Channel St. Martin Luther King Jr.

By Rasa Von Werder, July 8th, 2021

Chapter 14


Channel St. Martin Luther King Jr   7-7-21



          Channeling St. Martin Luther King, Jr. whom I call ‘St. Martini’ for short. I ask him,


          ME:   I made a comparison of my work to that of Our Lord, now I’d like to compare it to yours. It would be a given to say you fought for blacks & I fought for women. Of course, other applications were made, but that was the focus. However, what was different between your work & mine?


          STM {St. Martini}:   You fought alone, I became the leader of a movement, where Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus & was arrested, which started the Montgomery bus strike & thereafter the entire Civil Rights Movement.

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          ME:   Indeed. I was a lone wolf & here I see a big difference in my work & yours & I’d like you to tell me, from your point of view, what you see in my work as contrasting yours, my personal struggle/pain – & what you see different in the problems of fighting for female emancipation vs that of blacks. I especially want you to address why women won’t gather, nor employ sisterhood but fight & compete against one another, & I have not been able to get them to join up into a movement.


          STM:   You saw clearly how I suffered, how black people were abused as we fought for our rights. Your pain was a bit different in that you had no constituency – {we need to get more into this}, backup or following. I had a tremendous following, & although the pain was great, I was a respected, admired man all over the world, by my people & millions of others. I knew I was fighting for God’s truth – & so did they, ‘No lie lives forever.’ And so, there was consolation in that, it was bittersweet.


          But you, as you fought, got no accolades as you had no support from those you were fighting for. As soon as you got your foot in the door for women in body building, for instance, they repudiated you, competed with you instead of patting you on the back, saying ‘This is our hera, who opened the door for us.’ Of course, many women who came later didn’t understand because the men who were running the show – Joe Weider & Arnold – did not applaud or promote your legitimate part – in fact, they tried to put someone else as the icon, steal your thunder. {By the grace of God, all that they did with their million-dollar backup didn’t work – God prevailed, Truth came out in the end.}

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          Lisa Lyon was on the Tom Snyder Show with you {promoting body building & posing} in 1981, & there she admitted to you she had seen the Esquire article, July 1975, which started it all. She exclaimed,


          “THAT WAS YOU?”


          You had entered contests since 1972 which was the catalyst for fighting back against the double standard in body building. She entered one contest in 1979 & won – nothing else. She could have spoken about you when she went into the media, saying,


          “Yes, I saw Kellie Everts in Esquire & got the idea from her.”


          But she didn’t, & as she was dating Arnold, Arnold & Joe Weider backed her up, putting her on their magazine covers, getting her a book {not easy to get a book, but you beat her to the punch with your own by the Grace of God!}, helping her in every way to put her on the pedestal as the original body builder. It hurt to be swept under the rug.


          As the body building movement continued & thousands of women entered the field, many on drugs as muscular as men, you appeared on the internet – & there – these druggies jumped on you saying,


          “She does not represent us – she is not the kind of person we want speaking for us. We are genuine professionals, she was ‘tits & ass’ & she posed nude. We are athletes.”


          There is a reason for this which we will discuss later. But the effect on you was one of discouragement & sorrow, it was being betrayed.


          I was not betrayed by those in the know – the ones who loved God & Truth. They were & are forever behind me. But the other forces – those of Hell – came up against me. It was bittersweet, the lovers on one side, the haters on the other.

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          They took me, for instance, in a police van & drove me around in the darkness, handcuffed, for hours. I had no idea where they were taking me or what they would do; they just wanted to terrorize me as they had done to blacks for ages. That was their intent, & after some hours they released me.


          The FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, treated me like an enemy of the state, putting surveillance on me as I dallied in motels with women, then saying they’d expose me, the world would know, so I should commit suicide. The white supremacy Patriarchy wanted me dead.


          In the end I would not go down, even when a crazed black lady stabbed me through the chest. And so, they assassinated me, causing my martyrdom & even greater fame, I represented Jesus Our Lord for sure, dying on the Cross.


          Your path was inner anguish from being alone, criticized on all sides, not only attacked by men but women – the ones you were fighting for. That hurt the most. And that is the issue we must discuss.


