By Rasa Von Werder, March 12th, 2020







Dream interpreted for a friend

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          I am inside somewhere in a bath where the entire wall is a shower stall, with two showers. In one shower 10’ from me there is lover Hank with his live-in, while I am under this other shower with a female who loves me, smaller than me, like a ‘best friend.’


          *(SHOWER, UNDER THE, TAKING A BATH: This concerns your lover husband Hank, who recently made a post praising his live-in & you wondered why.







          Everything is normal for a while, just showering, when it’s nearly finished & Hank decides to do something romantic—he embraces his gf & begins to kiss her. This revolts me, I don’t want to see it, & I turn my back to them & get closer to my friend, holding her in my arms. {I already know this is my flesh I’m embracing–I am the God Self.}


          *(KISSES, EMBRACES GF UNDER THE SHOWER: Although he’s miserable, he knows you’re looking, so he wants to antagonize, provoke you into doing something so he puts on this show of romance, kissing, like he did once in real life. You knew it was fake—he kept kissing her for you to see saying ‘I love her-I love her.’

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          He knows this would disturb you so he’s trying to make you jealous, provoke you into contacting him. He does this action in an internet post.


          GET CLOSER TO MY FRIEND, TURN BACK ON HIM:   But instead of reacting you turn your back to him & get closer to your God-union.)*


          As I stand there I look up at the shower head & see the water is getting less, in fact, it’s about to stop, just a trickle & no more water, no more shower for all of us.


          *(SHOWER, NO MORE, WATER STOPS: This heralds the end of the suffering for you & the lover as you plan to see him soon.

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  Question to Mother God: Usually water is grace. Why is ‘taking a bath-baptism’ denote suffering?

          MomGod: It’s just an idiom like ‘Cry Uncle’ when you’re wrestling & can’t take it any more – or ‘throw in the towel’ when you can’t endure the fight. Somehow along the way ‘I took a bath’ became a negative experience in people’s mind. Maybe it was the old days when we didn’t have hot & cold running water. It often meant losing money. Also the connection with baptism is we are baptized or initiated toward God when things get rough. God ‘whispers to us in our pleasures & shouts to us in our pain—pain is the megaphone of God.’)*


          Later I see my good husband talk to me about his heart troubles. He says ‘My doctor told me’ but the rest of it I can’t recall except hubby says ‘It’s going to be alright.’


          *(HEART TROUBLE: Emotions hurt, this is Hank who has ‘seen the light’ & become your ‘good husband’ instead of the monster he was. God reached him through the pain of your absence, which will end soon, so he says ‘It’s going to be alright.’

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DOCTOR: Someone who helps, heals you, comforts or assures you. Whoever it is—maybe his guardian angel—tells him our affair will be alright. )*


          In another scene I’m in my kitchen yard when a suspicious man has arrived, bringing some sort of van inside my yard – kind of like a food van or a simple square van carrying supplies. I ask him what he’s doing here & he says something that doesn’t make sense. I say,


          *(SUSPICIOUS MAN: This is Hank spying on you.

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          VAN, BRINGS VAN WITH SUPPLIES, MAYBE FOOD: Hank is thinking of how he can regain your favors, maybe brings you supplies, gifts, favors, food, etc. But he


          SENSE, DOESN’T MAKE SENSE: because he doesn’t know what to give you, he doesn’t have much to give. He doesn’t know what to do, can’t figure it out, his mind doesn’t make sense.)*


          “At three o’clock in the morning?”


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*(THREE O CLOCK IN THE MORNING: Is a sign of drama / trauma in a relationship. In one of Al Green’s songs he says ‘someone on the phone, at three o clock in the morning’ meaning there is BIG trouble – a breakup someone is trying to resolve.)*


          As soon as he came in he also did something suspicious, he put a round lock on my garden gate, he bent down & secured it so that I could not run out fast—so I imagined he might be planning to assault me some way.


          *(LOCK, PUTS LOCK ON GATE, SUSPICIOUS: Hank wants to lock you in, keep you where he can get to you to make love & he fears your escape. This is his want & need, his anxiety.)*

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          I am leery of him & manhandle him, like rough him up. He’s a sort of a thin, weak guy, maybe black glasses, a Mr. Peeper type–& he’s shook up by me. Around him he’s holding a dull red blanket the way Indians would – his small vehicle also has panels of that same color. I never did figure out what he was about.


