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No matter to whom you follow and where do you live and whatever point of view or plan you have in mind to deal with the COVID crisis, you must know what the evil forces are going to do to you in the smokescreen of COVID-19. You must know how our life will shape in the next few weeks, months and years?


Must read the following article, written by a “Western Sheikh” Peter Koenig:

COVID-19: Gigantic Western Pharma, Multi-billion-dollar Scam


By Peter Koenig


“We are entering an era of total control through electromagnetic fields (EMF), managed by the minions of the 0.1% and with 5G / 6G technology, where we, the remaining humans may have become mere tele-guided robots.”

“French Professor Didier Raoult, who is one of the world’s top 5 scientists on communicable diseases, argued that the approach of mass quarantine is both inefficient and outdated and that large-scale testing and treatment of suspected cases achieves far better results.”



“The truth was dropped surreptitiously, a slip of the tongue or on purpose, by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, when he addressed the Nation on 21 March on COVID-19, he said, “This is not about retribution, we are in a live exercise here…”, meaning military exercise, or a war game.”

“This live (military) exercise has unimaginable worldwide implications which may completely transform our lives. It’s economic warfare.”

“Our monetary system is planned to be fully electronic, no more cash – cash is poison – or as WHO’s Director General recently warned, not verbatim, but with that meaning, cash is dangerous for infections, paper money and coins may carry deadly viruses – thereby paving the way for full digitization of our monetary system. This has, indeed, already been tested over the past few years, mainly in Scandinavian countries, where entire department stores refuse to accept cash.”

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“The vaccination cocktail could serve to reduce women’s and men’s fertility or cause long-term neurological defects that can even be passed on to the next generations.”

“It will be a matter of luck (or bad luck) what cocktail of biological substances will be injected into his or her body. In any case, the long-term outcome, is unpredictable.”

“What makes this multi-billion-dollar scam even worse, is that it has an official rubber-stamp, by being supported by western governments and international organizations, foremost WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank.”

“The vaccination program is the platform for the mega-changes the New World Order (NOW), or the One World Order (OWO) wants to bring about. This, in addition to the enormous money-making bonanza.”

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“The US CDC estimates that in the 2019 / 2020 flu season in the US alone, some 38 to 54 million people may catch the common flu, and 23,000 to 59,000 may die from it. The vast majority of these deaths will be elderly people above 70-years of age and many of them with pre-health conditions and /or pre-existing respiratory problems (not from COVID)”

“Few doctors are aware of several practical, simple and inexpensive remedies. They are safe and more often than not successful. The media, under pressure from the pharma giants and the compliant government agencies, have been requested to censoring such valuable information. The negligence or failure, to make such easily accessible remedies public knowledge is killing people.”

“Behind this elaborate and complex network of things, appears time and again, one prominent name: Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation. Bill Gates has been funding vaccination programs in Africa for decades. And Bill Gates and the Rockefellers make no secret that one of their ultimate goal for planet earth is a drastic population reduction.”

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 “There are draconian measures on the way, and we may just pray that they fail, or that we, the people, awake in time and in sufficient numbers – a critical mass – and find back to our innermost voice and soul – solidarity for each other that gives us strength to fight this Luciferian monster.”

sent from Yahoo groups by Jawed Anwar – Shared by Guru Rasa Von Werder


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          RASA SAYS: Indeed it is a MILITARY EXERCISE against the people – all people – Satan & his henchmen on top, the rest of us below. The people in between – police, military, firemen, bureaucrats, technicians, are all paid or paid off by those above TO KEEP US UNDER CONTROL & WHACK US IF WE DISOBEY. And this is done WITH OUR MONEY that we paid in taxes.


          War-mongering governments are no different than Mafia shakedown guys: Pay us off to keep your street & business safe, or else. Then they use the money for whatever they want.


          Many of the diseases have been created by violence-loving governments & passed out by them. They are warring now against ALL OF US.


          They also create most of the terrorist acts throughout the world for a long time, besides all the unjust wars. War is a racket to make money, to ‘steal, kill & destroy.’

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Hi Everyone,         
I think this is the problem in reading David Icke, what he says is very depressing.

{RASA SAYS: The truth IS depressing: Satan rules the world, & he works through men. Not saying to think about it all the time. Check what’s happening then let your mind leave those premises & be happy.

It’s also important for people to gather to pray & boost each other up – that is why in Russia they did not allow bible belters to gather, read the bible & pray—it gave them strength. They sent out goons to beat them up with clubs – even old women. I read a book one of the goons wrote. He was told, ‘these are the enemies of our government.’ One day he tore out a page of their bible to see what it was about & he said ‘this is crazy that I am told these people are enemies of the government. This book teaches love & forgiveness. He defected, escaped Russia, & expected to be found & assassinated.

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I must add that in this ‘Pandemic—military exercise against the people, they have forbid us to gather, ten or more, & now that’s changed to ‘don’t visit anyone!’ It’s the KGB.}

William Bond: I think there is a lot of optimism in the young. Both Sanders and Corbyn have educated them in the merits of Socialism and they will push these ideas forward as they get older. And I think the internet is a good thing as it allows people to access knowledge and information not controlled by the ruling elite.  I know they are trying to censor the internet through big companies like Google but the geeks are aware of this and are fighting back.

I don’t know what to say about matriarchy.  Yes, we have progressed and the ideas are out there and we are also seeing far more female leaders than ever before. But it would be impossible to put any timeline on when or if a matriarchal revolution will come. 

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{RASA SAYS: Why do you expect a revolution? There will be no force or quick ‘overthrow.’ Bit by bit women will infiltrate all governments & leaderships until they are over 50% of it – then Matriarchy will begin.}

William Bond: There is hope in a country like New Zealand and Scandinavian countries where there is female leadership of the right kind. That is to say female leaders who demonstrate the caring and compassionate side of women. Not like female leaders in other countries who act and behave like selfish men.

{RASA SAYS: The reason women can operate in these countries righteously is because they are neutral – not war mongering nations. But all the imperialistic countries like Russia, United States, China & England, the government is violent so whoever leads it must obey the agenda.}

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William Bond: I do also see hope in AOC she is a potential future American President and she is a caring female leader.

{RASA SAYS:  Some presidents/leaders are nice guys & gals – they even have hearts. But they are all puppets & must do as they are told or else get assassinated.}

William Bond: I am pessimistic about things in the short term, I think we will have an economic crash and we are going to have a fight between fascism and socialism. But I think socialism will win in the end as it has far more to offer people than fascism.

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{RASA SAYS: Fascism does not always come at you in a straightforward way, the way Satan deceives, tempts & beguiles people. They are not all crass & up front like Mussolini. He gets to you with lies & beguiling promises. This is how they will take over the minds of the people & the people will be duped, fall into their traps, & then they are done for. All the laws will be in place & the concentration camps are – if you resist.

What could the Jews do against Hitler once he organized?–nothing. That’s why I say we must have places of escape – spread out, separate into communities far & wide for shelter once the manhunts begin. These have to be put into place now, homesteads, hurts, tepees, underground tunnels, secret routes & villages like when the slaves escaped through the ‘Underground Railroad’, in the mountains, the hills & dales – places without roads—because when they decide to round up undesirables like they did the Jews – what will you do?

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They will put you on buses, trains, chained up, locked in, & how will fight back against police & military, who have guns? Find your exit routes NOW before they pass the laws you must do this or that ‘or else.’…………..Rasa

Letter from William Bond

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