By Rasa Von Werder, May 31st, 2020
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Four dreams. One shows the results of a huge forgiveness yesterday. The other shows my lover has greatly evolved spiritually, he’s leaving his present female & loves me truly. Fourth dream again underscores his evolution.




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          I’m in a place where there are two small boys – like 5-6 years old. They seem to be somehow ‘bundled up’ in clothing & their bodies seem ‘round’ like cocoons, the cloth they are in is soft & medium-dark, many layers.


          The family of the boys is all around, we are on a platform of sorts. I put out my hand to them to shake – somehow my hand is huge, like a cradle. But they cannot shake my hand, & I then realize it’s not a Muslim custom—they are Muslims & restricted in many actions compared to us.

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          *(MUSLIMS: Not sure if this is literally referring to Muslim devotees I have had or these are devotees of different religions than Christian that I am being reconciled with.


          HAND OUT LIKE CRADLE: My hand is offered to them is my LOVE – the love OF A MOTHER offers someone a CRADLE OF COMFORT.


          BUNDLED LIKE COCOONS: These are people who have not yet possibly been BORN AGAIN, they have not turned into butterflies, are still the chrysalis, the bug in the cocoon before they are released. The many

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          LAYERS surrounding them, like swaddling clothes, are the layers of the world & flesh, consisting of thoughts, feelings & connections to it. This must be broken through to get BORN AGAIN.)*


          One of the boys says to me,


          “I just want to hug you & kiss you.”


          Somehow they are not allowed to hug & kiss me, but I hug them anyway. One of them places his hand on my left breast. I know it’s the gesture of an innocent child, but I must take his hand off because someone might accuse me of a wrong.

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          *(HUG THEM, ONE PUTS HAND ON BREAST: As a result of my prayers, these ‘backslidden’ disciples have reached out to me– after I reached out to them in love {without realizing it} & indeed, they are innocent children of God. They want & need a real Mother’s love.)*


          Then something happens. I do a demonstration. I ascend into the air so high – like 100, 200, 500’. At that level I come upon a Heavenly or God-made frame for a building, the frame is made of very thick planks. This might be like a ‘resting place’ for me high up here.


          Amazingly, several women ascend into the air with me – they are spiritually advanced. Some of them go up halfway but can’t go higher & descend.

 ai9yoqd1jmzz amBRoD2_460s Anna Nicole Anna_Nicole_Smith_4

          One woman is interesting – I think I knew her in life, she’s gleeful to ascend with me high up. She’s thin, her face & body has creases, not wrinkles, like striated, I think she wears red, a revealing summer dress. She is beaming with joy that she could ascend with me, but then she sinks back down after about 300’—but I was impressed that these women rose into the Heavenly realms with me. It’s the first time in my life I’ve had such an incident – never had anyone rise with me before.


          I wanted to impress or do this demonstration for the Muslim family, but unfortunately, when I come back down – they are all gone. They might not have seen me ascend at all. I wanted to show them my spiritual power.


         *(THEY ARE GONE: My ‘Muslim’ disciples are now gone, they no longer see or receive my spiritual power—even though we are forgiven both ways for our breakups. Forgiveness & love does not always unite us with those we have parted from.)*


          MEANING: This is a result of the prayers I did last night. One of my friends hurt me & made me angry. I was saying the law of karma will get her back.


          Then I decided to forgive her. I didn’t feel like it but I said a righteous prayer that should be remembered:


          “It is my will that the person who hurt me will be forgiven, as if she never hurt me at all. I want no punishment or bad karma to come against her because of me. Count her ‘not guilty.’

jayne_mansfield Jayne_Mansfield_Playgirl_after_Dark jayne-mansfield-and-her-husband-mickey-hargitay-at-a-film-premier-circa-1960-file-reference-33536-318tha-PMB540 Jayne-Mansfield-Hollywood-legend-cover-girl-death-821291 

          I then proceeded as I do periodically to forgive anyone/everyone who ever hurt me & added to that I accept from anyone I ever hurt their forgiveness.”


          I repeated this prayer many times before I fell asleep, & this is the result. There was reconciliation with people – sharing of love, the blocks of un-forgiveness being removed.


          The Muslims—my hand extended to them like a cradle is the CRADLE OF LOVE & these two guys FEEL LOVE FOR ME LIKE SONS FOR THEIR MOM—they might be former disciples.


         The females, the main one could have been the one I forgave. She rose up with me partway – she has suffered greatly in the last ten years & it’s brought her much closer to God. If this is her, my prayer made her extremely happy.