          *(MR PEEPERS, THIN WEAK GUY: This is Hank as although he looks completely masculine, he’s very much afraid of you & timid as can be. He fears you, he’s even said so himself. You roughing him up is in his mind, from past traumatic events with his mother – he’s reliving those events in his mind, & projecting this onto you.


          The red blanket he pulls around him is his Post Traumatic Stress—the small van he’s brought with red panels are the things he wants to offer you for love. There’s something pitiful about all this.)*

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          The scene changes. I am in a high-up apt, like 2-3 floors up. I leave my front door slightly ajar & tiny little black dogs with fluffy fur come in, first one, then another. They’re wearing narrow grey & blue coats, more like bands around their shoulders. I go to pet one little one & he rolls on his back – he’s only about 8” long & so is his twin.


*(DOGS OF FEMALE NEIGHBOR, TWO TINY, ONE REGULAR: Since dogs are senses someone you know is trying to scope you out – investigate what you’re doing or where your head is. This might be Hank’s gf wondering if you’re still seeing him – don’t know why any other female would care that much—all your relationships with females are casual, no reason for them to strain their brains to see what you’re doing.


BLACK HAIR: The description has these clues: She is stout, black hair is dark thoughts, or thoughts of fear about her & Hank ending.


CLOTHES, BLACK TRIM ON THEM: Black trim on clothes is like black bands men wear to honor a death, this says ‘is this my funeral with Hank? Middle aged might hint at they’ve been together a long time—maybe the relationship is ‘worn out’ or its purpose is ‘used up’.


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BLACK DOGS: Then again all her ‘senses-dogs’ are black. And their bands around shoulders are grey & blue. This is her mind, grey-blue, sad thoughts. Her thoughts & senses are filled with sadness & fear of the end of their relationship—she believes it’s over. And since she’s come to you, you are the reason. She has ‘unleashed’ her thoughts & ESP on you—not on any other female.


ROLLS ON BACK, DOG: This is the submissive or helpless posture – it’s what Hank’s gf feels toward you. It’s common in many animals to try to avoid confrontation with a larger, stronger adversity, or when they give up, no more fight—to show ‘I’m not going to oppose you, I submit.’ This sometimes, not always, saves their life & limb.


DOG, TINY, 8”: Have never seen a clue like this, MomGod, why tiny?

MomGod: This is like a small intuition or HINT, it’s not an absolute revelation, but there are two of them, that makes up for the size.

Screenshot-2019-11-20-at-14-45-34 self-guided-side-of-highgate shock s-l300 (1) s-l300 View of the West front of Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire Snowshill_Manor_exterior Garden at Snowshill Manor, looking west 

DOOR AJAR: Means I am open to something, in this case, the thoughts & senses of Hank’s gf. I left my soul or unconscious slightly open – I picked up her mind set.)*


          I go onto the landing or porch of the apt & below is a medium black dog – about 40 lbs, a mixed breed, looking up at me. I sense a female neighbor to the left but don’t see her – are these her dogs? I imagine her appearance as such: Stout, middle aged, clothing trimmed in black, black hair.


          The scene changes & I’m in my upper back yard looking down at my lower back yard, but the dimensions are I am much higher, the bottom lower than real life.



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          Down below I now see tan dogs, like boxers, cavorting in is it snow? One looks up at me.


          *(TAN DOGS, BOXERS, LOOK UP AT ME: These are your inner senses, not hers, not depressed. Tan is contemplation, receiving from God & what you get is happy—the dog looking at you is looking at God—there’s a large difference in height {of God where you are} & depth of an inner sense.


          SNOW: Deception. Snow is silent & appears innocent & beautiful, but it can be dangerous on the road or the Alps when hiking or skiing. The dog ‘cavorting’ in the snow is having play or in a way, seeing through the deception or the unknown—You are picking up revelations from God, getting through the tangle of deceit or the unknown pertaining to this situation.)*

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          All the outdoor scenes are night.


          *(NIGHT: When there is no light, one cannot see, one cannot understand what is going on. This dream reveals the truth, however, it breaks through the darkness & shows the Light or Truth.)*


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