Healing Friend of Cancer

By Rasa Von Werder, February 5th, 2021


Dream explains Jesus & Mary are healing my friend of cancer with the

Eucharist – Padre Pio has come from Heaven specifically to heal my friend –

Other Great Graces are given through the Holy Eucharist


 2-4-21- Doctors-Herbs-A Saint

Friends: When I put these symbols *( )* means the explanation is here. The rest is the dream.

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Found out yesterday someone I care about has cancer. Discussed herbal remedies with her, reviewed Dr. Schulze’s book, also collected images of Angels, Jesus & his Wounds, Holy Mary & Saints.

In my dream there were two doctors whom I went to see, both are young & attractive. The second one was special & I was with him a longer time – there was a lady with him, a doctor also, & she loved this man but I also fell in love with him.

The first one was sitting behind a desk with a white wall behind him, his head hair & maybe some facial hair was ginger. We GAZED at each other, something went between us.

*(GINGER MAN against a white wall, we exchange a gaze: This could be the husband of my friend, the white says ‘marriage’ – ‘against a wall’ is like ‘the end of my rope’ or ‘what do I do.’ And so the husband of the friend & I exchange feelings & thoughts of concern – even though we did not speak. The husband’s hair has some red tone to it.)*

Then I’m close to this other doctor & as I relate to him, stare at him he gets more & more beautiful. I finally have the guts to tell him he’s beautiful, but nervous that I’m being too forward. Then I’m kissing him, especially his forearm, like love making – don’t know why. I seem to be in a hospital, then I’m checking out. It’s Friday & the lady tells me to come back on Monday.


*(HOSPITAL: Apparently I have approached Jesus & Mary for healing for my friend, but I stand in PROXY for her in this dream – like I’m the one getting the healing. What Jesus & Mary give us is their Grace, their love & their Body & Blood.
The BEAUTIFUL DOCTOR: is JESUS HIMSELF here attending to us, giving us Grace.)*

She gives me a shopping bag full of greens. They are like ‘air plants,’ the leaves being so fluffy, thin, almost weightless, & the entire bag is full of them.

*(GREENS, AIRY, SHOPPING BAG FULL: Dreams usually are not literal, & so, although we discussed herbs & I’m going to step up my pace & use more of them, this is not herbs but the HEALING POWER OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST. I said the Mass for my lady friend to help her deal with the cancer, the LADY is HOLY MARY. When I say the Mass I invoke the Body & Blood of both Jesus & Mary – as Jesus was all her Blood, her genetics – no man’s. She created him, She gave him to us, She suffered with him equally, She sacrificed him for us. And so to me they are equals. The bag full of ‘airy greens’ is the large amount of healing Grace within the Holy Eucharist.)*

There are also other items in the shopping bag to take home that they gave me. They are all light & airy, one item seems like a black rectangular paper. Another is like oval silver toned, about 7″ in diameter, like a large ring.

There were two other items the Great Lady told me to take home, both of them were BUSTIERS, mine, & the second one belonged to a man who was in this hospital. Mine had pretty pastel colors like mint green, & what had to be washed or scrubbed was under the arms – not much, a small amount. But the other bustier was covered in white lace, had large breast cups & a bigger size but near the straps & underarms was quite dirty & she told me to scrub it well & return these. My immediate thought was ‘lymph glands must clean the body.’

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*(BLACK RECTANGULAR PAPER & LARGE SILVER RING: The black paper could be the end of something – a relationship. The ring signifies permanence, could be a prediction of Lover Joe & I getting back together. {He is seen at the end of the dream.} And so if it’s about that, then the black rectangle could be saying it will be the end of his wife & him – which of course is good for me. And so this ‘taking gifts away from the hospital,’ in one bag or on the one hand, there’s healing, in another bag, a good prediction for Joe & myself.)*

At one point the lady doctor was speaking animatedly with the male – they seem to be in love or she very much with him, & I’m sitting between them in love with him, & she talks on paying no notice to me – we are all facing a large window to the outside which is bright.

