By Rasa Von Werder, December 2nd, 2020




This might be an answer to a prayer yesterday. Lover was BACKSLIDING, fooling around with another girl {possibly hooking up seeking a relationship}instead of contacting me, after some sort of breakup with present ‘wifey.’ I asked God to give me a dream re once again, why & how he would come to me when all was ‘said & done.’ My Higher Self does not take his ‘dilly dally’ with girls seriously, it relies on the REVELATIONS given many times by God re our PERMANENT RELATIONSHIP coming to pass. But how things develop is a subject for query.

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*(HIGHER SELF VS FLESH/DAUGHTER: In yesterday’s dream there was an interesting conflict between flesh & God – where the flesh rose up against God & acted like she wanted to dominate – & at that point, I, the God, parted from her. This conflict has been going on for years – what the God Within wants, what the flesh wants. The flesh thinks physically, in a limited manner, short on faith, hope, confidence & all virtues. That is why flesh makes mistakes & pays for them later. My higher self was threatening me – the flesh – many times, She would ‘kill me’ if I continued with this man as it was – I did not listen for a long time, & I paid the price. The price was severe anxiety attacks, total chaos with the gastro-intestinal system, then heart attacks.

In this dream there will also be a sister I share a room with – another part of me, the pragmatic self, smart, but not God. It is the God that must prevail, dominate, make the decisions, no other part of oneself, & when another part takes over, there come the falls.

So in the last dream my Higher Self wins the day, in this dream my daughter/flesh does not even appear, but the pragmatic flesh is here in spirit, I, God, am correcting her.)*

My dreams opened with up numerous closings of restaurants as well as other businesses. All was shutting down like there was some kind of problem with society – like war but not war. I was present at many CLOSINGS, like shutting down doors, windows, I am there looking – it all goes DARK. There are many forgotten details. I was not UPSET, just OBSERVING.

*(CLOSING BUSINESSES: Usually we don’t take things in dreams literally, but sometimes they are literally true. And so, this suggests that the closing of businesses will block the way for his ‘wifey’ – who is the main bread winner – to make a living. This being gone, she cannot afford him, both have to make different arrangements, she for someone to help her & the child. He stays with her because it’s most convenient, but if she cannot pay the bills, it isn’t convenient any more, so all bets are off. This answers the query why would be come to me.)*

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This part of the dream ends & I am at the OLD FARMHOUSE in my bedroom. I am looking through one of the THREE WINDOWS, the one on the right. Below me is the yard, all is GREEN, BEAUTIFUL, fertile. There is the large Oak tree, bushes & shade, & beyond that, nice sunshine in the field.

*(OLD FARMHOUSE, MY ROOM, 3 WINDOWS: The 3 windows suggests an answer to something, ‘his, hers & the truth.’

And so I see that beneath my window, domain is the SOLID PERMANENT OAK TREE – the Oak tree has the deepest TAP ROOT of any tree I know – it’s almost impossible to pull a tiny Oak out of the ground – I have tried. This represents PERMANENCE, A DEEP, PERMANENT RELATIONSHIP.

The SHADE here is PROTECTION. People seek trees for shade, shade protects from sunburn especially {you see the sun yonder but those who come here want the shade}. The sun in the context of this dream would be GETTING BURNED, which means HURT.

The green / fertility of this area is the LIFE / PROSPERITY / ABUNDANCE of ME. Whoever seeks this area, beneath my window, seeks my protection & prosperity. This will answer the query of why Lover comes to me – because he needs these factors.)*

There are some BOY-TEENS here – neighbors – who took it upon themselves to visit my yard to play. It doesn’t bother me, I’m happy they are finding rest / recreation on my property, & notice they stay in the SHADE rather than going into the sun.

tumblr_6defa796e66566e1d9f7bab27753d5ac_a576c7df_1280 (1) tumblr_6e0b9256458c20131a6d7a5aea81e907_95ed24ff_1280 tumblr_6ebdb972bb62dfecb9ec1edb680d9d9f_b0a1f82a_1280 tumblr_6f7061c94632dbc99144c55576c428e0_c1260fe3_1280 tumblr_7b0598e869957029a253412ff1652055_d05fdbe3_1280 tumblr_7baf2024fdc162a486e2cfde708725c2_ee838404_1280 tumblr_7dbead13874e31dd5a73db618a7da0d8_8d6c2743_1280

The boy I notice most is maybe 16, short & chubby, wearing a white cotton shirt, button down, casual, loose. He has a BALL in front of him & bounces it up & down.

