphas sitting on thrones, his prosperity was of God, & God provided him with all that was needed. But to seek material prosperity OF ITS OWN like it is our goal, our God, is a SIN.

Prosperity preachers teach that if God loves you, if you are favored, you get rich. Not true. If you are with God, She provides you with whatever is needed, be it wealth or poverty, whatever is GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL at the time it is right for you. Wealth can lead a person to Hell, so can financial poverty, if it makes you sin. God knows what’s right for you at the time it’s right – if you are her friend. If you are not, then you’re on your own. If you have turned your back on God, blocked her, then, how can She help you? She can’t & She won’t, as She will not save you against your own will.

to be Continued…………………. 1-31-21


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