*(LARGE WINDOW FACING TO A BRIGHT OUTSIDE portends a bright future. The way she’s speaking so animatedly seems to say good times are coming. This is probably the cancer of the lady being cured, it could mean other good things as well, as shown in the bags I was given to take away.

JESUS IS THE DOCTOR, HOLY MARY WITH HIM. My being between them, in love with him, haha, is of course I’m devoted to Jesus.

THE TWO BUSTIERS, ONE BELONGING TO ME, ONE TO A MALE FRIEND, THE MALE’S IS DIRTIER: This female bustier might belong to my friend as this is a PROXY dream more so than one about just me. It might be saying she needs a small amount of spiritual cleansing. I am supposed to do that, how? The Holy Mass, how else?

The second bustier has to do with my ex lover, who without my knowing, has become the recipient of Grace here as well. This bustier is a MARRIAGE GARMENT. It could be marriage to me or God or both, as I come to him sent by God, to save him. And this is saying he has some pretty bad dirt – in the dream I recall thinking, ‘He was really dirty when he put this garment on.’ And how do I do that? The Holy Eucharist no doubt will cleanse him as well, & prayers, although I no longer pray for him, I pray for the entire world, & he could partake of that.)*

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I was in the arms of the doctor I love looking through a glass {a large indoor picture window} to the other side when I see Pavarotti. I’m in love with him also – I hope my doc isn’t jealous. I wave to Pavarotti, he had to come here for some business, & also blow kisses to him. He waves to me affectionately.

Then Pavarotti is leaving & I must give him a worshipful good bye. There’s a landing on this staircase, he goes there on his way down, so I go there also, excusing myself from my doc for a minute.

I bow down to this man to say good bye just like Muslims do in temple, on my knees & face. {My humility/devotion is noticed, it’s so extreme it’s almost embarrassing}. He – to my surprise – does the same to me. He’s wearing a soft fleece medium brown cape, which covers his entire body when he bows, & he has a matching hat, like a large, loose beret, same material, & it has some sort of embroidered insignia on it, like a yellow & dark blue fleur de lis. {Reminds me of a Boy Scout symbol.} Maybe the cape has this as well. His clothing covers everything as he bows, his head, hair & neck as well as his body.

*(PAVAROTTI, ANOTHER MAN, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLASS, I’M IN LOVE WITH: This must be a great Saint, but who? Aha, could be the BROWN gives it away, soft brown, fleecy could be Padre Pio of the Franciscan order – who bore the Holy Divine Stigmata for 50 years!

He being here is a GREAT PORTENT for my friend being healed by him!

The sign of the FLEUR DE LIS:

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***”The symbol is a legend in itself – a lasting emblem of royalty, power, honor, grandeur, faith and unity. It is written that an angel descended from heaven with the Holy Ampulla in the shape of a fleur-de-lis when King Clovis of France was proclaimed. It thus signified the French kings’ direct link to God.***”

It is a symbol of Faith, Wisdom & Chivalry. And it’s the Boy Scout insignia, so I got it right! I used to be a Girl Scout myself !

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The fleur de lis is a symbol of great God Power – Oneness with God, Union. Padre Pio certainly had that & I’ve been devoted to him since I can recall, & he appears to me from time to time with Great Graces. Long ago, the first time – it was 1977 – he appeared with his Divine Smell! It was like tobacco & incense with a Heavenly perfume. Here I prayed for a successful return to the Catholic Church, & he facilitated it! {I dallied outside the CC on other paths for 8 years or more.}
He also appeared to give me a BREASTPLATE. Can’t say exactly what that means. Could be he gave me protection, like the ‘armor of God – breastplate of righteousness.’
My bowing so low to him where it’s almost ‘embarrassing’ I believe represents MARTYRDOM, as portrayed or achieved in the Stigmata, mine being INTERIOR.

People DON’T BELIEVE in my Stigmata because it’s invisible, even thought I explain it. There were many Saints who are known & believed to have it ‘interiorly’: St. Gertrude the Great, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Catherine of Sienna {it appeared visibly on her body after her death} & in recent times, my Lithuanian homie, St. Faustina.

