Spirituality & Politics

By Rasa Von Werder, December 13th, 2020
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Spirituality & Politics

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from William Bond to Ajax & Rasa: {These letters inspired sermon-like rebuttals from Rasa, but she being a Christian minister vs William being a Wiccan – it’s ‘apples & oranges.’ Rasa says ‘my final conclusion is that neither William nor I will change our religion nor amend it, & so we have to agree to disagree, leave it as it is, rejoice that we are both together for Matriarchy–Female Empowerment & cooperate where we can. Ajax is Christian so he understands part of what Rasa says, but he is not a minister & has not spent his whole life studying the subject – he has spent a lot of his time studying politics & is good at it, so he contributes mostly there. It’s a good team overall, thanks be to God.”:
from William:
I have to say I seemed to have lost interest in Matriarchy on the political level as I don’t have anything new to say on this subject. We are seeing worldwide more and more female politicians and leaders. My theory is that when his happens women will do a much better job of ruling countries and so voters will end up voting for female politicians rather than male politicians.

We have yet to see how this works out in practice. So far women have shown they can do a just as good a job as men becoming a politician. But because there have been some really terrible female politicians women, these women have undermined female power. So women have yet to prove overall they can be a lot better than men in ruling countries but perhaps in time they will be able to do this.

I have instead become far more interested in feminine spirituality. I am searching for ways to get people interested in a Matriarchal religion that worships a Female Deity and has a female priesthood…………………………………………………………William



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from William to Ajax & Rasa:

I know both you and I have written about matriarchal spirituality and other women have written about this. But we I don’t see much progress in this field. At least female empowerment is progressing politically with more female politicians and leaders but we don’t see the same progress spirituality.

I suppose it is about finding ideas that capture people’s imaginations and wanting to come together to create a Matriarchal spiritual organization. So this is what I’m thinking about.


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From RASA to William Bond & Ajax the Great:

William, we cannot listen to POPULAR OPINION.

Popular opinion is that those things which get the most hits / views are not the things that MOTHER GOD WANTS NOR THINGS THAT WILL FURTHER HER KINGDOM.

Listening to the broad popularity of things is the BROAD HIGHWAY TO HELL, not the narrow gate to Heaven. People are NOT FOLLOWING GOD, they are following the WORLD, THE FLESH & THE DEVIL.

I will ask Mother God why that one video got over a million views {right now} Mother God says:

“Part of it was PROMOTION. Annie Sprinkle shared it on her face book & that moved it fast. Other factors are it is informative & revealing re. sex – it reveals what you went through to be a cougar, people are curious about that. Basically it is about sex. Sex is not bad, people are vitally interested in it. And being a cougar is part of female empowerment – women’s sexual liberation, so it’s OK this gets lots of attention.”

However, sex liberation for women is only a part of what we do to further our cause.

William, what Mother God says to me regarding you thinking things out:

“You are thinking, worrying too much. Please have more trust in the Mother God within you, her voice, & be mindful of her Power. If you do AS SHE SAYS you will feel peace inside, She is in charge, not your human mind, not the popularity vote, not nothing but her. “Put first the voice of Mother God, & everything shall be added unto you.”

If you listen to WHAT IS POPULAR it will lead you astray. You never did in the past – you were the front runner, the leader. Your ideas were, like Ashley Montagu, ahead of your time, but you preached them, & impressed MANY, for one, Rasa took your lead & was made stronger for it. You were the only person preaching this way.

If you back down now & follow THE WORLD it will lead you astray. You will feel confused, bewildered, you will lose your path.

She is speaking to you. Don’t listen to views, hits or votes. Listen to her. What does SHE want? She is YOUR POWER. Do not lose this power by LOOKING OUTSIDE. “The Kingdom of God is within you.”


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What is different about PROPHETS (you) SAINTS, SPIRITUAL PRODIGIES (avatars) is they stand ABOVE the world, the flesh. The see it from a different perspective. People in the world are BLIND – the blind leading the blind. They follow trends, fashions & popularity – the herd mentality, the sheeple.

You are assuming that OUR MISSION IS NOT WORKING. That is a lie from Satan {but you don’t believe in him, alas, he is an evil spirit.} Our mission has succeeded & will continue to succeed, but this is over hundreds of years – we cannot see all the results IN OUR LIFETIME.

