Oligarchs’ And Technocrats’ “Great Reset”

By Rasa Von Werder, January 4th, 2021

Best Explanation Yet Of The Oligarchs’ And Technocrats’ “Great Reset”

from Ajax the Great





In case you didn’t know the real reasons behind the oligarchs’/technocrats’ so-called “Great Reset“, please see this eye-opening video by the ever-insightful Catherine Austin Fitts.  Spoiler alert:  it isn’t really about a virus, so much as about power and control.  See video here if it doesn’t show:



*****{RASA SAYS:  I just watched this video.  I might need to see it again to understand it better.  My frustration with this great lady is she ‘explains’ what to do to NOT COOPERATE with the evil system but she doesn’t get into ENOUGH DETAILS of how to not cooperate.  She says she was doing business with the Stanley Morgan Bank, realized she was part of the evil system so stopped doing business with them, go to local credit union type places to do banking.  Are all the regular banks evil?  Name more of the bad ones.  Name the credit unions or local banks that are good.  She says don’t cooperate with big pharma.  What ways not cooperate?  I know we must not get injections, but anything else?  Then there’s the media, which is part of their propaganda/lying machine, how do we not cooperate with them?  I watch no news on TV, what else?  Then there’s the GMO’s poisoning us all.  Don’t eat their food, which I don’t – anything else?  I would like to hear MORE DETAILS of how not to cooperate with the Slave Masters that are trying to take away all our civil liberties.}*****

  A cashless society in which currency as we know it is replaced entirely by digital central bank “currency” that can be turned on and off at will by the oligarchs in charge, to totally control the masses, and ultimately usher in their necrotechnocratic dream of slavery and transhumanism?  What could possibly go wrong?  (As per Murphy’s Law…)

It can be described as the ultimate triumph of wetiko.  That is, the virus of the mind and cancer of the soul, far worse than any physical virus, that is also known as EVIL.  One that unfortunately too many people accept as the banality of evil.

All the more reason for We the People to demand a return to normalcy and a halt to these Machiavellian machinations.  And yesterday is not soon enough!

Of course, it is not enough to simply oppose the Great Reset, lockdowns, and all that jazz.  The forces of good must present alternatives that pre-empt any perceived need for such machinations.  We must unveil the treatments and prophylaxis that we have noted would bring the actual COVID-19 pandemic to a halt almost overnight.  We must expose and reform the sketchy statistics and testing used to create it the massive casedemic superimposed on it.  And we must implement without delay the progressive priorities such as UBI, single-payer Medicare For All, debt jubilee, free college, and so on before the evil oligarchs and technocracy beat us to it and pervert and weaponize these otherwise beneficial ideas.  Conservatives may disagree with that last point, but this battle cannot be won by conservatives alone, as it transcends the whole left-right political spectrum.

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UPDATE:  Apparently, the Canadian province of Ontario is possibly planning to eventually put some restrictions on people who choose not to get the COVID vaccine, and perhaps require proof of vaccination to enter some places.  This is how it starts, people, and we must oppose this kind of coercion 100%, full stop.  Fortunately, in the USA we have at least some governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida who have already ruled out any such mandates in their own states, throwing a major monkey wrench in the Machiavellian machinations of the necrotechnocracy.

And finally, it should be crystal clear by now that We the People are in an abusive relationship with our government, and have been since the pandemic was first declared (if not even earlier, albeit to a lesser degree).  All of the red flags are there, even if they may be disguised to appear green at first.  Lockdowns and related restrictions and propaganda essentially perfectly match the Duluth Model Power And Control Wheel as well as the Biderman’s Chart of Coercion.  Let that sink in, folks.  Really makes you think.




What they do to those who try to help others, who speak the truth.  This woman filmed an EMPTY HOSPITAL when they’re telling us they don’t have ROOM in hospitals – no one, not one human being, was being helped for anything

Hi everyone- I was held in custody and cells today in Gloucester until 11:30pm for a public disorder offence for sharing an online video of an empty Gloucester Royal Hospital.

My husband opened the door to them wanting to question me , I was in my nightgown with nothing underneath (I was in bed) when the thug of an officer tried to drag me off under arrest as he aggressively arrested me and twisted my hands behind my back in handcuffs. (hands swelled up and have marks all over them- I had to keep demanding medical attention – that they refused- I had to keep on). After me complaining at being dragged to the station undressed, he gave me me 3 minutes to get dressed while waiting outside my bedroom door.

giardino_0 girl-with-dogs-charles-burton-barber gold Guest-Cottage-on-Cape-Cod-This-Old-House-1 gypsy caravan interior 3 H0078-L06273395 H0649-L04408536 H0961-L10093141

I was held and released without charge as I could not arrange appropriate legal advice and they tried to interview me but I refused to answer any questions- they have issued bail that I can’t enter any hospitals and that I return for an interview within 28 days ( I refused to sign the bail conditions without legal advice as I didn’t understand).

