By Rasa Von Werder, April 25th, 2020







          There was something to do with my appearing / performing. I was on a street looking through night clubs when finally it focused down to one place. There was a club just opened, & it seemed to be just for me to perform—this is such a privilege.


          I go there & look in a window. Is it big, small? Is it ordinary, because how great could I be, that they open up a club just for me?


          *(PERFORMING IN A CLUB MADE JUST FOR ME: This is a message to me that will be delivered by Holy Mary, concerning the Mass I am saying daily again. She wants to encourage me, she will tell me it works & they (She, Jesus I presume) are pleased.)&

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          Inside I see like three rooms joined into one. There seem to be somehow large beds,{Queen sized}, covered in red covers. Where is the stage? Where are the seats?


          *(BEDS, TWO LARGE WITH RED COVERS: This represents ‘The Body & Blood of Jesus & Mary’—the way I say their Mass. It’s as if they were ‘in bed’ or died their Holy Deaths, covered in ‘blood’ seen as the red of the covers.)*



          I see chairs & tables vaguely. Someone says to me,


          “I can deal with this except for the stage.”


          *(THE STAGE: We are honoring the Death Jesus freely accepted, his Crucifixion, & the participation of Holy Mary which was equal. The stage or how it happened was horrific, someone is saying they ‘could not deal with it.’)*


          I was wondering if the stage was small – I have worked in places where it was like 4’X5’ – like a postage stamp you might say – for someone like me who moves around a lot that’s not comfortable. I look & think I see a table with the rim like an ‘octagon’ with a pretty blue stripe design around the edge {like a mosaic tile design, Moroccan} & it has some chairs by it, maybe silver. Could this be the stage? The entire place is an L shape like my house. But I MUST PREPARE.

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          *(THE STAGE: Is no more than a table. It’s just a medium size kitchen table covered in tiles – the dream refers to tiles.)*


          I have no idea why, but when I prepare I go in with a strong cleaner – like Ajax scouring powder. I take an off-white old rag, cover it with the cleaner & am scouring the back of a refrigerator where there is so much old dry muck-—I have to go over plastic ridges to get it off & it comes off. I worked all over this contraption, front & back, now am on the back.


          A LADY COMES IN to see how I’m doing. I show her my hands, covered in grayish powdery film –


          “My hands should not look like this,”


          *(CLEANING WITH STRONG SCOUR POWDER: This is cleaning Souls in Purgatory – what the Holy Mass does. I am holding the Blood of Jesus & Mary in the ‘martini glass’ in my hand – it is the actual Cleanser – his & her Blood they shed, I now invoke, consume, they receive it. It cleans OLD SINS.

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          MY HANDS SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE THIS: These are innocent hands invoking Jesus & Mary’s Grace, as if the sins or effects of sins or on my or their hands, & they do the cleaning. My hands should not look like this could mean – I am not a sinner, but I see the effect of sins on ‘my hands’ as if I did it – but it’s on Jesus & Mary’s hands, as if They did it. They stand in for the sinner & cleanse their sins.


          REFRIGERATOR: Is like ‘cold storage’ of sins – they have been there a long time, like ‘cold cases’ of criminals. Here I was cleaning the front, now the back. The back looks like a plastic off-white screen I have on both sides of my attic – a ventilation system. Sins are also forgotten or stored


          IN THE ATTICS of the minds & memories of our lives – we have forgotten them but the karma is still there.)*


          I then notice that she or someone has given me a nice complimentary drink – it looks like water but it’s a cocktail, in a MARTINI GLASS & I’m balancing it in one hand & I guess taking sips while I continue cleaning.

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          *(MARTINI GLASS, holding in one hand, sipping from: This is the KEY to the dream. One you have the KEY it all FALLS INTO PLACE – you know the meaning of the dream, therefore you can deduct the rest of the symbols, it’s easy. This glass is the GLASS I DO THE MASS WITH, WHICH HOLDS WATER, WHICH TURNS INTO THE BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS & MARY. So I instantly know this is about my performing the Holy Mass!)*


          Later this lady who is PREPARING FOR ME TO PERFORM is writing a list on a piece of paper for what I need – I am the star – somehow GREATLY PRIVILEGED – she apparently is going to put materials onto the couches-one of which on I rest in between shows, & ask me what kind of material I want for my couch. What a question, I think. I mean what could I say? Cotton? What kind material? Oh yes,




          I tell her, thinking of a red velvet bed cover I have from long ago – it won’t hurt her, since she has all these materials, to do the velvet instead of another material.


          *(MATERIAL ON MY COUCH HOLY MARY WILL COVER: She / They are honoring me similar to themselves, as a martyr. Like they have beds with red covers, She gives me my couch, where I rest, with a red cover, like I’m one of them. What an honor!)*


          What amazes me is how these people, whoever they are, have prepared a club just for me to star in. It isn’t huge or fancy, but it’s comfortable & accommodates a decent amount of people. I would say 50 could fit, {around the beds, which take up a lot of room!} Good enough! I am so privileged!

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          *(CAN ACCOMMODATE PEOPLE, MAYBE SQUEEZE IN 50: Here Holy Mary is encouraging me not to give up or think of my Mass as trivial. It’s not a huge Cathedral with hundreds of people getting Holy Communion, but it’s my house, my own premises, that Jesus & Mary appear & give themselves to a good number of Souls. She is so kind to encourage me, saying Souls are being helped!)*


          Earlier I had ecstatic experiences of myself dancing with & kissing & making love with men, but can’t recall details. I know these are Souls. Since many years ago I have had such dreams – even of picking up men as a prostitute, taking them some place & having ECSTATIC LOVE. At first I didn’t understand what it meant – but after a while realized it was the transmission of God’s Love from me to Souls in Purgatory & they apparently were lifted into Heaven – thereby the Ecstasy for both of us.


          People should think twice about their ecstatic sex dreams – it could be spiritual love. My disciples, both male & female, have such dreams with me all the time. I tell them not to be ashamed – sometimes they fear telling me the dreams.

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