The New Religion – XVI – Heal the Men

By Rasa Von Werder, September 25th, 2019


The New Religion-XVI-Sixteen-Woman Thou Art God-

Healing Men



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        For Those Women Who Will Not Leave Men:

        How We Must Heal the Men Injured by Patriarchy & Patriarchs




There are many things ‘wrong’ with men as compared to women, genetically, biologically & mentally – right from the start of their creation.  I will talk about these issues later, but right now I want to address what happens with those men that are injured / wounded–mostly by other men (sometimes evil women &  women are accessories with men at times, allowing it) in childhood & other traumas.



    These are the ones we are told ‘It’s your fault, your choice of men.’


    But it isn’t so easy, when the MAJORITY of males are affected by trauma, & scarcely one of them escapes childhood abuse & trauma such as war & when we go into this big world to find male companions we are faced by a mine field of maladies.



These men are not aware they are ‘sick’ or damaged, or wounded, unless it’s physical.  Few, if any, seek professional help, but they do seek women & we are the women they find!

    They usually hide their defects (which they don’t even see as defects, just that they know others might take issues with these traits) in the beginning, it takes a while for them to feel comfortable enough to show their ‘dark side,’ – although as they say many red flags can be raised – we might see them, we might heed or ignore them – sooner or later the truth will out, ‘no lie can live forever.’



We are not talking about small transgressions or ‘venial sins’ – everyone has them, no one is perfect to others (even saints, who were perfect in the eyes of God, were criticized by neighbors), Freud called all of us neurotic, & the saints say that the majority are headed for Hell (many of the rich & more men than women they say.)



Then who am I talking about? Those men who women complain bitterly about, who when they describe them we shake our heads & say ‘hard to believe,’ these are men with PSYCHOTIC & DEMONIC traits, & there are more like that than you can shake a stick at.



Why don’t these men get professional help, say therapy of some sort?  Are you kidding?  They never see their own maladies – everyone else does but not they.  The only time they go for counseling, rehab or therapy is when mandated by a court of law, say, a guy who has an anger management problem & is beating his children – but even when they go they do so gnashing their teeth, saying the kids caused it, the wife & judge got them framed.



    No matter how hard we try, it’s likely that a majority of us will get with ‘the wrong guy’ at least once & the problem will rise when we cannot get rid of him (husband whose support we can’t survive without, being in a cult or Patriarchal religion where we get killed if we leave or try to) or we FALL IN LOVE & don’t want to, WHAT DO WE DO WITH THEM?



    At this point we can become one of these things:  helpless victims, who will get battered again & again, maybe end up killed or die of disease & exhaustion from stress or else, we can help heal them.



    Before I start, let me verify again, that this religion teaches to STAY AWAY FROM MEN if you can (either all or part of the time) – because mostly they are more trouble than they are worth – but if you want to jump into the fray or YOU HAVE TO, do what you have to do, here is my advice:




  Healing them means we will have to take on multiple roles, psychological counselor for one.  We have to find out what’s wrong with them before such healing can occur – with therapists it often takes years of counsel, the wiseo has them ‘on the couch,’ getting them to ‘open up’ & if & when they do, help them face what ails them, see how to get around the problem.


    We’ll also have to know where they stand spiritually, which is a horse of a different color.  Maybe they have no spiritual life at all.  We’d have to work on bringing them to their own greatest good, AKA God.  (This will be a tricky situation, I will give my opinions based on what I know of God.)



    The third hat you might have to wear is that of EXORCIST.  Had enough so far?  Throwing in the towel?  Then keep it moving, like I said, you don’t love him enough, stay away from him, look for another guy or stay alone – it’s your choice.



    The reason I’m writing this treatise on healing them is I have been through it all.  I had enough on my hands when I became celibate on May 27, 1978.  I walked the path of Holiness for God, gave up all attachments, saw God face to face, there were good & bad times, but toward the end of thirty years I was at peace, then the bombshell.



Here comes God, tells me to go back into the world & ‘have fun’, this was the Will of God, & filled with trepidation & fear I did as I was told, knowing there would be trouble (as there always is when getting close to people.)  And trouble I got – God knew I would be in for it & apparently wanted it that way.  The struggles I went through can only be called ‘I was black but beautiful,’ from the Song of Songs.

