By Rasa Von Werder, January 7th, 2021

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Men Ending Women Beginning 1-7-21


William, you have demonstrated your Mother God Presence & Power in your work all along She’s been active inside you all your life & still is.

The only thing that upsets me a bit is why aren’t you helping promote the New Religion I wrote, with you & Pete participating? Pete has helped, he’s written a review on Lulu that is great. You might do something like that, anything.

It looks like the tempest in Washington is over & Trump caused it. I just looked at the news for 5 minutes – the BBC news as they are more trustworthy than America’s. But Trump is only a PUPPET & so why do the over-seers want this? The Sons of Liberty say it’s a FALSE FLAG from the soundbyte I just received.

My opinion, see what you guys think. WWI {1914-1918}started RIGHT AFTER the FIRST WAVE OF THE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT. We had Susan B Anthony {1820-1906} & Elizabeth Cady Stanton {1815-1902} in America, with Emmeline Pankhurst {1858-1928} in the UK. They were MONUMENTALLY EFFECTIVE – No promotion of women’s rights had ever been this successful in the history of Patriarchy.


But IMMEDIATELY after that, they broke out the War, which SHUT DOWN the women’s movement – it ended it then & went into a SOMNAMBULENT STATE for many years – right up to Betty Friedan with ‘The Feminine Mystique’ in 1963.

This second movement was also MONUMENTALLY SUCCESSFUL. It went on strongly, but was compromised, under the guise of help, by the Rockefeller Foundation, which FUNDED IT. The funding supposedly helped, but the GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENT lost its spark. So it plateaued out for some years. I believe the men thought they had the women’s movement IN THEIR POCKET, under their control, they had paid Gloria Steinem off.

But then a couple people began working strongly for FEMALE EMPOWERMENT – William Bond & Kellie Everts, aka Rasa Von Werder. It was activities, books & articles by both people. For Kellie it was FEMALE BODY BUILDING starting 1972, reaching its zenith with Kim Chizevsky, {her awards from 1989-1999, retired when the men changed the rules & said women ‘had to be more feminine & less muscular’}   & STRIPPING FOR GOD, from 1972 to 1987. 


For William it was EVIDENCE, strongly argued, why WOMEN SHOULD RULE THE WORLD. Rasa followed in William’s footsteps when she got “off the stage” & onto the internet, pushing FEMALE SUPREMACY / SUPERIORITY, the work of Dr. Ashley Montagu & later Dr. Bryan Sykes with his “Adam’s Curse – A World Without Men”.

Their work, although neither is HERALDED by academia or the mainstream world {neither was female body building & the press only used Kellie as a NOTORIOUS FLUKE} was NOTICED & IMITATED. You suddenly had ‘The Redundant Male,’ ‘The End of Men’ in the mainstream – they took the ideas of William & Kellie/Rasa & ran with them all the way to the Newsweek / Time Magazine Covers, there was an UPSURGE of attention to the END OF MEN, the BEGINNING OF FEMALE POWER – it was dizzying to say the least, this had NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

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The men, as usual, what is their answer to FEMALES RISING UP? It was no different than what they did from 7K years ago: Violence & the threat of it. Make people so AFRAID that they will quit all their political, intellectual, spiritual manifestations & concentrate on SURVIVAL. PARALIZE THE PEOPLE where they stand, get the attention away from anything UNUSUAL, DIFFERENT, & put the attention wherever the MEN IN CHARGE WANT IT TO BE – which in cases of WAR its simple, instinctive SURVIVAL.

MEN DO THIS WHENEVER WOMEN PROTEST, on an individual level. When a woman says to a man ‘I’m leaving you’ it’s at the peril of their lives. Violence often ensues, at the least, intimidation. THEY HAVE NO OTHER LEVERAGE. Human males have NO POWER OVER WOMEN BUT VIOLENCE & MURDER. They are INFERIOR to women in all ways. They cannot DISPENSE with women because they CANNOT REPRODUCE. They NEED WOMEN but they want to CONTROL THEM & they cannot dominate women spiritually, mentally, emotionally, nor in any way, except by UNJUST LAWS & VIOLENCE WITH THE THREAT OF MURDER.


If you ignore the thousands of DETAILS that surround our everyday world, we are at that EXACT STATE RIGHT NOW, since they created the ‘Pandemic.’

What the governments have done is in the light of women rising up AS NEVER BEFORE they have pushed up their war agenda so high, that they are literally ATTACKING THE PEOPLE, not with guns outright, or bombs, but with INJECTIONS under all sorts of guises – they call them vaccines – but no one knows what’s INSIDE THOSE VACCINES & what the long-term effects will be – these injections have been proven to cause autism in children {30% more than normal!}, & some have on purposefully been filled with AIDS & other deadly toxins. This is the way the NEW WARS ARE WAGED & they have now waged it strongly, & created all sorts of rules, laws & limitations on the people so THEY CAN’T FIGHT BACK. For example, we can’t GATHER {like the old Communist days,} because in gathering, people talk & make plans how to fight the governments, they find strength.

So where are we now? We are at the place where we are victims of war, UNDER SIEGE. The war against the people has taken up all the headlines – they control the media. They are struggling to maintain control by exaggerating, magnifying this ‘Pandemic’ which they orchestrated & are blowing a million miles out of proportion to stifle us with rules, rules, & more rules, & they are trying to make it worse. You can see, if you are aware, their machinations day by day, how hard they are trying – they are desperate.

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And so, they have taken the wind out of the sails of the Matriarchal, Female Empowerment / Supremacy movement, but it’s not DEAD. All the work done, since the FIRST WAVE, is ALIVE & WELL. The work of William Bond, Kellie Everts / Rasa Von Werder, as well as many others, is ALIVE, the IDEAS are still in the heads of millions of people, they have not shut us down, you might say it’s temporarily somnambulant – as far as the mainstream goes. Hannah Rosen is not appearing on the cover of Newsweek with articles like ‘The End of Men’ right now – but THE END OF MEN is still on the way – {& they know it, therefore the DESPERATION!}

So Matriarchs, hang in there, keep writing & PROMOTING. Not all of you can write, if you can’t, promote the work of Matriarchy, whatever it is, old days, new days, anything, just keep PROMOTING the END OF MEN & WOMEN TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

Rasa Von Werder 1-7-21


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