By Rasa Von Werder, March 31st, 2020
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interpreted for a friend

unnamed (12) 

        I am with my boy friend Jackson, outside, standing in a place that reminds me of the old ‘drive in’ theaters. His female roommate is standing here also – the three of us.


        The movie screen is way up high, maybe 30’ on a wall before us, we all three look at it talking about it. John is tall, she seems short. She’s wearing clothes that have plants pictured on the material—mostly green with splashes of other colors on top of white, it’s loose clothing.

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        *(HE IS TALL: He’s important to me.


        SHE IS SHORT: She’s not important to me.


        HER TOP, WHITE WITH PLANTS ON IT, GREEN, OTHER COLORS: She has PLANS for this relationship to nurture & grow—{Plants are like your garden, it grows, it bears food, nourishment, could be plants you eat or flowers, flowers mean love.}


MOVIE SCREEN, LIKE DRIVE-IN THEATERS: This is the ‘theater of life,’ the three of you are facing & thinking about what is to come?

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HIGH UP, MAYBE 30’:   High up is like reaching to the sky or God, asking what is the future? What does the theater of life bode for us, what is the next scene?)*


He is talking a lot, I am trying to talk to him but having trouble, as he keeps DEFERRING TO HER like she’s more important, he has to keep up this relationship with her moreso than with me. I do not know which way to go – keep talking or walk away & forget it? If I continue this will that keep us together or if I walk away will that end us? I’m in a dilemma as he ignores me a lot when I’m talking, turns his back on me.


*(IGNORES ME FOR HER, MY DILEMMA TO TALK TO HIM OR NOT: This is a review how it was. ‘Talking’ refers to ‘being,’ relating, having a relationship as well as sex. You don’t know which way to go.

ALL THREE TALKING: A triangle or he is relating to two women at the same time but SHE IS MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM AT. THIS TIME.)*

sir-edwin-landseer-queen-victoria-and-the-duke-of-wellington-horse-print-14 spitalfields-market-london-england-engraving-19th-century-litz-collection stubbs096 Photograph of Julian Mackintosh riding a horse 1930s by Eileen Agar 1899-1991 The Hayloft        

Jackson is wearing a black jacket made of pea-coat material, thick, & it’s shaped kind of draping off the shoulders almost like a cape to his waist or lower – not quite a cape, a bit like a bell coming down, the bottom not tight but loose.


*(BLACK PEA COAT: Navy, ‘a girl in every port,’ sailor’s are notorious for having females wherever they go, so this sounds like ‘what is the next port?–the next woman?’ Being black, it portends the END of something – his present roommate – shaped like a

BELL: ‘Ding dong’ is like a reminder, a notice, an announcement like bells in a Church say time to go there or bells at a wedding saying ‘It is consummated.’ This announces the end of them, beginning of a new relationship with you. You all see the ‘writing on the wall,’ the portent, the prophecy, the next part of life.)*

the-crystal-gazer_beatrice-offor__94276__13452.1556815491 (c) Paintings Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation The-Frugal-Meal-John-Frederick-Herring-Sr-Oil-Painting-1 The-Midday-Meal-John-Frederick-Herring-Sr-Oil-Painting Thomas Edwin Mostyn, The jeweled casket 

He seems ANIMATED, I feel uncertain.


        *(HE SEEMS ANIMATED, I AM UNCERTAIN: This is a big change for him, he’s excited, you were not sure what to do, stay with him or leave.)*




The scene changes. Now we’re in a car where his female is driving,

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*(HIS FEMALE DRIVING US: This is pivotal, because the situation with his female changes so that he has to or will switch from her to you—she MAKES or DRIVES the two of you to be together.)*


Jackson & I are in the back seat with his son to the right of us sitting. Jackson is in front of me, like across my lap, almost taking up the entire back seat in the position he’s in, facing me.




IN YOUR LAP: means submissive to you, like a lapdog, like a pet or child.