Wake up world- how utterly Orwellian and nazi to go through this for sharing a video of an empty hospital -all because it was shared over 80k times. They can’t have the truth out there, can they?

This officer barged into my home, at xmas, and arrested me when I wasn’t dressed in front of my family.

They’re now claiming they have to watch my house as I am at risk because ‘my address and name has been released online.’ 77th brigade lies here folks- to try and stop me being active.

The truth is very dangerous for the new world order.

Share, share, share. Truth matters.

1-4-21 Addendum from Rasa Von Werder

What can we do? Ajax insists we resist, stand against the tyranny. But it’s like they have all the power, as usual, while we stand as little Indians in front of a Big Army. They have the guns, we have, if lucky, bows & arrows. And if we use one bow & arrow against them, they will have five guns shooting us through.

The answer to all this is in the LONG RUN. Sadly, we cannot change things OVER NIGHT. In resisting, all I understand we can do is resist getting injected, no matter how difficult the sanctions they put on us – including not being able to go to grocery stores & shop, & secondly, we can TALK, promote the truth on the internet & with our neighbors.

The third thing we can do – & don’t laugh – we can PRAY. Prayer has GREAT POWER. We can pray against the wicked, & pray for the good to gain strength & protection. If you think prayer has no power, I can give you many examples how prayer has changed everything, prevented things & made things happen. PRAYER IS POWER, especially if the one who prays is close to God, believes, & has great Trust & Confidence in God.

st-rita-of-cascia temptationenh temptation-of-jesus3 tempted-by-the-devil The-Communion-of-Saints the-temptation-being-ended-satan-leaveth-jesus-1-1-GoodSalt-prcas0968

They have been doing wickedness all along, which I with millions have pointed out all my life. Was it getting worse? If you look at the past, it was mind-bending cruel, cruel laws, cruel actions, cruel imprisonments, cruel tortures & cruel execution’ – many or even most, political. Women were major targets – look at the Inquisition, millions of women TORTURED TO DEATH, put into the ‘Iron Maiden’ where when it was closed, they were spiked to death, they were put on racks that pulled their limbs apart, they were crushed to death – if they did not confess to witchcraft ‘evils’ all were killed. Millions of men were killed too for speaking a different religion.

These women were arrested, tortured, with no outcry from the public that we know. No one came to help them, the ordinary people were scared. FEAR is what keeps the people quiet because if we stand up & shout to protect our neighbor, we get it too. So we keep quiet. At least today we have the internet & alternative media to shout it out.

The women they killed & tarnished are still affected by what they did. You cannot say ‘I am a witch’ without most people cringing, even my relatives. They imagine all sorts of evil, black magic, demonic spells, etc. Whereas these women were the healers & medicine makers, psychologists & menders of lives – they had great knowledge of herbs & rituals which are equivalent to prayer & psychological therapy.

But to say ‘I am a Wiccan’ makes people SUSPICIOUS, like saying ‘I am a prostitute,’ & it’s 300 years since the Inquisition.

_109578904_gettyimages-51246068 1_egYrBUVXI8oDXlCY8-4BBQ 2f9c5c9732b4be223e5b0450a33b4af4--serial-killers-poisons 2-salem-witch-trial-1692-granger 3d8db9b18fd551e28ab695c4ed13d535

I fought for prostitutes on national TV, impersonating one, with a wig & big sunglasses – they all knew who I was anyway, my body & voice gave it away, I’d done hundreds of TV shows. I said, ‘Prostitutes are People’ – Decriminalize prostitution {not legalize, decriminalize}. I got no money or praise for this, only calumny, abuse. I did it to help the underprivileged. I told them that prostitution is therapy for men, the men want & demand it, without it there’s be more rape, suicides, & men abusing women & children. The prostitutes give men a release, a session of some sort of love to keep them from getting anxious, depressed & violent. Prostitutes deserve as much respect as psychiatrists & psychologists, & when I said these things, people did not prop me up. Everyone was AFRAID to be associated with caring about prostitutes. So I stood it alone. This is what ONE PERSON CAN DO & I went on several national TV shows & half a dozen radio shows speaking this way. I took the brunt. Now, today, I am not going on TV but I sure can post on websites.