          What was the huge-beamed foundation high up in the sky? Perhaps my home that God has started to build. Since only these planks were up this might be a sign saying I do have some time left to live. I’m not always certain as I’ve had heart trouble & been sick lately – always think death could be around the corner when I’m sick – so God might be reassuring me.

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Jayne Mansfield, Pam Grier & myself (in our prime) are to me the ideal bodies.  Anna Nicole Smith was next after that, the implants spoil some of it as the first three are ‘natural’ – but of course Anna’s face was really pretty.  I would default Anna on legs, they were not as perfect as Jayne’s & mine. We had/have ‘Betty Grable legs,’ they must be STRAIGHT.  Both Jane & I had/have thin, firm, small thighs & straight legs with beautiful feet.  Yes I have seen images of her feet, mine are beautiful also. Below, look at Betty Grable’s legs:

57e75304e9ebf__betty-grable 65bfa636c079f6f53d6dae2b504d71ed

Betty Grable's Legs


Upon further study ANITA EKBERG stands out, with everything gorgeous including legs, straight legs.  Betty Grable was most famous for her legs, the rest of her body is not outstanding, but thin & lovely.  Her legs more or less ‘cut the standard,’ in that they are thin but SHAPELY, not toothpicks.  Of course there have been & are numerous all over the world – Hollywood, everywhere – women with terrific bodies, good legs, but I’m speaking of the ones I’m most familiar with {famous women I can get pictures of} & I include the legs as an important measure of perfection–there are many women with great bodies like Anna Nicole Smith, but their legs are not as perfect  as the ‘Betty Grable’ model.  Below, see Anita Ekberg:




With implants today many women have great breasts, so that’s an advantage.  In the old days they didn’t have much except nasal surgery & I suspect stars like Marlene Dietrich {also known for her legs} & Mae West had beautiful noses by surgery.  Zsa Zsa & Eva Gabor had their noses fixed {& their sis who isn’t famous, & their Mom.  I met the surgeon who did the Mom.} 

Below the legs of Marlene Dietrich.  Look at her small, tight thighs, the straightness but curviness of the legs.  Toothpicks are not sexy:

the-blue-angel-aka-der-blaue-engel-marlene-dietrich-1930_a-G-14713547-4985769-1 tumblr_ot7neaHVL31wv4iwso1_1280







          I was sitting some place with my bare legs up on something, doing something with them—don’t know what, when this super handsome, sexy muscular boy Perry comes up to me out of nowhere, from the right side, & he is madly attracted to me.


          *(PERRY: This glamorous boy has always rejected me – have known him for years. For him to suddenly change his mind & desire me like this is simply an indication of the lover coming to his senses.)*


          This takes me by surprise as he’s never liked me before & rejects me when I try to get friendly.

kelliebw21 leo-genn-jayne-mansfield-karlheinz-bohm-too-hot-to-handle-1960-BPA0EJ leo-genn-jayne-mansfield-too-hot-to-handle-1960-BPA0DC 

          He embraces & kisses me numerous times, it gets more & more intimate. He has some sort of black hair growing on is it his legs? That is so thick, it’s like curly fur, long, curls on the end, sleek & shiny, & I have the exact same hair on my legs he takes note. He says something about it & I say,


          *(THICK BLACK CURLY HAIR ON LEGS: This is a great & sure sign of spiritual growth {the hair} with mystical ability to travel or get some through energy or metaphysical. LEGS mean the strength of that, hair would mean the extra growth there or evolution. This is extreme growth – part of it is 6” long & as thick & glossy as fur, jet black.


          This hair shows an amazing increase in lover’s spiritual growth—he’s become like me, that is why in the other dream he appears as my son & devoted disciple. He has merged into me, I into him the way the new disciple, Shiva, says he wants to merge with me. {This happens with gurus & their disciples.})*

 main-qimg-e9f8dc7c9849329381c88d2b3a3a29b4 mskelliefbb01 (1) mskelliefbb02

          “But I don’t have that type hair on my vagina any more – half of it has turned grey.”


          *(NO MORE ON VAGINA: No more sex or I’ve been celibate.)*


          We go back to kissing & there are some special kind of kisses I give him on his face, like licking his face a certain way, which finally the public notices, & when they do, they interfere. People don’t want him to be with me, like it’s outrageous or a scandal.


          *(SCANDAL: Not sure if this is the past, how they bothered him, or the present if he’s telling anyone about me. It’s in their minds for sure.)*


          Can’t recall what happens except we did not like their attitude


T_Isis_Celestial_Card T_Bastet_ShadowClaw_Card T_Awilix_Gold_Card T_Awilix_ESports_Card 

5-29-20-NEW DISCIPLE-SON STRUGGLES TO LEAVE A FEMALE (This represents the diehard lover, the new disciple is but a symbol)


          I first thought this was about my new disciple who appears often as a nice guy with black glasses {he’s newly devoted to me as a spiritual son, you might say ‘obsessed’ in a good way} – & I was unable to type it out, but am recording it now as it’s about my lover.