###GOD WITH YOU IN 2017 

This part of the bible explains how a soul goes out into the world or ‘the fields’ for the sake of God – out of obedience to Her – their skin grows dark, but they are STILL beautiful.  In those days there was prejudice against dark-skinned people as only the servant or poor had to work the fields, & so dark-skinned, tanned people were considered less desirable or beautiful than light-skinned wealthier people.



The spiritual analogy is that when we go into the active life we incur small ‘sins’ or faults – (never a mortal sin as that would separate us from God) – or put another way, we fall from the INTIMACY with God– (closeness to the world & people shuts down intimacy)–& our soul grows DARK or BLACK from this.  The soul here is saying SHE IS STILL BEAUTIFUL ALTHOUGH HER SOUL HAS GROWN ‘DARK’ IN THE VISION OF GOD, SHE LACKS INTIMACY.  BUT THE SOULS STILL LOVES GOD, IS IN THE WILL OF GOD.



    I frequently speak from experience & this, naturally, is what happened to me.  What did I experience with them that I’m addressing here?

    What I saw was the sickness of males – young ones in particular, whom I was dating age eighteen to thirty eight.  I also interviewed during this time of eleven years – many female college students.  I heard their cries & laments about what men were like in general & what some of them were in particular, to date & to live with. 


    I spoke with females age seventeen to forty, mostly college students, but a good share of locals – learned much.  I was told about the behavior of many more men than I could meet, although I met hundreds, but was not intimate with hundreds; the females told me what they did in intimate relationships.  You could chalk some of this up to being young but not all of it.



    What the women told me about was unfaithfulness to a degree of cruelty, selfishness, self centeredness, being used & robbed, being lied to constantly, immaturity & lack of responsibility, being threatened, beaten or punched.  Some of these women cried as they spoke or looked like they were going to.

    But the most I learned about male sickness was through intimacy, when I cared about someone, I had to understand what was wrong.



First – there are the DEMONS.  You can get a synopsis on my website, Woman Thou Art God in the section How to Build a Church– How to do Exorcism.

Woman Thou Art God – How to Do Exorcisms



The very nature of your Love is an exorcism.  The demons ‘saw Jesus coming’ & got noisy because they sensed his LOVE ENERGY.

When you love a male (or anyone) who has demons, here is what to expect:  You send love, his demons react or attack you.  They will attack you either in person, through his words & actions, or from a distance, if you’re not together physically.  Every day you think of him with love, the demons will be sent to you in ‘attack mode.’ Why?  Because love agitates them – scares them – the energy of love is the opposite of what they are, it cancels them out eventually–they know they will be sent away, annihilated, so they fight back.  They figure that if they continue attacking you, you’ll go away, you’ll stop the love—most people will.

Demons – whatever they are – have a negative, unredeemable energy.  They cannot be helped, prayed for, or reasoned with – they can only be removed.  This removal is done by persistence, fortitude & patience, & I have to tell you this – it may take years.  Why years?  If the person holding them inside does nothing to remove them – does not turn to God – does not repent of sin – continues sinning – then he or she is implicitly saying ‘Satan, it’s ok for you to be here.’  You are then not only fighting the demons, but the person holding the demons who is not cooperating.


You are at war, & this war you can only win by the degree of your love.  If you do not love the person you are fighting for enough, you will give up, because a totally lost, demon–consumed person doesn’t help, they will hurt you again & again.  Granted, at lucid times they might be loving & nice to you, but they will fall down a thousand times.  You mustn’t give up (of you feel they are worth it, they are meant to be with you.)



Why did the person get demons in the first place?  It is not always through sin – as most people think.  They think that sinners have demons, the rest of us don’t.  Not true.


People get demons through trauma, wounds, & closeness to other people who have them.  Demons can be transmitted to business associates, spouses, co-workers, friends, & children—anyone one gets close to, even if they are close for a short time.  Demons can be transmitted through a curse on someone.