People who FOLLOW GOD think outside the box. Like I was celibate for 30 years, then I heard the voice of God: “Stop suffering, go out & have fun.” I resisted, it did not MAKE SENSE, people RIDICULED me for celibacy, they ridiculed me for being a cougar. Fukk people’s opinions! They cannot, will not, hear the voice of God.”

Rasa says: I STILL don’t know precisely why God made me quit celibacy but some day I will. I certainly cannot expect any human on earth to understand why – they are spiritual morons.

My opinion, for one thing William, is that you are RESISTING THE TRUTH & thereby that might be making you confused. You once had logical reasons why women should rule the world, why men do a terrible job, etc. It made sense. No one was preaching what you were.

However, science then told us WHY precisely men must be subordinate, women dominant, but yet, you REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE FACTS – which is that women are superior, men are inferior, that men are going extinct.

If you deny these facts, you are resisting the Truth – & God is Truth. If you persist in this fashion you will no longer be a front runner, you will fall behind because your arguments will be somewhat ‘outdated.’ They are still true, but you are not using science to back them up – I am, so I am on the FRONT LINE OF TRUTH why women should rule the family & world, why men must diminish, etc.

What I see is you have a personality or ego problem – you are a man, you are insecure, you cannot let go of your personal needs & opinions so of course you will falter on the road ahead.

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You keep moving backward – you did so when I started writing the new religion, & you jumped into the ‘religion for femdom men.’ In that way, you STOPPED SUPPORTING ME FROM MOVING AHEAD, I needed your mental/emotional support, but you failed to give it, you went your own way. That IMO was when you went astray – & from then on, you felt confused. (I tried to keep you with me by encouraging you & including 10 chapters you wrote in the New Religion, but was it for naught? Do you disdain what I did – that it meant nothing?)

This new religion is what MomGod told me to write. No other woman has written anything like it. I am AHEAD OF THEM, they will catch up, maybe in 100 YEARS.

And at this point in the road, you are kind of bewildered what to do next, because as I said, you got off the right road & onto a spurious one.

Your last letter made me feel like this: “OK William is jumping ship. If that is the case, I will have to move on without him. Even if Ajax leaves, I have to keep moving ahead – if I am left standing alone, that is the fate I must face…………………

Consider Jesus in the Garden – I take his example. He told his disciples, ‘Stay awake, I need your support’ -They all FELL ASLEEP. Jesus sweat blood as he met his fate. That night, his martyrdom began. I might be facing the same fate. The only step I can think of now is start the physical Church. The idea makes me SHUDDER because having lived 75 years, I KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Everything bad that can happen will happen. Do I do it anyway? If it is God’s will, yes.

WHAT SUPPORT did Our Lord have as He faced the Cross & was crucified? Certainly not the disciples, all of whom ran. That is what I feel you are doing now William. I imagine myself as Jesus {excuse the loftiness} & you as Peter – & Peter, who was once his best friend & praised him as ‘the Messiah, the Son of the Living God’ now DENIED HIM 3 TIMES in one night. Why did Peter fall? Because he sank into his flesh, fear took over, that he would be arrested & crucified with Jesus perhaps. Peter looked to the flesh, the world, to the popular vote.

You William, are doing what Peter did. You now falter, got weak, lost faith & trust in Our Holy Mother, – you have FALLEN.

How do I see Ajax? As St. John, the Beloved, who was the youngest. He was only 19 when he took up with Jesus. He was closest to Mother Mary & they ‘took care of each other’ after Jesus’ departure. He was the only disciple at the foot of the Cross, standing with the Holy Mother. I only imagine this, what the future holds in that regard I don’t know.

I do know that the idea I have now, of a physical place with me preaching the new religion, for women only – will kill me. First, I will have to wait a few years for the stocks to rise & this Covid fiasco to end, I will be maybe 80 when I do it. And after that, I will certainly not have long to live – not by nature but by my heart which might not be able to endure the stress too long.

Why the stress? OMG because this will be 100% anti, against, a threat to men, a horrible insult to them, I will incur the strongest hate from men I have ever done. When I think of this Church my reaction in my human self is this: THIS WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE & I CANNOT, WILL NOT DO IT, GOD TAKE THIS CUP AWAY FROM ME!

