By Rasa Von Werder, February 20th, 2021



 2-20-21   The GLASS DEPT STORE that I own  



I own a vast dept. store, as big as the biggest,  & it’s in a Mall, & where the entrance/exit doors are is all glass walls with sliding doors.  Those who own the Mall have the keys to my store.


*(GLASS DEPT STORE I OWN:   It’s my LIFE STORY, I own my life.  But there’s a LADY who owns the entire Mall – This would be Mother God or the Bl. Virgin, who owns the entire BIG PICTURE, the comprehensive view of the world, besides my individual life.

GLASS signifies that WHICH CAN BE SEEN.  I am now regularly writing installments or chapters on my life – segments – these would be the ROOMS in my story.  Also am putting them onto my WEBSITE where THEY CAN BE SEEN each time I write a segment.)*

I’m inside it & things go on in every room.  There are man MEN around, they are noisy, I am maintaining ORDER.  Then it’s closing time, somehow I get rid of the men – all except ONE who is supposedly helping me, but that’s just an excuse of his to hang around me.

*(ALL THE MEN, I GET RID OF THEM:   Although I don’t write about mostly men, somehow, in the dream, it’s so many men, but only one remains at the end.  This is without a doubt my LOVER who is my SPIRITUAL HUSBAND.  This heralds once again he will stay with me while all others are gone.

His hanging around wanting to have sex with me is the only way he knows how to relate to me.)*

I must now shut down all the LIGHTS, so I go from room to room – some of the rooms are large & long, like corridors, all is well lit.

Electricity is expensive so it’s important to turn off the lights, although I see a nightlight that I say to the guy with me I will leave on.


*(SHUTTING OFF LIGHTS:   Is ending each chapter when finished.  I put the light or the view of it, finished, turn it off.  Leaving a night light might be referring to various incidents again in brief.)*

There’s a wall here, with fancy green/gold wallpaper, & it camouflages a DOOR.  I must check it, I open the door – it’s my old room at the farmhouse.  I check the 3 windows, the two side ones were open too far, {one side is the driveway, one is the side yard with large trees, back window faces fields & woods} I leave like 6″ open, the back one was shut.  I tell the friend that I must not have the windows wide open in case of a bad rain storm, & I shut the lights.

*(ROOM @ FARM HOUSE:   These are some of the old memories.  The GOLD/GREEN over the DOOR signifies LOVE/LIFE.  I was not loved by Mom & family, but I had love, God had love for me, God gave me great life through the NATURE AROUND ME @ the farm.

The WINDOWS could be views or POINTS OF VIEW, here’s how it went from this angle, that angle, & a third.  One, the driveway, might be the PUBLIC PERSONA of me – second, the window facing the inside, where you cannot see the yard from the road, might be the PRIVATE PERSONA OF ME, MY PRIVATE/SPIRITUAL/PERSONAL LIFE.  The third – which is the only one CLOSED – might be the SANCTUM SANCTORIUM, the GOD SELF, which I’m NOT  PRIMARILY COVERING IN THIS BOOK, therefore it’s CLOSED.)*  

Yangshuo-city-view-David-Wong Yangshuo-County yangshuo-county-2011-11-05-894_1 yangshuo-hotel-zgota-5 yangshuo-x yanshuo

We then go out through the front, but before we do so apparently there were several large suitcases & bundles we put together – he has one – & there’s so much in it, it’s on it’s back so the big part of it is open, his clothes are stacked like a foot & a half higher than the case – I suspect he’s smuggling 2 of my sweaters out for himself, the one I can see more easily is not a large size, it’s beige knit with Easter decorations embroidered.  It doesn’t really matter if he took a couple of my things.

*(MY THINGS, 2 SWEATERS, HE MIGHT HAVE COPPED, IT’S OK:   These of course are not literal.  Always look for the mystical/psychological aspect of a thing.  He got from me some SPIRITUAL LIGHTS/POWERS, ANOINTINGS.  Here two are pictured, I expect the primary ones.  The one that is most obvious, which I can see, is not a large size {my size} BEIGE KNIT WITH EASTER DECORATIONS EMBROIDERED ON THE FRONT.  What is this, Mother God?

MOMGOD:   This sounds like the SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE, where, when united to you he’s also united to God, as you are a God-woman, One with God, now he also becomes One with God, rises up like the Resurrection, into the Light.  You not only don’t mind this, you wanted it, hoped for it.

There’s another SIGNIFICANT GRACE which you cannot identify, that he ‘TAKES WITH HIM’ or ‘CARRIES.’)*

Before we went out the door he said to me there were good hotels/motels around here, we should go to one for the night – he looks sheepish here.  I know he wants sex, but I tell him no we won’t.  If I wanted sex I could have done it anyway in my dept. store, without paying the extra price.

I then think he might take revenge & steal some of my parcels I prepared.  Not sure what of value is in there, not that much, still, what’s mine is mine.

Yangshuo-chinese-County-013 Yangshuo-chinese-County-014 Yangshuo-chinese-County-015 Yangshuo-chinese-County-017 Yangshuo-chinese-County-018 Yangshuo-city-view-David-Wong yangshuo-county-2011-11-05-894_1 yangshuo-hotel-zgota-5


MOMGOD:   You have HIM but you refuse him sex & you fear, IS THERE SOME KIND OF A LOSS?  Have I or will I lose anything of VALUE?  The answer is no.  You don’t mention it in the dream, but when you leave, there are no bundles for you, only he has his suitcase.  He got something from you of value, he got the Grace / Anointings of God – you did not NEED anything from him.)*

As we go outside there are two females who want to use the restroom in my mall – the Lady who has the keys allows them in.  But now the entire dept. store goes dark, as it has AUTOMATIC LIGHTS like a car which shut off when you leave the car.  I wonder if those two ladies got caught in my rest room in the dark, I see them leave & don’t know.  The sliding glass doors are closed, I am shut for the night, my male friend is the only one that survived the ‘cleanout’ of all the people.

*(TWO LADIES USE MY REST ROOM, MOTHER GOD PERMITS THEM:   These are two women IN MY LIFE that I do not SPEAK ABOUT BY NAME, I might allude to them but indirectly, not specifically, no one will know why they are unless they are familiar with us & make a guess.  So they are IN THE DARK.  Using my REST ROOM could mean they get CONSOLATION/COMFORT from me.

The ONLY ONE WHO SURVIVED THE CLEANOUT IN MY LIFE NOW THAT IT’S COMING TO A CLOSE:    Is my ex lover, who is JOINED WITH ME SPIRITUALLY.  He is the only one virtually in my life, even though I haven’t spoken to him for a long time – we are still together spiritually / mystically / psychologically.  But the rest of the people in my life I am SEPARATED FROM.)*

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