          ME:   Yes. How is it that I have not been able to get women to join me in the fight? – Can’t get a group going, backup or support. When I come forward & work hard, they have ganged up on me & caused great stress, as I have to fight against them usually in groups. I expected the hate from men & got it, but when the women came forward, it was dreary. I am not talking only body building but Stripping for God & the Matriarchal movement. {I can’t think of a single woman who has supported me in any of this except Freyja Derrickson.}


          I did explain in my writings it was the ‘slave mentality,’ where slaves abuse other slaves as they obey the master. Master tells them to tie a slave to a post & scourge him, they do it. Master tells them to hang a slave, they comply. But surely, all women can’t be like that, there must be some who will fight? I found only one who fought with me, but she was under the cloak of a false name, under cover. I was & always have been, in front without a shield or cloak of ambiguity, I am just me, the one I say I am.


          And so, I ask you, according to my theory, is it the slave mentality women are under? And yet, the black people rose up against the white supremacy Patriarchy & won. They gathered, they held hands; they supported one another. Women, for the most part, aren’t doing that. I don’t see it anywhere. The feminist movement did get started – the second wave – by Betty Freidan’s book, but then it got taken over by the Rockefeller Foundation. It became mild, mainstream & middle class, it wasn’t chili pepper as it started, it became mayonnaise – no kick or punch.

 photo-1515744442492-766f900d9fa7 photo-1515744770672-01ed446cc7b2 photo-1515744981888-3b1dede3fc58 photo-1515751976583-d6869ba645b4 photo-1515816052601-210d5501d471 photo-1515931215890-366d3990cf8d photo-1516108317508-6788f6a160e4 photo-1516709315038-c53bf87e8f48

          That was when I started my ‘Woman, Thou Art God’ site & preached FEMALE SUPREMACY – FEMALE EMPOWERMENT – which was the next wave of the feminist movement, far ahead of fighting for equal rights. We now had information regards female superiority over men – lots of it – we even had the facts of looming male extinction. It was a whole ‘nother ballgame, picking up the baton where Gloria Steinem left off. My site was instituted in 2004.


          So now I opened the door to another phase & yes, it took off in two big ways. One, Freyja Derrickson helped women build ‘Female Supremacy Now’. It isn’t nationally known, but those in our field are touched by it. And then, in the Ukraine, a group of women took me at my word & began to do the things literally, which I claimed on my site. They jumped on an altar in a German Cathedral, for instance, topless, with ‘I am God’ written on the chest. One of them went to a park & chain sawed down the Cross of Our Lord & put herself in his place. They stormed Muslim cleric meetings & jumped on stage topless; they even invaded Putin’s office & bared their chest. They were combining nudity with revolution for women, claiming woman is God, just as I had said, the nudity alluding to my fame as a nude model & beauty queen.


          However, the dark note to this movement is that never for one moment did these women give me credit – none whatsoever, they wrote my name out of the book & why? You can take from someone else anonymously, mimic what they said, take those words as your own, & no one is any the wiser. They didn’t have to credit me, so they didn’t. But it would have been nice if they had – it would have respect for sisterhood – ‘we are one’. But all you hear is their own names calling for recognition ‘I did this, I did that.’ Again, no words of ‘I got the idea from Rasa Von Werder, her research & thoughts on Female Superiority, ‘Woman, Thou Art God.’


          {BTW my instinct tells me these women are a movement supported by the Ukrainian govt.– there is no way they could get the resources to do what they do by themselves. Not only would they lack the money, women usually lack the ability to gather & get aggressive–this was given them by the power & money of men controlling the Ukrainian govt. – for state purposes. The men got their pointers from my site & pay the women, & tell them what to do, & of course, it expanded into other things, all for a reason. But you notice no women in any other country are taking notice & doing the same –why? No money, resources, ability to gather or aggression. The movement does not contain the heart of a woman, so it isn’t contagious to other women. It is soul-less, the women are puppets of men who are working toward their Patriarchy. Somehow this activity serves their purpose.}


          STM:   This brings us to the important topic we’ve been discussing for two days:   Why you haven’t been able to rally women to the cause & how the fight for women’s rights differs from that of fighting for the rights of blacks.


          I brought out to you that women are far more brainwashed than the black people are. The blacks were brought from Africa to America starting in the 1600’s, many came here as late as the 1800’s, & so, many have retained their identity& culture from their place of origin, there’s still a memory of it, a connection.

 photo-1509993630589-dbfcf726c21d photo-1510001618818-4b4e3d86bf0f photo-1511532514522-a14584b0ad3b photo-1511646591115-67a3b0635dac photo-1511813246609-8057aed99883 photo-1512349879355-7cfe4845a13b photo-1512397739299-fe5a4327d192 photo-1512477525059-e0b091e0a9ba

          But women have been brainwashed for thousands of years, it started about 10k ago & the Patriarchy got entrenched since about 6k ago. During this time women have been deprived of their roots, their identity, culture & society. They no longer know who they are –who they were. They have nothing to hold on to, it’s gone from their minds. There are no Matriarchal societies for women to escape to {women all over the world are not going to escape to the Mosuos in China, we’re speaking of easily accessible societies or cultures}, no Temples or Churches, the Wiccans were killed out of existence & defamed, only remnants exist, they are still disrespected. There aren’t any social orders for women to join where they can be themselves.


