By Rasa Von Werder, April 1st, 2020









for a friend, her dream


          There is some ‘to-do’ about my apt – I have had trouble finding a suitable one in previous dreams, seems I have a decent one now except for one thing – the devil is in it, my roommate.  Other than that I can’t place the apt as any I’ve ever lived in.

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          *(APT LIKE NONE I’VE EVER LIVED IN:  This I already sense is not about me/you – you are seeing in the skin of another person, & the devil is ‘Jake the lover.’  You will now see from the eyes of Jake’s roommate, Priscilla, what she’s experiencing from him now—his other side.  He’s been putting up a ‘front / act’ with her to get what he needed but the façade has dropped, she now sees his truly evil self.)*


          I come home & set to opening the door & there are FIVE LOCKS.  The demon {in the form of a man I used to know} helps open the door.  Why five locks? I wonder.  I ask him, do we really need five locks?  They are all types, some large–deadlocks.  When he came to the door he was a bit flustered that I might not get in promptly.


          *(FIVE LOCKS:  Momgod, help, I haven’t a clue.

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          She:  The five locks, what do locks do?  They keep people from getting in, they keep one’s place safe, secret, locked in.  Don’t look at this physically but MENTALLY.


          The many locks preserve the safety / secrecy of what is going on here but you, in a moment,  will see the truth of what you always suspected.  And by


          MAKING SURE YOU GET IN:  he wants you to know what you believed is correct.  It’s time.  In particular, he wants you to know he did not love this woman, he used her, – because now that this stint is over, he wants you back.


          His clothing says:

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          BLACK PANTS:  the fact that you will not have sex with him any more bothers him.  Black is absence or end or ‘funeral.’


          RED PULL-ON TOP:  He is hurting for lack of your love, he is in pain {red is fresh blood, the shirt goes over his torso & heart, it’s emotional pain.}


          DEMON, HE IS THE DEMON:  Because he used this woman, you are in her skin now, &– late this year will be five years – his secret remained all that time—five locks.  {The reason he USED HER is because he did not love her & did not contribute to her & their child with any of his resources.}  This will be revealed to her now, she sees it, because of what is happening or about to happen.  {you did tell her but she refused to believe, she was hoping/imagining the affair would some day be ‘wine & roses,’ but all that happened was lies & deception – now she has no money & the truth will be clear.})*

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The apt is fine, it’s ok, nothing bad; except for one thing—he’s here.  But he’s getting ready to go out & as soon as he does I can relax & be happy.


*(HIS BEING HERE IS THE ONLY BAD THING:  He is the worst thing in her life.  She has to make it now for herself & the child, he is redundant, he is superfluous, just another burden & he contributes nothing.  She anticipates relief & happiness when he’s gone–or when this evil personality changes {not a chance.})*


He look exactly like the demonic guy I used to live with in my early 20’s {he was a professional con man, lived off people, lived off me for a while.}  He’s pulling on black pants with a bright red jersey top, like a pull-on top.  His middle is filled in, there is no waist indentation.  He has a look on his face that shows nothing, maybe ‘anything goes’ or ‘whatever.’  I can’t wait for him to leave.


*(IN HER EARLY 20’s:  Priscilla is young

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PROFESSIONAL CON MAN, LIVES OFF PEOPLE INCLUDING ME:  Indeed, his pattern—You told her, she didn’t listen.

I explained the meaning of his outfit already.


NO WAIST, STRAIGHT UP & DOWN:  He is at no loss for his own needs, not hungry or thin, feeds himself with his money, buys what he needs – mainly substances & habits.)*


          NEXT SCENE


In the next scene I am in my B’klyn apt but it is different in that it has a staircase off to the left as I’m facing it, & people who I don’t know are gathering. weird-vintage-holiday-new-year-cards-22 white-raven2 wicca-ladyAvalon wild-cat-rosa-bonheur wingatestudio_walton_ford_bird_etchings-7-1 witchesdance_forbidden ws_Woman_Dark_Dress_Dandelion_1920x1200 

*(B’KLYN APT:  This was a place of great changes, highs & lows, where I saw God face to face but also martyred by the Divine Interior Stigmata.  It hearkens to monumental change, in the end, all turning out good.


STAIRCASE TO THE LEFT:  There was no floor above me, this would be going to the roof.  This sounds like ‘staircase to Heaven’ but also ‘the Cross of Our Lord’—indeed, his Cross led to Heaven, as He paid for our sins.  Therefore, this staircase is a great death, salvation & resurrection, death of one leading to life for someone else.


