Chap 13 Meaning of my Life

By Rasa Von Werder, July 6th, 2021


Chapter 13   Meaning of my Life – How to Understand it 



                     It is the OPPOSITE of what many people assumed:  “You gotta’ have a gimmick” from the story of Gypsy Rose Lee.  I was accused of this countless times by people who looked no deeper.  Everything a sound byte, a quick analysis, they think they’re so smart saying that.


          People like me are sent by God.  To understand my life you have to see if from the perspective of God – How does God work to bring her truth, her Monarchy to earth?


          You cannot understand it by comparing it to Gypsy Rose Lee, Marilyn Monroe, or any film star.  Yes, as a dancer I was a success, but compared to real film stars, I would be a failure.  But that’s not who I was.  My purpose was to fulfill a mission for God.


          Several questions arise.  What has been my mission?  How was it fulfilled? {We’ll come to that.}


Spiritual Liberation – Evan Roberts


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          Understand another truth, that when people are sent by God it’s rarely a one-man, one-woman show.  I learned that from studying lives of the saints.  Take the example of Evan Roberts, who is credited with starting the Welsh Revival.  He was summoned & appeared from the prayers of more than one person.  A man had been praying for years that a religious guy would appear from the rank & file – a common man – & touch the hearts of others for revival.  Evan himself prayed for a mission, an anointing, since his early years.  There were others calling upon God for such a revival, & it came to pass, & it was miraculous.


          Wikipedia:   Evan John Roberts (8 June 1878 – 29 January 1951), was an evangelist and leading figure of the 1904–1905 Welsh Revival[1]

His obituary in The Western Mail summed up his career thus:

“He was a man who had experienced strange things. In his youth, he had seemed to hold the nation in the palms of his hands. He endured strains and underwent great changes of opinion and outlook, but his religious convictions remained firm to the end.”


People are summoned by the prayers, suffering & desires of people.  They call out to God & what does God do?  She sends out Prophets, Avatars & Saints, powerful people who have ability for those who need help.  Each person sent is obviously suitable to answer the prayers, the need at that time.  When such a person is sent, it’s to bring about some sort of change, to save people from something.  It could be from the slavery of sin, & it might be from the slavery of one type of people oppressing another. 

 Christmas_at_camelot_by_Clive_Hicks-Jenkins_1024x1024 Gawain_arrives_at_fair_castle_Clive_Hicks-Jenkins_1024x1024_ba921a04-041c-4fdd-929e-52501163e76c_1024x1024 The_Exchange_by_Clive_Hicks-Jenkins_1024x1024 Hicks-Jenkins, Clive, b.1951; Christ Writes in the Dust: The Woman Taken in Adultery the-rapture Hicks-Jenkins

Liberator Moses


Look at the life/ministry of Moses.  He was sent to rescue the Jews from the Egyptian oppression – they must have been crying out hard to God.  He had an unusual beginning, being put upon the waters in a cradle/boat as an infant, he floated down to where the Egyptian Princess, Pharaohs daughter was bathing, & she took him as her own, raised him in the Palace as an Egyptian.  Eventually Moses fled Egypt because he killed an Egyptian & the penalty for that would be death – he fled to Midian.


Because Moses had his ‘foot in the door,’ eventually he was able to go back to Pharaoh & receive an audience with him – as he had been part of the Pharaoh’s household.  One imagines an ordinary Hebrew would not have been given an audience.


The story of Moses & the Israelites is known to most people like the palm of their hand.  My point is that he was summoned  by his people to get them out of the oppression they were in, & he did so.  His life was planned by God, he lived it, he obeyed his God & did what he had to do.


It is besides the point that I don’t approve of the Old Testament religion, it’s a Patriarchal based on war, exploitation & misogyny, filled with violence & abuse.  But they believed they & their religion were righteous & they needed deliverance from the Egyptians & their ‘false’ religion, so they prayed for help, & all or most prayers are eventually answered.

