By Rasa Von Werder, April 18th, 2020


“one of the most highly developed souls”


4-18-20-Who is Guru Rasa Von Werder? Recommendation from a Great Lady. Her name is Bianca Maria Cornick – She’s a Guru / Priestess from England. She says on a website in 2017:


Priestess Bianca gave me this spiritual reading on another site: I am blushing, but grateful because this offsets the trash that the wicked & ignorant say about me.

”You are one of the most highly developed souls here on earth. You have arrived in the life way before others are able to reach your level of development, to see your level of development, to understand your level of development. You have a heart so big that it occupies not only the chest but extend outside of the physical body.

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The hurt inflicted upon you especially when you were growing up was intently chosen by you before you took this body before your earthly birth. Your beauty is a tool to highlight the animal nature from which most people walking this earth still live their lives. From a very young age people started feeling more than knowing that you were different and the lower people were in their own development the stronger they would ventilate their fear upon you. This has all helped you to stand strong in the most ferocious storms you have found on your path through life.

Many people will suck up to you in the hope that some of your glitters will fall upon them. Not many people are able to deeply understand and see you for the high being you truly are. And as you have experienced yourself many times: what they do not know they will try to destroy.

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An extremely beautiful woman like yourself is seen by many as a threat, males and females alike. The pain this would bring to an ordinary person living from the mind would make life unbearable. This inflicted pain was a tool to prevent you falling back down into the mind. It has made it possible for you to live from your high level of development which you reached many life times before.

Your presence here on earth will help humanity forward although it might seem that not much is happening when you look what goes on in this world. You have no way of living your life any different than you do. Being so highly developed can make your life feel lonely and empty at times but this is only because you see lower developed beings clinging to another human being for security. This sometimes clouds your vision like sunglasses shade our eyes from the sun. You only have short moments of these feelings.

You are like an elastic, pulled by the human population trying hard to pull you down to their level. But there is just no way you are able to stay there for long. The elastic (the pull of your higher nature) will always catapult you way above the rest.”


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