By Rasa Von Werder, January 18th, 2020



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        This dream exemplifies what ‘Leela’ or ‘Lila’ is as a state of Yoga.


        I am somewhere in the back yard someplace which has wide fields behind the house. Someone has brought in a motorcycle & I decide to ride it.


        I get on it & away I go, fast, through the fields. It feels Heavenly, a smooth ride, not a care in the world, totally free & happy. The fields are hard, very little growth to interfere; the greenery is sparse.

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        I return to the precincts of the house & as I examine the motorcycle, it seems different parts of it are falling apart, not the engine – that part’s fine, but the parts of the handlebars & the seat, I have to fix & adjust, they are made of ‘ticky tacky,’ more like a child’s toy than an adult cycle.


        I also notice then the puddles. They aren’t dirty, they’re clear, they’re shallow, but I ask someone is it ok for the motorcycle to get wet?


        I also worried if I was authorized to take the cycle out, as it wasn’t mine, & I want to go out with it again, vaguely see that I do but these concerns are on my mind.


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MEANING:   This dream explains Leela, which you prayed for last night – how we experience God Consciousness when still on earth.


        When you first use the motorcycle & dash away, you have no worries, fears or concerns on your mind. You’re seeing the big picture, the joy of the ride, which is having faith, hope & happiness.


Piloty II, Ferdinand , 1828-1895; 'Hamlet', Act IV, Scene 5, Ophelia Washington-Allston-Classical-Landscape Waterfall Goddess where_elven_folk_dwell_by_inertiak-d1xl0ma Gainsborough, Thomas; Romantic Landscape; Romantic Landscape with Sheep at a Spring

        But when a person falls down to the minutiae of life – the details of things not right, the worries & fears, they lose that big picture & their bliss or joy, then God isn’t in their consciousness.


        You see all the worries, fears, like the puddles, do you have the right to use this thing? That ends joy & bliss.



 Wahrsagerin_18_Jh Wallpaper-HD-Camaleon-Some-lizards-change-color-very-quickly-1920x1200 war

In this dream I have a cardboard box open in front of me. To the right seems food wrapped up, but in the open box to the left is a parcel that makes me uncomfortable.


        It’s round, covered in a sort of shiny silver material, it’s about 8” in diameter, the paper on it is folded behind it. The front has the Leaves of Victory—laurel leaves in green, a pic of a garland over the top & the bottom, with writing on it. I try to read the writing but can’t.

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        What makes me uncomfortable is I believe this parcel has the remains of a person inside – somehow condensed. I keep thinking, keep trying to read, keep thinking & being uncomfortable.


        MEANING: A SOUL HAS ASCENDED! The food on the right is the way by which this soul ascended: The Holy Eucharist, the Food of the Body & Blood of Jesus & Mary, which you’ve been celebrating.

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        The way the body of the ascended soul is represented has two clues: First, the writing on it – you don’t know who it is, but the laurel leaves of victory tell you there’s been a major victory here. And silver to you has the meaning of permanence or ‘forever.’ Whoopee!







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