HIS SON TO THE RIGHT: This is probably not a separate person but the child within him being present. It might be a reconciliation or agreement between his Higher Self—in my lap–& his flesh going along or in agreement. Prior to this there had been conflicts (higher conscience vs lower self rebelling.)*

Owls pet-portrait-paintings-mantelpiece-masterpiece-5 pet-portrait-paintings-mantelpiece-masterpiece-10 picking-the-grapes-fox-dog-19th-century-english-school portrait-of-lucie-reading-jacques-emile-blanche ql_c_140515_1479_1024x1024 queen-victoria-on-her-favourite-horse-mary-evans-picture-library

He’s wearing a long-sleeved white cotton shirt & we’re real intimate, myself kissing his arm/body/torso. The feeling of the kisses is DEEP like we are melded, united or like melting into each other, the way you do when you are really close, the energy flowing back & forth like he’s me, I’m him sort of thing. His cotton shirt is designed with these little holes that look like tiny hourglasses, one on top of each other separated by a tiny waist the way an hourglass would have, the holes are only a quarter inch wide – they are embroidered, like having little frames around them. Jackson seems LARGE like he was in the first scene, animated.


*(DEEP, HE’S ME I’M HIM: We are now UNITED in spiritual wedlock, energies interchanged, wills in unison.


WHITE COTTON SHIRT: nuptial garment


HOURGLASSES EMBROIDERED ALL OVER: The time has come, finally. The design being holes rather than something placed on top of the material, say pics of hourglasses, could be saying ‘no sand, it has run out.’)*


household-washing-laundresses-engraving-18th-century-18th-century-DB14JT hunting-with-the-leopard-from-a-16th-ken-welsh images img2124 John_Frederick_Herring_HEJ009 john-frederick-herring-jr-cf9c9dce-ffbd-4e11-8dba-fa2af69943c-resize-750 Julius Anton Adam-www.kaifineart.com-25 

He’s talking about some OUTRAGEOUS action that someone ought to do. I scoff at it. I tell him,


“Would you have your son do that? Would you do it yourself?”


When I suggest that it shows how ridiculous this action is but I cannot recall what it was—like a joke but crazy.


*(CRAZY ACTION: Seems like a hint about ‘crazy love,’ which is love so intense it doesn’t ‘make sense.’ I was there in the past but I got over it—it might be his turn to feel that way. I am telling him to ‘cool it’ & be rational. He would tell people I was ‘obsessed,’ now it’s his turn maybe.)*


Where we’re going is a little mall that has a restaurant. We’re all hungry & looking forward to a meal.


*(GOING TO RESTAURANT, ALL HUNGRY: We all need love & emotional nourishment. This little mall reminds me of the one I go to by me – the spot is a grocery store. This symbolizes he will be with me for love/nourishment—she has driven him to me, brought us together by whatever happens to her—her bankruptcy most likely.)*

grenadiervictoria Hampel-68243001 Herring-After-Work1 herring-sr-the-squires-pets-arabian-scottish-deerhounds horses-eating-from-a-manger-with-pigs-and-chickens-in-a-farmyard-john-frederick-herring-jr horsesfarmyard_Herringjnr 

As his gf drives, she’s small in front—he doesn’t talk to her or pay attention to her, only me. I get the feeling that the car is made of a teal color – which is a type of green.


*(SHE’S SMALL HE ONLY PAYS ATTENTION TO ME: She’s no longer important to him, I am. He has his


BACK TO HER, FACING ME: He is finished with her, she’s behind him, but he’s facing me, in my lap even– which means she is done, he’s with me.


TEAL CAR: Teal is green mixed with blue. Her financial condition has crashed, sadness {blue} mixed in to the finances–their situation ends, ours begins—it was predicted a long time, from one POV, survival, but from another, love victorious.)*

Julius Anton Adam-www.kaifineart.com-25 Julius Anton Adam-www.kaifineart.com-36 Julius_Adam_-_Cat_with_her_Kittens julius-adam-1859231 julius-adam-the-younger-katzenfamilie-(the-cat-family) katzenmutter kot



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