By Rasa Von Werder, March 18th, 2020






We people are in a kind of tropical place and are having an outdoor sales like “garage sale”. We have all kinds of things laid out to buy. We are poor people like those in this area {where I live}.


*(TROPICAL PLACE: Heaven on earth, a place where spiritual people dwell or good people go from time to time to bask in the Light of God—Heavenly times of what is called ‘consolation,’ spiritual happiness.



{These times on earth are not permanent, the good & the saints on earth never have a constant state of joy or happiness-the Catholic Church labels our sojourn here ‘the valley of tears’. Saints, for instance, battle demons, often not for themselves but for others. One good man said to me, ‘You have to go through Hell to get to Heaven.’}


These places which one goes to, sometimes ‘tropical’ are vacation times away from suffering.


POOR PEOPLE: In this dream, these are the ‘poor in spirit’ that Jesus said ‘blessed are the poor’. They are those who have good hearts & are not attached or mesmerized by the things of the world & the flesh, they are attached to God alone. Apparently I am in good company here & momentarily we will be welcomed by Beings from a Higher World.


GARAGE SALE, OUTDOOR: Need help on this Mother God, what is it? MomGod: You are getting rid of things you don’t need, detaching yourself, removing things to free yourself up of mental clutter.)*

At the “end of the day” or end of “sale” I see a vehicle arrive that is unique. It’s a convertible car that seats 3-4 people across and has several rows of these seats, like maybe 5.

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*(SALE, END OF IT: This would be when you have emptied yourself of everything you don’t need. You have cleared your mind & life. You are cleansed for God, becoming ‘poor in spirit’ which does not mean miserable but detached/empty.)*

This elegant, large vehicle arrives totally filled with people (about 20) and they are in contrast to who’s here.

These people are from a way higher bracket than those here – they are ARISTOCRATS and they look and dress the part.


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*(ARISTOCRATS, FROM A WAY HIGHER BRACKET: These are saints from Heaven who arrive at the exact time you are EMPTIED FOR GOD. They are, as the dream will pan out, HONORING YOU for something {by their arrival, their very presence honors you}. TWENTY SAINTS is a great deal of honor!


DRESS & LOOK THE PART: A saint would be dressed in Light or Celestial Garb; they would be ‘clothed in Light’ like Our Lady is ‘The Woman Clothed with the Sun.’


VEHICLE, CONVERTIBLE, SEATS 20: The physical vehicle is a symbol of the spiritual transport. In the Old Testament it describes ‘Chariots of Fire,’ which are the Light saints travel in.)*

carl-reichert-“tierfreundschaft”-[animal-friendship] Carl-Reichert-Girl-with-dog-and-cats-also-known-as-Dinner-party- Carl-Reichert-Hunting-Hounds carl-reichert-vienna-1836-1918-graz-friends-a-bay-and-a-st-bernard-in-a-stable-carl-reichert CAS_101_Unit_00029R5-1014x570 casa-anjuna-room castle 

It seems they are from England, more men than women. Men dressed in suits of thin, light wool, grey spring material, beautiful suits with white shirts underneath, and the women have on a lot of pink. They are so outstanding that none of the people even greets them – they are from “another world.” But I do greet them and they are startled a bit as no one dares speak to them somehow, they can be intimidating.


          *(SPEAK TO THEM, NO ONE BUT I DARES SPEAK TO THEM & THEY ARE A BIT STARTLED: To have contact, communication, intimacy with any Great Being – You have to come up to their level. They are startled at my spiritual level, which this dream denotes as ‘spiritual martyrdom’ – a very High Grace. If they are startled, I have come a long way!


          ANOTHER WORLD: Heaven in this dream.

          ENGLAND, FROM: I think of England & English people in the highest terms as far as culture, manners, deportment, being aristocrats, so therefore, in my mind, this symbolizes the Celestial Beings.


          MEN, MORE MEN THAN WOMEN: Not sure why this is but could be I have more men friends in Heaven than women. Notice most of the celebrity souls I helped get to Heaven, there is only one female. It has to do with love on earth – I was interested in the men, much more than in the women, being infatuated or in love creates a bond, so I was able to do something for them when the time came.