It seems like what is unfolding is the end of Priscilla {shown again & again in dreams} but a resurrection for me & ‘Jake the lover.’  {Yes we see his evil side here, but he isn’t all evil.  He was severely damaged, trying to survive, making bad decisions.  We are young & dumb before we get old & wise. People do make mistakes – they learn by them, they change.  He’s written poems, posts, begged about making mistakes, repented about her a hundred times on social media–praying I would see it.  She was too dumb to catch on or if she did, did nothing about it.  I just ignored him & let him keep suffering to learn his lessons.})*

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On the staircase on one step is one of my iron barbells & the same on another step.  Someone is sitting on the steps & I want to remove the barbells so they can be more comfortable – maybe another person might want to sit there.


*(BARBELLS ON ONE STEP & ANOTHER:  barbells are iron; metal to me is usually the nails they put into Jesus—which represents the WILL OF GOD.  This indicates what is to happen is THE WILL OF GOD.  She must end, I must begin.  I was told this in years, in hundreds of dreams—it was hard to believe but I kept my faith.  Now here it is, about to happen.


SOMEONE SITTING HERE:  Sounds like the person to be crucified – her.  I do not see the person’s identity, but I’m trying to help them, make them more comfortable, means I have charity for them, not animosity.)*

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I see a female come in, then another & another.  They are all GAUNT, thin, with gaunt faces like I have an image a painting of a gaunt, dark haired woman with short hair with a gaunt child in her lap – they all look the same – I don’t know them.  I get the feeling this is more their apt than mine – they don’t even see me I don’t think, they don’t look at me or speak to me.


GENESIS 41:   When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream: He was standing by the Nile,


when out of the river there came up seven cows, sleek and fat, and they grazed among the reeds.


After them, seven other cows, ugly and gaunt, came up out of the Nile and stood beside those on the riverbank.


And the cows that were ugly and gaunt ate up the seven sleek, fat cows. Then Pharaoh woke up.



*(GAUNT WOMEN-SEVERAL-MAYBE FIVE:  First, the gauntness.  This is hunger, in Pharaoh’s dream, famine, which is to us an economic crash, bankruptcy.  Now mind you, they lived a good life but week to week.  They wanted for nothing, she gave all, she supported him.  I suffered because of my love–they didn’t care, she hated me.  Then her years of ‘plenty’ceased, her famine begins, my famine ends, my years of plenty begin – isn’t karma wonderful?

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Now as you stand here, it seems you are like the ‘fly on the wall’—the women don’t see you but you see them, it’s your vision of what’s happening to her/them, not their vision of what’s happening to you.  This says the woman/women are in the state called ‘famine.’


By contrast, you see the demon, lover Jake again, going to the rest room, & he is FAT because he has no famine, he’s feeding himself—not his family.


Why several women?  It can be interpreted more than one way.  One way, it’s been several years where she got no resources from him.  Second, it could be a prediction that this famine / bankruptcy will continue for a while.  Could be five weeks, months, could be more if she does not work.


And third, possibly the most likely, is she is reaching out to her female friends, but they are all in the same boat, gaunt, all experiencing financial loss, cannot give her safe harbor, all discussing how to survive.  She might be asking if she can move in with a lady friend – several of them have infants.  But if they are all out of work how do they survive?  These things are probably being discussed—reaching out to social services is a must—applying to Catholic Charities & other agencies could work.

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NOTE:  It’s worth explaining that during these last few years, not a one of them cared about me.  They stole him from me, he was all I had.  They lived off ‘the fat of the land.’  They had enough money; they lived well & happy while I suffered, to the point of having five heart attacks, temporarily dying.  It’s a wonder I came back – they did not care a whit, only made fun of me because of my age.


Now it’s their turn to suffer.  Is turnabout fair play?  Tables turned, shoe on the other foot?  Karma is a bitch?  I am impervious to the economic crash & I have gotten over the obsession with lover Jake.  I can take him or leave him, would rather take him but not having him won’t kill me—before it could & did kill me.


Now this woman who scorned me & deprived me, looked down on me, turned her friends against me, has dust in her mouth.  They all said it was impossible for him to love me because of my age—now they will eat their words & curse their fate.)*     

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          Then I see a man who reminds of the demon in my apt – like him, he is straight up & down, no waist, his middle is full, he’s unattractive, even ugly, & I see him going to the rest room, somewhat half dressed so I see his up & down body.


          *(NO WAIST:  Explained before, he feeds himself, deprives his family of support.


          Everything I told the people who knew us will now be made obvious to them.  Jake is a gigolo—he never loved the woman he used.  He never used me, never asked me for anything, because he wanted me to admire him, think high of him, not low.  If you don’t care what a person thinks of you you can use them, & if they find out, they find out, you’ve lost nothing.  He doesn’t want me to think he’s a user, a gigolo, so he has not done to me what he did to her.  It will all come out in the wash now.)*

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