But of course, people don’t believe I’m a saint because I was in the adult trade, & a great sinner, haha. How could it be? And certainly don’t have any stigmata, equal to the likes of St. Francis of Assisi & St. Padre Pio! {Most people don’t understand anything about Divine Stigmata, only scholars of the Church understand it in part, they believe what they see with their eyes & no more.}

But, aha, St. Padre Pio prostrates himself equally to me as I to him, which is saying, it seems,
“I acknowledge that you have the Divine Stigmata & are a martyr of God just as I was.”
This is an UNBELIEVABLE revelation & grace, of the confirmation of this, by this great saint!
The doctor who I am in the arms of is Jesus Christ. Why I happen to be IN HIS ARMS is also a symbol as in Jan. 1978 Jesus said to me,

“I promise you that you will die in my arms.”

This then could be saying ‘You are a martyr in my arms! I am holding you!’

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Here I ‘excuse myself’ for a moment to worshipfully say bye to St. Padre Pio. He being ‘behind the glass’ is being in Heaven while on this side is earth. This shows Jesus being WITH ME ON EARTH, HOLDING ME IN HIS ARMS, I AM ONE WITH HIM! And Holy Mary is here on this side also, ministering with me! They are PRESENT IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST on earth.

Why is St. Padre Pio going DOWNSTAIRS? Doesn’t that seem odd, going lower from Heaven? It is a propitious sign, it is saying HE CAME HERE IN ANSWER TO MY PRAYER & HE IS DESCENDING TO EARTH TO HEAL MY FRIEND!

I said he was here on some kind of business in the hospital – & it is the business of healing!
I now take note that St. Padre Pio was a FANATIC on saying the Holy Mass – his lasted at least two hours!)*

Now it’s time to go home after the hospital intending to return on Monday. Here I see there were two other men there with me, also on their way home. One I can’t recall details on, he was full-bodied, the second I remember.

*(RETURN ON MONDAY: Might be saying ‘keep saying the Holy Mass’ – that is the return to ‘the hospital.’)*

He was tall & thin, gaunt face, dark hair indented at the middle of his head flowing to the shoulder, wearing a camel-colored {goldeny} jacket fitted at the waist, casual, the waist clasped but it opens to the chest & below the waist. {This is a vague.}

He left ahead of me, glanced back toward me – was there a reproach or a question in his glance? He went around something to the right & stepped on broken square posts – the ends raggedy – which were lying on debris. These posts are the same color as his jacket, the debris underneath, in piles, is dark. I at first followed him that way, then stopped & tried another path which I thought was easier & safer, but then went back to his & it was OK, you could balance yourself on those posts without falling into the debris.

images (12) images (13) images (14) images (15) images (16) images (17) images (18) images (19)

*(TWO MEN WERE IN THE HOSPITAL SAME TIME I WAS THERE, THE FIRST I CAN’T RECALL BUT THE SECOND I DO: These would be two men who BENEFITTED from the Holy Eucharist same as I & my friend did.

One’s identity I don’t know, he could be a living person or a Soul in Purgatory, but the second sounds like my EX-LOVER JOE.

This dream expresses, for the thousandth time, he still LOVES ME & is BROKEN HEARTED. He looks back at me in reproach because he’s asking WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?
Look at the path we’re walking on, I follow him, I stop, then get back on it. It’s one of BROKENNESS, a broken pile of debris, with broken posts on top you can balance on. These top posts remind me of THE CROSS. The posts are pulled apart, not neatly cut, so the ends are RAGGEDY which shows a PULLING that is not neat & clean but messy & painful, like one’s limbs pulled out. They are also GOLDENY like his GOLDENY JACKET, which means LOVE – we were pulled apart in a bad way – according to him – our love truncated. My following him first, then going another way is I suffered also, then stopped, but now on the same path of suffering {I’m not conscious of suffering about him any more but dreams often show unconscious feelings, so maybe I am.}

His being tall, THIN & GAUNT is a ‘hungry’ person, one impoverished, needing something, in this case, emotional, spiritual love from me. He can have sex with many women & does – but they aren’t me, they don’t satisfy his heart & soul.)*

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