ME:   Explain what you told me earlier about identity, culture, being a place one can hold onto & when it’s taken away, it’s disempowering.


STM:   When the Africans were brought here they held on to their roots for generations, for some today it was only three generations or so ago. They had culture, religion, like Kunta Kinte {from Alex Haley’s Roots}. He was a warrior from a certain tribe, they had rituals, they had training. His life had identity. His name was his. When he came here as a slave his name was taken away – the original names were not permitted. They named him the way you would name your dog or cat, which took away his IDENTITY. He held onto his identity with all his might, even when they buried him & put his new name on the tombstone one of his friends erased it & put ‘Kunta Kinte.’


          To have identity & culture is to have some form of AUTONOMY. If an OPPRESSOR or any foreigner takes it away, they take away your INDIVIDUALITY, they ERASE who you were. Then they IMPOSE upon you their own stamp, like a brand on cattle, that you belong to them, they try to change what you believe, what you do. They in a sense, eat you up & digest you, there’s nothing left of the original you, you aren’t separate from them.


          This is what they did, for example, with Communism taking over the smaller countries close to it – Latvia, Estonia, Poland, & your country Lithuanian. They make Russian the state tongue, every school child has to learn their lessons in Russian, not Lithuanian, Russia has now become your state to whom you owe allegiance & loyalty. Whatever you had as an individual state is finished, illegal, no Lithuanian flag, no Lithuanian anthem or allegiance to the flag – it’s all swallowed up by Russia now.


The oppressors want to take away any idea you have of a power or influence other than themselves – whatever it may be. They want you to worship the state – the Patriarchy – & believe whatever they tell you.

 photo-1456050800958-7b8fd1ac3b30 photo-1456422727673-ea5e3b45a388 photo-1459789587767-1a947412a440 photo-1460176449511-ff5fc8e64c35 photo-1460533893735-45cea2212645 photo-1461603950871-cd64bcf7acf0


And no more religion. On paper the Communists said religion was legal, but in fact, the Churches & Church institutions were closed, {Communists said religion was the ‘opiate of the people,’} people lost their religion, & so the state had more power, they took away the influence the Churches & religion once had. You read a book written by a former thug, an athlete / boxer who was told that these bible belting believers were meeting in private, reading the bible & praying, & THEY WERE ENEMIES OF THE STATE. The thuggy was told they had to go to these meetings & break them up, beat up the participants. One of the members was a little old lady, the thug raised his club to strike her from the back but an invisible force stopped him. Before he left he took a page out of their bible to see what it was about, & going home, read it. He was startled at what it said – it was about love. He said, this is an enemy of the state? He left the govt. employ & eventually fled to America where he wrote his book, expecting to be assassinated.


Personal tyrants also do that – usually men over women, or men over both genders in cults. They separate you from family & friends, cut off all ties & paths to escape. They program & brainwash you to believe only in them, love only them, respect, venerate them, & if you don’t, there are dire consequences. Patriarchal religion also does that.


You, Rasa, know what it felt like to leave the Catholic Church in 1990, you were frightened. They had you brainwashed that so many things were sinful & wrong – all sex outside of marriage was wrong, homosexuality was sin, Wiccans were demons, birth control was a sin, women cannot be religious leaders or Priests – men have to dominate women spiritually – many other items. They make you feel GUILT & FEAR as forms of control, as if they have the right to impose their belief system onto you.


Tyrants can use any means – the state – religion – a cult – or a personal relationship to dominate & control.


But back to the original premise. When a person is FREE they have a CHOICE, at least when they grow into adulthood. They might have been born such a religion but they can change it later on. They might live in a certain place but they can leave it & join a different culture.


Now when culture, religion & the state are all intertwined you have a problem. Such is what you are experiencing with the Patriarchy. No matter how you cut it, what religion or state you are in, what society, men rule, men dominate, men call the shots, men have the advantage, men make war, men makes the laws & impose them on everyone.  {To be continued}


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