By Rasa Von Werder, February 8th, 2021




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   2-8-21 The Interlopers-Love With Movie Star


Strange dream. I’m in my bedroom at the old farm house, gazing out the window toward the Oak, but it also looks like the front yard of my house here, in the area which would be on the right facing the house. We had for some reason dug a large, deep hole here for our convenience, the ground inside is medium brown color.

But lo & behold, some interlopers were driving by & saw the hole & decided to use it as their own dumping place like stuff from a garage, old rusty huge set of pipes like in a square shape, old rusty machines, all kinds old rusty things. They start dumping what they had with them, then they bring another pickup with the square pipes mentioned. Somehow it all fits, the hole is about 10 or more feet deep, once they start dumping looks wider & deeper than it was.

There’s a male friend to my right – we’re both outraged. I go outside & confront them in an angry manner.

They are a strange sort of people – passive. It’s like family, women, men, children. I walk behind their cars & paraphernalia, I see one of the women has a purse, golden in color, just like my key purse. I take it & throw it toward the hole, but it falls to the edge – the woman is on a setee, she doesn’t react. None of them reacts to anything I say, they just continue what they are doing.

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*(PASSIVE PEOPLE, USING A GREAT HOLE I DUG TO DISCARD ALL THEIR RUSTY OLD THINGS: This sounds like Souls in Purgatory for whom I have provided a place to remove from themselves what is not needed. It is a cleansing – cleaning house, garage, attic, of old, worn out things. It’s the things held on to in the past, now they are LETTING GO. This is a cleansing of the mind/soul – not a physical place, but the ATTACHMENT TO THINGS.

The large square shaped metal piping looks like a headboard – ATTACHMENT TO SEX.

None of them reacts to me because they feel I have provided an avenue for them to be cleansed – the Holy Mass – so it’s MY DOING that helps them let go, so what am I getting upset about? I think my being upset is just a way of illustrating the point.

The GOLDEN PURSE of one woman is her attachment to money, which is not completely let go of – it could be saying I am not completely detached from it as well , as it looks like my purse, I’m throwing it, but it only reaches the edge, not completely discarded.)*

Then there were in the ‘front’ of their entourage, several black males, the husbands. One of them is big & healthy, is sitting there, comfortably reading a book or papers. I take my boot, which has a super thick black sole with deep ridges {the ridges like an inch or more thick}, & push it up against his white shirt like I’m going to knock him down. He barely reacts, just looks at me, does nothing.

*(BIG BLACK HUSBAND, NO REACTION TO MY BOOT ON THE SHIRT: His reading gives me a hint that the articles I did of how to fight cancer were an act of charity & it’s affecting the Souls as well as those on earth.)*

I go inside my house & there is a long table & the four women of the house, plus their children, are sitting at the table waiting for me to feed them! My feeling is these people are totally DESTITUTE.

*(PEOPLE AT TABLE WAITING FOR ME TO FEED THEM, DESTITUTE: For sure, Souls in Purgatory waiting for the Holy Mass.)*

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They had one of their children staring at me naked, I was lying on my back on the floor – the child just stared & stared. I did not like it & put an end to it.

*(CHILD STARING: What does this mean Mother God?
She: A child is lost, looking for its Mother, wondering if you could be her. Again, your reactions of displeasure her are just to make a point.)*

And I see food being put on the table, there are some ‘cutlets’ of meat I had made, like ground meat with rice or something in oval shapes, sort of pointed at the ends, with some kind of veggies, I see them on the edge of the table, the women collecting this to eat. I don’t know why the men are absent.

*(MEN ABSENT, WOMEN THERE: Not sure why those at table going to be fed are the women & children, not the men this time. Could be just as it is.)*

My first thought is that these are either people reacting to my article on curing cancer or they are Souls in Purgatory.

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Then there was this male movie star who suddenly takes a great liking to me. He’s super handsome, like a young Tony Curtis, only he’s on the blonde side.

He takes me in his arms right under my breasts – he’s in love with my breasts & picks me up that way to hold me close. We’re doing sex, I believe he’s had his orgasm but I keep going, he still holds me & doesn’t go away like most men would. I notice he has a yellow powder covering spots on his body, I think of turmeric, a healthful herb.

Then, I want to turn to his face & want to kiss his lips – they are beautiful & very curvy & pouty. I’m slightly nervous if he’ll allow me, as sometimes men don’t want to kiss on the lips, but he allows it & participates, & the kissing is beautiful. It’s a blissful experience. this might be a Soul in Purgatory.

*(MOVIE STAR SOUL, SO BEAUTIFUL, TURMERIC ON HIS BODY: My guess is that this is a male Soul who has become beautiful with Grace. You being this intimate is transmission of Grace, & he will ascend into Heaven, he has been filled with True Love, this isn’t sex, where the man runs off or turns around & goes to sleep when he’s finished. This man behaves in a loving manner, which indicates spiritual love, he gives it back to you after you gave it to him, he has probably ascended into Heaven. Mark your calendar,
“Male Soul ascends.”)*

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This is amazing. I am in a room at a large table, & on the other side of the table sits a man that I come to realize is my ex-lover Bob.

He has sort of a large, blocky brown head, like squarish. His head is bald, the top of it like a plateau. His eyes, the right eye is smaller than the left & is cloudy, like he’s blind. His face is UGLY. The expression on his face is one of stupidity also.

There’s a friend to my right, a man, & I say to him,

“I loved him so, I would have done ALMOST ANYTHING for him.”

*(MEANING: I have 100% gotten over the DESIRE for my ex – I am FREE. I felt this in the last days, that he means nothing to me, my life has moved on & it’s such a wonderful feeling TO BE FREE.

Buddha said that the origin of all suffering is DESIRE. I know it’s desire for someone, something outside ourselves, not a desire for God but for other things – & this desire for Bob CONSUMED ME, obsessed me, & God knew it would, & now I am over it. It took YEARS. And if it is meant to be that we are together, I will be in complete control, because it is desire that makes one blind & weak & able to be USED – as one will give anything to be with him they desire. But if you don’t desire, you tell him what to do & he either does it or takes a walk. You take no flak from someone you don’t desire. And they know it. If you are WEAK WITH DESIRE they take advantage of you, they use you. They do whatever they want. They know they won’t lose you – so they are spoiled. In order for you to have control, they must believe they can lose you & they have to tow the line, so they tow the line or lose you. And you don’t care you don’t grieve. But if they want & need you, they are the ones afraid, they are the ones who grieve.

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What is his UGLINESS? The eyes show he is at least HALF BLIND in his understanding.
Beauty is spiritual beauty, he has none. I now see the inside rather than the outside, which had me mesmerized & he took advantage of me.
The tone of his skin is DARKNESS, NOT BRIGHTNESS as one of God’s Light.
The big square head is BLOCK HEAD. What is that? Some sort of STUBBORNESS in his ignorance. Like HE WON’T CALL ME no matter how he grieves, he waits for me to chase him like before. {This won’t happen, I am through.}
The PLATEAU on top of his head is? He’s come to a plateau in his thoughts, neither up or down, just standing still. Not moving ahead, reaching a plateau & STAYING THERE.
The BALDNESS is insanity. He has had some sort of breakdown regarding us & can no longer function toward our relationship.
The TABLE he is sitting at facing me, is he wants to be fed or receive nourishment from me, but the table is empty. He brings nothing to it & I present him with nothing. I just repudiate him, can’t believe how much I loved this unworthy man, so ugly inside.)*

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