I will speak about the demons gotten through childhood trauma, when psychological wounds are incurred.

A demon sees a wound as a place to JUMP IN.  Steve Irwin, the late-great crocodile hunter demonstrated how he was feeding a crocodile—he had a wound on his left arm that was bandaged up.  He brought attention to the fact that the crocodile immediately & directly went for the wound – demons are like that.



    A wound is a VULNERABLE, OPEN PLACE.  Demons look for OPENINGS – Sin is an opening, but so are many other ways. I learned about this from exorcist extraordinaire Bob Larsen (no I do not believe in all his ways or his religion, he’s a fundamentalist, but he has done exorcism full time all his life & I bought all his videos one year & studied them.)



The demons I have dealt with much latched on to people because of childhood abuse trauma.


    One young man had been sexually abused by his Dad from age three to thirteen.  The father first forced oral sex on him, then sodomy.  Being painful, the boy went to his mother for help.  She told him to keep quiet about it; she let it continue without preventing it.



These events gave the boy a series of wounds & demons jumped in.  Both the wounds & demons affected him into adulthood, his entire life.  Here’s how it went:

Wound:  I am being injured, made to feel pain by a man I trusted, my father.  I never know when he’s going to attack me & inflict this great pain.  I live in fear.  I have lost my trust in a caregiver I once trusted.  This pain makes me angry but I feel helpless, it turns to rage.


Four wounds, five demons are incurred here:

A wound of RAGE – a demon of rage –

Rage also begets REVENGE – Revenge is the instinct one gets from being hurt; now there is the demon of revenge.



A wound of REJECTION – a demon of rejection. 

(“My Dad does not love me, he is hurting me regularly, there is no love, it is rejection.”)

A wound of MISTRUST – a demon of mistrust of anyone (“no one loves me, they are fakes.”)



A wound of FEAR – a demon of fear

(“I will not feel secure any more, I can be attacked any moment by those I trust.  Fear, anxiety, is strong inside me, I cannot relax.”)


The child then goes to his mother to complain.  She does not protect him, tells him to keep quiet about it, she permits it to go on.

A wound of INSECURITY – demon of insecurity: 

(“The one person I thought I could confide in, who would protect me, my Mom, does not care.  She doesn’t love me; she has in fact REJECTED me.  I am DEVASTATED.  I now have no one to believe in, there is no one to turn to for protection, I am vulnerable, I cannot protect myself, I am at the mercy of forces I cannot control.  The pain will continue, the fear & the rage I feel.”)



Now his Mom has exacerbated his insecurity, his fear & his rage, but she has added a new slant on an old one:

A wound of REJECTION – a demon of rejection. 

  (“Now I will not believe in anyone’s love.  I know they will reject me in the end.  I don’t believe in love.”)



Both parents have given him abuse – one directly, one by neglect.  The mother is an ACCOMPLICE to the crime.  Because both parents have de-valued this child, he feels he has none.  And this causes:

A wound of SELF HATE – a demon of self hate.



(“I am not worth anything.  I have no value; I cannot love myself if I have no value.  If someone acts like they love me I cannot accept it because my heart is closed to love, for myself & others, my heart is shut down to feelings because all I feel is pain.  I am numb to feelings.”)

Bob Larsen says that a person who has the demon of self hate needs no others – Self hate alone will destroy them.



Woman, here I have given only the wee beginning of what happens to a traumatized male, which we would have to deal with if we keep him.  There will be several more chapters on this issue.



People usually say, when it’s discovered you have a wounded male on your hands, ‘You can do better, move on.  He isn’t worth it.’ (But who will heal the broken?)  Only you can decide if he’s worth it or not.  I know a good-looking female, not a drug addict, who is living with a guy under a bridge—(who is an addict)–because she loves him.  She has had several children by him, given up to foster care.  When she shows up at night without enough money (begging) for his drug he gives her a black eye – she showed them to me.  But it’s her choice to stay with him, summer & winter, homeless, under the bridge, when she could find a solvent man & live properly (not saying a male is the only answer, but if she regained her several children he might be.   If she got her head on straight she could work – but her head is not straight & she can’t go home as she was abused there, by Dad or Grandpa or someone, it’s rarely Mom as it was in my case.) But I am not her judge; love is more valuable than comfort.