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          WHITE SHIRTS, GREY SUMMER SUITS: The white shirts are ‘pure in heart’ {shall see God.} The elegant thin material wool suits – wool is sheep, ‘My sheep know my voice’- these are those who are obedient to God.


DRESSED IN PINK, THE WOMEN: In this dream probably means happiness, as ‘in the pink.’)*

I say,

“We were waiting for you….we expect you at this event every year.”


          *(YEARLY EVENT, WE EXPECT YOU HERE EVERY YEAR: This is a holiday, a feast day or a Memorial Day, even Easter. It connects with me; what does it commemorate? It’s something spiritual, as twenty saints came to honor me–& I EXPECTED THEM!)*

It was a SPECIAL PRIVILEGE OR BOON THAT THEY CAME. They look around to see if there’s anything they can buy.

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          *(SOMETHING TO BUY: This would be a symbol of what they are honoring; a picture, statue, some keepsake or souvenir of this day or event.)*  

I think they pick up an item that is a square like a frame, and on that square on some sort of not solid background is something black, sparkling, like large sequins. I say,


          *(FRAME, BLACK SEQUINS INSIDE: This sounds like death, a picture of it framed. The fact that sequins emanate light, shine or sparkle, says ‘this death reflects light; it is Holy or Sanctified.)*

“They have some good things here,”

And one of the aristocrats agrees. They were taller and their faces more elegant than the ones of regular people.

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*(GOOD THINGS HERE, ONE OF THE ARISTOCRATS AGREES: We agree that this martyrdom was spiritually good.


TALLER, MORE ELEGANT FACES THAN REGULAR PEOPLE: To me the stature of the Saints indicates their spiritual greatness—the height they achieved in God’s Grace. I saw St Joan of Arc as six feet tall & was told my height was the same as hers. Then I saw my Dad, who I helped get into Heaven, he was the size of a dwarf, maybe four feet! I smiled as I bent down to greet him because here was the Dad I always ‘looked up to’ & now I was tall, he so short—it seemed funny. I’m sure it was a humbling experience for him.)*

Somehow in this dream I also saw a young girl who was embroidering something with jewels. Was it an outfit? It’s kind of like frames like the one mentioned and she was entering jewels onto it, like rows onto these kind of squares, but yet, somehow these were going to be clothes. She was “ahead of the game.”   She was getting ready for something important and didn’t need any help.

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*(YOUNG GIRL GETTING READY: This has to be me at a young age, getting ready for my future.


JEWELS, EMBROIDERING SOMETHING WITH THEM: Jewels are Graces, Gifts & Anointing from God. This explains I was working on obtaining these Gifts from God all my life, I did not need help {from people}—it was God & me. This will explain I-she was embroidering those items that were like frames, & they would become ‘clothes.’ The frames have pictures or chapters inside of my life – these becoming clothes are as previously explained, the clothes of the saints are made of Light. Mantles of Prophets are their Anointing or Power, Holy Mary is ‘Clothed with the Sun.’ This shows that I worked diligently from an early age to receive the Gifts of God, I coveted these Gifts, even Martyrdom.)*



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          The question is, what exactly are these Saints commemorating of mine? What martyrdom? The Divine Stigmata is martyrdom, but that was long ago – it started on Oct 9, 1982 {& took eighteen years to fulfill.}


This it seems then refers to my recent temporary death, where I died during at least one of five heart attacks. This dream acts as if this is not a mere physical occurrence, but a voluntary spiritual event—a sacrifice.

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I will then agree with God that what I went through over a certain person I loved, praying & suffering for him day in, day out, for years—fighting his many demons, was my sacrifice. He then proceeded to reject me, not speaking to me for nine months. During this time I suffered with so much stress that it turned into horrible, painful anxiety attacks, fifteen of them over two or three months, & some of these unknown to me were heart attacks. And I must have died temporarily at some point & came back.

God puts her Stamp of Sanctity on this part of my life – I did not have to go through with it.


She told me to return to the world & ‘have fun’ & because of obedience I fell into this ‘love affair’ with results that followed. God sees it as holiness. Thank you dear Mother God.

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