As I said, it is FEAR that makes us go along with them. They have been planning for thousands of years, most recently, in the last centuries, with invention of the gun, then nuclear weapons & now BIOWARFARE, they hold the Power over us, they have the weapons, they have the means, the resources, the money, the everything, where we are like little mice crying not to get stepped on. Ajax, what do you SUGGEST WE DO?

8df4a0d6bd746885bbc41b83b7d7d127 10a-young-girl-burned-at-stake 12_1200_600360113793289551514500944.4774-696x630 12bec284b2f485a9470da1efc1472a59 30ADFC2A00000578-3421938-image-m-14_1454025406104 Inquisition Tortures

I, with William Bond & NOT many others, have been crying out for Matriarchy, Female Supremacy all our lives. {Most people think Matriarchy is irrelevant, unnecessary, things are the way they are, they JUST need a way to make more money & they’ll be fine}. It is what we can do, we have done it. The way that they – the male demoniacs – have taken over the world is by force, & with that force they DISABLED WOMEN because with women at the head of the family / world they could not commit their crimes. It was with FORCE OF VIOLENCE & later, UNJUST LAWS that they confined women, the FIRST CONSPIRACY was to hold women down, disable them, render them without power, & then do what they want to do – as they are doing RIGHT NOW.

If women, the care givers, were still in power we’d have Matriarchy. In Matriarchy there were no unjust laws, there was no VIOLENCE or WARS. Weapons were not even invented – they found no swords in gravesites, & THERE WAS NO POVERTY. {Poverty exists in Patriarchy because the rule of the male discards people, lets them fall by the wayside, starving & homeless. The women care givers provide for everyone, no one starves or goes homeless.} {See Marija Gimbutas, anthropologist, studies.}

You might say, that was thousands of years ago, they would have invented weapons just as men have done, had they continued to rule. No, women never wanted violence or war, they make PEACE, they rarely do violence, it is NOT IN THEIR NATURE to be as violent as men, they take care of children, old people, animals, they have LOVE. It’s the MATRIARCHAL NATURE. William Bond has written countless articles on this. He helped me see it clearly.

But the NATURE OF MEN, when unbridled by women controlling or guiding them, tends to be VIOLENT. This is BUILT IN because they evolved to be HELP MATES to the women, to protect them, their children & kin, against animals mostly – men could not be as SOFT HEARTED & CARING AS WOMEN, nor could they be as CAREFUL & CAUTIOUS as women, they had to be violent when necessary, impulsive, even rash, jumping into the fray to the peril of their lives. More men are killed by accidents, even those in which they claim ‘fun & games’ than are women. This is their IMPULSIVENESS, even foolhardiness, it’s in THEIR NATURE.

Add to all this now we have PROOF from Dr. Daniel Amen, with 65K brain scans, that the front part of male brains is asleep, while the primitive, back part is awake – women’s brains are awake both in the front & the back, they have corpus collasum connections men don’t have. What is the front part of the brain? It is the intellect, spirituality, temperance, judgment, control of impulses, while the back part of the brain is our ANIMAL INSTINCT. And this is who is running the world, making the rules & enforcing them. There are no women running the Shadow Govt.

51ztX3q6n-L._AC_ 89puArlgaMs84o5973ythCfbedup8HmcMdraNzTyvfU 96d4d79624c8282ea7cf45dfa92d6c54--spanish-inquisition-medieval-art 512P7Kum98L._AC_UL600_SR399,600_ 514px-Félix_Joseph_Barrias_-_The_Temptation_of_Christ_by_the_Devil_-_Google_Art_Project 516CO80jgNL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ 567ffa33860457620384e4709566b5f8-patron-saints-catholic-saints

Human males started out as females after conception – all humans do – but when the fetus reached the size of a grapefruit seed nature stepped in & TRUNCATED their ability to reproduce & changed their body & brain, becoming the creature we call men. Dr. Bryan Sykes claims that human males are a GENETIC EXPERIMENT THAT DID NOT WORK & NATURE IS REMOVING THEM. Both he & Dr. Ashley Montagu call human males a PARASITE on the body of a woman.

I imagine that men, in the beginning were not as violent as they became – as women CHOSE the biggest, strongest, most aggressive men to have sex with – over thousands of years they got more & more so. Now it became THE MOST RUTHLESS OF MALES IN THE WORLD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE ONES WHO RUN THE WORLD & TO THE DEGREE THEY HAVE CREATED WEAPONS STRONG ENOUGH TO BLOW UP THE ENTIRE PLANET – to totally destroy all civilization & a nuclear aftermath which would have the earth semi-barren for thousands of years.

