Channel Marilyn–Spirituality

By Rasa Von Werder, July 4th, 2021


Chapter 12  Channeling Marilyn

– Spiritual Revelations  6-30-21



          What is channeling? Its mind reading, but it can go like this: Consider when two computers are connected, where one can read another. You can do that with channeling – I often do. And so, the person or mind you are channeling is aware of anything contained within your mind – they can be edified, gain understanding, insight, get any type of knowledge or info that is in your mind.


          I’ve been channeling Marilyn Monroe the last two days, all day, asking her questions. When she answers, if its about me, she looks into my mind to provide the answer – in other words, she knows where I was coming from when I did this or that, what I desired, what I strove for, the good it did, & based on what was & what is, what’s ahead.


          I have an affinity for Marilyn as I’ve known of her since being a child, when she was starring in Gentleman Prefer Blondes & How to Marry a Millionaire. The year was 1953, I was 8 years old. I recall clearly walking by a movie marquee which portrayed her as the most beautiful woman in the world, & prayed, “God, make me a billion times more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe.”


          Some connection with a soul ahead of time causes us to connect with them later. Many of the celebrities I helped get out of Purgatory I had contact with in some form previous to their death & Purgatorial time. Example, Anthony Quinn – I had read his autobiography, ‘The Original Sin.’

  Below:  This is how we looked, how they looked, & they wanted sex.  What they saw was not what we saw.


Art Messick edit.jpg.opt370x418o0,0s370x418 Bill Hamilton Bill Hamiltoncrop Blackwell and Mara Lane.jpg.opt508x478o0,0s508x478 

          Errol Flynn, I saw many of his movies & adored him.


          James Brown I had had an affair with.


          Dr. Robert Atkins had been courting me.


          Elvis Presley I was in love with since age 10.


          Rudolf Nureyev I was a fan.


          George C. Scott I respected.


          Richard Pryor I spent the night with {no sex.}


          Frank Sinatra & Dean Marin I admired – they appeared to me the same night for deliverance.


          Timothy McVeigh I heard of in the news, I pitied him as I felt he’d gone insane, when I reached him in Purgatory he said I was the only one able to do so.


          Anna Nicole Smith I pitied.


          There are many other cases, but this serves to illustrate the point. With Marilyn, I felt a kinship because on some level, I wanted to be like her, a successful bombshell. We had both been models, actors & glamour dolls.

          When Andre de Dienes took me to Hollywood from New York, that was the beginning of my new life. He was also the first one to hire her to go on the road as a model – they toured the U.S. according to him, for 5 weeks, with me, it was 3 weeks, on the road from New York to CA, probably route #66; we spent a few nights in motels, he stopped at some Indian Reservation where I saw a town of thousands of Indians. When we landed in CA he did take me to his house in the Hollywood Hills. I loved it – it had skylights, it was wonderful. But we couldn’t stay there as he had rented it out to a couple for $200 {same as $1,800 in 2021} & the month wasn’t up yet. He cursed himself for renting it out ‘so cheap.’ We stayed in modest motels in the L.A. area for about 2 ½ weeks until he dumped me on a street in Venice, {a slum at the time, about to be renovated}, because I wouldn’t put out. Prior to that he gave me Marilyn Monroe’s makeup suitcase –a square box with rounded edges with a mirror inside, light green. I carried it around for years.


          I will ask Marilyn why I find it so easy & compatible to channel her, much easier than many others. She says,


          MM:   We have the same kind of heart, open, pure, caring about others. We also felt alone – me being an orphan, you being abused by your Mom & abandoned by Dad. We both went into show business, we both were aspiring to be glamour dolls, we both loved God & all that She represents.


          ME:   On that note, to me, the most important point in your life is where did you fail, that it led to suicide? What went wrong? What is the most important thing in life for a person to attain? Certainly not fame & fortune, we both know that doesn’t guarantee happiness. 

Below:  Marilyn at various stages of life

newly-signed-20th-century-fox-contract-girl-marilyn-monroe-news-photo-149910567-1562950401 news-photo-517240752-1562950788 news-photo-517257532-1562954942 Norma-Jane-1945-1-1 Norma-Jane-1945-3 norma-jeane-baker-future-film-star-marilyn-monroe-playing-news-photo-57427630-1562949153 

          MM:   What I failed to do was find God & myself, that God is there & we are One. That is the main point of your present religion, the one you wrote for women, their autonomy. {Woman, Thou Art God}


          ME:   I understand & believe you, but there are untold millions of people who have never found God, but they keep living in the flesh, they are spiritually dead & when they die they go to Hell. But they feel no emptiness or loss, they live for the world, they don’t kill themselves.


