By Rasa Von Werder, March 16th, 2020

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2-16-17-I DIE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS – Dream, Vision interpreted &








(‘Like’ Jesus in terms of similarity, not saying ‘as great’ as He.)


I had two dreams in particular that explain this phenomenon, which I have never experienced as I have never physically died before. Yes, I have seen God “face to face” but I more alive than being on earth. This time I literally, physically died and “went to the other side,” but I have no memory of tunnels or people like relatives “waiting for me”, just dreams which explained what had happened. I will try and cut them short as they are long and tedious and I don’t have the patience or time to write it all out.


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In this dream/vision I was called to perform. First I was told to do a comedy act. I did it but then searched for the door for the strippers as I had to change into what I really do.

*(PERFORM: An activity, sometimes public, where one does something, in this case, for the benefit of others. In other dreams it might mean for one’s own benefit, but when you perform ‘on stage’ it means for others.


COMEDY ACT, FIRST: In this dream, it means ‘laugh, smile, be happy, even though you die. It’s for the benefit of others.


DOOR FOR STRIPPERS: It says in this dream ‘what I specialize in’–& what would that be?–my ministry to Purgatory. Yes, I am a dancer, the ‘Stripper for God,’ I gave many sermons before I danced, counseled men between shows, & spoke of God to the media, but compared to this, it’s a small number of people. The great number of people I minister to ARE THE DEAD.)*

There were two audiences in this club. On the stage you could turn one way or the other. On one side were about fifty people, on the other, many thousands, and the audience were a few feet down.



*(AUDIENCE, 50 PEOPLE VS THOUSANDS: On earth I am reaching scant few during this time, in this dream, but in Purgatory I am by this action or ‘performance’ reaching thousands. It refers to my heart attack, quickie death & resurrection or return.)*

After I danced to the small audience I walked down to the lower, and I am not wearing the black sequin gown I saw in my arms, it’s a beautiful light blue diaphanous one – it flows to the floor.


*(DRESS, BLACK SEQUINS AT FIRST, NOW WEAR A DIAPHANOUS LIGHT BLUE: The black sequins say ‘you died, it’s your funeral. But now you appear in the beauty of God – light blue is a spiritual color associated with Our Blessed Mother.)*


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I “parade” in front of this huge audience who are on my right, and I show off my right breast. Under my breast I am holding a small white table top. On top of my breast hangs a necklace which is just one oval, white pearls in the middle and light green or mint pearls around it.


*(NECKLACE, OVAL, WHITE PEARLS IN MIDDLE, LIGHT GREEN AROUND, ON MY BREAST: Jewels are Gifts, Graces, Awards & Anointings. I am here displaying some sort of gift which is associated with WISDOM & LOVE as pearls are wisdom, & it’s on my breast, which means love. I am showing my love/grace to these souls – transmitting it to them, they are seeing it & presumably receiving the goodness of this grace.

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*(TABLE, SMALL WHITE UNDER BREAST: An altar like an altar for the Holy Mass. My life due to love is sacrificed for others.)*

I see one female looking at me in wonder, her eyebrows up and her mouth open like “wow.”


*(WOW-FEMALE LOOKING IN WONDER: A female soul in Purgatory is entranced by what she sees & receives in this grace. Perhaps she is a symbol for them all.)*

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Prior to this I was carrying the black sequin gown and accessories. This represents MY FUNERAL or DEATH. I “died” from multiple heart attacks according to this.

{In real life indeed I went to the hospital & after many exams they found I had several heart attacks but did not know how many—they told me they try to figure by the enzymes in the blood, but it’s not an ‘exact science.’ My opinion, out of the fifteen ‘extreme anxiety attacks’ I had five of them were actually the heart.”}

I appear to one audience on one side – the earth – but now I have turned to “the other side” which is “a few feet lower” or Souls in Purgatory, their bodies being “a few feet under ground.”

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My breast I am showing off represents MY LOVE. I died “out of Love” the way Jesus did. Had Jesus’ not died out of love, his crucifixion would have been like any other normal death – but it was SACRED, a great martyrdom (even though he was taken out of the tomb three days later, revived and healed according to the BBC documentary, ‘Jesus in Kashmir’.)

The table top – white – under my breast signifies ALTAR. The oval jewel on top of breast says, “this is a Sacrament…- a Eucharist, your Sacred “Body and Blood” or the grace thereof, you are showing to these many souls, and they are being helped by this. They are in wonderment at what you have done. You have died for love and they benefited.

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2 16 17     I DIE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS!!!!!


It’s a tradition in my family that when we dream of the Pope, someone is about to die or in this case, has died. (We dread such dreams.)


(There is a rock in my kitchen that I found – highly unusual. It’s round with a circumference of 8.5” and has what I call “hieroglyphics” all over it. It’s like a “message.” The color is mottled dark brown with medium brown. This rock will be mentioned)

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I am in a place in a balcony where Pope Pius XII is sitting on some kind of chair and below him are thousands of people who admire him.


*(POPE PIUS XII IN A CHAIR HIGH UP: He stands in for Jesus – It’s ‘The chair of Peter’– This will be to fulfill a promise Jesus made to me in Jan 1978—‘I promise that you will die in my arms.’


BALCONY: Pedestal, place where one is seen.

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BELOW HIM THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO ADMIRE HIM: Both he & Jesus himself whom he represents are greatly admired.)*


I’m in this balcony near him, later I see my Mom and brother seated next to each other right at the edge, with the Pope maybe ten feet beyond on a sort of “stage”. They are in dim light, as it would be in a movie theater, the audience is darkened, the stage is lit. The Pope is in a very bright light as he’s the center of attraction; the “spotlight” is on him.


