By Rasa Von Werder, March 9th, 2021





3-8-21–LOVER brings bouquets-Creepy Family-Mom-bro & Marius-ugh-

other female & a dog with the guys-shitting men


I’m in a nice large room between two much-padded beds {white comforters} with bright white sheets all over them.  Across from me on the other bed, while I’m here on this one – I’m standing, arms outstretched like fixing sheets – he sits facing me & we speak to one another.

We are NEGOTIATING on what’s next.  It seems the idea is for us to be together, but he is uncertain & says,

“But how will this be FUNDED?”

I say,
“No matter what I tell you people, they don’t get it:  I AM RICH.  I will support us.”

maria_104 maria_105 maria_106 maria_107

He is elated & in the next scene he appears with 3 BOUQUETS OF FLOWERS for me.  One, the closest, is in a pot, a bush with delicate sparse leaves, mint green, & it has only one blossom, which is a dark magenta, like a trumpet flower, not as big.

*(POTTED FLOWER, CLOSEST TO ME:  This is step one of our Union – my vagina being unavailable to him – dark magenta is painful or absence, dark is kin to black which is absence, red is in magenta which is suffering, there’s a touch of purple also which is long-suffering.  This ONE FLOWER similar to the trumpet flowers where hummingbirds collect nectar, is the ONE VAGINA he cannot have but the one he wants.  Being CLOSEST TO ME is what is happening NOW.
Being only one is I am special, he can have numerous females, but I am the one he wants, so being faithful will be second nature.)*

Then in his arms he carried a huge amount of IRISES.  One part of the bouquet is 4′ across & 2′ deep, the other part, it turns a corner & maybe 2′ more, same width.  They are delicate, light green leaves, all next to one another, hundreds of them, pretty delicate flowers.  As he holds them he has his back to me & they are pointing slightly away.

*(POINTING SLIGHTLY AWAY:   This is the NEXT STEP or PHASE of us being together.  The first bouquet was absence – the second is the beginning of being together & represents increments of time like days, weeks, months.

anna_100 anna_101 anna_102 anna_103 anna_104 anna_105 anna_106 anna_107

This is a LONG TIME & the time together will be all that is good according to the fleur de lis – it symbolizes all good.

IRIS – FLEUR DELIS:    Through this legend the fleur-de-lis came to symbolize LIFE, PERFECTION & PURITY. “

“Most people may think it is the iris. However, in French, it is called “fleur-de-lis” or “fleur-de-lys,” meaning “flower of the lily.” Even the golden emblem of fleur-de-lis looks like a three-petal lily.”

The Lily is a Wedding Anniversary Symbol

We all know the thirtieth wedding anniversary stone is pearl; however lilies are often the flower that is associated with the 30th wedding anniversary also.

The symbol has rich religious & spiritual meaning

Allegedly, the fleur de lis also represents the Holy Trinity in the Church. The three petals of the design reflect this, with the band at the bottom symbolizing Mary. Until about the 1300’s, the fleur de lis were found in many depictions of Jesus.

The symbol is a Scouts symbol

mariamyst05 mariamyst07 mariamyst08 mariamyst09 mariamyst10 mystmag 004

The fleur de lis is the main element of the logo of most Scouting organizations because it represents a major theme for the organization: the outdoors and the wilderness, and it represents the three-fold Scout promise.”

ME:   Mother God, give a concise analysis of this as it spreads far & wide.

MOTHER GOD:    OK, the synopsis is you refuse him sex & this forces him to own up to a relationship.  He is in a pickle as far as finances, you bail him out of that because you can support him – he is overjoyed you have the means & the will.  He then surrenders himself & its long term, until you die.

  Oh yes, the first bouquet, which is NOW, the one blossom is NEAR YOU & POINTS TO YOU.   But the second huge bouquet, he has his back to you & the blossoms point away, because it PREDICTS THE FUTURE – the here, the will happen later bouquets.

 annamyst01 annamyst02 annamyst03 athenamyst01 athenamyst02 AutumnLucienLevyDhurmer autumnmyst01 autumnmyst02
You don’t know when exactly your time will end – that is the final bouquet of death.

You vaguely see it as bushes of dry branches with no leaves or flowers, so you are GONE.  No more relationship on earth.  See below.)*

Beyond that bouquet is a third one which I CANNOT SEE but know it’s there.  He was OVERJOYED that I could & would TAKE CARE OF HIM FINANCIALLY, that makes us being together possible.


There is something here at my house.  Tomorrow is the day Mom died, so I guess she appears to me for that occasion.

First, I am in the house with Marius Bernotas, her lover that she left Dad for.  At first it’s innocent, but he says something that is inappropriate, luckily someone else comes into the room & he doesn’t get a chance to go any further.  {Vaguely, I see a tic tac toe game with the symbols – most of the ‘equals’ symbol.}

I tell someone,
“I wouldn’t want to be alone with him.”

mystmag 006 mystmag 011 mystmag 012 scapular silence the_gust_of_wind

*(WOULDN’T WANT TO BE ALONE WITH HIM:   This shows a side of Marius you never saw – that he could be dangerous.  You saw what he did to the helpless animals.  Apply this to humans who would be vulnerable.  {He kicked our pregnant cat Mitzi in real life & almost killed her – all her babies were still born.}  He also beat the pregnant cow with a chain, then an iron bar.  He also tethered her in the barn so she could only move a foot, had to stay standing up all night.  She cried & cried.  I was 9 yrs old.  I tried to untie her but he had so many knots I couldn’t do it.  All I could do was give her fruit to calm her down.  Then he chased a female member of our family – who was harassing him – with a kitchen knife, & that was the end of him.})*

I have never seen him so sinister before, he always seemed like a pitiful clown to me & I respect him for the hard work.  But looking back I don’t respect him for betrayal of my Dad.  {But Dad should have known.} And I certainly despise his cruelty to animals – a mark of a weakling who cannot control his own negative feelings.)*

Then the rooms get busier, it changes into clutter & lots of people.  It seems I am moving & everyone is helping.