          MM:   But I wasn’t like them. Most people project onto me the qualities they do upon you & all women in our business – that we love what we do, that we ARE what we do. But we are children of God. It’s a means to an end, the object being to be loved, so that others would find us loveable, not abandon us the way we have been abandoned. But in the end, we reach the pinnacle of success & we find that people don’t love us, that is the heartbreaking point. For you, you were not alone; you had reached the pinnacle of success with God. But I hadn’t, I reached the height of earthly glory, but,


          “What profit a woman, if she gains the whole world but loses her soul, for what will she exchange for her soul?”


          I knew there was God, who is all good. I knew a lot about God but I couldn’t GRASP her; I couldn’t feel her nurturing touch, her consolation, guidance, peace. I was lost in that sense, in this evil wicked world which although I was the most glamorous & physically desired creature in the world, no one loved me in God’s love {sacrificial love}, I was alone, helpless, & frightened. The pictures Andre took of me in his book, where I asked him to photograph me in the seedy backstreets of Beverly Hills, by the light of his car lights, I look frightened. That was the real me – which I covered up valiantly.

 images (1) images (2) images (3) images (4) images (5) images (6) images (7) images (8)

          The real me was also shown in “Don’t Bother to Knock,” a mentally disturbed young lady who acts as baby sitter. When she’s busted she once again dons her institution uniform & stands in the lobby of this hotel staring outwardly. The look on her face is bewildered, confused & scared. That’s the real me. The Gentleman Prefer Blondes & How to Marry a Millionaire is a big farce on my part, a put on & a façade – not real in the least.


          The more success I had the more I realized it was not going to bring me what I wanted & I became desperate – like,


Marilyn’s Disappointment


          “Oh, wow, this didn’t lead me to fulfillment & happiness; I am empty – empty of love, empty of meaning. The people around me were pressuring me to give them what they wanted – the studio their film footage. I couldn’t sleep, I was exhausted. I had insomnia for lack of peace, then I got addicted to barbiturates, then it got worse. Then I took so many to try to sleep I could not get up, I was exhausted when we had to film – everyone was angry at me. Then I felt super guilty, that I’m a bad person.


          As far as men, you know how that is. I did not have a Richard Von Werder who agreed to my celibacy. You – being of God – God summoned you a man with a Saintly character who accepted your celibacy – He said it was because you were virtuous, & he accepted you as a maternal figure with whom sex was not appropriate. He did whatever you wanted – so did your other best friends, Saint Esquire & ‘Saint Astaire’.} {This was of course after many years of abuse when you were young, vulnerable & innocent, from family & men when you started to be an adult. You had a horrible first husband.}


          There was a reason you met such men – it was because of your sacrifice of celibacy. You looked out for God’s business & God looked out for yours.


          What was my path? You learned from the great orphan-benefactor of England, George Murrell, that one should pray to God & ask God for all their needs, not to ask people. And God provided him with all that was needed, each day for his orphanages, through people. God summoned & motivated the people who were needed to provide – say, one was a baker – HE COULDN’T SLEEP, it was 2AM, & God inspired him to start baking bread & take it to the orphanage, he was just in time for breakfast – the children had no bread.


          It’s the principle of ‘Put first the Kingdom of God, & everything shall be added unto you.’ 

 Below:  Me at various stages of life, 19 to 65

 529604_437316823021135_2143163951_n 575805_437316336354517_1437386473_n 575847_437316286354522_1145613840_n 733889_437316573021160_2144115365_n 941106_467842429968574_981200985_n (1) 943455_467842423301908_905683053_n 993511_467422176677266_213548398_n 993784_467842396635244_1569499830_n

          George Murrell put first the Kingdom of God, so did you. Your main focus, mind, was always on God. What did God want or not want me to do? How can I get closer to God? Where do I go, what do I do? You played it by ear, you heard God’s voice. You worked on your communication with God with constant prayer & spiritual reading, no matter what in life was gong on, including on the road stripping. It all unfolded. You didn’t know your path, but you sensed you were not to do certain things, not to marry Mickey Hargitay, for instance – that wasn’t your path, or any of the rich & famous men who asked you for your hand. You did not know where you would go, but you knew where you shouldn’t, & your thirty years of celibacy were an important part of that road that kept you from negative waters.