          *(MOM & BROTHER WATCHING FROM DIM LIGHT NEAR THE POPE: These two were my enemies in life but they made it to Heaven. For some reason God has permitted them to be present at my death – it says they are ‘on the edge’ near him.

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ON THE EDGE: In this dream could mean they are on the ‘edge’ of Heaven or  its margins not in a high place like the saints—or else it could mean they were on edge about my moving toward death & dying, probably the former, not the latter—as I don’t think they were concerned about me.


          My question to MomGod: Mother these two were the bane of my youth. Both were cruel & cold hearted—bro was this way mostly because Mom wanted him to. Why on earth are they there at my death & why are they the only ones? I mean I have my grandmother & my Dad who loved me could have been there. I sort of resent their presence here at this Sacred time.


          MomGod: It was because they did not love you God put them there & made them watch the Holy Reception you received from Jesus. They wanted to believe you had no value & led others to believe so, but here they were shown your great spiritual development, that you died in the arms of Jesus–& there could be no greater death. This informed, & corrected their sick concept of you, it educated them, it might have shamed them.)*

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The Pope had BREAD IN HIS HANDS and he fumbles it or drops it and I jump to his area to help, (as it’s really bad to drop bread, it’s like the Eucharist). The bread turns into the rock/ball I described and it falls kind of behind the Pope.


*(BREAD IN HIS HANDS, fumbles it & drops it: This is my body which falls & dies, as if by the hands of Jesus. It’s compared to the Eucharist in this dream.


          ROCK/BALL WITH HIEROGLYPHICS: This is my body which has been marked / anointed by God, it’s like a message written on my body. The message could say ‘she works for God, she’s sent by God, this is her message, etc.’)*

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In my attempt – I have no idea how this happened – I stumble on top of the Pope, so like he’s embracing me and I am kind of in his lap. He is surprised, so am I. It’s like I’m sharing the spotlight with him with all those people observing me. It’s highly unusual and somehow it has to do with the role of women, that women are not supposed to be “in the lap” of the Pope so close to him or sharing his seat and yes it has to be, somehow God allowed it to happen. It implies or declares union or commonality with him, his acceptance of me and therefore women.


*(LAP, IN HIS LAP: There are multiple meanings here. First, I am ONE with Our Lord, ‘No longer I live, but Christ in me. I am in the great light or spiritual height He is in, & we’re both surprised.


ROLE OF WOMEN: It has to do also with my message or mission, the role of women, female empowerment, & God’s will to bring back worship of Mother God & Matriarchy.

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ACCEPTANCE OF WOMEN: It could also have to do with the fact that Jesus himself ordained me as a Priest to show that he wants females in the priesthood. I have at this time said many Masses for Souls, privately.)*

When I “fell” into his lap I stumbled, it was not on purpose. It’s like I “share his glory” and I did not mean to do that, was just trying to help as he dropped the bread.


*(FELL INTO HIS LAP, NOT ON PURPOSE: This excuses me from vainglory or pride. I was trying to do God’s work, not trying to share his glory – it was He, Jesus, who gave me his glory for trying to help.)*

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So I move away from this stage, go past where Mom and brother are, and someone calls me “back” into the “dim” light where they are in and past through the balcony I guess to the exit. I am in amazement as Mom and bro have no inkling or awareness of my significance or the role I played, which this dream explains. They still think of me as a “nobody.”


*(DIM LIGHT, MOM & BRO IN IT: They made it to Heaven but in a lower part, they are not great celestial beings or saints.

It was explained earlier – they wanted to have a low opinion of me, they did not respect me. They were apparently forced by God to be present at the Glory God gave me. They might have kept their ideas or feelings for another moment, but this would clear up fast.


EXIT, MY EXIT: I leave the underworld of death & the Glory of Heaven & head back to earth. It’s not my time.)*

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I was baffled and it took me a long time to get this dream, as it is so unbelievable.

“I promise you that you will die in my arms”

Jesus said to me in Jan., 1978 the night of our “betrothal” where he gave me three rings.

This was when I asked him,

“Promise me that I will not die without paying for my sins.”

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“Dropping the ball” is the end of something, as when the ball drops in Times Square at the end of the old year, beginning of new. This ball is like a person, it signifies me, and there is a message,

“Rasa, the Pope of your childhood, this Pope, has ‘dropped’ you or signifies your life has ended but a new one is beginning.

Jesus is receiving you into his lap, his arms, on his Throne (the Pope stands in his stead, all Catholics are taught that), in the LIGHT OF GLORY and all these many Souls in Purgatory (the audience below) are receiving the benefits of your death and resurrection. You are the Holy Communion to them.


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When I leave this spot and go backward, I am leaving behind Mom and brother. They are in Heaven together as I predicted many years ago – he would join her, she loved only him and awaited him.

But they are not in a “great light” as I just died in, very bright Light of Glory.

I was confused about this and God told me,

“Where they are is dim compared to where you have reached in Heaven. The light is all relative. You reached the Light of the great saints…..this is Jesus – the Holy Father is his symbol, letting you know “this is death” (as to the tradition we always dream of the Pope at a family death.)

Pond and garden at Snowshill Manor Snowshill_Manor_gardens_2 snowshill-manor-and-garden (1) snowshill-manor-and-garden (2) snowshill-manor-and-garden (3) snowshill-manor-and-garden snowshill-manor-bov_0

Now your death is over and you return to the “dim light” where these relatives are and back to earth. The earth is not “glory.” The spotlight was the “Glory” of a great height in Heaven.

Thank you God, for all this.

I might meditate further and give more thoughts later on. This is deep.

Guru Rasa, shared     4 13 17

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