 A small woman in dark printed clothing is sitting at a little table where my large bed in the living room is, against the window to the right, except I see no window.  Across from her is a young female relative that has not spoken to me for over 40 years.

L'Eden L'Eden2 mariamyst02 mariamyst03 mothermaidencrone mystmag 001 mystmag 002 mystmag 003 mystmag 005

Over to the left is my large luxury bathroom.  They – not sure who – have stripped it down, the bathtub & all furniture is gone – the walls have a partition in the middle & seem bare & unattractive,  the bottom of the wall is a vanilla partition with marking of stuff moved, the top might be pink.

*(BATHROOM STRIPPED CLEAN:   Bathrooms are places of privacy, cleanliness, removing one’s wastes, taking a bath, hygiene, maybe fixing one’s makeup or shaving.  This could be called a room where you ‘recover’ & ‘get ready’ for the day.

These two men here who are DESECRATING MY PRIVACY & COMFORT are not only INVASIVE but SADISTIC because while they do their desecration – which they assume no one will know about because these rugs will be DISCARDED – they are LAUGHING.  I ask Mother God to help on that.

MOTHER GOD:   It showed they took PLEASURE or SADISTIC THRILLS shitting on you – symbolically through your rugs.  Your red runner is your pain.  He thought it FUNNY to ridicule, humiliate & degrade you.  And this shows Marius had the same spirit – which YOU NEVER KNEW as he never did anything to you but this hints that he did not have the chance, he would have had he had the opportunity.

mystmag 007 mystmag 008 mystmag 009 mystmag 010 mystmag 013 mystmagballet Priestess redheadedhighprestess

There was also an image of a GOLDEN DOG that seemed to come in through the window here, hovering in the air. This could have been a LOVING SENSE OR REVELATION FROM GOD {animals are usually senses} of WHAT IS GOING ON HERE – THE TRUTH.  See below.)*

There are two rugs here that are runners, which will be DISCARDED.  My brother is here & because the rugs will be trashed, he thinks he can do anything to them – any desecration.  He gleefully then stoops over one rug, that seems to be hovering in the air – it’s red, & take a HUGE SHIT, sort of laughing while he does it.  Then Marius does the exactly same thing over the other runner.

I complain about this to the small woman, saying to her, it’s not that they just shitted on my rugs, they laughed while doing it.

She gets defensive.  This is perhaps the first message I have ever gotten from this woman – my mother – since her death in 1979.  Within this appearance & her words, I get a feeling of her being stupid & a lowlife.  And since that younger female relative sits across her, she would be in agreement & in collusion with brother & Marius, puts them all as ‘birds of a feather.’  {Which is nothing to be proud of as I know Mom & bro are in the lower place of Heaven.  So it seems Marius could be in a similar place & other female on her way there.}

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She says to me,
“Marius had a 10″ penis.  There was NO WOMAN WHO EVER COMPLAINED ABOUT HIM.”

*(SHE JUSTIFIES MARIUS BECAUSE OF HIS PENIS:   What does this mean, Mother God?  Surely do I take this literally?

MOTHER GOD:  This dream gives a revelation, which means that these four people are in agreement – that they are spiritual underlings, not developed at all.  The feelings from them are ugly & sinister, dark & even demonic.  Obviously the demonic has been left behind, but it was present on earth.

She’s taken issue with your criticism of Marius, & justifying her choice of him, but the choices of a lowlife are not blessed.)*

We are then standing in this same living room & she makes statements about me that are impertinent.  She asks this & that, I answer – it’s vague.  Then I say,

“My business was not doing sex.”

7 8 9 22gold2 22summ4

*(MY BUSINESS WAS NOT DOING SEX:   She is fighting back against your explaining what a monster she was & the only thing she can think of is accusing you of being a prostitute, selling sex, so you say that was not your business.  This baffles me, Mother God, as I find it hard to believe that she is so low-minded & low acting in Heaven.  Can you explain?

MOTHER GOD:   She is still twisted & confused, compared to the Light where you are.  She is far lower than being a saint, she made it to Heaven but still not clear of her illusions, delusions & feelings.  They aren’t sinful but compared to a saint, her stature is that of an insect.  So that’s how an insect thinks & feels.

ME:   Wow, that makes me feel uncomfortable as I was always so respectful to Mom on earth, even though she abused me.  It was she who said of herself  ‘I was a monster,’ it was not my words.  And it was someone of God who told me she & Jim were the spiritual size of insects, so I disclaim responsibility as it creeps me out.

smallact smallauto smallfbb smallmatri smallpub

MOTHER GOD:   Don’t be afraid of sinning against them, you are simply stating the truth.)*

She asks something about when I did not use condoms, did my vagina itch?  Does it itch when you don’t use them?

*(RE VAGINA WITHOUT CONDOMS ITCHING:   This is the same woman who got her fat friend to call me, age 15, still a virgin, & say the boy I was seeing was spreading porno videos of him & me, & he saw one of them, etc.  She orchestrated it & was gleefully sitting in the next room listening.  And so, this is her level & I guess she did not go from that low of a life to saintly stature in Heaven, she is still a novice.  I have learned here that those who go to Heaven do not automatically acquire the character of Jesus Christ or the Holy Virgin.)*

I’m at a loss for words, as this is not where my mind is at.  I tell her,

 “Whatever you think of me, I am a woman of God, God is the center of my life.”

That basically ends the communication.
This meeting is ugly.  I can see why God has not been orchestrating contacts with her.

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