          It was during those years of celibacy, 1978, that God saw Richard Von Werder sitting in a burlesque audience watching you {the Melody Theater NYC}, & an angel tapped him on the shoulder & said, ‘This is your wife.’


          You did not meet him in person until 1986 & did not marry until the year 2000, but he was the most valuable man in your life – all due to celibacy for the love of God. You knew you couldn’t snag a husband through having sex – so God found you one that would accept your celibacy.


          As for me, you know the routine. I went from man to man – important ones that would get me ahead. Wikipedia names a few – Johnny Hyde got me a 7 year contract with Fox. Sidney Skolsky was a famous columnist, Joseph Schenck studio boss, directors & movie stars. I was not pursuing or striving toward Oneness with God, that is why I could not achieve it. God does not arrive automatically, had I put in as much effort toward reaching God as I did being in the movies, I would have done so. I achieved what I struggled for – so did you.



Tina Turner’s Buddhist Chant



          ME:   It might be useful here to mention a famous singer who did rise up out of her miseries through praying a God-chant, Tina Turner. She was being repeatedly abused & beaten by her creepy husband, she met up with her gf who taught her to chant NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO – & at the worst of times, she chanted this four hours straight. {See Wikipedia}


          This changed her life. Three years later she broke up with Ike Turner & thereafter had the biggest comeback in musical history, this in her 40’s.

46495834_324719541679338_6467968388382588928_n actress-marilyn-monroe-fills-out-a-form-before-auditioning-news-photo-1094597884-1562951445 actress-marilyn-monroe-laughs-heartily-with-jack-warner-news-photo-517448584-1562959295 actress-marilyn-monroe-poses-for-a-portrait-in-circa-1949-news-photo-74284200-1562951233 actress-marilyn-monroe-relaxes-in-a-quiet-moment-at-the-news-photo-73996579-1562954814 adultnode_cd36aa5c27d1b799256c5fca4b2a789c american-actress-marilyn-monroe-cuddles-up-to-a-small-dog-news-photo-107550192-1562959850 american-actress-marilyn-monroe-signs-an-autograph-for-a-news-photo-1049788330-1562953363 

          Before she started chanting, she was considered a ‘nostalgic’ act, but after that she EXPLODED with NEW success. And so, there is your example when a person puts first the Kingdom of God, & how God heals them at their need.


Relationships as Ladders to Success


          About Marilyn & relationships with important men. Indeed, these men brought her to the water, but she had to drink. They did not do the work – she did. She’s the one that worked out her makeup & hair with professional help. The studio gave her Natasha Lytess but she had to take the acting lessons. They provided wardrobe but she had to stay in shape & wear the clothes. Promotional opportunities were granted, she had to do the posing & go to events & ‘arm candy’ dates. Johnny Hyde got her a 7 year contract, but he did not sing & dance for her. They got her films, she learned her lines, rehearsed & performed. They opened doors – she walked through them. Her success, bottom line, was cooperation & hard work.


          And so, in brief, she exchanged her favors with some important men but those men did not work & perform, she did.

images (13) images (14) images (15) images (16) images (17) images (18) images (19) 

          There are some naïve people – the models I photographed for one – who think that meeting the right people they will automatically put your name in lights. You have to cooperate with these people, give them their pound of flesh. Marilyn did, I didn’t. Marilyn reminds me of the time I was with the William Morris agency, they took me to a Chief, maybe a VP like Johnny Hyde – he only wanted to know one thing – would I go out with him? I said I could not, I was married. So, no more auditions. I had no idea at the time – I was 19 – that these people had no morals regarding sex. Not saying I was innocent, not a vestal virgin, sometimes I did things like that, sometimes I did not. I naively thought he’d think I was immoral, a married woman, saying yes to sex with a married man – I thought he might look down on a woman like that. I was ignorant, God wanted me that way that day. Some women knew the score better than me – Marilyn did – maybe her desire was stronger, maybe she knew this was her path. Maybe God wanted me to be naïve & ignorant about ‘it’s not who you know, it’s who you blow.’ It would be a path, for me, of darkness. I did not understand where it was leading, but God knew. I was not to be another Marilyn Monroe, I was to be a woman used by God & I had to be involved with body building & the adult trade. Those two items led to the Fatima speech before the White House, which ended the Cold War, the threat of WWIII & nuclear annihilation.