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          Harriet Tubman—American Moses


The American ‘Moses’ was a black woman named Harriet Tubman.  Although she transported only 70 of the 100,000 slaves who escaped through the Underground Railroad, she became famous. Wikipedia:


 The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses established in the United States during the early to mid-19th century. It was used by enslaved African Americans primarily to escape into free states and Canada.[1] The scheme was assisted by abolitionists and others sympathetic to the cause of the escapees.[2] The enslaved who risked escape and those who aided them are also collectively referred to as the “Underground Railroad”.[3] Various other routes led to Mexico,[4] where slavery had been abolished, and to islands in the Caribbean that were not part of the slave trade.[5] An earlier escape route running south toward Florida, then a Spanish possession (except 1763–83), existed from the late 17th century until approximately 1790.[6][7] However, the network now generally known as the Underground Railroad was formed in the late 18th century. It ran north and grew steadily until the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln.[8] One estimate suggests that, by 1850, 100,000 enslaved people had escaped via the network.  The ‘Underground Railroad’ or escaped routes, plus Harriet Tubman & others like her, were summoned by the prayers of the slaves & those who loved others.  Harriet Tubman was a woman of God & heard her Voice, calling her to do what she did.


Jesus is Called


It is explained in the New Testament that righteous Jews were waiting for the Messiah – the definition is ‘any expected deliverer.’  When Mary presented Jesus for the first time at the synagogue, an old man, Simon, proclaimed He was it, & now that he’d seen him, he could die in peace.


Jesus was scarcely understood in his lifetime, it took eons to get it.  His disciples themselves were confused, & not until the Holy Spirit descended upon them & all the followers {in the Cenacle, after long prayer & supplication} did they know what they had to do & were empowered to do it.


Jesus was just like Buddha.  Buddha was not a Patriarch, he preached against sacrifice of animals, against the cruel Caste System & he was not a misogynist.  Women were equal in his religion & still are.  Buddhism was peace & love & still is.


I have stated before I believe in the BBC documentary called ‘Jesus in Kashmir.’


Jesus was a reincarnated Buddhist Guru from Tibet.  The 3 Wise Men from the East were Buddhists.  Jesus disappearance at age 12 & reappearance age 29 was because he was taken to Tibet to learn ministry & returned to help his people.


Jesus also taught us not to sacrifice animals, but ourselves & our sins, he was the Lamb of God to the slaughter.  He showed us self-sacrifice by acceptance of the Cross.


He also did not believe in the Caste System – prejudice & oppression of the poor.  He taught of the ‘good Samaritan’ & he ministered to the ‘woman at the well’ who was a foreigner.  He spoke the Beatitudes, which ennobled suffering, poverty& oppression, that such people would be Blessed.

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And women?  He did not teach what St. Paul later did – that women must obey men & not speak in Church – that was a throwback to the old ways.  He walked with women openly, his mother, Mary Cleophas & Mary Magdalene – which was against Orthodox Jewish rules.  He was against stoning the woman caught in adultery – {where was the man?}  He showed the men they could not judge by what he wrote in the sand for each.  Jesus was a true Buddhist & his Christianity is the new Buddhism.


Meaning of my Life   Continue Chapter 13


This is pertinent about the Meaning of Jesus’ life:


                     About Christ, the Messiah


Matthew 16



When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?”


They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”


“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”


Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ,[2] the Son of the living God.”


Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven.


And I tell you that you are Peter,[3] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[4] will not overcome it.[5]


I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be[6] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[7] loosed in heaven.”


Then he warned his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Christ.


          Jesus had done all kinds of miracles & removed demons before the eyes of the disciples but none of them knew who He was – that he was Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah that had been predicted.  Peter was touched by the Holy Spirit & blurted out who Jesus was & Our Lord was pleased.  His Holy Mother knew who he was when at the wedding feast of Cana she told them ‘Do whatever He says.’  He’d not yet done his miracles but she knew he could & would.


          There are various types of persons & titles for persons sent by God.  There are Prophets, Saints, Avatars, Messiahs, & these people have various Gifts to enable their work.


          Let’s get some definitions:




  Prophet:    a person who speaks for God or a deity, or by divine inspiration.  (in the Old Testament)

a person chosen to speak for God and to guide the people of Israel:  Moses was the greatest of Old Testament prophets.

Other terms for prophets are medium, clairvoyant, bard & witch.

          Jesus told the disciples he was more than a prophet – all those from the Old Testament were not able to do what He had.  John the Baptist was a Prophet & he said to Jesus he was not fit to tie his shoes.  A Messiah is a greater appearance than a Prophet.


          Another term:   Saint.  I read some place the Catholic Church has 28k saints – Wikipedia says it’s 10k.  There are in reality, way more than that known by God.  There are also numerous Saints in the ProtestantChurch, but they don’t declare them.  Then there’s all the other religions.  In totality there have been millions of Saints.  Definition & synonyms for Saint:


          any of certain persons of exceptional holiness of life, formally recognized as such by the Christian Church, especially by canonization.


a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence.


A martyr, glorified soul or holy being.