          *(SPIRITUAL SON: This is your lover in the persona of this new disciple, who is devoted, to show that the lover now realizes he is your spiritual son, you his mother, & something will happen today to indicate he wants to come to you soon—you are not aware of this event at the time of dreaming, it’s psychic.)*

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          I see this man with the black rimmed glasses & he’s living in my bedroom at the old farm house. I see a silver vase with plants in the window, sort of tucked into the curtains; I see & feel the familiarity of that home.


          The vase might mean something. It’s in the shape of a V, thin, I had not attended to it for a long time & felt what was in it might be dead for lack of water. It’s kind of attached to the ‘curtain,’ not standing by itself, in the front window. Inside are like soft thick-leafed plants, don’t know what kind.


          *(THE VASE: You bet it’s significant. The V shape first of all is


          V: for ‘VICTORY.’ Second, it’s position

        250px-T_Bastet_Default_Card 250px-SkinArt_Serqet_Default 250px-SkinArt_Isis_Default 250px-SkinArt_Hera_Default 

          IN THE WINDOW: This is a ‘window of opportunity’ which means an improvement, a chance or change for something better, it ends a previous relationship, here shown as ‘Gina’ & him, & will begin yours.


          A CURTAIN, ATTACHED TO: In between two curtains, attached, this opportunity or chance is attached or connected– curtains, it signifies the end of this other relationship, as when a play, an act, a show is over, it’s ‘curtains.’ When someone leaves you it’s ‘curtains.


          GINA: Was a model who was demon-possessed & also mentally ill. I did exorcisms & removed her demons, but could not help with the mental illness. I think she went crazy from having abortions every year.


          This model represents his relationship which this dream says he’s leaving. Why, could be anyone’s guess. Is she like Gina? Was she, is she crazy, possessed? Is she pregnant & wants an abortion?


          The vase being SILVER is a sign of the permanent relationship of myself & lover.


          The fact that it’s still filled with WATER, the PLANTS are alive, means the permanent relationship is still going to be, the water is life or grace, the plants are also the life of the two people in the affair – him & me.)*        


There’s a bed here covered with a black satin sheet with dust & tiny debri on it. ‘Gina’ – who lives here with that male – he’s leaving – tries to make him stay, but this guy I watch him getting into his car below the window – it’s black, & he says to her,

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*(GUY LEAVING: is your lover leaving the other lady.

He removed some of her details off social media today.


BLACK CAR: Funeral car, end of the relationship.


BED WITH BLACK SHEET: End of their sex life, either already ended or is ending now.)*


          “I have to go to work.”


          *(HAVE TO GO TO WORK: My inner sense was this was an excuse, he wanted to leave & used work as his reason. But he might not come back.)*






 1507560679-3924309607 856313505_1320522 843386625_25210 345007004a67c9e55656f11bbd1d3697

          This dream I sense foretells the amazing improvement of my lover in his evolution, growth & attitude.


          I see a large insect like which I saved recently, like a dragonfly—the one I saved was tiny—this one is huge, maybe 6” or bigger, just like the tiny one.


          Next in my hands is a BIRD, as if the insect turned into a bird.


          Next I see this same creature turn into one of my most intimate dogs, a black terrier I named Baby – & she is standing on a shelf where I have the ‘family photo albums.’


          MEANING: This is the transition of my LOVER who when I first met him & dated him, he was a huge BUG or a person of LOW EVOLUTION. People like that of course ‘bug you’ a lot – they are troublesome, & he was.

7100272_6d995 6902571eed41e0c19ca3dc66d31de000 6192257_c46c8 5990324_a4f3d 

          Years have gone by. Next my lover turns into A BIRD. That means he’s FREE or BORN AGAIN. He can fly, he is free of the confines of limited time & space.


          Next he becomes my most intimate dog – Baby – who I found as a stray – she would sit in my lap in the car for hours while we drove back & forth to the city – 4 hours at a time.


          This says that my lover, in his heart & mind, is now my BABY or child, & has surrendered to me in love. There is no PHYSICAL indication of this – this just says what he is INSIDE.


          If these dreams reflect the truth he’s had a remarkable evolution. And this isn’t just about me – my flesh. It’s how he relates to the God within me – as I was sent to save him—the way Jesus was sent to save many of us. How we relate to our Guru is how we relate to God.

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