          To become a full time film star would have eliminated these two roles, Progenitor of female body building & Stripping for God. Movie stardom would have taken the wind out of my sails – the Holy Spirit out of my endeavors. I had a singular path, to the beat of a different drummer, to bring ideas into the world that the world did & didn’t like – How Jesus appeared to the Jews. He was loved & hated; loved by those pure in heart, hated by the prejudiced, hypocritical, tyrannical establishment. He bucked the status quo, the fundamentalists murdered him.


          Marilyn keeps saying to me,


          “You missed nothing. Look what movie stardom got me. Your life was more important than movies, you changed the world, as a movie star, all I did was entertain.”


God’s Plan for My Life



          God had A PLAN. God knew how the map would work from her Infinite place, how it would happen in time & space. I had merely to listen to her from the inside out, hear her intimations, follow them no matter how unusual they seemed, to take me where, I did not understand, but God did.


          God has an ‘economy,’ a ‘game plan’ if you are an Avatar sent by her. You have a mission? God knows how it will get done. You cannot listen to the world because you’re here to change the world. To listen to the world means to be in step with it – the world is not in step with God. Obviously some things you have to play along with, even Jesus & Buddha did. But their mission was counter-culture. Our culture is flawed – they came to fix it. I came to help fix a few things in Patriarchy, & I did. Who could imagine the steps?


 Below:   Marilyn & me, & some men & types we must deal with, some of the big shots demand sex.  And the nobody’s try.

 blue-book-model-norma-jeane-mortenson-poses-for-a-hair-news-photo-654225704-1562950165 D-Cup-Morton-Downy-Jr-Pg-1 DFaVBKVXoAYtS3L DGH9jN4UwAA4Jxd DGJqfdZVYAATmwg download (1) download (2) download (3)

          Who could imagine, in 1975, that female body building would become universally accepted? That it would change the behavior & image of women forever? I explain the dynamics in ‘The Origin & Decline of Female Body Building.’ When my article came out in Esquire, six pages of female body building, it was a Universal sensation as such a thing was unheard of – a novel, strange idea, females lifting weights, in general, was taboo {proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable – synonyms are: anathema, unthinkable, disapproved, forbidden, restricted, unmentionable, frowned upon, & unacceptable} – & all the taboos where blurted into my face, why women should not lift weights: It’s not feminine, women will look like men, {they will be unattractive,} etc. Lifting weights, generally speaking, is the domain of men & there is no reason for it for women, etc.


My job was to present the idea to the media until it clicked. Of course I didn’t do it alone. Neither was Marilyn Monroe created by herself, there was a staff of studio people helping – all kinds of people doing all kinds of things, but Marilyn was the instrument & catalyst to produce the sexiest, most beautiful & glamorous woman of her day. Yes, I had magazine editors, photographers, TV producers, journalists & such cooperating with me, I with them. And as I explain in the book, it clicked when we got it into Playboy May, 1977. It was after that they began holding contests for muscles, not before.


God also knew that I would be in Washington, DC promoting the body building. This was seen by Betty Jane Allsup, who called me after watching AM Washington. I was there for body building but talked a lot about God.


Honeysuckle Divine


There’s a serious back story to Betty Jane, known in the dancing business as Honeysuckle Divine.

She was a postulant {novice nun} in a convent in Philadelphia. One night the devil appeared to her, & said,

“If you don’t leave here, I’m going to kill you.”

Terrified, she climbed out the window & went into town, seeking employment. But she could not find a job except in a bar. During that time she got involved in the adult trade.

This was far cry from her mind set – as she told me, when she was religious she said,

“If pimps & prostitutes are evil, why don’t they kill them all?”

She then found out that those in the adult trade are not there because they love sin, they are there because they need to make a living.