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I know women have CENTERS – several of them – they have establishments. But they are LAME, TAME & go unnoticed. Mine will be notorious, scandalous & I will PAY THE PRICE. Why the difference? Because they are NOT ANOINTED BUT I AM. And so, the devils do not fear them but they fear me, & they will ATTACK.

Now look what Jesus faced, what He did. Had he not allowed himself to be crucified, CHRISTIANITY WOULD NOT EXIST. So you see the results of his work, how it bore fruit. The disciples were BAFFLED for a long time – why this? They saw it as FAILURE the way you, William, see our Mission today. You think it has failed, we must find another way, the popular vote, views, hits.

The ONLY TIME the disciples & followers AWAKENED is when Jesus was gone & the Holy Spirit came upon them & empowered them. Then they did, indeed, meet the same fate as Jesus {finally having the strength to do so}, all except St. John, who was not killed or crucified, but exiled to the Island of Patmos.

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William, are you looking for a Crown? Earthly success, applause? We will not find it because the crowns of the world go to those of it. We are IN the world but not OF IT: “My kingdom is not of this world” Jesus said to Pontius Pilate when asked, “Are you a King?”

We preach AGAINST THE WORLD – the world hates us, it resists our message, it attacks us because we say to the world, “You are wrong, your ideas are wrong, you are at fault.”

Our Crown/s happen after our lifetime, our success long after we are dead. But what do we get here on earth? The same as Jesus, peace, knowing WE OBEYED GOD, NOT MY WILL – BUT THEY WILL BE DONE.

Our relationship is not with the world, not with people, but with God & God alone & therein we find our peace, prosperity & MEANING to live. (God decides what is done through our lives, that is best for the people & the planet – we cannot see that as we do not see the big picture, She does.)

AJAX to RASA: As we await Williams’s rejoinder, I would like note that I am probably out of my depth saying this, and I may very well be wrong, but while I largely agree with what you just said to William, I personally don’t think it is quite so black and white. Rather, I think it is a bit more nuanced (in a way that is difficult to put into words) even if you are generally correct. I don’t think there’s quite as much of a sharp dichotomy between flesh and spirit or this world and God’s as it were, but again I could be wrong. It clearly shouldn’t be even remotely a popularity contest, but at the same time there psychologically needs to be a winning strategy in the messaging IMHO.

I should probably say no more about this until after William responds. Afterwards, I would recommend that all three of us take a little break to clear our heads.

Currently, my mind is (rightly or wrongly) more concerned with how we should oppose the so-called “Great Reset”, which is the oligarchs’ and technocrats’ evil and Machiavellian machinations, before it is too late, God willing.

(By the way, thank you very much for the compliment in comparing me to St. John. I certainly don’t think quite that highly of myself, but again, I could be wrong.)

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RASA to AJAX: Ajax, you said: “I don’t think there’s quite as much of a sharp dichotomy between flesh and spirit or this world and God’s as it were, but again I could be wrong”

Rasa’s answer: According to the teachings of the Saints, mystics & top theologians (like St. Thomas of Aquinas & St. Bonaventure), there is a sharp contrast between the flesh & the spirit, the world & God. It is the greatest conflict in our lives.

The flesh is forever AT WAR with the spirit. The flesh wants to do what the instinct does, enjoy instinctive pleasures to the max at times. The spirit wants to CURB the desires of the flesh & make sure they are TAMED so the mind can concentrate on God. Not that the flesh is automatically SINNING by eating, drinking & having sex – but if a person indulges in such things at the expense of God, they lose their Sacred relationship with God. It’s about our mind – ‘Put first the Kingdom of God’ – ‘God is a jealous God’ – That’s why Saints & yogis become CELIBATE, they ‘fast & pray’. {Fasting is a great sacrifice. Jesus said some demons cannot be removed except by FASTING along with the praying.} So much for the flesh.

Second, the WORLD is AT WAR with God. The world goes after POWER, like Satan said to Jesus, “I will give you all the Kingdoms of the world & their glory, if you will bow down & worship me.” What is the GLORY of the Kingdoms of the world?

