By Rasa Von Werder, March 30th, 2020




Dream interpreted for a friend



                     I am in a bank when John & his friend walk in & through it & both go to the rest room area—somehow although I’m standing right there, they don’t see me. The area they go into is behind a door where both the men’s & women’s rooms are, I believe, & I’m waiting for them to come out & see me—but they never come out.


          The layout of the bank is completely PLAIN & so is my outfit. The room of it is about 40-60’ long & maybe 15-20’ wide. The teller is in front behind a waist-high partition. Everything is PLAIN. There is NOTHING in the long room, nothing on the walls – it’s all light colored & that is it.


          *(BANK: Place where money is.


LONG ROOM: shape, length of room is like a hall or a tunnel.  Notice in this dream, the room is a symbol of a TUNNEL & when John walks through this tunnel–which is darkness & limitation–he doesn’t see THE LIGHT.  But when he enters the rest room, I open the door, there is THE LIGHT.  He-his mind-is closed, fettered until THE END OF THE TUNNEL & only then does he understand that THIS WOMAN IS THE ANSWER.


PLAIN: everything is plain means it is ‘plain as day,’ not ‘complicated’, easy to see, simple, easy to understand.)*


          I’m sort of pacing back & forth. I have on a pure white turtleneck top & dark, maybe black fitted pants. My body is thin & shapely, I have on a nice plain bra, I look good.

In my hands are two things, one, my PURSE which I always carry & two, a spade or hoe {I was messing with these tools yesterday} that is about 1.5’ long & is POINTED.





WHITE TOP: I am or should be John’s WIFE who will put a roof over his head. The turtleneck & long sleeves means I am completely covered or protected from his hurting me by using me for sex—as I won’t let him have it any more.

BLACK PANTS: not give him sex {or support, money} unless he is with me. {black as in absence or funeral} and I’m in possession of money–


PURSE: possession of money, which I always ‘carry,’ means I always have it, &


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SPADE, HOE for GARDENING: this tool is for digging a garden, planting, harvesting, increasing food, resources. It’s a symbol here of INCREASING MONEY. The fact that this is


POINTED: refers to it’s power, effectiveness, like a knife or a tooth, being pointed can GET THROUGH, PIERCE, PENETRATE, where one needs to go or ‘take a bite out of life’. Literally, this spade pierces through the earth to prepare for planting or to take out weeds, but what it stands for is my effectiveness in GAINING MONEY.


BRA, BREASTS: refers to love, the love I have for John.


Everything here is plain to see, obvious, but John walked through here without seeing me which means he did not see what I represent – the remedy to his woes.

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PACING BACK & FORTH: frustrated, tired of waiting for him to see me –means this situation–that I can help him in this time of need {if we were together}.)*


          I walk, pace, back & forth waiting for John to come out & see me. Finally I open the door in the back to see the area of the rest rooms & all I see is LOTS OF LIGHT coming in through a huge window back there—like daylight, that is it, don’t see John & friend, as if they disappeared. I ponder; did they find a back door there & leave? But then I think that’s not possible, the bank would not have that sort of arrangement as someone could rob the bank & escape easily that way.


          *(LIGHT STREAMING IN LIKE DAYLIGHT: This is the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ which means what, MomGod? Because I see it, but I don’t see him & the friend here, pondering if he left by a back door.


          MomGod: No, he did not leave out the back door as you suspected or feared because THERE IS NO BACK DOOR TO A BANK.

e0cf91060f448f72df9b2c3b13a8491c Edmund Blair Leighton Historical Genre English 1852-1922 5 stars [] Abelard and his Pupil Heloise enid-and-geraint-rowland-wheelwright f179cae808aa0ad42b6546ec2ab98011--victorian-paintings-vintage-paintings

          BACK DOOR: Escape route, usually represents a secret way of getting into or out of a place or situation {back door lover, doing business ‘back door}. He has no hidden, secret way of getting out of his FINANCIAL CRISIS. A bank is ‘iron clad’ as far as escape routes – there’s only one way in or out, through the front.


          Me: Then the Light streaming in here,


          LIGHT, AT END OF TUNNEL: A ‘tunnel’ means RESTRICTED, hemmed in, limited, but seeing a light at the end is being saved from something, reprieved, or great hope of it—in this dream it refers to financial salvation, saved from poverty or bankruptcy. John & his friend went to the back to the


          REST ROOM AREA: ‘place of rest or relief’ – getting rid of things you don’t want & need, taking a bath or shower, getting clean, brushing teeth—represents hygiene, cleansing & relief–he was looking for REST & RELIEF money wise because THIS IS IN A BANK.