There are some males you should pass by, many of us have been infatuated with losers we later saw were totally wrong for us – you cannot accept all comers – you cannot heal all cases – choose your battles, the ones God tells you are worth it, will bring success in the end.



Now I spoke about the male who has demons.  As I said this might not be an easy exorcism, it might take a while, & the punishment you get from them could eat you up inside, wear you out, deprive you of sleep, give you anxiety, depression, terrible stress.  This great stress could wear you down, you could get sick, you might even die – it’s a great risk.



If you see Amy Allen at work on “The Dead Files” you see how negative entities affect people.  They wear them down; they can consume a person & eventually destroy them.  Amy Allen discovers their identities & gives the victims advice how to get rid of the negative souls.


Sometimes she says use salt water (I bless it as well) which is placed around the haunted house & every corner inside.  (If you are doing a ritual for a person, do the same, the energy will reach them.) Sometimes she says burn sage (the smoke is wafted all through the house) & at times she gives them a kind of tar that gets rid of the dead.



She often advises getting shamans & ministers for rituals against these forces (usually dead people not demons), while for demons again it’s ministers & priests with exorcism.  Ditto on the victims who have been infested or possessed by the demons in the house – they have to have exorcisms done on them.


For those whose health & chakras (energy centers) have been compromised she advises getting Reiki masters to balance them out.  She also recommends Yogi exercises & meditation for peace of mind.

There are other remedies, if you have access, check You Tube for ‘The Dead Files.’



However, as a woman who is dealing with a wounded, possessed male – none of these people will come to help you out.  You will have to use your own resources & that’s what I’ll be discussing for a while.


If you believe in Jesus & Mary, then saying the Holy Mass for those you love will deliver them from all evil.  When I say the Mass I include Mary equal to Jesus,  & when I am on a ‘Mass binge’ for months I usually say two a day–one for Souls in Purgatory, one for those I care about–saying the Holy Mass for the one you are concerned with will do wonders for him.



All that you do for yourself in bringing you closer to God will also bring your loved ones closer, remember that.  Your prayers, good works, saying Masses, your meditation / contemplation, channeling, being with nature, being alone for God, reading spiritual literature, sacrifices, good deeds, charity – all that you do which is dedicated to God will help other souls.



I must add here & warn you that if you are dealing with a ‘bad case’ man he may take all the energy & psychological strength you have while you fight his demons.  You might not be able to do anything else that is creative, you might not even feel the presence or intimacy with God – that is how drained you will be.


But if you endure you will annihilate the demons, the loved one is delivered, & you go back to normal & beyond.

Pray this for the one who needs it:

This starts with Psalm 67

“Let God arise! Let His enemies be scattered! Let all that hate Him flee before him! As smoke drifts away, so drive them away! As wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish before the presence of God. Behold the Cross of the Lord, flee bands of enemies. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Offspring of David.


Who is like God?!

Who is like God?!

Who is like God?!

Who is like Christ, True God and True Man.

Who is like the blessed virgin Mary, our Queen, who gave birth to the Eternal Word, a virgin before and after?!


Be gone Satan in the name of Jesus!

Be gone Satan in the name of Mary!

Be gone Satan in the name of everything that is Holy & Righteous!

Be gone Satan in the name of all the Saints! Be gone all ye demons and go to the pit!


To the pit!

To the pit!

To the pit!

Jesus Christ commands you!

Saint Michael the Archangel commands you!

Holy Mary commands you!


Go to the pit and never return! Do not harm the human race anymore. I command you to reveal who you are, what kind you are, when you entered, why you entered, what you have done, and what you plan to do, and then be gone forever to the pit never to return!


Be gone Satan! (say this while sprinkling Holy Water)

Be gone Satan!

Be gone Satan!

Be gone Satan in the name of Jesus!

When you succeed in getting the demons to leave him, you will also be freed of the battle, return to better health & the intimacy with God.


    Woman Thou Art God!  You can do anything!

To be continued    Rasa Von Werder    9-23-19

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