They seem to have somewhat tuned down their nuclear hysteria & now are concentrated on control of humans without it – so they can spare the infrastructure, keep the resources, but RENDER HUMANS HELPLESS OR DEAD. This they have mapped out with BIOWARFARE & this biowarfare is no longer one country against another, it is the SHADOW GOVT – a few thousand TRILLIONAIRES vs the rest of humanity – about 15K of them, controlling all resources & technology – against 6 billion of us. They believe they can do it & are trying with all their might.

Now consider how in the 60′s you had Rosa Parks refusing to give her front seat to a white person. Then started the Mississippi bus strike & the entire civil rights movement of blacks resisting white rule. They won the battle & how? They could not have done it without this factor, which gave them the strength, faith, trust, confidence & inspiration to keep going:

It was PRAYER. These people met EVERY NIGHT in their Churches, holding each other up & singing WE SHALL OVERCOME. They called on the SUPERNATURAL GRACE OF GOD for what they needed & Grace was given.

From 1841 Exhibition of painting, A Scene of the Inquisition, vi accused-witch angels_attending_jesus_4 APP_the_spanish_inquisition_mar19 b9be575b788f9e69a09c2840fdbaf8f7 b751415bc926ae67fac5720a809b6374 bbaa749eb6f6c75b8a5f5fe49416539f

Now I notice strongly that this new biowarfare conspiracy has made it ILLEGAL FOR US TO GATHER. It was that way during the COMMUNIST RUSSIAN TIMES. When Christians gathered secretly, thugs were sent out to BEAT THEM UP, as they were the ENEMIES OF THE GOVERNMENT, the enemies of the Communist rule. This evoked the memory of when CHRISTIANS WERE GATHERED UP because they refused to recognize Roman Gods including CAESAR as a God. They were thrown to the lions in the Colosseum, they were MARTYRED. The Christians did the best they could by meeting in the catacombs, but many were found out & killed.

And what did they do in the catacombs? The main thing was the Sacrament of the Holy Mass – where they summoned the Body & Blood of Christ to strengthen them. Christians, those in the right, those who want to follow God in the righteous way, whatever their religion {including Wiccans} have been TO HELL & BACK resisting governments.

Once again, the present government, all over the world, want to deprive us of the RIGHT TO GATHER, for any reason. They know full well as the Romans did, the Communists did, that to gather there is STRENGTH AGAINST THEM. Whatever the people profess, in fellowship, sisterhood, brotherhood & in faith, they RISE UP AGAINST THE TYRANTS & they want to be tyrants, they do not want us FREE.

Why don’t they want us free? Then they can’t use us the way farmers use animals on factory farms – use up their eggs, their wool & their bodies as food, great resources. This is how the SHADOW GOVT SEES US: We are slaves {they wish} to work the earth for resources, keeping us as poor & helpless as possible, for them to be free & happy & very rich.

And so, my conclusion, is what do we do to protect ourselves & resist. As I said, keep our faith in God, pray, gather if we can, if we can’t, pray together on the phone & internet.

c6221-foxe3892bthree2bguernsey2bwomen2bat2bthe2bstake255b1255d Spanish Inquisition Torture Christ_in_Garden_Gethsemane_Tiepolo_1750 conrad-of-marburg-the-inquisitor Depositphotos_11614673_s Duccio_di_Buoninsegna_-_Maestà_Madonna_with_Angels_and_Saints_-_WGA06742 e0518e024a1c54f2423ee8df953277ff

Second, spread the word of truth on the internet & with people we meet – the truth of what they are doing & how they are conspiring against us.

Third, do all we can to empower females for the coming Matriarchy. Matriarchy / female supremacy is inevitable, as Mother God is rendering human males EXTINCT. But this is long in coming. Indeed, the males are deteriorating & diminishing, there are many studies & statistics on this, but their demise will take 100,000K more or less. But their power WILL DIMINISH if six billion people resist & PRAY AGAINST THEM. 

And fourth, resist their insistence on any INJECTIONS, VACCINES of any kind, microchips, anything they suggest ‘for our good.’

PS I await the replies of William Bond & Ajax the Great. What do you suggest we do against this tyranny?

Guru Rasa Von Werder 1-4-21

 torture-devices-fb torture-during-the-inquisition-TA24FP torture-inquisition-1879-F96K2C torture-under-the-eyes-of-the-inquisition-C463C5 torture-val-bochkov TortureWomanFeet-e-56a04b073df78cafdaa0eaa5




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