Farm-Scene-with-Horses-John-Frederick-Herring-Sr-Oil-Painting giandomenico-tiepolo-minuet-in-villa_u-l-ppbagc0 Hampel-68243001 horses-eating-from-a-manger-with-pigs-and-chickens-in-a-farmyard-john-frederick-herring-jr John_Frederick_Herring_HEJ009 la_belle_dame 

For John, this is the ‘end of the line’ or ‘tunnel,’ he’s in a bank searching for answers – in the dream he doesn’t see you, there is no back door or escape route, but where he went is {as you open the door} flooded with light like


DAYLIGHT, FLOODING IN LIKE: Seeing ‘daylight’ mean becoming aware. Night, darkness, is when you can’t see, but daylight is when all is revealed—you see & understand the situation.


John went here & he did not leave. He SAW THIS LIGHT, this truth, that you are the answer to his dilemma.


Me: But MomGod I did not see John & his friend back here, why not? And who is his FRIEND?

unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unwritten-tale-by-melissa-nucera wicca-ladyAvalon ws_Woman_Dark_Dress_Dandelion_1920x1200

It wasn’t necessary, you saw where he went, where he ended up & there was no other way {back door}—he has no escape route from where he is except you.


FRIEND: The only friend he has is his Guardian Angel, the rest of his friends are demonics, or if not demonics just ordinary people who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. It is his guardian angel, to whom you’ve prayed hundreds of times, who’s showing him this vision.)*


{NOTE: This has been predicted for years, but none of us knew how it would transpire. One of my channelers said,

‘He will come to you where he has no place else to go.’

Another psychic said

ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL, Monna Vanna, 1866 the-courtship-celestial-images the-golden-knight-and-his-lady-daniel-eskridge tumblr_n3k8p6InKJ1soh31po1_500 unnamed (1) 

‘Before he comes to you he has to hit rock bottom.’

None of us knew what rock bottom was.


It’s never been ‘just sex’ I wanted him for – I desired a relationship, I told him so. But he beguiled me for sex while he gave a relationship to someone else. This female he presented on social media as his mate – I got no recognition; he even stopped saying ‘I love you-I want to marry you’ which he did the first few years to me & in front of others. Some people didn’t even believe we were having sex. It hurt, so finally, through some supernatural power I stopped it & then the thing that had also been predicted for years came true, what the Light said was,


“The tables will be turned. He will chase you as you chased him.”

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His chase was like ‘guerrilla warfare,’ shooting messages on social media that could be taken more than one way. I knew they were about me, to me, confessions, apologies, regrets, requests, provocations—all to let me know he wanted me, missed me, was sorry & desperate, but he did not do the ONE THING        necessary – call me on the phone, like a man, not a mouse, tell me he loved me & wanted to see me, tell me he was planning, preparing for our relationship, that he’d leave the fake one he’d been with for years – a liaison based on partying & popularity—this one crucial thing HE DID NOT DO.


But God works in MYSTERIOUS WAYS. None of us figured on this Pandemic & economic crash. I even asked God if She did this entire crash for me, to bring him to his knees—I asked her as a joke, it seemed so convenient for ME.  I was impervious to the crash, but for him it was ‘no more roof over my head.’


This dream explains how God or karma has brought him where he always needed to be but failed to do so instead of listening to God, he obeyed the world, the flesh & the devil. He listened to family & friends who are not of God, may of whom are addicted—some are criminals—some have traumatized him—they tempted him like demons suggesting a bad road, he was deceived, then trapped.}

horses-eating-from-a-manger-with-pigs-and-chickens-in-a-farmyard-john-frederick-herring-jr la_belle_dame lady-of-the-lake-shanina-conway large Lempertz-1046-16-Paintings-and-Drawings-15th-19th-C-German-School-mid-18th-century-A-Courtship-in-the-Park

For years I prayed, did exorcisms for him, said Masses—sent him love for which I got DEMONS bouncing at me. This work exhausted my mind & body. I felt it was finished & LET GO. But how, when, would he ever get out of his situation, that he was entrenched in for YEARS? I could not figure it out, it perplexed my tired brain. I knew he loved me, but WHEN?


Enter the economic catastrophe – something none of us expected. The frail thread that held him & the other female has broken, it was not love, but her support that kept him there—no more support—the place she worked has shut down & when it reopens it might not provide for her–the house of cards is about to collapse.


Interpreted for a friend.


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