It is the CROWNS of this world: Honor, acclaim, trophies, respectability in the eyes of society, high status, wealth & all the admiration it brings, Nobel Peace Prizes {to those often who don’t deserve them} being the chairman, chairwoman of this, that or the other, having the biggest house in town, & so on. This God cares nothing about but SATAN PROMISES TO GIVE IF YOU WOULD DIVERT YOUR ENERGY TOWARD HIM, AWAY FROM GOD, IF YOU WILL FORFEIT GOD FOR THE THINGS OF THE WORLD.

People, for MONEY – & remember, St. Paul said, “Money is the root of all evil.” When he said money that includes the things of the world – for MONEY or rewards, resources, people torture others, both humans & animals. They endanger the life, safety & health by what they do to the environment, for money.

Men (Japanese) are taught to torture prisoners, in the military, because when they do, they are afterward given WOMEN FOR SEX & SAKI (alcohol) & for this paltry gain, they torture prisoners again & again. See the teachings of KILLOLOGY  Lt. Col. Grossman.

People associate smartness with how much of the things of the world you get, & stupidity with how little you have. If you are rich, you are smart, if you are poor you are dumb. Smart people know how to get the things of the world.

The world has the dog-eat-dog or rat race spirit. It is ‘do unto him before he does unto you’ – It is ‘beggar thy neighbor’ {got that from you} & it is stand on the weak, the small, the downtrodden so I can get bigger, better & richer.

The SPIRIT of the world is totally at odds with the SPIRIT OF THE SAINTS – the HEAVENLY SPIRIT. God encourages us to SACRIFICE for the greater cause – give up things of the world & the flesh in order to help others, for example. Say I have $100. Do I take myself & a friend to the best place in town for the best steak & wine with all the trimmings, & blow it? Or do I see my neighbor can only afford a $5. dinner. So I spend only $50. for my dinner with friend, & give the poor neighbor the other $50. so he can eat well. It doesn’t mean I have to go homeless, it means give up some luxuries or treats so others can benefit. {But of course, if your neighbor has not eaten for three day, nor fed his family, & you ate this morning but only have enough resources for a few meals – either give all that to the neighbor or most of it – that is a genuine sacrifice, on which Christianity stands.} All the saints know this, all the saints practiced this – in all religions.

But now I’m reminded when William wrote a chapter on Jesus he portrayed him as a MASOCHIST. I took issue with this & wrote a rebuttal. William accused me of TRASHING his work. {That made me feel ill.} Recalling this I become aware that William does not understand Christianity & perhaps DOESN’T WANT TO.

Why is it that I understand, approve of, & promote Wiccanism {many Christians condemn it} while William does not do the same with my Christianity? I think it’s IGNORANCE, but he’s so smart with other things, so how could he be so ignorant on this issue? Surely Wiccans are not wicked? Don’t they care about others, don’t they practice the Golden Rule? I believe they do. Don’t Pagans love God & Nature? Of course they do. God is Nature.

The spirit of the world is against God because it puts temporary things ahead of the eternal. All the things of the world will pass, but the God-world is eternal. The spirit of the world tells people to follow custom {including evil custom like Brahmans & untouchables – like hating women & minorities or those that are different or eccentric}, pay attention to fashion, fads & celebrity, be mindful of wealth & power. But God says ‘I am no respecter of persons,’ – ‘What profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul, for what will he exchange for his soul?’

That is my rebuttal to your statements Ajax & if you have more to say, please do so. I don’t think William will have much to say on all this because when I look at the last years of our conflicts & disagreements, I don’t think he wants to believe the things that I do. I think I have loved & approved of him more than he has of me. So be it. It’s OK. He is free.

The bottom line in all this: For a true ‘Christian’ they listen to the voice of God, no matter what God says, even if it leads to risks, being in harm’s way, being persecuted, even martyred. That’s what Jesus did. He didn’t want to die on the Cross, but for some reason, in order to ESTABLISH CHRISTIANITY & save BILLIONS OF SOULS in the future, He had to. And so he conceded to the Will of God & sacrificed his very life for the sake of Souls. That was the Economy of God. Ajax, you said,

“It clearly shouldn’t be even remotely a popularity contest, but at the same time there psychologically needs to be a winning strategy in the messaging IMHO.”

