By Rasa Von Werder, February 14th, 2021

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This first dream was baffling until I analyzed the second dream. In light of the second dream, I understood the first, because it was the same THEME. Such dreams are called parallels – two dreams on the same subject, with a same or similar message. These dreams portray the EXPIATION OF SIN FOR SOULS – helping them get cleansed. The first is re a friend who just got breast cancer in her right breast. The second is about myself, about suffering with a strained muscle in my right leg for 6 months. Both of these events are ordeals that helped/will help Souls the dreams explain.

1st dream: THE BUS

I’m in a parking lot looking at a white-painted bus, which is filled with men all wearing casual white jackets, the kind that zip up. A couple of them have jackets with designs, the one who stands out has like blue designs which are octagons or something inside large squares, the entire jacket including long sleeves is covered. I see none of the guys flesh or faces, only the jackets, they all have their backs to the windows.

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*(MEN IN BUS: Souls in Purgatory. I could not have guessed who they were had I not understood the second dream. The jackets are their Light or their souls. I don’t see their faces or flesh, as they’re dead & also, I don’t know their identities. The jackets being mostly white are their souls are clean of unrepented sin. A couple of them might have some extra merits, like the guy that stands out with the blue designs.
DESIGNS, OCTAGONS, CIRCLES, SQUARES: Octagons are a symbol of perfection. These designs could be like the badges, jewels, medals of the Great Saints. I am assuming this might be the same thing – Just guessing. Most of these souls are ordinary guys going to the average places in Heaven, but some stand out, one in particular might have a higher place.
WHITE represents Union – In this case, Union with God. The bus is the vehicle for Union with God, the jackets are their Souls ready to ascend.)*

In the front of the bus are servers, all women. They give me the impression that they are both servers & entertainers – like let’s say the women at Hooters, who the men find entertaining, but the women serve food & drinks.

They have like a bar, they are preparing their wares behind the bar. One woman stands out. She has a skimpy outfit, a bandana on top & bottom is skimpy. Her right breast is exposed. The other females tell her, hey your right breast is exposed, she says ‘let it be’ as they all want to look as appealing as possible as they will get more tips. The body being that exposed is not usual but she’s going to take a chance with it. She’s thin with dark brown hair.

*(BREAST EXPOSED, ‘LET IT BE’: Something exposed is VULNERABLE, this gives me the impression it’s my friend with breast cancer {that is being healed}. When she says ‘LET IT BE’ this is a good indication of her willingness to suffer, if it be the will of God.
In that case, Grace is received & Souls are released from Purgatory.
Being a SERVER-ENTERTAINER is giving to the Souls. It’s notable that they are working for tips, they are both helping the Souls & themselves. This is how it is in ministry, they call it ‘ministry in reverse.’ When we give to anyone in charity – living or dead – we are also given back, it’s the way we receive merit, Grace & joy.)*

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I’m at Woolworths, which used to be in my B’klyn neighborhood. It’s a mess inside.

*(WOOLWORTHS: Purgatory, my Purgatory & that of Souls, but I don’t see the Souls, just the staff.
WOOL represents SHEEP. It’s sheep vs goats. Sheep represent SOULS WHO OBEY GOD, whereas goats resist God, they disobey, so these are the good souls destined for Heaven – I’m one of them, I’m in a Purgatory just as they are for the time being.}
Somehow, I fall to the floor. The floor is littered with black pellets – I vaguely recall seeing food pellets like that for animals in large bags, which were sort of yellow-orange {probably corn based}, round but square on the ends, but these are black.

*(BLACK PELLETS REMIND ME OF ANIMAL FOOD: Have you ever heard the terms ‘eating crow’ or ‘eat your words’ or ‘we had to eat the loss’? EATING is NOURISHMENT but eating is also PARTAKING OF A THING YOU MIGHT NOT WANT, & that would be SUFFERING.
These pellets which remind me of animal food, while I fall to the floor on top of them, are ‘eating pain’ or ‘eating suffering’ or just plain suffering & pain.
My falling to the floor is that 6 months ago indeed I strained a muscle so badly I was stricken to the ground until the pain subsided. And this malady was ANTICIPATED & ANNOUNCED by my own inner voice. The night before, She said,
like it was an announcement, not a warning or threat, just announcing that She, God, was going to do this to me, & I SUSPECTED it was to expiate sins of Souls in Purgatory.
The BLACKNESS of the pellets/food in this case is sorrow/depression – blackness can mean many things, good & bad, here it’s bad.)*