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All Messiahs are Saints, but not all Saints are Messiahs.  What is the purpose – to other people – of a Saint, in the Kingdom of God?  From the internet:


Saints are venerated but not worshiped. They are believed to be able to intercede for salvation and help mankind either through direct communion with God or by personal intervention.


Me – OK, about the veneration & worship.  It’s about degree of the pedestal, so worship is the highest degree, while veneration is lower.  I don’t strictly go by that.  I worship Mary as if She was God, the same as Jesus.  I have worshiped all my Gurus as God because I am not looking at their flesh but their God Self.  I worship my own God Self, I know I am God inside my soul.  I also know all humans have God within them, some not realized or active, while those who are ‘born again’ have the active God inside.


I will channel my God Self.  We have now covered three types of people from God.  Let me hear you explain how each one works, their purpose.  Let’s start with Prophet, then go to Saint & Messiah:


Mother God {MG}:   I prophet comes to warn people, mostly about repentance from sin.  Sometimes they demonstrate God Powers, such as healing & removing evil spirits or doing other wondrous things.


A Saint is someone who exemplifies & demonstrates Holiness, or the way of Perfection with God.  They can be active saints who go into the world or contemplatives living in privacy & do there work secretly.  Contemplatives reach others through prayer, which has great Power from a Holy Soul – they can do all the things Prophets do without leaving their abodes.  Active Saints go into the world, like the great St. Teresa of Calcutta, & St. John Paul II, St. Catherine of Sienna, & St. Francis of Assisi {although all saints can contemplate while also being active, they have an intimate walk with God – that’s contemplation.  Contemplative {or you might say ‘cloistered’ Saints were St. Clare, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. Padre Pio {but he heard thousands of confessions & dealt with people who came to him}, St. Mary of Agreda, St. Anne Catherine Emmerich, & St. Faustina.

  ramana-maharshi-quotes-self-inquiry-is-the-process-and-the-goal-also-i-am-is-the-goal-and-the-final-reality-to-hold-to-2741234812-quotes c5783a41760614b2d2863985b5f74251 0 fd9bba9a1bd00b81d56b6c0835acad09 maxresdefault 3eddef3df9fc56f2da92f840181875e2 97fa8bf67fb7a63f0da024b4f95df4e6 soh_013-01855sharp_002

 Jesus said to the sister of Magdalene, ‘Martha, you worry about so many things, but Mary has the better part.’  Mary was sitting at his feet – that’s a contemplative, so Jesus declared contemplation is higher than action.  However, you must do whatever God declares you to do – some people are supposed to be active, some contemplative, some go back & forth or are strong in doing both on the same day.  Obey God & see how She leads you.


A Messiah or the Messiah as Christians believe is a Special Human sent by God to deliver a certain group of people, but overall, save all those who believe in him.  Jesus stands out here in every way.  Jesus came to deliver the Jews not from the Romans but the Old Testament.  He said he came to FULFILL the law, not to destroy it, but in fulfilling the ancient ways he also abolished them.  He abolished ‘an eye for an eye,’ revenge.  He was not for animals sacrifice.  He was not for misogyny.  He ended circumcision {thank God!}.  He amended, changed, & circumvented all the ungodliness in the Israelite religion – as for instance, when He knocked over the money changers tables in the Temple – that was a long-held custom that Jesus declared wrong.  {That speeded up his arrest & crucifixion.}


ME:   So what did Jesus mean He didn’t come to abolish the Old Testament or old ways but He came to fulfill it?


MG:   He came to CORRECT the old ways, remove the bad from the good.  The Ten Commandments were fine, but there were so many inconsistencies in the Hebrew religion. For instance, when they spoke of virtue, kindness, loving they neighbor, they referred only to their Hebrew neighbor.  They didn’t love any of their neighbors, anyone that was not their own.  They didn’t respect them, murdered them in war & stole & raped their girls.  And they said they did this in the name of God!  They said actually God demanded they kill the virgins also & was mad at them for keeping the girls!  So it’s just a word – fulfill or change.


 Jesus came to take the wickedness out of the Hebrew religion, & there you have Buddhism, the religion of Peace, Love thy Neighbor meaning all neighbors – all races, both genders, no violence, love & kindness for all {‘Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me!’  And I might add Buddhism & real Christianity {not the Christianity as taken over by males} is Matriarchy.  There was no war or weapons of war when humans worshipped Mother God & venerated women.  Buddhism & real Christianity would have no Crusades or Inquisitions.   {To be continued}


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