Anne Catherine Emmerich said that Satan was trying to get Jesus to die in the prison {he was there over night} instead of the Cross, which would thwart the “THEATER”, the fame & notoriety Jesus would get by being on it. In other words, an anonymous death, quiet, no fan fare. But God had planned the biggest explosion of publicity for the death of Jesus, upon which the entire Christian Gospel would rest. If he had not ‘died’ this way, what would Christianity have been? Jesus might have been forgotten, like,

“Oh yes, there was this guy, a Saint, who did lots of miracles – he died from being scourged & all the stress put upon him.”

He would not have become the Poster Person for sacrifice. He would not have the title, “Son of God – Who came to Earth to die for our sins.”

So God had a plan for PUBLICITY for GOD’S WORK & it was a doozy. Enough for now, I have said my piece.


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ANOTHER GREAT LETTER FROM AJAX the GREAT, clarifying some of his terms to Rasa:

Good morning, Rasa. It is very sad but true, unfortunately. Such Pharisees and SWERFS (sex worker exclusionary radical feminists) are really not all that different from the patriarchy they claim to dislike so much. They and the Phyllis Schlafly types are two sides of the same ugly coin.

Part of it is their general lust for power and also concern for their own self-righteous image of course, but also their sex-negativity (however they dress it up) and hostility to sex positivity is even deeper and goes back to the whole sex cartel or beggar-thy-neighbor mentality that I have written about in reference to the vile Mark Regnerus and his ilk. That is, they apparently want to, consciously or not, keep the “cost” of sex artificially and arbitrarily high in a vain and futile attempt to control men at the expense of other Women. That is, control Women’s sexuality and paradoxically deny Women agency in order to indirectly control men, at least until after Women fully take over (whenever that is). But that outmoded 19th century style strategy has a way of backfiring mightily, and is in fact at least as dumb as using lockdowns to control a widespread respiratory virus until the virus is eradicated or until the magic vaccine. It only drags out and prolongs the problem basically. Sexual freedom in general is in fact a prerequisite for Matriarchy, not the other way around like the SWERFs like to claim as actual Matriarchal societies (both human and bonobo) have shown, and the academics know damn well in their heart of hearts that is true whether they are choosing to be intellectually honest or not. They are the ones putting the proverbial cart before the horse. Meanwhile the patriarchy, oligarchy, and technocracy just sit back and laugh. Cartels are no substitute for a genuine sisterhood.

I am kinda familiar with Z Budapest, the founder of Dianic Wicca if I remember correctly. She seems good overall IMHO. What are your thoughts about Starhawk, Carol P. Christ, Peggy Reeves Sanday, Trista Hendren, Glenys Livingstone, or xxx?

(Rasa says she has the books of most of these scholars & appreciates their work. She has contacted Ms xxx who wrote her a curt letter that there can be no collaboration with her – & gives no explanation why.)

Ajax continues:
Very true, Rasa. That is correct about the separation needed in the new religion. And Dr. Amen is indeed correct.

I did not realize that about WWI as a way to sabotage Emmeline Pankhurst, all this time thinking it was just caused by a powder keg of MANIA (mnemonic for Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, and the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand) in Europe that caused it, and that the USA simply bumbled into it stupidly. Looks like it was far more sinister though. As for the COVID pandemic, that is indeed part of the plan for the technocrats’ Great Reset, and as we have seen the lockdowns have been more damaging to Women than men.

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from William:
I know both you and I have written about matriarchal spirituality and other women have written about this. But we I don’t see much progress in this field. At least female empowerment is progressing politically with more female politicians and leaders but we don’t see the same progress spirituality.

I suppose it is about finding ideas that capture people’s imaginations and wanting to come together to create a Matriarchal spiritual organization. So this is what I’m thinking about………………………


 From Rasa:  It irks me that William is talking about female spirituality knowing full well that I have written The New Religion, ‘Woman Thou Art God’ & gave him eleven chapters in it.  All he has to do is promote it wherever he can, but he isn’t.  Nothing gets anywhere unless it’s promoted.  So he ignores this, in fact, wrote a ‘counter religion’ to it ‘for Femdom Me’.  He could have helped me, but he went his own way, but I still included him.  Now he is looking for something but doesn’t know which way to go.  He is ‘lost’ because he did not help me with the work Mother God gave me, IMO.


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