I had seen Honeysuckle Divine in men’s magazines & sex papers. She did a wild act where she put ping pong balls into her vagina & popped them into the audience – the laughter exploded; she would also put peanut butter on her thighs & let the men eat it off. It was the craziest burlesque act in town. She got arrested many times.

 washpoststyle002 washpress1 washpress2 washspeech01 washspeech02 washstar young-marilyn-monroe-about-21-in-a-bikini-at-a-swimming-news-photo-517251034-1562950549

I did not know her back story, & saw her as ‘pornographer.’ In those days I was prejudiced myself. I thought to spread one’s legs on stage was vulgar, to do anything porno might be sinful. I was so brainwashed I still thought, until the later 80’s, that homosexuality was sin. Of course I was wrong, but it took me a while to find that out. What a Church or society does to a brain from childhood remains until unless one struggles against it.


After the AM Washington show, this lady left me a message at my hotel. Being, as I said, prejudiced, I did not plan to call back the ‘pornographer.’ They got me out of bed early for the TV show, so I proceeded to take a nap.

During the nap my Inner God appeared to me & said,

“You call that lady!”

{Understand I had to cultivate the ability to hear the still, small voice within. I explain elsewhere that it was when I was studying hypnosis & mind over matter, I suddenly heard this Voice I never had before, as clear as a bell, & when I asked it who it was, it said, ‘I am you.’ I said, ‘you can’t be me, I’m me, so who are you?’ Again the voice repeated she was me.

This was 1971, & thereupon this Voice guided & protected me, warned me, advised me, discovered to me inner secrets of persons & psychic revelations. It would wake me up on time to catch a bus or plane by having a train whistle blow or some such thing. It would tell me where to walk this way & that, where I would find a friend whose car had just broke down, that needed me to wait by the car while he went to a gas station. It would tell me what people were thinking & feeling about me & what they planned to do, if they were friend or foe.

This Voice was temporarily blocked, sadly, part of the time I was with Rev. Judy Swaggart. She persuaded me that her spirituality was ‘higher’ than mine; that I needed to listen to her exclusively as Guru. I did as she asked & heard a creaking iron door close, & the voice said,

“I can’t help you any more.”

Eventually, it came back, when I distanced myself from Rev. Judy. I learned never to give up one’s conscience, the still, small voice, for anyone or anything, no matter what. Rev. Judy was as equally vile as she was helpful, when I left her on two occasions she put death curses on me – my Guardian Angels prevented it, but I came close to death. I believe had my Voice been in operation those times I would have avoided the situation: Both times it was black males who desired me & hoped to rape & kill me. The first occasion, the police were involved, the second, God saved me by a miracle explained in Part 3. This is the back story about my Power of the God Voice within.}


Back to Honeysuckle Divine – Betty Jane Allsup.


          I obeyed my Voice & called Betty Jane. The first words out of her were,

          ‘You are a saint, & I am your disciple.’

          She then told me she would arrange for me to preach in front of the White House. I felt it was her fantasy & a far fetched one. Not that I was against it, but I didn’t see how it would come about.


          This woman whom I condemned at first as ‘pornographer’ would be instrumental in the speech that would end the Cold War. I gave the speech, but she made it happen. Often God works with others; we don’t do all that we do alone, God arranges the time, place & characters in her Infinite Wisdom.


          Betty Jane did things I never dreamed of doing. She got permission for the speech in LafayettePark with the Parks Dept. Just recently I noticed, {Look on the Kellie Everts website for the official park permission} it was signed by two officials, one named LAMB {the Lamb of God, Jesus!}, the other being FISH {Christian symbol from ‘I will make you fishers of men!}


          She sent handwritten invitations to the Congress, the Russian Embassy {who answered they would consider it} & all the Washington media, TV, radio, the Washington Post & the Washington Star, etc. She covered it all – I was amazed. She was incredible with the promotion.

teenaged-norma-jeane-baker-future-film-star-marilyn-monroe-news-photo-57427643-1562949333 thumbnail (1) thumbnail (2) thumbnail (3) thumbnail (4) Tidbits-January-No-4634 washpoststyle001 

What am I attempting to point out here? I have told this account again & again, not previously in such detail with the back story of Betty Jane & etc. I am trying to point out my DESTINY was arranged by God, so that I could/would do exactly as pleased her so that certain works for mankind would transpire. She alone knew all the answers, I knew little, but I obeyed, many times, not knowing what on earth was I doing? – Just obeying. And I got to this because I’ve been talking to Marilyn Monroe about her life & why it would have been unsuitable for me to be like her – a film star – my life as it’s been could not have happened.


