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SIGNIFICANT DREAMS explain two things. One my Lover still loves me & will enter my life in future, & two, my identity for promotion is not my shallow earthly accomplishments, but my ascending to the Throne of God.

10-22-20-Suicide & renewal

At first I thought this was about my friend Mary J, but it wasn’t. To my surprise, it was me!

I’m with friends out in the great outdoors, big scenery all around, mountains, woods, beautiful. Then we look into the sky & we see vultures or scavenger birds circling around. We see it as an omen someone might be dying. As we keep looking, then thse birds are right on the ground & we all say,

“This is not going to be – it is!”


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*(MARY JANE, OMEN/VULTURES: This is about my own death at the time of the heart attacks, the stress of what my Lover had been doing to me.)*

And we run to the spot to see who died. It’s Mary J! She has committed suicide I think, & two huge vultures, dark ones, are tearing into her. She’s wearing a light blue draped dress, her hair is between light brown & blonde, slightly frizzy, to the neck, seems a bit sparse like an older person’s.

*(SUICIDE: When you choose to love someone so much you die of a broken heart it might be called suicide, as you can stop loving a person to save yourself, but if you keep loving no matter what the pain, you ‘die of a broken heart.’)*

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Then a dark bird like a crow, sees us, & wants to take her body away because it doesn’t want interference, & this crow is strong enough to pick up her entire body, & as it does it takes her away to a deep stream & dips her in {I don’t know why.} Not sure what happens after that.

*(CROW TAKES HER AWAY, DIPS HER IN STREAM: Crow could be prophecy. Mother God, I need help.

She: The crow might be saying this had to happen in order for her to be cleansed of her obsessive love. Dipping in the stream is ‘stream of life,’ so the crow is saying ‘She has to get back to her God intimacy again. This death will do it.’)*

Next scene: Is a whole ‘nother ballgame. There is Mary Jane, alive, & there’s something to do with love & romance. She loves a certain guy but he’s nowhere to be seen, & I see her taking up with another fellow who is pictured as ‘The Hulk’ although he isn’t as bulky as him, but he’s real tall & dressed in black clothes.

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They are off by the side of the wall in this public place like a sprawling restaurant. They are left, back, against the wall, {facing it} & it’s her & Hulk & another guy – I can hardly see her because the other two are in front of her. There isn’t anything going on romantically.

*(HULK: There is no one in my life resembling this person but it might be my new webman Spencer, who’s tall – I’ve seen him wear black.)*

Then to the right comes a sight to behold: The man she loves, who she’s been waiting to come to her forever, he got wind of her & Hulk, he could not take it any more, {jealous, worried about losing her} he’s arrived, he’s entered the door with a couple male friends. He’s as tall as the Hulk, not as broad or bulky, thin, handsome, wearing a dark burgundy polo shirt, quite pleasing, {it’s stylish, the collar is up, I imagine the white polo emblem somewhere} & he’s surprised all of us. She hasn’t seen him.


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*(LOVER WALKS IN AFTER HULK: Might be a prediction that after you get going with Spencer, Lover will think it’s romantic & step up his game. His

BURGUNDY POLO SHIRT: Shows long-time suffering re you & that he wants to get back in ‘the game.’ The horse symbol is his penis–’horse cock’–& he wants to ‘play’ or have sex with me.)*

What worries me about her is as she stood there with Hulk she even had her leg doing the trick she often does – putting her leg {the left one} to point to the ceiling. Why she did this I don’t know, except that it’s to amaze or impress people. However, doing this might antagonize the true lover, make him think more was happening than was.

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*(LEG UP–HE SUSPECTS MORE THAN WHAT’S GOING ON: This is I have a ‘leg up’ on Spencer or having my way with him, not romantically, but getting along, working. But Lover doesn’t know what’s going on & has fear. This shows he loves me still.)*


I was somewhere with a ‘ditsy’ Marilyn Monroe type girl, she’s short, brown hair, slightly bulky but curvy. She got hold of my suitcase somehow & out of it she took my bikini where I won ‘Ms Body Beautiful,’ she’s put it on, she looks curvy & terrific!
But the fact she had the cheek to take my things & use them! She’s trying to be popular but this is shallow stuff.

*(MARILYN MONROE: This is me in my flesh, trying to be a ‘somebody’ by referring to my past exploits in the shallow sense, like winning beauty contests. Lately I’ve been meditating what to do with my life, whether to promote myself as the Kellie Everts person who did this or that, but this is steering me away from that, saying it’s shallow, this is not who I am, I used the glamour to do God’s work, I was pushing my mission moreso than remaining fixed & focused on the shallow, transient things.)*


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Then I’m in a busy, crowded place where many gather, like a huge restaurant, & people are being evaluated like it’s a big thing about choosing people for movies. I’m sitting with friends against a wall looking outward, thinking what is my future?

When suddenly, of all people, my sister walks in. She is not expected here, she doesn’t ‘fit in’ but she has come to plead my case. She’s wearing a strange wig, streaked brown, it comes past her forehead so you can see some of her own hair. She looks slightly disheveled like she’s been through a lot.

*(SISTER: The logical, pragmatic part of me shows me the light. Appears to bring me back to the logical truth: I used my career for God, my career of being the glamour doll & body builder is not who I was/am, I am a woman of God before all else.)*


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She has two things in her hands to show us. First, she takes out a bottle of the finest expensive perfume, such a large bottle it’s maybe a liter, like Chanel#5. She holds it to us to show that this is MINE like a quality or something belonging to me. She holds it a while describing how wonderful it is & valuable, she smiles as she speaks with love.

Next she finds the red alligator purse, a large purse that seemed to be STOLEN from me perhaps by the Marilyn lady – it’s about 2′ across, 1.5′ tall, 4-5″ deep, of the most expensive alligator skin in a rich medium shiny red. She presents this to us & explains this also belongs to me, & her words I cannot recall but she said it was the most valuable possessions & she spoke with love. This RELIEVED the pain I had been having at being robbed of this purse, I was crying about it saying how all my most valuable things were in it including keys to all my stuff, but where was it? So sis appearing like this justifying me makes it a wonderful revelation.


PERFUME is the ODOR OF SANCTITY, the highest kind & it is great. This is the REAL ME.

The PURSE is the spiritual value of e, it is GREAT. This is who I am, the key is my spirituality, all else follows. Focus on that, this justifies me, explains me, not the trivial stuff of this world.)*


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