*(BOY-TEENS-WHITE SHIRT-PLAYING BALL: This is the presence of my Lover Bob, seen in this manner. Why this manner, & the playing ball?

Because he is a DEPENDENT on me, I am the Mother-figure, & being CHUBBY means he is WELL FED by me. This is more than food, it’s overall nourishment, could be spiritual, emotional, mental. Why is he SHORT? Being tall is sometimes, as in the last two dreams, wanting to dominate, pride & ego, but being short is being smaller than, submitting oneself, humbled or on bended knee.

The playing ball? It might be ‘playing ball with me’ which means cooperation. I am not there in front of him, but he is in my yard, my shade, under my window, seeking my protection & prosperity – & what is also revealing, is that he is FACING TOWARD MY WINDOW which means facing ME – & this says he’s COOPERATING {finally!} {It has been his failure to cooperate with me or appreciate my efforts that has caused him to stay in the mediocre place he is, dashing his aspirations toward becoming ‘a star’ & losing the spiritual as well as other blessings held out to him by God. He blocked all my effortsto help him, took up with a young lady drug partner. By now I might have got him off drugs & made him to some degree a celebrity, but none of that happened.}

WHITE SHIRT: Is his hope for & acceptance of our union / marriage.)*

I want to open this window more fully. There are three semi-used up, falling apart pieces of wood for propping it up, I have to work to get them aligned properly, hold the window up, two of them one on the other, on the left side, sort of rickety.

*(THIS WINDOW: Is ‘his pov or side’ from the ‘his, hers & the truth’ paradigm. I want to see HIS SIDE clearly, but there’s some rickety old wood to depend on for propping up this vision – could be THE PAST bringing confusion & apprehension toward the future. Will he really change?)*


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Then I go to the MIDDLE WINDOW which opens to the main view of the outside, the clearest vista. My sister shares this room & apparently she has this window CLOSED which upsets me. I open it & am scolding her for not having it so. It’s summer after all, no need for closed windows. I say to my sis,

*(MIDDLE WINDOW: Represents ‘hers’ or my flesh pov. Why did the pragmatic part of me have this closed, for which my God Self scolds me?

CLOSED WINDOW could mean ‘Closed mind’ or my POV is not open enough- not enough OXYGEN would be lack of ENERGY or life to my vision. In other words, I must BELIEVE MORE in his coming to me with a SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION. My skepticism would come from his past performance.)*

Then I go to the LEFT WINDOW which opens on a low roof above the kitchen & the driveway. I thought at first it was closed also, but see it is open & lots of GREEN. There are two layers of windows.

*(LEFT WINDOW on top of the kitchen, driveway mean THE TRUTH. DRIVEWAY means ACCESS or ENTRANCE, the way in, the way he gets instilled into my life permanently, physically as well as other ways. I thought it was CLOSED is my lack of faith or skepticism. But it’s open means filled with life & vitality – I do see green here.

tumblr_c8eb6d4ceb2e929d7c298efbefa1148a_c1dbf12a_1280 tumblr_c56f9e6d2b420e1a27252abce4b0c9c0_a8993424_1280 tumblr_c76d590c8ccc1c4f19d56a30acd21017_d595d369_1280 tumblr_c79c28ea778e5220eb84d921a304f386_bfdf7c4f_1280 tumblr_c0160b520a341fe708798c2f74e0d973_c4f79eeb_540 tumblr_c208a7d9743ecd8751019ba4017e9cd6_688239f2_1280 tumblr_c980e86dc0b3657ce319db72d9ebad6f_98952a73_1280 tumblr_c77888fd3588761eb3baf8dd37d1cfa8_cc482e3e_1280

On top of the KITCHEN also is a symbol of hearth, home, food, nourishment. This is where our food was prepared & eaten. This represents the HEART / CENTER, ‘home is where the heart is’ – Both he & I have each other’s hearts.)*


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