We must clean up these pellets, somehow I am working with the staff. While on the floor I see 4 police officers in a row have walked in holding German Shepherds on leashes, & one of the dogs brushes against my right leg. I feel unsafe, I am worried they might be after me for having done wrong, I want to get up – it’s difficult but I finally do. Now I feel better & safer.

*(4 POLICE OFFICERS WITH 4 GERMAN SHEPHERDS: Police in my dreams are always ANGELS. Most animals represent SENSES. This is saying angels came to afflict me – one in particular. I will ask Mother God, I only needed one angel to afflict me & one dog – why 4?
{MOMGOD: This could be multiple pains & problems perhaps if not for you, other souls. But one touches you, which means you are afflicted by God the way Jesus was, when God gives us suffering to expiate sins. {Somewhere in the bible a saint says, maybe Job, ‘God has touched me’ meaning God has afflicted me.} Of course you were worried if you had done something wrong & bad karma was coming at you, but it wasn’t about your sins.}
GETTING UP: This is getting up FROM THE AFFLICTION where you now feel better & safe from the karma you feared. You thought you might have to have surgery for this. But suddenly, the pain is 90 to 99% gone, you have gotten up from it, you’re happy.)*
Overall, there’s a feeling of JOY in this dream.

It’s soon closing time, & I see the staff busily, with smiles, covering everything with huge blue covers, so big they remind me of car covers. They cover all the shelves. Why I’m a part of the work when I am not an employee, I don’t know. But I’m talking about how to sweet up the debris on the floor, the pellets. We’re all gung-ho in this.

STAFF: These are probably Saints who are working with you to benefit Souls. Saints in Heaven do not minister to Souls – it’s the ‘Church Militant’ or those on earth who are OBLIGATED & ENABLED for this. Why? Because we can suffer, we can GAIN MERIT, whereas they no longer do. But they can WORK WITH US AS PARTNERS!
{I recall the time recently when Errol Flynn appeared to me & used me, so to speak, to get Beverly Aadland & his most recent wife ascend into Heaven. I was glad to help & rather amused.}
COVERING THINGS, CLOSING TIME: This is a great indication that this project, of suffering for Souls with my bad leg, is over – the work is done. Why this symbol? Because when people go away from their house, especially if it’s a beautifully furnished one, they COVER ALL THE FURNITURE to prevent it from being covered with dust & debris. So this is saying,
“We are finished with this job, we are leaving this place of Purgatory now.”
What a relief!)*

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At some point I am standing there & a lady shows me a surprise. It’s the most beautiful big white birthday cake on a small table. It has little pink roses all around the top rim, & other decorations in light blue. She shows me this knowing I will be delighted, & then she puts on top of it an upside-down rubber food holder {the kind I have, used to feed or water animals} & this devise will keep the cake safe & dust free until time to celebrate.

*(LADY, WHITE BIRTHDAY CAKE, PINK & BLUE DECORATIONS: This symbol explains what this Purgatory has been about – Souls being lifted. The
WHITE BIRTHDAY CAKE is people being ‘born again’ – an experience you can have many times. You’re born again during baptism or when saying ‘the sinner’s prayer.’ There are many levels of being born again, you begin by the initial one, then go higher & higher, each level you are born into a higher realm. The WHITE IS UNION WITH GOD – white is marriage, Union, pure in heart, among other things.
The PINK & BLUE along with the largeness of the cake says there will be MULTIPLE MALES & FEMALES ASCENDING.
The LADY is probably OUR HOLY LADY who has a lot to do with Purgatory – she is the one Saint I know goes there regularly, with or without partnership with mortals. I believe there are certain people who, when they have a ministry to Purgatory while living, will be allowed to continue this ministry after ascending into Heaven. I hope to be one of those souls.
The BLACK COVER on the cake is saying it’s not quite that time but will be very soon.)*

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