I consider the greatest example of obedience to God that of Jesus Christ, going right to his Crucifixion. {Of course there are numerous saints who did as He did.} Who could have ever believed or guessed what He faced in order to establish Christianity? At the last supper He announced,

“This is my body – which will be given up for you. This is my blood, which will be shed so sins can be forgiven.”

No one – not one disciple – understood what was about to take place. In fact, when earlier on he had told all the followers they would eventually have to ‘eat his body & drink his blood,’ they were confounded &g hundreds deserted him.

Jesus did strange & unusual things in the religious world, he was a revolutionary. I am told by the mystics & saints the only one who understood him was his Holy Mother. My parallel with Our Lord is as He obeyed, no matter what, I also did.


For instance, I wanted to be celibate for the love of God, eventually Our Lady appeared to me & asked me to take the vow. I did. Then thirty years later God changed it, against my will. I was happy being celibate. But God said if I did not quit the celibacy, stop suffering & ‘have fun,’ I would be outside the Will of God, so I obeyed again. I became a Cougar, drank & had sex with many young men, which at first was fun.


I do not fully understand why God made me do what She did, maybe I never will. All I know is I obeyed & sooner or later it will be revealed. I am guessing it pertains to female empowerment, to prove a point therein. My life story will be enhanced in its message by these activities – it might warrant comment, being celibate such a long time, then turning Cougar – it’s unusual.


Anne Catherine Emmerich also explains that the Passion & Crucifixion of Jesus was an important event that had to be public – in order to magnify his story & establish Christianity. The devil, she says, wanted him to die in the jail cell, of his terrible scourging wounds, exhaustion, dehydration, so the Crucifixion would not take place. But it was God’s will it would take place & be documented, & God also knew She would orchestrate his getting off the Cross – passed out but alive – legs not broken, the spear did not penetrate his heart – he was revived & resurrected & after being healed, traveled back to Tibet, where in his previous lifetime he’d been a Holy Guru – & spent the rest of his life there. {See ‘Jesus in Kashmir’ on You Tube, BBC documentary.}

tumblr_puqmwr3EVu1v5tf66o1_400 tumblr_static_7870 unnamed unsplash_52d9133506548_1 unsplash_527bf56961712_1 untitled untitled5 Venice-The-Grand-Canal-from-the-Palazzo-Vendramin-Calergi-towards-S.-Geremia-Canaletto-Oil-Painting vibrant-4 view-from-balcony-yangshuo view-mount-kelimutu-lakes-flores-indonesia virgen-del-carmen-V60-00166-max-1024x1024 

This awful Passion & near death on the Cross Jesus dreaded, but He obeyed God in all things, & this was the way ‘the new Buddhism’ would get set up. It was the Theater of Salvation. Christians accept what happened as a real death – He suffered as much as if it had been real. And they aren’t taught his resurrection was physical, on the third day. The Christian leaders would be loathe to spread the BBC version – but it doesn’t bother me one iota that Jesus passed out, not died. His sacrifice was totally complete, He gave his life.


I am NOT comparing my work in body building or Stripping for God commensurate with Jesus’ Passion & Crucifixion, only making a point about obedience. {However, I must add that I am a Christian martyr in the footsteps of Jesus, having the Divine Interior Stigmata, which took me 18 years of ‘dark night of the soul’ to earn this grace. That IS comparable to Jesus martyrdom.}

My grace of martyrdom however, is my PERSONAL walk with God, my other activities, in the limelight, were & are my PUBLIC MINISTRY. My Stigmata martyrdom is known to me & me alone & those who believe me, it happened in privacy, in secret if you will – You already have Jesus & many saints examples to follow in that vein, it wasn’t necessary that mine be publicly known & believed {as are, for instance, the physical stigmatists like Padre Pio & St Francis}. I filled a gap to empower women, to make them stronger, to help them throw off the Yoke of Patriarchy – & that was body building & Stripping for God & whatever else I did to establish Matriarchy. I hope I am speaking clearly. {End Chapter 12}


 images (36) images (37) images (38) images (39) images imgp0122 ir8k3s2mkie61 IspVnsM IV_lKUeBrw1WP0v3oxMCDY_6_V17zGHn6RkfOprUuC8




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